Tehzeeb (2003) Movie Script

"Mom... where are you, mom?"
Tell me something.
How much do you love me?
So much!
"Do you love your mom more, or me?"
You... you are always with me.
Look there.
"Liked the girl's voice?
- Yes, it was good."
Better than mine?
- Ofcourse not better than yours.
I'm going.
I'll be late in the evening.
For you.
This wasn't necessary.
- Keep it.
Bye dear.
"To run the house, I don't
care whether it is day or night."
And you are taunting me?
"Don't belittle me more, please!"
Time has already belittled me.
"Please Anwar, stop drinking. If your
business didn't run, it's no big deal."
You can still do a lot.
"If you like, even you can do a lot."
You can at least save this house.
"Come on, hurry up."
I will be late coming back. Take
care of yourself and your sister.
When will you return?
"Sorry, I could not come.
I was not keeping well."
Rukhsana did come.
She hasn't returned home yet.
Was someone with her at the party?
"Tazo, Daisy, go to your room,
and take Nazo too."
"And listen, look after her always.
Stories are strange.
That is why the incident of
that day was left unfinished.
"The revolver disappeared. Neither
Rukhsana, nor the police knew..."
where the revolver disappeared.
Rukhsana Jamal
was arrested for murder.
"Thousands of questions were asked,
but she didn't answer any."
"She had contacts with ministers,
top lawyers, and industrialists."
"On appeal, Rukhsana Jamal
was released on bail."
Just a minute.
"Murderess, give me a pose too."
"Due to lack of evidence,
the court acquitted Rukhsana Jamal."
Public memory is short.
People forgot Anwar's murder.
Rukhsana Jamal returned to the
recording studios.
"Result? A new private album,
Tanhai (loneliness)."
And Rukhsana Jamal once again
became popular in the world of fame.
Only one person remembers
Anwar's death still.
And that's Anwar and
Rukhsana Jamal's daughter...
And this was our first meeting.
I accept... I accept... I accept.
I accept... I accept... I accept.
Why this black dot?
- It saves one from evil eyes.
I've already been eyed.
- By whom?
What are you doing?
"I am a writer. I sometimes write
in English, and sometimes in Urdu."
Now this beautiful relationship...
"is 5 years, 6 months, 12 days,
3 hours & 6 seconds old."
We greet 'Good morning' to
each other with the hope...
that today's day turns
out to be special.
Does it really...
Salim! You dropped ink
on my table again!
Why do you use pens like an
old fashioned accountant?
Why don't you use the computer?
"You won't understand, love."
The joy one gets on framing
words with your hands...
cannot come on a lifeless computer.
Don't tell me you are going to write
another third rate romantic novel.
What is that...?
' Bilkis Bano's fever'.
'Shahnaz's wallowing sighs'
"The fever has subsided,
and the sighs have stopped."
"The title of my new novel is...
Are you listening, love?"
"Yes, Salim."
"Yes love, I am writing your story."
Not at all! There is nothing worth
writing about in my story.
Leave that to me.
"If the carpet of time is removed, one
can see many a story hidden like dust."
Please stop talking in
that novelistic language.
"Tehzeeb, we even
have a cat in the house."
I don't think the
fish will live long.
Those who die young are happier.
How much butter you eat!
And you know I don't like such things.
Then why do you
insist on annoying me?
Why are you getting annoyed?
"It's such a pleasant day,
even the weather is good."
Even the mood is good.
Romantic indeed!
And who will serve breakfast to Nazo?
I'll serve it to her.
- Not at all! She's my responsibility.
Why do you keep getting annoyed?
- Why do you keep annoying me?
"All right, give me a smile.
- Why?"
Because the crooked line of a smile
reaches the heart straight!
She smiled!
What impudence is this!
"If you do this again,
I'll send you to prison!"
Do you want to go to hospital?
Don't behave like that.
Now have breakfast like a good girl.
"All right, don't have milk."
Is it necessary to drink everyday?
"Yes, but one must not drink."
"'Your eyes are no less intoxicating,
But what?
"' Even your eyes ask for liquor,
even bars drink"'
O great! You really do
mess up a good couplet!
"Thank your stars I am not a poet,
or what would become of you?"
The same that's happening
reading your cheap novels.
Those times are gone.
You know whose story
I am writing these days.
I know. Me and my mom's story.
Oh God! Mom's programme...
I'm too much!
Mom's programme?
- Yes love.
"'The honour of music,
the desire of fans..."'
' is going to come face to face'
"You have no right to
make fun of my mom, Mr. Salim."
"Sorry love, I had forgotten;
only you have that right."
She's come!
Rukhsana... meow!
Hello! Greetings to millions
of fans of Rukhsana Jamal.
Life is changing fast;
and so is our music.
"It's the world of rap,
pop, rock, and remix."
Old melodies are being remixed with
new music and new tunes are created.
You will see a glimpse of this
new music in my new album...
' Pyaar Beshumar'.
"Tonight, I am presenting
one song from this new album."
For the new fans of new music!
Here goes!
"My admirer!"
"O my admirer!"
"Why are you annoyed?"
"Why are you suspicious?"
"O my admirer!"
"Now that we have met,
forget all differences"
"I have accepted my mistake"
"I always loved you,
but didn't tell you so"
"I had silenced my lips"
"O my admirer!"
"I thought you will understand me"
"I thought you will recognize me"
"There was love even in my anger"
"Though the word meant refusal,
it expressed consent"
"My style..."
"My style you were always aware of"
"Unsaid, unheard,
yet why is it a story?"
"O my admirer!"
- Where?
"Come, I'll share all
my thoughts with you"
"I'll express my feelings to you"
"If you are with me,
I have no sorrow in the world"
"Even if I cease to exist,
at least you are there"
"In my next step
in the path of time"
"You will find me
wherever you go"
"O my admirer!"
"You were great today, madam.
It was a great performance!"
What is your name?
- Palak.
Here you are.
What a lovely child!
Bless you.
"Mr. Bali, for a minute I felt it was
my little Tehzeeb standing before me."
My daughter was so cute.
"Hi Tehzeeb, how are you, dear?"
How are you?
How come you thought of us today?
"How can you say that, love? Can
a mother ever forget her children?"
You are my life!
- We were watching your show.
It is great.
- Really? Thank you.
But singing is no more a joy.
It's only for survival.
I called to tell you
I am coming for a visit.
You are coming to our house!!
What's so surprising?
Even my children have
a right to my time.
"No mom, it's just... that I
cannot believe it."
"After so many years...
- Enough, please! Don't taunt me now."
You know my reasons.
When are you coming?
- Tomorrow.
I have to go. I've been
invited to Mr. Amar's party.
Wait for me.
Good night.
Good night.
Who was it?
"I don't ever want to lose you, Nazo."
"You are my darling, only mine!"
Nobody else's.
She didn't bother
for so many years.
"And all of a sudden,
her affection is overflowing!"
"You know Salim, I sometimes
feel mom is made of air."
You never know where she'll turn.
She is not happy with our marriage.
But I don't understand why.
"I look good enough,
I even have ancestral money."
"Apart from smoking and drinking,
I don't have any kinky habits."
We married against her wishes.
- But with her daughter's consent.
Doesn't she want you
to have a loving husband?
I don't even know now
whether you love me or not.
"Love!! Sweetie, since when
did your tongue become acid?"
I'll give you proof now!
Surrender yourself to me!
"What happened, Umrao? You didn't
like my humming, or my applying dye?"
"Old is gold, understand?"
My heart sometimes does
miss my children.
I have no complains
against my daughter.
But Salim ruined her.
Wonder how much she has changed.
You have done a great
favour in visiting your dear ones.
Damn! This sounds like
cheap school level play.
I sound like an old English lady.
'Your arrival has
brought along spring'
"' Mom, it seems your arrival
has made our desert bloom'."
"Tehzeeb, my darling!
Have you forgotten your mom?"
It will be obvious I'm acting.
Madam Rukhsana loves to be praised.
You look just the same!
Just as beautiful and young!
"What magic potion
do you possess, mom?"
"Come to think of it,
why say anything?"
"I'll just go,
open my arms, and that's it!"
"Good night, Umrao."
"I feel jealous of you.
You will enjoy here..."
and I will have to smile
and trouble my jaws at the party.
Can't help it. One has to pay
the price of being a public figure.
"Stop your nonsense, Tehzeeb. Why do
you have to say or do any of this?"
Does one have to do all
this to meet one's mother?
The eyes reveal what the heart feels.
"If you want to talk, come and
talk to me. Why tire the mirror?"
I'm washing my face.
Your tears have
already washed your face.
"Yes, my love?"
"Do you know, mom is going to
come today. Get dressed quickly!"
"Nazo, why this spread-out?
Mom will come any minute."
What are you doing!
What's shameful?
- A bird's nest.
Mom won't like it.
- Bad hair day today!
I'm fine the way I am;
whether anyone likes it or not.
Quite a grand bungalow.
Have you ever heard of him?
- No madam.
I have only heard your name.
I just bought your new album.
"Tehzeeb, your hair is the same
even after so many years."
Use a brush in your hair sometimes.
Looks like the crow took offense.
"Damn that!
Give me a hug, love!"
My darling!
You have pulled down. Doesn't
Salim give you enough to eat?
"No, I'm dieting these days."
Diet? I should be dieting.
But my fans say...
'We love you the way you are!
Don't reduce your weight'
I have to listen to those
I am living for.
Don't you have any servants?
Salim had to suddenly
leave for the city...
"I asked about the servants,
not Salim."
They are on leave today;
I'll take your bags in.
"I am stronger than you. I'll
carry the bags, you bring Umrao."
You didn't tell me even she is here.
I was thinking of visiting
her in the hospital.
"Call it hospital, or prison?"
I and Salim released this
prisoner five months ago.
"What nonsense are you talking!
She was not in jail, but in hospital."
"That too, in India's
best private hospital."
"Away from dear ones, even hospital
is worst than the loneliness of jail."
"Nazo, look what mom
has brought for you."
A white cat!
"And anyway, the doctors have said,
more than medicines..."
"Nazo needs her dear ones.
Specially, her mother."
But you didn't even care to look
her up in the last five months.
"All right, if not her mother,
her sister."
You have taken her responsibility;
why are you rubbing it in?
Do you know anything?
I don't have time even to breathe.
I was on a tour of
Europe for three months.
But Bali was not dead;
you could have told him.
He would have informed me.
"Had I informed you,
you would get upset."
And that makes your
blood pressure rise.
"All right, it's good what you did."
My darling! My bird has flown
from paradise to meet her mom!
"Nazo, my love,
mom is tired."
Mom is tired.
- You must be enjoying this game.
"The one who has never played,
what fun can she derive from playing?"
We will play; we will play everyday.
"Yes, my love.
- Mom, you will play with me?"
"Yes love,
mom has come to play with you."
My love.
What is this?
My darling is crying.
Don't cry; it's a happy occasion.
- Yes.
"Here, I drink your tears.
- We will play."
"Mom, everything
is the way you like it."
"Three soft pillows,
two small, and two big towels."
Hot water with honey for drinking.
And your favourite rose flavored
soap in the bathroom.
Thank you love;
but why these balloons?
There are other ways
to remind me of my age.
"Mom, you sure can hurt people."
Come here.
Look what I have brought for you.
It's very pretty.
Come here. See how beautiful
it will look on your delicate neck.
And for Nazo?
- Nazo...
How was I to know even she will be
here? We'll buy something for her too.
This is for you.
"No mom, Nazo will feel hurt."
"Give this to her. And anyway,
I don't like gold jewelry."
You sure can hurt people.
"Mom, bathe quickly.
It gets dark earlier here."
Is Salim coming to dinner or not?
"Ofcourse, he must be on his way."
I didn't know you were
so desperate to meet him.
Why not? Let me see if my daughter's
husband has changed or not.
I'll get dressed and come.
Even the tap is like Tehzeeb.
You never know when it will burst!
I cannot come
for the champagne munch.
I have to meet some writer
Come. I didn't expect you to come.
- Why?
A brand new director of a publishing
house comes to meet a writer...?
It's something great.
"Ohio or New York, Malabar Hill
or Manhattan, makes no difference."
"The people, the traffic,
pollution, everything is the same."
I have read your novels.
They are quite spicy.
Yet your publishing house is
not ready to publish my new novel.
"That's a policy matter, Mr. Salim.
- Only Salim will do, Ms. Sheena."
"Only Sheena will do, Salim."
I'd ordered it beforehand.
"Look Salim, there is a market
for your romantic writing."
"Your love stories are quite popular
in North India, lndonesia & Middle East"
"Now you are writing a serious novel,
for which there are few readers."
It's a business risk for us.
Why don't you write a love story?
Because love is not life.
I mean...
Iove is only a part of life. And
I... want to write the story of life.
"Sorry, life is not
valued in our country."
There are very few who value life.
"All right, then some other publishing
house will publish my novel."
You are annoyed.
- Ofcourse.
"But not with you,
with your publishing house."
I like your honesty.
It's quite late.
I'll take your leave.
"If you don't mind,
I'll pay the bill."
I don't mind.
My darling Tehzeeb has fought with
her mother and is sitting outside.
I'll pacify her.
I know you are angry with me.
"Rukhsana Jamal, the terror, has come
to our house for the first time..."
and your Salim is so late.
"Don't say a word!"
What is the matter?
You seem quite healthy today.
You seem to be in a nice mood.
Surrender your ears to me!
Brazen... uncivilized... uncouth!
I could have fainted.
It was because of that shawl;
not my fault.
But an educated man has
some standards even for humour.
"Sorry Madam Rukhsana, for
not meeting your expectations."
Yes... yes... who's calling?
Hold on... call for you.
"Must be my secretary, Bali.
- No, it's some Suresh Kumar."
He reached here too!
- Who is he?
"Some journalist. He cannot write for
Adams, & says he'll write my biography."
Say I'm dead.
- She is dead.
"I mean, she has left;
not this world, but this room."
"She cannot come on the line,
because she is in the bathroom."
Strange man! Is it a crime to
bathe at night? It's her wish!
"Saw what a stickler he is?
Next time he calls, say I'm not in."
"I've gone out, I bathing, anything!
- Even I want to bathe."
"Not now, in the morning.
- And I'll glow."
"Mom, shall I serve you
some more Biryani?"
Liked it?
- It's yum. You cook well.
But what's great about that?
All women do that.
I would appreciate if you had
concentrated on your singing career.
Then the world would know
Rukhsana Jamal has a daughter too!
Even I am your daughter!
Even I am your daughter.
"Yes, even you are my daughter.
You are my fairy."
I am a fairy!
Mom gave it to me. Isn't it lovely?
- It's very lovely.
"Next time,
I'll bring one for Tehzeeb too."
You will come
again... I don't think so.
Don't taunt me.
Man has some compulsions too.
"My wife makes excellent coffee.
More milk, less coffee."
I'm ready to take the risk.
- Let's take the risk!
"Is Tehzeeb happy, Salim?"
I think she is.
I had very colourful
dreams for Tehzeeb...
in which there was
only applause for her.
I know you wanted Tehzeeb
to be a singer like you.
"Yes, because she is talented."
But you didn't let my
dreams be fulfilled.
"Don't take offense, but Tehzeeb's
dreams are more important to me."
Even I wanted Tehzeeb to sing.
But she is happy in her small world.
And in her happiness lies mine.
"Wow! You made yourself the
sacrificial lamb..."
and benefited from it too.
"Moreover, you got an educated
girl to do the house chores for free."
"If you really loved her,
you'd encourage her talent."
Who loves Tehzeeb more...
it is better to leave
that decision to Tehzeeb.
"Sister no!
- Nazo, stubborn girl!"
She ran and came here.
She is not ready to sleep.
Let her be.
"Tell me, does your sister
sing, or has she quit singing?"
She sings.
She sings melodious lullabies for me.
Sing that song
which I had taught you.
I have forgotten
everything you taught me.
"lmpossible! The way I have taught you,
you cannot forget even if you want to."
Please sing!
"No mom.
- Sister, sing."
Please sing!
"You would have no complains..."
"or grievances against me"
You sing.
A song is not just
made by music and melody.
"Feel it,
only then will the words have soul."
"You would have no complains..."
"or grievances against me"
"If you had..."
"understood my compulsions"
"Just understood them"
"You would have no complains..."
"or grievances against me"
"If you had..."
"If you had
understood my compulsions"
"Even the painful memories give pain;
it was better..."
"if I had not
kept a count of my wounds"
"If you had
understood my compulsion"
"All our dreams have come true"
"Just think how it would be..."
"if this was true"
"If you had
understood my compulsion"
She is sleeping in comfort.
This noise won't let me sleep!
"What are you doing here?
- Don't leave us and go, mom."
Please don't leave us and go.
- Where am I leaving you?
"I am not going,
but go to your room now."
Mom will leave us and go again.
She doesn't love us.
She doesn't even let me
sleep besides her.
"Don't say that, Nazo.
She is not going anywhere."
No one is going anywhere.
Your sister is here.
Your brother-in-law is here. I am
right here. Even your doll is with you.
Don't cry so much. Stop crying.
We are all here.
Cat... cat... silly cat.
Why didn't you come yesterday?
- My husband fights with me everyday.
"I am the only bread earner,
my husband doesn't do anything."
He's useless!
- What's useless?
He's mad!
- Like me?
"No my dear, you are very intelligent."
Mom has come.
- She should have come long ago.
Long ago.
"Maid, my doll is my friend, Blackie
is my friend, Umrao is my friend."
Who is mom's friend?
- No one answers me.
The market is two kilometers away.
Will you manage?
Do you take me to be old?
Even I will come along.
- Where?
We will bring chocolates
and ice-creams for you.
I don't want chocolates and
ice-creams; even I will come along.
Nazo listens only to her mom.
"We will go flying like an aeroplane,
and be back in two minutes!"
"Will you take me in an aeroplane?
- Yes, why not?"
- This is a promise by Rukhsana Jamal!
We'll be back soon. Bye dear!
Aren't you Ms. Rukhsana?
...I am your greatest fan.
I recognised you immediately.
What is your name?
- Vishwas.
"Give me four autographs; three for my
children, and one for my wife..."
or I'll have a problem at home.
Even I sing well.
"When our colony organizes
some function, I only have to sing."
That's great. Take.
I loved meeting you.
"Mom, this Vishwas leaves his
cycle here everyday."
And I secretly read a few postcards.
- That's a crime!
But a very interesting one.
Sit here.
"Respected father, I am fine.
I pray for your well-being."
I have selected a house here.
If you could send me Rs.10000...
That's why he thought of his father.
The greedy fellow!
"Dear Asha,
I hope you and the kids are fine."
I miss you very much.
It is very cold here in Delhi.
"Bogus! If he misses them so much,
why doesn't he call them over?"
This one seems interesting.
Hear this.
"My dear Anuradha, I want to
get to know you better."
I want to be lost in
your wild tresses.
How cheap! How can anyone
write such crap on a postcard?
The poor guy must not
be having money for an envelope.
How else could he have
expressed his feelings?
Don't you feel
ashamed to do such things?
"I used to feel a little,
in my childhood."
You used to read my letters too?
Yes. I used to open
the envelope with steam.
"But don't worry,
your secrets are my secrets."
I don't have any secrets.
- I know that.
"Why do you say things
that hurt, Tehzeeb?"
Have you ever given a thought to
how much father must have been hurt?
You are accusing me?
- I'm not accusing you.
Then what do you want to say?
"Neither have I said anything,
nor do I want to say anything."
But perhaps what I didn't say
hurt you.
What did you say?
I didn't hear.
One must hear
silences too sometimes.
Shall we leave?
"Mr. Suresh? She is in the bathroom.
Yes, she is bathing still."
She's bathing?
- Yes.
She bathing.
"She is bathing... yes, we bathe
24 hours a day in this house."
"Sheena, you!
No... I thought it was someone else."
But how come you
thought of me early morning?
I saw you in my dream.
My thought is more
fortunate than me.
"It managed to reach your dreams.
- Flirting, eh?"
I am trying.
But I know I don't stand a chance.
You will be paid less.
- I don't understand.
"Eagle Publishers have
decided to publish your book..."
but we'll pay less royalties.
"Really? Thanks, Sheena.
- Thanks? That's all?"
Won't I get a treat?
- You will!
"Then come over,
the cheque is ready."
I'll leave by the 11 O'clock
train and reach at three.
Why don't you buy a car?
Because I am an environmentalist
and hate pollution.
That is why I
stay amidst mountains...
and don't keep anything that
emits poisonous smoke.
And what about your smoking habit?
A big goodbye from me too.
"Even I'll come along.
- No Nazo, I'm going to office."
Even I'll go to office.
- Kids don't go to office.
They do.
- They don't.
They do... they do... they do...!
"Oh my God!
- Suman, clean it up fast."
Or you've had it!
Here's the cucumber.
- How much?
- What?
- I didn't ask the cost of your cart.
"Here, take Rs.80."
I have to bring the vegetables from
the city. The fares have risen.
The fares have really risen.
- I know you very well.
I haven't come across a bigger
lair than you in the whole bazaar.
"Stop it! If anyone recognizes me,
what will become of my image?"
You only care for your image!
You are too much.
What are you doing!
- Madam is very generous!
I'll give you a discount of Rs.10;
only for you.
Keep your Rs.10!
Why are you spoiling her habits?
"You will go away,
and I will have to suffer after that."
Do you like fighting for
pennies like that?
I spend as per my capacity.
I am not rich like you.
Keep your money!
The sun is burning hot.
"If you have finished shopping,
shall we go home?"
What are you doing?
"Nazo, what happened?
Listen to me... listen!"
"Listen to me, love."
She is getting those
maddening fits again.
Don't call Nazo mad;
she is not mad!
"I am not mad!
- No Nazo, you are not mad."
Send her to the hospital.
She is not fit to live here.
She won't go to hospital.
She will never go to hospital!
My baby!
What happened to my love?
Everyone left me and went away.
"You left, brother-in-law left,
mom also left."
We didn't go anywhere.
Nazo's sister is with Nazo.
"My darling, my doll."
Where did Salim go?
"I told you, I'm environment friendly.
I drink only fresh juice, not tinned."
My heart liked what your eyes
said on our last meeting.
"What did my eyes say?
- They said..."
"'Trust me, one true story is
better than a hundred fabricated ones"'
Thank you for understanding
my eyes gestures.
Your novel is
based on your private life.
And Rukhsana Jamal
is a part of your life.
"Frankly, we want to
cash in on her."
"Your publishing house needs me,
and I need your publishing house."
Who will go looking
for a new publisher now?
Where do I sign?
It is very rare that the
heart is as beautiful as the face.
You are flirting.
- I am loving you.
You are kicking me
and say you are loving me!
"Your wife is very lucky.
- No, it's me who is lucky."
"Women, girls, ladies,
whatever you call them..."
I see my wife in all of them.
No... no... no!
"No woman, no!"
"The eyes are enchanting"
"The eyes are enchanting"
"The complexion fair"
"Long tresses"
"And an innocent face"
"A surreptitious glance"
"Crooked eyebrows"
"Downcast eyes"
"A little love blooming in the heart"
"The heart suffers sudden..."
"The heart suffers sudden
pangs of fear"'
"It feel coy"
"I've just fallen in love"
"And there is a slow obsession"
"The eyes are enchanting..."
"Call it the art of beauty"
"To hide flaws, or..."
"in fake words,
there is humiliation"
"How can the heart
not be overwhelmed..."
"by these couplets"
"Are they true words,
or a complete woman?"
"No woman, no!"
"The eyes are enchanting..."
You are a great dancer!
'So what if I danced'
' I didn't commit any crime'
"We have loved, not stolen...
- What are you doing...?"
Let me go!
Leave me alone!
Until Rukhsana Jamal
had come to my house...
there was so much
of silence here
Till the late moments in the night...
a beautiful silence
Silence till the Sun had begun
to spread its golden rays
And now...?
now I feel as if I were sitting
on a volcano
"Simmering lava, hidden under the
rocks, waiting to explode any moment"
what happened?
- Nothing
Are you angry?
- No
But I've done nothing.
- No one has done anything...
and yet everything
has happened
Today's the 15th of February.
And no one remembers a thing!
Remember what...?
- That which I can never forget
But those who must remember...
have forgotten everything
My darling!
- My sister!
That's the snake-bite!
You lost! I won!
The snake bit you
and I've won!
You've become a champion. If this
game was played at the Olympics...
Nazo would surely have won
a gold medal. What say?
Your turn
How're you eating...?
You make so much of noise
"Close your mouth when you chew.
- My mouth is closed, Mother"
Who can ever open his mouth
in your presence?
Hey! What hell has broken loose
if I correct you a bit?
"A bit...? Ever since you've arrived,
you've only been correcting me"
"My hair, my singing,
the way I cook..."
you find faults with
everything I do
"If I do chide you,
it's for your own good"
"My good? And my good lies in dancing
to your tunes, isn't it?"
Do you ever realise
what I want?
"You forget, Mama
I'm your daughter..."
not your sidekick.
- Watch your manners!
Did you teach me any manners?
Did you ever have the time?
Those who blame others for their
own weaknesses are illiterates
"If I'm an illiterate, you are
the one responsible for it"
You hadn't the time from
your piano and mirror...
to ever take a look at
your children's books!
Is that the way to talk to your mother?
- I wish I could talk to you...
the way one ought to speak
to a mother like you!
Enough! I will not
tolerate it anymore
So what are you going to do?
"You will go away...?
- No, I'm not going away so easily"
"Before I leave, I will find out
just what's on your mind"
"Enough, let's go out"
"Tehzeeb, I've never interfered
with what you do"
Get a hold on yourself
"All this isn't right.
- Let her speak, Salim"
Let me at least hear
what's in her heart!
Let the lights remain
I want to see just how much hatred
you harbour for me in your heart
"You're getting me wrong, Mama"
I have no hatred for you.
I have sympathy
Because you could become
whatever you wanted to...
but you could never be what
a woman first becomes
"A daughter, a wife..."
and a mother
"If I'm not your mother,
who gave birth to you?"
Who brought you up...?
Who fed you her milk?
How would you know what it takes
to be a mother?
You'll know when you have
your own children...
how a woman sacrifices everything
to bring up her children
She does them no favour!
"Children aren't born
on their own, Mama"
They are borne. And those who
bear them have the responsibility...
of also bringing them up
So you will tell me what
my responsibilities are?
If singing was my identity...
I always considered my children
to be my heart-beat
I was told not to have children.
That it would affect my career
But I wouldn't listen to anyone.
- Not even to your own children
Whatever you did was only for
the sake of your career
Only for the sake of your
name and fame... that's it!
"All right. Even if that is true,
what's wrong with that?"
"Had your father got all this fame,
you'd have been proud of him"
So why hold it against your mother?
Only because she's a woman?
"I agree, I used to be very busy.
But is that such a big crime?"
You weren't just busy...
"you were also careless, Mama"
The biggest proof of your carelessness
is Nazo!
You had her sent to
an institution!
Not because she'd recover there...
but only because her pathetic face
would remain out of your sight!
Such an accusation...?
don't level such a huge
accusation at me!
Mercy... have mercy on me!
Mercy...? How?
There used to be a big city
in which lived a Queen
The Queen had two
pretty princesses
One of the princesses was one day
very cross with her Queen Mother
Like my sister?
- Well... maybe
But her angst had a reason. She had
a difficult question to ask her mother
What for?
Because there can't be stories
without questions
"If I could help it, I'd never have
separated Nazo from myself"
But I couldn't bear to see
her helplessness
And that is why I had her
sent to the hospital
In the hope that
she might be cured there
But God wouldn't heed my prayers.
So what was I to do?
"After Anwar died, so many people
told me to marry again"
But I never agreed
I tried to make sure...
that you'd never feel the
absence of your father
But you always considered me
to be your enemy
You even got married
without asking me
Without even informing me
"That's because I had had
enough of my loneliness, Mama"
To spend a lifetime watching TV
within the confines of four walls...
is very difficult
I had decided. The first man
who showed interest in me...
would be the one I'd marry
"That Salim loves is,
is a favour he's doing to me"
"And that is why,
you are jealous of me"
So much of venom...?
where did you get so much
of venom from?
"You are the one who gave
it all to me, Mama"
It's your own venom that has
destroyed an entire family
and my father
Am I responsible
for Anwar's death...?
"you are the one, Mama"
Maybe my father would
have been alive today...
if he hadn't got to know
about your lover
That's a lie!
Amazing! It didn't even hurt
I'm writing a story on Tehzeeb.
But the facts are all Joshina's
"Without Rukhsana and Jamal,
my story won't be any fun"
But what angle does one use
to look at Rukhsana Jamal?
That which would depict
her true picture
She's good and bad.
Like a cough syrup
Sweet and bitter
And poor Nazo
She's lost in a world
of her own
And this how a family
ought to be!
forget that and get a taxi.
For Bombay
- All right, I'm going"
- Let her go
"My ma-in-law's going nuts..."
Go on
"If you're here to ask for forgiveness,
that is not necessary"
One forgives those who are
ashamed at their mistake
But you will never improve
I have made no mistake. Nor have I
come to ask for forgiveness
So you've come to check
whether I'm still around or gone?
All I've come to tell you...
is to stay on till Nazo's birthday.
Nazo's birthday...?
"My happy birthday, Mama...
Please stay on"
No! It's not possible for me to stay
in this house for another minute!
"Mama, please...
you must be there at my birthday"
"Look... Dolly, Rado, Clown...
they're all going to be there"
So are Tehzeeb and
"they're all going to be there!
You must also be there, Mama"
"Please come, Mama..."
"All right, but you mustn't cry"
I have a weak heart...
I can't bear to see you shed tears
"Nazo... no, don't cry.
Mama will be there, okay?"
Mama said she's not going away.
- All right
But I'm not staying a single day
after your birthday
"You're staying over, mama...?
Oh, I love you!"
My child!
A fish is the queen of the waters.
Her life is all about water
Try to touch her...
- She will be scared
Get her out...
- And she'll die
Madam... call for you.
- Who is it?
"Yes, go on"
Where? When...? Today?
This is amazing.
I just can't...
- Pardon me?
I wasn't saying it to you
Go ahead and smoke.
Your own loss
I was cursing my stupid secretary
Bali the bull
And what has Bali done?
- You know producer Choksi...?
He wants to bring someone here
to be introduced to me
"And the ass that Bali is,
he gave this address to him"
I see. So when are they coming?
They're not. I'll have to go over
Is there a hotel here
called Fair Lawns?
They serve delicious food
"With the food, they give you
a digestive. Free"
Why don't all of you come with me?
lt'll be a nice outing
No... what if Choksi minds?
To hell with Choksi
Bring the tea quickly
My word! What a place!
Why're you pulling me?
"Will I get no work, unless I have
Rukhsana Jamal's blessings?"
"In our business, there are two
answers to every question, Aloka baby"
"The first answer is, so long
as Choksi's with you..."
where is the need for
Rukhsana Jamal's blessings?
"And the second is,
the need is always there"
If you want to live in the pond...
there is no problem in befriending
the crocodile
Is Rukhsana a crocodile
to swallow a live man?
I have just one answer
to this question
You must relax your vocal chords
and your brains
Because I'm the one who's going to do
the talking. You've only got to smile
Your lovely smile is
going to make Rukhsana Jamal melt
Is she an ice-cream to melt?
- It's just a way of speaking
And you're getting serious!
Hey... let go of my hand
"If someone sees that,
it'll cause problems"
"Let's get out of the car, c'mon.
We've got to go"
The first number is: 633 2681.
The second is: 6346129
The third is 61... 34290
So Mr Choksi's here...
with his latest girlfriend
I wonder what's taking Mama so
much of time in the parlour
Must be sharpening her nails...
to scratch Choksi's face
So let's listen to Choksi's story
"Watch your manners, lady...
Madam hates noise"
Why're you so scared of madam?
"The first answer is, Choksi has no
reason to be afraid of Rukhsana Jamal"
"And the second is,
I've got to be afraid"
"Because if she's against it,
no music company will touch my music"
And your dreams of becoming a Lata
Mangeshkar will be shattered
I'm seeing other dreams now
I will now become Rukhsana Jamal
Very good. Amazing confidence!
Say that to Madam. Verbatim
No one can stop you from
becoming a star then
"But don't make me wait
too much, Aloka baby"
"Never, Choksu! Never!
- My baby..."
Madam... good afternoon!
- Hello
This is my daughter. Nazo
This is Salim and that's Tehzeeb.
- They were right here with us!
"Sit down, madam... please.
- Hello"
"What urgency was it that
brought you here, Mr Choksi?"
I was anyway coming to you
for the recording next week
It would have been too late by then.
I needed this urgent introduction
This is Aloka. She was going mad
to meet you
"She said, you're her Laxmi.
- Saraswati"
It's the same. Touch her feet.
- It's all right
"No, stay down there till she
gives you her blessings"
You have my blessings
"Madam, you see her
level of devotion?"
Is she your leading lady?
- A leading lady...
and a singer too
I see. So that's how it is?
No... only if you
give me the permission
Why wouldn't I give the permission?
The industry's bursting with singers
So many have come and gone away.
- I'm not the one to go away
"What she says is, the way
you're still going strong..."
"she will, well...
how do I explain...?"
Have you learnt something?
Or is it just a passing fancy?
I'm learning from the
maestro Ghulam Abbas Khan
"You won't believe me unless
you hear her, madam"
Get started
"A lesson..."
"You have taught me"
"You've made me..."
"forget everything else"
"Giving once is like
giving a million times..."
"Your heart, You have
given to me"
"Everyone I met,
was without desire"
"You have given me..."
"without any motive"
"A lesson..."
"You have taught me"
"You've made me..."
"forget everything else"
"When a sinner like me
has been spared..."
"what have You given hell?"
"Whatever I have got..."
"I've got from you, Lord"
"A lesson..."
"You have taught me"
"You've made me..."
"forget everything else"
You have the melody. And there's
also feeling in your voice
Am I right?
- Absolutely
Here's a piece of advise.
It'll be useful for you
To make it to the peak of glory
is not a difficult task
To stay there...
is not everyone's cup of tea
That was the blow!
"Madam, amazing advise you've given
this girl. Right in the beginning!"
"The Sun's setting, Madam.
We must leave now"
"I mean, we must leave"
Let's go
Thank you so much
for your precious time
That's my mother-in-law!
You're up early today.
What's the matter?
That cursed Bali's phone woke me up.
- What did he have to say?
"He says, although we're famous,
we have very little work"
"At this rate, we'll have to leave
our flat at Malabar Hill..."
and move to Lokhandwala.
- That you'd have money problems...
"I could never even imagine, Mama"
What you see is not always
the truth
"Times don't always
remain the same, my child"
Why don't you quit singing?
You can move in with us
Can't quit singing
until I quit the world
Let's see who gets
to that tree first
"You'll lose, Mama"
You're challenging Rukhsana Jamal?!
Let's see!
You lost deliberately
If you've won...
isn't it my victory too?
It's going to be difficult to go away
if you show me so much of affection
Who wants you to go away anyway?
- You can't go away!
You're staying here! With us!
And you will play with us!
- You're hitting me...? Lmp!
How come...?
What do you like about me?
And you...?
Your hands.
- Hands?
Yes. Remember when I fell ill
as a child...? I had typhoid
You had given up all your work
to stay with me
You were with me for five days.
You'd run your hand over my head...
and then touch my cheeks
to check if I still had the fever
You'd then raise both your hands
in prayer...
"Lord, save my daughter"
I remember how scared I was.
For three days...
your fever was stuck at 103 degrees!
"And ever since,
I wanted to remain ill forever!"
- So you could remain at home...
with me!
Remember? I always used to complain
of stomach-aches and pains...?
there was nothing of the sort.
It was all a drama
- I wanted to tie you down to me!
I never felt bad
when you went to work
"But you never once turn around
to wave at me, when you left"
And that always irked me
"Mama, I have a fever too. See!"
How long is this blah-blah
continuing at this seminar?
Till one in the morning or two...?
I'm starved and these guys
aren't even taking a break
So how far have you got
with your novel?
"Right now, it's still
at the doorstep"
It's easy for you to
write love-stories
But you find it difficult to write
about life and its realities?
Writing fiction is easy.
Not facts
So tell me...
what is the problem?
"There ought to be a distance
between friends, Sheena"
What for?
- Because...
"gossip spreads like wildfire.
"People are bound to talk!"
So let them!
My wife will throw me
out of the house
You can come to my place!
- Now look...
"what's all this about?
You're not in love with me, are you?"
It's the truth
"Song sequence from the film
"Umrao Jaan" starring Rekha"
"Song sequence from the film
"Brahmachari" starring Shammi Kapoor"
"Song sequence from the film "Satyam
Shivam Sundaram" starring Zeenat Aman"
"Song sequence from the film "Mr India
"starring Sridevi"
"Song sequence from the "Gumnaam
"starring Mehmood"
"I entertained you, made you smile,
made you laugh..."
give me a reward!
Here you are
"What a talented girl!
- Pendant for me, ring for you"
My children!
Who's there...?
Thief! You're stealing here...?
Tehzeeb! Thief! Thief!
Throw that bat away!
Throw it away!
I'll kill you!
Throw that bat away! Go on!
Get lost... beat it!
Don't you move! It's a loaded gun.
I'll shoot
Throw that knife away... throw it!
- Relax...
I'm not a thief. I'm just hungry
So you were taking the
vessels away to cook a meal?
You were stealing the vessels?
- Call the police. Hurry up
Don't move... don't!
He has run away!
He has escaped!
"Are you okay, Mama?
- Yes, I'm fine"
But this revolver...?
- It's Salim's... this revolver
You're amazing! What if
something had happened to you?
So? Life has given me many wounds.
What's another?
Weren't you scared?
- I was
I thought you'd fire
Put it away. How long will you
keep holding it?
Ask Salim to return home
on time
I'll go and keep this back
Looks like it
forgive me. But my train was held up
on the tracks last night
I had to spend the whole night
in the train
What's up? You're a bit too
angry today
"When a pretty girl
is angry..."
"she looks even prettier"
"When the train leaves
the station..."
"oh yes..."
"it races away"
You don't trust me
even so much?
You're here to meet Salim...?
He's not at home!
I can understand what must've happened
here in the last couple of hours
I'm responsible for whatever
the newspaper has published
We have no relationship
The truth is that I used my contacts
to have the photographs published
To give yourself and Salim
a bad name?
I had no other choice!
But what did you gain
by doing all this?
I've got back the man
I can't live without!
I'm madly in love with Sujoy
He's the one I've returned
to India for
- He never appreciated my love
"I knew, I could have him back"
If he saw me with someone else
I wanted him to be tormented too
So that he'd fold his hands and
come back to you on his knees?
He has called me a dozen times
since this morning
But I don't know
You didn't think of Salim even once
when you did all this
I wanted to convey to Sujoy...
that he can't treat women
like his personal property
"Tehzeeb, please try
and understand me"
I'm the guilty party.
Not him
"In the publishing business, you've sure
learnt the art of playing with words"
"But it's difficult to utter
such words, Tehzeeb"
"My young sweetheart,
my handsome hunk..."
"I've lost my heart to you"
"The hunter is himself
the prey"
"What injustice is this...?
What tyranny is this...?"
What if my picture was published in
the newspaper instead of yours?
"Salim, we share a relationship.
Of faith"
And it's a very delicate one.
Isn't it?
For you... don't drop it
You just can't stand straight
And this is for you!
So what do you want from me?
- But you've given me already
"That's nothing, my child.
If I could..."
I'd give away the world to you.
Ask whatever you want to
Don't go away
"I'll have to go, my child.
There's so much of work to do"
Go away
Good girl
I'm going with you
Sure. Why not?
What could be better for me that
my little bird's going with me?
"In any case, I don't like
to be by myself at home"
"Mama, don't make false promises
to Nazo"
Nazo darling... don't you
like to live with us?
"I do, but it's better
to be with Mama"
All right then
"I'll go first and tidy your room,
hire a nurse for you..."
"and then call my little
Nazo over, okay?"
I'm going with you
"Nazo, you mustn't be stubborn"
"Nazo, if you go away, who will
play snakes-and-ladders with me?"
"Suman, get the snakes-and-ladders
board quickly"
"Nazo, you will leave us
and go away?"
I'm going with Mama
"Take her away with you, Madam.
Look how tormented she is"
You keep out of this
How she controls her feelings!
So you taught your maid servant
to be so insolent?
Isn't today a happy day?
My little girl's eating
the cake now!
"the shackles"
"the chains"
"the shackles"
"the chains"
"My child, don't give your mother
such a cruel punishment"
Lord Almighty!
Save my child!
I've told you. She was playing
with it and the gun went off
I've heard that already
What I'm asking is who's
the owner of this revolver?
"I mean, in whose name
is it licensed?"
You'll have the details of the licence
in just a few days
"Which means, this gun does
not belong to you"
Now look. I've met the Magistrate.
He's a personal friend
"When Nazo is better, I will personally
come to the police station and..."
"Because the Magistrate is your friend,
no one has been arrested yet"
This is a case of suicide
It can even be a case of
attempted murder
So what do you want to do?
Arrest me...?
So go ahead
Why do you police always harass
people instead of helping them?
But nothing can be said yet
"The bullet was lodged in the neck,
she has lost a lot of blood"
Anything could happen
"Doctor, will Nazo live or not?
- Please be patient..."
Will she survive or not...?
Tell me!
"Even if it's a lie,
say she will survive, doctor!"
Say there's no cause for worry...
why're you staring like that at me?
"Are you guys not bothered at all?
Say something, dammit!"
What kind of doctors are they?
They're doing their best.
- What was he saying to you...
"before I came out, Salim?
What was he saying...?"
The bullet hit her neck.
It's a deep injury
Nazo's life...
- Is in Allah's hands?
"Allah... save my Nazo, Lord"
Save my Nazo
O Merciful Lord...
"Lord, save my daughter...
save my daughter, please"
"Lord Ganesha...
save the poor child, please"
"This is no time to be angry,
my child. Drink it up"
"Don't touch me!
- What insolence is this, Tehzeeb?"
Sorrow mustn't drive you mad!
- It has happened because of you!
Only you! Why did you come at all
to set our world on fire...?
Thank you so much!
You've ruined everything!
Are you happy now?
"Are you satisfied...?
Go away, please. Go away!"
"Come to your senses, Tehzeeb!
Don't create a scene!"
You're the one who creates a scene!
With your dramatics of love
and affection as a mother!
You love no one
except yourself!
You first swallowed my father.
And now my sister...?
"Please hear me out, Tehzeeb...
- I don't want to listen to anything!"
You will have to listen!
- No!
You start a trial against me...
"and even deliver the verdict.
Your case, your arguments..."
and your judgement!
"You think I'm your
father's killer, isn't it?"
You think wrong!
"When all this happened,
you were still a child"
The mind of an impressionable
little child...
can't understand the
complexity of relationships
Anwar and I were not
just man and wife
We loved each other
"For my sake, he left his parents,
his house and all his wealth"
And I forgot about my world
and went to live in his
You were born then.
So was Nazo...
and our needs went on increasing.
I started singing again
The melodies that were meant
only for myself...
started fending for a family
"To begin with, Anwar liked my work,
my fame and glory very much"
But gradually...
when people started thinking of him
as just a shadow of mine...
he did what all the weaklings do
He sought refuge
in the bottle
When I returned home
that night...
I can do anything for you
Of course. Try me out
It's very late.
Go home now
"Welcome, welcome... sweetheart!"
Come to me too!
You're looking very
beautiful today!
What's gotten into you today?
You're showing me love
after all these years?
I can't think of an appropriate poem
to describe your tresses right now
"And even I did,
I still wouldn't recite it"
One does not adorn his beloved
with borrowed flowers
You've had too much to drink
"For all times to come,
the bottle is empty"
What do you mean?
- Just that...
I give it up forever
Swear it on me.
- I swear it on you!
May I say something?
Look after my children
What do you mean?
I mean...
you'll be the only one for them
after I'm gone
"What rubbish are you talking, Anwar?
What are you saying?"
Anwar! What are you doing?
Leave me alone!
What have you done...?
What you saw was right...
"but the conclusion you reached,
was wrong"
The truth is that it wasn't me
or my fame or my admirers...
that were responsible
for his death
It was his pride and his sense of
helplessness that killed him
Life didn't give him
the position he deserved
And he couldn't take the defeat
It gnawed away at his insides...
"and one day, he fell on all of us
like a hollow wall"
And we're still buried
under the debris
Allah! Thanks a million
Good girl
How will you get well
if you don't eat it all?
It's spicy.
- Spicy...?
Liar! Look at the excuses
she's making
"It's so nice, even I couldn't
have made it like this"
Is it really nice
or are you kidding Nazo?
"I swear it's so nice,
I've begun to feel hungry"
It's very nice to hear
praise coming from your lips
That's because I never
indulge in false praise
"Liars will be bitten
by the black crow..."
Are you okay?
"Tehzeeb, why are you always
scared to take a decision?"
Maybe because decisions aren't
taken on one's own
Maybe I've always looked at things
only from my point of view
And you have put up with all my
childishness without ever complaining
"Salim, I was always scared
to say something"
But I can say it today
"I love you very much, Salim"
Look in my eyes...
what do you see?
"My sweetheart, who loves me
more dearly than his own life"
So take my advise.
- Yes?
Let Nazo go.
She belongs with her mother
"No, Salim.
I can't bring myself about to"
Whenever you're ill...
whose comforting hand do you
first seek...? Tell me the truth
"You don't thank your
dear ones, Rukhsana-ji"
Not Rukhsana-ji... It's Mama
"I misunderstood you, Salim.
But you're a very nice man"
You have given Tehzeeb and Nazo
so much of love
"Actually, I was also under
the wrong notion..."
that you were in love with
only yourself and your career
"But now I realise, you were
fighting against circumstances"
You turned your weakness
into your strength
Wise boy
"I know, it's you who has made
Tehzeeb agree to return Nazo to me"
That I'm now strong enough to
take responsibility for Nazo
That is your right... mother
"You don't talk about rights
with your dear ones, okay?"
When I come visiting you again...
I want to see a little princess
and a little prince!
Won't you make me a grandmother?
The taxi will be here any moment.
I'll take a stroll till then
"Hurry up, Suman...
you forgot this"
"Baby, don't let Nazo go away.
Let her stay here"
The house will be
so lonely without her
Please don't let her go away
"Nazo's my little doll, Suman"
"But one has to part with
the doll someday, isn't it?"
And she really belongs with Mama.
- The taxi is about to arrive
And Mama's in the garden
I've got to talk to her...
what's her mood like?
She has what she wanted.
Mr Bali has sent word...
that she's the one who will
sing that song for Mr Choksi
Looks like Choksi's wife didn't
let Aloka sing the number after all
And there's also a contract
for another new album
Our Nazo will now live
like a queen at Malabar Hill
Come with me
I've got to ask for her forgiveness
One asks for forgiveness
with all her heart
And maybe I'm late in apologising...
but she'll have to forgive me
Take Nazo along.
You won't need me
"Quietly, okay...?"
Mama... please listen to me
"As a child, I tried my best
to get closer to you"
But I was still very aloof
I treated Nazo like my child...
not yours
I used to hide and imitate
your style of singing
But imitation does not
make someone an artist
I was very selfish. I didn't
share Nazo's innocence with you
I thought you were
a honeylaced dagger...
whose show of affection was
false and pretentious
That was a very big mistake I made
"Mama, it was always you who
extended a hand in friendship"
You were the one who
took the first step
You must always have thought that
your child is after all your child
And in exchange for all
that you did for me...
I gave you only humiliation
You made another attempt to revive
our relationship and our love
I never enquired about your health.
I never did
I've got to ask you
for forgiveness
Didn't you once tell me...?
"unless you really feel like it,
once must not ask for forgiveness?"
I ask for your forgiveness
with all my heart today
I thought you were guilty.
"I insulted you and
humiliated you, Mama"
The name you gave me Tehzeeb
I heaped insult on that too
"You're my Mama, aren't you?"
I know you will forgive me
"But do not be silent
like this, please"
Please accept my apologies...
so I can be relieved of the burden
on my heart and my conscience
"Accept my apologies, Mama..."
"No, Mama... no!"
She had had a massive
She never took care of her illness...
and kept the ailment
a secret from everyone
"Maybe Tehzeeb's story,
our story..."
could have only
this logical ending
Life's stories are written on hearts
Not on paper
Never on paper
I'm singing for my mother today.
Only for her
People gave her a lot of adulation
and love
And also unleashed on her
many a storm
Although she's not here today...
my mother lives in my soul
I'm her voice
I'm her Tehzeeb
"People unleashed
storms on me..."
"although I did nothing"
"Even as I was going
about my own thing..."
"people kept dropping me"