Techno Diva (2018) Movie Script

- [Cameraman] We're rolling.
(deep Techno "I Have Everything" Song)
- Freddie!
- [Zumyia] Well I do have
some good news for you.
If that will help.
He's thinking about you a lot.
- [Cameraman] We got her, we got her.
- [Tony] You set your life up.
It's what you signed up
for when you started.
It's what you signed up
for when you started.
- [Syriana] We were supposed
to be together forever.
- [Andrew] You know there's
never any gain or loss
in the universe.
It's just a cycle.
- [Cameraman] Now she's alone.
- [Mr. Dillon] You are an artist.
You came to me an artist
and you left an artist.
And an artist takes these
things and uses them.
- [Syriana] I still, I
still, I still love him.
- [Crowd] Syriana!
(telephone ringing)
- Hello, Rob.
- [Rob] Syriana!
Syriana are you still in bed?
I really need you to pull
it together here, okay?
I need you to be in
Detroit in less than a day.
Are you up?
- [Syriana] No.
- [Rob] Do whatever it is you need to do
to get to get on that plane
and get over to Tony's studio.
I need you there for me and
I need you there for you.
- [Syriana] Alright.
I'll go.
- [Rob] Thank you.
(didgeridoo music)
(mellow electronic music)
(typewriter keys clicking)
(plane engine whirring)
- [Radio DJ] The big news today
is the arrival of Miss Syriana Tate,
who, according to our sources, wink,
flew into the Detroit area
without a special someone boxer friend
who shall remain Freddie less (giggles).
Pardon me, I mean nameless.
Miss Tate will be
christening our techno town
with the launch of her Ego Tour,
shooting an epic movie and not to mention,
giving a very personal interview
with her long time pal
and Detroit's very own,
Tony Styles at his secret warehouse.
A little bit of trivia
for our lesser educated Tate listeners.
Did you know Syriana spent two years
at the Detroit Performance school
where she honed her skills
and met Tony Styles?
Did you know that?
Yes or no?
Call us.
Welcome back to the States, Miss Tate.
(Mozart Symphony No. 25 music)
- Feathers.
They mean nothing to me anymore.
Freddie, where are you?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
I miss you.
I can't do this without you.
I can't do this without you.
- I have, as of late, lost all my mirth.
Forgone all custom of exercise
and indeed it goes so heavy
with my disposition
that this goodly frame,
the earth seems to me
a sterile promontory.
- Oh, God, this is ridiculous.
This is ridiculous.
Why am I here?
What am I doing?
- Look you.
This brave or hanging firmament.
This majestic roof fretted
with gold and fire.
- I'm an actress.
I'm good talent.
You are, you're an eagle, an eagle inside.
(mimicking a cawing eagle)
- Why it appears to me no
more than a foul and pestilent
congregation of vapors.
- I suck.
I'm crap.
I'm total shit.
I'm caving in.
I'm totally.
I'm going down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(phone ringing)
- What a piece of work is man.
How noble in reason.
How infinite in faculty.
In form in moving.
How express in admirable in action.
How like an angel.
(phone ringing)
In apprehension.
How like a god.
(phone ringing)
- Mr. Dillon?
- Yes?
- It's Syriana.
- Oh, Syriana.
- Did I catch you at a bad time?
- Absolutely not.
I was right in the middle of rehearsing
a very important speech
that has nothing to do
with anything of importance
when it comes to my favorite student.
What can I do for you, love?
- I'm in crisis mode.
I'm in crisis.
I'm awful.
I'm going on stage.
I suck, I'm a bitch.
- Oh, no.
- I'm miserable.
No one loves me.
I'm talentless old haggard being.
- Syriana.
Those things that you have just said.
They're wonderful things.
- Okay.
- They may not seem
wonderful to you right now
but you can use them.
Let them fuel your passion.
You are a passionate person.
You are full of love and fire
and fury and absolute misery,
and all of those things when
you harness them is why,
those things are why you succeed.
You have a gift!
You've been through these high
waters of shit in your life
and you have allowed yourself
not to turn the other way,
not to wallow in your own
treading water bullshit
of nonsense and you,
you have been able to
harness these energies.
- Okay, okay.
I'm feeling this, I'm feeling this.
This is good, this is good, this is good.
- You have it within you to go,
to just stand up and
and use these energies
though they may seem negative to you.
- I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm on it.
I'm in it.
I am, I am I am, I am.
- Put passion to your brain and your heart
and walk on to the stage.
- I feel, I feel that
inner smile coming on.
- Excellent.
Use it as always.
Think a smile.
Think, think the smile.
- Yes.
I've got it.
I've got it.
My heart is also smiling.
- Please call me when you're done
so that we can discuss some more, alright?
- Okay, and how's your rash?
- It's better.
It's much better.
Thanks for asking.
Thank you.
- Kisses.
- Kiss.
(smooching) I love you.
You're fantastic, love.
You're going to, your
going to be wonderful.
- Thank you.
Yes, I know (laughs)
Okay, I will, will.
Oh, my God.
- I do love that girl.
- Alright.
What was I worried about?
- Skull, skull.
- Almost there.
Good, good, little bit more.
And, make up!
- You need to turn it into
a diamond in there, okay?
I need you to get focused.
Here's the thing though.
I need you to be honest.
I need you to be open but
I need you to be Syriana.
- [Syriana] Okay.
- [Rob] All movement is
communicated through the eyes.
- Hey.
Are you guys good?
Are you guys good?
- Oh, it's great to see you!
- How have you been?
- I've been wonderful.
- [Tony] Oh, my gosh.
- Yes.
- This is so surreal for me.
- I know.
Look at this place, it's huge!
- Well, it's a little thing
I like to call a studio.
- Oh, it's great.
I'm so proud of you.
I'm so proud of you.
- Yeah, I'm moving up.
Let me know whatever you need,
I will get it done.
- Okay.
- Little people, little people.
- Yes.
- That's what they are.
- Tiny.
- You're on the top, baby!
- That's right, okay.
- There's a lot of things
going on in your life?
- Yes, lots, lots, lots.
- Academy Award nominated actress.
- Yes, isn't that incredible?
- Here's hoping.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.
So, it's great that you
just, your back in Detroit.
- Oh, thank you, thank you.
I mean, where else would I be?
This is the birthplace of techno.
It's got to be here.
It's got to be here.
- This is where it happens.
The city is electric
and the people cry out for Syriana Tate!
- I'm here for those
cries, every little drip.
I'm here for them.
- I know that the new film your working on
brought you to town
and you have a new music tour starting up.
- Yeah, we got lots going on.
Rob has me all over the globe right now.
In two days, I'll be
on the stage, Downtown
and starting off the new tour.
This'll be our first date of our US tour
and then I have the film
that we are shooting here,
which I have a little
surprise for you on that.
I'll talk about that a little later
but we're shooting here for that.
We've just started into a few days also.
And my goodness, I don't know.
You must have other things on that list
that I'm doing, I'm sure.
- From the top, I mean, everybody knows,
everyone's excited about your
Academy Award nomination.
- That is incredible.
I mean, who would've thought
that I would actually
get something like that.
I mean, one dreams about
achieving such a thing
even if it's a nomination.
And the possibilities.
Ah, I mean, I think about
what I'm going to wear.
Who I'm gonna be with.
What kind of car I'm gonna have.
What am I gonna wear?
That's really what troubles me at night.
What am I gonna wear to that show?
- The name of this project
is Spring Flower Flout
and we actually have a clip of that.
So, we'll share that.
- Great, great.
I hope you'll enjoy that.
I think you will.
- I think I will.
- I think you already saw it.
(brooding ambient music)
Well, here we are again, fellows.
And nothing's changed.
Go on, cut me up.
Burn me.
Stick needles in my eyes.
Pull out my nails.
That don't matter anymore.
I can't feel a thing.
'Cause I've been set free,
and you all did it.
And I thank you from
the bottom of my heart.
I didn't want this, I
didn't wanna be here.
But now that I am, it's good.
But if you think torturing me,
or my family or my kids or my dog
is gonna make one bit of difference,
you are wrong, fellas.
I've been set free.
The world knows it
and I know you do or you
wouldn't be standing there
afraid for your lives.
Maybe at some point,
you will have learned a lesson here,
and it'll be a good one.
I'm done.
So, do what you want with me.
I can take it.
I'm free.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch, like me
I once was lost
But now am found
Was blind
But now
I see
I know, I know.
It's pretty dark.
Isn't it?
- That was, that was heavy.
That was moving.
I think you're gonna get it, girl.
That just got me on the inside.
- That performance, you
know, I actually, I was in.
I went to Georgia.
Atlanta, Georgia, to
get into the character,
and to find my accent actually.
And I ended up in this church.
They had so much energy there
and I found myself speaking in tongues.
I'd never done that before.
I'd heard about it, I'd seen it.
It really was thrilling.
I don't know if that's ever
happened to you before.
- Being moved by a spirit
provoked a stirring in your stomach.
I'd never actually had
a religious experience
like that before.
- Well, it's thrilling.
It changed my life, really.
It kind of moved me in a way
that I was transported and you know,
like floating like a ghost for days.
I just moved and moved
and moved effortlessly
through the breeze and the trees,
over my grandmothers
knees and it was great.
Do you mind if I take a break, Tony?
- Yeah.
We'll cut to break,
we'll get back on track
and get squared away.
- Okay, thanks.
- Go.
- I got to make a call.
- Go.
- Cheers.
- Lock the door, Maria.
I'm gonna do some worship.
Do you hear me?
I gotta let it out, I gotta let it go.
(mystical tribal music)
Four winds, water runs.
Wind through my hair.
The Earth.
Alright, I just can't
seem to get it together.
Oh, it's better than usual.
Oh, my god!
Oh, I'm definitely getting
another bottle of that.
Oh, that just runs right through ya.
Oh my, I should journal.
That feel fantastic.
12 appointments, I got a massage at six.
Where's my journal?
Doesn't matter, I'm gonna remember it.
I'm just gonna remember it.
Wow, I am already feeling that.
You, friend, you've
really done a number, huh.
You should be proud of yourself.
Yeah, I'm going to finish that off.
Oh, yeah.
(lively mystical music)
I am Zumyia!
I am reborn, broken from the chrysalis.
I am Zumiya!
Zumyia Lee.
That is my true name.
Why is that so hard?
Why do people call and
ask for Stephanie Wilson?
Don't they understand?
I'm not Stephanie anymore!
I'm not Stephanie!
(phone ringing)
Syriana, I'm so glad you called.
- Oh, god.
You're feeling this?
You're feeling this?
You're getting this?
- Well yeah.
I felt your call coming
and I knew it was because
of the break with Freddie.
I'm just gobsmacked.
I can't believe it.
- It's a mind bender.
I can't get my mind around
it, any of the curves.
- Well, usually I see these
things coming weeks away.
But this one really caught me
out of an astrological surprise.
- I feel like I've been slightly diluted.
- You have.
Everything about your
persona is a little faded,
I can feel through the phone.
- What do I do?
I mean, can I get him back?
Does he think about me?
Where is he?
Is he with somebody else?
- He's not with someone else
- Is there another guy for me?
Is there another guy for me?
Where is he?
When is he coming?
What is he gonna look like?
Does he have money and will he
like the same kinds of food?
- Those are a lot of questions.
Now, start.
Let me just answer some of the main ones
and then I really have a
lot of meditative tasks
on my plate today.
- [Syriana] I hear you loud and clear.
- Alright.
A, not with someone else.
That is not in the cards.
He's not with someone else.
- Okay, great.
- B, many other men out there for you.
Now, whether or not
the connection happens.
- [Syriana] Tell me more.
- [Zumyia] I can't tell you that.
- Okay.
- I can't tell you exactly
if they are coming into the picture soon.
- Stephanie, now--
- Did you just?
- Sorry?
- Roll back a minute.
Did you just call me by my former name?
Syriana, you know I don't
go by that name anymore.
- Oh, god darling.
I'm an ass.
- I'm really offended.
I'm offended.
- I'm so sorry.
I apologize.
- Thank you.
That name is an insult to me.
Okay, it calls back to
prior to my second awakening
when I was in Albuquerque.
- Zumyia, Zumyia.
- And I left my whole life
since then.
- Will you forgive me?
Please, please forgive me.
I am not in any kind of
mental state to just.
- It's okay.
When you rebrand yourself,
people forget.
- Well, they didn't with me but--
- Yes, it happens to most people.
Mostly everybody else, so.
(knocking on door)
- I am--
- Your needed on set please?
- I'm in the toilet over
at Tony Style's studio
in the States.
I have to finish up my business here
and I have to go back
to the set right quick
'cause I can hear them shuffling about.
But your guidance and
direction has been spot on
every time with every man
and I don't know why it
wouldn't be any different
with this one.
- Well, it's my pleasure.
I mean, I can't help it
because I was actually your
servant three lives ago.
So, it's ingrained in me.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- [Zumyia] I can't help
it but I'm glad to do it.
- Well, I'm glad that you're
around and I found your number.
I mean this is stupendous.
- And you will make it through this.
Quite well.
Alright, I love you.
- I love you too.
- [Zumyia] Alright.
- Okay.
- [Zumyia] Namaste.
- Bye, bye.
- Maria, did you move my statues again?
It looks like the one's got his
face in the other ones butt.
- So you wanna get in to it?
Let's get into it.
- Yeah, let's just go
right in to it.
I'm so ready for this.
- [Tony] Yes.
- Okay
- And we're talking with Syriana Tate
about acting and music.
Tell me about your new album.
The new hit single, Future Fusion.
- Yes.
- Which I believe we have a clip of.
- Yeah, Future Fusion.
I set it up really.
The single and the name of the
CD is called Future Fusion.
And it's about a homeless girl
who is transported out of a
traumatic eating disorder.
- [Tony] Oh.
- And it really, it sets the tone
for the rest of the album, actually
which deals with, well, eating disorders.
(slow techno music)
My ways are not like yours
My ways are different
My ways shattered doors
(bumpin techno music)
My eyes fill with blood
My head is empty
I'll kill if I have to
But no one has to kill
Shame, regret, forget me
Forget me
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
Shame, shame, regret
Me, me, me, me
My ways are not like yours
Shattered doors
Me, me, me, me, me
My ways are not like yours
My ways are different
My ways shattered doors
Shattered doors
My eyes fill with blood
My head is empty
It's all about me
It's all about me
It's all about me
It's all about me
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
Come cry with me
Cry with me
That's the price I'll pay
They lie with me, lie with me
Shame, regret, forget me
Me, me, me
My ways
My ways
My ways
It's all about me
It's all about me
It's all about
All about
All about
All about
That was crazy right?
- Wow, that's intense.
How do you get all that together?
That is so amazing.
The colors in the spectrum.
- Yeah, well, all the
blacks are actually black
and all the whites are actually blue
and that's what makes the difference.
- Fluorescence.
I don't know how you work.
- Yeah, the artists really.
They come in, I surround myself
with just brilliant people
so it's really easy to do
this that come out that,
you know, wonderfully.
And, you know, it's all about the colors.
- Yeah.
- The colors, the feathers
and those diamonds.
Diamonds are the most trickiest.
- And you were working
with acclaimed director.
- Julio, Julio Grande.
- Julio Grande.
- Yep
- I heard he's a hard man to get.
A hard man to call, call up.
- Well, he was, you know, he
told people he was retired.
We got him out of retirement.
- He's on an island most of the days.
- He has a fondness for
diamonds and feathers.
I mean who knew?
- You got him out of the
shell and you guys mixed it up
and did something crazy.
- I would love
to take credit for that
but that was actually Rob.
- Okay.
- Rob got Julio and I guess
they were mates back in school,
something like that,
and played horse shoes
which is a strange hobby to
have with fellows that young.
It's odd.
- I just wanna say what your
doing right now sonically
and musically is changing
the face of music.
And I thank you for that.
On behalf of so many of your fans,
I being one of them, thank you.
- Well, I'll take that into my heart
and I appreciate it.
- So much fan mail was
pouring in before you got here
'cause somewhere on the interweb,
some link got out that you were coming
and I was the first to have you on my show
and so, like literally,
line around the block.
Can we see Syriana?
- That's great.
I mean, I saw some of those folks
when I came in to the building
and their just wonderful.
My fans are some of the
best fans in the world.
I mean, they just do all sorts
of things to just get to me
and it's fantastic, I love it.
I am here for them.
I mean really, that's what get's me going.
That's what wakes me up in
the morning, are my fans.
Without them, what's the point?
- It's a real interaction.
You're feeding them your art
and they're feeding you praise.
There saying, "Syrina, Syriana.
"We want more, we want more!"
- Yes.
- Is there ever a point
where you said, "I've had enough."?
That's it.
- No, never.
That would be when I die.
You know me.
- You're never gonna die.
- Give, give, give,
give, give, give until I drop.
I've actually planned my death.
- No!
- No, not like somebody's gonna shoot me.
But in the event, in
the event of my death,
and I have this written down already, see.
When I die, we're gonna have a party
and no matter who I know at the time,
'cause this could happen, this
could happen in a half hour,
this could happen in 20
minutes or maybe 20 years.
I don't know.
But in the event of my death,
there's gonna be a party
and we're gonna dance.
They're gonna dance.
We're gonna celebrate and
it's gonna be fantastic.
It's all planned out.
If you're around, you're
absolutely invited.
- I am there, you know that.
- Okay.
- I'm always gonna be there.
Whenever you have a
thing, I will be there.
You know that.
- Yes.
- How far do we go back?
We go back pretty far.
- [Cafe Owner] I'd want
to take a moment here
to introduce somebody new
to our scene, it's Syriana.
She's gonna read some poetry to you guys.
- I wrote this when I was 16.
Brain dead.
She's got a patch over
one eye and the she asks,
"I wonder what would
happen if I were dead?"
Did you?
White man, white man.
Give me my baby!
Right now, I'm having second thoughts.
Right now, she hates my bloody guts.
Right now, right now, right now.
- Is that a boy?
- I don't want
to be around when it comes.
- He's kinda hot.
- I don't want to see what it's done.
Right now, I'm having second thoughts.
- [Man] Boo!
- Push, bite, smash, kick,
hit, slice, much, suck, lick.
Same thing.
Running round in my little circle.
- When's this bitch gonna get done?
- I did this a few years ago.
This is, it's not really poetry
but I got an award for it.
This is shit taking a shit.
It's is all I really have.
Thank you.
- Syriana.
Syriana, Syriana, Syriana.
There are several charities
that you are a part of.
The charity for to save
the English language.
The charity for the charities.
- And then the box charity.
- [Tony] The box charity.
- Which is saving recycled
boxes but only plastics.
- You are just on the ball.
This is, this is rather amazing.
Let's talk about your
process a little bit.
- Okay.
- How do you get into that now?
- Is that for music or acting?
- For acting.
- Okay, they are separate.
There are categories and I have them
all in their little categories.
So, for acting, a little different.
There's more meditation involved that.
More of a guidance from a few individuals
that I work with closely, some gurus.
The meditation process
is several different ways
that I meditate.
I have an eating meditation,
I have a fasting meditation,
a breathing meditation and
then a sleeping meditation.
It could be like eight hours
in concentrated meditation.
- That's practically a whole day.
- It is but that's how I find my center.
It's how I open myself to create a process
in my great spirit.
I can shut the world out for days.
- No!
- And that in itself is a meditation.
I've wandered off for days.
Rob couldn't even find me.
Yet, I was picked up at a local bar
in the bathroom writing a
script for my next movie.
I don't remember any of it.
And the music is slightly
different than that.
If you're interested in
how my music happens.
I mean that's a bit different.
I like to make song after song,
as quickly and as fast as I possibly can
and I pretty much put out a new album
almost every other, like
two weeks at this point.
And, well.
- We know, you're on the charts.
You're all over the place.
You're blowing up.
- I've been living in a dream.
I'm living in an absolute dream.
- Every day is a dream with Syriana.
On that note, we'll take a break.
- [Assistant] Okay, take five.
- Do you still have that keyboard?
That crazy old keyboard?
- Oh, I haven't thought
about that in so long.
I do have it still, yeah.
- Whatever happened to that dog?
That dog was manic.
- [Tony] Yeah.
- Although, so was I.
- This is just a political statement.
I'm trying to dissect.
(Syriana growling)
(lively keyboard whistle music)
I'm just trying to construct
some sort of criticism
on the times that we're living in.
- [Syriana] Oh, yeah and
they caught me stealing.
So, I need some pocket money.
My folks aren't sending
me any money anymore.
I thought, you know, if I sold these.
- [Tony] Oh, you're not
gonna get much for silver.
Not unless you go to a pawn shop.
- [Syriana] Really?
These are like antiques.
They told me these were antiques.
(peculiar upbeat techno music)
Is your name Winston Churchill?
Is your name Winston Churchill?
- I love those solid gold oldies.
Solid gold oldies.
You're shooting a film?
- Yep, I'm shooting a film and--
- [Tony] Lady Liberty?
- Exactly, exactly.
It's based on a French
revolutionary painting
by an artist named Deliquoise.
You might not know who that is but it's,
I play, well, a revolutionary.
You know the Statue of Liberty?
- Yeah.
- It's sort of based on that woman.
And, although, I don't know
much about French history,
I do know about strong women
and I think that's why
they chose me for this role
because I can bring a certain,
(speaks French) je ne sais quoi,
to the performance that some
ladies just can't muster
for whatever.
- Right, right.
- We did.
I do have, I'm not sure if
Rob actually told you or not
but we a featurette from that.
I'd love to show you.
- Let's play it.
- I means it's just, it's bare bones.
Just the beginning like
the first three days or so
of shooting so please be
gentle with your criticism.
This is more about letting
you see the inner, yeah.
- I cannot wait.
- Merci.
So, we are on the set of this epic.
Thank you, just to give you an idea
of what we're are trying
to achieve today anyway,
is the French Revolution
with our Lady Liberty
who I play, I get to have this role,
and it's definitely worthy
of Academy nomination.
And I'm getting paid a lot
of money but not enough
to actually do painting.
I mean she actually has her
breast exposed a little bit.
I guess there's suppose to have,
there's some point to that.
I don't know what that is but
there's no way I'm doing that.
There's not enough money.
- And.
- Okay, yup.
- The great reveal.
- All right, all right.
- Here we go.
- My titties!
My titties!
Look at them, they look so wonderful.
Oh, my god.
Check this out!
However did you do that?
Look at that.
Oh, my god.
Yes, so I get to have this pretty dress.
The flag, red, white and
blue, it's very pretty.
And these men will have these
really old fashioned guns
and fancy clothes.
You pick that up.
I don't know much about the
French Revolution but it's a.
It's sort of,
it's dirty and there's smoke in the war.
Something is happening and I
guide these people out of it.
I started acting when I was four.
- I talked to the freaking costumer
and I can't understand
a word that she said.
- You can't understand
what our costumer said?
- Ay.
- Our costumer that's American?
- I was picked out of a crowd.
I was actually, I was
doing some pratfalls.
- I don't understand what you're saying.
I don't understand what you're wearing.
You're dressed like--
- What do you mean what I'm wearing?
- Your dressed like a
waiter from the waist up
and a woman from the waist down.
- You're calling me a woman, are you?
- No, I'm not calling you a woman.
I'm just saying, I don't understand
why you're wearing this here.
- Who just thought I was
an incredible talent.
- We're working on a
very specific project.
- Well, it's the French Revolution, right?
- Yes, you nailed it!
The French Revolution.
- All right, well, you see,
the French Revolution
wouldn't have happened
if the Scot's hadn't saved them in 1945!
- Wait.
Are you just flipping your dates here?
- No!
- We're talking about World War II.
This is the French Revolution!
- And they would have
all been speaking German!
- Caleb, can it!
Oi, oi!
Can you cut that out?
- He's got a problem with me here.
- My cousin Caleb is here.
He's here.
- I'll French Revolution you, buddy.
(bagpipe honking)
- What does that mean?
Can you not do that right now?
There were no bagpipes
during the French Revolution!
Can you just plug these?
- What are you doing?
You're always trying to get
the bagpipes on the script.
- You flew me all the way
in from Aberdeen Shack
to come here.
- Out, out, out!
- No way!
- I can't do this.
- Ah, screw all of you!
- [Rob] You look like a woman!
- You know, you can put
a haggis right here!
- [Syriana] I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.
- I'm never hiring a family again.
He's a mess.
I can't believe he's like this.
- I don't wanna see him again.
I don't wanna see him.
- Just leave it, just leave it.
So, back to.
(bagpipe piping)
Fuck it!
- Little man, I will stab you!
Get out of here!
- That is rather impressive.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, we'll see what happens.
The idea is just phenomenal.
But we did have some, we had
some trouble in set that day.
So it was a bit tricky.
- There's been a lot in the
press about your parties.
About how you like to
get down in the clubs
and your late night convertible rides.
- Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I mean, me and the gang.
You know my gang.
We go to the club.
Take our shoes off, do the thing.
And then we go in and do our dance
and we pretty much take over.
We take over the place wherever we go.
And there was this guy and he just like,
he just wanted to be a part
of gang and he jumped in.
I don't know who was.
He came out of nowhere and you know,
he sees us doing the shoe thing
and he wants to be a part
of it and I guess he just,
he took his boot off with such vigor.
Actually, his leg came off.
He pulled off his leg!
- What?
- I guess because it was prosthetic.
- Ah!
- It just came right
off and half the crowd
was soiling their pants and the other ones
were just there terror.
They actually thought this
man had dismembered himself
on the dance floor.
(upbeat house music)
(siren wurling)
- It's Syriana Tate!
I'm with Syriana Tate.
I'm dancing with Syriana Tate.
I've never felt so alive.
Yeah, I don't care.
- [Crowd] I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
I'm partying with the leg.
- [Man With Prosthesis Leg]
It's a party with my leg!
- [Crowd] I'm partying with the leg.
- [Man With Prosthesis
Leg] Whose got my leg?
Whose got my leg?
- Whoa!
Hold your horses.
There's flying feet?
- Fly, it was leg, it was
part, it wasn't even a foot,
it was all the way up to his knee.
- Well, who would do such a thing?
This is ridiculous.
- Well.
- Syriana, I don not live in your world.
I don't encounter these things.
I'm just a regular person, you know.
- You are.
You're regularly awesome.
- Thank you.
You know, I'm trying to
make a difference here
and having someone like you
and your status with us,
you know, that's really important for me.
That's really helped my
journalism get off the ground.
- And, and I've been watching
you, you know from afar
and just ever so proud of
you and what you've achieved.
- Your fan club is like, I don't know,
20 million, 30 million-strong.
It's worldwide.
- Well, that's daily.
Daily, we get that.
Now, it's we're into billions.
We really can't count anymore.
It's pointless.
- Oh, my goodness.
That is ridiculous
- It's not about the number.
- Where do you find time to take a break
and say I've had enough of this world?
I wanna relax or take some time off.
- You know Tony, the time finds me.
I don't have to find the time.
I don't know if you can wrap
your mind around that one.
- No, it's a big one.
It's a big one.
- Well, maybe take a moment right now.
Let's take a moment right now.
Let's take a little moment.
- Let's take a moment.
- The time comes to me and I say that
because I've structured my life.
I don't wanna use that word.
Let's not use that word!
Lets' say I have grown in to my life
where I do certain things.
I behave in a certain way.
I ask the universe to give me something
and it's meant to be it
happens and if it's not,
then it just doesn't happen.
So if I need time and
I'm suppose to have time,
it comes to me.
- So, who are the people in your life?
I mean where do you draw your inspiration?
Where, what, how do get up in the morning
and say, "I'm gonna do a
million things today."?
Because that's what you do.
- Well, it's a contrary to thinking
I plan to a million things.
It's more that the things are sent to me,
whether they're a million
or three and a half.
I sort of get the
vibrations in the morning
when I have my routine and they come to me
and I just go with the flow, baby.
I really, I do.
It's just miraculous, it's smooth
and very, very much like a dance.
Like a dance with my spirit.
I have, you know, several people,
several great people that
I go to for inspiration
on any given day.
And, actually, I thought about this.
If I open myself up on any
given day to the folks around me
and I look at them as teachers,
then I have several gurus
around me at any given time.
Not just the ones I pay
lots and lots of money
but the other ones who
are just hanging around
like in my trailer or on
sets and things like that.
(Andrew chanting)
(phone ringing)
Oh, answer the bloody phone!
- Good aye, Syriana.
- Andrew!
Oh, my god, I'm freaking out!
- You sound like you're upset?
- I am insane!
I can't fucking stop
thinking about that guy!
- Deep breath, deep breath.
- No.
I don't wanna be here.
I'm so tired.
I hate it.
It's fucking awful!
- Just have a deep breath and hold it.
- No.
I fell like such an ass and I have to pee!
- Breath deep.
- What do I do?
What do I do?
What do I do?
Okay, okay, I'm breathing, okay.
- What's happened?
- We broke up.
You know that guy I
loved and we're supposed
to love each other forever.
Well, that shit ain't happening anymore.
- And so we know these things happen.
Some things are just not meant to be.
- Oh, fuck you!
I don't wanna hear that!
Sorry, you know how I get.
Don't wanna take your direction, sorry.
- You don't have to apologize.
Why should you apologize?
Never ever apologize.
Everything is perfect and in order.
- Okay, I'm sorry, I
won't do it again, and.
So do you have any worldly
advice for me, o' guru?
- Some worldly advice?
- Yeah.
- Don't eat the turnips.
- You are so, so bad.
- Well, it's funny isn't it?
It's really funny.
- It is all a big joke.
- Oi.
Okay, right now let me
paint a picture for you.
I'm in a dirty, stinky,
filthy concrete building.
It smells like reefer
and I'm going bloody mad!
I've got to take a piss,
there's nobody here
than can help me out
- Baboons.
- What?
- Broccoli.
The Eiffel Tower.
Spaghetti monster.
How's that?
- The tube, mind the gap, profiterole.
- Your mind stops.
You mind is frozen on my strange words.
- Tarts.
- Yes, exactly.
- What's that other one?
Truffles, lead glass.
- So where's your focus now Miss Tate?
The Tatester.
- My focus is in the moment.
I'm right here.
I'm totally present.
- It's just the mind playing
tricks on you, isn't it?
- I feel like such a fart.
A nasty, stinky fart.
- Yes, exactly.
- Oh god, god, god, god.
What would I do without you?
I'd be a bloody mess.
- You would be the most amazing person
in the world without me or with me.
- That's great.
That's great
- So, why'd you call me again?
- To tell you I loved you
and it's a beautiful day.
- It is a beautiful day outside, isn't it?
- Yeah, and I'm absolutely
good with who I am.
Complete in every way.
Nothing, nothing
absolutely nothing lacking.
- Nothing beats the perfection of the now.
Apart from my stiff legs.
Oh, god!
You know what it's like to sit
in a crossed-legged position
for four hours?
- Aren't you doing your stretches?
Have you not done your stretches?
- Cheese and crackers!
- Now, you crack me up.
- Ah, good, good.
I'm just not living in
the moment right now.
- [Assistant] Miss Tate?
You're needed on set.
- Andrew, Andrew, really, I must go.
They're calling me, they
are calling me back on set.
- You must go.
Okay, okay.
I'll get back to my meditations.
- Okay, alright.
Namaste, namaste.
- Namaste.
- Let's get going.
Let's get you back, let's
get you back on track.
As we all know, you went into dance.
You became a dance sensation overnight.
Classically trained.
Monumental stuff, also, movement pieces.
These strange, strange
exotic foreign pieces.
- [Syriana] Well, I'm really flattered
that you put it that way.
Not many people wanted to see it
so I kind of had to force my
way through different clubs
and sometimes I just actually showed up.
- [Tony] I got to see some of that.
- [Syriana] And, and
several different people
thought I was having sort of,
like, an epileptic seizure.
- [Party Goer] O.M.G., is that
girl wearing a garbage bag?
- They don't know.
They're not out there.
They're not checking out the scene.
When I'm doing a head butt to a pole.
There's a specific way to do that properly
without injuring yourself.
- [Tony] Rare stuff.
- [Syriana] Or giving yourself lock jaw
or things of that nature.
- [Kids] Freak!
- Which I've seen and they're frightening.
It's frightening to see things like that.
- Yeah, yeah.
- But thank you so much for understanding
and appreciating my dancing.
Certain people, they do more now.
- I started off as a fan.
- Yeah.
- So, how's Freddie?
- Freddie?
I didn't think we were
gonna talk about Freddie?
- Oh, I?
I'm sorry, I.
- I don't really want to.
- Okay.
- I thought I was just
gonna be here for my movies
and my film.
Maybe even the children's book?
- I just feel that maybe if
you let it out or something,
you know, maybe we can pull through it.
- Sure.
- That's what we're here for.
- It just seems really
odd to do it on the telly.
I mean, I'm really just.
I guess I should, it's part of my life.
- Let it out.
- If I want my audience
to know what I'm doing,
I really need to tell them, I suppose.
The little bits and the big bits?
- It's kinda what you signed up for.
- Okay, alright.
- Do you mind if I smoke?
- I'm sorry.
You can't smoke in here
- Oh, just, can I, can I hold it then?
Just hold it?
- Okay, hold, okay, that's fine.
- Do you mind lighting it?
I mean, just pretend
that you're lighting it.
- Like?
- Yes, just do it.
That's great.
Object work.
Helps me, centers me.
Okay, so, Freddie and I are split up.
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to be so insensitive.
- I mean, you weren't to know.
It just happened actually
a couple of days ago.
- Well, what's going on?
- Well, he just fell out of love with me.
It just sort of happened like that.
Supposedly it became much work for him.
And I guess we're not suppose to,
if you work in a
relationship then it means
it is not working and it's to much work
and it doesn't make sense to me.
It's crazy.
- Well, what a creep.
- Well, isn't it ridiculous?
I mean, isn't that what
you're suppose to do
when you get close to people?
You push each others
buttons and then you learn
how to react, to respond.
You get together, you have a relationship,
you know, you work at it and.
- When you love somebody,
you push through it.
- Absolutely.
And the thing is like I still,
I still, I still love him.
And I can't believe this is happening.
It's like I'm in my own, my own movie.
We were supposed to be together forever.
That's what we talked about.
- [Tony] Yeah.
- I don't get it.
How can you say that and not mean that?
I don't just fall in love with
guys at the drop of a hat.
I mean for me, it's been only maybe three
or four times in my life
that I've even utter those
words to another man.
And I know we were only going
out for about two months,
but I was absolutely in love with that man
and he was completely in
love with me or so I thought.
I mean the world knew
that we were going out
and we're suppose to be this great couple.
You know, he being a boxer,
I'm an actress-singer.
You know, that's great for TV, right?
- Well, I hope he gets knocked out.
- That could work but
you know, he's a boxer.
He'd probably kick your ass.
So, I wouldn't try that.
- You're a gem, Syriana.
You're one in a million.
You're a creative artist extraordinaire.
- I know, I know.
- And you gotta pull through it.
You gotta use what you have.
Take that pain and turn it into
another work of brilliance.
I think that's what you need to do.
- I think you're right, Tony.
I think you have a good idea there.
- Well, I'm here for you.
The world is here for you.
All your fans are here for you, Syriana.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Let me tell you we're on your side.
- Okay.
- So, there's a little fact
that very few fans know about,
that you do impressions.
- Ah, yes!
How did you find out about that?
- Well, I have my own--
- Rob?
- Alright, alright.
- They're a little different
than the norm would be.
- Well, what can you do?
Let's see it.
Let's get in to it.
Can I just through something
out and then you, and then you.
- Sure, let's get it prepped.
- [Tony] Okay, good.
- Okay.
- So, let's see the silhouette.
- The silhouette.
- How provocative!
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Tony] Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm good, good.
- [Tony] On to the next one?
- Sure, sure, why not?
Let's do another one.
- Cautionary wind.
- Cautionary wind, okay, this one.
I need absolute silence
in the studio for this one
and it's really gonna, it's very internal
but I'll try and do it as
loud as I possible can.
(exhaling creepily)
- [Tony] Let's see--
- You asked for that one.
- Oh, yes.
It's become my favorite, I think.
- Carburetor.
(loudly imitating rattling carburetor)
- I did not expect that.
It's good
- You're making me really work for this.
- Okay.
- I hope Rob
is enjoying that over there.
- One, last one.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's see, let's see love.
- Love, love, love.
Over here, over here Tony.
There it goes.
See it?
It's all the way down there.
It's gone.
That one was a hard one,
especially right now.
- Well, on that note, I won't keep you.
I know you have a tour to get back to
and some filming to do.
- Oh, yes.
- [Tony] But thank you for coming out.
- This has been a blast
and you took me a few places I, honestly,
I didn't know I was gonna go
and I really didn't wanna
go, when I went, I went.
- Yeah, well, that's part
of the plan, you know.
To open up and see what's going on.
- Well you do that well.
You help open us up every time.
- So, you've been watching
the Syriana Tate Interview
with Tony Styles and Syriana Tate.
Thanks for watching.
See you next time.
- [Syriana] I see you
for who you really are.
Not sure if I ever but I tried so hard.
I was in love with the idea.
Now, I'm the girl with her
heart lain on the floor.
I'd have everything.
If money could by love.
I will not give up.
I will not give in.
I will never see you again.
I'm standing strong.
All on my own.
Not gonna be left here alone.
I have everything.
Now that I can see.
I have everything.
Now that I have me.
I have everything.
Just me.
(tranquil ambient music building)
(crowd cheering from a distance)
("I Have Everything Song")
(crowd cheering)
- [Fan] We love you, Syriana!
- [Rob] Alright children,
Miss Tate is in the house.
Do you want Syraina?
(crowd cheering)
I can't hear you.
- [Fan] We love you, Syriana.
- [Rob] Do you want Syriana?
- [Fan] We love you!
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love
- [Fan] Syriana, Syriana!
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love
I was in love with the idea
With the idea
I will not give up
I will not give in
I will never see you again
I will not give up
I will not give in
I will never see you again
I will not give up, I will not give in
I have everything
Now that I can see
I have everything just me
(upbeat Pop Techno music)
- How like an angel in apprehension.
How like a God.
(phone ringing)
- Wear up a little bit but relax in here.
Ladies, between your
flat and your sloppies,
I think we found a middle ground.
Little man, I will stab you!
- Thank you, that name is an insult to me.
Okay, it calls back to
prior to my second awakening
when I was in Albuquerque.
- Ah, screw all of you!
- [Rob] You look like a woman!
- You know, you can put
a haggis right here!
- I love those solid gold oldies.
It meant that comes to you, baby
It meant that comes to you
It meant that comes to you baby
But it run away
- I'm dancing with Syriana Tate.
I never felt so alive!
I don't care, whoo!
(fly buzzing)
Run run away
Run run away
- Although, I don't know
much about French history,
I do know about strong women.
That don't matter anymore,
I can't feel a thing.
White man, white man, give me my baby.
It meant that come to you, baby
It meant that comes to you
It meant that come to you, baby
But it run away
It meant that come to you, baby
It meant that come to you
It meant that comes to you, baby
But it run away
Run away
- Stop!
Why don't you stop?
- [Syriana] Stop, please.
Give it up.