Teka Teki Tika (2021) Movie Script

Next week, we should be able
to sign the MOU, Dad.
What do you mean should?
Oh, it's not that.
Everything is under control.
The regent is on our side now.
Any news from the bank?
Mrs. Vanda promised to contact us tomorrow.
Yes, Dad.
I will take care of everything, Dad.
You should.
You created this mess,
you should clean it up.
Dad, Budi had good intentions.
But his luck wasn't in.
I told you before.
Your investment was very risky.
Since the day I built this company...
I've never had any problem
paying out loans.
It's an embarrassment.
Just secure the project with the regent.
Yes, Dad.
I will...
That's your dad.
If it weren't for you...
I would've yelled at him.
If it weren't for me
you wouldn't be running the company.
Honey, you don't need any help?
No need, just sit tight.
It'll be a troublesome
if you give birth now.
No way.
The doctor said it'll be another two weeks.
I won't be using these anyway.
Just in case.
Prepare for the worst, right?
Alright, Boss.
Is Andre coming?
Of course, he wouldn't dare miss it.
Well, he hasn't shown up.
He's probably waiting
for his girlfriend to do her make-up.
Who's his girlfriend?
How should I know?
He has a new one every month.
A girlfriend or bracer bands?
You sure you don't want my help, Dear?
No need.
It's alright, I can do it.
- It's alright, just sit there, Honey.
- It's alright.
See, what did I tell you?
Come here, you.
You're being stubborn.
Not me, him.
Is that so? You poor thing.
You're not born yet,
but already falsely accused.
Daddy's sorry.
Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
This is Jane.
Her hair color's different.
Wrong girl, Mom.
So you brought a new one.
Hello, Ma'am. I'm Jane.
Hi, Jane. Come in.
Let's go.
Babe, I'm scared.
Babe, relax.
Just take it easy.
Cheer up.
Cheer up.
Honey, it's Andre.
Hi, Andre.
Happy anniversary, Dad.
Thank you.
I invited Jane.
Hi, Sir.
Oh, hi.
What's with you?
You told me to cheer up.
But not like that.
He might think you're on drugs.
Hi, Sir.
You changed your hair color right?
That's not her, Dad.
But she could be the same person.
With a different hair color.
- Right, Jane?
- Right, Sir.
Come, sit down.
- Jane.
- Yes, Ma'am?
You look so young.
How old are you?
I'm 21, Ma'am.
Oh, I thought you're still in high school.
Aw, really?
- Ouch!
- See, that's why I use expensive skin care.
She said I look like a high schooler.
Wrong choice of words, Mom.
How old are you, Ma'am?
I'm in my 50s.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
You don't look 50 at all.
I thought you're still in your 40s.
If Mom's in her 40s,
that means she had me during...
Junior High?
Who knows?
My junior high friend got pregnant.
That Debora.
A junior high school boy
could impregnate a girl.
No, Debora was the junior high school girl.
Debora was the one who got pregnant.
Then who impregnated her?
The PE teacher.
Your school's PE class sure was...
Babe, let me introduce you
to my big brother, Arnold.
And his wife, Laura.
Hi, Bro, Sis.
How far along are you?
Almost 9 months.
So the due date is coming soon?
I hope you'll have a normal delivery.
Because I heard a C-section...
might cause the baby
to have a big head.
Like mine. Can't you tell?
How about from this angle?
Yes, we can tell.
We can tell, really.
Her idiocy is obvious.
What's wrong, Bro?
Don't be like that.
What? I didn't say anything.
But your attitude annoys me.
Excuse me.
I've prepared dinner, Sir.
Would you like to eat now or...
Of course. Why do you have to ask?
So that was it.
The story of your mom and I
when we were young.
You always tell us the same story.
But Jane hasn't heard it before.
Your dad has an important announcement.
The new regent's office
construction plan...
has been decided.
We won the bid.
Congratulations. That's awesome, Dad.
What's a bid?
Let's have a toast.
Yes, let's.
For Mom and Dad.
Who taught us the meaning of hard work.
If you have a problem, just tell me.
What? I don't have a problem.
It's alright, Bro.
What is it?
It's weird to hear you
talking about hard work.
Don't you mean hard liquor?
Clubbing isn't hard work, An.
Dad, please explain to him.
It's important to entertain people, right?
Right. I'd say...
Yes, I understand.
But does networking have to be like that?
Well, no.
But I'm adapting to the clients.
Mr. Regent likes to party.
What should I do?
Not everyone lives a boring life like you.
An, don't be like that.
Listen, this is a hard time.
We should watch our expenses.
If you play golf every day,
open bottles in 5 stars hotel...
don't you think we'll lose money?
Then what do you want me
to lobby them with?
Playing badminton?
Eating at a cheap diner?
It's the regent, Boy.
Not the neighborhood head.
Send us the P and I.
Dad will review
Andre's entertainment budget. Okay?
That's what I was about to say.
Arnold, Andre.
You two should get along.
What will happen when I retire?
I'm tired.
I want to relax.
If you keep fighting...
we're better off hiring someone else
as the director.
Dad, Mom's joking, right?
What else can we do?
I can do it, Mom. Just give me your trust.
I can do it too, Mom.
What, go bankrupt?
Dad, Mom, things aren't like they were.
We have to be ready and adapt.
If the leader is too stiff,
we'll have no chance.
Stiff? Me?
You're the one who lost all control.
That's it, enough.
Look at you bickering like little boys.
How can you be directors?
Are you alright?
I'm fine, Honey.
I was surprised, he kicked so hard.
Oh, Jack.
Jack, don't kick so hard.
Slow down.
Dad, why name him Jack?
I didn't agree with that name, Dad.
Arnold, Laura.
Jack is an awesome name.
A lot of famous people are named Jack.
Jack Nicholson. A movie star.
Jack Ma, the businessman.
Jack Daniel's.
Heavenly liquid.
Liquidize your brain instead.
You're no fun.
We're discussing my kid's name.
I was joking. See, you're stiff.
Jackie Chan.
Jak Mania?
Sri, get the door.
Who did you invite?
Uh, no one.
What is it, Sher?
Get Arga.
Just a minute.
Good evening, Mrs. Sherly.
Happy anniversary.
Who are you?
Didn't I say...
Okay then.
Pleased to meet you. I'm Tika.
Mr. Budiman's daughter.
Do you want to leave on your own
or be dragged out?
I came all the way here, Mrs. Sherly.
How about you listen to my story first?
Then I'll leave.
I promise.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Arga.
This miss seems to be lost.
Escort her out.
Yes, Ma'am.
Don't you want to hear my story?
Are you certain that I'm lying?
Are you sure Mr. Budiman
never cheated on you?
Because he did.
That's better.
Shall I go inside?
This chair is so comfortable.
Is it expensive?
Must be expensive.
Gosh, it sure doesn't
suit my boarding room.
As I said, to Ms. Sri.
Hello, I'm Tika.
Mr. Budiman's daughter.
Hello, Dad.
Sorry, the word "Dad"...
is what my brothers Arnold and Andre
call him.
Then what should I call him?
What's the right word?
That sounds nice.
What do you want?
I came here...
to ask you to be responsible.
Honorable Mr. Budiman.
It's not a bother.
100 million Rupiah is enough.
That amount means nothing
to top contractors like you, right?
After that...
I will disappear.
No one else needs to know.
No need to tell the press.
Safe, right?
I think she's a bit insane.
Did you sprain a nerve or something?
Why did you let her enter our house?
That's right, Mom. Let me get Mr. Arga.
I will assume...
that you wouldn't dare do this
without proof.
Mrs. Sherly, you're smart. I like you.
Let's see.
I don't care what's inside that envelope.
This is all nonsense.
Fine, okay.
I will prove it.
But the problem is... Gosh.
I'm tired.
Mr. Budiman's house was so far.
Can I rest here for the night?
May I, Mrs. Sherly?
- Sri.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Take her to the guest room.
Sher, what are you doing?
This way, Miss.
It's alright, let me carry it.
Thank you, Mrs. Sherly.
Okay then.
See you tomorrow, everyone.
Sorry, I almost forgot.
For the little one.
Take care, you two.
Okay, bye.
Come here.
What have you done, Mom?
Watch your mouth.
Are you sure about this? She's so weird.
Dad, talk some sense into Mom.
Sher, this random girl.
She made up stories.
And you trusted her just like that.
You're out of line!
I'm out of line?
Why do you think I trusted her?
What makes me think that she's not lying?
Why, Bud?
And she knows about "that".
She knows that you had an affair!
You shouldn't talk about that
in front of our children.
I shouldn't. But what can I do?
I don't even know
how many other women you slept with.
It was just one time, Sher. Once!
It was a mistake.
And I never did it again.
I never had a child.
You can't expect me to trust you fully.
Your reputation is flawed, you know?
"Congratulations, it's a boy."
How did she know that our baby's a boy?
Seriously, this is like the most delicious
omelette in the whole world.
Really? You're overacting.
Really, this is delicious.
Give me the recipe.
Ask Sri.
Sri, what did you put in this?
I just added onions and...
Sri, the coffee is scalding.
Were you trying to burn my mouth?
I apologize, Ma'am.
I'll make you another one.
No need.
Tasty, right?
Good morning.
For me?
We'll talk after we eat.
Wow, seriously.
This is the most delicious omelette
in the whole world.
Coffee for Madam?
She didn't drink it?
Give it to me.
I'll make you a new one.
Such a waste.
Oh, Sri.
Why do you enjoy working here?
It's useless.
I've tried to resign many times.
But they never let me.
I feel bad for Madam too.
Thanks for the coffee.
It's good.
You're welcome.
What is it?
So serious.
Lighten up.
Just tell us already.
Oh right, Mrs. Sherly.
But here's the thing.
This... Gosh.
I'm still digesting the omelette.
Calm down. What's the hurry?
This witch.
We've been nice enough
to let you spend the night!
Prove what you said! No more excuses.
So mean.
Sis Laura.
Why couldn't you just move on
from a guy like this?
I don't know how you know so much
about this family.
But Laura is my wife. Watch your mouth.
Gosh, I'm really sorry.
But you two were...
Dating for such a short time.
How long was it?
Six months?
When Laura was with Andre...
they had two anniversaries, right?
Laura has no more feelings for Andre.
Is that so, Laura?
I was Andre's girlfriend.
So what?
Why did you say I couldn't move on?
I was just asking.
Like I said, sorry if I was wrong.
Because here's the thing.
You two got married in June, right?
But in December at the Christmas party...
you and Andre...
were still so romantic.
It was confusing.
But that's all I wanted to say.
Stop saying nonsense.
Surely you don't believe her.
Then why you look so nervous, huh?
Get Arga!
That's enough, Arga.
Are you done?
Are you alright, Babe?
Do you need some red iodine?
No need.
Fine. If you don't want the red one...
which color do you want?
Hey, hurry up and explain yourself.
Last Christmas party.
When the guests had left.
I was drinking alone at Dad's office.
You caught me.
Come here.
Is my brother asleep?
You know, the usual.
Mr. Healthy Lifestyle.
Andre, don't act crazy.
I said no.
Or maybe straight from the bottle?
You've been holding back
in front of my parents.
If I hadn't controlled myself,
it would've been like in those soap operas.
My New Daughter-In-Law Is A Drunk.
- Come on.
- Cheers.
Pretending is tiring, right, Andre?
And their questions are always the same.
"Are you pregnant yet?"
"How many kids will you have?"
As if I'm nothing to them
but a baby factory.
Stop it.
That's it, Bro.
That's all.
Sorry, I was...
Really drunk.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Honey.
I was afraid that you'd get mad.
Besides, nothing happened.
Arnold, forgive me.
Alright. Thank you.
Yes, Sir.
Why are you keeping secrets from me?
Tell me, please.
You'll soon find out.
Mrs. Vanda.
Hello, Mrs. Vanda.
You look so lovely today.
Your cheeks look thinner, Ma'am.
Mr. Budiman, Mrs. Sherly.
First, I'd like to apologize,
I can't give you good news.
I've tried my best to lobby
for your request to restructure your debt.
But they won't approve it.
Mrs. Vanda, can't you help us?
We've been partners for more than a decade.
It's exactly because
we've been partners for long.
That I've tried to fight for your proposal.
When we all know.
You basically have no chance.
Your options are installment payments...
or we'll have to sell your assets.
Ma'am, please help us.
This house means a lot to our family.
If it means a lot to you, maybe...
You shouldn't have used it
as a collateral.
I'm sorry. Good day.
Good day, Ma'am.
We can't rely on the bank anymore.
The only thing that can help us...
is the regent's project.
You know what that means.
We can't let Tika ruin everything.
There you go.
You finally understand.
You look excited.
Sher, we need to focus.
You know what's the most important thing
for us right now.
Then what's your plan?
Just relax.
I took care of things with Arga.
Why didn't you discuss it with me?
Mr. Regent.
Hello, Boss.
Mr. Budiman.
Are you well?
At this moment, I'm still well.
Unless you're calling to inform
that the MOU is cancelled.
That would give me a stroke.
That matter is under control.
That's good to hear.
What can I help you with?
My wife's birthday is next week.
Now, she's been craving...
for those shoes...
with spikes or something.
Soccer shoes, Sir?
No, not that.
The spikes are on the surface.
Oh, Valentino, Sir?
Ah, right.
That one, that's right.
I don't understand.
What's so good about those shoes?
But my wife wants them so badly.
How much is it?
10 to 15 million.
Where can I find such shoes?
Right, Sir. I'll prepare them right away.
Just text me the color and the size.
I feel bad for troubling you. Seriously?
It'll be done, Sir.
I'll send them to you.
Okay, if you insist.
I can only say, "Thank you."
Alright, Sir.
Why are those shoes so expensive?
What kind of special spikes do they use?
Good day, Mr. Budiman.
Good day, Officer Ragil. How are you?
- May we?
- Please.
Forgive me, Sir!
I promise I won't buy followers again.
They're not here to arrest you.
They're here for you, Babe?
Sir, don't arrest my boyfriend.
I can't let him go to jail.
He's allergic to damp places.
Jane, stop it.
Ms. Tika?
That's me.
Can you come with us to the office?
May I see your warrant?
Entering property without permission.
I was given permission.
He opened the door, see?
The person's here.
But Mr. Arga said
he never gave you that permission.
But look...
Enough. Explain yourself at the office.
Take her.
You're making a big mistake, Mr. Budiman.
Really? I'm scared now.
I know what happened in Ambarawa.
Hold on a second.
I said hold on!
Arga, bring her inside.
Let her go.
You're not taking me?
Enough fooling around.
- Hey, what did she mean Ambarawa...
- Later!
I'll tell you everything.
20 years ago.
Dad, I'm leaving.
- I'm going.
- Take care.
Mr. Budiman went to Ambarawa.
He planned to lobby a local official...
to win a project.
That night...
the transaction took place.
Mr. Slamet. Good evening.
Mr. Budiman.
As gratitude...
the official assigned
his personal assistant...
to keep Mr. Budiman company.
Around the town.
Her name was Wardani.
Persuaded by Mr. Budiman...
that night, Wardani spent a night
at the hotel room.
And finally...
She got pregnant.
Hey, what are you saying?
I want to hear her story.
Wardani tried to contact Mr. Budiman.
But he ignored her.
So she decided to keep her unborn baby.
Sadly, after that, Wardani died.
From bleeding during labor.
The baby survived.
A girl.
Raised in an orphanage.
Now she stands in front of you all.
Mr. Budiman's biological daughter.
100 million Rupiah.
And I promise.
Nobody will ever find out about this.
I'll wait for your
decision tomorrow morning.
Don't tell me you trust her.
It's nothing but nonsense.
You said the same thing before.
Turned out that you did have an affair.
Yes, just that one time!
And I never did it again.
What can I say to convince you?
Dad, if she's lying...
why were you startled
when she mentioned Ambarawa?
Why didn't you let the officers take her?
Fine, I say we pay her.
I agree.
Losing 100 million is better
than letting her talk to the media.
I know. Let's have a DNA test.
Let's prove that she's a fraud.
Indonesia doesn't have DNA test kits, Dad.
Samples have to be sent to Japan
and the result will take weeks.
- Arnold!
- What's wrong?
Are you alright?
Help, Mom.
- Calm down.
- Put her here.
- Calm down.
- Easy.
Arnold, call your doctor now.
We can't. The doctor's in Surabaya.
She'll return tomorrow.
Or the hospital near the city square,
approximately an hour away.
Fine, let's just take her.
Wait, we can't just go to any doctor.
Better than just sitting here.
I can help.
Haven't you done enough
by ruining my reputation?
Now you want to kill my grandson?
Our caretaker at the orphanage
was a midwife.
I used to help her in labor.
And you want us to believe
you just like that?
- Yes, Dear.
- I can't hold it anymore!
The longer you wait, the more dangerous
it will be for both of them.
Then everyone, please leave the room.
Sri, please get me some hot water,
a towel.
Scissors and some antiseptic liquid, okay?
I'm not leaving Laura.
Okay, you can stay.
But the rest of you, please leave.
Laura needs some space.
- Yes, Honey. You can do this.
- I can't hold it!
- Honey, it hurts!
- Yes, Honey. I know you can do this.
You're doing great, Laura.
Let's try one more time, okay?
One, two, three.
I can't do this!
It hurts!
- Come on!
- It hurts!
I know, it hurts!
- Laura?
- Get lost!
- Alright!
- Get lost!
This is the last time I'm doing this!
Our plan was to have three children.
- Arnold!
- Alright!
One kid is enough!
Sri, what about that towel?
Yes, Miss.
How about two?
Alright! Ouch!
It hurts!
- Honey.
- It hurts!
Calm down.
Okay? Don't be like this.
If you're like this,
it will shorten your breath...
and drain your strength. Alright?
Breathe in through your nose.
Okay. Breathe out through your mouth.
Okay, that's good.
- Let's try one more time.
- Stop breathing with me!
Stop it!
Okay, let's push one more time.
Don't forget to open your eyes.
If you close your eyes,
you might burst a vein. Alright?
- Okay.
- Let's try one more time.
One, two, three.
Sri made this.
No coffee? Like some night guards?
Thank you.
Why are you thanking me?
I'm thanking you for this fried banana.
Thank you for helping Laura.
You're welcome.
Have you decided on a name?
No, we're still looking.
My dad insisted on naming him Jack.
Jack Daniel's?
You're just like Andre.
How come Laura dated you...
and ended up married to Arnold?
You're bringing that up.
Hey, chill out.
I'm not jealous.
I'm just curious.
Because this is a rare case.
What do you mean rare?
It's normal. Dating the little brother...
and marrying the big brother.
- A lot of people are like that.
- Really?
Like who?
I wonder.
It is a rare case.
Can I...
Can I say something?
But don't get mad.
I just don't understand
people who say that.
How can I promise not to get mad
if I don't know what the question is?
You have a point.
Okay, nevermind.
Huh? Why?
It's alright.
Mr. Arnold, your fried rice is done.
Right, thank you.
Let's eat.
Oh, fried bananas for diet menu?
- Alright, I'll go inside.
- Yeah.
What were you about to say?
It's nothing.
I just wanted to ask.
No chili sauce for this banana?
You eat banana with chili sauce?
So weird.
You never knew?
A lot of people eat
banana with chili sauce.
People from the East do that.
The East?
Pasar Rebo?
Not East Jakarta.
Go on, your fried rice
will turn into porridge.
Tell me, please.
She always wanted assurances.
Pushing me to be serious.
While I...
I still wanted to enjoy life.
So we broke up.
And she ended up with Arnold.
Maybe they're meant to be.
What about us?
Are we meant to be?
Because you're a dog.
Your Chinese zodiac. You're a dog.
I'm a goat.
According to the zodiac book,
we're not a match.
We're opposites.
Opposites? Really?
Even if we're opposites, I still love you.
You're so cringey.
You dog.
Hey, can you please...
Say it properly. Dog zodiac.
- Not just the animal.
- Okay.
"Dog" zodiac.
Can you please stop emphasizing
the "dog" part?
Dog zodiac?
Besides, I think the book is wrong.
We're a match. A dog and a goat.
They rhyme.
What do you mean they rhyme?
One sounds like...
And the other one...
What do you mean they rhyme?
Are you drunk?
Alright, stop drinking.
Yes, Dad?
Look, the chief editor
of "Nasional" newspaper just called.
He received an anonymous email.
It says you're a suspect in a scandal.
What is it this time?
It must be slander
by our competitors, Dad.
A lot of companies
lost the regent's project bid.
The chief editor is
still Mr. Warsidi, right?
I'll just call him now.
It's under control, Dad.
Hello, Boss Warsidi.
How are you, Boss?
You sure?
I'm ready, if you'd like.
- But don't let...
- Yes.
Madam doesn't need to know.
I think I drank too much wine.
I can't open my eyes.
Alright, go to bed.
How's Laura?
She's fine.
We'll return in the morning
and stop by the hospital for a check up.
Let her sleep for now.
If we really can't pay our debts...
This house will be confiscated
by the bank.
Well, it's still not certain.
Let's be optimistic.
Do you think...
Tika's really Dad's daughter?
I don't believe it.
She's too...
The problem is,
I have a reason to believe her.
Why, Bro?
I guess that time you were still too young.
I remember it clearly.
Bud, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
- It's nothing.
- Bud!
Dad just returned from out-of-town.
But somehow,
something was not right with him.
Bud, what exactly happened?
You're driving me crazy.
Sher, don't push me.
I can't talk right now.
Just tell me now!
Mom kept asking what happened.
Sher, stop pushing me!
But Dad never told her.
Gosh, what are you doing?
Not long after my 10th birthday.
20 years ago.
Exactly like what Tika told us.
Then what happened?
Well, just like that.
Dad returned to his normal self after...
A few weeks.
So you believe Tika?
I don't know if I should
believe her or not.
But I don't think she's a bad person.
Or is your judgement biased?
Because she helped with Laura's labor?
Well, it's possible.
You'd rather lose 100 million.
Than to trust me.
Give it a rest. We discussed this.
The risk is too big.
Let's focus on the regent's project.
We pay Tika, then we can do
whatever we want with her.
Stop discussing this.
Who are y
Does it hurt?
The other way.
Okay. It hurts?
Hold still.
Let's try again.
This way.
- The other way?
- Yes.
Okay. It's fine.
Get Sri.
What is it, Bud?
- Let me...
- Get Sri now.
I want to tell you something.
20 years ago...
Seto drove me to Ambarawa.
Take care.
He knew my intentions there.
Please reconsider.
Just drive.
He disagreed.
He persuaded me to cancel it.
But I didn't care.
Mr. Slamet. Good evening.
Mr. Budiman.
I saw him calling someone.
Let's resign from there, Sri.
I'm ashamed toward Bagas.
Be patient, Honey.
Then Tika's story was true.
You had an affair.
Not true at all.
That night...
Seto and I had an argument.
He was upset.
Because I made a deal
with a corrupt official.
His son, Bagas...
Your son, Sri.
He died in an accident,
a bridge fell with him on it.
It was a new bridge.
But because of rampant corruption,
it was recklessly constructed.
Then it fell.
Six people died.
Including Bagas.
Hey, Seto!
What are you doing?
Huh? What do you want?
I will report you to the police!
You people cause accidents in this world!
Hey, I'm just following their orders!
This is just business! Stop overacting.
One day, karma will get you back
for all you've done.
People like you deserve to be in Hell!
Hell! You'll be in Hell!
That night...
I called the police.
I told them that Seto went missing.
The next day...
His body was found.
The police concluded...
That Seto committed suicide.
Forgive me, Sri.
Forgive me, Sri!
I never believed that my husband
would commit suicide.
Sri, I never knew about this.
Yes, Ma'am. I've accepted this.
Now I'm at peace.
I pray that Seto and Bagas
are at peace as well.
Thank you, Child.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Mrs. Sherly.
Arnold, Andre.
Wardani never existed.
I'm not Mr. Budiman's daughter.
I'm Mr. Seto and Ms. Sri's daughter.
Bagas was my little brother.
We hope now we can sincerely move on.
Thank you.
May I have a minute, Officer?
Forgive me, Sher.
Take him.
Alright, Ma'am. We're leaving.
Excuse me.
I don't need this, Mrs. Sherly.
We've achieved our goals.
Mr. Budiman confessed.
It's alright. I'm sincere.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Check everything.
Don't forget anything, alright?
We won't, Mom.
You know how Arnold is.
All good.
Don't you want me to spend
another night here?
It'll be alright.
Jane can go home on her own.
I'll call a taxi bike.
No need. I'm fine.
Take care, all of you.
Again, congratulations.
Thanks, Mom.
What about the regent's project?
Don't worry about it.
But that's our last hope, Mom.
If it fails...
This house will be confiscated by the bank.
You kids are smart.
And still young.
Do your business properly.
Don't deceive people.
Don't bribe officials.
That's it.
That's enough.
Let's start again from the beginning.
By the way, this is Arnold's son.
But I think he looks like Andre.
Andre, stop it.
Corruption kills, Sir!
My son was a victim!
Dear God.
Those corruptors killed my son!
My only child, Sir!
Yes, Ma'am!
Don't just stare at your food.
- Let's eat, Ma'am.
- Yes, eat well.
Hey, come here.
- Don't drink ice.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, a letter for you.
Thank you.
- No!
- Why?
- This is my comic book.
- No, it's mine.
Ms. Moer.
I sent you some funds
for the kids' school tuition.
I pray that the Lord will keep
that warm smile on your face.
Hugs and kisses.
I feel bad about telling their secrets
to you.
What else can we do?
Oh, right.
You deserve this.
I only seek peace, Tika.
Now I'm at peace.
Because of your help.
I will return to my hometown.
Thank you so much, Tika.
But is your name really Tika?
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
How's Ms. Moer?
Is she well?
She's well.
Thank you, Miss.
For what?
For your phone call to Mr. Warsidi to...
Oh, it's okay.
I'm not that interested
in your personal affairs.
What's this?
It's that congressman who was
accused of domestic violence, right?
How did he get away?
His wife was battered up.
They say she fell down a staircase.
You're taking another leave?
Well, if you allow it.
I won't forbid you from
taking personal jobs.
But I have one request.
Our work here must be your priority.
Got that?
Yes, Ma'am.
We have another job next week.
Vietnam's Foreign Affairs Minister
will come and meet our president.
Lunch at the palace.
Then a press conference at a hotel.
Our job is to be at the hotel
and secure it.
You can read about it in that file.
I'm asking you to be fully prepared
for this job.
Okay. We'll now welcome some questions.
You may raise your hands, please.
Yes, Mr. Tony from "Jakarta Daily".
Go ahead, Sir.
Thank you.
First of all, welcome to Indonesia.
I hope you enjoy your stay here.
- And we would like...
- Sir?
Could you go straight
to the question, please?
Sure, sorry.
So, regarding the ongoing
trade negotiation.
Has there been an agreement? Thank you.
I believe so.
I've spoken to Mr. President.
And his response so far is very good.
We'll see. We're hoping for the best.
Q and A is starting.
Copy that.
Target's still not in sight.
I think...
There he is.
Target is entering.
I'm moving.
Copy that.
Take it.
Take it.
Package secured.
Good job.
Yes, I understand. Now...
Yes, we'll talk about that when we meet.
Don't discuss that here, Boss. The
Corruption Eradication Commission will hear.
Let's meet. Okay?
Thank you. Alright, bye.
Thank you.
Good day, Mr. Arlan.
Who are you?