Teleios (2017) Movie Script

2015 Scientists perform
genetic modification of embryos.
2020 Genetic modifications of humans have
become commercial. Genetically modified
babies have a higher IQ, ideal physical
characteristics and positive personalities.
Genetically engineered
babies have higher
IQ's, better physics
and even tempered.
2038 The process has a
success rate of 97%,
while the first generation of genetic
modified people is growing up.
These "perfect" specimens
are referred to as GC people,
named after the company that
invented the method, GLEN CREST LABS.
2047 GC people regain space.
Space exploration has become
indispensable to find a
solution to the deterioration
of the Earth's climate.
-LECP dynamic monitoring. Online.
- Rendezvous with the Atromitos
should occur shortly.
- We have a welcome message from
Nordham sent the day we left.
-Greetings from Earth.
Where I am now three years older,
but you're feeling like not
even a day has passed.
I have no doubt that you are going
to be successful in recovering the cargo.
And I will send live
transmissions after your arrival.
- It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.
- Anything besides obligatory sentiments?
- Data files from the last
three years are downloading.
-Detecting elevated
levels of methane gas.
-Lots of seismic
activity on Titan.
Fireball volcano eruption.
- Shouldn't impact our mission in orbit.
- In visual range
of the Atromitos.
-Current speed: 445 km/h.
Twelve degree elliptical LTO.
- Something's wrong. The Atromitos's
drifted too close to Titan's atmosphere.
- Duncan, close the gap, quickly.
- Their hull is going to rupture.
- Anderson, can you access
the ship's mainframe?
-I've been trying. No response.
- Zimmer, ready to align.
- Atromitos is ten times our mass.
We'll have to engage kill thrusters
simultaneously or we could get pulled in.
- The thrusters will
have to be recalibrated
in order to compensate
for atmospheric drag.
-Already on it.
- We've matched position
and velocity of the Atromitos.
- Maintain speed, compensate
for any variants.
-Tow line and kill thrusters ready.
-Go ahead.
- The Atromitos' rotation
system's creating reverse pull.
- Danger. Atmosphere entry in the...
We're getting dragged down.
- Bypass the ship's mainframe.
- Access its own control.
- I tried that.
- 2%.
We've got about 40 seconds
before we lose Atromitos.
- And in 20 seconds we'll be
pulled into the atmosphere also.
- We will not lose Atromitos. Ideas?
- I have a work around.
If I clone the internal
protocols it should react as
though the communes are
coming from inside the ship.
- Warning, Hull integrity. Critical.
- Five seconds.
-Got it.
-Increase kill thrusters.
-The magnetic tow line is holding.
Atromitos is lifting.
We're in the clear.
- Stop touching. You're
confusing the bio signs.
- Excuse our unbridled
celebratory act, doc.
- Your increased adrenaline levels so
soon after stasis can be dangerous.
-What increased
adrenaline levels?
-I have no idea what he's
talking about, either.
-Hello Linden...
- Get back to work.
- A little communication would be nice.
Video signal unavailable.
- Sorry, sir, we had to
momentarily divert power.
- Audio is working, but outgoing
visual signal will be a bit longer.
- I don't need to see you, Linden.
I already know what you all look like.
-Transferring data to main screen.
- Still nothing from the Atromitos.
Three months since the last transmission.
We've concluded that all
of the crew are dead.
Respectfully, sir, seems overkill
to send us on a salvage operation.
- I would agree if it were not for
the importance of the cargo on the Atromitos.
A substance that took the crew two years
to extract and to refine on Titan.
A carbon fixing catalyst
that will repair our
atmosphere. We have
an opportunity to...
Why isn't it possible to program a robot
to be less socially inept?
- The preferred term is AR for artificial human, sir.
- I find the need to show cultural
sensitivity to a machine beyond stupid.
Where was I?
- Atmosphere repairing compound.
Recover the cargo. This mission is
vital. We're counting on you.
- We'll get it done.
- I know you will.
Deep space travel is not for my kind.
Too much time out there and we go batshit.
Is that what happened
to the Atromitos crew?
I'm not sure. But
it's a safe bet.
- Well, success is our only option.
- I would expect nothing less.
-Atromitos captain's log, 12-20-66.
- The crew has been working hard
these last couple of weeks.
The compound has been harvested,
and is ready for transport.
We're only 26 days
behind schedule which is
not bad, considering all
the earlier delays.
Once the crew clears quarantine
we'll be ready to go.
- What business sense does it
make to send people like us
to keep fixing what these
preemies keep screwing up?
- I know I didn't just hear the word
"preemie" to describe non GC human.
-I meant it in jest.
- Orson has a point. It does
seem our missions always
consist of cleaning up messes
caused by regular humans.
- Speaking of cleaning up. the Atromitos
is equipped with an ART, 320 model.
- Assuming Lulu still functions, she'll be
doing domestic duties after we board.
We may also need to access her memory
to find out what happened on the ship.
- Oxygen levels on the Atromitos are good,
life support is still functioning also.
There's an odd noise
coming from inside the ship.
What is that?
- It sounds like a death metal
band called GWAR from the 1990s.
- Do you listen to death metal?
- Technically, it's classic rock.
- The situation grows worse by the hour, I
fear it will lead to violent confrontation.
It's inconceivable to think
that mutiny could occur on
a space vessel where life is
so fragile to begin with.
But there is no other word
to describe it.
-Boarding procedure enacted.
- Inter system configuration has changed.
- Code not recognized.
- Overriding.
- Music off!
- Volume Down!
- The voice control isn't working.
- I need to get close to
the main control server to fix it.
Improvised device of some kind.
Keep your eyes open.
The black box has been forcibly removed.
Greenhouse plants are overgrown.
It's a jungle in here.
- Thank you, Zimmer.
- You're welcome.
-Control deck clear.
- I've found the ship's ART.
Is your name Lulu?
- Yes.
- Is there anyone else on board?
- Yes.
- Who?
- Crewman Travis O'Neill.
- We have a survivor. Travis O'Neill.
- Where is Travis O'Neill?
- I don't know.
- Target lock engaged.
- I've found O'Neill.
Crew quarter's hallway.
Zimmer, I need an override for room G
at the crew section.
- Ready when you are.
- Go ahead.
-Travis O'Neill?
Turn around.
-The cargo container isn't here.
- All communication systems have to be
reprogrammed at the root level.
- Un-clusterfucking operations could take even
longer. I can piecemeal override individual
functions, but getting this ship fully
operational? It would be a while.
- Carry on with that, but
our objective is to find
the cargo, so that should
be our primary focus.
-The cargo tracking system is disabled.
Scans found no sign of the
cargo nor former crew.
The only DNA still present belong
to O'Neill or the plants.
- What can you tell us about him?
- Ship's junior engineer.
Nothing particularly
extraordinary about him.
No military training, academic
record - nothing special.
-Travis O'Neill... engineer.
-He's a John Doe,
- There are some nutritional
deficiencies, looks
like he hasn't slept in a
while, but nothing major.
Hygiene has eluded him, so I had the
ART shave his hair and give him a bath.
You pick it. PTSD, depression,
depersonalization disorder.
Hard to say at this point.
- Hello, O'Neill. I'm Reginald
Linden, captain of the Teleios.
We were sent here on a rescue mission.
Any help you could give
us would be appreciated.
- I'm putting you in charge of
getting information from O'Neill.
-Why me?
-You have a PhD in psychology.
- Come on, that was
just something I did to
take my mind off my
Cauchy Kowalevski thesis.
- Congratulations. You're still
more qualified than anyone else.
- What about the ART? Have you
accessed her memory banks?
- Like the ship, Lulu's
memory's been wiped clean.
Since we're gonna be
here for a while can we
do something about
these fucking weeds?
- I recommend transferring O'Neill
to the recreation room.
There is only one way in or
out of the room, but it's
a larger space so he won't
feel like he's in prison.
-That's fine.
- I hope you had a good sleep.
Have you been
able to establish contact
with the Atromitos?
"Please let us know the
status of the cargo."
After three years, that's
all he could come up with?
- Um-hum. I guess We'll
just have to figure out how
to make the most of being
stuck out here for a while.
-I guess we will.
- My father always said it was a waste
of time to get a second PhD.
In psychology, of all things.
D'you know, in none of my years of study
did we ever discuss the mental effects off
deep space isolation
following a traumatizing event.
Whatever it was that happened,
it must have been terrible.
So many people that you knew. I'm sure
you developed some good friendships.
And I can't even imagine what it must
have been like to be alone for so long,
with only Lulu as your companion.
No reaction to talking
about the ship, the crew,
or the cargo or even his
past or his family.
One thing did get a slight
reaction, though. - What?
-Lulu, go to the crew's quarter wing.
- It's not uncommon for
non-GC humans to develop
emotional attachments
to artificial humans.
The same way that they do with pets.
This bond is even stronger if the
ART has sexual characteristics.
- ARTs aboard space vessels,
wouldn't be equipped with genitalia.
- O'Neill's an engineer, he's had
three years to tinker.
-That'd be you.
-Printing complete.
-Lulu. Remove your pants.
Apparently O'Neill also likes pubic hair.
- Not necessary to
know all the details, Orson.
-How should we use her?
Allow O'Neill to be with her from time to
time. I want to see if his behavior changes
when she's near him,
versus when she's not.
Wouldn't deprivation work?
By dangling the carrot, we can...
withdraw it whenever we want.
Giving us
more psychological control.
-Oxygen level's 21%, nitrogen, 78%.
- Was that you?
- Negative.
- This is Anderson. Can anyone hear me?
- Linden here. What's going on.
-Trying to fix it.
Duncan, can you hear me?
I'm in hallway 3
heading to the rec room now.
- O'Neill's escaped.
- Orson, is the path to the Teleios secure?
- Only voice or hand-print
recognition from one of us will open it.
-The fugitive has taken my pulse rifle, though.
- I'm headed to the cargo bay.
Duncan, check the machine room.
- Machine room is secure.
I'm in the cargo bay wing now.
What do you want?
Do you want us to get off the ship?
Do you have something
you... want to tell me?
- Put it down, O'Neil.
- I have this handled.
- O'Neill, our kind treatment
is by virtue of our good disposition.
Make no mistake, though.
Our patience is not limitless.
Go on, pull the trigger.
- What are you doing?
Do it, O'Neil.
The rifles have a
fingerprint lock on them.
Nothing will happen.
- I like this lighting.
I think it's soothing.
- Unless you need to see
what the hell you're doing
It's accessing the video
entertainment files.
-What is this?
- Before aggression,
inhibitors were mandatory,
decommissioned ARTs ended
up on the black market-
and were reprogrammed as fighting bots.
Who watches this
kind of thing?
Regular humans still have a
primitive craving for violence.
- It's no wonder the crew went
mad watching stuff like this.
-They're just machines.
-Can you turn it off?
- O'Neill's more lucid
than he's been letting on.
- What were you doing in there?
- What were you doing in there?
You knew he couldn't harm you. - I was trying
to get him to talk. And he almost did.
- I feel like we're being played.
- You wanted me to handle this. Let me.
-Make him talk.
- Did the temperature gauge get reset in
here also? It's boiling in here.
- Thank God!
- No, thank Zimmer.
-One and the same thing, in Zimmer's mind.
- Glad to see we're back at
the starting line again.
-You're welcome.
Can we expect any
more disturbances?
I should have the main system
debugged by the end of the day.
Make contact with
Earth base yet?
Just data transmissions,
no video link, yet, though.
-Let's try again.
- We received your transmission.
I want to reiterate the mission objective.
To retrieve and to return the cargo.
This is a top priority.
Everything else is secondary.
I repeat: everything else is secondary.
Thank you and good luck.
- That's it?
- Yep.
- In the cargo bay, I asked if you
wanted to tell me something.
You almost answered.
Artists do what they do
for different reasons.
But most will tell you that they create in
order to reveal something about themselves.
About the world, that
they observe, or both.
In your paintings, I see serenity
on one side, and chaos on another.
The question is not why
you made these creations-
-but for whom.
-Recreation Room, camera A.
- What's wrong, Orson?
- I forgot why I came here.
- You forgot? When's the last time
you forgot anything?
- The irony is I don't even remember
the last time I forgot something.
-You know Mandarin, right?
What do you make of this?
Belief. Near.
It's... it's garbled,
..where'd you get it?
O'Neill. He
whispered it to Lulu.
- He speaks Mandarin?
- Not according to his profile.
I'm sending this to you.
See what you can make out of it, okay?
What did O'Neill say to you?
- He said that while we are not able
to always be close to each other
in his mind we are together every moment.
- You've used your time
to learn some Mandarin.
You think that because
Lulu was built in China
that you're communicating
in her native tongue?
You are aware that Lulu has no
language preference? She's a machine.
Something finally got to you.
We treat all living things with humanity
and respect, but to us Lulu is hardware.
Bearing that in mind, maybe you can
figure out a way to talk to me.
- Presuming he's lucid,
there are options.
Military interrogation units have used
them with a 75.6% success rate.
- Side effects?
- For an unaffected mind, minimal.
This is not a normal case, though.
- I'm not comfortable with potentially
making him worse in a 75.6% gamble.
- There are more direct means.
- Like what? Torture?
- Don't be so dramatic. ARTs couldn't
be trusted with this mission because
their protective programming prohibits
acts of visceral persuasion.
We do not have such limitations
and we should make use of that.
Visceral persuasion sounds like
a nice way of saying torture.
- Zimmer, I need an override.
-Printing complete.
I was able to put the shower head down,
but I can't access the water.
I forget how reliant I am on voice
commands until they quit working.
Oh, this turns it on and off
and sets the temperature.
-Yeah, thanks.
- Is that it?
- Yeah, I think I can manage from here.
- Are you sure?
- What do you mean?
I mean, if there's anything else
I can assist you with...
Well, that was fast.
-Please, stay with me.
I don't want to be alone.
- What is it?
- I just... I don't want to be alone.
Will you please stay with me?
-Of course.
-Detect language.
-Warning, interior hatch...
- Container breach, an outside door
opened and we're losing atmosphere.
-Which door?
- What was that?
- Main Cargo Bay door.
-We're locked out of the ship's system!
Cargo bay door opened.
The cargo hold should be isolated
from the rest of the ship.
- Must be a break in the
air seal somewhere.
- What are they doing?
- He's going into the cargo hold.
- That's suicide!
- What's wrong with you?
-Oh my God, they're dying!
-I'm okay. Check Zimmer.
- Diffuse cerebral hypoxia.
I've stabilized his oxygen levels.
- With some rest, he should make it.
- How much rest?
- How much rest?
- I don't know.
A couple of hours, a day.
Whenever he wakes up.
Did I say "whenever he wakes up?"
I'm sorry, I don't know
what we were thinking.
Because you weren't thinking.
Zimmer assured me he
would have all the bugs
out of the system by
the end of the day.
But apparently his mind was focused on
primal indulgances also.
- You think this is my fault?
- I don't care whose fault it is.
Just fix it.
-I'm running out of patience with O'Neill.
- As am I, but I think he's
trying to tell us something.
- This mission will not be compromised
by delinquent behavioral issues.
We need answers. Now.
-Hey, Orson.
- Have you ever known an ART to lie before?
- They are not capable of that.
- When I asked Lulu what O'Neill said to
her in Mandarin, her exact words were:
"He said that while we are not always
able to be close to each other" -
" in his mind, we are
together every moment."
-Could she have made that up?
- ARTs can be reprogrammed to give
incorrect answers to specific questions.
But they are not capable
of making up answers.
When I examined Lulu, I saw no
evidence of that kind of reprogramming.
- Our friend has used the past few years
to learn both Mandarin and Russian.
Iris, that's not just Russian.
It's Tolstoy.
"The higher a man stands
on the social ladder, the
greater the number of people
he's connected with." The more power...
"War and Peace". Volume 2, Book 9.
My mother is from the east Ukraine
so I grew up learning Russian.
To show off my learning abilities, she
would have me memorize classic literature.
In Russian and recite it to people.
- That makes sense for
you, but why him?
Book search. "War and peace".
Bookmark Volume 2, Book 9.
- Why does it make sense for me?
- Because your mother is eastern Ukrainian.
Where the majority speaks Russian.
-Yeah, but why have me memorize it?
What was the point
with these mind acrobatics?
-What's wrong? Tell me what it is.
You're obviously having some issues.
It is fair to contemplate the meaning
of our existence. Is it not?
Read the passage.
"The higher a man stands
on the social ladder, the
greater the number of people
he is connected with."
"The more power he has
over other people."
"the obvious is the predestination
and inevitability of his every action."
- So when is the right time to contemplate
the meaning of our existence?
- I have never heard of an
invalid who randomly recites Tolstoy.
In Russian, no less.
So that either makes you the most
unique case study in human history
- or this whole psychologically
traumatized thing is a charade.
I'm betting the latter.
- You have to promise that what I say now
will stay between us.
- Finally, a language
I understand.
- And to our upcoming discussion
out without a hint of irritation.
-What are you saying?
You speak so archaic.
- Almost all die of their remedies,
not of their diseases.
-More literature.
- Incoming message.
- I have communications working.
OK, I'll be there in a minute.
We received your transmission.
I want to reiterate the mission objective.
To retrieve and to return the cargo.
This is top priority.
Everything else is secondary. I
repeat, everything else is secondary.
- This is exactly the same
thing he said before.
- It's a recording. I'm getting the
same message every two hours.
- You've sent our previous messages, right?
- Yes!
- Well, send them again, without
encryption. Someone has to respond.
Anderson, what is wrong with you?
- I don't know, I don't
know what's wrong with me.
- You have never behaved
this irrationally before.
Stop crying, Emma. Stop crying.
Act like what you are.
Stop crying. Stop it!
You're okay?-
- This carnal affair
nearly got us all killed.
- The cargo bay door opening
was a timer set on the
exterior of the ship. I
had no way of knowing...
-God damn it! It's your job to know.
Anderson, have Orson look you over.
Check for
post stasis psychosis
or something else.
- I reviewed the back log information
that was sent during stasis.
The first year was thorough,
but the second year became
more sparse until it nearly
ceased about three months ago.
As if the information
has been purposely censored.
For Christ's sake Zimmer,
get over yourself.
Turn the mirror around.
Since when did you become
a temperamental prick?
- I have work to do.
So do you.
Find literary match-.
"Nearly all men die of their remedies,
and not of their illnesses."
Moliere. "The Imaginary Sickness",
act 3, scene 3."
-Overhead off.
All your bio signs are normal.
- Why am I having these
emotional reactions?
-There's nothing wrong with you.
- We've gotta get this
cargo out of here, now!
We'll tear this ship apart if anyone
tries to stop us.
-Operations are fully online.
-Don't get too excited about it.
What've you found?
From the beginning, nothing
has been a coincidence.
The ship was never in any real danger.
It was purposely put close to Titan's
atmosphere shortly before we arrived.
- What for?
- I think it's a part of O'Neill's narrative.
- Narrative? All he's done is
mutt around nonsense.
- He's trying to tell us something.
This was embedded
in the noise that we heard
when we first arrived.
Play first vocal track.
- The cargo will not be compromised!
I order the use
of deadly force against
anyone who goes near it!
- Identify voice.
- Former Commander of the Atromitos.
-The crew didn't randomly go crazy.
There was a dispute about the cargo
that led to warring factions.
Over profits, no doubt.
I don't think that the cargo
is what we've been told.
- What about you? Have you noticed
anything about yourself? That's different?
You have, haven't you?
- Show transverse hallway aft.
Switch to ultraviolet light.
These aren't just squiggly lines.
It's chemistry.
This is a water base liquid compound
reacting with a foreign substance.
Show transverse hallway forward.
The symbolism here is water.
Show cargo bay starboard side.
This is where O'Neill was
right after his jailbreak.
I thought it curious
that when I moved, he
didn't shift the barrel
of his rifle to follow.
That's because he wasn't aiming at me,
he was aiming at the panel behind me.
This is the panel for the main
water filtration system.
Whatever the compound is,
it reacts badly with water.
And the cargo
bay door opening?
That's where the cargo
was jettisoned from.
- None of this helps us find it.
- What about the nature of the cargo?
What if it's
harmful to humans?
Let's find it before we
make that determination.
All we have at the moment is cryptic
messages from a socially deranged inferior.
- I'm gonna pretend that you didn't
just called him "inferior".
- If it wasn't for people like
him we wouldn't even be here.
- If it wasn't for people like
him, we might not exist at all.
-Focus on what we came here for.
-Clever messages.
I suppose it would have
been too much trouble
for you to come right out and
tell us these things?
What did the compound do?
The name of your ship Teleios
in Greek means "perfect",
-Yes, it does.
- Named after its crew
of flawless humans.
We didn't name our ship.
Don't suppose you
protested the name, either.
- You've made your point about
language acumen. For what purpose?
-Maybe you missed the Tolstoy quote.
"The higher a man stands on the social
ladder the greater the number..."
- "the number of people
that he is connected
with, The more power he
has over other people" -
- "the more obvious is the predestination
and inevitability of his every action."
What do you presume
our predestination to be?
- To bring about the destruction
of imperfect people like me.
What does the compound do?
Tell me!
- Duncan, What's wrong with your hand?
- Nothing.
-I was going to...
I don't remember what I was going to tell you..
- If it were released, the cargo would
have been pulled into Titan's atmosphere.
- The container was designed to
withstand re-entry and landing.
-How do we locate it?
- Without more information, it would be
like hunting for a single grain of sand on a beach.
The crowd volcanoes set
off a chain reaction.
In days surface visibility will be
almost nonexistent across Titan.
- This is our only trump card.
If this doesn't work we can
expect nothing from him.
Which is no different than
what he's told us so far.
He's told us a great deal.
-Do it.
- Does anyone care what I think?
- What do you think, Duncan?
-No permanent damage.
I see you've taken advantage of
Zimmer fixing voice control.
I have just one question
and I need a direct answer.
Where's the cargo?
Where is the cargo?
-Sit down over there, Lulu.
Raise your left arm.
-Last chance to answer.
-Well-made, these AH-320 units.
Titanium. Endoskeleton.
Very lifelike.
- We can't do this.
- Why?
- Our mission. We have to stay focused...
- Fuck our mission!
How can you say that?
- When 's the last time you did
something just because you wanted to do it?
You've always been expected to do things.
We all have.
We're the chosen ones, but the one thing
we don't seem to have is a choice.
-Because of who we are.
We have obligations.
-Says who?
- Why do you want me? I can't
even control my own emotions.
-Neither can I.
-Linden was right. I...
I shouldn't have made those mistakes.
I never would have before. I...
I'm distracted.
I try to look at this data,
I try to do my job, but
the only thing that I can think about, the
only thing that... means anything to me,
is you.
-But why?
- I'm a mess.
- No.
I'm seeing you for the first time.
And you are the most beautiful
thing I have ever laid eyes on.
- I didn't tell you
you could get up.
The AH-320s have most of their
vital functions well protected.
Except, there is a soft spot, right...
But you already knew that, right?
Because you have been doing
some changing up here.
There is another soft access panel...
right behind the cranium.
-He speaks.
-Tracking codes.
Tracking codes!
Delta, Beta.
Kat was set.
That wasn't so hard.
-It shouldn't have come to this.
-What does the compound do?
- I've already told you
all you need to know.
- You've seen how the hard way works.
- Okay, I'll explain everything.
Just allow me to repair her.
There's a set of tools in
the cargo bay. Please?
- Zimmer, report to the bridge.
Zimmer, report!
-Goddammit, open the door.
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
-Your belligerent piece of shit.
- Fuck you!
- Stop it, both of you calm down!
- Hey...
- Calm down!
We have work to do.
- Detecting rectangular object composed of
A.S.T.M.A. A-588 alloy.
- There's a metal container
at the tracking coordinates he gave us.
Too much methane to get a visual, though.
- Can we get dimensions? I want to
make sure this is not another game.
- I don't think he'd be screwing around
after what he's been through.
-We only have a short window.
- Zimmer, you're coming with me
on the landing pod to Titan.
Orson, stay back with
Anderson and Duncan.
-Talk first.
- Sometimes... terrible mistakes can only
be made right by equally terrible choices.
For a year I tried to forget.
I jettisoned the bodies and cargo,
erased all memory of it on the ship,
including Lulu's.
No matter how hard I tried, I
couldn't erase my own memories.
It's the curse of
the human brain.
So I tried something else.
I embraced it.
I visualized the death and
carnage over and over.
Everything I learned and read, I saw
reflections of what had happened to me.
Though alone I realized I
was connected with human
experience in a way I
never understood before.
That couldn't have been explained
by data or the ship's log.
This evidence needed to be removed.
There is no black and white,
only abstractions.
Only the randomness of uncertainty
and the pain of choice.
All that was left for me was how
to tell the story in my own terms.
We completed the mission.
The compound was contained and we were
24 hours from the return flight.
Liquor was flowing.
-He's choking.
- The compound we got
from Titan, the wonderful
compound that's supposed
to fix the atmosphere,
one microscopic bit on
someone's glove got
through quarantine and
into the water supply.
One spore made all our water lethal.
What do you expect a batch of this could
do to the water supply on Earth'?
- Was Glen Crest told what
the compound could do?
-That's the best part.
At this point, all of us thought
we were dead. No water -no life.
We contact earth base, basically
let them know that we're
fucked, and that the compound is
not what they thought it was.
But surprise, surprise, he
tells us that in storage on
the ship we happen to have
a water filtration system
designed to eliminate the compound.
Proprietary and patent protected
by Glen Crest, of course.
Two sides emerged.
I remained silent. Those who tried to stop
the compound from returning to Earth -
were slaughtered by those
who couldn't unleash
themselves from the masters
of their paycheck.
We hate the villain, but
still respect them.
There's no respect for cowards.
- Yet you were the only one to survive.
How? -Have you looked at our profiles -
did you expect I'd be the only survivor?
No, In fact, I did not.
That's how I survived.
Killing was easy. They were
completely unsuspecting.
The compound isn't a cure.
They already had the cure.
What they needed was the disease.
These were the same jackasses who designed
all you awesome, perfect GC humans.
-Incoming transmission.
- This will probably be the last time
you hear from me.
By now you may be
experiencing.. feelings,
emotions things you have
never known before.
Fear, anxiety, anger...
Things you were never supposed to have.
Glen Crest put a proprietary code...
At the DNA of every GC human.
A fingerprint.
It was supposed to be
inert, a tracking code.
But it is mutating.
And it is causing irreversible
neurological problems.
GCs have never known emotions so
they don't know how to control them.
And so the downfall is fast.
The earth is burning.
Regular humans are being
hunted down and harvested
for their blood
to keep GCs temporarily stable.
Before long...
you will all be irreversibly
losing your minds. I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
-We have the symptoms.
Linden - volatile,
Chris - sexual urges.
I keep losing my train of
thought and this one...
a blithering wreck.
O'Neill's blood type is O negative
making him compatible to all of us.
We must replace some
of our blood with his, before stasis.
- and hope by the time we get back
they found a permanent cure.
- How much blood?
- Two pints for each of us.
- That will kill him!
- It will be painless.
- No decision can be made on that
until Linden and Zimmer return.
- The more time that passes,
the more like preemies we become.
Increasing the odds
that we succumb to the
same illogic that destroyed
the previous crew!
-How long until they get back?
- Assuming all goes well -16 hours.
- O'Neill is a murderer.
- Faulty DNA or not, I am
still the first officer.
We wait!
-Whatever you say.
- Put it down.
- We'll continue to degenerate.
The longer you wait, the worse
it's gonna be for all of us.
- Meditate, run on a treadmill,
masturbate, I don't give a shit.
Just keep it together.
-You're out of your mind.
Are you just going to
stand there for 16 hours?
-If I have to.
- Break it up! Break it up!
- You want to die here?
- Turn around, motherfucker! Come on!
- Break it up!
- The cargo is secure.
- We have bigger problems now.
- This condition is making it difficult
for some of us to clearly think.
We may all be susceptible to fail errors
like the one Zimmer has been making.
-That's why we need O'Neill's blood.
Nordham said that regular
humans were being harvested.
Which indicates that GC
humans still function, it's
just our emotional dispositions
that have changed.
- What fucking difference
does it make? Clearly
we are unable to perform
at the same level.
- What if the compound is lethal
like O'Neill is saying?
How are we supposed to believe
anything Glen Crest is
telling us?
- We will complete this mission, Zimmer.
There's no option.
No possible recourse but success.
-Define success.
- I know you think I'm a monster,
but I have no hidden agenda.
I assure you all that my one and only goal
is the safety and well-being of this team.
Anderson, reiterate the specific
protocol for this situation.
- "When it comes to a decision that may
result in the death of another human," -
- "the majority must be in
favor of that decision.."
All of those in favor of
extracting O'Neill's blood?
Those against?
- Zimmer's judgment's
been clouded by a vagina.
Better than clouded by sadism.
Either O'Neill dies or
we go insane and we die.
It's one versus five. It's math.
- You're
not allowed to abstain, Duncan.
What is your vote?
- Do it.
- Finally!
- Duncan, go with Orson, in
case O'Neill causes trouble.
I'll stay here and ensure
there's no interference.
- Am I going to die?
- Yes.
- At least please tell me why.
- Does it matter?
- There was a code put
into our DNA that's mutating.
Your blood is the best
chance we have for survival.
So you're just
human, after all.
Creating us was the one
thing your kind did right.
And even that was tainted by greed.
-I'll take it from here.
- Don't trust him like
that. I don't trust Orson.
Even if he's psychologically
deranged, that would be suicidal.
I know what I saw.
- Draw your own conclusions.
- What did you see?
- She thinks Orson's going to kill us all.
- Orson had put it on a tablet.
I saw it in the medical room
when he did my examination.
- It said: "Hence when we are able
to attack we must seem unable."
"When using our forces
we must seem inactive."
"When we are near, we must make the
enemy believe we are far away."
"And when we are far away we must
make him believe that we are near."
A quote from Sun Tzu "The Art of War".
What you saw was a translation
of something that O'Neill said... to Lulu.
-He... It wasn't him who killed crew.
It was her!
Fuck, let's go.
With the combat shift,
she's every bit our equal.
- It's not possible to alter
the aggression inhibitor
on AH-320's without
disabling the entire unit.
- Clearly, it is possible, idiot.
- We don't have time to argue.
- Turn rifles to maximum. It's the only way we'll have
any effect against Lulu's surge protector.
You two guard the hallway.
She'll be carrying O'Neill
which we can use to our
advantage. How long will
he remain unconscious?
- Not long.
She took stimulant packs.
- What do you think her next move is?
- To kill us all.
I need for you to know
that no matter what happens...
I want you to know
that I love you.
-I'm moving in. Cover me.
- Warning. Power loss
sections 2, 4, 7 and 10.
- Think, this through, she'll
kill you if you go after her alone.
- I don't care.
- Pointless trying to stop him.
We're better off using his
impulsiveness as a diversion.
- Come out and face me!
I know you're in here!
-Clever girl.
- Warning. Fire
detected in section 7.
Main sprinkler activated.
I'd kill you with my own hands
but it'd waste too much blood.
Please let me see her.
Your fighting bot or your
mechanical mistress?
I'll admit even I underestimated
the depth of your depravity.
- I gave her the fighting chip
and she's not my mistress.
-Excuse me. fuck toy.
- Are you ready?
- I didn't alter her physically.
-You expect me to believe that?
It doesn't matter now, does it?
- No.
- Sometimes terrible mistakes can only be
made right by equally terrible choices.
- What are you talking about?
- Just something somebody told me once.
-Let's do this.
-It wasn't supposed to end like this.
- The GC process in the first generation
had a 97% success rate.
I was the other 3%.
My IQ was on par, but
my uneven disposition put
me in the failure column.
I was extremely emotional,
written off as a lost cause.
I learned to control my
"undesirable" behavior.
That's why the DNA mutation hasn't
affected me as much as the others.
-What made you decide not to kill me?
- You said you didn't alter
Lulu physically.
- I don't know if she can
be repaired.
- She gave herself sexual
characteristics. Why?
-So we could be closer.
- She lied when I asked
her what you said to her.
Did you program her to lie?
- How is this possible?
- Only she can answer that.
- Take her back to the Teleios. Go back
to earth. It's your best chance.
- What about you?
- I'm staying.
When I was young, I nearly
killed someone in a rage.
They hadn't even done
anything terribly wrong, I just...
I just couldn't
control my temper.
I may seem fine now,
but you're not safe with me.
Tell your story.
Tell everybody what happened here. - Tell
who? What kind of place am I going back to?
-Do what you do best.
- Set course for Earth.
- Setting course.
Arrival at destination in
2 years, 339 days.
- Set course for surface of Titan.
- Setting course.
-Maximum speed.
- Rapid descent will cause
hull rupture entering
atmosphere and ship's
destruction on impact.
- Override safety protocol.
- Authorization required.
Authorization confirmed.
Our strengths and weaknesses
are constructs of what we believe.
There is no such thing as limitation
but what is in our minds.
There is no destiny,
of what we ourselves manifest.