Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017) Movie Script

Speed it up, will you?
You drive like my granny.
We're moving with
the flow of traffic.
When do I get to drive?
My car, so, never.
Ooh, I'm gonna sign in
this thing called Twitter.
You put up what you're
thinking like, "I love pizza,"
or "I'm having pizza now",
or even "pizza is awesome."
All your thoughts don't
have to be pizza related.
Says who?
Hey, I could order a pizza,
while we're puttering
along here.
Ooh, great idea.
Gonna have pizza soon.
First twit sent.
What the heck is that?
- Flash, go find out.
- On it.
- Report.
- You need to see for yourself.
I'm not totally sure.
Big week for us. First, we
stop the fearsome five.
They were so pissed.
"You'll pay for
interfering with us."
Blah, blah, blah.
And now we get to
stop an alien brawl.
Which side do we join?
- Really?
- Looks can be deceiving.
Titans, go!
And the fact that she's hot
has nothing to do with it.
Buzz off, lizard lips!
Coming through. Excuse me.
I think Rapunzel is trying
to tell us something.
Speedy, you got something
loud to close that thing?
Got you covered, boss.
I did not see that coming.
Thank you.
I am Koriand'r of Tamaran.
Our kind can learn language
from the act of kissing.
Are you all right?
My sister, Komand'r, staged
a coup and took the throne.
I had to flee.
But I will soon return.
Well, you can stay with us
until you figure it out.
Yes, please.
I will ask sanctuary
for two or three days.
A week at the longest.
Let me introduce you
to my friends.
Oh, by the way,
I speak some Spanish,
if you wanna learn that.
Second year high school French.
Welcome to the teen titans.
Careful, you fool.
This equipment is worth
more than your lives.
The titans will be
there in less than a minute.
I see no signs of that.
Believe, don't believe,
your choice.
They're ready.
They're slow.
I hardly had time
to answer a post.
It's a tough climb,
especially in this moonlight.
They're bound to spot us.
If we wait for those clouds...
Terra is taking us up there.
She is?
Yeah, I do all the dirty work
around here.
Going up.
You've been gone
a long time, cowboy.
Let's move.
Quiet down.
The bug is nervous.
I'm not feeling too good
about this myself.
How come you're so calm?
You have never been a gopher.
Scarab, stop.
Control that thing, beetle,
or I'll control it for you.
You're going to have
a sword fight in here?
How about some place roomier
like a broom closet?
Everyone, calm down.
The enemy is above us.
You have to channel
all your thoughts to that.
Remember, these
opponents are different.
Uh, as Kori will tell you.
No, keep going.
I've been studying them
since I left the titans.
They're zealots, extremists.
They'll sacrifice themselves
without hesitation to get to you.
So, the quicker we
take them down, the better.
That about cover it?
Very well said.
Terra, can you do this?
Yes, if you'd all shut up.
We're six inches
under the floor.
Who wants to knock?
Titans, go!
"Thanks for getting us into the
impenetrable h.I.V.E base, Terra."
"Yeah, you're the best."
This bad guy is yours, mama.
Terra, stay with us.
Like I couldn't take out
all these jokers by myself.
We've been compromised.
Abandon the base.
They prepared well.
Their reaction time
is much better.
Robin, stop complementing
the bad guys.
But he's right.
Be ready for anything.
These dudes must buy their
bad guy stuff in bulk.
How about we do that move
you taught me last weekend?
I admire your boldness,
but what will the team think?
What? No, not...
Okay, you got me.
The training move, please.
Get in the truck.
Your service has come to an end.
Bless you all.
Watch it, dude.
Those are my friends.
At least act like you're trying to
keep your parasite in line, beetle.
That was unbearable.
Get it?
Could you not leave yourself
open like that?
I worry.
I'm sorry, babe.
I've been doing
a lot of thinking lately.
About what?
I think we should take the
next step in our relationship.
To be continued.
Say cheese,
and post.
Hey, how about a movie tonight?
Keep moving, Magilla.
The base is ours.
So, what were you saying
before we were interrupted?
Okay, good a place as any.
I got an apartment in the city.
I hoped, maybe,
we could share, you know,
Oh, snap!
No rock?
That's so lame.
On Tamaran, everyone
would gossip.
So it's a good thing
we live here.
What I'm getting is that they're
too good to hang with us.
Yeah, that's the takeaway.
Hey, I'm over
a million followers!
Call me Jefe.
You need to get your head
in the game, gar.
Or, maybe your head
is in a different game.
Who wouldn't want to date me?
I'm awesome.
But everything I do
pisses her off.
Want my advice?
Quit turning into a chimp
and stealing monkey kisses.
People think that's adorable.
Nope, no one thinks that.
Time out.
Gotta make a call.
Would you like to join me?
The staff helps clear the mind.
No thanks.
I'm just trying to avoid
green bean for a while.
I never cared much for the zoo.
If he's bothering you...
He's just a jerk.
Is it true what they
say about her,
that she has her father trapped
in that Jewel on her head?
Yes, his name is Trigon.
He's a demon.
They have issues.
Well, she knows
where she can find him.
You should talk to her more.
You'll find that raven
can be quite
No thanks. Too creepy for me.
Sounds like a good time,
Did you get my gift?
Sure did. Gift card to the
seventeen forever. My favorite.
Mom and dad wanna say hi.
Love you.
There's my baby boy!
Are you getting enough to eat?
Yeah, how's it goin'?
Still doesn't like me, huh?
It's getting better.
Let's not talk about that thing.
It's been two years.
I'm working on it, dad.
But it's hard, you know.
It's got a mind of its own.
- And a temper.
- Aldo.
For god's sake. He's with
a bunch of super heroes.
You think superman or someone
could take that thing off him.
You're supposed to calm down.
We can't have every call
end this way, Aldo.
Jaime won't wanna talk to us.
Why is the cake
coming out? It's not time!
Ah, your aunt, Consuela,
esta loca.
Go, mom, we can talk later.
I love you, Jaime.
Be good.
Consuela, give me that cake!
I better go too.
I'm sorry. It's just...
I miss my son.
Accessing most
recent footage on brother blood.
My church is a holy place
and we strive only to do good.
Come now, brother blood.
Isn't your church
just a glorified cult?
Unlike you,
Bryce, I believe in an America
where all beliefs should be
treated with respect.
It's a shame the press doesn't.
I'm afraid that's all we're going
to get from brother blood.
I'm Bryce Peterson.
-Have a good night.
Grandfather would have been
impressed with blood,
running a worldwide cult
as well as h.I.V.E.
They're the same thing.
He just makes them
look separate.
Do you ever get out
of that uniform?
Only when I bathe.
Might be time.
I'm good.
Goin' out.
I hear you're gone a lot.
Where do you go?
You realize I'm not a child who
needs permission to go outside.
Damien, I wasn't interrogating.
Just taking an interest.
I go out on patrol.
By the way, I should offer congratulations
on your cohabitation, Grayson.
Starfire has proven herself
to be a decent leader.
I approve.
Thank you.
Have you found anything
in the h.I.V.E. Files?
Nothing earth-shaking,
but I'm still checking.
Sounds like you got squat.
I love endangering
my life for nothing.
Which is why I've added
the newest files to the ones
too damaged to read,
from the previous raids.
I'm hoping the computer will
find a connection we missed.
It may take the program
a day or two.
Not your worst idea.
Hey, anyone seen Jaime?
Yeah, he's right there.
Something is wrong.
Yeah, there is. He's about to
be crushed at foosball.
You wanna come see?
Buzz off.
Maybe you should go.
Might be good to have
two of you down there.
And I say to you.
Those who deny the chosen,
have no place in
the Eden that shall be built.
Sinners and blasphemers
who do not share our values
need not apply,
brothers and sisters.
Hail, brother blood!
Hail, hail, hail.
Hail, brother blood.
Hail, hail, hail...
Ah, there you are, mayhem.
Punctual as always.
How can you be so calm?
That was the third base
the titans have destroyed.
My plan is nine centuries
in the making.
In every age, there are always
those who oppose me.
But as you can see,
I am always victorious.
Is that the reporter?
Our friend won't be asking
impertinent questions anymore.
His heresy does not compare
to the titan's threat.
We barely escaped them.
But you did,
because he warned you.
Our guardian angel.
Oh, stop your fretting, mayhem.
He'll keep the titans at bay.
I've foreseen it.
Plus, I pay the bastard enough.
Could you slow down, Jaime?
Go back to the tower then.
Nobody asked you to come.
Oh, come on. We're here
to support you.
I'm not.
What I mean is, I respect
Jaime not wanting to talk.
In fact, more people should
learn to shut their mouths.
Well, that's no fun.
Uh, okay, I give up.
The center.
My parents volunteer
for the one in my town.
Maybe I should volunteer.
Yeah, right.
We're titans.
We don't serve soup.
You don't have to
move a mountain
to help people, Terra.
Besides, I gotta find a way
to make the bug
more comfortable around humans.
Can I help you?
Yes, um,
I was wondering who I can
speak to about volunteering?
That would be me.
And there it is.
Just because we have powers
doesn't mean we can't, you know,
have relationships.
Don't you think?
Hey, there's nothing wrong
with having a life, right?
Kill her!
Kill the demon!
What's the matter?
This is lame. I'm out.
For nearly a millennium, I have
bathed in my enemy's blood,
and for some mysterious reason,
it has provided me immortality.
I have often wondered why?
Why me?
But now I know.
It was meant to bring me
to this age,
this place, this moment,
where technology can at last
be made to serve my greatness.
You've done well.
Advance the preparations,
mayhem. The time has come
for us to move from
immortality to glory.
Your service has come to an end.
Bless you, my son.
For a space Princess,
you sure have a lot of stuff.
I've had this
since I was a little girl.
It was the only thing
I had time to take.
Not again.
Terra, are you okay?
She's going to bring
the building down.
I can help.
What are you doing?
Get off me!
You were shaking
everything, Terra.
We came to check on you.
Are you all right?
It's a freaking nightmare.
Just leave me alone.
I'm okay, so, get going.
You heard me. Get going.
You too, Greeny.
Does that happen a lot?
It happens enough.
- What did you see?
- Nothing.
And if I did see anything,
it wouldn't be your business.
Everything that goes on
in the tower is my business.
Just like it should be
for all of you.
The last I checked, Damien,
Kori was in charge, not you.
So good to see you again,
my friends.
It's been too long.
Too long.
Don't make this weirder
than it already is, blood.
Are you referring
to the setting?
I myself take strength from it.
The cemetery isn't a place
to be feared.
It's a place of renewal.
I have no problem meeting
anywhere you want,
but I get concerned when
my employer talks to himself.
I talk to the dead,
for no matter how rotted the corpse,
there's always a tiny wisp of life left.
Sometimes enough life
to bring them back.
You of all people
should know that.
What do you want, blood?
I want to move everything
up by a week.
I've waited long enough,
That wasn't the deal.
I'll double your price.
Is that acceptable?
As before, I want
all the titans.
Can you do it?
To be ready for anything,
you must train for everything.
That was the most
important lesson
instilled in me by
the warlords of Okaara.
Them again?
And so it shall be
instilled in you.
Let's pair off.
Those not fighting,
watch and learn.
Shall we dance, good sir?
But of course, my lady.
Guess we know who's taking out
the garbage at the new place.
That was not
a confidence booster.
You did very well.
You lasted far longer this time.
I meant in training, of course.
He's very proficient
when we have...
Blue beetle, raven.
Sorry, raven, the bug
doesn't wanna lose.
And you do?
Dios mio! I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
What the hell are you doing?
Ah, I'm fine.
But dad feels
I've disgraced myself.
So that's nice.
Beast boy, Terra, you ready?
Right. Sorry.
I'll take it easy on Terra.
I'm gonna enjoy shutting you up.
Only if you catch me, mama.
Mon cherie, let Garfield
give you a big hug.
Mmm, so soft.
I let you go for a little kiss.
Kill her!
Now, witch, you get
what's coming to you!
Who you calling a witch?
She's going to kill him!
Terra, control yourself!
What's going on?
I'm sorry, it's not my fault.
- Let me calm your mind.
- No!
- Don't touch me. -It's
okay Terra, we understand.
Take a breath.
We're here for you.
Yeah. I know you didn't mean to hurt me.
I took it too far.
What's wrong with you people?
I know what you're going to say.
Terra needs more training.
No, it's something else.
She knows.
Since we talked, I have sensed
something off about Terra.
She needs to be
watched, Grayson.
She needs understanding
not surveillance.
Terra, has her rough edges. But
Corey thinks she's worth it.
And I agree.
Making decisions with your
heart will get people killed.
It's not like I can't sense the
vibrations of someone following me.
Even if they are on a roof.
I know what it's like not
to fit in with the group.
What's wrong?
Aside from monkey boy making me melt
down, or raven staring all the time,
Nightwing, acting like a den
mother, Jaime and his freako bug,
miss smiles-a-lot,
and you, my new stalker,
huh, nothing I guess.
If you need to talk
let us help you.
Such an observant,
considerate boy.
You would think he truly cares.
Slade? Look what hell
just spit up.
Stay back.
Let me guess, they got you to
a Lazarus pit, just in time.
Yes, I've been bathing in it
quite a bit, lately.
You might say, it's addictive.
Improves muscle tone too.
Losing your edge.
Your friends have made you soft.
Like I said, soft.
Took you long enough.
You betrayed us, why?
That assumes I was ever on
your side in the first place.
There you go, Mr. Fernandez.
- Great to have your help.
Thanks. -No.
Thank you.
I kinda needed this.
This just reminds me of home.
- Ow! Huh, hot.
- Careful.
You don't wanna get burned.
Do you hear that?
- I heard it before.
- Uh...
I hope there's not a short.
I think I heard it
move over there.
I know my pulse is racing.
But I'm in no danger. None.
Defensive measures are not needed.
Oh, boy, how do I explain this?
There's something humans
call sexual attraction.
Aye, my life.
Uh, Jaime?
What are you doing?
I thought I'd get
more comfortable.
You can't run over here at
the first sign of trouble.
I was losing it.
I had to see you.
Luckily taking Robin out works.
Grabs a handful.
Best to get him out of the way.
He was suspicious.
Always is.
Didn't say he was stupid.
He damaged the camera lens.
Greenie was asking for it.
It's taken a year to get the information
I need to defeat the titans.
Could've ruined everything.
Stay still.
- Kill her!
- Kill the witch!
Kill the witch!
She's a demon!
Kill her now!
Leave or die. Your choice.
Terra Markov?
I heard you're a special girl.
Is that true?
My name is Slade.
Looks like I got it.
Not yet, you haven't.
But you could.
- We discussed this.
- I'm not a kid.
- You said we'd be together.
- Not yet.
The contract is everything.
We need total
concentration for it.
You know it's taken
a lot of work to get here.
- Especially by you.
- I don't wanna go back.
The titans are always
acting like they care so much.
It messes with my head.
Just a little longer, Terra.
With the money from blood we'll
form our own league of assassins.
You and I.
Together in every way.
I didn't see you bringing quite
so many weapons to our new place.
- If you don't like them...
- No, no. They're great.
Is something up?
After the incident
at the training field
you met with members
of the team without me.
Yeah, we talked.
But it wasn't a meeting.
Kori, you know I'd never
undermine you, right?
They went to you.
You were...
Are a great leader.
So, they instinctively look
to you, now that you're back.
After all, I'm not even
from your world.
Hey. Stop.
You were chosen
by the team to lead them.
And have I told you how glad I am that
you've chosen to move in with me?
At least I was your first
choice for that.
Yeah. Well, gar's got his house and
Jaime couldn't afford the rent.
You brat.
Damian! Of course.
Perfect timing.
- Solo?
- He's working on something.
Have I mentioned
he approves of us?
So do I.
Yeah? Problem?
Not yet.
Nice visit.
I know I'm not easy
to get close to.
We have that in common, I think.
But I could teach you
some meditation techniques.
It might help you
stay in control.
Maybe. Maybe so.
The other reason I'm here is to tell you
the team's assembling in the common room.
I need a minute.
You go on ahead.
They know about Robin.
They don't.
Raven, being nice?
And there's nothing scheduled.
They know I'm working with you.
If they knew,
she wouldn't have come alone.
Unless they wanted
to get my guard down.
I don't think I can take
them all if they're ready.
Calm yourself.
The fools trust you.
Use that.
You guys scared me.
We can see that.
- Are those for me?
- They sure are.
For your one year anniversary
as a member of the titans.
- It was all raven's idea.
- I...
No one has ever done
anything like this for me.
Thanks a lot.
Dry those tears and let's
get this party started, mama!
The computer's done.
- The one with blood's files.
- Let's take a look.
File reconstruction
and integration complete.
That scientist used
to work for h.I.V.E.
Body never recovered.
Seems his personal lab
is still being paid for
by one of blood's
holding companies.
The titans
should look into this.
Beast boy's sending you
pictures of Terra's party.
Shame you're missing it.
You should go. Playing with
teenagers is about your speed.
I'm not gonna let
you bait me, kid.
Oh, what the hell.
Big man.
Why not get me out of here so
I can defend myself properly?
- Unless, you're afraid.
- Really?
You're down to hoping I'm gonna act
like the biggest stooge in a b-movie?
Your outfit said
"give it a shot."
Grandson of the demon's
head, you are not.
You're an entitled brat.
I rose from nothing while you
had everything handed to you.
You cost me my rightful place.
And the family you betrayed.
They turned on me
by choosing you.
You took my old family, Damian.
So I'll take your new one.
I should reply.
"I am well and will
see you soon."
You're more of a dick.
"Undercover. Don't bother me."
Shame I don't have more
time to break you down.
Inside a month, I'd have you bringing
me my pipe and calling me papa.
Slade? Get your
head out of your ass.
- You seeing this? -And if
we do find the scientist,
we want him alive at all cost.
We leave in five minutes.
Be a good boy.
Careful. Watch your spacing.
Any idea what that gizmo is?
Nothing good.
He's deleting.
I vote we stop that.
That makes two of us.
Okay, three.
Step away from the computer.
You won't be hurt.
Go after him. I'll cover you.
We should have
stayed at the party.
Quit complaining.
Oh, you wanna play?
That's it? Lame.
What do you want
to ask him first?
Bad luck for him.
At least it wasn't one of us.
Yes, bad luck.
That we couldn't speak
with him about these.
Maybe he was a fan?
Is it really a surprise
they would study us?
We've been defeating
them for months.
And you were after them
even before that.
But this stuff is so in-depth.
Things on genetic makeup.
Theories on raven's power.
Beast boy's too.
And beetle's suit.
What's it for?
We need to get Robin back here.
You know how stubborn he can be.
He's a titan.
He needs to be here.
Nothing like laser-spewing h.I.V.E
drones to take you out of a party mood.
I'm beat and I'm making
lunch at the center tomorrow.
In more exciting news,
I've been invited to be on Kevin
Smith's podcast at Metrocon tomorrow.
Hold up, Starfire's got
something to say.
With what we discovered tonight,
we all need to be extra vigilant
and not take any chances.
Are you kidding me?
It's Kevin Smith.
I didn't say don't do
what you have planned.
But keep your eyes and comm
lines open at all times.
I have a feeling whatever blood is
planning tonight is just a prelude.
Sorry your party
was interrupted.
That's the way it goes.
Don't let all that talk
back there shake you up.
You know I got your back.
It's other stuff.
Like what?
I'm all ears.
You've a pretty smile.
Do you know
how I became an orphan?
Uh, your parents died?
After I got powers,
they freaked.
Thought I was possessed
or something.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I don't need your pity.
It can be a bond, you know?
Everyone on the team's
had it rough.
I can tell Princess sparkle thong knows
all about eating from a dumpster.
Kori is a refugee being stalked
by her homicidal sister.
Jaime has a family
that loves him.
And, because of the bug, odds are he's
never seeing them face-to-face again.
I think pain is what
makes a hero.
It's like a pressure that either forms
a diamond or grinds you into dust.
But what about you, chuckles?
Aside from an unhealthy online
presence, you're normal.
Yeah, you're green.
You wouldn't change
it if you could.
You like the attention.
it looks okay on you.
You didn't kill me.
This time.
Don't get used to it, jerk.
Yes! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Yeah, baby! Ha-ha!
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah, baby!
Let's go!
Nice play.
Almost bought it myself.
We move tomorrow.
I'm tired, gar.
Yeah, sure, totally get it.
See you tomorrow.
And the next day.
Yeah, I got them all in.
Hey, I know I'm
a noob but I got this.
See you when you
get here, Traci.
The guest of honor with
one million followers is...
Uh, here?
Kevin? Other guy?
I think we should look over the
files again, this afternoon.
Make sure we didn't
miss anything.
Sure thing.
And per your orders,
I'll check on Jaime and gar.
You don't have
to do that, but thanks.
By the way...
The warlords of Okaara didn't
teach me much about cooking.
I think you should pick
something up on the way back.
See you soon, babe.
What's going on?
Not sure. It should be open.
We got a new guy.
Titans, blue beetle
has been taken.
Gather at the tower.
This is Kori and dick.
We're not home now.
So leave a message.
Starfire, pick up if you're there.
I'm going to get beast boy.
Get to the tower now.
Oh, come on, gar.
Kori, you here?
Bad day, Nightwing?
It's about to get worse.
What have you done
with Kori and the others?
Don't fret.
I'm here to take you to them.
Bring it, asshole.
Akido needs work.
Your spacing's for shit.
You're overrated, kid.
Damn it.
Screw this.
You could have died by the
blade with honor, Grayson.
Is it done?
Yeah, we're good.
He's lying to you.
About everything.
He had you
pegged from the start.
That's how he does it.
Mixing truth with lies.
You're so freaking annoying.
You don't know anything
about him.
He saved me.
Let me guess,
he kept you isolated.
Told you everyone
was your enemy.
Trained you, ruthlessly.
And promised you
exactly what you wanted.
Believe me, I know.
I've always hated you.
You and all the others.
The titans
treated you like family.
And you threw it all away.
Can't I leave you
for two minutes?
I can see why you want him dead.
What's wrong?
In a few hours, we're gone.
It's as good as done.
Just glad this is over.
You've been in deep cover
for a year.
It's perfectly normal
to have feelings for them.
But after this
we can be together.
Just like you wanted.
Concentrate on that.
Computer, track
Terra Markov's phone.
Discovered, subject is moving.
I'll bet she is.
Brothers and
sisters, I have spoken many times
about false gods.
These so-called heroes with
no allegiance to our cause,
are nothing but secular idols
and must be ended.
This is the true house of faith
and I am the one true god.
Hail brother blood.
Hail, hail!
Today, I am claiming
their powers for us all.
For we are the seeds
of the next generation.
We are the hive of humanity.
And nothing
will stand in our way.
Raise me this holy day.
The day of blood.
Hail brother blood.
Place gives me the creeps.
I hear you.
Huh? Guys, raven's not moving.
Something's keeping me
from using my powers to morph.
Yeah, the machine's doing that.
But, I'm the one
who put you here.
What have you done to Robin?
I beat the crap out of him
for being mouthy.
Come on,
you've all had the urge.
Once I get out, I'm gonna
break you into little bits.
It's good to have goals, ese.
Me, I'm having waffles,
after you're dead.
By the way, can I introduce
you to my assistant?
I think you've met.
Hey, team, how's things?
Terra, what did he do to you?
Nothing. And I've asked
a bunch of times.
Terra was a key part of my plan.
A natural double agent.
That can't be true.
What can I tell you, Goldilocks.
You win some, you lose some.
We took you in.
Helped you.
Yeah, well, thanks.
Now you're gonna die.
Geez, not a lot of
gray area there, huh.
Place reminds me
of my parents' church.
Bunch of crazies.
Insolent trash.
Who you calling trash?
Keep it together.
Let's be civil to our guests.
Our business
is not yet complete.
Sure it is.
You wanted the titans,
and here they are.
Not all of them.
Not Nightwing.
It ruins the machine's symmetry.
We agreed some deaths
might be unavoidable.
Things happen.
I accept that.
But I told you even in death
there is life to be drawn.
Where is the body? Unless you
have a body, you're one short.
Therefore, our contract
is not complete.
Happily there is still a path
to the salvation of our deal.
Don't you agree?
I should have charged more.
With her powers,
you're getting an upgrade.
Now, our business is complete.
Slade, help me.
Sorry, kid.
But a contract is a contract.
You'll pay for this.
Oh, it's a shame
you have to go, sweet cheeks.
We would have been
fantastic lovers.
You know,
since we're both newly single.
Let it begin!
You think yourself
a holy man, blood?
You're filth.
Take heart, sinner.
You are about to become
part of the greater good.
We're gonna show you
the greater good.
By kicking your ass.
No god is going to
save you, deathstroke.
Word to the wise, blood,
whatever you're gonna
do to them, do it quickly.
Not feeling so good.
I consider their pain a retribution
for their sins against me.
Have a nice day.
Oh, don't leave now, brother.
Everyone stays for this part.
What part is that, brother?
When their powers are transferred
and I ascend to god state.
Hail me, brethren, for the moment
of ascendency has arrived.
Hail, brother blood.
Hail, hail.
Hail, brother blood.
Hail, hail.
Hail, brother blood. Hail...
Yes, my children, this vessel
shall now transform me...
And you are witness.
Hail, brother blood.
Hail, hail.
I feel it.
My godhood is nearly complete.
Praise him.
All hail brother blood.
Hail, hail.
I knew you'd come.
Hey, papa, here's your pipe.
Save some for me.
Don't you know, I am the chosen?
Don't you know, I am divine...
I'm gonna kill you.
I was being studied,
like all the rest, wasn't I?
You planned this
right from the start.
Calm down.
This is all
a big misunderstanding, love.
Terra, no.
Oh, shit.
You heathen brats.
You've destroyed my holy temple.
You've robbed me of my destiny.
You will die.
You cannot harm...
No, you stay away from me.
You demon filth.
They're not demons.
Let me show you one.
What the hell?
I planned so long.
I was destined, can't you see?
Please, I beseech you.
I am blood.
I am...
I won't let them cage you,
my love.
Come on.
So long, kid.
I'm sorry.
No, Terra...
- No... -We have to go. The
place is gonna collapse.
So, let me ask you this, man, how
do you become a titan exactly?
I mean, is there an audition?
Do you look at videos?
'Cause I've been working
out, you know, I want in.
Well, Kev, I guess the most
important thing to being a titan,
is to have
a strong sense of family.
Some of us don't have our own,
so, we support the ones that do.
Of course, an outgoing personality
does hurt but, you know,
you gotta have a power.
Something cool.
Something cool? Listen, you turn into
animals, man, that's beyond cool.
But, it's not just about
the cool super powers,
snazzy uniforms
and daring adventures.
It's about us
helping each other grow.
Be better people.
Listen, I know you're not supposed
to talk about this, but I just gotta ask.
There's a new girl, right?
All I can say is that she's
a wonderful addition to the team.
- Come on, gar...
- Starfire would kill me.
There's no way starfire is listening
to this, man, she's brushing her hair.
Forget it. My lips are sealed.
Whoa, man, he just turned into
a seal, folks, I swear.
But really, gar, is she gonna,
like, replace Terra?
Yeah, you know, there are lots
of stories about her.
I know.
Ooh, too soon?
I mean, that's cool honestly,
if you don't wanna...
But, I'd like
to say something...
There are a lot of people who've
been handed a rough life.
They never asked for it, but...
They do what they can.
Many of them
can't rise above the hurt.
It's just too hard.
But in the end,
when the chips were down,
and she finally showed
her true self,
Terra Markov was like a diamond.
Most beautiful thing
that I'd ever seen.
I talk to the dead.
For no matter
how rotted the corpse,
there's always
a tiny wisp of life left.