Teen Patti (2010) Movie Script

Dear Mr. Prof. Venkat Subramaniam
You are invited from the bottom of my
heart, I want you to join us.
We should meet face to face and
we could discuss the issues.
I will be patiently waiting for you.
Your Perci Trachtenberg,
Department of Applied Mathematics.
University of Cambridge.
You must be Venkat...
Would you belive it,
for this name...
I practise alot to call this name
in the mirror.
Well to be honest!
It wasn't easy for me to call
Perci Trachtenberg.
You just said it?
Any problem to find this place.
Not at all.
But these kind of places most often
embarasses me,
So, I heard right.
So, shall we go?
I feel very strange to recieve
your letter.
I am...
I am really unknown from your
job since many years.
And it's really pleasure for me
to meet you.
Like others you're in illusion.
It's not a big difference.
Between madness and brilliance,
it's upto you what you want to show.
I've heard you are a clever player.
It won't be good that I disappoint you.
I don't play anymore.
What happen?
Logic defeat Magic.
That's what I have to ask you,
Perci! Can I ask you question?
You may...
I know that you...
...were a succeed magician earlier.
Then how a magicain could become
a mathematician.
You know what more is interesting.
How a mathemaician suddenly become...
It's just a matter of chance.
Put electric fenses all
over the campus.
And on every 30 meter...
a hidden camera.
Don't mind but students of these age.
Are always misfire in
these kind of diciplinary measures.
Everyone is not like you.
You are one in million.
I want weekly reports quickly.
Ideas should have some applications.
Did you understand my thesis.
Your every paper is already rejected.
You will be retire in 3 years.
You should be greatful unless
you have this job.
It seems that technology institute
turns to agriculture.
During festival where these
professors takes cut.
We have found during
sting operation.
That they all are gone in
Dean's party.
I am here,
Speak for the others.
Would you tolerate for lifetime,
Will you marry me?
But you won't understand.
And why would you understand.
Are you drunk?
First get some drink,
then get some cigarette,
then drugs,
that's what we came here to do,
and do you know the results.
What if your father will know?
What it seems it doesn't exist.
And what doesn't exist.
That could be.
Actually, I was waiting for
Since I have become Dept head.
It's only you who didn't
congratulate me.
I just forgot you.
What suggestions you have
submitted to dean.
Regarding department's improvement.
I read them.
But don't mind.
I have different plans regarding
department's improvement.
Now it's just a matter
of professor's relationship.
We will play a game to understand this.
Three bowls or you can
suppose it 3 doors.
I am putting a car.
Three doors.
And there is a car behind
one of them,
Let's shuffle it.
Shuffle it.
Now if you have to choose a door,
then which one you will choose.
We won't open it.
That randomly we should open
any door, let's open A.
If you have to change you
first choice then...
would you like to change it.
Let's see who is right?
Aparna or Sid.
We always
have to change our first choice,
Most probably we have seen
that our choice is more often
They are taking maths class
on tennis court.
In educational institutions
like us.
You know what maths department means.
To less some burdon of mental hospital.
We have our living example like
Mr. Venkat.
And what about us?
Do you have cards?
How are you?
I was about to call you.
3 lakhs are remaining on you
from three months.
My guys are coming to your place.
It's not a simple case
to get 100% scholarship.
Let's go to Oris this evening.
Someone is here.
Let's meet in the evening.
One minute.
I am Pandey!
Do you know Mr. Praveen.
You know?
I came from there.
Why do you make problems?
Come on give me the money.
What's the mess? What are you
doing from past few days.
I'll tell you.
Bring three students in class room
in next ten minutes.
This hand will win.
We have two kings and
they could be three.
But it's not a game of memory.
Sir, shuffler doesn't make problem.
If I watch two games or two hands.
I could predict about cards.
This game is yours.
It's a magic.
It's not a magic,
It's mathematics.
My mind is racing.
If we play more few games.
Why don't we try it in
real random situation.
Then we will find out that your
theory is working.
This game was on internet.
There are many places where these
games are being playing professionaly,
Sir, you give me 2 days.
And I will arrange everything.
How come?
You came to meet me.
What happen?
What happen to oris?
I am waiting from 4 hours.
We were supposed to go
restaurant tomorrow not tonight.
Check out I have send you message.
Limit is limit.
I just proposed you and
you can't be angry.
Good Morning!
How are you?
It seems this place doesn't
clean from many weeks.
I will send Laxmi here.
Did you start gambling.
House is clean,
you don't need to send Laxmi.
Don't know why you men
can't see dust.
Professor Kale was also like you.
I remember once.
I went to Kanpur.
When I came back and I saw
my house was very dusty,
I asked to professor what is this?
And he said what?
It means he didn't saw dust.
I agree this housewife job is
out of reach for professors.
Did you submit your research paper.
I knew it.
It happens.
Same thing happend with Mr. Kale.
They don't know about genius people.
You know what Professor Kale
said about you.
He said if it would be america.
Then Professor Venkat would
get Noble Prize yet.
You made me busy with chat.
What paper I have submitted,
that's gone rejected.
Because what I can see our respected
Mr. Dean can't see.
We have to change our names
and identity.
And it has two reasons.
First if we will go like this.
And the second thing is...
They shouldn't know our real
identity at any cost.
We will go like those people who
visits these kind of people.
And we will go seperatly.
You all will sit on different tables.
And then Mr. Venkant will come
to your tables.
And you will tell them,
that which cards you have,
You will tell Mr. Venkant that
which cards you have,
and He would tell you that...
who is going to win the
game on that table.
Do we have to change the identity.
Sir, I will go as Badru.
Sid! You will come next.
Then I will tell you that on which
table you have to sit and play.
Our campus dry cleaner Dal Chand.
I will come to wear that shirt.
Are you walking in garden?
Which kind of girls come over there?
Sir, we can't take here there.
It's out of her reach.
What do you mean I can't do it.
It's just an experiment and if
Sid and Vikram can do that.
Then I can also do that.
It's risky.
And we can't take this chance.
What's wrong with you?
Do you know which kind of girls
come over there?
You always underestimate me.
What's wrong?
You know that's not the right
place for girls.
Girls have to make their place.
We will practice these signals
daily for an hour.
Because the most important thing is
as much we prepared,
something is out of our control.
Which kind of place is this?
It's a social club.
You will find all card players here.
They all are genius in maths
but they didn't even know.
Sir, we are doing it all for
your research.
I shouldn't go there.
It was necessary to examine my theory,
You can better understand
that any invention
how difficult to examine in
practical life.
Was that the only reason
or something else.
I didn't know you are going
to examine me here.
I thought...
we will talk only friendly.
Sometimes I become little bit excited.
You know there is no big difference
between Genius and Crazy,
Not like I thought.
Then what did you thought?
Don't give me the answer.
I don't want to know.
You tested your theory.
I have never seen you before.
Do you know why my name
is Dabru Seth.
I always carry pistol.
Teach him swimming.
We will play bigger game.
Winner will take all.
It's my lucky game,
and I will must win.
He narrated you joke,
Now laugh!
I will must win.
You messed up everything.
Give me the money.
What do you think?
What is this nonsense.
It's all my fault.
If he didn't have gun today.
Then I would kill him.
We made many mistakes what
we have to rectify.
First of all we shouldn't go
to our own car.
Next time we won't go.
Sir, do you know.
We have earned lot of money.
What that Dagru took.
The most important thing is...
I don't want to do this research.
Sir, My papa tool loan
for my studies.
He always cursed me for that.
I want to pay my own fees
with that money.
And if we will get some money
then my life will be change.
Sir, game was closed because of me,
Slr, give us one more chance.
I will do my research my own.
Sir, after retirment this
money will help you.
We done all for research.
Where this money come from?
They will reject your paper again.
Like they always done.
I knew the cards.
They were talking to me.
Phone call for you.
I think you have dial wrong number.
Number is right and man too.
You are Venkant speaking.
You played well tonight.
Now do some social work.
Now I need share for every game.
Who are you?
Now listen to me.
I need 2 lac for each game.
If not 2 lac then that cute guy,
Siddharth Baja,
I will break his legs.
Do you understand.
And don't tell anyone about this.
Who was he?
It is not a joke?
Only we 5 people knew
about the game.
Then who was he?
Victoria talkies.
You will play your next game there.
Whatever you do think and decide.
Now danger was increasing,
Yes indeed.
What did you think?
What should I say?
could be many.
It means nothing was decided
but it was...
Why you didn't go to police.
I can't put my students in danger.
And one of them,
could be responsible for that.
Then what did you tell them
to start the game?
I said I need money.
And they agreed.
2 lac for sir.
Suppose it royality for theory.
I have invested one lac.
So this one lac is mine,
Now the rest is one lac.
It means everyone's share is 25000.
Today I have become a rich guy.
It's just a beginning.
But after today we will just put
our prize amount.
What is this?
I thought share will be equal.
But if we won then
just because of Mr. Vekant.
Forget about the money.
Then we won't need him anymore.
You and me.
Do you think I can do it.
Because still...
You can do acting.
I am falling in love.
With this game.
First time in life I realize.
That I want to win.
I don't want to lose.
Someone is following us.
And we will never caught.
I was afraid.
And I wanted to know that finally
who was black mailing me.
To pay 2 lacs.
I reached that place what was decided.
I didn't know who I am
going to face.
Hey, Leave the bag and go.
I thought someone is watching
me everytime.
Lot of money.
I am a bheem (Winner)
I can do anything.
How much will you take
to drop on bus stop.
I am Dhaniram's friend.
This gulabo doesn't know
what is fear?
Gulabo just know love.
What the hell?
Who are you?
This Vikram is so weird.
It's house full in heaven.
No room for you.
You won't seen again here.
I am billu.
Aren't you chillam's man?
That must be someone else.
Where I have seen you?
Didn't seen on suzie's place.
And that aparna?
Keep you eyes away from her.
And if try to make any trouble.
What name you told?
Joti Prakash Pandey.
By the way my mom's name is Joti.
And father's name is Prakash.
Did money losted in auto.
Or have been stolen.
Have you gone mad?
How did you come there?
What are you trying to say?
I lost money.
You are the responsible
whatever happened there.
Now we can't go there.
Everyone is recognizing us.
And they all know that we
all are together.
Everything is finished.
I really needed that money.
Game is just started.
It's going to be started.
What do you think about these places?
I can take you such places,
where you can win in one night
In fact in one game,
what you didn't won yet.
And more than that.
What are you trying to say?
As much you can think
as bigger you can win.
If game is bigger then obviously
danger will be bigger.
Camera will be everywhere.
Are you explaining or scaring us.
In these parties.
Mostly rich people will be there.
Who have enough money that
they don't care if they win or lose.
If there are influencial people
then security will more but...
You guys are gone mad.
You don't understand anything.
Sir, let's go.
It will be fun.
Whose fun?
How much fun?
You may be right,
You need this money, No!
You told me by yourself.
I really don't need money.
We won't play.
When you needed money then
we played.
Now we need money and
you are getting back.
Sir, please try to understand
we need money,
Specially me,
Abbas is a rich guy.
Sir, leave it all.
Sir, we will win in one night
we might don't need to play again.
You know hindi too.
His name was Tarun Vachunda.
Now he became Tony Milano.
He is such a big playboy.
Have you seen Mr. Vekant,
I don't think he is here.
You find him.
Sir, I can't see Mr. Vekant anywhere.
He might didn't come.
Now what should we do?
Your place or mine.
I thought sir won't come.
No! There is some problem
that he didn't come.
But where he is?
Sir, where you have been?
Have you ever sat in Victoria.
Rain, Air and Victoria.
Sir, you didn't answer our question,
why you didn't come.
I was having snacks.
Sir, today was a big game.
We could win many things.
Losing is necessary to win.
But what will you do to win alot.
How much money you will earn?
Isn't that enough for you?
You are very intelligent.
Sir, are you fine?
No, I am not fine.
I have a problem.
A little problem.
And this problem's cause...
...I have to find today.
That cause is standing on my front.
That cause is one of you.
But who?
Sir, they beat me alot.
Sir, who is this man who know
everything about us.
Phone call for you.
First plenty is on your front.
Now 50% share of every game
is mine from today.
If all of you are here then...
...who is he?
Is there like that you lost your
believe on humanity...
No... didn't but I've
to stable that belive...
is being enough hard...
In such world, there is no one
follows the rules.
When I was child...
I went with my father...
to become famous magician.
There was half london, to seeing
what that man will shock us by trick
To seeing the faces of peoples,
i felt clearly...
They'd decided that they'll
not be trapped in this magic web
moreover I was eight...
I was in doubt on that magic more
than anybody...
And suddenly he did what
I couldn't ever forgot.
He levitate in air...
To seeing that...
everyone was screaming...
And I tried a lot but I couldn't
find its logic...
I felt that time.
To believing is an choice...
There's no more diffrence
between mathmetics and magic
With curiousity you do start the
and believe will take
us to our destination
And then If we have all the
answers so what is enjoy in it?
I'll show you the room...
I didn't obeyed you completely...
what about?
About the blackmail...
who'll blackmail him...
give him.
We'll find him
I'll do whatever you all will decide
To earning at the one phone call...
Mathmetical genius is only one...
are you sure you want to submit it
after my denying...
and forsake of everyone's intact...
we agreed to blackmaler...
we started playing again
you're forgetting that I'm zeenat.
And zeenat does what she likes...
My body become the drug store
because I ate a lots of medicine
If something happens to me,
so I'll ruin your life becoming ghost
He has the ice cream business
I played 40 lacs game in london...
After that...
my life twisted...
the time has gone and changed
nothing remain...
I lost the money as much
no one ever earned...
wife left me...
2020 match is busted...
my whole calculation was wrong
He's hitting sixes...
anything can be happen
India cancel...
5 lacs on pakistan...
till when you will play
show it
You ruined me...
someone must be needed of money
who's ready to do anything...
what's your problem?
You can't understand richie rich...
I need it... need it a lot.
Calm down... poor guy...
i'm talking about blackmaler...
I may can recognise that
no one has my number...
they called me up
She was saying that I dont
come here, but how come she...
how is it?
Its resanable...
I've given you my advice
where from that blackmaler came
I'm trying to settle our life...
because of you...
I'm in deep tension...
dont stare at me like that.
You said right... If God
exist, so he's maybe mathmetician.
If God Is mathmetician...
so we should have the answers.
Do we have the proof?
Explain me if God exist...
so who's he?
What is after death?
What is money?
Just a number...
hunger is money...
Some stole my money from
my room, where is my money?
You may know it...
you know all...
I'll kill him...
Someone is here who's
my enemy...
I'll report...
to whom you'll complain...
How can you explain them
that from where you got money
I dont know who stole your money
You just get out of this game...
we're enjoying a lot...
you're enjoying...
But i dont...
did you see how flirt are you...
what kinda dress you've wored...
you know that I all this...
to you
you're feeling jealous.
If you dont stop this drama...
Now its all looks drama to you? :
you're not enjoying...
I won't go outta game...
where have you been?
I was looking for you...
and why you left the party suddenly...
Who have my money...
or I'll kille everyone...
You brought the gun again...
put the gun down...
Control your girlfriend...
Are you gone mad
before someone hurts...
give me the gun
I'll control everything...
What will you control
who are you people
you're busy in becoming something.
That you forgot whatever are you.
That was an experiment...
Between the student
and teacher...
To make stable the team...
your reasons has change...
What do you think...
the life you're living is a game?
You're so fond of shooting gun?
Did you ever sees the bullet running
out the drain...
You enjoys to point the gun
on others...
If you want to see how
lucky you're...
I'm just a mathmetics teacher.
To knowing the life...
you've to live...
that's what I was saying to them
I wanted to know who's that blackmaler
That day I waited for him.
Gave him challenge...
If you got courage...
so come in front...
After today this game is over
do whatever you want to do
I'll do what i have decided
I dont want to play this game.
Who's that man
You win I lost...
the matter started streight...
and goes messed up...
the mess was increasing...
you'd known that it will go up till that...
maybe not...
but that I was...
who started all this.
So I'm the responsible whatever
happend further...
Whatever happend further was
their choices... not yours.
Dont take all outcome upto you...
We've to endure the outcome...
do whatever you want to do but
you cant escape from me.
Leave the money...
you came here to learn...
do you know its consequences...
I hate such thiefs like you
before I go angry...
get outta here.
Please save me...
We'll talk later...
I afraid to hide money in the room
on the window...
its my money.
Bird will take away...
on the door...
these are my money...
you stole my money...
you thief...
that what your parents tought you
dont talk about my parents.
Dad said, If we've decided
about marriage so...
remember, when the rain of calcuta
we, why is so hurry.
If we're engaged so...
marriage will be occur...
I cant understan...
After 7 years...
Did you complted the assigment?
Can I ask you something
if you dont mind...
from where did you get so much money?
Yes I need the money...
They are thinking that
they are looking at me
Actually I'm looking them...
from every engel...
How are you? Alive.
Alive, you know why
I want win everything.
This is also a thing
one more thing...
What you think about
human brain...
what is that brain...
We can cook it and eat it...
I played that game for loosing...
I was playing with my luck.
What is the luck who waits for next time.
Know I came to know...
you're playing game with me.
We were stuked in deep muck...
it was late when we felt it.
Never couldn't understand
in greed of money
people do anything
to get the happiness...
you know why people plays the
I got my theories...
you tell me yours...
its a trick of living alive...
when we gamble, so we thinks,
go to hell everything...
nothing is in our control, and
we starts playing
my brother...
we are strick here...
This is the key of locker...
6 crores are in locker.
Its blackmaler's key...
please forgive me...
I just needed the money.
I thought, I can earn respect
and love by it...
At your place or mine...
you got the money?
You pauper...
you came in big party without money.
100 rupees...
how dare you.
I felt myself very poor...
that night...
I'd had kill somebody for money...
So I saw the solutions of my
all problems
You steals money...
I'm not thief... you are...
I'm not thief.
You're thief...
its our money
I understand...
that they're blackmaling yo
on the saying of someone
I gave him offer...
the agreed
Work for me...
I'll give you double
I need money too
If you tried to be smart with me...
so I'll cut you in pieces...
I started earning lot of money
I gives them information...
they calls up...
Slowly slowly they knows everything...
and like me thier hunger goes up.
To whom's help I took...
I became their slave.
The game will over when
we will want it...
It was hard to stop them
I was afraid that they someones
I was afraid...
so I killed him.
I had only one way...
and I cant share it to anyone
please forgive me
who started all this?
Who's men they were?
Beggining was from greed
of all of your greed
Its not necessary to know it...
it is...
Did I started the blackmaling.
I couldn't came to know when
vikram got involved in it.
I wanted to stop all this...
last night I went to vikram
My credit was going up...
and I'd no way...
and suddenly you showed me
this game...
And I thought, now all my
problems can be solve.
But you prevented me to playing.
When vikram came back by
getting beating him self...
that day I didn't called...
someone else did it...
that day someone stole my
game from me...
you ruined everyone...
do you feel what are you doing
with the life of these childs.
I tried to abonden it.
I know its running on because of
me, but situation goes more critical
I wish I'd have done it before
so maybe today...
you all go to your rooms.
Whatever have to do I'll do...
police says, there's another
story behind the suicide...
In our institute there's gambling
ring is being operate...
I want to say something.
I'm the root of all mes...
It concerns my research papers...
the researh paper you denied
to accept...
if someone is legitimate
of punishment is so its me
I request that please dont
stretch this matter more...
The institute reputation
will spoil...
to considering the reputation
of institute...
dean accept my resignation...
And closed all the inquiries
which were linked to the case
We decided, the 6 crores from
the vikrams locked...
we should give to his parents...
And I goes back to my village...
everything has a price...
my journey was not less hard...
atleast you got your identification...
Your honor, popularity...
To achive that., I lost that what was
meanfull in my life...
you called me here to feel
good about you...
not for it...
so what is the reason of calling me here
beacuse I read your paper
the biggest scrifice of this century
You're mistaken...
I've deleted it...
Nothing is decided...
just its decided...
You'll have the award tomorrow
I'd have tell you earlier... but I wanted
to meet you before I tell you...
how come you know allthis.
Please forgive me
I just steal last time
I stole your papers from
your hard disk...
but intensions were good
do you realy forgive me?
Maybe your dont need the
but mathmatics needs you
Vinkat accepted himself as culprit
of using his theory on wrong way
he believes that after happening
all this...
he cant receive this award...
Vinkat wanted that his papers
should be denied on probability
Vinkat says that he cant
accept this honor...
Because he lost his student during
this theory.
And that's what became biggest
truth for him...
but camrage university didn't
took back his award...
neither let him withdraw his research
To maintain this truth...
that knowledge cant be destroyed...
Vinkat become visiting faculty member
in cambrage university.
And he's still teach in his village