Teen Adkun Sitaram (2023) Movie Script

Here he comes!
The great "P. P. Dhelepatil" is here
to embarrass himself.
Hope you have your card on you.
Oh, hero! Do you have the card or not?
Yes, yes! I have it!
Don't worry...
I always help losers like you.
I have my credit card with me.
Once you're drunk,
you won't remember a thing!
Your head goes into the clouds.
Listen... [Snaps finger]
I don't want to monitor our billing today.
You keep an eye on that.
You can go f yourselves.
I'm ordering for myself,
and sitting away from you guys.
I'm not responsible for your actions.
Secondly, I may be the
designated driver today...
But I won't be carrying your
drunk-selves home. Remember that!
Hey there, Kautilya!
If you're planning to play,
can you sit over there?
That will free up the
bar for other customers.
Are we here to fool around?
Is this guy new around here?
Are you serious?
You f!
Listen, the loser pays all. Get it?
He understood that.
And yes, do you have Corona?
No sir, but you can wear
a mask if you want.
You can tie this to your face
if you want to!
Corona! Beer! Three, Three!
I want it here... Corona Beer!
I'll get it, sir.
And listen...
Come back later for
the main course. Got it?
- What do you want to order?
- Chicken legs.
Chicken legs? Forget it.
Anyway, do you have Chinese food?
Sir, you can order from our menu.
It's fine, you can get us
what you like.
Just make sure it's dry,
Chinese and spicy!
- Sir, just take a look...
- No, it's your choice!
And make it so spicy that I'll
remember it tomorrow morning!
- Go now, smart boy!
- Yes, sir.
[Cell phone rings]
Answer the call.
Mr. Dhelepatil, better speak now.
Later tonight, she won't understand
what you say and you won't remember it!
And you'll be in a bitter mood
after you lose, so just talk to her now.
Go on.
Yeah, but...
You'll have to be sober enough
to understand what I do when I'm drunk.
- What a guy!
- [Cell phone rings]
- Hey, Kavtya!
- Yes?
Wow, he eats quite a lot!
Hey, Kavtya... Listen
If Reva calls, tell her I'm busy.
You come here!
I'm eating man.
Good catch!
Hello Jonty, you fool!
That's an Iphone 14 Pro.
I am Jonty Rhodes, and that's why
this Iphone 14 Pro has survived.
Else you'd be picking
up pieces of this Apple.
[Phone chimes]
[Phone chimes]
[Clears throat]
What the hell is this?
It's original Chinese food.
What the hell!
- My God!
- [Retching]
You must have eaten at least
4-5 cockroaches by now.
Yeah right.
How does it feel to eat
a flat roasted cockroach?
Yes, puke it out!
Yeah right, puke it out!
Go there, go!
He actually puked!
- [Toilet flushes]
- [Ajinkya puking]
- Where's the manager?
- [Pushkar laughs]
You fool!
Is this a hotel or a gutter?
What happened sir?
Where is the manager?
- What happened?
- What do you mean?
Tell me what happened, sir!
There was a cockroach in
my food, you fool!
Sir, I apologise. There seems
to be some mistake.
Some mistake?
This is a grave offence!
I just puked my guts out there!
Haha, he puked!
Please, sir!
Who puts a cockroach
in Chinese food?
- He will be paying the bill.
- Sir...
Hold on... I puked because
of the cockroach, not the alcohol.
- What was the bet?
- I puked because of the cockroach.
- Sir, I agree there were issues
with the food. - He puked up.
But what has that got to do
with the alcohol bill?
I'm not paying for anything!
What's this ruckus near my table?
Go back to your table.
Go now.
Hang on...
Hey, you...
Do you own this place, you idiot?
Don't swear at me, else...
Or what? Or what?
- Go away!
- He is a celebrity
They're a bit drunk, sir...
- What do you mean, I'm drunk?
- [Cell phone rings]
- You are over drunk.
- Of course, you silly.
You serve cockroach in the meal!
I can give you a live telecast.
Do you want to see it?
You serve cockroaches
and allege us of being high.
Take them away from me.
- What do you mean, we're drunk?
- Sir, what's going on?
Are we drinking using
your dad's money?
Out of my way!
You must be a celebrity back home...
What is going on!
Acting smart, as if we're
drinking from your dad's money!
- Is your dad paying my bill?
- Sir, control please.
Let it be sir...
Sir! It's okay if you
don't want to pay the bill.
Just leave from here.
What do you mean?
I wasn't going to pay for it anyway.
Made me eat a cockroach!
Ok, it's time for you to leave...
Come on, Kavtya...
- This way, this way.
- Thank you! Thank you!
And two more after these.
I think that's enough for today.
C'mon! Cheers!
Hang on, hang on...
Ajya, Pune's Ronaldo...
Where had you kicked
this cockroach off to?
I nearly killed myself searching for it.
The idea was good though.
Our eighteenth gem!
China screwed up the world,
but also gave us free alcohol today!
[TV news] 'Sons of Guardian Minister,
Pruthviraj Dhelepatil'
'and ex People's Welfare Minister,
Shripadrao Nimbalkar...'
'...Got into a drunken brawl
at a restaurant last night.'
'While their fathers are pitted against
each other in the upcoming election...'
'The kids, Pushkaraj and Ajinkya, '
'got drunk and created
a ruckus at DRAMA 9.'
The youth of this country needs
a good future and a righteous path.
They need to have a
target in life, hence...
On behalf of the KLPD party
I promise my contribution
to help tackle the problems of the youth.
'The son of prominent
CA Kaustubh Karmarkar'
'was also present
at the scene of the mayhem.'
'If these are the future generations
of our leaders...'
'Then what justice can the
youth of this country expect?'
'Ministers across the country
have raised this question.'
Who's there?
Why did you swing a bat at me?
What now?
Eat up! It's a rasgulla.
Or should I get more sweets for you?
A jalebi or an imarti perhaps?
Why do you need such friends?
Do we serve you shit in this house?
Why did you go out with them?
[Clears throat]
Speak up!
Dad... it was a friend's party...
that's why...
The election is round the corner,
and you're fraternising with the enemy!
What will my voter base think of me?
Why do you care about what they think?
You idiot! I'm striving every day
to set up your career!
And why are you friends with my enemy's
son? My voters will stop respecting me!
I had already enrolled your name as
a candidate for the youth leader position.
In fact, such incidents
work great for politics.
We act as per the needs of
the next generation!
We can cash in on this as youth icons.
To hell with you!
Don't even think of entering politics.
You'll make me lose my position!
So what if all is lost!
How does it matter to you!
You're smart and have good grades.
Why are you wasting your time
with those scoundrels?
When will you think about your career?
But I don't want a career in politics.
How many times do I have to tell you, dad?
Then who am I slogging everyday for?
How do I know?
How do I know who filmed it?
That's your concern.
That's my concern, I'll deal with it.
He's coming from behind...
Shoot him!
Kill him!
What's the score?
I'm at forty six kills already!
Hit him! Hit him too!
Get up! Get up!
Is this the time to be
playing on your phone?
Do one thing...
Until the elections are over,
why don't you...
You wanted to play some
county thing... in England, right?
You should go.
Plan an international trip,
someplace like Australia maybe?
Why Australia?
I'll go to Spain instead.
To see a Real Madrid match.
Hey idiot, don't swear in the house!
Dad, don't get into things
you don't understand.
Real Madrid is the greatest
football club in the world.
Then go, just go!
Do whatever you want
at the club, but just go!
But dad, should I go alone?
Do you want to take
an entire cricket team with you?
Doesn't want to go alone...
Listen... If you go with Nimbalkar's son,
I'll break your bones!
For sure.
But dad, I will get bored if I go alone.
Listen... Don't even think of going
with that loser Dhelepatil's son!
Or else I'll send you off
to the African jungles.
Dad... Tsk... I was talking about Kavtya...
What does that mean? A skull?
Are you into black magic now?
You are out every night...
Are you conspiring at
the cremation grounds?
You want to take skulls along now?
Seriously... I wonder what all you consumed
when your mother was pregnant with you.
Dad, I'm talking about my friend,
- Is he the son of that CA, Karmarkar?
- Yes.
You idiot... He has such a good name.
And you make him sound so dark. Useless!
He's a good kid though...
And cultured too...
- Take him along.
- Thank you, dad.
Yes, you need good company.
Not a word about those
useless friends of yours!
Listen, go to Kolhapur tomorrow.
Prepare for your UPSC exams.
I want you to be in Kolhapur tomorrow.
I'm not talking to myself like
a crazy person. I'm talking to you!
C'mon, swear on your mother's life now.
- Why?
- C'mon, do it.
Okay, I swear on my mother's life.
Sorry, mom!
Come on, that woman
is pushing me.
How will my legs fit in economy seats?
You can adjust. Won't normal people
travel in economy?
- I can hit you. Don't try to act too smart.
- You can take the window seat.
Sorry... actually I was...
You were showing your worth.
So, you speak the Marathi language?
Do you have a problem?
No, no... may I... if some
putting you to help...
Don't make a bigger fool of yourself.
Sit in here...
Hey, Pushkya...
Nice shade.
You have a good choice.
Oh, a lip candy!
Here, take the lid.
- Nice, my bags have been arranged.
- Why don't you sit?
Can't take him anywhere!
He should only travel by bus.
Why did you shoot a header at her?
Ajya... You showed your worth!
Don't make a bigger fool of yourself!
What the hell!
I hope we've travelled to
the right country, Pushkar?
Are we in the wrong country?
Don't make me hit you.
Then what's wrong?
Reva has blocked my number.
- She has only blocked you, not us.
- Exactly!
[Engine starts]
[Police siren wails]
Is there a problem?
Let's go.
- But she has blocked me!
- She can't block you at the door, though.
Who is Pushkar?
I am Pushkar!
What happened?
You must have forgotten
something on the plane.
Looks like the London Police
are really efficient.
How can you forget things like this?
Passports please...
- You forgot your passport it seems.
- Oh no, really?
All three of you.
All of us forgot?
He's asking for our passports.
You have it right?
Yeah, I'm Ajinkya Nimbalkar...
son of a politician.
Lie down.
Yes, we need to lie down.
The journey was hectic.
No, he means lie down here. Why?
I said lie down now!
- What is this craziness?
- Ajya... wait...
Have you lost it? It's the London police!
But what's the problem?
Don't look at him.
Give me your bag.
If we were in India, I'd have made
him lie down permanently.
Who are you visiting?
A Marathi speaking police in London!
Why are you here?
Sir, our friend Reva lives here.
Can we call her?
Call her and ask her to come down.
[Line ringing]
[Cell phone rings]
Hello, Reva...
- Are you guys here?
- Yes, we've reached.
And? Should I roll the
red carpet for you now?
No, just bring the paparazzi.
We're on fire, already
being treated like celebrities!
I don't wish to see Pushkar at all!
What is she saying?
If you don't come down right away...
You'll have to see Pushkar's face on the
front page in tomorrow's London Times!
[Reva] Really?
What have you guys done now?
You have no idea!
Come down, will you now?
I've just put on my face mask.
I'll come in fifteen minutes.
Wait for a while, please.
Hello, Reva...
What did she say?
She has a face mask on,
she will need 15 minutes.
Hey, Reva!
Hey! What are you doing?
Why are you tearing that? That's mine!
Get them in the car.
What is that?
What did you bring?
- Get up now!
- I have no idea what that is.
Sir, please!
Come with us,
we will talk about this later.
Into the car, get in!
Listen to us, at least.
[Police siren wails]
So... tell me the truth.
How did you boys get into all of this?
I really don't know.
The only thing I can tell you is...
That's not mine, sir.
So, you're telling me that
the neck-pillow isn't yours.
- No... I mean... yes...
- I just remembered!
I've cracked the case.
To tell you...
If you check the passenger list
of flight AI615...
And check the details of
the passenger in 35A...
It is her neck-pillow, not Ajinkya's.
It got exchanged.
And how?
That I really don't know,
but I'm 100% sure...
That it is not Ajinkya's neck pillow,
it is hers.
How do you know this?
How, I asked.
Just a second.
Do you remember, you shot a header?
Oh god...
You mean...
Both our neck-pillows
were the same colour?
Same, exactly the same.
You really checked her out, didn't you?
This is nice...
Feeling like Sherlock Holmes, are we?
Have we invited you here
for a game of cards?
Seat no. 35... her name is Netra.
We have already detained her
at the airport.
The London police received a tip off
saying that she carried cocaine with her.
And she was quick to tell us the truth.
What does that mean?
That this entire thing was your idea,
so you could hide the drugs.
No way!
Sir, who is Netra?
And why would we help her?
We don't even know her.
Oh, so you don't know her?
- Carlos, they don't know who Netra is.
- I see.
Come out, please.
Would you be sweet
and unlock the phone please?
Thank you.
[Cell phone rings]
Excuse me, please.
Hello, darling. How have you been?
Now what?
This is not your phone, and you don't know
this number. Isn't it?
I don't know this number.
This phone is mine.
But there is no way you could have
my number, could you?
I see... let's get their phones.
Come on...
Give me your phones.
- But sir...
- Give me your phones, quick.
- Would you please unlock this again?
- Will we get these back?
Would you please sit down?
May I show you something very interesting?
Check this out.
What do you have to say about this?
- I seriously don't know.
- So you know her?
Hey tricked us in the flight.
Hear me out.
Just tell them the truth.
Excuse me?
What truth do you expect me to tell?
Who are you?
I knew this would happen.
I should never have trusted you
in the first place.
What did you think?
That I fell in love with you because
you are the son of a politician?
These things don't matter to me.
But Pushki, all this time that
we went around, partied, and...
Even took vacations at resorts...
Was it all casual for you?
What parties? Which resorts?
Do you even know me?
I don't know who she is.
This is the first time I'm meeting her.
What is this all about?
Even we want to know,
what is this all about?
Have you ever seen me with her?
Exactly why we're asking,
when did all of this happen?
Why are you looking at me like this?
I said I don't know her!
What do you mean, you don't know me?
I didn't realise you would
turn out to be such a cheat!
[Clears throat]
Do you mean to say that...
It was never decided between us
to get the packet here?
That's right!
Now that we are under arrest,
you are pretending to not know me!
Why did you promise me that you will
tell your friends about the plan?
Listen to me, I swear this is not true.
I swear!
Oh, so the plan is such that
even they don't know about it.
Even I don't know anything about it.
It's all over.
I should not have trusted you.
So this means...
I'm trapped and you three
will get off scot-free.
- It's all over... [Crying]
- I swear to you...
- Listen, I have nothing to do with her.
- Go to hell!
Listen to me!
- Shut up!
- Oh god...
How many times should I tell you?
I don't know how she got my number.
Do I have her number? No!
That's not the point.
- The point is...
- Forget about the phone number!
She has your picture.
She has a picture of you two.
A special picture with both of you in it.
Is that right?
That's what I don't understand.
If the picture is real, how will
I forget such a girl so easily?
Of course...
And what about the things
you forget when drunk?
- You idiot!
- [Laughs]
It's photoshopped.
Even kids are great
at using photo editing softwares.
But that's not the point.
The point is, why has Netra
suddenly entered our lives?
How would we know!
And... she claims to be my friend, right?
But the cocaine was found
in Ajinkya's neck pillow.
Ajinkya, you rascal...
Did you actually get the drugs here?
Don't laugh!
Mr. Dhelepatil, you don't have
answers to Netra's questions.
And now you're blaming me.
Hang on...
He has a point.
- What rubbish!
- Makes sense, right?
She claims to be Pushkaraj's friend.
But the drugs were found with Ajinkya.
Hold on. So what?
So what?
I'm still trying to
figure out this equation.
What the hell!
- [Snaps finger] Lawyer!
- What?
We must hire a lawyer right away.
Are you nuts?
Listen, we're in a police station.
That too in London.
Go back to sleep.
So irritating!
You idiots! We're in jail,
how can you sleep comfortably?
We must hire a lawyer right away.
It will get very difficult for us
if they file a case.
I should have thought of this before,
we could have avoided
this situation altogether.
Do you think you're the
only one with brains here?
Has it occurred to you that
I have thought about this too?
But how will Mr. Topkar, our lawyer,
come here in a day?
Even if he was here, how could he
possibly be of any help?
- We have to look for a lawyer here.
- Huh?
Mr. Topkar's brother is in the UK.
Even so, he should also be a lawyer.
Ajinkya, just stay out of it.
But... how can we find a lawyer here
by tomorrow morning?
What about Reva?
Huh? Is Reva a lawyer?
I will kill you!
What did I do?
Should we call her?
Umm... 4... 4... 7...
Sir, excuse me...
I can only remember
the first two digits, "44".
I need my mobile phone.
Wait, stand at a distance.
- Is it this one?
- No, it's that one.
- This one?
- No no, the other one.
- This one right?
- Give it here.
Wait right there.
- What's the password?
- It works on eye-recognition.
- What's the name?
- Last dialled number... Reva.
Here you go.
[Line ringing]
[Cell phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hey.
Reva, please arrange a lawyer for us.
Lawyer... can you look for
a lawyer for us? It's me, Kautilya.
Hello... please listen to me, Reva.
I do not wish to help Pushkar at all.
Don't help him, help me.
We're under a lot of stress.
Just send a lawyer for us.
Lawyers don't come by like Ubers.
I can't just send for one right away.
That's exactly why I'm calling you.
This is not India.
Finding a lawyer in London is like...
I'm waiting, Reva.
Please find us a lawyer.
- Hello? Hello?
- Ok, bye!
He looks exactly like Mr. Topkar.
Oh my god, you're right.
Calm down.
I've checked all the charges.
Considering the evidence gathered at
the scene of the crime...
It seems difficult to get you out of this.
Who is this guy?
Did he come with you all the way
to tell us this?
Hold on.
First of all, the cocaine doesn't
belong to us. We didn't bring it here.
And secondly, we have tested
negative for the dope test.
Ok. Since you know better,
you can fight your own case.
- Sir, no...
- Sir, wait!
What is this?
You simply got up to leave?
Sit down. Sit down, I say.
I am not here to chat with you.
I charge for every word I speak.
Because I'm a lawyer.
And as per the proofs, the cocaine was
found in your bag.
If you haven't consumed it,
it's still an irrelevant fact.
But you did carry it.
In fact, it was easier had
you simply consumed it.
You would have gotten
out of this mess sooner.
We were unnecessarily happy
about our dope test, then.
It's not that straightforward.
Sir, I think...
If we have to figure a way out, then...
There is one way.
Great, so why are you beating
around the bush?
Get straight to the point.
Hear me out...
Admit to the crime. I will help
bring down your sentence.
What nonsense!
I will meet you outside in a minute.
Make it quick.
I will only wait for a little while.
I genuinely think
you should listen to him.
We heard him.
And he charged us 1000 pounds...
That too just for visiting us here.
Is he an insider with
the police department here?
Reva, forget about him.
Find us a better lawyer.
What the hell, guys!
Do you think it's like a t-shirt
that you can exchange at a mall?
We have very little time. And no one
is ready to take this case.
I've convinced him with great difficulty.
And what if the new lawyer is worse?
He's waiting for me. I'll be back.
Go, check if he is still alive.
He did say he had "very little time".
Are we really in big trouble?
How many years will
they sentence us to jail?
This guy lost his cool
at the first thing the lawyer said.
How could we salvage things after that?
The lawyer was ready to leave instantly.
You could have taken him into confidence
to ask about the loopholes in the law here.
About how we can put up a case. But...
I swear...
No one would have dared
touch us in India.
Yeah, not even the police.
Exactly why the British ruled over us
for 150 years.
How is that relevant?
Don't bore us with your history lecture.
Pushkar, Kautilya...
we must do something about this.
Otherwise, we will have to break
these windows and make a run for it.
Don't blame me then, I'm telling you.
Eat something.
What is it?
She got us food.
- Wow, a burger!
- Reva, love you!
Mind it!
I was speaking on your behalf.
Then finish your sentence.
I mean, Pushkar is saying that
he loves you.
'The number you have called
is currently switched off.'
I had planned so many things.
I wanted to see Manchester United play.
The tickets that I booked online for a
match at Lord's stadium are gone to waste!
There was a Wimbledon match today.
The History Museum was
on my list for tomorrow.
Guys, I'm thinking...
Say it...
England, London, a foreign country
and its rules, laws and discipline...
What's all the fuss about?
So what if it's England? They must
have learnt something from the Indians.
There's more to it than
what meets the eye.
My friend...
Will you get straight to the point?
None of this makes any sense.
What if we bribe the police?
Now you're talking!
Pushku... you said exactly
what I had in mind.
I was just thinking... how much does
that baldy, Carlos earn per month?
And that other guy... Lonkar?
Let's bribe him!
There must be someone above him.
How much money will they ask for?
As much as they need right?
They will ask for payment in pounds right?
We will give it to them!
You perfectly echoed my thoughts!
Anyone anywhere in the world can be
bribed, according to me.
That's right!
Now there's one important
thing to remember.
If Carlos isn't used to being bribed,
we will build that habit for him.
Excuse me!
Just letting you know...
I'm not a part of this plan.
Just letting you know,
we are not counting you in either.
This subject is outside of
the syllabus for you.
We will manage it.
You can simply be a spectator.
- Good night!
- Good night!
Good night!
Let's go.
Pushkya, come back in one piece.
What do you want?
The answer to one question.
Let's hear the question first.
What's the rate to 'settle' a matter with
the police here in London?
Do you know why the British
ruled over half of the world?
Why are we going all the way back
to the East India Company?
My question is relevant in the present,
who cares about British rule?
- I will ask again.
- I don't know the reasons.
There are two reasons... love for
their country, and loyalty to their crown.
I see.
So, are you telling me the figure?
It will be a direct bank transfer.
You will never fetch
another deal like this, sir.
The British rule is a thing of the past,
it's ancient history now.
Now listen to me...
just focus on two things.
Love for yourself, and loyalty
towards your bank balance.
Just focus on these things.
So, when are you taking
this up with your boss?
Do you know why the British ruled
over half of the world for so long?
The British seem to have taught
just this one thing to everyone.
Give me the answer!
Love for the country,
and loyalty to the crown.
- No?
- No!
Damn, Lonkar seems
to have failed all exams.
Speak in English.
Actually, you're partially correct.
That is how they built the empire.
Now, do you know how they managed
to stay in power for 150 years?
That is the question.
Damn, we're still on the question.
Speak in English!
- No, I don't know.
- [Chuckles]
It is because of the
excellent administration...
And the absolutely fair judicial system.
- Wonderful, sir!
- Ya!
Now, would you please
tell me the final amount?
- I have to talk to my superior.
- Oh, please do.
Hello... yes sir.
I understand sir.
What exactly are you offering?
Ten thousand pounds?
Ten thousand pounds...
Ok, sir...
Bye, darling!
Hey! Ok, ok...
Fifty thousand pounds.
Ok... Fifty thousand... five-zero.
Ok... No way!
Ok... One lakh pounds.
Listen, my boss has no time
to speak to beggars like you.
- W-what? Beggars?
- Yes.
What do you know about me?
Who do you think I am?
Your boss must be a beggar,
how dare you call me a beggar!
Speak in English!
I'm the son of Prithviraj Dhelepatil.
Do you know who he is?
He is the sitting MLA of
Maharashtra government.
Ok, Prince of Maharashtra.
Give me a final offer.
One million pounds.
One million pounds?
One million pounds.
Are you sure?
Yes! Ask your boss.
One million pounds?
- One minute...
- Ya ya... do it, quick.
Hello, boss? He's serious...
He's offering one million pounds.
Ok, sir. Ok...
- Done?
- Done!
Ok, stop it...
Thank you!
Didn't I say, you can bribe
anyone in the world!
What happened?
Thank you.
What happened? Tell me!
Did they agree?
- How much did you offer?
- One million.
Ten lakh rupees?
One million pounds.
Ten lakh pounds?
Seriously, ten lakh pounds?
Tell me, do you know
how much is that in rupees?
How much?
Ten crore rupees.
- Hey, what's wrong?
- Hey, what are you doing?
I feel weak after hearing the amount.
I'm trying to regain my strength.
Hang on.
How are we supposed to pay this amount?
- We split it equally.
- Oh damn!
That's 3.33 crores per head.
Ajinkya, can you think of a simpler way of
committing suicide? I can't think straight.
I meant that Ajinkya
and I will manage this.
Hang on, but how are we supposed
to pay the amount?
In cash.
Mr. Lonkar, please take him away.
Why don't you shut up!
Shut up, Kautya!
Tell me, how will you manage
to get so much in cash?
You might have all this money
in your bank account.
But it will take us 3 years
to withdraw it bit by bit.
Isn't it better to stay in jail instead?
- We will get off free of charge.
- Is he crazy?
Hang on... he has a point.
How will we manage
to get this much in cash?
I don't know.
What do you mean!
Hold on.
If you don't know,
why did you commit to it?
And why are you laughing
as if you won a million pounds?
They called us a beggar, Ajinkya!
- He called you a beggar?
- All of us!
How will we manage 10 million pounds
worth of cash in England?
Even if we robbed a bank here
with the help of the police...
We still won't find enough cash for us.
Their banks don't have
this much cash at a time.
They will free us once we pay
them the money.
I will just have to make a phone call.
- It's good...
- And this?
This one as well.
Make enough copies of it,
don't be stingy.
[Line ringing]
- [Cell phone rings]
- Come on, get back to work.
We can't get complacent.
The seat is already ours,
but even then...
[Line ringing]
Hello, dad...
Tell me...
How's it going?
I want some money.
What for?
Did you spend all your money already?
Dad, I'm caught up in an affair.
Just one? I thought you
already had an affair there.
Now are you getting married there?
It's not that.
Then, what is it?
Just tell me if you can give me the money.
I've already committed to it.
How much do you need?
Actually... umm...
- Did you forget the figure?
- Umm...
- How much?
- Ten crores.
How much?
I want ten crore rupees, dad.
Did you buy the Buckingham Palace?
- It's not that...
- [Pruthviraj] Or did you gamble it away?
No, dad...
- [Pruthviraj] What did you do?
- The police...
[Pruthviraj] What?
There's a police case on me...
What did you do?
- Hear me out...
- [Pruthviraj] I'm listening...
They found cocaine in our bag.
They found it in Ajinkya's bag,
but I'm in trouble.
I have told you several times
to stay away from him.
Dad, hear me out...
[Pruthviraj] And why is he with you?
Did you travel all the way to
London to do this?
Dad, hear me out.
I swear to you, we did not bring
the cocaine. It's a false case.
A false case?
That's right. We didn't carry any cocaine.
- [Pruthviraj] Sure?
- Yes.
So, why do you need the money?
It's a false case, like you said.
Have you managed to earn
even a single rupee so far?
Do you even know
the value of ten crore rupees?
I need the money, dad.
You idiot!
First of all, you lied to me and
went there with my enemy's son.
And now you're shamelessly
asking me for money. Useless fellow!
They found the drugs in his bag, right?
Ask his father for the money.
Is his father indisposed?
Ask him for money instead.
- Dad, hear me out.
- I don't want to hear a thing.
Serve your sentence in jail, I don't care.
And don't call me again.
What did your dad say?
He told me to ask your dad
for money instead.
I knew it.
Getting money from my dad is like calling
from a phone without a SIM card in it.
Our banners should be visible
all over the streets.
- Hand out these pamphlets
to all households in the area. - Yes.
And I want to meet all the
volunteer boys from our team.
[Cell phone rings]
- [Line ringing]
- [Clears throat]
[Ajinkya] Dad...
- Tell me...
- [Ajinkya] It's me...
Do you want to take this up?
Then kindly leave.
- Hello?
- [Ajinkya] Yes, dad.
- Which number is this?
- [Ajinkya] This is an England number.
[Shripadrao] What are you doing there?
[Ajinkya] I'm in England.
Understood, but when did you
go to England from Spain?
Yesterday... Actually,
the day before yesterday.
That's right, the day before yesterday.
[Shripadrao] Ok. Why are you calling me?
Strange of you to miss your dad, suddenly.
How are things around election day?
[Ajinkya] How is your campaign shaping up?
Why are you beating around the bush?
- We will definitely win the seat this time.
- [Ajinkya] Awesome!
Is that why you called?
Get to the point.
Oh... yes. The thing is...
The thing is... I mean...
I came here...
and what happened is...
[Ajinkya] It's a little...
now how do I explain...
Don't... don't try to sugarcoat it.
- [Shripadrao] I don't have time,
- What nonsense he is talking?
[Shripadrao] there's lots to do around
the campaign. Speak up.
- Dad!
- I'm hanging up.
I need some money.
Is this why you called me?
You know I'm busy, you could have
called your mother.
I would have called her.
But she won't have this kind of money.
I want the money here, in pounds.
Understood. How much do you need?
Tell me the figure. Make it quick!
Ten lakh pounds.
W-hat, how much?
Ten... ten lakh pounds.
You're asking me for
a hundred crore rupees?
No, just ten crores.
What do you need ten crores for?
What have you done?
[Shripadrao] What's wrong
did you kill someone?
Or did you demolish the London Bridge,
you idiot! Speak up!
- Dad...
- [Shripadrao] Tell me quickly!
They have trapped us in a cocaine case.
Kokum fruit?
[Ajinkya] Not kokum, they have trapped us
in a cocaine case.
- [Coughs]
- Yes.
When did you start dealing
with all of this?
[Shripadrao] Why did you go to England
in the first place?
Are you alone or with someone?
[Shripadrao] Who are you with?
Tell me right away, or I will
get you arrested right on the spot.
[Clears throat]
I'm with Pushkaraj.
You idiot! You didn't even
weigh ten pounds at birth,
and now you're asking me
for ten lakh pounds!
[Shripadrao] And that too for that
useless friend of yours!
[Shripadrao] You idiot!
Where is his power-hungry father now?
Or has he gone bankrupt as well?
[Shripadrao] Ask him for
this kind of money, not me.
[Shripadrao] Remember this.
Never call me for money again.
[Shripadrao] Otherwise,
I will cut off your fingers.
[Shripadrao] I'm hanging up, get lost!
Did he hang up on you?
Look, what all has happened...
Oh Netra, in your love!
Found it! I found a way out.
What is this about?
How to get ten crores in cash.
Listen to him.
Sit down.
Get off.
Tell us.
Tell me...
What is the weak point of
both your fathers?
I'm off to sleep.
Wait, listen to me at least.
Put your brain to work for a little bit.
What is your father's weak point?
What is it?
Tell him quickly.
There is a woman from Sangli.
It is what it is.
What can she do about this?
Have you lost your mind?
What are you getting at then?
What is a weak point that
they both have in common?
What is something that
is dear to both of them?
What's the most important thing?
- Politics.
- Yes!
Now tell me,
what can be a threat to politicians?
If someone maligns their image.
Perfect! Yes...
We have to do one thing,
such that...
It affects their political image.
And they are forced to
shell out the money.
That too, without any complaint.
[TV news] 'Just in this shocking
piece of news.'
'Guardian Minister, Mr. Dhelepatil and
his opponent, Shripad Nimbalkar's boys...'
'Are under arrest in a drugs
case in London.'
'Along with them is Kautilya, '
'son of renowned Chartered Accountant,
Kaustubh Karmarkar.'
'However, it's unclear whether
they had consumed the drugs...'
'Details of charges against them too,
are unclear.'
'Experts are saying that considering
the upcoming elections...'
'This situation can cause trouble
for both, Dhelepatil and Nimbalkar.'
Sir, sir... we have some questions.
Hang on...
Hmm... tell me?
So, dad...
Have you resigned already?
Sir, what would you comment on this?
Are you having fun?
Do you want to give us the money now?
Sir won't be able to comment anything.
Go on, ask...
Reacting to the news of
your son's arrest in London...
The opposition is demanding
your resignation.
Do you have any comments on this?
The thing is...
It's not verified if the news is
real or fake yet.
But sir, they have already been arrested.
Let me finish, ma'am.
Yes, carry on.
There should be an immediate
investigation into this matter.
That's my opinion
as the Guardian Minister.
There should not be any delay
in investigating this matter.
As the Guardian Minister, I request
the London police to look into this,
even when my own son is involved.
Dad... I...
[TV news] 'It doesn't matter which
families these children come from...'
'Whether they carry the Dhelepatil
or Nimbalkar surnames...'
'The perpetrators must be punished.'
'That's my frank opinion as
the Guardian Minister.'
Sir, will you take action on your son?
Thank you.
What a player, this Dhelepatil!
Who is the mastermind behind this?
What's the issue?
I'm putting in so much effort
to save you guys,
and here you are pulling off silly stunts.
Reva, we can see that you're angry.
But can you tell us the reason?
Did you try to bribe the police?
How did you find out?
Who told her?
Why are you looking at me?
I just found out that she knows as well.
Tell me, is this true?
I knew it.
Who told you to do this?
But what's the problem?
This is the audio clip of the conversation
between Inspector Carlos and his boss.
You tried to bribe the London police?
Here's proof of it.
But we haven't given them the money yet.
That's a problem for later.
But you attempted to do this.
Inspector Carlos has filed
a chargesheet at the head office.
You offered him the bribe.
I have a copy of the chargesheet.
It's impossible to get you off now.
How come?
I would have managed to get you out of the
drug trafficking case easily.
But bribing is a criminal offence here.
The minimum imprisonment is 20 years.
- What?
- What the hell!
No one can help you now.
And no one will take up your case.
I'm not going to wait outside this time.
No, in fact I was going to tell you
that you can leave.
We're in a big mess!
How did we ever get into this situation!
I should have listened to my father and
travelled to Spain instead.
I would not have been stuck in this
situation with you guys.
Right, we forced you to come, didn't we?
I was insisting that
you don't try to bribe the police!
When did you say this?
- Didn't I?
- Nope.
But I was thinking about it.
I should have listened to my father and gone
to Kolhapur to study for the UPSC exams.
I wonder why I agreed to
your plan in the first place!
You have screwed up already,
so just shut up!
First of all, it was his idea
to bribe the police.
I wasn't asking for ten crore rupees
for myself alone.
Ajinkya, you are the real reason
why we're here.
What do you mean? What did I do?
Why did you carry a football
in the aeroplane?
And why didn't you keep it
in one place?
Tried to act like Neymar,
and now we're all in trouble.
Had you not hit the ball,
it would not have hit her purse.
What the hell.
What's your point?
How is this relevant?
How is the football relevant?
You don't have it in you to play the game,
that's why you're blaming me.
The ball hit her purse, so what?
After all,
she turned out to be his friend.
I will murder you both.
To hell with you two.
I have no idea who she is,
there's no connection.
How many times should I tell you this?
Pushkya, you told us about the
picture being photoshopped.
We chose to believe it.
But how do we know that you're not
actually trying to frame us?
Look into my eyes, tell me the truth.
How do you know that girl?
Ajinkya, tell him to not mess with me.
I have heard enough.
I don't have a knife here.
I will strangle you
if you mention her name again.
Hope that Netra goes to hell!
That woman has put us in a fix.
If I ever see her again...
We need to get out of here
for that to happen.
Yes, of course.
Ya, ya...
Ya, sure.
Of course.
Come here, boys.
Please sign here.
- What are you doing?
- Pushkya, are you crazy?
Drop the gun, drop it.
- Easy, fellows.
- Pushkar.
This stupidity won't
get you out of here.
Oh really?
I will see how that happens.
- Listen to me.
- Step back, step back.
Open the door...
open the door!
You refuse to take our word for it.
That packet is not ours!
Step back, step back!
Call that Netra woman.
I will interrogate her.
Then we will all find out the truth.
Pushkar, you are making a big mistake.
- Really?
- Yes!
We know very well who has
committed a big mistake.
Step back. You were practically drooling
after I made you an offer.
How dare you file a chargesheet
against us for bribing?
Step back, step back I said!
Which chargesheet?
Listen, can we sit and talk about this.
Listen, Mr. Lonkar.
Stay within your limits.
You never offered us a beer
when we were locked up.
And now you want to sit and talk.
Kautya, we have to get out of here.
- I'm ready.
- That's right!
Listen, Pushkar.
You might get out of here.
I will let you go myself.
But you will be back here
in the next 5 minutes.
Are we the only two cops in London?
Behind you!
Hey, leave me!
- Take the gun, take the gun!
- Let him go, let him go!
- Kautya!
- What are you doing?
If you can't let us go the normal way,
I will go out like this.
If you don't let us go
before I count till 10...
- No, drop the gun.
- Then I will shoot myself.
Ajinkya, listen...
If that happens,
tell my dad that I'm sorry.
You idiot, don't bring such
a situation upon us. Don't do this!
I'm only going to count up to 10.
Let us go or you shall regret.
Starting the countdown.
- 10...
- What are you doing?
Mr. Lonkar, let us go.
- Quick, call madam!
- 6...
Lonkar, you will regret this.
What you're doing is wrong!
Kautya... please...
- What are you up to!
- Kautya!
Damn you!
No, wait, no!
- Hit him, hit him!
- It's actually hurting, stop it!
Forgive me!
For what? Were you having fun?
You've held us captive for no reason!
Please, I will explain.
What exactly?
I'll be honest, please don't hit me.
This was not my decision.
Then whose decision was it?
- Tell us! Why are you quiet now?
- I'll tell you everything!
I will tell you everything, guys!
- Forgive me, please.
- I actually died for a minute there!
- Forgive me.
- Tell us, tell us what is this all about?
Madam, thank god you're here.
- Take him this way.
- Thank god! - Get up!
What is going on?
- Madam, please tell them!
- I will explain, let go of him!
- What have I gotten myself into!
- I mean, thank you.
Please go.
He is not to be blamed.
If not him, who is to blame?
Who is to blame?
You all need to calm down.
I will explain everything in detail.
Who is to blame?
Please don't get hyper.
I will explain everything properly.
Whatever it is,
tell us everything honestly.
I won't spare you either.
I will tell you, Pushkar.
Actually, all of this...
Was a prank.
What was it?
Come again... what was this?
It was a prank.
Why did you do this?
Why did you do this?
Tell me or I will hit you!
I didn't plan it.
Then who planned it?
Who planned it?
Your dad.
My dad planned this?
And Reva...
What about that stupid woman, Netra?
I don't know anything about her.
Then who has the information?
Whatever you need to know...
Your dad can answer.
Why, dad, why!
I'm sorry...
I will tell you everything bit by bit.
[Reva] 'After that incident in the pub...'
'Your dad called me the very next day.'
[Cell phone rings]
- Hi, Reva...
- Hi, Dad!
I have a task for you.
Do you have some time right away?
Just a minute... Yes, tell me.
The task is for your own good.
Do you really love Pushkaraj?
Yes, dad.
Do you think he should change
for the better?
Yes. I can go on and on about this.
We had an argument just yesterday.
Right, then listen to me.
Do one thing.
Do exactly as I say.
He devised this plan
to teach you a lesson.
And asked me to execute it.
[Reva] 'I got working on it.'
'First up... I was going
to need pranksters.'
'They needed to be convincing cops.'
'I called up multiple organisations,
and selected one group.'
'I met them, told them
about the nature of work.'
'Next up on my list was
to find a location.'
'I wanted to keep you
in a jail-like situation.'
'And luckily, I found a jail
converted into a restaurant.'
'And, these actors themselves
helped me with the setup.'
'Everything was going well.'
They were on point with their job.
Just like they were instructed.
Only... the gun caused an issue.
But, what if I had not put
the gun to my head?
You would have continued with this prank?
And for how many days?
As long as it took.
Dad had told me to ensure
that you guys don't get out.
I feel like murdering dad.
And Reva...
How did Netra become a part of this plan?
How did she fill
my neck pillow with cocaine?
And who is she in the first place?
I know nothing about her.
- Come on Reva.
- Honestly!
Your dad had told me that there
will be a girl, she will do her part.
That I should just help her as required.
Is that it? She set us up and disappeared?
At first, I thought she was
his girlfriend from Pune.
But later his dad told me that
Pushkar doesn't know Netra.
Did you hear it all?
I kept saying that I didn't know her.
- Ya, ya, alright.
- Let's not discuss that now.
- Reva...
- Hmm?
And what about the lawyer?
[Reva] 'You guys suddenly
demanded a lawyer.'
'How was I supposed
to get one for a prank?'
'I found out that the same group
had an actor, '
'who could pull off the role of a lawyer.'
'But I wasn't able to trace him at first.'
'After a lot of effort, I found him
rehearsing for a play.'
'I spent a lot of time explaining
everything to him.'
'He finally agreed to do it.'
Hang on...
Who did Carlos speak to on the phone?
You were offering him a bribe, right?
[Reva] 'Yes, Carlos?'
He wants to make an offer.
Wait for a second.
I'll get his father on the line.
- [Reva] Hi, dad...
- Yes, tell me...
Pushkar is trying to bribe the police.
He is honouring the family name
in a foreign country as well.
Carlos is on the line too.
Carlos, his father is on the line.
What is he offering?
One million pounds...
Yes, he's serious. One million.
Does he even understand
how much is that in rupees?
My boss wants to know
if you know how many lakhs of rupees
makes one million pounds.
Do you think I'm dumb, or illiterate?
Or both?
They think I'm a beggar!
He's casually throwing
away ten crore rupees.
Who will pay for it?
Why did my dad do this to me?
You never told me
what happened after that party.
[Constable] 'Park your car on the side.'
[Ajinkya] 'He is trying to stop us!'
Come on!
You fool!
Hey, stop the car.
Their entire team is here!
I don't even need to give
you a breath analyser.
Show me your licence.
Whose licence?
How many licences do you have?
I'll take all of them.
Do you know whose car this is?
Exactly what I want to check.
Hand me your licence.
Do you realise who you are speaking to?
Get out of the car, you idiot.
Get out.
What did you say?
I said, get out the car you idiot!
How dare you!
How dare you!
Hey, who do you think you're hitting?
- How dare you?
- Shut up!
He called me an idiot!
How dare you hit a policeman!
Shut up! Show me your licence.
Come on, show me your licence.
- Show him your licence, Pushkya.
- Show me your licence.
Keep quiet. Where's your licence?
Do write our names properly.
Pushkar Prithiviraj Dhelepatil.
- Prithiviraj Dhelepatil
- the Guardian Minister?
He's my father.
Tell me, Kadam sir.
Sorry sir, someone tried to file
an FIR against your son.
Should I tell you what to do next?
- No, no... I haven't registered it...
- Perfect.
I just wanted to let you know.
Tell me...
- Ok then...
- Yup.
Did you get my purse?
Of course not!
Let's order something warm and comforting.
Yes please! Let's drink up before that.
Sure, let's order.
Good evening folks.
You're under arrest.
Don't move!
Guys, don't move. Don't move!
Did you contact two agencies?
Tell them that the show just got over.
It was a great performance.
You can leave now.
Good work, guys. Brilliant performances.
Are they here for their payment?
Guys, I had hired two different people.
I don't know these people.
Enough with this timepass.
No, I'm serious!
I'm serious!
- The new actors are here for their payment.
- Ajinkya, wait!
I loved your costumes.
- No, no...
- Do you buy costumes by the dozen?
I think these are real policemen.
Enough with this already.
Whatever you do, please use a real gun.
- Don't move.
- Hey!
Get in the back of the van, now!
All of you, now!
Back in the van, now!
- Yes, yes!
- Now!
- Come on, get in!
- Ma'am, listen to me!
- Yes, yes...
- Hello, ma'am!
I kept saying that they
seem like real policemen!
- What is this about?
- Acting like idiots everywhere!
Why did you have to act like this?
[Police siren wails]
Ok then, smart people.
Let's start talking.
Since when you know Julia?
Who is Julia?
Oh, ok. You don't know Julia?
Ok... come with me.
I will introduce you to her.
Come with me.
Come with me.
Who is Julia?
I have no clue about what he is saying.
You can cry all you want, love.
The tears are not working on me.
All I need...
Is a little bit of information!
I need names!
Otherwise, we are looking at...
I don't know...
20 years?
No, I'm telling you the truth.
You can speak in whatever language, love.
But I only understand English.
I have got the drugs from India.
Thank you!
How much are they worth, approximately?
Somewhere in crores.
- Where's the stuff?
- I don't know!
But, I can give you names.
Hmm... thank you. Good.
This is Julia.
Look closely.
She is on the CIA's wanted list.
She has an interesting resume.
She used to traffic drugs in
various European countries.
She is so talented that she has
shown up on our radar as well.
She is trying to set up her business
by tying up with Indian politicians.
Our intelligence systems
already knew about this.
But folks, this is old news.
The important thing for you to know...
So, it simply means...
She has confessed that you guys
helped her export the drugs, and...
That simply means that you're
in possession of the drugs.
And therefore, the arrest.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
He said that she is connected
with Indian politicians.
Who are these politicians exactly?
I mean...
Pushkya, your dad involved her
in this plan.
Does that mean your dad
is involved in all of this?
Does that mean your dad has
relations with the drug mafia?
I beg to differ. He would never
be involved in such things.
I see.
What do you think, Ajinkya?
Why are you asking me?
And who asks such things upfront?
- Is your dad connected with the underworld?
- What rubbish!
I just demonstrated
what you did, you idiot!
But Pushkar... is your dad a don?
Our beloved daddy?
Is he connected with the underworld?
I don't know anything for sure.
I don't think he would
be in this business.
But even if it is true,
what can I do about it?
Pushya, this business
majorly runs secretly.
But, tell me... Did you ever find anything
suspicious about your dad over the years?
Anything that didn't make sense earlier,
but now it does?
Kautilya, it seems like you want his
father to be involved with the drug mafia.
No, no...
There is suspicion behind
all your questions!
Why are you being suspicious?
Ask him directly.
He's our friend. Pushkar, have you ever
seen your dad dealing in drugs?
What nonsense!
Have you seen him handling drug packets?
This is what you wish to ask, right?
Go ahead!
Have you noticed any such thing?
What if the flour in our house
is in fact a drug powder?
There you go.
- My god...
- What a guy.
Does Ajinkya consume alcohol?
Pardon me?
Does he drink?
Oh, yes. A lot! Like crazy!
Once he sits for drinking, he
finishes off the bottle and passes out.
What does he do when he drinks?
If he has had too much, he goes to the...
you know what.
I meant to ask, how does
he behave when drunk?
His behaviour...
Sir, it's terrible.
He's terrible when he's drunk.
See it for yourself, get him drunk.
He will surely bash
3-4 people in the process.
Sir, we haven't gone out drinking
even once here.
Shut up!
Do you make his drink?
No, why should I?
When will I drink?
Does he do drugs?
I said, does he do drugs?
Yes, this is what I'm talking about.
How much time do you all spend together?
All the time, mostly in the evenings.
And what about the evenings
when you're not together?
Even if he takes drugs in my absence,
how does it matter to me?
So, to you it doesn't matter what he does.
Look, officer.
I have known Pushkaraj
for the last 6 years.
Why is he visiting you? He could
have travelled anywhere in England.
If you have a special
guest visiting you...
Do you ask them why they are visiting you?
So, you are involved in this too.
In what?
The matter of the cocaine.
No, I don't know anything about it.
So, you don't know about it.
You were saying that
you love Pushkar, right?
But, what is this relationship like?
Enough, officer!
How is this relevant to the case?
I'm not bound to answer this question.
No, that's not enough.
You have to answer.
Sir, how many times do I tell you?
I have no idea why he said what he said.
He is a little crack.
What do you mean?
I mean, he is a little crazy.
Your friend was telling us
that you do drugs,
and that he doesn't care about it.
This means you do drugs.
Did he actually say that I do drugs?
Yes, he did.
No sir, that's not true.
Since when do you know Pushkaraj?
Pushkaraj... well...
I have known him since forever,
since I was child.
And when did you find out
that he takes doses?
Sir, when you're young
you aren't aware of these names.
But when I was older, I found out
about his vaccine doses.
You fool, I'm asking about drugs
like cocaine and heroin.
What rubbish sir!
Cocaine and heroin?
We only had weed once,
but we have never tried other drugs.
Did you smoke weed just once?
Yes, just once.
Ajinkya said you smoke weed.
Where did you source it from?
From the police station.
Police station?
Yes, that's where they catch dealers.
And did they sell it to you later?
My dad is a Minister in the Government.
So, you used to sit with your dad?
He used to insist, but I never did.
Why not?
Because I can't swear in front of my dad.
You can smoke weed with your dad,
but you cannot swear in front of him?
When did I say I smoke weed?
You just spoke about it!
I was talking about drinking beer.
Simply answer my questions. I don't want
to know unnecessary details.
How did you procure weed from the police?
I went and asked for it.
They gave it to me.
I have contacts, you know.
But I don't smoke weed daily.
I only smoked it once,
that too with a friend.
I see, just once?
You idiot!
What did you tell them?
That I take drugs?
I never said that!
That was not one of the questions
that he asked me.
Actually, I said that even if
you did take drugs...
It didn't come in the way of
our friendship.
- I was telling him about our friendship.
- To hell with our friendship.
His inference was that I take drugs.
Why are you getting mad at him?
Ajinkya... why did you tell him
that I had smoked weed?
Wait a second...
That's not what I said.
He was talking about heroin and cocaine,
but I told him...
That the most we have tried is weed.
How is that helping us? What do
you think the police concluded?
Forget all of this, did you tell them
that I'm a freeloader?
No way!
It's true, but I didn't say it to them.
I was praising your intelligence.
I was talking about how you
write exam papers for others.
So, you indirectly told them
that I'm a fraud!
How was that information
even relevant here?
You idiot, then why was it relevant
to tell them
that I beat up people when I'm drunk?
But that's exactly what you do, right?
But to tell them where,
when and how much I drink...
Why did you have to talk
about me in the first place?
They were questioning me about you too.
What else could I have said?
You idiots...
Don't you get it? We're inadvertently
trapping each other.
They are instigating us on purpose.
Do you see it?
That's how they divide and rule.
- You fool!
- Ajinkya, stop it!
We came here for something else and
now we have ended up in London's court.
- Where are you taking us?
- Hey!
Hello, brother!
That's it.
What is going on?
The police have left!
What is happening with us?
Who are these people?
Ask them!
I'm not asking, you ask them.
Ask them, what's your problem?
Excuse me, can you please tell me...
Who are you and where are you taking us?
To Picasso.
To Picasso... He is taking us to Picasso.
Who is this Picasso?
I have no idea.
I am reminded of the bar next to
my house. It's called Picasso.
Ajinkya... how dumb are you?
[Brakes squeal]
"Mad and angry he left his country"
"Picasso's arrival indicates
coming death."
"Always ill-tempered and revengeful"
"Who is Picasso?"
"He is heartless
with brain calm and composed"
"Ranks top among most wanted"
"He is famous in all over country,
but he is impossible to beat"
"He comes with the perfect plan"
"He is Picasso"
"He is Picasso"
"He is Picasso"
"He is Picasso"
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
How was the shot?
Serve them too.
Serve us?
Thank you.
What happened?
It's a little sour, sir.
Can't you make it sweeter?
- That's what I...
- It's fine, really...
It's not his fault actually.
I had asked him to add
a bit of poison to the juice.
He must have put a lot of it.
Don't try to throw up, the poison
is already inside your body.
I can't breathe...
Is this really true?
Yes, please tell us the truth.
I'm having difficulty in breathing.
Before you die, just tell me
where is the packet of cocaine?
[Cell phone rings]
Decide between yourselves
quickly and tell me.
Excuse me, please...
- Closer to a heart attack.
- This feels like a blockage.
Having fun?
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
How come you are all still alive?
It was just juice avocado juice.
You guys were so scared
by just the thought of death.
- If I put a gun to your head...
- No way...
What will happen to you?
Ajinkya, it's her...
It's that woman, Netra.
Netra, also known as Julia.
- So you know her, then.
- No sir, tell him.
Sir, I'm being honest.
We don't know her!
Excuse me, can I call my father please?
One phone call will help clear this up.
She has managed to fool your dad as well.
Mr. Dhelepatil, is that right?
You know my father?
And your surname is Karmarkar, right?
- The dimwit is here.
- Ya, ya...
What all did you see in England?
- Sir, we haven't even started yet.
- Nothing at all.
Do you want to see something fun?
A wonderful show. It's a live show.
Very interesting.
Come with me.
"Fire on the mountain... run run run"
"Even slightest of inkling
fills heart with fear"
"Such is the terror of Picasso"
- Picasso... Picasso...
I'm really sorry!
[Speaking in foreign language]
No no, Picasso, no!
Mr. Nimbalkar... hello?
Come here.
"Bullets all over turning
everything to sieve."
"Call your dad and ask for the help."
"Before Picasso makes you dead."
How is the gun?
Do you like it? Hold it.
No, no.
Come on, take it.
Shoot him. Right here.
No, please...
Shoot him!
No, no...
Go on, shoot him!
No, no, please don't!
Shoot him!
No, no, Picasso...
Thank you, thank you...
Don't tell this to your father back home.
He will make sure your
gun license is taken away.
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
"Picasso! Picasso! Picasso!"
"It's the game of blood.
It is also called terror."
"The most dreadful game in the world."
"Forget guns, forget the bombs"
"He can turn anything into weapon."
[Speaking in foreign language]
"He is Picasso"
"He is Picasso"
"He is Picasso"
Kautilya Kaustubh Karmarkar...
come here.
Come, sit.
He told me that he was going to Belgium.
In reality, he was near the Eiffel Tower.
He tried to get away with my drugs.
Eiffel Tower...
tallest and pointy.
Crazy heights can be dizzying.
I need that packet of drugs that
you were carrying.
If I don't get it, the consequences
will be terrible.
Either get me my packet,
or face the music.
Do you guys play cricket?
Wow, you're a cricketer.
Let's play. Come.
Let's play cricket.
Defeat me and then I shall let you go.
I have a question.
Do you play spin bowling?
Leg spin?
Can you bowl it well?
Ajinkya, I'll take his wicket.
Wait and watch.
Ouch! [Groans]
Over-arm bowling, please.
- Give it back.
- Come on, bowl.
Ajinkya? Why don't you bowl?
It's hurting.
You earned it.
Ouch! [Groans]
Are you crazy!
Who plays like this?
You've injured him!
Pick him up, let's take him inside.
I'll get some water.
You be with him.
Close the door!
Here are your phones.
Check if they are following us.
No no, no one is following us.
Take this.
Ajinkya, what do you think?
Did we injure him real bad?
That was crazy, Pushkar!
That man was crazy.
But his car is amazing.
Kautya, what say?
I want to drive it too!
Did you think I'm taking
you out for a spin?
I don't mind it.
We've left them behind, too cool!
Where are we going?
- Who amongst us lives in London?
- Exactly!
Who should know
where we're going?
Guys, there they are!
Their car is chasing us.
Pushkya, drive faster!
Faster, faster!
- Pushkar, drive faster!
- How much faster can we go?
This car is meant for speed.
Will you all shut up?
[Brakes squeal]
"Shadows have faded"
"Lost are the birds"
"Nests are gone so is the hope"
"The tired eyes
can no more endure the path."
"Why no direction shows any mercy?"
"Shadows have faded"
"Lost are the birds"
"Nests are gone so is the hope"
"These fragile dreams,
piercing questions."
"Shattered hopes and no imprints behind."
"False are the solaces
and real is the pain"
"Arid are the prayers"
"Wonder how to find the God"
"This perplexing puzzle,
confusing riddle"
"refuse to resolve,
no matter how much we try"
"Shadows have faded"
"Lost are the birds"
"Nests are gone so is the hope"
- One... two... three...
- Are you seeing them anywhere?
Give it up for Mr. Bobo!
Oh my goodness, come on!
- Do you want that?
- Yeah!
- Oh! Very nice!
- Ohh!
That's Mr. Bobo! Yeah!
Mr. Bobo, ladies and gentlemen!
Oh my goodness.
- Jimmy!
- What?
We have to go.
What should we do?
We're outta here!
Catch them, catch them!
Brother, what have I done to you!
Let me go...
- Please stop!
- Give it to him!
Enough with your drama!
- Pushkar, enough.
- Please forgive us.
Let's hear them out.
Why should we hear them out,
they deserve this!
Hey! Enough!
Let's hear them out instead
of complicating this further.
What the hell!
Speak up, fast!
Spit it out!
It was all a setup.
Umm... excuse me...
- You fool, why did you do this!
- I haven't done anything!
Don't you have a life and a job here?
Wearing a woman's clothes and
pretending to be someone else.
Hear us out at least.
Hear us out, please.
Say it... spit it out.
- Say it!
- Come on, say it!
Our theatre club was in
poor condition during Covid.
When someone offered us this job,
we did it only because of the money.
Who offered you this job?
Who told you to do this?
We don't know anything.
I'm asking you one last time.
Who told you to do this?
Otherwise I'll smash your face!
There was this woman...
she asked us to do it.
She paid us to do this.
I have nothing to do with this.
Have I paid you to do this?
Am I the woman you're referring to?
No, it's not her.
Who was it then?
Who was the one?
Suddenly, this car arrived...
And they told us they are taking over.
We thought our part was done.
We have no clue about the rest of it.
Get lost!
Please give it back, it belongs
to the theatre club.
Of course, it belongs
to the theatre, right?
Yes. Thank you.
Let's get out of here.
Welcome, Picasso uncle!
The best one-act-play in London.
Why don't you act?
I think it's because of
your English skills.
And here I thought you were
a part of comedy shows.
I hope the ball didn't hit you too hard.
Does he think of us as idiots?
Hey... do you want to play
another game of cricket?
But Pushkar...
This time we get to bat first,
not Picasso uncle.
Can you mimic the famous
South Indian actor for us?
Can you get us some tomato ketchup?
Can you repeat the Eiffel Tower act
from this morning?
It was so good, we were convinced
it was real.
Bloody, local don of
the international underworld!
- Put the gun down!
- Put it down!
What is this?
Use real bullets for once!
[Chandelier shatters]
I'm very sorry!
Was it fun?
Do you want to blast anything else?
Did you think this was a toy gun?
We had actually come
here just to have fun.
But it's only been
a 'funny' twist of events.
And we don't have any drugs with us!
We didn't get anything from India.
I swear, we have nothing.
Exactly... it's a problem that
you don't have anything.
What do you mean?
You should have at least carried
an Indian delicacy with you.
Your mother is an excellent cook.
My mother?
Yes, Sugandha was a terrific cook.
[Line ringing]
[Cell phone rings]
Don't you think he looks
exactly like your father?
What son?
Hi... dad...
How are you?
Yes, I'm good.
And London?
Are you having fun?
Sorry, dad.
Can you pass the phone to Pakya?
Pass the phone to Pakya?
Ok... dad wants to
speak to some guy, Pakya.
Kaustya, I will call you later.
I'm seeing you after so long, Pakya.
I'm seeing the old 'you' after so long.
What happened to your hair?
And you still look like a hero.
I'll call you later...
we will catch up.
Your kids are captive with me.
Don't worry.
Thank you, thank you!
See you! Yeah...
Having fun?
This was too much fun, right?
I'm Pakya...
Your dad calls me Pakya...
my name is Prakash Phadtare.
I'm from a town called Ajara in India.
Your dad and I were preparing
for our UPSC exams for 8 years.
Both of us failed every time.
Your dad still became
a Chartered Accountant.
I came to England to play cricket.
Eventually I started betting,
and joined the underworld.
Which one of you leaked
the news of the arrest?
You think you're too smart!
Your dad was shook.
He was worried for you,
so he called me.
You clearly don't value your dad...
He called me, and that's
how I met you all.
Was this your plan all along?
Do you think I have no other job?
- We didn't mean that...
- Then?
Isn't your name Netra?
No, her name is Julia.
Woman... who are you exactly?
I'm Shraddha Sarvate.
Are you sure?
And why did you do this to us?
I'm a private detective.
I wanted to start my own agency.
I created a proposal for the same,
and approached...
Your dad?
Mr. Dhelepatil?
That's my dad.
Yes, I went to him.
He really liked the proposal.
But, he gave me a challenge first.
He told me that he will only sign
my contract
if I ensure that this mission
was successful.
I accepted the challenge.
I was worried, of course.
This was my first assignment
outside India.
Then I saw the three of
you in the flight...
And realised this would be
a piece of cake.
Wait, what did you think of exactly?
That you are quite silly actually.
I was actually satisfied
after the first prank.
Honestly! I was about to leave, when...
[Cell phone rings]
Don't even bother asking who I am.
Just answer my questions.
I know you did this because
Dhelepatil asked you to.
Is that true?
Bloody Dhelepatil...
He tried to trap my son...
Listen, I will pay you double.
But now this game should become
even more colourful.
And don't even try to say no to this plan.
I wasn't going to.
You have to trap Dhelepatil's son.
I will burn your passport
if you don't manage to do this.
You don't have to put in so much effort.
Consider the job done.
And that's how I got to do
the same thing again.
A new game, a new challenge
and double the money.
My dad planned this entire thing.
And you...
You did this all for money?
Of course.
This is not charity...
It's part of my business.
To fool people?
Excuse me!
I haven't fooled anyone.
I actually had an amazing plan.
But he got in the way.
[Shraddha] 'His men kidnapped me
the day I was going to interrogate you, '
'and spoiled my plan.'
'You have no clue
what all was in store for you.'
'I was going to make you
appear in court here.'
'I had planned so much...
I did whatever I did because
your fathers asked me to.
Take this up with them.
Why worry about ice diluting the whiskey?
Our friendship has suffered
because of politics.
We learned this through experience.
Bloody, don't you think our
college days were totally amazing?
These kids think our generation
has become outdated.
They think they know more than us,
and are better than us.
If they find out what
all we did back then...
Will they even let us live in their house?
What do they call it... a scam?
No, there's another word for it...
a prank?
If I tell your kid that
one of your dad's pranks...
Is the person he refers to as
'mom' today.
Then will he still think of
you as his dad?
I don't have network here.
They will all wake up if you
start getting network here.
Now relax?
What's your plan now?
Going back home?
Straight to the airport from here.
You're a strong girl, Reva.
You don't deserve a girl like her.
She loves you despite you
not contributing to the relationship.
You rarely find a life partner like this.
- Bye bye!
- "Picasso!"
I have no hopes from you.
I'm sorry.
Will you ever get serious about life?
From this very moment.
But you will stay with me, right?
I really love you.
Normally people respond to this
with "I love you too."
See if you can too.
I will think about it.
So much attitude!
Wow, the girl isn't
even smiling any more.
There you go!
Don't get carried away.
- Did you seriously say, "I love you"?
- I really love you.
[Prakash] 'And after three years
it seemed boys were settling.'
'Ajinkyaraje Nimbalkar
obstinately joined politics.'
'And he is the young leader of
his father's own party KLPD.'
'But here too he made mess
with his own actions.'
'Father put a condition to him.'
'That he will marry the girl of
his father's choice only.'
'Now he keeps wondering
which girl he will get married to.'
'Prithviraj Dhelepatil became
the Regional Head of BSMC party.'
'And Puskaraj Dholepatil
took the entire charge of business.'
'Mr. Karmarkar felt that the boy should
run his own Accountancy firm.'
'But now Kavtya head the
finance department of a reputed company.'
'Now his father hunts for a prospective
bride for his son to get married.'
'But which company does son work for.'
'So, these rascals together have started
some other company named Revengers.'
'And what business is company in to.
Helping people to seek revenge.'
'That too legally, peacefully
and with assurance of contentment.'
'And what services do they provide?'
'Financial revenge,
social revenge, familial.'
'Boys turned out to be quite shrewd.'
'And Netra aka Julia aka Shraddha
who tried to fool them'
'handles intelligent department
in their company.'
'Today people know her
by name Shefali Kutti.'
'And Reva is the CEO of this company.'
'The one who used to design houses
of people sitting in London.'
'Now she designs the ruined future
of people who were revenged.'
'Today the network of Revengers
is spread across borders.'
'But today company has
thousands of clients seeking revenge.'
'As they say the rope got burnt
but the knot didn't loosen.'
'Though they seem reformed
but their actions haven't changed.'
'They follow only one rule.
Hell with the world.'
"Our brains are already complex"
"Changing mood adds makes it
more intricate"
"Spare our free will from mannerism"
"Who cares how our profiles are"
"Let there be no needless pressure"
"Our young age ads arrogance to our tone"
"We are beyond self!"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"
"The king of England called that day"
"We ignored him with an attitude"
"James Bond asks for the guns from us"
"Beautiful chicks flirts
around us in dreams"
"The king of England called that day"
"We ignored him with an attitude"
"James Bond asks for the guns from us"
"Beautiful chicks flirts around us
in dreams"
"We have no time for anyone"
"Our stopwatch is ahead of this world"
"We don't care for anyone"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"
"Heart found the glittering
and shining nest"
"The beat of pounding
heart got comforted"
"Now there will be only ruckus"
"Now enough of rubbish"
"Let's control over the world.
Come on, my friend"
"We befriended with whoever stood for us"
"And ruined the one who messed with us"
"We settle scores with everyone"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"
"Hell with the world"