Telefon (1977) Movie Script

- It is time.
- No, generaI. The children.
Lieutenant, now.
I want him alive.
- Is that clear?
- of course, generaI.
Nicolai Dalchimsky!
You don't need to be afraid.
- we won't hurt you.
- Thank you.
where is Dalchimsky?
My son has gone away.
I don't know where.
- when did he leave?
- will I ever see my son again?
Please tell me. will I ever see him again?
Dalchimsky is not in the building, generaI.
- Search the area.
- Yes, generaI.
- Vladimir.
- They're wasting their time. He's gone.
Probably crossed the border already.
- If that is so, God help us.
- God?
DAVE: So tell me, what do you think?
HARRY: Not bad, kid. Not bad at all.
well, I did it all myself.
HARRY: well, now, you're pulling
a set of 4-11 rear gears.
I tell you that, Dave.
If she was my street rod...
...well, I'd mount myself a set of ladder
traction bars in her, that's for sure.
- Bascom's Auto Repair.
MAN: Is this Harry Bascom?
oh, yes, Harry.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
Remember, Nikulin,
miles to go before you sleep.
Remember, Nikulin...
...miles to go before I sleep.
Hey, Harry! where are you going?
Good afternoon, sir. May I see your-?
SANDBURG: Bascom was an
infantry corporaI, Korea, '51, '52.
Good-conduct medaI, Silver Star,
honorable discharge, '53.
A bachelor, no living relatives... known association with any radicaI
organizations, registered Republican.
- Sir.
- Uh, hold the thought, Putterman, please.
- we're in the middle of something here.
- It really can't wait.
Let me see. oh, yeah.
coached Little League, church elder...
...member of Kiwanis, American Legion
and NationaI Rifle Association.
Surprised he wasn't
in the state legislature.
I have something I think we ought
to get up to Sovcom right away.
They meet once a week. we can get it-
You know, but why sabotage a base
that's no longer active?
They shipped all that nerve gas
out of there about 10 years ago.
couldn't be sabotage. Not with his record.
It's gotta be something personaI.
Six auto crashes:
one due to faulty brakes...
...two by collision with runaway trucks,
three by tire failure.
Your typicaI assorted plane crashes,
all with multiple-passenger loss.
Two military, one Sovietflot.
A sudden rash of skiing accidents,
one disappearance on an ice floe... drowning in the Black Sea,
one sailing mishap... five simple fataI cardiac arrests,
two terminaI cancers...
...four massive brain hemorrhages.
Twenty-four high-ranking party members
in scattered parts of the USSR...
...all deceased within the past 13 days.
Aside from their demise,
they had one other thing in common.
They were all avowed hard-line Stalinists
all opposed to detente with us.
A purge?
well, the probability factor
of 24 top-brass communists...
...dying almost simultaneously is,
give or take a point or two...
...just under a billion to one.
I'll take this right over to Sovcom.
- Got a curious problem here, sir.
- Yeah?
- Harry Bascom.
- Yeah?
Died of a burst appendix
22 years ago in canton, ohio.
- Harry Bascom?
- Yes, sir.
His mother collected his life insurance
from the VA just a month before she died.
- Putterman.
- Yes, sir.
So, what do you want me to do?
what I want you to do
is just let me the hell alone.
You tell the bank to leave me the hell alone
and I will leave you the hell alone!
All right, answer the damn phone.
Yes, just a minute.
It's for you. Here.
- Yeah.
MAN: Mr. Carl Hassler.
Yeah, that's right. Hassler Air charter.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
Remember, Sobolev.
Miles to go before you sleep.
Remember, Sobolev.
Miles to go before I sleep.
carI, it's just not going to work.
Every man doesn't have
to have his own business.
So you faiI. what's so terrible about that?
You can fly for somebody else.
It's easy for you. You don't have
to avoid all the bill collectors.
You don't have to lie to people
at every store that you go into.
All you have to do is just play sky king
in your stupid old whirly bird!
carI, when you come back, can we talk?
Aircraft approaching Apalachicola NavaI
communication Station, identify.
Aircraft approaching Apalachicola,
check your heading.
You are entering restricted air space.
Aircraft, do you copy? Acknowledge.
Aircraft approaching Apalachicola,
you are entering restricted air space.
Do you copy? Acknowledge.
Aircraft approaching Apalachicola,
turn immediately to heading 270.
You are endangering your aircraft.
He's dropped down to 100 feet.
He's two miles and closing.
- Number 14, sir.
- Hot Pistol. Hot Pistol. At 040, two miles.
Altitude 100 feet.
- Is it a drill?
- This is no drill. Execute Hot PistoI.
can I help you, sir?
Yes. Um...
I would like see how this set compares
with others.
- Please get the news on all the sets.
- Sure.
woMAN [oN TV]: Over in Apalachicola,
a helicopter crashed and burned...
...near the top-secret
Naval communication center.
The public-information office
at NAS Pensacola...
...has identified the dead pilot
as Carl Hassler...
...owner of Hassler Air Service.
Apparently, Hassler lost control
of the helicopter and was radioing for help.
Exact cause of the crash
is not yet known...
...but the Naval spokesman
reported no damage occurred... the highly sensitive equipment
on the base.
Did we want remote controI, sir?
- woMAN: Operator.
- Uh...
I wish to speak with Mr. Mark Peters
in Akron, ohio.
The area code is 216.
The number 788-8837.
You and you. over here.
The rest of you pay close attention.
what is the best chance
of controlling the puck?
To be quicker than your opponent.
- How do you ensure that?
- watch what he does and beat him to it.
If you see him do it, you'll be too late.
Don't look at him
and don't watch the referee.
If you watch the referee drop the puck,
again you'll be too late.
Keep your eyes on the ice.
continue play.
Major Borzov, coloneI Malchenko wants
to see you immediately at headquarters.
BoRzo V:
I'll be with you as soon as I've changed.
First, Harry Bascom.
January 17th.
Just seven days ago,
Bascom destroyed himself...
...and a storage center for nerve gas
in the American state of colorado.
Particularly stupid act.
All their cw inventory
had been removed 10 years ago.
carI Hassler, January 20th.
He was shot down and killed
while violating restricted air space...
...above a NavaI communication center.
Mark Peters, on the same day...
...blew himself up and an ammunition dump
outside Akron, ohio.
Tell me, major. In all the world,
who is the most secret agent?
Anyone who manages to stay secret.
But there's an even more ideaI agent.
one who doesn't know he is an agent.
- Anyone care for tea?
- Yes, thank you.
- Service for three, Dimitri.
- Yes, sir.
STRELSKY: cleopatra says
there will be snow from the west.
Tell me, major. Have you ever seen
drug-induced hypnosis?
I think I just did.
when you have finished your discussion
with the major, I want that back directly.
certainly, generaI.
Meantime, do not let it out of your sight.
Just after the U-2 spy flights,
we started the counter operation.
we thought they were looking for targets.
A nuclear confrontation seemed imminent.
we gave the operation a code name.
- I never heard of it.
- You were never meant to.
Telefon was more than top secret.
Much more.
It was a network of the finest deep-cover
agents any nation ever produced.
They're to infiltrate, burrow deep...
...and wait for the signaI to strike
in the event of nuclear war.
Happily for all of us,
we did not have to activate.
we recruited all the best
English-speaking students we could find.
we drilled them in every detaiI
of American life.
Then we handpicked the cream
for drug-assisted hypnosis.
when we'd finished,
each of them really believed...
...that he or she was the deceased
American they were to replace.
In areas close to military targets.
You see what a brilliant concept
Telefon was.
cleopatra says there will be snow
from the west. Bang, bang, bang.
But then we gave them all
another trigger phrase.
Part of a poem by an American poet,
Robert Frost.
That, coupled with
their originaI Russian name...
...would launch them off
on their individuaI missions.
Each mission virtually a suicide trip.
But they're all ready to die.
That too was planted
in their subconscious.
All it took to activate
was a simple telephone call.
when did you bring them out?
we didn't.
They're still there?
All but Bascom, Hassler, Peters.
- How many more are there?
- Fifty-one left.
Spread across the entire country.
There are only two of these,
listing all the Telefon agents.
GeneraI Strelsky's
and the one in secret documents.
That one is missing.
we now know that Dalchimsky took it.
why would Dalchimsky be setting off
your human time bombs?
could be that the Stalinist lunatic...
...was seeking revenge for their failure
to overthrow us recently...
...or perhaps some maniacaI dedication
to be known...
...among the survivors as the man
who started world war III.
But the reasons why
are no longer important.
All that matters now
is that he must be found and stopped.
why not ask the chairman
to pick up the hotline to the white House?
Simply lay out the problem.
Let the cIA do something constructive
for a change.
An obvious solution, Grigori.
Unfortunately, denied us.
Because the chairman
doesn't know about Telefon.
when he came into office
and detente became the party policy...
...and the agents had been in their place
all those years without being used...
...we didn't think, GeneraI Strelsky and I,
that it was necessary to tell him.
I can't believe you of all people
could get yourself into that kind of position.
I can hardly believe it myself, but I did.
So now I am to step forward
and say, "Send me to America.
I'm the only man for that mission"?
You're not the only man, Grigori.
But all things considered,
you are the most qualified.
But to send just one man-
But you'll be met by our American contact,
one of our very best people.
Grigori, my dear old friend...'re completely familiar with America,
having been there so many times already.
In addition, Dalchimsky's never seen you
or your American contact.
An essentiaI factor
in preventing alarming him.
And most important to us,
you have a photographic memory.
But to find him in time...
And what's to stop him
from taking out that book...
...calling all the names in it
one after the other...
...untiI the Americans know it is us
and retaliate?
I have no answer for that.
come in.
Your tea, sir.
- Shall I pour, sir?
- Thank you, comrade...
- ... we'll pour our own.
- Very good, sir.
You must learn each of the American
cover names written down there.
Each of their Russian names.
Each of their communities.
Each of their telephone numbers.
Each of their targets.
And of course, the trigger phrase.
That's written on the flyIeaf.
Nothing in there must be written down,
only transferred to your memory.
You, in effect, Grigori,
become the third book.
Now, take Peters, for example,
the last agent triggered.
"Akron, ohio. Mark Peters. Anton Tokov.
Munitions storage depot.
Apalachicola, Florida.
carI Hassler. "
SANDBURG: It's hard to believe, isn't it?
- Yes, sir. It is hard to believe, but-
- Yes, sir?
- Ah, Putterman.
As our resident Muscovite analyst,
how would you like a challenge...
...this evening in the category
of Russian bric-a-brac?
we only grow by challenge, sir.
The pearI is the result of friction.
- The butterfly is the result of-
- This piece of memorabilia.
Putterman, please.
PUTTERMAN: where did this surface?
- Apalachicola. It's part of the Hassler debris.
- That's very curious.
- we know that, Putterman. we know that.
we just want your confirmation
as to what the damn thing is, huh?
oh, it's an No9.
The timing mechanism makes
the identification positive beyond question.
This particular timing device
was designated an No9... a 1958 NATo meeting
of the counter-espionage agencies.
The No reflects the weapon's production
at a plant in Noginsk.
The nine indicates there were eight
previous models.
Thank you, Putterman,
for the refresher course. Thank you.
- well, you were right. It is an No9.
- well, yes, sir.
I thought it was when we had-
we haven't seen an No9 since '66.
Even the Vietcong stopped using them
in September of that year.
Get a report out on this
to A2 at the Pentagon.
Let's see what the big brains can do
with a simple question, huh?
Like how and why pieces of No9s were
found in the fueI tanks of Hassler's chopper.
Maybe the Vietcong have landed
in Apalachicola.
Jesus, I hope so. They can have it.
well, it's evident that
someone has landed.
Three military installations attacked
within days.
Three saboteurs using names
of men who passed away years ago.
The probability factor of their being
anything except Sov-bloc agents is 33 to 1.
Dotty Putterman, I love you.
You know, I am probably the agency's
foremost fan...
...of your virtuosity with the computers.
Every time the Reds lose a ball game,
you think it's some Kremlin plot.
with their lineup, sir,
it's the only way they'd ever lose.
Ahem. Quite seriously, sir, I'd urge a
full-field investigation, an in-depth probe.
we should probably call the FBI.
- Screw the FBI.
ENDERS: oh, they'd love that.
Give them an excuse to check out the
environmentalists, dancing societies... freaks and, uh, oh, yes,
the lefty priests.
It's precisely that kind of attitude that led
to the downfall of the Hittite empire.
Excuse me.
MAN [oN PA]: Your attention, please.
Flight 102, formerly boarding at Gate 15... boarding at Gate 34.
- Hi, darling.
- I'll just put this in the back.
Let me see your wedding ring.
I now pronounce us man and wife.
well, you could have done a lot worse.
I suppose I could have too.
For an American agent,
you're not entirely repulsive either.
- How much money did they give you?
- Fifteen thousand.
So it's gonna be that kind of marriage.
Gregg doesn't trust Barbara.
what about the gun?
.357 Magnum, with your carry permit.
what orders did they give you?
To follow your orders blindly without
question. If necessary, to the death.
Then do me a favor
and don't be so damn cheerfuI.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- what's your citizenship?
- U.S. citizen.
- And birthplace?
- Sioux city, Iowa.
- Your citizenship and birthplace, sir.
- American from Pennsylvania.
- what do you have to declare?
- Nothing at all.
- Thank you. Go ahead.
- Thank you.
MAN [oN RADIo]: Once more an effort
to put the pending water-bond issue...
...before Great Falls voters failed,
at least temporarily...
- Drive through.
- I've already paid two nights.
Drive through.
- thirteen of 17 speakers
urged the committee... place the controversial measure
on the ballot.
Ultimately, Committeeman Roger Endis
failed in an attempt to introduce a motion...
...instructing the city attorney to draft
the charter amendment for next June-
You can relax. I always drive
with one eye on the rearview mirror.
we are all alone.
- ruled that the hearing
was confined to public testimony.
Enders is the leader of the committee-
carefuI is one thing. Paranoid's another.
Even though I might be paranoid,
it doesn't mean we're not being followed.
- four dollars and twenty-one cents
for every Great Falls taxpayer.
- Pull in there.
- The taxpayers simply refuse... accept the urgency of the situation.
They will not face the fact-
what we do in the name of socialism.
- I'll need more ammunition.
- In my suitcase.
You seem to have good anticipation.
I've known some men
who've misinterpreted that.
They see this gleam in my eye,
but I'm only thinking ahead.
what is your thinking
about why I'm here?
I don't know.
And the resident claims he doesn't know.
He doesn't. There's no reason
why you should...
...and many reasons why you shouldn't.
The resident's not gonna like that.
You're not to have any more contact
with the resident.
or any other of our people.
That's an order.
If you do exactly as I say,
we'll get along fine.
Yes, sir.
If you make an effort to contact
the resident or anybody else, I'll kill you.
You have a terrific way
with women, Gregg.
You'll find nothing in there
except your profile.
Your work history, qualifications...
...all your little quirks,
even your sexuaI history.
My wallet is in the inside pocket
of my jacket.
Saint Damien's.
I would like to speak
with Father Stuart Diller, please.
One moment.
There's a phone call for you, Father.
working out there in the damp night air.
It'll be the death of you.
You know that, don't you?
Remind me to teach you
the last rites, Mrs. Maloney.
- This is Father Diller.
- I want you to listen carefully.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go...
MAN [oN TV]:
- a substantial drop in business activity...
...coupled with this week's government
figures on diminishing retail sales.
The brokers claim the downhill slide
in the market... nothing more
than a healthy correction.
And now a look at sports.
Tonight's activity in the
National Basketball Association...
...saw the Boston Celtics pull
within four games...
...of the idle division-leading
New York Knicks...
...with a 114- 106 win
over the Philadelphia 76ers.
In other games,
Buffalo got by Atlanta 96-90...
I don't mind buying
The New York Times...
...and the Chicago Tribune
and The Atlanta Journal...
...and The Denver Post
and the L.A. Times...
...if you just tell me
what it is you're looking for.
I mean, I might even be able
to suggest alternative publications... The Tiburon Lark
and The Santa Monica Breeze.
Did you really read this whole paper?
oh... Do you believe this story
about the Iranian ambassador's suicide?
There is no story
of the Iranian ambassador.
Is it some mnemonic trick,
or do you really have totaI recall?
what does the number 113208819
mean to you?
- Not a damn thing.
- well, it should.
It's your SociaI Security number.
You know, you're a mildIy attractive man.
You are also a pain in the ass.
Now, we'll return
with local sports in a moment...
...but first, an important news bulletin
just in.
Earlier this evening,
a Father Stuart Diller...
...pastor of the church of Saint Damien's,
blew up the main switching circuits...
...of the telephone company's long-lines
operations center in West Lost Angeles.
Henry Alfaro has more
on that story from the scene.
HENRY: The mystery here tonight
is why Father Diller...
...a well-known and local priest...
...would have single-handedly destroyed
a major telephone center.
Unfortunately, the Father himself
can shed no light on his action...
...since he was shot by security guards
during the alleged sabotage.
Right now, Father Diller is being sent
to St. Mark's Hospital... nearby Santa Monica.
Police surgeons say
that he may survive his multiple wounds...
...but up to this moment,
he still remains in a coma.
And so the proverbial and peaceful city-
call the airport. Get two seats
on the next flight to Los Angeles.
woMAN: Operator.
- Yes, get me the airport, please.
Thank you.
Good night.
woMAN [oN PA]: Dr. Norton,
please call nurse's station Four West.
Dr. Norton, please call nurse's station
Four West.
Dr. Treadman, you are wanted
in the blood lab, Four West.
Dr. Treadman, you are wanted
in the blood lab, Four West.
DocToR: You can bring in
the recording equipment.
UntiI I personally tell you to go ahead,
I don't want anyone trying to get him to talk.
- If he's going to die anyway-
- He is not going to die.
we've already got him stabilized...
...and we're gonna bring him through,
and you'll just have to, by God, wait.
Dr. Dorman, you are wanted
in Emergency. Dr. Dorman.
- Marvelous dressing. Phisohex and vinegar.
- Let's take a walk.
There are bars on the window
and FBI at the door.
- How do you know they're FBI?
- How do I know a bear from a yak?
why do you want to kill him?
You need my help, don't you?
A woman in a nurse's uniform could do it.
one more nurse, broad daylight...
...a quick hypo of air,
an embolism straight to the heart.
That's the only way it can be done.
I can think of things
you might order me to do.
Some I would, some I might.
Some I would not.
And killing this priest
clearly falls into category three.
- You have killed before. It's in your dossier.
- oh, come on.
I'm not objecting on moraI grounds,
but I'm just not about to walk in there...
...and ice somebody without knowing
there's validity and purpose to the act.
My God. why am I going through all this
if I don't believe in something?
- what do you want to know?
- I wanna know why he must die.
The entire success of my mission,
our mission...
...depends on the death of that man.
If he lives, he'll talk.
If he talks, he could possibly start
a nuclear war. That's just possibly.
But we can't gamble that he won't.
one thing. How do you get me
into a nurse's uniform...
...before he's out of the coma?
Dr. Norton, please call nurse's station
Four West.
You son of a bitch.
- Yes?
- This is Dr. Spota.
I'm sending up Nurse Mccormick
to relieve you for 10 minutes.
when she does, would you report
to the superintendent's office, please?
Yes, doctor.
woMAN [oN PA]:
Dr. Kingsbee, call Dr. Faraday in X-ray 1.
Dr. Kingsbee, call Dr. Faraday in X-ray 1.
Mccormick. I've been asked
to relieve the duty nurse.
How's he doing?
Still in a coma, but improving.
Dr. Spota wants you to meet him
in the super's office.
Yes, I know, he called.
Not too much to do here.
Just keep your eye on the heart monitor.
I'll be right back. okay?
Have you noticed a deterioration lately
in the outer leaf?
we've asked our people in Havana
to look into it.
Your man succeeded in california?
I sent you a videotape
of the American television news report.
we took it off the satellite
only an hour ago.
- Killing the priest is only a reprieve.
- A reprieve is preferable to an execution.
I have nightmares, my good friend,
about going before the centraI committee... confess that we kept this operation
a personaI secret.
I wish I could have nightmares.
I can't fall asleep.
Perhaps we were in error... not eliminating the remaining
Telefon agents at one sweep of the board.
Sending in teams to do it
at a single predetermined time.
But, sir, we ruled that out.
And there's no way
that we can send that many men in...
...without arousing
the committee's suspicion.
Not to mention
Dalchimsky's or the Americans'.
Blowing up their military installations
rouses their suspicions too.
I'm not about to go to the premier
and say, "Excuse me, comrade chairman.
I do not want to hinder your talks with
the American president about detente...
...but I think you should know
we are presently in a state of war...
...with the United States. "
No, no. Not possible.
Then definitely, you must agree...
...that relying on the major
is the least of all evils.
Yes, that is true.
Provided he succeeds immediately.
But if he does, then we can be sure
that nobody ever knows about Telefon.
Except the major.
The major will know about Telefon.
well, surely he can be trusted.
He should not be subjected
to such insupportable stress.
what do you mean?
His contact in America,
the woman I sent in with him...
...she will eliminate him
the moment his mission is completed.
why aren't you dressed and packed?
Just put it down.
Shouldn't you be checking
on your flight connections home?
or did they promise you a vacation
when you got the job done?
- can I ask a question?
- You ask too many.
Yeah, but this one's kind of important.
who are all those men
whose names you've written?
And why all the cities and the map?
I'd like to go back to Moscow
remembering you as being alive.
could you help me accomplish that?
I killed for you, major.
I walked into that hospitaI room
and I took a man's life...
...simply because you told me
it was necessary.
Now, don't you think I've earned the right
to be treated as a full partner?
- Isn't your mission over?
- No.
Then the man at the hospitaI
wasn't the man you came for.
The picture in your wallet.
Is that the man?
That's the man I am going to kill.
what's his name?
Nicolai Dalchimsky.
Sorry. Sorry, Gregg.
I'll get another glass for both of us.
If you're not dressed in 10 minutes,
there will be no pancakes for breakfast.
Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!
Somebody's gonna bust a rump around here
one of these mornings.
- Ahh. Good morning!
DALcHIMSKY: Is this Marie Wills?
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
Remember, Guriyeva.
Miles to go before you sleep.
Remember, Guriyeva.
Miles to go before I sleep.
Yes? wait a second.
Nicolai Dalchimsky.
Now, can we reach you?
Right, call back in 10 minutes.
Start a book on these and if Belle calls,
switch it to the data bank.
Uh, while you're there,
see if they can make sense...
...out of why a woman
drives into a canyon by herself...
...dressed in nothing but a housecoat
and blows the place all to hell.
Levels it in less than a minute.
Proving you don't screw around
with ladies in housecoats.
Proving that Putterman's dead wrong
about these being Sov-bloc attacks.
No Russian agent
is gonna waste his time on a target...
...that's been declassified years ago.
- In.
- I really believe that these numbers...
...are being done
by some radicaI right-wing group.
Autopsy report on Marie wills.
Russian suicide capsule,
probably one of their K-3's.
You know, they stopped
issuing K-3's 15 years ago.
oh, tell me, Bill.
where would a radicaI right-wing group
get a supply of Soviet K-3 capsules?
come on.
Some new input. Everything.
Anything on this man, okay?
Nicolai Dalchimsky.
I seem to recall that name from a list of
their clerks I fed in a couple of years ago.
or was that Malchimsky?
- Putterman, please, ask the machine, huh?
- chimsky.
I think he was-
oh, yes, he was in their Documents section,
KGB Moscow.
what the hell do we need
the computer for if we've got you?
oh, don't say that. Don't even think that.
They're very sensitive.
well, what did he do?
That's it.
well, I'll be damned.
BoRzo V: There's got to be
a pattern somewhere.
Some pattern to what he's doing.
BARBARA: what who's doing?
- Dalchimsky.
I get the feeling it's a kind of rituaI.
Some sort of deadly ceremony
and not random violence.
I can't lock in on it.
There is no common denominator.
Not even a set time intervaI
between incidents.
By incidents, you mean Father Diller
attacking the switching station...
...and Marie wills
destroying some kind of secret base?
- Have there been others?
- Yes, three. Before I got here.
There's no geographicaI pattern.
He's skipping and jumping
without regionaI progression.
The kinds of installations
he is destroying are all different.
There is no pattern there.
And the names of the people he's using
don't tell me anything.
I arrange and rearrange them
as much as I can.
why don't we go to the cIA
and borrow one of their computers?
why don't we do as ordered
and keep our mouth shut?
Maybe you don't realize
how much this affects you.
If we don't stop Dalchimsky, who do you
think will face washington's retaliation?
- Ha-ha. This is delicious.
- The Soviet Union.
You mean, we're supposed
to be protecting the U.S.A.?
That's right.
You must admit it's ironic.
KGB sending you
to preserve the American establishment.
what about the cities?
- what cities?
- of the saboteurs.
I mean, do they all live in the same places
as the installations they attack?
Some do, some don't.
oh. well, I guess
that doesn't get us anywhere, then.
wait a minute. Sit down.
cities. Hometowns. Hometowns.
Bascom lived in Denver.
Hassler, Apalachicola.
Peters lived in Akron, Diller in Los Angeles,
wills in cambridge.
D for Denver. A for Apalachicola.
A for Akron. L for Los Angeles.
c for cambridge. H-I-M-S-K-Y.
- Does he spells it with two A's?
- No, but Hassler failed at Apalachicola.
He was shot out of the air.
The base was left untouched.
can't you see it?
Just look at it. That's the proof.
The next attack was in Akron.
That son-of-a-bitch mad dog.
He's running his name across the country.
Then the next one has to be H.
There are two H hometowns.
well, how do you know that?
There must be hundreds
of places beginning with H.
It's not important how I know.
come with me.
operator, I want this call charged
to my credit-card number, please.
It's 7832440066M.
The number I'm calling is 214...
- Dougout.
BoRzo V: Mr. Doug Stark, please.
Doug's gone fishing. This is Emma.
what can I do you for?
when do you expect him back?
when he fills the truck
with them goddamn fish.
Say tomorrow night.
Are you positive he won't return
in the next 24 hours?
well, if he ain't back by then,
I'm going looking for the bastard.
who is this, anyway?
- The IRS.
- Get lost.
If we can't find him, Dalchimsky can't.
operator, I wanna place a long-distance call
person-to-person to Mr. Martin callender... Houston, Texas, please.
Be carefuI, huh?
Yes, sir. can I help you?
I have an appointment
with Mr. Martin callender.
Purchasing Department
is on the second floor.
- Thank you.
- Just a minute. Do you mind? Let me check.
He constantly moves about the hoteI.
Always pays to check.
Right now, he's up at the restaurant.
The one on the very top floor.
- Those elevators will take you up there.
- Thank you.
Hold it, Barbara. Trace it.
our people seem to have lost you.
Are you still in Los Angeles?
- No, we've just arrived in Houston.
- Where in Houston?
There's something I think
you have to know about Dalchimsky.
He apparently has the capability
of triggering a lot of saboteurs.
- I don't know how yet.
- we better get a backup team right in there.
No. No, that's the worst thing
you could possibly do.
It would tip off Dalchimsky
and accelerate the sabotages.
That's the prime reason
that the KGB only sent one man.
Hold it, Barbara.
okay, now, when your major
has caught up with Dalchimsky...
...and eliminated him...
...get the names
and locations of all the saboteurs...
...and then, of course, get the major.
wait a minute. You can't mean that.
Not now that we know
he's working for the same thing we are.
Essential to your credibility.
Now, the KGB believes in you. We want
them to continue to believe in you.
Just follow their orders.
Kill him when he's killed Dalchimsky.
MAITRE D': Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
- would you like a table for one?
- No, thank you.
I'm looking for Mr. callender.
I was told he would be here.
I guess he just left.
Ah. There's Monsieur callender.
Did Mr. callender
just receive a phone call?
Yes, I called him to the phone.
Thank you.
- Are you all right?
- oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm-
Yeah, but I was so worried about you.
- what happened in there? Are you all right?
- Yes.
I saw Dalchimsky. I tried to stop him,
but he managed to drive away.
we'll get to Halderville
before he does.
Please, where are your road maps?
- what state, sir?
- This state, of course.
- we're out of Texas.
- out of Texas?
Lots of folks buy them for souvenirs
and put them in their game rooms.
we'll be getting some more in
next Thursday.
But I have to get to Halderville now.
Not next Thursday.
How can I get there without a road map?
Go back up here to Interstate 45.
Go due north.
You'll get pretty near Halderville there.
There's only one flight to Halderville,
and it left two hours ago.
oh... Thank you.
BoRzo V:
Thank you.
charming Mrs. Stark said
her husband is still fishing, and that's good.
Ah. There's one flight to Halderville,
and it left two hours ago.
- At least Dalchimsky couldn't get out.
- we'd better charter a plane.
You know, it really isn't fair.
You have that big dossier on me.
All the resident showed me was
your picture. That and your name and rank.
That's all I know about you.
All right.
- what do you wanna know?
- oh...
Just something about you as a person.
Like, why do you do what you do?
I mean-
Allow me.
I mean, is it, uh, politicaI ideology
or patriotism...
...or stimulation
from danger and excitement?
why do you do it?
I think one should do
what they do best.
Do you find that amusing?
well, it's just kind of funny
the way the thought process works.
It just popped into my mind
that you've never tried to make love to me.
Silly, isn't it?
would that have brought us closer
to Dalchimsky?
would it have taken us further away?
That's all you think about, isn't it?
I mean, getting Dalchimsky.
UntiI we do get Dalchimsky,
that's all I wanna think about.
That wouldn't be a promotion, would it?
I mean, that's the first time you said "we. "
I think you're a very capable person
and I value you very much.
So far we've made a good team,
but, you know, you talk too much.
If- I mean, when we get Dalchimsky...
...I suppose you'll be going home.
Are you going home to anyone?
I mean, do you have a wife?
Lucky girI.
I know, I talk too much.
BoRzo V:
close your window.
61-21. Request 10-29.
Lock your door.
- '73 Chevrolet, 1427.
- Emma, what do you call your soup tonight?
- clam chow, that Manhattan style.
what style is that, Emma, without clam?
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Listen. It's hot. what else do you expect?
DALcHIMSKY: Yes. I would like to speak
to Mr. Doug Stark, please.
I've already told you a dozen times
he'll be back tonight.
And if he ain't, he's gonna be sorrier than
you are if you keep pestering me like this.
Listen, mister, whoever you are.
You calling him every 10 minutes
ain't gonna get him here any sooner.
Perhaps, since I am not too far away,
I could come there directly.
- Would that be all right?
- Sure, you can come.
Suit yourself.
can't say I'm looking forward to it.
- Goddamn foreigners.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Are you gonna take the chowder or what?
- oh, no, not the chowder.
I think I'll try the chili with a draft beer.
Sounds good to me, Emma.
Make mine heavy on the onions.
- Hello. Having the same as always!
- Already got it, Emma.
- Thank you.
PATRoLMAN: what took you so long?
- Just two bottles of beer, please.
- Thank you.
when I pulled this little baby out,
the whole lake dropped two inches.
Go fillet that monster out back.
- Yes, my little cactus flower.
- Ugh...
Have you seen a bigger lake trout
than this around here?
Man, you could barbecue that baby.
- oh, say, Doug.
- Yeah?
It's not important,
but I'd like to talk to you.
All right. I'll be out back.
You talk and I'll do the work.
As soon as we finish our chili and beer,
we'll be there.
Hey, how about them bottles of beer?
we'll be right back.
I wanna talk to Mr. Stark.
we intend to do some fishing ourselves.
oh, go on back,
but he'll do all the talking.
Hi. where do you catch a big trout
like that?
Lake wilson. But you gotta know
the spots where they hide.
- A lot of woods up there?
- oh, yeah, lots of trees.
Reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
Remember, Melikyan.
Miles to go before you sleep.
Remember, Melikyan.
Miles to go...
...before I sleep.
My God. That's how-
That's how Dalchimsky's been doing it.
Even simpler. He uses the telephone.
Melikyan, listen carefully.
I am Major Grigori Borzov of the KGB.
The mission has been cancelled.
we are not at war.
Has Mr. Doug Stark returned yet?
- You.
- I am sorry to disturb you...
...but the matter is urgent.
You got business with the husband,
you take it up with him.
He's out back in the garage.
Thank you, madam.
Mr. Doug Stark?
BoRzo V:
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before-
where the hell is Doug?
He went next door.
Said he'd be back in a few minutes.
- well, I guess we could use another beer.
- wash down some of Emma's chili?
Yeah, well, we can talk to him later.
32-28. We have a minor...
Let's have a beer, huh?
- Emma, let me have one of them drafts.
- okay.
woMAN [oN PHoNE]:
operator, pay strict attention.
I have a great many long-distance calls
to make.
I want to speak with Mr. Herbert winters.
Here's your beers.
Area code 206-555-4549.
MAN: Hello?
- Hello. Is that Mr. Herbert winters?
Don't kill Gus!
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises-
Gus. Look what they're doing to Gus.
Let's go.
- Yes?
BARBARA: Barbara.
Yes, Barbara? what's happened?
It's all over.
You can forget about Dalchimsky.
- But what does that mean? Is he dead?
- Yes, the major got him.
- And the major? Did you get him?
- I think so.
You think so?
Well, did you or didn't you?
well, I'll have to ask him about that
one of these days.
Ask him?
Barbara, you're not making sense.
Now, why didn't you do as ordered?
Think about it, Sandburg.
It would be such a waste.
If they wanted him dead, they'd want
me dead too. I know all about him.
I'd only be right back where we both
are now. out in the cold.
Barbara, listen to me.
Let us bring you both in.
we'll make a deaI with him.
oh... He knows how you deaI.
He's not gonna sell out
those deep-cover agents.
Right now they're harmless
and they have innocent families.
we're not coming in.
Well, then why are you calling?
The major wants me
to give you a message.
- All right. What is it?
- Stay out of it. Leave us alone.
Just forget the whole thing, because if
you don't, if you try to move in on us...
...the telephones
are gonna start ringing again...
...and this time, those bells
are going to be heard all over the world.
That's the message.
clarify, Barbara.
I don't understand what that means.
Then I suggest you check it out
with the KGB in Moscow.
we've just sent them the same message.
Now where do we go?
Remember, Borzov.
Miles to go before we sleep.
That's right. Ten more miles.
- You wouldn't really do that, would you?
- Do what?
Make those telephone calls.