Teddy's Christmas (2022) Movie Script

I'm going to tell you a fairytale,
and it's about Christmas.
Well, it's not really about Christmas,
but it happened at Christmastime.
And it's not really a fairytale.
Because this happened...
in real life!
Fantefilm presents
From: Alf Prysen's
wonderful universe
It started on the night
before Christmas Eve.
Almost everything was ready.
- Be careful!
- I am being careful.
- Is that a new word for you?
- Yes, it is.
- One more.
- Which hand?
That one.
Can't you just give me both
and let me choose?
- That would be much easier.
- Here...
And here!
- And the star.
- Okay.
It looks lovely.
- What is it?
- Shh!
There's a squirrel in the tree.
Little Brother...
- Yes?
- Go get that bowl of nuts.
Come here, little squirrel!
Do you want a delicious nut?
Where did you go?
- Where is it?
- Be quiet!
Oh, no!
What a lovely tree!
Should we turn on...
No, no, no!
What in the world is going on here?
You have to ask Mariann.
Well? Then, let's hear it!
Well, I saw a squirrel in the tree,
and just wanted to give it a nut,
and then I dropped the bowl.
So it was a squirrel this time?
Earlier, you thought a snowman
could speak.
Last week, you saw a troll
under the woodshed, remember?
And what did that troll turn out to be?
A broom.
Exactly, a broom.
And there is no squirrel in that tree!
But I saw it!
Stop imagining things everywhere!
This is my father.
And this is me, Mariann.
Poor Dad. He gets a little angry
from time to time.
But he's actually very, very nice.
He just gets so frustrated
when he doesn't see what I see.
But we usually figure things out.
And this Christmas,
it wasn't such a big deal.
We just had to get a new tree.
Before you say anything,
that one is too wide.
We need to make a decision soon.
This tree says it doesn't want
to be a Christmas tree.
What? Don't all trees
want to be Christmas trees?
No. This one wants to be with its family.
See? Here is the father and the mother.
Fine, then I guess
we'll have to leave it there.
And continue searching.
But to be fair...
It was an entirely different place
the story started.
I just didn't know it yet.
'Cause there's a new wheel of fortune
booth at the Christmas Market...
- Buy a ticket before I spin the wheel!
- and there was something magical inside.
Oh, look! The wheel is spinning!
I'm ready for someone to win me.
Let's see if anyone wins this time.
Does anyone have Blue 14?
No winner this time either!
Oh, no! Stupid Blue 14!
Oh, I knew it!
And this is me. Teddy.
A real First Prize!
Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by toys
with much too low expectations.
Because let's be honest:
Who wants to be won by a child?
They can't bring you out and show you
everything the world has to offer?
Don't get me wrong,
they may be sweet and nice.
But have you ever seen a child
drive a car or fly a plane?
There really isn't much children can do.
And this fella is sewn
for something much greater.
Who are you talking to, Teddy?
Merry Christmas!
Same to you! Take care, now!
Are you sure it's okay
for the pointy end to go in first?
- Yep.
- Great!
Wow, what a lovely tree!
We had to search forever.
Mariann was never satisfied.
But it was worth it.
Here, have a taste.
And a heart for you!
- Let's bring it inside, Mariann?
- Yes.
Come on into the living room.
And this is my little brother.
He's always thinking about things.
Right now, he's wondering
about this whole Santa thing.
Know what Vigdis said
at the school's Christmas party?
That Santa isn't Santa.
Really? What did she mean by that?
That he's something else.
Then what is he?
And then there's my mother
who always has an answer for everything.
Well, sort of.
No. Vigdis is wrong. Dads don't live
on the North Pole and fly with reindeer.
They drive cars and live here.
Vigdis says a lot of strange things.
Come on, let's go decorate the tree.
None of us knew that this Christmas
would be a very special one.
Here comes the raffle man!
Everyone back in place!
Where are my drumsticks?
Hurry up, Mr. Spinny!
I'm ready, and spinning around
and around and around and around!
The dumb have all the fun.
Round and around, I think he'd be happy
spinning around his entire life.
But that isn't good enough for me.
Today I feel that something very special
is going to happen.
- Are you guys ready?
- Yes!
- Yes... no!
- Oh!
Oh... no!
Ooooh, yes, so lovely!
Something tells me this is going to be...
- the best Christmas ever.
- You say that every year.
- Grandma and Grandpa!
- Here we are!
Mom and Dad!
- And we're staying put!
- Yes, we're staying right here!
Hi, Grandpa!
So nice to see you!
Is that our rice porridge I can smell?
The porridge!
- The porridge!
- Oh no, I hope it isn't burnt.
As is the tradition,
no burnt porridge this year either.
That's comforting.
All we're missing now is the almond.
Dad has scalded and readied it.
But where in the world is it?
That was the last one we had.
I didn't know it was that almond.
You little almond thief!
I'm going to put you in jail!
Mariann will take care of this.
There'll be no Christmas
without an almond in the porridge.
- Hello!
- Oh, hello!
I was just refilling the candy jar,
and my hand got...
How can I help you?
The thing is...
we're going to eat porridge.
- Yes?
- And we've run out of almonds.
Right. That is unacceptable.
Do you want me to help you?
If you could just...
Maybe you could help me by holding this.
Hang on. Be careful. That's it!
- Got a good grip?
- Yes.
It sure is stuck.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine now.
I got that jar off and won't
have to celebrate Christmas that way.
What was it you needed?
- I'm here for almonds.
- Yes, that's right.
- How many will it be?
- I only need one.
Only one?
- Here you go!
- How much will that be?
You know what? You're today's hero
so you get it for free. Merry Christmas!
- Free?
- Yes, so keep your penny.
Thank you! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
- Hi, Mariann!
- Hi, Mariann!
- There's a Christmas market!
- Have they got candy there too?
Christmas market?
Ma'am, taste this incredible
Christmas ham!
- Okay, say "cheese"!
- Cheese!
The wheel of fortune is spinning!
Come try your luck tonight!
Only one penny per ticket!
Come try your luck!
The wheel of fortune is spinning.
Come try your luck tonight!
Win wonderful prizes!
Only one penny per ticket.
Try your luck! Fortune favors the bold.
Win wonderful prizes!
Oh, no!
You can't win if you don't try.
- Hello there!
- Hi!
Want to try your luck?
It only costs one penny.
Let's see...
- I think she saw you.
- So what?
She only has one penny,
so the odds of her winning are tiny.
That one!
The right color wins third prize,
the right number wins second prize.
Having both the right color and number
wins first prize.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
That's me!
I want that teddy bear.
Very well. Let me just check...
She won you! She won you!
She didn't.
White 1? You must have been mistaken.
No, it stopped on White 1.
I'm afraid it didn't.
Yes, you have to believe me.
It stopped on White 1.
I can't give you the first prize
when you didn't win it.
- That's not fair!
- But I'll give you a consolation prize.
Wait here.
I'll come back as fast as I can.
Excuse me!
- It's really bustling here!
- Yes, and at a fast pace!
- Oh, that was close!
- Teddy!
What was wrong with her?
She seemed sweet and nice and...
Sure, absolutely. But I've said it before:
Children hardly have any money.
I saw that she only had one penny,
and you can't have much fun for that.
What can you get for one penny?
One ride on the carousel??
And we'd have to walk home.
No way she could afford the bus.
You can get too much of carousels, too.
One turn can be enough,
if you do it with someone you're fond of.
Someone you're fond of? Right.
Try buying an airplane ticket
with nothing but air and love!
- An airplane ticket?
- Yes!
Yes. I'm a "First Prize Teddy Bear".
You're first and foremost a cuddly toy.
I'm meant for greater things!
I'm going to see all the places
on these postcards.
Those cool towers in countries
without color.
I'm going to talk to those
strange four-legged bears.
And I'm going to climb up on that statue.
So whoever wins me has to have money.
You'll never be satisfied.
As the old saying I just made up goes:
Rich teddy bears... are happy.
"And then it was Christmas, and everyone
got what they..." What's it say there?
- "Wished for".
- "...wished for".
Everyone got what they wished for.
They sure were lucky.
Why doesn't Santa bring all the gifts?
He didn't bring the ski jumper
I wished for last year.
It was just sitting under the tree.
- Mariann?
- I don't have time!
Come out, you little coin!
A button.
Mariann, I had some questions
for you regarding...
Not now, Grandpa. Mom?
Did you get the almond? Thank you.
- May I have a penny or a bit more?
- What for?
I thought I won a teddy bear
at the Christmas market, but nope.
Slow down, Mariann.
Take it from the start.
I don't have time!
Someone else might win him
and he's the cutest teddy bear
I've ever seen.
He's alive and his name will be Teddy,
and we'll be so happy together!
Oh, please!
Now it's a teddy bear that's alive.
Well, the rule in this house
is that in order to get money,
you have to work for it.
If you clean your room,
I'll give you a penny.
Can I get the penny now and clean later?
No. Work first, and then you'll get paid.
- Fine!
- That's how society works.
I guess I'll go out
and fetch some more firewood.
What a mess!
Well, will you look at this!
Your room looks great.
And you did it so fast.
- Can I get a penny now?
- Sure. Here you go.
Thank you.
- Bring Nils with you.
- Sure thing.
Come on!
You can have a consolation prize.
Thanks a lot!
No more for today.
That's it. Great.
And who do we have here?
A gentleman ready to try his luck?
How many tickets can I get for this?
A hundred?
That gets you a hundred tickets.
Here you go.
Mr. Spinny! Mr. Spinny!
What is it?
Look at all the money that man has!
Good luck!
It's happening. It's happening!
I can feel it!
I mean, it's weird.
I got the ski jumper
that I wrote to Santa that I wanted,
but I got it from Dad, not Santa.
You know what, little brother?
Let's just focus a little bit.
- Look, the wheel stopped on number 3.
- Yeah.
- That's only one number off.
- What?
- Should I do it?
- Hm?
- Should I do it?
- Yes! Yeah, do it!
No, no, don't do it!
Or yes or no or...
- Farewell, wheel of fortune!
- He did it.
I forgot my glasses.
You had Blue 2,
but the wheel didn't stop there.
It stopped on Blue... 2.
Which means you won!
So, what would you like?
Or maybe Vigdis was right,
that Santa and Dad are the same.
I mean, not the same,
but that Santa doesn't exist and...
Mariann, this is important!
My head is about to explode!
Listen, we're on an important mission.
Excuse me!
One ticket, please!
But where's the teddy bear?
A man just won him a few minutes ago.
Huh? Really?
- I just went home to get some money...
- And then someone else won him.
But that teddy bear was mine.
Technically speaking,
he wasn't yours but try again,
there are many other nice prizes
such as this lovely spinning top?
I don't want a spinning top!
I want the teddy bear.
- What did he look like?
- Who?
The man who won the teddy bear.
He had a hat and a green coat.
And a backpack, I believe.
But he didn't have glasses.
A hat. A green coat. And no glasses.
No glasses?
Come, little brother!
- You have glasses.
- Well, shouldn't I?
Look, a backpack!
What are you doing?
- Sorry, wrong backpack. Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- There's a man over there!
- Where?
With a green coat and a backpack!
What are you waiting for? Come on!
- Little Brother!
- What are you doing?
You must be quiet!
Follow me!
What a nice dog you are!
Are you here all alone?
We don't have time for that nonsense.
Come on! Hurry up!
Be quiet!
Stop it! I can see you!
Come on.
Didn't Mom and Dad say
we shouldn't go here alone?
You aren't alone, you have me.
Come here, I'll help you up.
What do you see?
I don't know.
You must know what you're seeing.
Hang on.
He's putting a gift
on top of the corner cabinet.
That present is Teddy.
I have to go in and get him.
Are you going to steal a teddy bear?!
It isn't just any old teddy bear.
I think it's alive.
- The window is open.
- So?
- Shh, be quiet!
- No! Can't we just go home?
Are you stealing rice pudding too?
- Watch out!
- Okay.
Come on!
Oh, no!
What have you done?
No, no, no, no!
- What happened?
- Be quiet!
Wasn't Teddy there?
Did you see them?
It was the man from the store.
Can't we just go home
and eat porridge? Huh?
Yes. Yes, let's do that.
And forget all about this.
Let's not say anything
about this to anyone. Please.
That teddy bear probably
wasn't alive anyway.
I can hardly wait any longer.
Can I come out?
Old man? Rich guy!
Well, I'm coming out now.
Why is this so hard?
This backpack isn't very practical.
It's impossible to open from the inside.
It sure is dark in here...
And dusty.
Is this...?
What kind of place is this? Hello?
Is anyone here?
- Hello?
- I asked if anyone was here.
A cuddly toy!
No, no, no, no, no... no!
Come here, cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!
Ohhhh! Cuddly, cuddly, cuddly!
What's a teddy bear like you
doing in a dump like this?
- Excuse me. Bolla!
- Teddy.
You're handsome! Are all bears shiny
or do you use conditioner?
You're so soft and fluffy
and have such long arms!
And you're tall... tall and beige!
- It's a pleasure!
- Is it?
- Want to see my dust bunny collection?
- No, I...
- I have one I named George.
- George?
- Nice guy. Real cozy...
- Let go of me. I can't...
Let go of me!
Hey, open the door!
What in the world was that?
Did you get the almond?
Oh, that joke's getting a little old!
You like fooling people, Dad.
What do you mean by that?
You're not kidding too, are you?
- This year it was your turn!
- Yes!
That means you get the marzipan pig.
Too bad you won the pig,
since you don't like marzipan.
- Guess I'll take it instead...
- No! We like marzipan!
- Can I have a piece?
- Fine, I'll give you a piece of the butt.
A butt bite.
That's probably Mrs. Jacobsen.
She borrowed my whisk.
I thought the porridge was delicious,
even though I didn't get the almond.
Can you come here?
Good evening.
Good evening.
What's going on here?
Maybe Mariann knows the answer to that?
My own daughter...
is a burglar.
You must understand that you can't
go into other people's houses like that?
I'm sorry.
What were you thinking?
What were you thinking?
That teddy bear was alive.
You know what?
This is the last time
I want to hear about trolls
or squirrels...
or teddy bears that are alive.
Do you hear me? Enough!
Go to bed with Nils, Mariann.
Aren't we going to play any games?
No, not tonight.
Just do as I say.
Off to bed.
Okay, that didn't go so well.
Fine, I guess I can be a bit too much.
Think, Bolla, think!
Did you come on a little too strong?
Yes, I think so.
A little desperate, maybe.
Let's try again.
A little more low-key,
a little less buffoon.
Oh me oh my,
There comes the man I love
There comes tango for two
And across the floor
Comes the man I fear most,
it's Gunnar from Mo
So we dance tango for two
And no one can dance
Like old Gunnar from Mo
Except for the two of us!
Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo
Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo
Zoo Be Zoo, Zoo Be Zoo
Means that I love you! Ah!
Come on, join in, Teddy.
Get carried away by the Balkan rhythms.
I don't feel up for it.
No, not that either.
How about this?
And then the bell...
What would life be without you...
There we go. Pirouette and everything!
Life is lovely as an adventure.
Listen to the lyrics!
...conquer this world,
come what may...
I don't think I can...
I should have understood
that this wouldn't work.
I'm sorry.
Who wants to dance
with a hedgehog, anyway?
It's just a little too much sometimes.
And this time it went too far, right?
I know. But it's over now.
What do you mean by over?
I'll never imagine anything again.
From now on, it's over.
I'll be a different person. I promise.
who sees trolls under the woodshed
and squirrels in the Christmas tree.
You and your vivid imagination...
That's what's so wonderful about you.
And I know your father thinks so too.
Never be anyone but who you are, Mariann.
But you're allowed to think twice
now and then.
It's okay to make mistakes.
Your father and I also make mistakes.
Especially your father.
And then things get a little difficult.
But just remember...
even though everything went wrong today,
tomorrow is another day.
- Just like in that song.
- What song?
There was a young boy once
who cried so brokenly
He wanted to draw Babylon
but his teacher told him nay
He scribbled stupid colors,
his day was lost in sullen tears
But then the wind rose
through the pines at end of day:
You shall have a day tomorrow,
that clean and unused stands
With blank white sheets
and fresh new crayons too
And you can then correct them,
errors of the day before
And you'll face tomorrow's
evening with joy
And if you cannot do it,
and all is just as sad
Still the pine-wind shall comfort you
just as now:
You shall have a day tomorrow,
that clean and unused stands
With blank white sheets
and fresh new crayons too
Bollen? Was that your name?
My name is Bolla!
Well, anyway, I'm sorry.
I don't know what I said or did...
Shhh! You don't have to say it.
I already know.
Know what?
I know that I'm not cuddlesome.
Yes. Cuddlesome. Huggable. Pamper-worthy.
Tousle-worthy. Call it what you want.
I'm a hedgehog. With quills.
No one wants to cuddle with a hedgehog.
Cuddle with...?
I'm a little confused here.
I started my day at a Christmas market
and now I'm here,
and I don't even know where I am.
I'm trying to understand,
but I don't know what you mean.
What's a cuddle?
Did I say something wrong?
You don't know what it means to cuddle?
No, I have no idea.
My golly, you haven't understood anything!
You don't even know what you are.
Yes, I do. I'm an adventurer.
I'm going to experience the world...
No, no, no, no, you see...!
You... you are a cuddly toy.
There's that word again.
Can't you just tell me
what "cuddle" means?
Sure. Look, you're very, very soft.
Just feel your belly.
Okay. So?
And your butt too.
Hey, that's not okay!
Hey, you've actually never cuddled before.
Come here, let me show you.
It's the best thing in the entire world.
Take your hand and place it there.
- Like this?
- Right there, yes.
- Yes?
- Oh, you're good at this. And so soft.
So are you.
Your quills are very soft.
- Really?
- Yes, they are.
So, is this what you mean by cuddling?
This is cuddling.
Merry Christmas, Mariann!
This one is for Mom.
Who is this one from?
Oh, hi! Did you know
that this one is for me?
And this big, heavy one here is for you.
But there are none here
from Grandma and Grandpa.
Want to help me look for them?
Grandpa is a master
at hiding Christmas gifts.
You'll never find them.
You forget that I'm a master
at finding Christmas gifts.
But do as you please!
Hi, Dad!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Your brother is about to go crazy
with all those gifts.
But you know what you have to do before
Christmas Eve can begin, right?
Yes. I have to apologize to Paula
for breaking her gift.
That's right. Go do it right now,
and get it over with.
- Bye.
- Bye.
This one was funny:
"Can I get a dog for Christmas, Dad?"
"No, this year we're having a pork roast,
as always."
It wasn't that funny!
Here's another: "A boy crashed into
a fir tree while skiing. He cried out:
Tree against one isn't fair."
Funny, eh?
I'm sorry I ruined your present.
I didn't mean to.
It's okay.
Are you sure?
Dad said it was because
you thought a teddy bear...
was alive.
Not exactly alive, but... Here.
What is this?
It's for you.
Well, it was for me,
but now it's for you.
Are you sure?
But what if it's something you wanted?
The only thing I want
is that you and I are friends,
and that you have a nice Christmas.
My birthday is in January and I'll
probably get something nice then too.
But I need to get going.
It's Christmas, so Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas to you!
The wheel of fortune is spinning!
But... that's me.
Then I want that teddy bear.
No, it stopped on White 1.
That's not fair!
You're first and foremost a cuddly toy.
Oh, no! I've ruined everything!
You haven't ruined anything.
But you were right. I am a cuddly toy.
And that girl from the Christmas market,
she's the one I belong with.
Watch out, Bolla!
Let's see. Over here...
So you've met a little girl?
- That's fantastic news, Teddy!
- Look out!
That looks pretty high.
No, this will be easy-peasy.
Let's see... Okay, you try first.
Do you think there's a child
for me there too?
Bolla, where there's one child,
there are always more.
But do you think that girl
has a sister or maybe a brother?
And do you think they have two rooms?
Then you could visit me at night,
and I could visit you if you want...
And I could teach you
how to dance paso doble...
I could go for a third cousin too.
I thought that meant there were three
of them, but there's only one...
- Holy moly!
- Watch out!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Are you sure this is the only way out?
Yes, I've checked every nook and cranny.
This is extremely high.
The key is to maintain focus
and not look down.
The trick is to not look down!
What did you say?
It's so high!
I said the trick is not to look down!
- I don't need any more tricks now.
- Okay, fine.
It's now... Or never.
Freedom, here I come!
No, no, no, no...
You're hanging right above
the mousetrap!
Oh, no.
No gifts here...
Nothing here...
Oh, no!
Hey, you!
Don't move!
You know how you told me
that we always have to tell the truth.
So now it's your turn.
My turn to what?
Are you Santa?
No, your father is not Santa.
Then how do you explain... this?
Right, that beard.
That... I used that when I sang
in the town choir,
because I played the role
of a... magician.
But you were so young then,
you don't remember that.
So don't worry. I'm not Santa.
Promise? 'Cause this will be an awful
Christmas for someone if you are!
Okay. But I'm keeping an eye on you.
I'm keeping an eye on you.
Be careful! You're tearing up the seams!
Do you want this thing off, or not?
Sure, but it hurts.
Ow, ow, ow! Be careful!
- Fine, I'll count to three.
- Okay, good.
One, two...!
Yeah, yeah!
Oh, cuddle, cuddle!
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I landed in a cuddle.
But what do we do now?
- Did it go okay?
- Yes, it went great.
I'm very proud of you.
But do you know
what we have to do now?
We have to go up and change.
Come on!
Tears of longing rolled down her cheek
As she whispered into the moonlit night
And I became so faint, oh, Roger, Roger
Are you betraying your Hilma?
Have you forgotten last year's promises?
Which you made to me
Was it all a lie? Were you faking it?
Well tonight I'll tell you something
I'm not who you think
Can you help zip me up?
Oh, no, no, no!
Yes, this was a little difficult... There!
You look lovely.
I wonder if I should hang those lights
up on the chimney.
A little boy here is wondering
if Santa actually exists.
- Probably a good idea.
- Yep.
What? What is it?
Where do you think that teddy bear is?
I don't know, but I'm too old
for teddy bears anyways.
You never get too old
for teddy bears, do you?
You know what, you actually do.
There, your tie is ready.
I hope he's happy, wherever he is.
Those are delicious.
- What are you doing?
- Looking for Santa, of course.
- Nils?
- Yes?
Can you see if you can find
a gift for Grandma under the tree?
I know I can!
Like this one!
"With this you can write a poem,
and really show 'em."
It's a pen.
There are some more here too,
but this one is for me.
This one is for the whole family...
But Mariann, where is your big gift?
Yes, where is it?
- I put it under the tree yesterday.
- Yes, I saw you do it.
- That's odd.
- I'm sure it's here somewhere.
- I put it there yesterday.
- Yes, I saw you do it.
Yes, it must be here somewhere.
It was me.
It was me.
- What?
- It was me.
It was you who... Who did what?
I thought since I ruined Paula's gift,
that she could get mine.
What are you saying?
Did you give away your gift?
Did you give away your gift?
The big gift from us to you?
was Paula happy?
Yes, she was very happy.
You know what?
Then you did the right thing, Mariann.
It's Christmas. And do you know
what's even better than receiving?
Giving away gifts.
No one is mad at you.
You're so lovely.
My sweet girl.
I'm sorry, Mariann. I apologize.
You know what?
That was a very kind gesture.
Thank you.
Sweetheart. Your mother is right.
Well, there's nothing over here either.
This is so strange.
But are you sure there's no door here?
- Houses usually have doors.
- Doors?
- Yes.
- 1 didn't know we're looking for a door.
I told you to look for a way out of here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Well, I did.
But no one said anything about doors.
What was that?
Well, well. Do we have a visitor?
Be careful, Bolla!
He looks like quite a character.
And he looks soft.
Do you think he likes to cuddle?
- What if...
- Bolla, you have to be quiet!
Do you think he'll cut us to pieces?
I don't intend to find out.
Come on, we have to hide.
Are you okay?
I'll help you up, come on!
He's coming up here!
Where did I put them?
I can't remember...
Come on.
In the backpack,
yes, they have to be there.
Silly me, not remembering
where I put them.
This is nonsense.
- Maybe we could...
- Hey, be quiet!
- Or we could...
- Be quiet, I have to think.
Yeah, but...
Not now, Bolla!
I'm trying to think outside the box...
Hold on, the box!
Oh, silly me?!
This was a good idea, Teddy.
Yeah, my head isn't just full of stuffing.
Well, actually, it is.
Is the coast clear?
I think so.
Then, let's go!
Let's go down here.
- Go!
- It's all clear.
- Yes.
- Are you ready?
- There.
- Ow!
- Easy now!
- I almost fell.
- Take it easy now!
- You're pulling!
Be careful!
- Bolla!
- Teddy!
What was that?
Oh no, he's coming!
Are there mice here?
Not now!
That was close.
We have to get out of here.
- He has his back turned, Bolla.
- Where did I hide them?
Quick, before he turns around.
Let's flip the box on three.
One, two...!
Freedom! Here we come!
We did it, Bolla! We did...
Where are you?
Oh, no!
- Bolla!
- I'm stuck!
Save yourself, Teddy
Not here either?
I'm going nuts!
I'm not leaving here without you!
Careful, Teddy.
Come on. You're completely stuck.
Come on, Teddy,
use your bear strength!
Oh, no!
Aha, here you are!
Who might that be?
It's Santa!
Don't just leave him out there.
Let him in!
- Okay.
- Are there any nice children here?
I can sure feel the Christmas spirit here.
- Have a seat!
- Sit down here.
It would be nice to rest my legs.
Come over here.
Have you been nice this year?
Yes, I've been very nice.
No problems. Nothing.
That's good. Let's see...
what we can find.
Here you are!
- Say thank you.
- Thank you.
But, Santa, do you have anything
for my sister too?
I may just have something
for Mariann as well, yes.
How do you know her name is Mariann?
Do you remember my name too?
Are the reindeer parked...
Nils, let Santa deliver his gifts now.
Was there anything special
you wished for this year?
There was, but I think it's too late.
We'll see about that.
I am Santa, after all.
Yes, you sure are.
Here you are!
Thank you!
Well, open them!
Let's see who can do it first.
I'm doing it right!
It's Teddy from the Christmas market!
How in the world...?
Well, you got something
you had wished for, after all.
It's Bolla!
Is it Bolla the Hedgehog?
Of course it's Bolla the Hedgehog!
Mom and Dad, look!
Hi there. Welcome to our home.
You have to say that to Bolla too.
Hi, Bolla. We're your new family.
Introduce yourself.
Right. I'm Dad...
And I'm Mom.
I should probably continue on my rounds.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome!
Have a lovely Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Hi, Nils! Hi, Bolla!
Grandpa! Santa has been here.
What?! Did I miss Santa?
Yup, and it wasn't Dad!
I see he brought some gifts.
Yup, this is Bolla the Hedgehog.
- A hedgehog?
- Yes.
Isn't it tricky cuddling
with all those quills?
Sure, but not Bolla. She has soft quills
that are perfect to cuddle with.
And who is that, Mariann?
This is Teddy.
Teddy? What a nice name
Let me find my glasses.
Okay, I think I'll take one of these
if we're starting.
I love donuts, would you like one?
Sure, I can take a ginger snap.
They look delicious.
- Grandpa, was it you who...
- Shh!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Hey, get in here.
We have traditions to maintain.
No, that isn't what happened!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas! Read for me.
"Blackbird in the Chandelier".
You're so cute.
There you go!
Good night, Teddy, Merry Christmas!
Good night, Mariann.
Teddy, did you just say something?
I... I said "good night".
Would you like to... cuddle?
Teddy, you're alive!
I knew it!
Merry Christmas, Mariann!