Ted - Show Me Love (2018) Movie Script

I was never envious of my brother,
I just wanted to keep him for myself,
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's give a warm welcome to...
Ted Grdestad!
- Where is he?
- Don't worry, he'll be here.
I'll go...
Ted! It's me. What's going on?
They've started.
Are you coming?
Ted. Please...
- Ted doesn't stand a chance.
- No one thought he'd reach the final.
My son's got it...
The winner instinct.
Game, Grdestad.
Grdestad leads 4 games to 2
in the third and finalset.
- Bjrn!
- Yeah?
- See that girl with the headband?
- Helena?
- Lena?
- No, Helena. She's my new girlfriend.
Cute, isn't she?
Gentlemen, please.
- No misses now, Ted!
- Don't! He doesn't like you shouting.
- A bit of encouragement won't hurt.
- Dad...
- I'm so anxious, I can't watch.
- Oh, off you go.
Borg to serve.
- No!
- 15 - love.
It's not happening again, is it?
I'm afraid it is.
30 - love.
Match: Bjrn Borg.
Do you have a loudspeaker
in your head?
- The music just appears. I can't stop it.
- Is she eating with us?
How did it go?
Hi, Jolly.
- Second in the nationals isn't bad.
- Nothing to brag about.
You had him.
Why didn't you nail that ball?
Why? That'd be like writing
a great chorus and only playing it once.
You don't get to play.
- Did you hear a new tune?
- Yeah, but I've forgotten it.
1971 Junior Championships final
Clay - wind NW 11 mph - v Bjrn Borg
- Dinner is ready!
- Coming.
Tennis doesn't come for free. Do you
know how much I've spent on you?
I want a return on that investment.
Do you understand?
Do you want to end up
like Kjell and Kenneth?
- Kenneth's to be an architect.
- My Uncle Gsta can draw a house.
But this is about tennis, see?
Ted, you're too much
in touch with your emotions.
- Isn't that good?
- Yes.
- But you need to be able to switch off.
- Like you do?
- Prune jelly for dessert.
- Right... Nice.
- It's not the end of the world.
- Exactly. It's not that important.
But let's agree that from now on
it's all about the tennis.
Oh yes...
Your dad's sorted things out.
I've talked to Bjrn Borg's coach.
He'll give you a trial today.
- That's great.
- Yes. A "job well done" and all that.
See you at the indoor courts at four.
Ted! You've taken my bag again.
Here. You're late again.
I'll make it.
Universe, say, could it be too late?
Ted, we've talked about this.
- Will you record me?
- No. I won't.
Can I sit here?
If it's that important to you...
I love space.
An infinity that's endless.
Everything's forever.
It's the opposite. Since the Big Bang,
all celestial bodies and galaxies
are moving further and further apart
at 250,000 mph.
It'll end soon.
It'll be your weird brother.
If you answer, it's over.
- Shit.
- I'm not kidding.
- Hello?
- I've a new song. About the universe.
And how all celestial bodies
are moving apart at 250,000 mph.
We need to hurry.
Can you write lyrics soon?
- We're a bit busy.
- We're having a shag!
- Yeah, we're having a shag.
- That's fab!
Everything's going to go dark soon,
so hurry up and shag. Bye!
- Were you eavesdropping?
- No, I wasn't!
- No, Ted! This is not good!
- Oh yes.
- It's good exercise for me.
- Watch out!
"Universe", take one.
Universe, say
Is there room for me?
Will you bare your soul?
So hot, so cold, so strong, so weak
How will the world appear
A thousand years from now?
If there were a time machine
Where time went out and in
- Oh no...
- Mum! We're in the middle of recording!
- You're ruining our careers.
- Any dirty underpants, boys?
Got any shit in your pants, eh?
When will winter go?
Mm, when do feet grow toes?
That's what I'm wondering
Tell me, when the wind abates?
When will I find my faith?
I'm wondering
Oh world, my world, you are so vast
Your journey is controlled
By thoughts so wise that really last
So spin around, my world
Oh world, my world, you are so vast
Your journey is controlled
By thoughts so wise that really last
So spin around, my world
This is really good!
There it is.
- Sweden Music. Sounds international.
- It's not that simple.
You don't just go to a record company
and say you want to make a record.
- They won't turn down our music.
- Decca rejected The Beatles in '61.
- They did? Why?
- I don't know.
Maybe the demo was crap.
Come on now.
Here it is.
We can't just walk in. Hey!
This is embarrassing.
Let's go.
- Are you looking for someone?
- Yes. We want to make a record.
It doesn't quite work that way.
Send us a tape.
You know where the door is.
You're making the same mistake
Decca made
when they turned down The Beatles.
This is what we'll do. We'll listen
to one track and then we'll see.
That's enough to show how good we are.
We sing about existential stuff.
I write all the music
and my brother Kenneth the lyrics.
You forgot the tape?
You're full of surprises.
Problem solved. Send us a tape.
We'll listen and get back to you. Maybe.
Really sorry.
We'll send you the tape.
Universe, say
Is there room for me?
- Will you bare your soul?
- Thanks!
Lovely. Everybody wants to play
those songs but nobody buys them.
- What do they want?
- New stuff. Stuff that rocks.
Do you mind...?
This is about a broken heart.
You never did believe in crying
It's not a thing for men to do
For a grown-up, there's no denying
Those feelings aren't for you
So if you see my cheeks
with tears on
It won't be long until they're dry
You just can't stop
the tears from falling
When someone says goodbye
I would like a moon of my own
That I could travel to
Where I'd forget
that you have said goodbye
I would sit there on my own moon
And do just what I like
I'd stay on my moon
till I feel alright
You and you, come with me.
Who the hell is that?
Where did he come from?
- Over there...
- He just walked in?
He's got everything we're looking for!
The chap even looks like a pop star.
His sound's really great.
I'm Stikkan.
- Stikkan Andersson.
- I'm Ted.
Let's put it this way...
We're interested.
I didn't want to repeat
Lennon and McCartney's mistake.
You're going up to the net
from the service line. Don't get too close.
Watch me...
Up to the net - and wham!
Watch me again.
Mr Rosberg! You see, Ted's a bit...
-...in his own world sometimes.
- Right. Fine. Erika, you first.
Mum! Listen to this!
Has something happened?
Indeed... I had a nice moment
with Bjrn Borg's coach.
We waited for you for over an hour.
He likes punctuality, he said.
- I'm sorry, Dad, I forgot.
- It's gone too far. Now go to the phone.
Call him and apologise -
he may give you another chance.
- Can we tell you where we've been?
- Quiet, you!
- I don't care.
- Damn it, Dad! Listen to Ted now.
We played for a record company.
We've got a contract.
- You're making a record?
- Two. We're making two records.
- Two records?
- With our names on them.
- With our names?
- No, not your name.
Look... Is this the correct sum?
- It's the guy from The Hep Stars.
- Svenne?
- No, the pianist. He's producing us.
- Benny.
There'll be more money?
- Should I call that coach?
- No, that can wait.
There is a place upon this earth
That just a few of us can get to
I call it summertime with you
That is my summertime with you
Ted! I'm Agnetha.
- Anni-Frid.
- Oh, you're Bjrn's and Benny's wives.
And we sing. We'd love to sing
on one of your tracks.
They are really nice.
- My music's more pop...
- We want to do pop music.
- Thanks, girls. See you at home.
- Yes.
- Good luck!
- See you !
Welcome. First time in a studio,
you'll have lots of questions.
Yeah. When do we start?
"Am I Enough", take one.
Hang on, wait...
What's happened to my intro?
- This is "Am I Enough".
- Not the way I wrote it.
That's right. I made some changes
when I did the harmonies.
- Who are you?
- Janne Schaffer. I write the scores.
You'd gone from minor to major
in your intro.
- Isn't that allowed?
- Yes.
Then write the score as I've done it, and
do what you want with your own songs.
I thought it was quite snazzy
before I changed it... It worked.
- But Bjrn and I are producing.
- What do we do?
Play it the way Ted wants it.
It's his song.
- "Am I Enough", take two.
- An octave lower.
I'm glad you're here.
We need to talk.
So...you do understand that it's Ted
we'll be promoting?
- He's the star.
- Yeah, sure.
We've been looking for him
for a long time.
Sure, I get that.
I've got my lyrics, that's plenty.
The lyrics...
"I saw gnomes and trolls
"and little fairies dancing round
in a sugar bowl"...
Ted's favourite,
"Dream and Fantasy".
"And cars became horses...
..."tall buildings grew small".
Pretentious tosh.
Him in there, he's got class.
I don't get it...
I'll let it pass this time,
but we'll use pros on the next record.
- Or...are you aiming at being a poet?
- No, architect.
What are you talking about?
We're just chatting.
You go on playing.
Surely we can discuss it?
Only Kenneth knows
how to describe what I feel.
Surely there's a limit to the number
of feelings a teenager can have.
Even more limited in old men, it seems.
Right, okay. We'll do it your way, then.
It'll be fine.
Just remember that "dessert"
is spelt with two s's.
"Desert" with only one.
- But "Stikkan" is spelt with two k's.
- I heard that.
How's it going?
It's tricky to make every song
be about love.
What else?
You can do it.
- Hi! When are we playing again?
- I need to finish my record.
Isn't it hard to choose
between the two?
No - I'll be the first to win
both Wimbledon and Eurovision.
Though you'd have to beat me first.
Come on, Helena.
- Helena!
- Bye.
Sounds bloody good, Ted.
It'll be a whopping summer hit.
You know, I'm planning a tour
of at least 30 cities.
I go to tennis camp every summer.
Tennis? Impossible.
You can't do both.
It's time for you to choose.
Want one?
Too much hard work.
It could be about someone else.
Promise you'll call every evening.
Lights out at eleven latest.
- No alcohol. Promise me that.
- Maybe you should come on the tour?
- Goodness me, no!
- Oh yes.
You could switch out my light at night
and sing with the backing girls on stage.
You could have your own song.
You could do "Moon".
- I'm fed up with it.
- I don't believe you.
I would like a moon of my own
That I could travel to
Where I'd forget
that you have said goodbye
- You sing really well.
- Ted! You've got a visitor.
Who is it?
Bjrn ! What are you doing here?
- Why didn't you say something?
- I didn't want to spoil things for you.
Playing mixed doubles
will be really weird now.
I'll probably stop playing tennis.
- So what do you think of the song?
- It sucks.
But the rest of the record is great.
You're going to be a pop star!
Hope you do well, too, Bjrn !
What's it going to be like?
I might get laughed off the stage.
You'll be put in irons and taken away.
They'll put you
in a horrible dungeon.
- You'll be forced to play Easy Listening.
- Oh, don't be silly.
What if they don't dig me?
Of course they'll dig you.
Just stay true to yourself.
It's good to have a friend like you.
Everyone should have one.
You're going on tour.
The dressing rooms are up there.
Leave them as you find them.
On that side there's tombolas
and other stalls.
That's the main stage
where you can put your things.
- Any questions?
- Is there any food? I'm hungry.
We don't provide food.
Nearly time to go on.
How do you feel?
Fine. You mustn't
leave me, Kenneth.
Of course I won't.
Come on now.
Allow me to introduce tonight's artist:
Fred Grdestad.
- Ted. Ted Grdestad.
- The stage is yours.
We're going to play for you.
The first song is "A Moon of My Own".
You never did believe in crying
It's not a thing for men to do
For a grown-up, there's no denying
Such feelings aren't for you
You think you always know
the best way
You know just what to do and say
But never when I want to tell you
That I am not okay
I would like a moon of my own
That I could travel to
Where I'd forget
that you have said goodbye
I would sit there on my own moon
And do just what I like
I'd stay until I felt I was okay
One more time!
Got up this morning
Before your day had really broken
Wow-wow, what a lovely day
I crept down to the lake
So I could see you skinny-dipping
Wow-wow, what a lovely day
I sat a bit away
And saw you naked on the beach
Wow-wow, what a lovely day
I'm glad you'll be home soon so you
can answer all the letters. I'm worn out.
- Are you opening my letters?
- No.
I'm only removing
inappropriate pictures.
Undringar, Album. Feb: 98 copies sold,
Apr: 800, Jul : 80,000
The lyrics! He really gets
how you can feel.
I wrote them.
The lyrics are mine.
- What do you mean? They're Ted's.
- I'm his big brother.
- Ted does the music, I do the lyrics.
- Let's go.
Big joke, geezer!
There he is!
Out last gig is at the Liseberg Park.
We get to go on the log ride for free.
I've got my final exams then.
Have you? That's okay.
- Dinner is served, Arne!
- Coming!
Can you scram, guys,
so I can have a chat with Ted.
What would you say to making
another album in the autumn already?
Can I?
You've gone gold.
I haven't been to school
all spring, though.
You don't need the Pythagorean theorem
to write a hit.
Just get me your new songs
in good time.
- No problem. I've already finished them.
- All of them?
Thirteen numbers.
The crickets are making
their curious sound
Still marbles are rolling
across the playground
The sun is still shining
on legs summer brown
The birds are still singing
though the sun's not yet down
There is time to mend fences
Now before the day is through
Because I, I do believe in freedom
all the way
And if this is not reality
Then I'm asleep
Sun, wind and water
Are the best things in the world
But it's you I'm thinking of
I'm singing for you
Sun, wind and water
Mountains high and oceans deep
This is in the dreams I like to keep
Show me to the places
Where good shepherds dwell
- Hey, he'll be fine.
- Yeah.
He loves his new life.
Cheers! Congratulations
on getting your degree!
If you think it's important
That you know me well
We can take it really slowly
You can really trust me
I will capture an angel
Capture an angel
An angel in seventh heaven
Will you be my sweet angel
Oh, my sweet angel
Angel in seventh heaven
Help me! Help!
Come to bed, honey.
I just want a word
before he goes to bed.
Hear how they did.
Sorry, no reply in that room.
He should've called.
How's it going?
- You look done in.
- I was calling my bro.
What's with you?
Don't like partying?
- Well... I don't know anybody.
- Don't know?
Everybody knows Ted Grdestad.
- Yeah, but when the gig's over...
- The gig's never over.
It's just started for you.
Now it's all about
how good you are at playing.
At playing Ted.
Hello, everyone under 14,
and over as well.
Here's Ted Grdestad from
the LP "Ted", listed number 4.
There are so many new entries
in the charts. Ted Grdestad got...
Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Grdestad!
...fifth week in the top position
for Ted Grdestad.
He's just finished his fourth album,
that he's calling... French Letters...
No, French Postcards !
So how about love? Girls?
I'm crazy about girls
I was going to say, but...
A day without love is a day lost.
And of course I want to meet
"the right one".
What else have you done this year?
I made an album and toured with it.
I made another album that I toured with
and another album...
You've had number-one hits
and gone gold.
You've beaten audience-number records
four years running. Is success important?
How important are Stikkan Anderson
and the Polar Music record company?
What do you think of nuclear power?
- I wrote "Sun, Wind and Water".
- I love that!
Will you ever record something
with a message?
There are rumours of friction
between you and Bjrn and Benny...
- When did you notice Ted's talent?
- From early on.
He was only 3 or 4
when it became obvious.
- Want to remove your shirt?
- Yeah, that'll be fun !
- The girls will love it.
- It'll look great with the sun on you.
That's it. How about a smile,
or do you charge extra?
- Hello.
- Hello, and welcome.
- And Ted, so glad to see you.
- Hey, girls!
Girls! Agnetha, Frida,
let's do a picture together.
- Ted, come here!
- It propels you into the chorus...
Frida, you go in the middle.
It'll be great.
Great! Bosse, look this way!
- Good to get a photo with them.
- Stop telling people what to do.
Hi! How are you?
I'd like you to meet Finn Kalvik.
He's a colleague from Norway.
- Hi, I'm Ted.
- Musician, lyricist.
- I'm Kenneth. Pleasure.
- Finn. Pleasure.
- I love your new songs.
- Thanks.
Could I ask you... Would you like
to collaborate sometime?
You and me?
Sounds great,
but I only work with my brother.
Let me know when you break up.
Hi. A beer, please.
Have mine. I'm leaving -
this place is full of boring old farts.
Want to run away with me?
- Why would I want to do that?
- Because I'm a barrel of laughs.
Come on !
Spring is here!
As Stiernhielm wrote:
Cool west wind
Softly sighing
Fledglings playing, flitter and flutter
Madam Nachtigal trilling nigh
All is delight,
for here dwell Pax and Muse
You wanted tea.
- Aren't we having tea?
- I don't want any bloody tea!
Stop it!
I just want to say something
before we do it.
This doesn't mean we're going out.
Who says I want to go out with you?
Easy to assume that.
Because I'm sleeping with you?
I don't get it...
No, because I'm... Ted Grdestad.
- No, just forget about it.
- Right. Fine.
I meant forget about talking.
I don't want to risk having to be a couple
just because I've gone to bed with you.
You won't believe me,
but I just saw
Ted Grdestad with a guitar
in the garden.
Hey, I thought I saw Povel Ramel
in the garden.
- Here?
- Yes.
- He's my dad.
- No...
- Really?
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me?
Does your dad say
his son is Ted Grdestad...
-...every time he meets new people?
- I'm afraid he does.
Let's start again.
Sit up! I'm going to interview you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Lotta Ramel, celebrity daughter.
- I'm Ted Grdestad. How do you do?
- Favourite hobbies?
- I like girls, girls and girls. And girls.
And more girls.
That's about it.
I have to ask you : Isn't it hard work
being Sweden's most loved person?
They don't love me.
They've no idea who I am.
What's it like being
the hottest single girl in Sweden?
It's really difficult,
especially when it comes to shagging.
All the guys seem to think it
automatically means you're going out.
- That's why I mostly masturbate.
- Oh, lovely.
- Was it love at first sight?
- He's got quite nice eyes.
Very blue. Open, clear expression. Nice.
- He's not a horse, Suss.
- Who knows...?
What are your politics? The left
haven't been very nice to you.
- We're all red here.
- I don't know, left or right...
- Dad's a Liberal.
- Yes, sadly.
As Gunnar Ekelf wrote:
"I'm neither neither nor nor."
- Lotta's a Communist only to annoy me.
- Kiss my arse!
- You're irrelevant to her convictions.
- Hubris!
Does this world know a humbler person
than Povel Ramel?
In your dreams!
Lotta said that you do music.
You start.
Maybe play something
you're particularly happy with.
I'm gonna jump down
off the Eiffel Tower
If you let me down
And please believe me
You will grieve me
When I'm not around
I'm gonna jump down
off the Eiffel Tower
If you leave this town
Though I'm hoping
I'll be roped in
By you when I climb up
Yes, yes...
The melody is superb.
Really swinging.
And it's romantic too, with Paris...
And then the associations
of the Eiffel Tower...
Yes. What are they?
Anyone who jumps off the Eiffel Tower
has to be a poet.
How could anyone leave
a man like that?
- Isn't that so, Lotta?
- I'm never going to leave Ted.
Where does the music come from?
Do you know?
- Yes, the music comes...
- Sh ! Don't say it.
If we tell them,
we'll be unmasked as cranks.
And then they'll lock us up.
Amongst roses and chlorophyll-Ia
In tidy borders of life, there will ya
Find our heads poking up and out
Just like the naughty weeds
For you are looking at
the last two happy enthusiasts
One of Sweden's most famous mugs
can't just disappear.
We were at the Expressen party
when he left with a girl.
What are you waiting for?
Start calling his girls.
- Right... It might take a while.
- Then let it.
Ted, someone wants you.
- Tell him I'll call back.
- He's downstairs.
Povel Ramel's ex-directory, so...
Nice shack. Having a party?
- No, just a normal dinner.
- Sounds like a party.
It's like that here.
Why are you here?
Stikkan's pretty hacked off. You've
missed some interviews and a TV gig.
Oh ! I hope no one died. You could've
jumped in, bare-chested with a wreath.
Come on, Ted...
There's a girl I really want to be with,
so I'm staying.
I get that you're tired, but we have
to deliver. You meet girls all the time.
Ted, where are you? Oh, hi...
- Hi. I'm Kenneth.
- Be right back.
Come on.
A day without love is a day lost.
There are days when it's fun
Just to tumble around
To turn head over heels
with Angela
You can say what you will
But I'm never really still
With Angela
For Angela
You had freckles like me
Though more happy and cute
You were laughing all the time
Serious for me
It was simple for you
Youd just laugh off angry words
Though you can't laugh every day
I was happy anyway
Right by your side
Will you marry me?
Yes. Of course we should
bloody get married.
It'll be all over the papers.
No, I'll find a way.
What names
do you want engraved?
What did she say?
Ted and Lotta, perhaps?
Shall we do something
together tonight?
- I'm going to the cinema with Susanne.
- I see. Okay.
- What's this about?
- What?
You haven't wanted
to "do something" for ages.
I thought it'd be nice.
Just us two.
So it's not because Ted spends
all his time with Lotta?
- No.
- Really?
- Okay. He's postponed the next record.
- I knew it.
Why do you always
let him steer you?
- Well, Ted's... He's special.
- Yes. I know.
Go to the cinema then !
It was just a suggestion.
Of course I want to do something
with you. It's been ages.
"The Registrar has this day certified
marriage between Charlotte Ramel
"and Ted Arnbjrn Grdestad.
"Stockholm City Register Office, 1976."
Oh ! Ted, it's...
I think it's...stuck.
Let's see... Okay!
Leave it. Let's go.
Hang on. I'll just... Wait.
Kenneth speaking. Hi, Ted.
What? Really?
Of course.
- Sure. Bye.
- Why don't you ever say no?
- That was Ted, he's...
- What?
- Have you tried to get it unjammed?
- Kenneth, please just drive.
How did it...?
- This will sting a bit.
- Oh shit!
One moment...
- Does it hurt?
- Hello. Could we have an autograph?
- Hello! I'm over here!
- Hi!
- How did it go?
- Well, it... He'll live.
Why were you at the Grand?
We got married.
No more songs about broken hearts.
You can write about true love now.
This way out?
I'm back! Let me tell you about
something crazy, Kicki.
Shit, shit, shit!
Listen, boys, I'm thinking
we'll kick off in Australia.
- Australia?
- Yes.
Asia, the States.
- Doesn't that sound fab?
- As our opening act.
So you play a few of your songs
before we come on and do our gig.
It's what we've been dreaming of, Ted.
- It's a very long tour.
- The longest ever by a Swedish band.
- I'm sure Lotta wants to see the world.
- Can she come?
Of course!
- Alright.
- We're on !
Can you imagine
what the lefties will say?
Ted Grdestad and ABBA
on a world tour!
They'll go nuts!
Tokyo. Sydney. New York.
Rio de Janeiro...
Wow, that's amazing.
But I'm starting drama school
in the autumn.
You could come to Malm.
Lots of hip places there, you know:
The Mllan Quarter, Ribban Beach,
The Central Station...
- The Kockum Plane, no...
- The Kockum Crane.
You have to send me postcards.
I promise.
- What's going on? Come on.
- I can't go. I just can't.
- This isn't funny.
- I don't want to go.
What's up?
Ted doesn't want to go.
Don't want to go?
Ted... !
You've made the girls cry.
You've made the boys cry.
Now it's time
to make the world cry.
Dammit, Ted, listen to me.
You won't get a second chance.
And the papers all claim
it's me giving the orders.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
It's always about your feelings,
what you want.
- It's always been like that.
- I can find someone else to work with.
I've always stood by you !
You're so bloody selfish !
You're the one being selfish.
What do you want?
For me to go on a tour
I don't care about
because Kicki dumped you
and you want to get away?
You go to Australia with your lyrics,
but don't make me feel guilty
for having different priorities.
Is it because of Lotta?
No. It's to show her love.
Final stop: Malm.
All passengers,
leave the train here, please.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
- This is the drama school, isn't it?
- Yes, that's right.
Bonjour, Mademoiselle Lotta!
Puis-je vous prsenter:
Le clown Le indispensable.
You're supposed to be in Australia!
Ah oui, but Ted quit.
- He dropped out.
- You quit the tour?
- Ah oui.
- But that was your big opportunity.
Yeah, but I'd rather be here with you.
Johan - Ted, Ted - Johan. We...
- Coffee for me and...
- Nothing, thanks.
I should have told you before.
I really should have.
Are you sleeping with him?
I thought that since we'd be apart
and you were going away...
But I'm going to move here.
Everything will be fine. I'll do it.
It won't work.
You've got your life.
I want mine now.
I feel like an idiot.
Don't! You're right.
I'm the idiot. Of course
you need to have your life.
You need to do your theatre
and learn to fly. I get that.
- You do?
- Absolutely.
Know what...?
- It's you and me. Forever.
- Exactly! We're not getting divorced.
We'll always be together!
Ted. Ted! Let me go.
I think this will be good for you too,
to do your own thing.
It's okay to cry.
Wow! Beat that...
- That was good.
- Maybe I should see a doctor.
A doctor? No.
You'll feel better as soon as you
get back into your music.
I was just as low
when Kicki dumped me.
I skipped basketball practice five times.
That's when I knew I had to move on.
It's completely normal.
Your work is better
when you're low, isn't it?
This is actually good for us.
Just get going with your music.
- Do you think so?
- Yes.
We'll stand her as old men
and beat your old record of 18 skips.
Let's go to the studio.
Ted! He's here.
Okay. Be right there.
And I'm going up like
A satellite, satellite, oh-oh
Like a satellite high up in the sky
Satellite, satellite, oh-oh
Like a satellite, I'm ready to fly
Oh, while I'm looking down
into your eyes
From high in the sky
Well, Ted...
Nice song.
Good lyrics, Kenneth.
But not for
the Eurovision Song Contest.
- Eurovision?
- You've not told him?
- We're invited to compete.
- I've not had time.
- Great opportunity.
- They're keen to have you.
- You can't compete in music.
- No...
But following trends won't hurt.
No? We'll forget about it.
I thought it might help you
find a new audience.
Hang on !
It's a good idea.
Great. We could up the tempo.
Cheer it up a bit.
- Janne, let's come up with a cool intro.
- Yeah, sure!
- What do you think?
- Sounds great. Go for it.
Fab! This'll be fun !
Here he is!
You make me climb the mountains
You make me sail
the Mediterranean Sea
I'm even believing
that you hold the key
He'll do well.
Oh my, I can't bear it.
Satellite, satellite, oh-oh
Like a satellite I'm ready to fly
Congrats, mate.
- Success...
- I haven't won yet.
Soon they'll come running
saying they love you.
Nobody loves you.
They only love you when you're winning.
There you are! We won !
We're going to Jerusalem !
I love you !
- What's the matter? Aren't you happy?
- Yes.
In first place: "Satellite". Music and lyrics
by Ted and Kenneth Grdestad.
So they're off to Jerusalem -
it's a mess over there.
Janne, look!
You need to come.
Something's not right with Ted.
What's up?
After he put on his costume
he flipped and locked himself in the loo.
Hey, Ted, it's me. Open up!
Come on, open the door!
Ted? Come on, mate. Open the door.
I don't want to die!
What's going on - I can't breathe.
Get a doctor.
Get a doctor!
Are those clowns on your side? Eh?
- Leave me alone.
- I'll go and cut the cables.
- What are you talking about?
- Not the cables!
- Valium ! My Valium !
- Are you taking Valium?
You'll get some.
Can we have some water!
My Valium ! My Valium !
Good, good. Okay...
There. Okay.
- What's this bloody costume?
- What else can you wear?
- Why's he wearing that old jumper?
- He's got to wear something.
Meditation is good for everyone.
I don't believe in every word
Bhagwan says, but...
It's important to be able
to meet yourself in the silence.
I love the silence.
It must be divine for you
to find silence in your head.
- What do you mean?
- With all the fuss around you.
- Yes, exactly. Spot on.
- I've got something for you here.
- Your writing's great.
- I realise you can't accept it.
- Your brother will blow up.
- I can always read it.
But like a tree in blossom
In a tarmac yard
No, wait. Sorry...
- What's wrong, Ted?
- It's the lyrics, something's wrong.
- Can you be specific?
- It's that "tarmac yard".
- It doesn't work in a pop song.
- You said you liked it.
- Never mind. I'll rewrite it.
- I've got some other lyrics I want to try.
Finn wrote them.
Finn, can you come down here?
Hang on...
You can't just walk in
and become Ted's new lyricist.
It's not me - Ted prefers my lyrics.
- That's not how it works.
- No?
- Brothers don't own one another.
- No, but you know one another.
- Maybe I know Ted better than you.
- You what?
Are you crazy?
No one knows Ted better than me!
People grow apart.
Ted's begun a spiritual journey.
Stop hiding behind him.
Set him free!
- Maybe you'll also grow.
- Grow?
Create something of your own.
Go to hell, all of you !
No, Ted, don't worry about it.
When it's time to land, I tell my co-pilot
I need to go to the loo...
It's just that I use the same trick.
- Hi.
- Hi...
Do you still want to go
to the cinema?
This is exactly what you need.
To get away and find yourself.
- Free yourself.
- Yeah.
You go ahead.
I'm getting some mineral water.
- Hi. Can we have your autograph.
- Yeah...
- You're our favourite actor.
- We've seen The Last Adventure.
Could I have your autograph?
Ann Zacharias. I've seen all your films.
You're amazing.
- Thank you. Your music is lovely.
- I'm taking a break from music.
I'm off to India to meditate.
More people ought to do that.
Reflect on what's important in life.
It's easy to miss unexpected meetings
if you don't.
- We could meet when you're back.
- I'll just go...
...to the other side of the world
and find myself, first.
Ted! We need to go.
Wait, Ann !
- Christ, Ted!
- Want to go to the cinema tonight?
We could see Escape from New York.
I have a friend who lives
right here next door
She has invited me
to heaven and more
I have a friend
who is just as blue-eyed as me
So happy we can be
When I'm unable to feel a thing
When I no longer have my eyes
When life is hurting
of her I'll ask
Come give me love
Come give me love
Oh, give me the world
Oh, give me peace
Come rest your head here
Lie down with me
- There's Kalle, after Calle Jularbo.
- Mark is a really nice name.
- Food's ready!
- How can you be so sure it's a boy?
It's going to be a girl.
I was thinking Alma.
I just don't want to wait
to go out on a date
I'll write a song for you too.
The best one I'll ever write.
- You don't write songs any longer.
- A secret song just for Ann.
I get a secret song while all your
other girls get public love declarations.
Excuse me, didn't she say
she's fed up with the limelight?
Excuse me, didn't you say
you're fed up with making music?
- Isn't she lovely?
- She's absolutely amazing.
Come to bed.
Listen... I feel so much better.
I feel I'm on the right track.
Maybe I can start making music again.
- Are you coming?
- Coming!
Please don't ruin this. Go away.
Go away.
Don't you see
what she's doing to you? Lose her!
Never. You're wrong. Go away.
What's that, darling?
Do you love me?
More than anything.
Would you love me even if...
...if I went crazy?
You are crazy.
That's why I love you.
I mean, even if I...
...heard voices, or saw imaginary people
and did primal screaming?
- I will love you regardless.
- Yes, but I'm going to need...
I need to make a lot of changes
to my life.
Even if you were seeing
little Martians.
What happened to
teenage heart-throb Ted Grdestad?
Successful artist Ted Grdestad
is changing course.
Or Sangit Upasani,
as he prefers to be named.
Why this interview?
To announce that the Ted Grdestad
you know is dead.
- Sounds dramatic.
- Not at all.
I spoke to him just before his death.
He's moved on to a different existence.
- May he rest in peace.
- What is this?
Bhagwan is held to be a manipulative
sect, but followers don't agree.
- Life isn't logical, it's...
- What...?
There, there...
Here you go.
Honey... What's wrong?
It's boiling hot!
You've scalded her again !
You have to test it!
- Ted, I'm sorry!
- So, Ted Grdestad is dead?
It's not me
you should be trying to fool.
Leave me alone.
I'll sue you !
Who are you talking to?
- Kicki speaking.
- I know we've never...
...met before, but I...
Maybe we could meet?
Where's Ted now?
He runs a meditation group once a week.
He's usually away for several hours.
I just want to say
that Ted's my brother...
This feels wrong.
I know what you mean.
I love him too.
But I'm worried about him. I...
He needs help. Now.
He's beginning to act...
...very strangely.
He's like a stranger at home.
- Poor you. It must be so difficult.
- He always gives everything his all.
Then he quits
as suddenly as he started.
I think you're exaggerating.
Do you know he hears voices?
He's transferred huge sums of money
to the Bhagwan HQ in Oregon.
- Hang on ! How do you know that?
- I looked at his bank statement.
You looked in... You go through
his personal things?
Kenneth, please.
We're also worried about Ted.
Either you hear what Ann has to say
or we leave.
- Kenneth and Kicki came by...
- I'm sorry.
Stay the hell out of my life!
Ted please! Please!
Ted! Wait...
Ted! Open the door!
Let me explain what happened.
It's my fault - I called Kenneth.
- I think you need help.
- It's true, Ann called me.
- We shouldn't have come.
- Tell them to leave, Ann.
I understand.
We're leaving now.
I love you.
Take care of Ann.
I can't cope with this.
I love you so much.
I love you so very much,
but you have to help me now.
- Why did you go behind my back?
- I've tried to get through to you !
But you're disappearing from us.
Everyone is worried.
They all think you've changed.
- They don't recognise the old Ted.
- Who's "old Ted"?
Everybody knows him except me!
I don't know who he is!
You are a beautiful, loving man
who I met at an airport a few years ago.
That's enough.
I'm pregnant again.
You have to get well.
Please come with me to Bhagwan.
Let's go to Oregon.
Maybe we'll be happy there.
We could be happy here.
But you need to get help.
I love you.
- The Prime Minister's been shot.
- I'll be damned!
The man arrested on suspicion
of murdering Olof Palme...
Have you heard they think it was Ted
who shot Palme?
What's that?
It was in one of the tabloids.
Don't worry about it.
He hasn't been in Sweden for years!
Which paper said that?
- One of the tabloids.
- But which one?
Forget about it. You know
what they're like. It's rubbish !
- If this 33-year-old man is guilty...
- What? He's not even 33 !
Yes, that's us.
- When are they coming?
- The Helsingborg customs called.
They were asking
if he'd be met by anyone.
- Why the customs?
- I don't know...
Isn't it good that someone meets him?
Which carriage?
Why are you wearing gloves?
They're lax about hygiene
in places like this. There could be...
...a really dangerous virus...
...on glasses and cutlery.
Just about anywhere.
- What kind of virus?
- It's a virus called Aids.
- You die from it.
- No, Christofer...
- Don't worry about Aids.
- Shouldn't he be afraid of Aids?
Don't listen to him. He's trying to fool you
because you're a kid.
- Aids is real, and you die from it.
- Ted.
We're so happy to have you
back home again, Ted.
There are lots of people
who are waiting for a new record.
He's got to rest first.
Yes, but...
Here's our food now.
Here we are.
Excuse me, does the chef
wear gloves?
I don't think so.
"Think"! Surely you must know?
I don't think so.
That's funny - gloves...
This is madness - totally out of control.
You're all mad!
What are you gaping at?
Got yourself an eyeful, have you?
Look. Drawings from your kids.
So cute...
They'd love to see you -
if you want to.
Ann sends her love.
She says you can...
Just call whenever you want to.
Will you do that? Call her?
You do that. Give her a call.
Bjrn Borg today announced
at a press conference
that he's decided to retire from tennis.
Bjrn Borg started early,
making the Davis Cup team at 15
after winning the junior nationals
against Ted Grdestad among others.
That sounded great.
Want to play together?
It's been a while.
We could play just for fun.
Like we used to.
- It never used to be fun.
- It was, wasn't it?
It was always all about achievement.
- Is that what the voices tell you?
- Yes, it is.
Listen, the voices...
Just ignore them.
They're not real.
They're only in your head.
Don't you believe me?
Are you on their side?
Are you?
- Let go, Ted!
- I'll handle it, Dad.
Easy, Ted.
Let him be.
- What were you doing?
- No worries.
It's my fault, I was stupid.
I'll talk to him.
Now I can't play.
God, it's been so long!
It's great to see you !
How are you?
I'm fine.
What about your music?
Are you still playing?
Let me know when you have a gig.
I'd love to see you again.
Want to go for a coffee sometime?
Yes. Yes, of course I'd like to.
I've got a train to catch.
- Hello?
- Hi.
- Is Ted here?
- He left hours ago.
- I thought he was with you.
- What? No...
- When did he leave?
- Oh, at least four hours ago.
Four hours ago?
- Excuse me... Have you seen Ted?
- No.
Not all day? Okay, thanks.
Ted! Ted!
Ted, answer me!
Ted, can you hear me?
Please answer me!
What have you done?
- I love you, Ted!
- Don't believe him.
It's just an act.
I love you !
- What's with you?
- Shut up!
I told you to shut up!
- Just shut the hell up!
- Ted! Ted!
Ted, what are you doing?
What's going on? Ted!
- He's not real.
- Who?
Milan. He's only inside my head.
He's worn the same T-shirt for 20 years,
so, he can't be real.
What you've been saying is true.
Why are you out here?
I want to make music.
I'm trying to fool the voices, but I can't.
They always find me!
They get in, wherever I am.
They always beat me.
- Help me make music again.
- No.
- You've got to.
- The doctors say you have take it easy.
- Making music could be dangerous.
- They just pump me full of medicine.
I have no feelings or creativity left.
It's not a life, Kenneth !
I have to make music.
It's all I've got.
Help me.
All of our songs
have always been about me.
About my life.
About...my feelings.
- Could you write about yourself?
- About me?
I'll try to put together a tune
to do it justice.
- I'll strike now.
- Again.
- Signal?
- Yes.
I read your lyrics.
They're good.
So, do you want
to do some recording?
It's all set up.
Just press the button.
I'm not quite ready to sing.
Okay. Janne, we'll go for lunch
and then we'll see this afternoon.
- Mum! We're in the middle of a take!
- You're ruining our careers.
Any dirty underpants, boys?
- But we're recording!
- Of course...
- Got any shit in your pants, eh?
- You're ruining our careers, Mum.
From the top.
Universe, say
Is there room for me?
Will you bare your soul?
So hot, so cold, so strong, so weak
How will the world appear?
- What do we...?
- Let's wait for him and then we'll see.
- Did you get this out?
- What? No.
The sky is an innocent blue
Like children's sweet eyes
shining true
Tears wet our cheeks
like drops in the rain
It's nothing the stars can explain
Darling, I know how it feels
When someone your safety steals
Though difficult times
we have seen, me and you
The sky's still an innocent blue
When we were growing up
Life was smiling
Time was one big brimming cup
There was no doubt
how our future lives would be:
Always pure and free
Summer days were spent
Ground warming our feet
wherever we went
Fields were billowing
and everything was green
It's the best life's ever been
LIVE TONIGH They've started.
Are you coming?
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
You stay here.
We're with you, Ted!
We love you !
My head's a bit of a mess...
You'll have to excuse me.
I haven't done this for so long.
I've had a few tough years.
During this time...
...one person has always been
right by my side.
My brother Kenneth.
We are very different, Kenneth and I.
But we have two things in common :
...and me.
This one's for you, Kenneth.
Outside my window
spring comes around
Everything goes green
All that was dead comes alive
Even you and I
As long as we're breathing
Far out to sea there's a little boat
On the horizon she floats
So gently she sails in the calm
Like me in your arms
And darling I love you
It is for us the sun rises up
I'm going for a walk.
Right. Yes, it's a beautiful day.
- See you later.
- A sunrise for us...
- No doubt.
-...shining above
Glowing like gold
And showing us love
High on a hill a cathedral stands
Pointing towards the sky
But it's for the sky within you
And the earth in me
And we love each other
It is for us the sun rises up
Glowing like gold
And showing us love
A sunrise for us
Shining above
Glowing like gold
Showing us love
Svensk Medietext