Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman (2021) Movie Script

[electric buzzing]
[baby laughing]
Men are pigs.
Seriously, you can do so much
better than Bobby Kelske.
Of all the girls at school,
how could he stand me up
for Heidi Moore?
Well, if you switch
her first and last initials,
her name is Meidi Hoore.
[both laughing]
Thank you
for meeting me, Mel.
I don't know
what I would do without you.
Don't mention it.
Hey, it's Saturday night.
Let's go to my house and have
an old-fashioned slumber party.
Slumber party?
No, we're not
in the sixth grade!
In the sixth grade, we.
didn't have these.
Look at you.
Cool it. I don't have
enough for everybody.
[both laughing]
All right. Let's go.
Oh, damn it.
What? What's wrong?
Auntie Flo decided
to pay her monthly visit.
- [Jill] Ew.
- I'll be right back.
Well, take your time.
I'm gonna have a cigarette.
[car engine revving]
[door hinges creak]
[door closes]
[Ted] Shit.
[Ted groans]
Damn it.
[Ted grunting]
A little help.
Ah, shit.
[Ted groans and chuckles]
[Jill] Uh, you...
you need help there?
[Ted] Ugh. [chuckles]
Oh, yeah.
I, uh, I dropped my keys.
And I, uh, I can't.
Um, I'm sorry.
Would you mind?
You see, I sprained my knee
on the slopes.
My battery died,
and now I'm stuck out here
in the cold.
It's not really been
my day either, so.
[distant barking]
[keys clanking]
Thank you.
You are a lifesaver.
Don't mention it.
[Ted clears throat]
[keys clank]
[Ted] Uh, shit!
That was fast.
I'm sorry.
This is the last time,
I promise.
I think, I... I think
they went under there.
[Jill grunts]
- [car engine revving]
- [loud music]
[Bobby] Jill?
What the hell, Jill?
I was just
helping this guy out.
Helping him with what?
Find his keys.
Yeah. I'm sure
that was all you were doing.
Screw you, Bobby. You were the
one that ditched me for Heidi.
And now
I'm ditching Heidi for you.
So, get the fuck in.
I told Melissa I was gonna
spend the night with her.
Didn't you hear me?
I said now!
[car engine revving]
[car tire screeching]
[door hinges creaks]
Thanks a freakin' lot, Jill.
Dammit, Jill.
[Melissa shrieking]
[car door slammed]
[car engine revving]
[tense music playing]
[Melissa gasps]
Please, sir, who are you?
What do you want from me?
[cries] Please, please.
[Melissa's incoherent muttering]
Let me out. Please.
[Melissa sobbing continuously]
My dad's a cop, asshole.
He's expecting me any minute.
And when he sees you, he will
kick the living shit out of you.
[head smashed]
[suspenseful music]
[car engine idling]
[Melissa moaning]
[body being dragged]
[Ted] [voice-over]
Guilt is a mechanism
we use to control people.
It's, uh, an illusion,
a kind of, uh,
a social control mechanism.
Do I feel guilty
for anything I've done?
No. I feel sorry
for people who feel guilt.
[trunk opens]
What's one less person on
the face of this earth anyway?
[sirens wailing in the distance]
[McChesney] His first victim was
18-year-old Karen Sparks,
poli-sci major at
the University of Washington.
On the night of January 4th,
the suspect entered
Karen's bedroom as she slept,
bludgeoned her with a metal rod
he'd torn from her bed frame,
and proceeded to
sexually assault her with it.
Karen was lucky.
She survived.
She spent the next ten days
in a coma
and suffered permanent
brain damage from the attack.
Less than a month later,
Lynda Healy,
a 21-year-old psychology major,
was abducted
in the middle of the night
after an intruder broke
into her basement apartment.
It's been nine months
since her abduction,
yet no trace of Lynda Healy
has been found.
Donna Gail Manson, age 19.
Three weeks later,
Susan Rancourt, age 18.
Susan's disappearance
was followed by
Roberta Parks, age 20,
followed by Brenda Ball,
and Georgeann Hawkins.
Like the others,
none of these girls have been
seen or heard from since.
Yes, Mr. Swindley.
I mean,
by the looks of it,
these chicks, they're all
sort of the same type.
What "type" is that, exactly?
Foxy, long legs, short skirts.
The type that's usually
up for a good time.
Maybe they led this guy on.
I mean, you know how
the old saying goes, right?
"If you're advertising,
you must be selling."
[Shane laughs]
[laughs sarcastically] If
stupidity was painful, Shane.
you'd be in agony.
[officers] Ooh.
[projector clicks]
Three months ago, on July 14th,
the suspect struck again
during a huge celebration
at Lake Sammamish State Park.
This time, suspect's
far more brazen.
Numerous witnesses
reported seeing a man
with his left arm in a sling
asking various women
if they would help him
rig a sailboat up to his car.
Two of those women
unfortunately took the bait.
Denise Naslund, Janice Ott.
Both women decapitated.
Both had been brutally raped.
[projector clicks]
And multiple
witnesses confirmed
they'd seen a suspect driving
either a tan or brown VW Beetle.
When the suspect
approached them,
he told them his name.
It was Ted.
[buzzer sounds]
[McChesney clears throat]
[elevator pings]
[indistinct conversations]
[Officer clears throat]
[Officer whistles]
[Shane] How is a woman
like a laxative?
They both irritate
the shit out of you!
[both laughing]
Since when did my desk become
the designated break room?
And good morning to you, too.
What's this look like
to you, McChesney?
Names of our victims.
Dates. Some random numbers.
Shane here
has come up with
a rather brilliant theory
that could crack your case
wide open.
What theory is that?
Pay attention.
Thirty-six, 23, 36, 23, 36.
Number of days
between each abduction.
Look at this kid.
He hasn't even graduated yet.
He's already gunning
for his old man's job.
Except it's not accurate.
There were 45 days
between Susan Rancourt's
and Brenda Ball's
You also forgot
the fifth victim, Roberta Parks.
If you paid attention in class,
you'd already know that
we went over these patterns.
23, 36, 23, 45.
Well, I just hope
we don't have another
on our hands.
[Ressler] Manson actually
wasn't a devil worshipper.
Charlie is quite
the talker though.
As you might imagine,
his favorite subject is himself.
Who the fuck are you?
And who the fuck
let you down here?
I'm sorry.
Captain Swindley?
Supervisory Special Agent
Robert Ressler.
I'm with the Behavioral
Science Unit of the FBI.
[Swindley] What's this about?
I'm not here
to step on anyone's toes.
Just to observe
and offer my assistance.
I have my task force
well under control.
We don't need any assistance
from the feds.
Why would the Bureau be
taking an interest in this case?
Have they been developing
their own leads?
No, nothing like that.
Part of our new mandate is to
educate local law enforcement
by passing along information
we've gathered.
Gathered from whom?
we've conducted
with convicted offenders.
We've been studying
the psychological aspects
of their crimes
in the hopes of eventually
developing a profile.
Oh, you hear that, Shane?
This is my son Shane.
He just graduated WSU
with a degree in psychology
and he's already top
of his class at the academy.
He is going to be your best
resource around here.
Actually, I was thinking
I would work with.
Uh, Detective McChesney.
[Swindley] Kathy here, she's
from our Sex Crimes Division.
You know, I figured
it's a good idea
to have at least one gal
on the team.
You know,
soften up the witnesses,
you know what I mean?
And here I was thinking
it was because of
her exemplary track record.
I observed part of your class,
- I was impressed.
- Thank you.
I joined the task force
after the Lake Sam murders.
Janice Ott
and Denise Naslund.
Last two taken,
first ones found.
Only ones found.
We still have six girls missing.
Well, it's been
real quiet around here
for the last three months.
No Miss August.
No Miss September.
No Miss October.
So, I'd say old Teddy boy
is either taking
an extended vacation,
or he's found himself
a new hunting ground.
[mysterious music]
[zipper zips]
[Ted clears throat]
- [lively conversations]
- [distant barking]
[door hinges creak]
[car engine revving]
[tense music]
[Ted] [voice-over] Society
wants to believe
it can identify evil people,
or bad or harmful people,
but it's just not practical.
Just like you can't
tell by looking at someone
if they're a good person.
No man is truly innocent.
I mean, we've,
we've all transgressed
in some way in our lives.
I don't think anybody doubts
whether I've... [chuckles]
I've done some bad things.
The question is,
what, of course, and how, and
maybe most importantly, why.
Now, he chooses
his victims for a reason.
His victims are young,
attractive women.
But to him,
women are possessions.
He instinctively
recognizes people
who radiate vulnerability,
their-their... their facial
expressions say,
"I'm afraid of you."
[car engine revving]
You need a lift?
Fuck off and die,
you creep!
- [leaves rustling]
- [Laura breathing frantically]
[tense music]
[car door slammed]
He's coming.
[Laura breathing deeply]
[Laura panting]
[Laura breathing heavily]
[car engine revving]
[greenhouse door creaks]
[Laura breathing heavily]
[Laura screams]
[Ted] [voice-over]
When he feels the last
bit of breath leaving her body
and he's looking
into her eyes, well, [chuckles]
the person in that situation.
Trick or treat.
[Ted] [voice-over]
.is God.
[door slammed]
[phone ringing]
[McChesney] So.
this is our system.
Every potential's entered
manually and assigned a card.
How do you keep track
of them without a database?
The only computer
in this entire office
is in the payroll department.
We're making some progress.
Of the 40,000 VW Beetles
registered in the state,
we've narrowed down the list
to less than a hundred.
with records from local DOL?
Law enforcement
in other counties?
This is Seattle,
Washington, not Washington, DC.
Information is never shared
between jurisdictions.
Cutting through the bureaucratic
red tape is half the battle.
As you can see,
he certainly has a type.
All the girls were under 25,
all Caucasian,
100 to 125 pounds.
Brownish hair
parted down the middle.
We've found
that most sequence killers
tend to choose victims with
common physical characteristics.
Mm. I'm fairly certain
Ted is highly intelligent,
probably reasonably
He knows how to make
these girls trust him.
He preys on their sympathy
and vulnerability.
He sees
their kindness as weakness.
And he knows
how to make them disappear.
[Carol] Heather?
What a surprise!
[Heather] Hey, cuz!
What are you up to?
Oh, just killing some
time before my evening class.
Looks like someone's
on a shopping spree.
What's the occasion?
[Heather] Jim's taking me
out of town
for our third anniversary
this weekend,
so I figured I'd buy myself
a little something
to keep him interested.
if you know what I mean.
[Carol] Hey, why don't you
put those in your car
and then meet me back inside?
I'll buy you an Orange Julius
and we can catch up.
Oh, hon, I'd love to,
but I have to get home
and start dinner.
I've turned into
a Stepford Wife.
It's okay, next time.
And give my love to Jim.
I will.
[Ted] [clears throat]
Excuse me, ma'am.
Ma'am, do you own
a green Camaro?
License plate 3AV 499?
Yes. Who are you?
Officer Rose.
I'm with undercover
mall security.
I mean, we apprehended a suspect
attempting to break
into your car.
If you'll follow me.
Was anything stolen?
Well, that's what we
need you to tell us, ma'am.
It looks all right to me.
[Ted] Well, tuck your head
in there
and take a look around.
My partner must have locked it
before he took the suspect
in for questioning.
I'm sorry.
[keys clanking]
[car door opens]
It doesn't look
like anything's missing.
Well, take a good look.
We wanna make sure he didn't
take anything of value.
everything looks fine.
Well, you're still
gonna need to come over
to the station
and file a report.
[car door closes]
[Carol] Like I said,
nothing was taken,
so I really don't see why.
You know, they're gonna
keep this man detained
until you decide whether or not
you're going to press charges.
[chuckles] Look, it'll only
take a few minutes, all right?
Station's right up the road.
Hell, I'll drive you.
I'm supposed to meet
my boyfriend soon.
- I hope this won't take long.
- I'll have you back in a flash.
By the way, are you
related to Heather?
She's my cousin.
[finger snaps]
I knew it. I knew it.
You know, I just ran into her
in the mall.
So did I.
But how did you...
I used to go to school
with her husband, Jim.
Man, he's a good guy.
Come on. It'll be quick.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
It's open.
- It's open.
- [car door opens]
[car engine revving]
[car door closes]
So how do you know
Jim again?
[suspenseful music]
On second thought,
I think it's easier
if I just drive myself.
I know where the station is.
Can we just do this
another time?
Please, just pull over.
I'm not kidding!
You let me out of this
fucking car right now!
[car tires screeching]
[Carol breathing rapidly]
Do you wanna know
what I'm going to do you?
First, I'm gonna strangle you.
Then I'm going to rape you.
And then...
Get off of me!
Help me! Please!
- [car tires screeching]
- [Carol] Wait! Wait! Don't!
Wait for me! Please, stop.
- Stop! Stop!
- [punch thrown]
Stop! Please! Stop!
Wait, wait.
Go, go, go.
Please drive. Please drive.
[car engine speeding]
[Ted screaming]
[Ted pounding the car dash]
[car engine revving]
[ Gunsmoke episode
playing on TV]
Oh, get this.
Last month, he brings
in the goddamn psychic.
[Ressler scoffs]
Swindley thinks
there's a satanic cult
behind every unsolved murder
in this city.
When it's probably his
anti-social pantywaist of a son.
I will drink to that.
So, what made you
want to join the Bureau?
I grew up in Chicago.
When I was 15, I became
obsessed with these articles
published by The Tribune
about the Lipstick Killer.
[McChesney laughing]
I didn't make up the name.
Oh. [chuckles]
I guess
you can't take me anywhere.
what about you?
How'd you get involved
with the sheriff's department?
Well, oh,
it wasn't my first choice.
During my senior criminal
justice seminar...
oh, mind you, I am one of three
girls in the class of 200...
and this Bureau guy comes in
one day to do some recruiting.
He starts handing out
and when he finally gets to me,
he says,
"Sorry, FBI doesn't hire
female agents."
All I can say about that
is times are changing.
I wouldn't be surprised
if one day,
you're leading the charge
at Quantico,
tracking down
sequence killers.
[McChesney laughs]
Ooh, yes.
[ Gunsmoke episode
playing on TV]
Not sequence killers.
Serial killers.
That's what
they should be called.
Serial killers?
You know,
like the old Westerns.
[Man] [over TV]
They always ended with
this huge cliffhanger, right?
You had to come back
the following week
to find out what happened,
and then the week after that.
Oh, never fully satisfied.
They always leave you
wanting more.
you know, these killers kind of
do the same thing.
First, it's one victim.
Then two. Then three.
And each time they think
that the next one
will bring them
closer to fulfilling
their ultimate fantasy.
It's a never-ending cycle.
Like a serial.
You're going to make
one hell of an agent one day,
you know that, McChesney?
A serial killer.
It makes sense.
Well, consider it yours,
Agent Ressler.
No credit necessary.
[Reporter 1] [over TV]
We interrupt this program
to bring you a special report.
[Woman Reporter] [over TV]
Earlier today,
the bodies of
four more young women
were found on Taylor Mountain.
All of them had been strangled
or bludgeoned
by this brutal killer.
[Reporter 1] [over TV]
Remains of six missing girls
were found at the same site.
The skeletal remains
of 21-year-old woman Ann Healy,
22-year-old Brenda Ball
of Seattle,
Susan Elaine Rancourt
of Anchorage, Alaska,
and 20-year-old
Roberta Kathleen Parks
from Lafayette, California.
Just a few miles away
from the place...
- He did it.
- ...where those four were found,
police identified two more
murdered girls.
He killed them all.
[Reporter 1] [over TV]
These two disappeared
- from the same place.
- And he just dumped them
- up on that mountain like trash.
- Lake Sammamish State Park.
They were 23-year-old
Janice Ott
- and 19-year-old Denise Naslund.
- He is goin to do it
again and again and again.
[Reporter 2] [voice-over] Two
more women have gone missing:
Julie Cunningham,
a 26-year-old woman from Vail,
and Denise Oliverson,
a 24-year-old
from Grand Junction.
[Woman Reporter] [voice-over]
On January 12, 1975,
Caryn Campbell disappeared
from the Wildwood Inn.
Thirty-six days later,
her nude body was found
almost three miles away.
[Reporter 3] [voice-over]
Debbie was attending a play
with her family
at Viewmont High School
on the night
of November 8, 1974.
She left the play early
to pick up her brother
at an ice rink.
Debbie never got to her car.
[Reporter 4] [voice-over]
Police believe the key
was from the same handcuffs
used to kidnap Carol DaRonch
four hours earlier
the same night
Debbie Kent disappeared.
Nighttime at the Kents' home
in Bountiful,
this front porch light
burns for Debbie.
Mrs. Kent vowed
when her daughter disappeared,
"I'll turn the light off
only when Debbie comes home."
The hardest part,
Mrs. Kent says,
is the heartache of
not knowing.
[camera shutter clicks]
[photo sliding]
This is
gonna take a while.
I don't care.
I'll stay with them
all night if I have to.
[Ressler] Come on.
I'll buy you a coffee.
[floor polisher humming]
I'm gonna get him, Ressler.
If it's the last thing I do.
I'm gonna get him
for what he did to those girls.
[Ressler] You almost act
as if you knew them.
Ah, well.
I had an older sister.
Her name was Jamie.
Ah, yeah. She, uh, ran away
when she was 16 years old.
And our parents just spent
months looking for her.
They thought she'd gone to
San Francisco and joined a cult.
she was just hitchhiking on
the coast, meeting people.
Yeah, I guess she was... she was
just trying to find herself.
You know, she made it
as far as Portland.
Last guy that picked her up
drugged her.
Raped her.
He left her in a heroin den.
She never regained
consciousness, so.
Detective McChesney?
I'm... Lynda Healy's mother.
I am so...
Please don't.
I don't want to hear
that word ever again.
I need you to listen to
just one thing I have to say.
I want you to find the monster
who did this to my daughter.
I want you to find him.
And when you do,
I want you to shoot him dead.
[Mrs. Healy cries]
[insects chirping]
[birds squawking]
[corn popping]
[music playing over radio]
[birds squawking]
[car door opens]
[breathes deeply]
[suspenseful music]
[zipper unzips]
[hum of approaching vehicle]
[police siren beeping]
That's him.
Are you
absolutely sure, Carol?
Take your time.
It's almost been...
That's him!
That's the shitbag
who tried to kidnap me.
I will never forget his face.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
I'll testify.
I'll do whatever it takes
to put him away.
Because that guy
is totally fucking crazy.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Dr. Richmore]
So, would you say the fantasy
is more stimulating to
this person than the act itself?
Well, I'd assume
that what most stimulates
such an individual is, uh,
the hunt,
the pursuit of his victim.
Well, what would you say
this individual
gains from his hunt?
Why does he keep
referring to himself
in the third person?
As if everything he's saying
is a hypothetical?
"This individual,"
"this person."
[Ted speaks indistinctly]
Because he's not
giving us a confession.
He's merely "hypothesizing."
Sharing his "legal opinion."
Ah. Law school dropout
turned Perry Mason.
This is such bullshit.
[Dr. Richmore] Do you think
this person
would have kept mementos
of his victims?
Locks of hair? Jewelry?
Photographs, perhaps?
I would think
it's certainly
not out of the realm
of possibility.
[Dr. Richmore]
And what makes you think that?
when you work hard
to do something right,
you don't want to forget it.
[Dr. Richmore] Let's, uh,
you know, take a short break.
[door opens]
Dr. Fred Richmore,
from the Bureau's
Behavioral Science Unit.
Detective Kathleen McChesney,
Seattle Homicide.
So, what are we
looking at here?
In my 16 years
as a clinical psychiatrist,
I can honestly say
Theodore Bundy
is the most dangerous individual
I've ever observed.
Mr. Bundy
seems to derive a deep,
almost mystical
satisfaction from killing.
After a while,
the act of murdering
isn't just about
lust or violence.
It's about possession.
Is this his way of copping to
some kind of insanity defense?
No, no, no,
nothing like that.
You have to first understand
there are two distinct parts
to his personality.
First is Ted.
Helpful, personable,
articulate, charming Ted.
And then, there's the entity.
So, you're saying
he has a split personality?
[Dr. Richmore]
Not exactly.
I believe
it's a complex pathology
wherein the entity
is both in and of Ted.
First is his dominant
his mask of sanity,
if you will.
And then, there's the entity.
I believe it began with
an unnatural obsession
with pornography
from a very young age.
And I don't mean
the blue magazines
that teenage boys hide
from their parents,
but rather, he became obsessed
with sexually explicit
images of violence,
with human pain and suffering.
And he believes this entity
has given him magical abilities,
like the power
to walk through walls,
and to not be seen.
To make him... invisible.
All this,
and it still doesn't add up
to a legal confession?
[Dr. Richmore] Not yet.
But I'm certain there are
many more victims out there.
yet to be found.
[Reporter] [voice-over]
Bundy was being held
in the Garfield County Jail
because it is modern
and said to be much more secure
than facilities in Aspen,
about an hour away.
Bundy's escape
bordered on a Houdini escapade.
The 5'11", 145-pound
former law student
ripped out a light fixture
and steel grating in the ceiling
and then maneuvered himself up
through a 12-inch by 12-inch
- hole in the ceiling.
- [phone ringing]
Are you watching this?
That son of a bitch.
We're looking everywhere.
Trains, buses,
and this is the usual thing.
I have no idea where he is.
He'll blend in. Disappear.
That's what he does.
But he doesn't have any money,
Unless he got help from
someone on the outside?
[Ressler] He easily got himself
a ten-hour lead but.
with any luck,
the weather's slowing him down.
He won't last long
in a snowstorm.
He'll have to go someplace...
Call me if you got something.
[crowd cheering on TV]
[Man] Seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
[Man] Good night.
[Valerie] Bye. Night.
[approaching footsteps]
- [car door opens]
- [Valerie clears throat]
- [car door closes]
- [Valerie clears throat]
[car engine revving]
[Valerie choking]
[car horn honking]
[Valerie choking]
- [Ted] Shit!
- [Valerie screams and gasps]
[car door opens]
[Valerie coughing, gasping for
[Man] Hey, what's going on?
[Valerie coughing]
[running footsteps]
[Man] Are you okay?
[Ted sighs]
[suspenseful music]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[keys clank]
[car engine revving]
[suspenseful music]
[Louise humming]
["Do Lord Remember Me"
by Mississippi John Hurt]
Do Lord do Lord
Do remember me
Do Lord do Lord
Do remember me
Do Lord do Lord
- Do remember me
- [rumble of approaching vehicle]
Do Lord remember me
Oh, shit.
[knocks on door]
[door hinges creak]
Good afternoon, Mrs. Bundy.
I-I don't know
if you remember me.
I'm Det. McChesney
with the King County
Sheriff's Department,
and this is Agent Ressler
with the FBI.
May we have a moment
of your time?
Surely. Come right in.
["Do Lord Remember Me" by
Mississippi John Hurt continues]
[door closes]
[Louise] There we go.
I'm sorry it isn't much.
I wasn't expecting company.
Do you mind
if I turn the record off?
No, go right ahead.
I always find comfort
in the Lord's music.
[McChesney chuckles]
Cream and sugar?
- Oh, no, thank you.
- Okay.
[McChesney chuckles]
Here you go.
I suppose you know
why we're here, Mrs. Bundy.
Oh, please
call me Louise.
- Louise.
- [Louise] Hm.
I'm sure you've heard that.
your son escaped from custody
I'm quite aware.
The reporters have been calling
the house day and night.
It got so bad I had to take
the phone off the hook.
Do you have any idea where
he might have gone, ma'am?
If I had
any information to share,
I certainly would have
done so already.
I think it's just terrible
what they are doing
to my poor son.
You're going through
a terrible ordeal, Louise.
We didn't come to
further upset you.
Yes, all of this
is very upsetting.
I know it is.
But it's very important
you let us know
if you have had any contact
with your son.
I haven't heard
from Teddy in weeks.
But I hear what they're
saying on the news.
And the things
those awful women in church
are whispering behind my back.
But I can tell you,
this is all a very big mistake.
With all due respect, ma'am,
your son is currently on
the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.
With all due respect,
you do not know my son.
You have to understand
that it wasn't easy
being an unwed mother
back when Teddy was born.
I was very young
at the time I had him.
My parents tried to force me
to give my baby up for adoption,
but I couldn't bear to do that.
So, I carried on.
And finally, they said,
"All right, Louise,
you can stay home
and have your baby
and finish school.
But on one condition:
That we raise Teddy as our own."
So, you're saying
Ted grew up believing
you weren't his mother,
but his sister?
My mother,
she had some problems
and she had to be committed
to an institution.
My father,
he had a dark side.
especially when he drank.
He used to say,
that Teddy
was conceived in hell.
I suppose that would make
my father the devil,
wouldn't it?
Do you remember
Ann-Marie Burr?
Seven-year-old girl
who lived a few miles from here?
Back in '61, she disappeared
without a trace.
Of course, I remember.
Poor little thing.
Her parents
were just devastated.
Do you recall Ted
was around 14 at the time?
He delivered newspapers
in the neighborhood.
Ted had nothing
to do with that.
I'm-I'm sorry.
That's all the information
I have for you.
Except to say my son Ted is
the best son in the whole world.
We'll be in touch.
If you let me know
when you're coming next time,
I'll be sure to serve
ice cream and hot apple pie.
[door closes]
Well, that was interesting.
She doesn't know anything.
We can still tap her line
in case he tries to call.
Mm-mm. He won't.
He's got other plans now.
[crockery clattering]
[breathes deeply]
[Dorothy] It's been empty
for a few months.
Don't mind the dust.
Come on in.
What'd you say
your name was again?
Chris. Chris Hagen.
Oh. Nice to meet you,
Chris Hagen.
I'm Dorothy Slater, but
the girls all call me Dottie.
Class of '69.
Chi till we die!
So, you're a transfer
student from...?
UCLA. I'm finishing my MBA.
Wow, Los Angeles.
Must be nice getting away
from all them weirdos.
Oh, feel free to get rid
of this old junk.
Once upon a time,
I was gonna be a big
Fifth Avenue fashion designer
but none of my stuff made it
past the Brooklyn Bargain Mart.
But hey, you can't fault a girl
for giving it
the old college try!
Of course not.
[Karen] Wait for me.
[Dorothy] Keep your eyes
in your head, sweetie.
Don't let my sunny disposition
fool you.
I'm a damn strict house mother,
and I don't tolerate
no funny business.
I also don't make it a habit
of taking in handsome
grad students as boarders.
I just need a place to shower,
study, and sleep. That's all.
Well, if you're looking
to move in right away,
I'll make it easy on you.
How much?
Sixty dollars a week.
But if you keep the grass
trimmed and the driveway swept,
I'll make it an even 50.
Well then, welcome
to what we like to call
Chez Oaks.
You know what?
I think I forgot.
[clears throat] Yeah, I'm gonna
need to go to the bank
and cash a check.
Oh, well, don't worry
about it, Chris.
God made me a trustin' soul
and a good judge of character.
Plus... you look
kind of familiar.
[Dorothy gasps]
I got it. Paul Newman!
You got the same
gorgeous blue eyes.
God bless your heart.
[Sorority girls laughing]
Yeah, okay.
Serious, but yeah.
Yeah. Guys, you see that?
Guys, watch this.
Watch this.
[croquet ball rolling]
Oh. I'm sorry.
I-I didn't.
I didn't see you there.
It was my fault.
I wasn't paying attention
- [Ted chuckles]
- [Cheryl laughing]
Uh, are you moving
into Chez Oaks?
It looks that way.
[chuckles] Well,
welcome to the neighborhood.
I'm Cheryl.
Ah, Chris. [clears throat]
[Sorority girls laughing]
Don't mind them.
They are harmless.
Mm, for the most part.
I'll do my best.
Well, um, if you need anything,
someone's usually always home.
See you around, Chris.
[Margaret] I am a C-H.
[Lisa] I am a C-H-I!
[Margaret] And we'll have CHI-O
in our hearts...
...until the D-A-Y we die!
- [cork pops]
- [all] Whoo!
Look what I found.
Seems Margaret had an
unauthorized visitor last night!
Speak for yourself, Karen.
I use those for dusting!
Sure, you do! Think fast!
Kathy. Kathy!
Kathy! Over here, Kathy!
I'm warning you, Lisa,
give me those back!
Come and get 'em!
[excited shouting]
[Karen] Come and get them.
[Margaret] Karen, give those.
["Swan Lake" playing on tape]
[music continues]
[Cheryl exhales]
[gasps] God, Chris!?
Ju... um, go... go around.
Other-other door.
Other door. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Well, you did.
What are you doing out there?
I was coming by
to let Dottie know
I'm going to be a couple days
behind on the rent.
A job I was expecting
sort of fell through.
Um, she's out
on a date right now
but I'll let her know
when she gets back.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
Chris? [louder] Chris!
Hold on one second.
[Ted breathes deeply]
Dottie made her famous
meatloaf sandwiches tonight.
You look like you could
use a decent meal.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Would you maybe.
like to go to dinner
with me this weekend?
[chuckles] Thank you,
but, uh, I can't.
I have a boyfriend back home.
I was intending as friends,
of course, but I understand.
[raucous laughter]
Well, um, enjoy.
Good night.
[suspenseful music]
[door slammed]
[plate thuds]
[muttering indiscernibly]
[breathes deeply]
[banging on door]
[breathing rapidly]
[papers ripping]
[knife clanks]
Why won't you listen to me?
[Ted's victims screaming
in flashback]
[Ted's victims screaming
[Ted grunting]
[pounding heartbeats]
You can't touch me.
[pounding heartbeats]
I'm not here.
[heartbeats slowing down]
I'm invisible.
[heartbeats slow down]
I am no one.
[elevator pings]
[wheels rolling]
[McChesney] What the hell
is going on, Herb?
[Swindley] I'm shutting down
the task force.
What do you mean,
shutting it down?
Bundy's not our case anymore.
He is federal jurisdiction.
But he's still out there.
He could back here
in Washington, for all we know.
I can't keep diverting
department resources
to this case.
We have a six-month
backload upstairs.
You've got to let it go.
Why don't you tell that
to Lynda Healy's parents?
Why don't you go over
to their house
and you knock on their door
and you tell that
to her mother's face?
Why don't you tell that to
the families of Susan Rancourt,
of Donna Gail Manson,
of Brenda Ball,
of Georgeann Hawkins,
Denise Naslund,
Janice Ott,
Roberta Parks,
Lynda Healy.
Tell them.
Tell them that you no longer
have the department resources
to go after the man
who raped and strangled
and mutilated their daughters!
Your new office
is upstairs on three.
I am reassigning you to Vice.
Hey, how about that?
Right next to my office.
You know what?
Fuck you!
No, fuck you both!
[Reporter] [on TV] Ted Bundy,
a Washington State resident,
was convicted last year
of the kidnap assault
of a young woman
from Salt Lake City.
He's also the prime suspect
in a series of murders
of young women
- in Washington State.
- [phone ringing]
.as well as the suspect
in a murder case here in Aspen.
This is Ward Lucas,
reporting from Aspen.
[McChesney] McChesney.
Child abduction ten hours ago.
Ressler, where have you been?
[Ressler] Tallahassee.
What's going on there?
Less than a week ago,
a female student
was attacked
by an unknown man
on the campus of
Florida State University.
An attempted strangulation.
[Ressler] None who could give
a positive ID.
The unsub was wearing a mask.
But a college campus?
Where the winters are warm?
And get this,
a '68 Volkswagen Beetle
was reported stolen
by an FSU student
the same night as the attack.
Ten a.m. this morning,
12-year-old Kimberly Leach
missing from her school
in Lake City.
She was last seen driving away
with a dark-haired man
in a red '68 Beetle.
[Reporter] [on TV] .the area
is just like downtown Aspen.
A 12-year-old girl?
That's not Bundy's M.O.
Ann-Marie Burr.
I'll book the next flight
to Tallahassee.
I want you
on the ground there too.
I'll clear it with Swindley.
No, don't bother.
I've been reassigned.
- What?
- Yeah. I'll tell you later.
If you're right, Bundy's
probably coming apart.
He's been locked up
for two years.
Now he's a ticking time bomb.
And there's a quiet
college town in Florida
that has no fucking idea
what they're dealing with.
[Reporter] [on TV] Ted Bundy,
according to Mike Fisher,
chief investigator
for the DA's office,
is a dangerous man,
and the sheriff
was criminally negligent
for allowing Bundy to escape.
life goes on as usual,
and single unescorted women
walk the streets,
presumably unconcerned.
They apparently
don't know or don't care
that Ted Bundy
is a chief suspect
in the murders of at least 18,
possibly 30 young women
in four states.
Each of those women
disappeared without a trace.
[birds chirping]
[stairs squeaking]
[knocking on door]
Anyone home?
Oh, okay.
[gasps] [clears throat]
What are you doing in here?
[door closes]
Can I help you
with something?
Ah, I just got home,
and I saw that the door
was open, so.
So, you decided to come
right on into my apartment?
No, I just, uh...
- Don't.
- [Cheryl clears throat]
I-I-I wanted to get
Dottie's plate back.
The, uh, the-the plate
from last night?
The one with the sandwiches?
Oh! [chuckles]
That plate. Excuse me.
All right, thank you.
Don't mention it.
Uh, well,
I-I-I have rehearsal.
So, I'm-I'm gonna go.
I found this yesterday.
I thought you might like it.
Thank you, but
I-I-I can't accept that.
Sure, you can.
We'll just... shhhh.
Look at that.
Isn't that nice?
[Cheryl exhales]
And guess what?
You don't even have to tell
your boyfriend where you got it.
[Cheryl exhales]
[door opens, then closes]
[insects chirping]
[girls' laughter echoing]
[Sheriff] This key opens
every gate on the campus.
We got an APB out right now.
Every department
between here and Pensacola
is on the lookout for this guy.
We appreciate your professional
courtesy, Sheriff.
Thank you.
[Sheriff] I hope you're right
about this.
[Ressler] I hope we're not.
[car doors opens, then closes]
[car engine revving]
[knocking on door]
Hey, Cheryl, what's up?
I thought you were going out
dancing at Sherrod's.
Mm. I'm not feeling up to it.
What's wrong, honey?
Are-are you sick?
No, um, I just have a paper
due Monday.
I really want to get it done.
I guess we're all staying home
on a Saturday night.
So much for "Chi till we die".
From your not-so-secret admirer?
Ugh. Take it.
I-I don't ever want to
see that thing again.
There's something
really off about him.
Well, you don't have to worry
about creepy Chris anymore.
He cleared out this morning.
Dottie was furious,
said he took off
without ever paying the rent.
[insects chirping]
[sighs and yawns]
[door opens]
[Cheryl] Hello?
[breathing deeply]
[heavy footsteps]
[lock on door clicks]
- [phone ringing]
- [Cheryl gasps in fear]
[phone continues to ring]
[man breathing heavily
over phone]
[man's angry muttering]
[Cheryl breathing heavily]
[door slammed]
I'll meet you down
by the south entrance
in 20 minutes.
Hey, be careful.
[car door opens, then closes]
[locks click, gate opens]
[Reporter] [on TV] This
concludes our program
scheduled for the day.
We'll return to the air
with more
of your favorite programs.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our national anthem.
[American national anthem
[American national anthem
continues playing on TV]
[static on TV]
[door hinges creaking]
[door closed forcefully]
- [Ted grunts with effort]
- [Margaret groans in pain]
[series of short wet cracks]
Come on, guys.
I'm trying to sleep.
[Margaret grunting]
[Margaret coughing, gasping for
[Margaret's frenzied wheezing]
[McChesney] [whispers] No.
[Ted bites into flesh]
[Lisa] Stop. [screaming loudly]
[loud whacks]
- [Ted whacking with log]
- [Kathy grunting]
Who are you?
[whimpers] No! [screaming]
[Ted whacking with log]
[McChesney breathing heavily]
- [Cheryl screaming]
- [Ted grunts]
[glass shatters]
[McChesney breathing heavily]
Okay. I got you. I got you.
[Karen choking on blood]
I got you.
Come here. I got you.
Help's on the way, okay?
You're gonna be okay.
I got you. Come here.
Come here.
Help's on the way. Okay?
Help's on the way. Okay.
[McChesney breathing heavily]
[Kathy choking, gasping for air]
[Kathy screaming]
[Cheryl screaming and crying]
[Kathy choking on blood]
[Cheryl screaming]
[Cheryl crying desperately]
[door bangs open]
Ted! Freeze!
- Freeze!
- [gunshots]
[Cheryl crying out in fear]
[Cheryl sobbing with fear]
[door lock unlocks]
[Officer Guzman] [into comms]
Dispatch, this is Guzman.
We got a Code 55.
Female victim,
severe head trauma,
possible other victims.
Send ambulance
and all available
units to 661 Jefferson.
The Chi Omega sorority.
Do it now!
[Cheryl crying]
[police siren wailing]
[chatter over police radio]
[Ted] [voice-over] [echoing]
You can't touch me.
I'm invisible.
I... am... no one.
[Cheryl crying]
[Paramedics] We got you.
You're gonna be okay, all right?
[steady heartbeats]
[dog barking]
[Louise] What can I do for you,
Det. McChesney?
It's actually
Special Agent McChesney now.
Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.
But my son is dead now.
I don't know what more
I could possibly say.
Before his execution,
Ted confessed to a number
of murders, Mrs. Bundy.
He led us to more,
several more bodies.
His confessions
were recorded on tape.
These tapes are going
to be made public very soon.
We just thought you might
want to hear them first,
before anybody else.
[Ted] [over recording]
And that little girl,
my, she screamed
and screamed and screamed.
And I enjoyed her pain,
her suffering,
the power I had over her
in those final moments, huh.
I like to kill.
[Louise whimpers]
[Ted] [over recording]
I'm the most cold-hearted
son of a bitch
you'll ever meet.
And we, we, we serial killers,
we are your sons,
we are your husbands,
we are everywhere.
[tape clicks off]
Um. [exhales]
How about ice cream
and hot apple pie?
That's for you.
I made that for you.
[singing] Amazing grace
How sweet the Lord
Ahmm hmm hmm like me
I once was lost
But now I'm...
[music fades out]