Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse (2022) Movie Script

[theme song playing]
Oh, mans. It's glorious!
Watching TV will never be the same.
Can you believe someone was just
throwing this beauty away?
I mean this baby's got it all!
That pristine wood foam laminate.
Brackets for CDs, DVDs, cassettes,
all kinds of obsolete physical media.
A family of marmots
living in a stereo drawer.
[marmots squeaking]
And do not forget the shelving
for all of our many books.
[all laughing]
[Robin grunts]
Ain't no thang.
We just got to find something
to wedge under its.
Hmm. Hmm.
Think harder, genius.
Yo, this little squidgy will do.
Nice work! Now to see what's on.
-[remote clicks]
-Hello, Titans!
Control Freak?
What madness
do you have in store this time?
You gonna turn us into claymation?
Make us hawk food processors
in some tacky three-camera infomercial?
Twist us into
a gritty live-action series
targeted at adult audiences?
That's been done. So gritty.
Oh, weren't you clods paying attention
to the opening credits?
In our defense, we were getting
this thing up the stairs.
This is your...
[reading] Super Hero Crossover Event!
[party horns squeak flatly]
You mean like another movie?
Uh, did I say, movie?
[groans] Not a crossover.
That's when a lame show
tries to glom onto a cooler one in order
to boost their popularity.
-Oh, no! Are we's being canceled?
-One can only hope.
Everyone knows a good crossover
has to have
some epic threat that brings the heroes
from two worlds together.
And epic threats just aren't our thing.
Who said this was
a good crossover, huh?
[gulps] He means business, Titans.
We'd better play along. [grunts]
Robin, please, what are you doing?
In superhero crossovers,
each team is introduced
in an action set piece,
you know, to remind the audience
how awesome the heroes are
even before they meet
their counterparts.
Quick, everybody, do something action-y,
before they cut away to the other h--
[thrilling music playing]
[Catwoman] The superhero girls?
But our plan for this heist
was purr-fect.
Oh, oh, sorry, Mittens.
No matter how "purr-fect" your plan is,
our captain is always
gonna have a perfecter one.
I'm flattered. But it is a team effort.
-[Harley Quinn] Peek-a-boo!
-I whomp you!
-I got her!
[screams, grunts]
That's my friend, Harleen.
Oh, you care about
your friends now, Babs?
I do, when they're not supervillains.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
Zee, are you okay?
Wha-- Oh, yeah. Totally.
How are you?
One of these days, we're going to crush
you jerks! And...
Wait. What's this?
Ah, who cares what it is.
It's bustin' us free!
So long, clowns!
[scoffs] Let me guess.
Creepy purple cloud got 'em?
Exactly. How did you know?
Same thing happened to me last week
when I took Solomon Grundy down.
And when I was pounding on the Riddler.
Yesterday, I stopped
both Toyman and Cheetah.
Each time...
[makes whooshing sounds] gone.
Uh... Oh, nothing happened
to the bad guys I caught this week.
Of course, I didn't catch any bad guys,
but I did help my neighbor
find his lost cat.
Sounds like we have a mystery to solve.
Babs, I think what you meant to say
is, "we" have a mystery to solve.
Boys, there's no need to compete.
-Now! Go!
-[girls laughing]
-[boys grunting]
-We'll let you know
where the bad guys went
after we find 'em!
[Lex Luthor] I know what
you're asking yourselves.
What would a multi-billionaire like me
want with such an eclectic group of...
-[toilet flushes]
This Hall of Doom
must've cost you a mint.
You think you could afford a decent
hand-dryer in the ladies room?
-[squishing sounds]
-Ew, real fur?
-What are you, like, an actual cat?
-[growls softly]
-Hey, Selina, eat your heart out.
-[Lex clears throat]
What if I told you I hold the power
to get rid of every superhero?
While searching through
the remains of Krypton,
my space probe came across
The Amulet of Cythonna.
This device uses an ancient science
even I have yet to understand.
-But its power is undeniable.
-[Grundy scoffs]
Power? Luthor no find trinket in space.
Luthor find trinket in cereal box.
[villains laugh boisterously]
If it weren't for this, Chuckles,
you'd be in jail now.
But if you are still not convinced...
-Uh, where'd he go?
-They call it the Phantom Zone.
But you can think of it as our own
personal superhero dumping ground.
[screams, grunts]
[growls] If you have that,
why do you need us?
Someone's gotta lure all those heroes
into our little trap.
[Jessica] These are the spots
the mist was seen.
Hmm. I don't see a pattern.
But if you squint just right,
it kind of looks like a puppy.
Come on, Babs. We have to ke--
-Guys, check this out.
See something in your armor-cam video?
Not see, hear.
-Just listen.
-[man] Cythonna.
Uh, is it saying, cellphones?
-Sounds more like "syphon oats."
-She's saying Cythonna.
But that's impossible.
What is Cythonna?
Well, not what. Who.
I mean, even a planet of science dorks
like Krypton had its mythology,
and Cythonna was the goddess
of darkness, blight, and suffering.
Yeesh. Bet she was a blast at parties.
Story goes, she ran the show
on Krypton for centuries,
which was pretty much a hot heap
of stink for all concerned,
until, one day, her kid brother, Rao,
god of sun and other stuff,
trapped her in an amulet
and chucked her into space.
So while kids here are told to wish upon
a shooting star,
we were told to behave, it could be
Cythonna coming to get you.
And did you believe that?
What? No! No. I'm from Krypton.
No one believed in ancient
yet terrifying myths like that.
So, yeah, let's just talk about
something else, all right?
Did I hear there's a map
that looks like a puppy?
'Sup nerds? Mind if we play?
-[woman screams]
Hey, Giganta! You're not gonna
disappear this time.
Oh, we ain't disappearing. You are!
-[both scream]
That's what happens to any superhero
dumb enough to face the Legion of Doom!
[Green Lantern] Hmph!
[cheering triumphantly]
Oh, no! [screaming]
Oh, this is terrible!
-Chin up, Garth. We're not done yet.
Mr. Goodberry's cat got out again!
[cellphone rings]
Hey, half-pint, you calling to say you
guys give up looking for the bad guys?
[Garth] No, we found them,
and it's not great.
-Wait. Garth, are you okay? Talk to me.
-[cellphone beeps]
They've teamed up, and we think they got
Ollie, Hal, and Barry too.
They call themselves the Legacy of Doom!
[Hawkman] It's the Legion of Doom,
[Garth] Really?
I could swear Livewire said...
Guys, prioritize details. Where are you?
The park! Hurry!
I can't... hold... [screams]
-[phone beeps]
-Team, to the park.
Any sign of them? Oh, no.
Hawkman's mace.
-You don't think...
-[gasps] Hey, what's that?
[chants incantation]
It looks Kryptonian,
or maybe ancient Kryptonian,
because I can only make out
a few of the... the words.
Oh. Oh, that's not good.
What? What does it say?
I think this thing sent our friends
to the Phantom Zone.
You mean that creepy limbo dimension?
But we saw what it took
to open a portal.
How can one little ball...
Cythonna. I'm not sure
what the rest of this says,
but I know this says Cythonna.
Clearly, whatever we're up against
is far more formidable
than we anticipated.
We will need a plan.
How's this for a plan?
Find the jerks who are using stuff
from my dead homeworld
to hurt our friends and,
formidable or not, take 'em down.
But how do we find this Legion of Doom?
BT dubs, very cool name.
Makes you wish
we put a little more effort
into Super Hero Girls.
I got a hunch this little guy
might be our biggest clue.
Kara, where are you going?
To see a translator.
[laughs] Legion of Doom?
That's rich.
Quit it. I think they used
Kryptonian magic
to send my friends to the Phantom Zone.
See, this says Cythonna.
[sighs] Your Kryptonian is awful.
This doesn't say Cythonna.
And even if it did, hello, there's no
such thing as Kryptonian magic.
-Cythonna is a fairy tale.
-You think this is a joke?
I'm sure your buddies are probably
just off goofing around somewhere.
"Goofing around"?
Remember when you couldn't
find that one kid for two days
because he locked himself
in a port-a-pooper?
Garth was only locked inside one day.
He spent the second day in the shower.
Look, Kara. This has been fun.
But if I thought for a second
your pals were in danger
or someone got ahold
of a Kryptonian weapon,
believe me, I'd be all over it.
She knows about the Phantom Zone.
Still no guesses?
I'll give you a hint.
It's not bigger than a breadbox.
Okay. One more hint.
It's not smaller than a breadbox either.
Hal, I ran an hour out
in all directions.
Argh! And my ring still can't seem
to penetrate this darkness.
I hate to say this.
-We're stuck here.
-[Garth] Give up?
It is a breadbox! Gotcha!
I failed.
-I am sorry, Mother.
"Sorry" will not shield you
from a vengeful enemy.
Nor will it shield those who follow you.
-Worried about the Legion of Doom?
[mace thuds]
Why? Are you concerned
a miscalculation in my leadership
against this unknown evil
may bring you harm?
Do you not realize I love you all
too much to allow that to happen?
Zeus as my witness,
Barbara Gordon,
that will not happen!
Uh, thanks, D. I love you too.
No, I was actually thinking about
the Legion because of Harleen.
I thought, since we found out
each other's secret, she'd,
-you know...
-Change her ways.
I know Harleen, Diana. She's not evil.
It is heartbreaking, but you do realize
that, for months,
Harley Quinn has held a supervillain's
deadliest weapon.
A heat-seeking poison-tipped scimitar?
Your secret identity.
She knows who you are, and yet,
has done nothing about it.
You're right. So, I guess there is hope.
[Supergirl groaning]
Well, Super-jerk blew me off.
[whispering] They still don't know.
He would not help translate that sphere?
Hmm. If only we had an ancient
Kryptonian-to-English dictionary
lying around, huh?
Actually, I know where we could find
something way better than a dictionary.
[Zatanna exclaims] My heat spell
maybe keeping me warm,
but this drastic climate change
is going to be murder on my hair.
Okay, Zee.
Don't worry. Not much farther.
-Not much farther to what?
-Are you sure it's okay we're here?
-Totally not. No.
That's why he calls it
his Fortress of Solitude,
and not, I don't know, a...
The Buddy Bunker?
Friendship Depot?
Ooh. Kal-El's House of ha-has.
Stop right there.
Oh, we're in so much trouble.
Stop right there.
[Supermen] Stop right there.
Stop right there.
Kara, how many last sons
did Krypton actually have?
Relax, these are
just his dumb robot guards.
Hey, they're tall, tan, and gruesome.
It's cousin Kara. I-- Ow!
Huh? This one must have
a loose circuit or something.
Just gonna take a quick look-see.
Okay. Which one of you
glorified coffee makers is next?
[electricity crackles]
[chants incantation]
[both grunting]
[grunts] Ha-ha.
Hmph! Gotta say, not impressed.
-Where is Supergirl?
-[Supergirl] She's over here, gang.
Good news, she got what we came for.
Ta-daa! Told you we'd be in and out.
You sure did. In fact, you can say
you were a-head of the game. [chuckles]
[laughing] Oh, you're so funny.
Oh, you're so funny.
Guys, guys, I'm doing a...
talking as both of us...
So, Kara, what's in that case, anyway?
[Supergirl] This is Krypton's
entire wealth of knowledge.
It'll give us the true poop
on Cythonna and her amulet.
A complete culture stored
in just a handful of crystals.
[chuckles] Oh, yeah.
Kryptonians loved their crystals.
These babies hold all kinds of things.
I don't recall inviting guests.
Another robot? I got this one.
Batgirl, wait!
[grunts] Ow!
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
He's real, he's real,
he's real, he's real!
Put the crystals back, Kara.
No way. Listen, Clark, I know
you don't believe me,
but there is a huge threat.
-I do believe you.
-Don't interrupt me!
-Wait. Wha...
-You're right.
In fact, I already knew Lex Luthor
is behind the Legion of Doom,
and that they're sending heroes
to the Phantom Zone
-using a Kryptonian device.
-The Amulet of Cythonna.
Wait, so, if you knew all of this,
why did you blow me off at your place?
Because I also knew
you're out of your league.
Luthor is not to be trifled with.
We've taken him down before.
Not with a deadly weapon
like this, you haven't.
I know Luthor. This time,
he's playing for keeps.
What are you saying?
What kind of hero would I be
if I let a bunch of kids
walk off to their doom?
Thanks, Dad.
You think you could stop us on your own?
Yeah, I do. But even if I couldn't...
[Hawaiian tune plays]
the Justice League could.
The Justice League?
Another cool name!
Yeah, I wanted to call ourselves
the Super Friends, man.
But I got out-voted.
[sighs] So unfair.
I mean, we appreciate
the concern, gentlemen,
but we are more than capable
of handling ourselves.
Yeah, Jon, you helped train me on Oa.
I was the top of my class.
Sorry, rookie.
Pacifism won't cut it this time.
Punches have got to be thrown.
[Batgirl exhales] This is just dumb.
Batman, buddy.
Tell these guys how we saved Gotham.
[hoarsely] Not this time.
What do you mean, not this time.
The league already has a plan.
Frankly, you'd only be
getting in the way.
Our friends are the ones in trouble.
So, if we're in your way,
go ahead and move us.
[Supergirl grunts]
[Superman inhales]
[ice shattering]
[Supergirl whines, grunts]
[Batarang skidding]
Diamagnetic repulsor.
[gasps] So cool.
I may not be swinging fists,
but I have no problem
restraining you in one.
I'm gonna disagree,
and say you have a pretty big problem.
[Zatanna gushes]
So, uh,
shouldn't we be fighting?
Feel like we're just kinda
standing here.
Oh, [clears throat]
I don't care.
I'm up for whatever.
What do you feel like?
[Supergirl grunts]
Kara, stay down.
[sighs] Can't you see
I'm trying to protect you?
[Kara groans]
Do we look like we need protecting?
[both grunting]
Woohoo, you guys are in trouble now.
you say you have a plan
stop the Legion of Doom
and free our friends?
What about Cythonna?
There is no Cythonna, Kara.
The ancient science
that amulet uses may be deadly.
But it's just another weapon.
Once it's out of the wrong
hands, it's harmless.
And you are confident in your plan?
What do you think?
[dramatic music playing]
We shall defer to the Justice League.
[all gasp]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Supergirl] Are you kidding me?
[girls groan]
Ooh! I can't wait till those
Super Hero Girls show their faces.
And we send them to limbo for eternity.
[all cackling]
Yeah, but since it's eternity,
we got time.
I mean, it's not like
we have to send them
to limbo today.
[Poison Ivy laughing]
You must be so proud.
As their confidence grows,
so does their malevolence.
Have you forgotten, Cythonna?
You are a silent partner.
[Cythonna scoffs]
Of course not. I appear to only you,
in this astral form.
[Lex Luthor shudders]
Albeit, weakly,
for, as you know,
my powers are limited
while I remain trapped
within this cursed prison forever.
It's not all bad.
Possessing your prison
grants me access to that limited power.
In return,
I only ask--
Oh, I know what you want.
And perhaps once I,
Lex Luther, am victorious,
I will indulge you.
If I'm in a good mood.
You haven't begun to know what I want.
[mysterious music playing]
[Supergirl] We're gonna defer
to the league?
Okay, I'll admit,
I don't know what defer means,
but I'm pretty sure you told him,
we just roll over.
Since when do we back down from a fight?
-Are you afraid--
-I am an Amazon!
I fear no fight.
your will is the strongest
of any warrior I have known.
And while that is part
of what makes you so mighty,
it can also make you vulnerable
when you allow it to become
This brings me no pleasure either.
But you chose me as your leader,
not to make popular decisions.
But the tough ones.
And what if the League
blows it? Then what, huh?
We left our only clue to stopping
anything at the North Pole.
[doorbell chiming]
[sighs wearily]
[cell phone ringing]
[Supergirl grunts]
Say, Kara,
what was that about leaving
our only clue at the North Pole?
You swiped my cousin's data crystals.
[euphoric music playing]
[Superman] Bet your friends
are mad at you, huh?
[Diana] Superman?
This was from you?
From him, actually.
[mutters indistinctly]
Join you!
I am sorry, but I already belong
to a team.
A team you dismissed!
Look, I don't know you well,
but I do know you'd never back down
from a fight against evil.
The only reason you stepped aside
was to protect them.
Because, at the end of the day,
they are just kids.
[mutters indistinctly]
And how exactly am I different, Batman?
[Superman] You're no kid.
You got more combat expertise
than any of us.
I have sworn to protect this world.
And to stand up to any threat.
But-- [sighs]
But you're worried about
dissing your friends?
This is bigger than that, Diana.
If Luthor wins,
a lot more than feelings
are gonna get hurt.
My precious son,
There is much you must know
about ancient Krypton.
Uh, Kara,
I know this is like a piece
from your lost planet.
So, please don't take this
the wrong way, but, snore.
Zee, don't be rude!
[machine whirring]
But can we just skip
to the part about the amulet?
[Jessica slurping]
And for such
a technologically-advanced society,
our home media playback systems
were surprisingly awful.
Then deglaze the pan
before adding the mushrooms.
Cremini mushrooms
of planet Earth should be good.
You mean we gotta sit through
all of these?
That'll take days.
Not if I can get my data
interface device up and running.
I'll be able to download
everything in seconds.
But if not, then, yes.
It will take days.
Uh. Isn't there at least a fast forward?
Ugh, we weren't cave people, Barbara.
[recording speeds up]
My sweet, beloved, cherished Kal-El.
Uh. And I thought my dad was mushy.
My role as Krypton's
lead ancient historian
is just as important
as my role as lead scientist.
My role as lead economic advisor--
[Jor-El] Lead municipality specialist--
[slams machine]
Lead flash fryer and tomato slicer
at Krypton's number one
fast food chain--
[Supergirl shushes] Here it is.
Long believed to be merely a relic
from a lost science,
the Amulet of Cythonna is, in fact,
something far more sinister.
For as impossible as it may seem,
the crystal within
does, in fact, contain
the essence of the Goddess of Darkness.
The actual goddess?
For eons,
the imprisoned Cythonna
has floated through the cosmos,
in search of the one thing
that may free her.
She feeds on the souls
of the wicked.
Like Luthor and the Legion of Doom.
The souls will become her servants
and, in turn,
create more evil for her to devour.
Ooh, I get it.
Luthor isn't using Cythonna.
She's using him.
That's actually way worse.
Once she has become strong enough,
-she will free herself from her prison.
-[crystal shattering]
-[all gasp]
-She will assume
a new Kryptonian vessel
and reclaim the universe
as her dominion.
The League has totally underestimated
what they're up against.
[gasps] We have to warn Aquaman.
I mean, the League.
We have to warn the League.
I'll call Diana.
Kara, what do you think
your uncle meant by
"a new Kryptonian vessel"?
I don't know.
Well, I guess we could listen
to some more of my uncle--
-[Jessica] I was just curious.
-No way.
[Batgirl] Guys.
Diana's not answering.
Hey, what's going on?
I thought this was
supposed to be a crossover.
Not that I'm complaining,
but we haven't done anything here.
While I am enjoying the escapades
of the heroes
that are both girls and super,
I do not see any evidence
of the crossing or the over.
Yeah, and what's the big deal
about this crossover anyway?
We already met the Super Hero Girls
a bunch of times.
Youse were even there
one time, you remembers?
That was on your show, you clowns.
And while your show plays fast
and loose with internal logic,
throws continuity out its window,
and chooses poop jokes
over actual story,
their show maintains
a coherent, cohesive narrative.
Yeah, but how are their ratings?
-[gasps] Wait a minute.
That's it.
We're not glomming onto
their popularity.
They're glomming on to ours.
[all gasp]
I's, I's don't knows what to says.
I feel so,
so used right now.
Much like the bauble
that Beast Boy for used
for the propping up of the TV.
I too am feeling wedged into something,
to which I do not belong.
With the assigned, expressed
purpose of holding it up.
This stinks, Control Freak.
Oh, come now, Robin.
I thought you'd be flattered
by how much they think of your funny,
action-packed, popular show.
Oh. Well, you flatter us.
It is pretty-- Hey!
You can't blow me off with compliments.
Yeah. I mean, if you don't
give us this event,
at least you can give us something.
Like a song, yo.
Break it down, Cy.
You say you got us
In this crossover thang
But this ain't how it's supposed to go
It ain't supposed to be like this, y'all
Where's the part where we
Meet the other team
And then laughing
And the dumb misunderstandings
-That bring us to blows
-Oh, oh, oh, oh
-Don't crossover my heart
-Don't do it
Don't crossover my heart
We must find the compare and contrast
-To our counterparts
Don't forget the obligatory romance
-Between two crossed hearts
-Don't push it, Rob
Don't crossover my heart
Don't crossover
[Control Freak screams] Stop!
And you wonder why you're not
featured in this event more.
My trap has been set.
Any remaining heroes
who oppose me will be crushed.
But what of the Kryptonian?
Look, I haven't forgotten your request.
Perhaps I'll honor it. If it suits me.
[dramatic music playing]
And it does suit me.
The Kryptonian you require
will arrive shortly.
The Legion's evil is making me stronger
by the second.
Soon, I shall be free.
I don't see any sign of Diana up here.
I'm coming up empty too.
Ugh, we better regroup.
So the last any of us heard from her was
that group text from an hour ago.
The one that just said, "I'm in"?
Yeah, but in what?
Actually, looking at this again,
I think the real question might be,
who are all these other numbers
she included on that text?
I just assumed it was another one
of Diana's tech goofs,
because I don't
recognize any of the numbers.
[Supergirl] I do.
This is Clark's.
And this one comes up as Jon Stewart.
Batman's emergency line is here too.
So, maybe including these other numbers
wasn't a mistake.
But including ours was.
And when Diana said "I'm in",
she meant...
In the Justice League.
Just curious.
That would make this last number
Aquaman's, right? [giggles]
[dramatic music playing]
Batman's traced the amulet's radiation
signature to this swamp.
We should be closing in
on the Legion's headquarters
any second now.
Ah, about time, man.
That dude can build anything
with that ring.
Try a little lumbar support
next time. Am I right?
Oh, okay. Another serious one, huh?
I am sorry?
No, no, it's cool.
Just between Sergeant Green-never-grin,
Dracula man and the Ego Scout,
[whispering] this team's got
the personality of a sea sponge.
I do not know this
Sergeant Green-never grin.
[chuckles] All right.
Well, none of these guys
has a sense of humor.
[Superman over radio] All right, team.
Let's go over the plan.
Superman will lead the direct strike.
While Batman uses the distraction
to sneak in and steal the amulet.
I'm gonna be honest here,
I am not completely sure
what he just said,
but I think it had something to do with
using the amulet
to free the other dudes?
All right, and then destroy the amulet.
[laughs] Right.
Is it just me, or is anyone else
having trouble understanding
the bat guy?
'Cause I'd be surprised
if it was just me
'cause I can understand jellyfish.
[Superman over the radio] Got a visual.
[dramatic music playing]
And it looks like everyone's home.
Game's over, Luthor.
Yep, it's a phony.
Just something I whipped up
to get your attention.
I call it a trans-thermal transmitter,
but you can call it a trap.
[metal clanks]
And you were
supposed to be the smart one.
All right, team.
[dramatic music playing]
This shouldn't take long.
-[Wonder Woman grunts]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Diana] Huh?
-What have you--
-[Superman] Okay, be cool.
We may have walked into--
Whatever that thing is,
-it's made of--
-[Luthor] Kryptonite.
I have what I need. Dispose of the rest.
Stand strong, League!
That's not cool, man.
So not cool, man.
[giggling] Where are your
little friends?
This won't be the same without them.
They're no threat to us now.
Especially without their
precious captain.
Hold up! This one's mine.
[both grunting]
[grunts] Harley Quinn?
-I will not spare--
-Ah, zip it would ya?
-[Diana] What is this?
-[hinges creaking]
These guys are out of control,
and they're getting eviler
by the second.
You need to get Babs
and your pals together
and save the day,
like you jerks always do.
Harleen, I am afraid that is unlikely.
For you see, I have--
Ain't that something. I don't care, go.
-[door slams]
Uh... Ra-koom!
Uh, welp, add another one
to the old Phantom Zone.
So, I take it things aren't
going well on the other side.
I can't believe the Legion of Doom
took out a team
of heavy hitters like you.
I can't believe you formed your own team
and didn't call it, "Super Friends."
[scoffs] Told you.
And I can't believe
you didn't ask Hal Jordan
to be your Green Lantern. I mean, Jon,
you're cool and all, but...
[whines] Come on!
Hal Jordan!
She sold us out.
Look, we're all mad at Diana,
but we have to trust her decision.
Tell 'em, Jess.
Honestly, right now, I don't know.
All my life, people have been
selling me short.
But, Diana?
I'm sure she's got
the team's best interests at heart.
Face it, Babs.
She dumped us.
No, she loves us more than anything.
I mean, after what she went through,
with me and Harley Quinn alone...
What about you and Harley?
Oh, did I not mention
Harley Quinn and Harleen Quinzel
are actually one in the same?
I mean, saying the names together,
it's kind of obvious,
so you probably already
figured it out. Right?
You and Diana knew
your bestie was a super villain
and you didn't tell us?
Technically, ex-bestie.
She threw me off a train, Barbara!
-[Jessica] Zee?
Babs, I... [sighs]
Forget it.
I quit.
Yup, me too.
What do we do?
What is there to do?
The League is handling the bad guys,
so, I guess...
We go home.
Good evening. Lex Luthor here.
You know me
as the entrepreneurial genius
who built a billion-dollar empire
with nothing more than his
preternatural savvy
and indomitable drive.
Today, I am allowing
these gifts to serve
a much higher purpose.
But first, I'd like to introduce
you to some friends of mine.
The Legion of Doom.
[all gasping]
I know, I know.
Pretty cool name. Am I right?
Anyway, about my new higher purpose.
I, Lex Luthor
and my Legion of Doom,
are going to take over the world.
You're saying, "Come on, Lex.
How are you going
to take over the world?"
You're gonna give it to us.
Cast your eyes skyward, folks.
[machine whirring]
All right, Cythonna,
show us what you can really do.
[people murmuring]
So, this is when I say,
you have 24 hours to meet our demands.
[crowd gasping]
Oh, my gosh. I forgot the best part.
Don't look for any clowns in tights
to save you.
We've gotten rid of them all.
Well, the important ones, anyway.
[all laughing]
You now have 23 hours and 59 minutes.
Since when you become
the brooding type of bat?
[growls] You picked the wrong time
to mess with...
-Where is the...
-Jester get-up?
Ah, taking a break.
Turns out I'm a big fan
of causing chaos,
but destroying the world?
Eh, not so much.
You quit the Legion?
Does this mean
you're not a bad guy anymore?
Let's just say, I'm taking a sabbatical.
Well, you couldn't have
quit at a better time.
A group of A-list heroes like
Wonder Woman is about to kick their...
You don't know, do you?
Know what?
Eesh, Babs! Current events much?
[cell phone ringing]
[Karen] Babs, emergency
at the junkyard. Hurry!
Bumblebee, I'm here.
Where are you?
Bumblebee, are you okay?
You got Bumblebee's distress call too?
[sighs] Harley Quinn.
What did you do with her?
Hold up, Zee. She's with me.
And that changes what exactly, Babs?
Whoa, easy! For once,
this girl's not with anybody.
Even less reason to trust you.
Quit arguing!
We've got to find Bumblebee.
[Bumblebee] I'm right here.
I faked an emergency call.
-Wait. What?
-[Zatanna] So not cool.
Because we got to talk.
I know we have different ideas of what
being a superhero means,
and honestly, that's what makes us...
made us, such a good team.
But what made us a great team
is that we always agreed
on the one thing a superhero isn't.
We've been putting our own issues
ahead of the greater good.
Whether it's a big shadow
only you can see,
or questioning the virtue
of someone you love,
or questioning the virtue in yourself.
Or maybe you're just afraid
to tell your friends
to be quiet and listen
when they're making a huge mistake.
Well, it's time to get over ourselves.
So, be quiet and listen!
The League may have made a big mistake
by underestimating the Legion of Doom.
But by claiming victory
without even considering us,
the bad guys made
an even bigger mistake.
They underestimated
the Super Hero Girls.
Time to kick some Legion butt.
[all] Yeah.
[Harley] A word of advice.
If you're planning to storm
the Hall of Doom,
bring hand towels.
The restroom dryers are the pits!
Wait. Harleen.
You're not going to help?
I said I didn't want
to destroy the world.
Never said nothing about saving it.
[sighs] Forget her.
We got work to do.
First, we got to get our leader back.
Now, just a minute.
She made a mistake, Kara.
One mistake.
How many of yours has she let slide?
Let's go get her.
But how? Isn't she in the Phantom Zone?
Have any of you been checking
your phones, at all?
-We've had a lot going on.
-Lost my charger.
Only to check the fashion month feed.
My beloved sisters.
I have wronged you.
I mean, it's cool she figured out
how to send a video,
but you think she'd have realized
her thumb was covering the scree--
Babs, listen.
[sighs] I know now,
that in trying to protect you,
I only hurt you, deeply.
And because of this failure,
I have humbly returned
to Themyscira, Mother.
There is a first for everything.
You of all people know
this is not my first failure,
but it is my greatest.
I was referring to your tears.
I cannot recall
ever seeing you cry, my child.
[Diana grunts]
As your mother,
I did everything in my power
to ensure failure never befall you.
I know, Mother. Thank you.
However, the one lesson I never taught
was what to do when it does.
We all fail, Diana.
And that was my failure.
One we will now rectify.
Lucky for you, we're all really familiar
with screwing up.
Yeah, we can give you the crash course.
[all shouting]
[sighs] We'll take it from here, Poly.
You are here. I thought you...
Broke up?
We did.
But Karen had a really inspiring speech.
Ooh, do the speech thing again, Karen.
It was more of an in-the-moment thing.
But we did watch your thumb apology.
And thanks to Jess' ring,
we got here a lot faster
than your row-boat.
Now, come on.
There's no more time for hugs.
Well, maybe one more.
[all chuckling]
All right. Diana,
let's save the world.
You still trust me to lead you?
More than ever, D.
With no other option,
the United Council of Nations
cedes its power
to the Legion of Doom.
[all cheering]
We make a good team.
Not bad for a Kryptonian.
I think we're past any delusions
of this being an actual partnership,
aren't we, Alexander?
[sighs] What on earth are you...
Stop talking.
With my power near its peak,
it's time you assume the role
I'd always intended for you
and your Legion.
I await your command, Cythonna.
Funny thing is,
you've been serving me since the moment
you touched my amulet.
You were just too blinded by your own
greed and ambition to realize it.
So blind.
What will you have me do?
Ugh! I shall soon be free.
I want to see my new Kryptonian body.
What was that?
The Kryptonian.
Just like...
I told you,
I needed the world's
strongest Kryptonian.
That was.
Wait. You mean--
Unlike that one,
Kara's strength is yet to peak.
Her strong will alone
makes her far more suitable
for divinity than this useless thing.
He may not be completely useless.
Our only chance is to catch the Legion
off guard with a surprise offensive.
Like going by these schematics
Batman gave you,
I don't see any way to sneak in.
But maybe we could sneak out.
Hey, what gives? It's empty.
I downloaded the data
to figure out a way
to get to the Phantom Zone
and rescue our friends.
You mean, you think you can create
our own dimensional portal?
But now I'm thinking we can create
something even better.
Whoa! A dimensional waterslide?
So, we know Cythonna's magic has
unlimited access to the Phantom Zone,
which makes the amulet like a hub.
Theoretically speaking,
it correlates with what
quantum physicists call
a Hamiltonian density matrix.
Here, look.
Bottom line, a way in is a way out.
Wait. I see what Karen's thinking.
You figure out a way to travel
to the Phantom Zone,
grab our friends,
but then come back through the amulet.
Which would put us smack-dab
in the middle of
the Hall of Doom.
With all of the heroes in full force.
Talk about a sneak attack.
Do you really think you could do it?
No, but you can.
Uh, come again?
I can figure out how to navigate
through dimensions
but without the right tech,
we have to travel the same way
Cythonna does.
With magic.
Well, why didn't you say so?
I'm your girl.
[Bumblebee] Dark magic.
Oh, dark... [chuckles nervously]
Yeah, I mean, I guess.
[Cythonna whispering] Kara.
[Cythonna whispering] Kara Zor-El.
[Cythonna] Kara Zor-El of Krypton.
I apologize if I interrupted you
and your friends
planning what promises to be
an adorable yet futile attack.
What do you want?
Simple. I want you to come get...
Kal. No!
[Cythonna] Want him?
Come get him.
Goddess or not, I swear I will beat you.
Kara, are you okay?
Listen, Diana,
you go rescue our friends.
I need to face Cythonna.
What? Kara, I must insist--
I know. I know. You think
I'm being my bullheaded self,
and I am.
But they have Clark.
-Then we should--
I am asking you to trust me now.
[computer trilling, beeping]
[Bumblebee] Okay. I think
we're ready to go.
-Where's Kara?
-Supergirl will meet us there.
Trust she knows
what she's doing, sisters.
I do.
Now, let us away.
All aboard The Phantom Zone Express.
Bubble us up, Jess.
Okay, Zee. Go time.
All right. Dark, creepy and often
uncontrollable magic coming up.
It's okay, Zee.
You got this.
[indistinct muttering]
[all screaming]
I never thought I would say this, but,
burritos for lunch was a horrible idea.
Zee, each off-shoot tunnel is a gateway
to a different dimension.
The Phantom Zone is coming up.
Now, make sure you...
[Dark Zee] You're gonna blow it.
Stop it. Stop.
I can do this. I can.
You don't seem so sure of yourself.
How can you be sure of anything
when you're not even sure
of who you are?
You're nothing. A nobody.
No one loves you.
-You are a freak.
-A phoney.
A monster.
No wonder your mom left.
[shouting] Stop it.
[all screaming]
Did I do it?
I'm not sure, but I think so.
Sisters, at the ready.
Weird. Awfully bright
for a Phantom Zone.
Are we sure
we're in the right dimension?
No, I'm not sure.
The dark magic...
It's okay, Zee.
I mean, we don't know
that this isn't the Phantom Zone.
Yeah, of course it is.
Now, let's find the other heroes.
Uh, I see heroes,
but I don't think they're the ones
we're looking for.
BB, you seeing what I'm seeing?
It's the Super Hero Girls, yo.
Oh, yes, the team
I wish to be the member of,
but refuse to say as such so as to spare
the feelings of my current team.
We actually have a door, but whatever.
Oh, come on.
This literally happened yesterday.
You mean, we've already been
crossed over and no one told us?
Well, the hits just keep on coming.
Just watch.
You'll play a very important role
in this story before its end.
Trust me! [chuckles]
We apologize, but do we know you?
Good one, Wonder lady.
I didn't realize you were the funny one.
It's like you're the 'me' of your team.
Come on, guys. It's us.
The Teen Titans.
You mean, the tween titans.
Didn't we babysit you once?
Do I in any way look like a baby to you?
[Beast Boy] Oh, I gets it.
They are good enough for our show,
but the moments we shows up
in their thing,
it's all like, "What's going on?
Who's are you?"
Hey, that's right!
Continuity snobs.
Guys, I think I know what's going on.
We've ended up in some kind
of parallel universe.
One that's similar to ours.
But with way larger heads.
And hands.
Our hands are very large too
So I guess I did mess up.
As fellow heroes, you can appreciate
the gravity of our mission,
for we face a crisis
of catastrophic proportions.
Forgive us if we seem underwhelmed
but we eat crises of
catastrophic proportions
for breakfast.
They're called jalapeno waffle bombs,
yo. Ha-ha!
Okay, Super Hero Girls, we'll help you.
Really, we just need a couple
of spare computer parts.
But I'm only saying this once.
My world. My rules.
I call the shots.
I say jump, you say, "I already did
because I'm so in tune
with your amazing leadership skills,
I knew what you were going to ask me
before you could even ask it."
[inhales deeply] Are we clear?
Oh, wow.
Is it possible that
you're even more annoying
than the Robin in my universe?
I'm pretty sure I can fix it.
True. True.
But let me hit you with this.
Why fix when you can upgrade?
Because I only need to...
Picture it, other BB.
This baby, with its own ultra TK
mega library of video games.
A taquito warming drawer.
Racing stripes.
Why would a computer
need racing stripes?
A computer would not need
racing stripes.
But a remote control
funnel cake deep-fryer would.
No way.
Any animal?
How about a fairy armadillo?
Oh, an aye-aye.
Aye. Aye.
A Chengdu yak.
Ooh! Does this mean
you have four stomachs?
I don't knows.
Let's find out.
[stomach rumbling]
[groans] That's not sitting right.
Ah, better.
Hold up!
[stomach rumbling]
[sighs in relief]
Uh-oh. Here comes number three.
How is it getting worse each time?
[sighs in relief]
[stomach rumbling]
Last one.
[sighs in relief]
Four stomachs in the house.
[stomach rumbling]
I got to go to the little yak's room.
Oh, hey, Starfire.
You guys sure do
things differently here.
I, too, was a comer
to the newness of this world
on a day that was
not long from this one.
Bet that took getting used to.
Permit me to give the piece of advice?
Sure, let's hear it.
[whispering] Despite the deliciousness
of their appearance,
cats may not be ingested.
Oh. Uh, thank you, Starfire.
Good to know.
Yeah, my team would
pretty much follow me
to the end of the Earth.
I mean, it's not like
being a better team leader
is a competition.
It's just, well, if it were,
I'd probably win.
And, if this mug is to be believed,
I already have.
You bought that yourself, didn't you?
[chuckles nervously] What? No!
Sheesh! Sounds like someone's got
a little mug envy.
Well, I have no mug,
nor any such boastful
beverage conveyance.
I do have a lasso that can compel anyone
to tell the truth.
Would you like to try it?
[mug breaking]
[high-pitched voice] I bought the mug.
You find them instantly
annoying too, huh?
[laughs softly]
They're not so bad.
We only have one bonehead on our team.
It's my fault we're stuck here.
Messed up a spell?
It happens.
It's more than a spell.
There's a part of me.
A dark part.
I've always been frightened of it.
But, lately...
Never mind, it's complicated.
I wish there was some way
I could relate.
Oh, wait. I just remembered.
I am Raven, daughter of Trigon,
demonic overlord of all he surveys.
[both laugh]
Not bad, other BB.
-We did it.
-You were right.
The racing stripes are a nice touch.
You two got the computer working?
I just need to power
the external V-drive.
So we'll need a AAA battery,
like the one in a TV remote.
[exclaiming nervously]
Our universe doesn't have remotes.
Yeah, yeah.
We's control TVs with our minds.
[button clicks]
Fear not. We will find a battery--
Oh, yeah. Battleship Bake Off!
So, did you have a battery, or no?
Huh? Battery? Oh, yeah.
Help yourself.
I think I saw one in the garage.
Or did I see one in the foyer?
Ooh la-la. Fo-yay.
[laughs] He means fo-yur, yo.
Fo-yur? Where's your flair?
Your passion?
Get some culture, fool.
-It's pronounced fo-yur, bro.
Fo-yay, all the way.
Of course, this building comes equipped
with neither the fo-yur, nor the fo-yay.
That's really not the point now,
is it, Starfire?
We do so have a foyer.
Wait. That's really more of a portico.
Do you have a battery or not?
Yes. You remind me of me.
Let's go find one.
[objects clattering]
Oh, oh, no, he did not.
Right, let's go.
So, Luthor,
what's the first order of business
as rulers of the world? [giggles]
Uh, hello?
What's with him?
Where is Superman?
Where is Superman?
[Giganta] Get her!
[Cythonna] That's enough, children.
Come, let's talk.
You've always believed in me, yes?
Let's just say I heard stories.
Then you know my essence
will soon be free,
and I shall require a strong,
new Kryptonian body.
Ain't happening.
Kal-El's coming with me.
Oh. And you wonder why others presume
Kal-El is superior to you,
when you yourself
make the same presumption.
Wait, you mean, you... you want me?
Well, I mean, I can't blame you.
I am pretty awesome.
Join me, and together, we will show
the universe the true meaning of power.
Yeah, that's going to be a hard pass.
Oh, well, in that case...
[ominous music playing]
-or he dies.
I'll give you
some time to think about it.
No! You can't do this.
[sinister music playing]
It's not about
not having dark thoughts, Zee.
It's about embracing those thoughts
as part of who you are.
But what if I do embrace them,
and I lose control?
What if I hurt someone?
Hmm. You might be surprised
what darkness can do,
if you give it a chance.
Out of all the infinite universes,
your magic just happened
to bring you here,
where you got a brief and
narratively convenient pep-talk
from someone who deals
with the exact same thing.
[creature roaring]
Yeesh! Who would've thunk
getting a little battery
would become such an epic hassle?
Dude, we face way epic-er hassles
for much smaller stakes all the time.
It's kind of our thing.
[electronic whirring]
Back online and ready to go.
I just hope Zee's up to it.
Next up, Phantom Zone.
You know, you might want to bring
the big guns with you on this mission.
Are they fighting over a remote?
Come on, BB. I've seen this episode.
Er, we appreciate the offer, Boy Wonder.
But this is our fight.
No, I get it.
It's your big adventure.
Bringing us along would
only upstage you.
I guess this is goodbye.
Thank you, Raven.
Bye Cy.
Let me know how
Battleship Bake Off ends.
Peace, love and animals, yo!
Keep them racing stripes shiny.
Take me with you!
So long! By the way,
our adventure was in theaters.
You okay, Zee?
Oh, I'm better than okay.
[grunts] Kara, I told you to--
I know what you told me, Kal.
Just because you think
you're so much better than me
doesn't mean you can tell me--
I'm not better than you, Kara.
Not by a long shot.
Then why are you
always such a jerk to me?
I never told you this, but
when you first got here,
I was so excited.
I thought, finally someone else
who will understand
just how lonely it is to be...
Super. You know,
saying it out loud just now...
Mm, it is kind of pretentious
to call ourselves that.
You're not lonely, Kara.
Look at your friends. They're family.
Then look at mine. Ugh, Batman? Really?
-Dude's got serious issues.
Are you jealous of my friends?
[sighs] I'm jealous of your strength.
Okay, I'm only going to say this because
you said something kind of nice, but,
Kal, you are way stronger than me.
Well, I am Superman.
[groaning] But that's not what I mean.
I was born with super strength.
It was handed to me. But, you,
your strength, your true strength
of character, of conviction,
you earned that on your own.
Way before you got anywhere
near a yellow sun.
Now we know there's gotta be an answer.
You just gotta use those noggins
right there, man.
You gotta use them to grab that answer.
Seriously, man, nothing?
-Is it a bread box?
-Ding-ding-ding, you got it.
Man, you're good, kid.
You are good. Whoo!
[instrumental music playing]
Anyone need a lift?
Any second, your master
shall be set free.
[electronic whirring]
Heroes! Take them down!
If I had my mace--
I shrunk it down to bring to you,
but totally forgot about it until
you said something. Sorry.
Oh, I missed you too.
Hey, Batman!
So, I know you know about the Joker,
but did you hear about me and Bane?
Oh, you did? Yeah? I beat him
pretty good. First try, too. Heh.
How'd you do against him
your first time?
I wish I had a clever remark
about you both being feline villains.
Looks as if you two
are ready for a cat nap.
Stick with what you know, Diana.
Oh, that the hardest Lantern can hit?
[Jon] No.
That is the hardest Lantern can hit.
Oh, now I get why they went with you.
[both grunting]
[groaning] Grundy angry.
How many Lanterns are there?
Three. It's a big number, I know.
Keep trying, you'll get there.
These no hold Grundy.
Yeah, that's kind of the point.
Oh, and all without
even throwing a punch.
Ah, look at that!
Got you again. Totally feeling
deja vu right now.
[laughs] So am I.
[ominous music playing]
-Back off, slick!
-Huh? [grunts]
Throwing cheap shots
at this one's my job.
Oh, my gosh, you changed your mind.
Come on! You knew I was always
gonna come around.
I just wanted to make
one of those perfectly-timed
bad-guy-turns-good dramatic entrances.
How'd I do?
Oh, pretty good. Thanks.
Can you see what's happening?
Kryptonite's messing
with my X-ray vision.
-Oh, no.
-What is it?
-She's free.
-Quick, Kara.
You gotta run.
She'll come for you.
[sighs] I'm not leaving you
like this, Kal.
Why do you have to be so bullheaded?
Yeah, yeah, I am bullheaded, aren't I?
Cythonna, I give up.
Do you hear me?
Kara... [grunts] What are you doing?
[Supergirl] Sorry, Kal.
I have no choice.
It's your lucky day.
I give up to you, Cythonna.
I'm all yours.
[grunts] Kara! No!
[laughs wickedly]
What exactly happened here?
[groans] Felt like evil overdrive.
Totally grody.
That's the last of 'em, Wonder Woman.
Good work, Hal.
Any sign of Supergirl yet?
Nope. Not of her or Superman.
Come on, Kara,
Kara is gone.
I am Cythonna.
What do we do, Wonder Woman?
Hal, you and the others
get the Legion to safety.
We got Cythonna.
No way. She's too powerful.
Carter, they can handle it.
This is a job for the Super Hero Girls.
Okay, Dee, what's the plan?
We fight.
I was so hoping you would say that.
-[effort grunts]
-[bones crack]
Kara, stop!
[echoing] Kara!
[rock music playing]
A rather strange representation
of your inner mind, Kara Zor-El.
It's my happy place.
Means I still run things in here.
I knew I wouldn't stand a chance
against you in the real world,
but I figure now,
at least I have some
home-field advantage.
[laughs mischievously]
Wait, are you challenging me?
Yeah, something like that.
[heavy metal music playing]
-Guys, she's fighting it.
What is that?
What do you mean,
in case I ever got out of line?
[sighs] Serious issues.
[panting] You caught me off guard.
Seems even I underestimated you.
Yeah, a lot of that going around.
[dramatic music playing]
[both grunting]
But you are no match for me.
Kara, are you still in there?
Oh, she's still here, suffering.
-[laughs mischievously]
[sighs softly]
Batman, wait!
I said, stand down!
Uh, I, I'd do what she says, Bruce.
Sisters, Kara is in there.
She needs us.
Kara, it is Diana. Fight this.
-Come on, Kara.
-Kick her butt.
We believe in you.
Show her who's boss in there.
[Wonder Woman] We are with you,
sister, always.
-You got this, Kara.
-You got this, Kara.
-You can do this.
-Do this.
I believe in you.
I always have.
Now kick her butt.
I can't wait to turn
your despicable world to ash.
This place only makes me
all of the more homesick for Krypton.
You know what I miss most about Krypton?
The crystals.
No, not again. Not again!
Zee, anywhere but here.
[rock music playing]
[all sighing]
You did it, Kara.
Thanks for trusting me, D.
[all sighing]
It's not like we're besties
or anything now,
but he is clearing out a room for me
in the Fortress of Solitude.
You mean the Buddy Bunker?
-[cell phone vibrating]
He can wait.
You know, ever since Robin
got all swept up in his Nightwing phase,
he's been bugging me.
Wow. I remember when you would have
killed to be his sidekick.
Well, I've got my own sidekick now.
Oh, no, you're the sidekick.
This girl's a headliner
through and through.
Besides, if Batman really needed help,
he's got his League buddies, right, Dee?
Yes, while I agreed to be
a reserve member,
my true place is here.
[glasses clinking]
Wait a minute.
They're talking about feelings
and what they learned?
That only happens at the end of the...
[gasps] This is the denouement.
The de-new-ment!
It's de-now-ement, Lord Fauntleroy.
Not today, BB.
This show's over.
And we weren't even in it.
I am not understanding.
You said we had the role
that is big to play.
Keep watching.
You know, Zee, I've been meaning to ask.
Where did you send
that Cythonna crystal anyway?
You know, since I've come
to terms with this
whole dark magic part of me,
I figured let it decide.
[all gasping]
[ominous music playing]
Now I know what you're up to,
Control Freak.
Or should I say, Cythonna!
Man, it's like a farago of B.O.,
barbecue corn chips
and rancid strawberry milk.
Cayenne and onion chips, thank you.
I knew something was up
when you complimented Robin.
Who does that?
But now you've shown your hand.
And for the record,
I was always on to you, Cythonna.
Even before Raven was, I'm sure.
But, I too was waiting for you
to show your hand.
What is my hand, Boy Wonder?
Well, [stuttering] I could tell you,
but I don't want to step
on Raven's toes.
She wants her crystal back.
That's right. It is mine.
Now, give it to me!
Starfire, catch.
-Give what to you?
The crystal!
Oh, you mean the crystal
that was in the hand,
but is now no longer in the hand
because of the keeping of away.
[Cythonna] Give it! Give it.
Horrible, horrible children.
Give it to me.
I demand it. My crystal.
Give it to me, you horrible,
horrible children.
I will destroy you.
I will destroy this whole universe.
We told you, C-train,
we don't do epic threats.
Raven, send this fool somewhere
they give a snot.
...at once! I demand you.
Please! I need it.
[yells] No!
Now what's we gonna dos?
I means, the TV's crooked, yo.
Nuh-uh. I can't watch a crooked TV.
You know the strain
that's gonna put on my neck servos?
So, Raven, where did you send
our friend and her little crystal?
I don't know. Somewhere.
Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...
Great Scott, what is this?
According to the Justice League
it's from this crossover dimension.
Holy crossovers!
Does this mean the Super Friends
have to travel to this strange
dimension and return it?
That is going to be a hard pass
from the Super Friends.
[theme music playing]