Tell Me About It (2022) Movie Script

If an adult is unconscious but breathing
and has no visible injuries
place them in recovery position
already done this chapter
Causalities if someone is bleeding heavily
main aim is to prevent further blood loss
minimize the effects of
shock Yeah cool with this part
which part did you want to go over
you were saying something earlier?
Is there such a thing as re-birth?
You what?
Is it possible to grow up again?
Doesn't say anything about that in here
Seriously, what planet are you from?
I don't know!
Hey, what happened?
But, how do I go back because this world
just isn't for me
What happened, is everything okay at home?
Take a wild guess!
Oh my God!
Are your parents getting divorced?
But, I wish they would
like they keep saying
and just end the bloody war!
Then what? Did you want to Rashida say
something about you to your mum again?
I can't do this anymore!
One day
I'll just disappear somewhere
And, I'll never come back Again!
Who's that?
Boss look!
When you sent me this
photo you said get the right girl
I got the right girl didn't I?
It's not my fault
All the brown girls look the same to me!
Get out!
Amara Hassan Subject Medicine
Your daughter Amara has been selected
to go to a medical lab
How's that?
Oh my God!
Have you forged Mr Brown's signature?
You're so going to get me killed this time!
Trust me, it looks dead original
plus mine looks much more neater
and posher than his does
No one's going to know about fake uni trip
unless you mess up acting
all dodgy I'm not doing this
Why, what's wrong?
This whole idea is wrong!
This fake letter looks fake
there is no way that mum
is going to believe that is from uni
She wasn't born in Pakistan you know
Look all I want to do is
get you out of the house
away from your family drama
and enjoy my 21st birthday
I'm on my last warning
after what happened last time, remember?
If mum finds out about
this stupid fake uni letter
then she will kill me!
Who you talking to?
No one, erm I was just revising
What kind of revision is done
with the door shot and the books closed?
What's this?
Erm, it's just a letter from my uni
Just go get my reading glasses from my room
No no no I can read it, look!
It just says that... erm
we all need to attend
this trip it... it will just be
over two nights and I'll need 500
250 to cover the cost of travel
Two bloody nights, for 250?
What kind of nonsense is this?
Everyone in my class is going to go
Why are you following other people for
haven't you got a brain of your own?
What if something happens to you?
Mum, I can't just become a doctor
by reading books all the
time I really need to go
It's that friend of yours isn't it?
No mum look!
My teacher says that if I don't attend then
I'm going to speak to your
teacher tomorrow No mum!
Oh, shut up!
Enough is enough I'm
going to teach you a lesson
Then you will get a First
No no no okay, I won't go!
I know what to sort you out
no more WiFi until your final exams!
Always on this bloody laptop and phone
catching bad vibes from bad girls!
Two bloody nights out
the house all on your own
anything can happen to you
you can even get kidnaped!
[DOOR OPENS] Mum turned off the router
because of you again!
Why can't you just stop messing around?
Get out of my room right now!
And, why isn't next door's
WiFi working anymore?
They changed it What?
Why did they find out?
How the hell do I know?
I don't know you're besties
with what's her face?
Mairah? Maria?
Mairah Yeah that's it do
me a favour call her now
and find out what's happening
I ain't ringing anyone
at this time do it yourself!
Listen, Amara
I'm in the middle of something so important
and the data in my
room is crap Call her now
I'm gonna tell mum
that you faked your mock
exam results Oh, really?
Then I'll tell you why you
actually got kicked out of uni last year
and this time, I'll tell her the truth
Yeah, like you've been doing
for the past year and a half alright mate!
This time I really will tell
if you don't get out of my room right now!
What are you doing?
Are you serious right now?
Stop, get out!
I'm your older brother!
What the hell is going on upstairs?
Indeed 'baji' (sister)
I'm sure Hamid is a good boy
but we're not seeking anyone for Amara yet
I wanted her to complete
her studies at least
I have to go 'Allah Hafiz' (Good Bye)
Did she come up with a better story
this time to ask for money?
I hope she didn't get
robbed again like last time!
She did get robbed
I don't know what you're talking about
Yeah right 'robbed'
Did you not see her at
your cousin's wedding?
She had the best suit on!
I've never had a suit like that have I?
Have you ever bought me one like that?
I buy you whatever I
can for you and the kids
The last time you bought
me a dress was 10 was it?
From Bradford Market
Not from Bradford Market
Buy one get one free!
Talking rubbish!
Every month is the same story
Oh! I got to send money back home
to my disabled mum my widow sister
they need the money you know that
Well, there's not enough
for my kids is there?
There is always money
for our kids I've got kids
there's nothing left That's
what I have to tell them
your dad's got no money
left over this month
Always got something for you!
Yeah what?
I've even had to buy my own fish and chips
They need me you know
that No, they don't need you
We need you Danny needs
you Amara needs you!
They need me too!
Yeah yeah yeah!
Just stop it!
Can't stand it
We don't even have a
conversation anymore do we?
Not a civilised one anyway
This is what happens every time we talk
we just end up arguing
Yeah, we're decibels loud
I bet the whole world
can hear us now can't they?
God, I don't even know why I married a
'Mangeter' (Freeshie)
from back home honestly!
Did you see the match?
Oh, we won!
Do you see? What a fantastic goal
Ninety first minutes Cross comes in
bang in the back of the net Fantastic!
What a game, did you see?
Everything all right?
Do you know what it is?
It's mum and dad just fighting
like animals all the
time Hey hey calm down!
Calm down they're your
parents show a bit of respect
I need a favour
Well, depends if Halima is involved again?
No, it's for uni
What like another evening class
where I get to drive
you two to Alton Towers
or a movie night?
Then I get blamed for spoiling you No
You know
you remind me of Zee sometimes
What do you mean?
Just something about you
Just don't leave me like he did!
How can you say that?
I'd never leave you if anything
I'd leave that toxic house!
Now, don't you dare even
think anything like that
What did I tell you last night?
Now, I want to know exactly
what you two are cooking
up this time Like I always say
whatever happens in
the taxi stays in the taxi
The plan is we're going to go to London
Thanks a lot for your stupid idea!
I got in trouble for
talking to you last night
and your fake uni letter huh?
Pretty sure mum even
heard us talking on the phone
Did you not have headphone on?
You're such an idiot, Amara!
Excuse me It was your
stupid idea that sucked!
What shall I do with the tickets
that were booked for us now?
Uncle said he'll talk to dad later
Your Uncle Sajid?
Really Amara?
What's that going to achieve?
Do you want to talk to mum?
Why don't you ask your brother
and ask him to speak to your mum?
Yeah, you said your
mum never says no to him
But he never does anything
for me why would he help?
Maybe if I speak to
him it will be different
Perhaps he'll take me a bit more seriously
Look, why don't you just call me tonight
and I'll speak to him about the trip?
I'm sure he'll help us as
he seems like a nice guy
I don't know why you
always think he's so nice
try living with him
he is always getting
me into trouble like you!
Look let me just speak to him will you?
Are you being serious?
Lala, what even is this bro?
Personal statement looks like something
you'd write in year two!
Are you being serious?
Yeah I'm dead serious, bro Trust me
'Chacha' (Uncle) Google can never be wrong
best CV ever bro Why are you so worried?
Don't you trust me?
I spent hours on this and here's you doing
'Nakhrey' (tantrums)
Look, it's all proof read and shit bro
Trust me, you will deffo get this job
Lala, you said that last
time and the time before that
Nah nah nah this time
it's different my dad
he put a proper good word in for you
you just go in yeah mention
his name and you will
'Kasmey' (promise) bro you'll get this job
proper need this one you know
can't stay inside and keep hearing
how much of a disappointment I am
just because I got kicked out of uni
and things at home are rough man
I hear that bro
Okay What's the job title?
Hang on hang on [PLAYFUL MUSIC]
Right, it's a
call center agent proper chilled job
all you do sit on your arse
all day and chat some shit
you'll be good at that bro!
Thanks mate
Come on, anything is better than you
working at your dad's old office
selling plane tickets though in it?
Right safe Safe bro!
Oh Lala!
What's your dad's name again?
Peace to you, my brother
Peace to you, Sajid my friend
Where have you been all day?
Where can I go?
Well, you're a taxi driver
at the end of the day!
Taxi drivers
the people who don't
have their own destination
I like that is that the
title of your new book?
Actually that's not a
bad idea but no because
it's not just about taxi drivers
So, what's the progress?
Designing the cover
thinking about the title
and I've still got work
on the ending [NODS]
you know I got a quote
from a design company
in Manchester
but it was off the roof
so I decided to do the cover myself
well Amara did most of the last week
very talented girl
After all whose daughter she?
Hey I don't recall you ever helping
Amara with a home work let alone
teaching her how to design
book covers [TENSE MUSIC]
Believe me Sajid I did
everything I could from
the day she was born till now
If you say so
Hey, doesn't it just seem like yesterday
when she was born and
the first time her held her?
It was the happiest
time of my life but then
the day after we brought her home
I lost my father
And you took the next
flight to Pakistan and left her!
Look, I had to go you
know what it's like for
women in Pakistan and especially back then
You just can't justify
abandoning your wife and children
for five years Hassan!
Look they needed me more
in Pakistan I'm the only son
who else would have dealt
with the funeral formalities
then there was dad's stop
to take over But, five years?
Five years you have abandoned her!
I wouldn't have stayed
there for that long but
their visa got declined three times
Pointless arguing with you Hassan
but all I'm going to say is that
you and Naila need to sort yourselves out
especially you!
For the sake of Amara
I don't know if you've noticed
she's not well
Did she say something to you?
She wants to go on this university trip
I think it would help
you know take things off her mind
Bashir Anwar Welcome to our show!
That's what you need around these parts
somebody who can stick
up for the common man and
get the scums off the streets
there's too much of that
Well, first of all we will
find these drug dealers
we'll root them out regardless
of where they're hidden
we will ensure that
they do not surface again
they play their little tricks
they've tried their bribery
they tried it with me
I will not take any sort of bribery
and neither will any
one of my party members
we will ensure that
this vermin is eradicated
from our society with
the full force of the law
that we hit them where it hurts!
What's with all the make up?
Nothing I always wear this much make up
are you outside his room?
Yeah, okay so this is the plan
I'm going to knock on the door
and then I'll pass the phone over to him
and then you can talk to him Yeah!
I came here to talk to you
about something important
do you know actually my
friend needs to talk to you
There's no one there
Right, what's going on?
Nothing You got 10 seconds to tell me
what's going on or I'm
calling mum No no no!
Okay... erm you see my
friend needed to talk to you
because there is this uni
trip and it counts towards
Right 5 seconds!
Okay, it counts towards my final exams
but mum don't want me to go
and everyone else in my class is going
I mean, just the girls and
you know that I didn't do
so well in my mocks, so please
Danny can you ask mum for me?
Who are you actually trying to kid?
Been there done that!
Don't you dare even think about it
and stay away from that girl
next time I see you with her
or even hear you talking
to her I'm going to tell mum!
How dare you talk to her like that?
What's all this?
Oh my God!
Are you serious?
Yeah, but I still don't have
a good feeling about this
What's the problem now?
Your dad has giving you permission to go!
Yeah, but
mum's going to go mad if she finds out
there'll be a big scene between them both
Chill! Your dad's wise he'll handle it
And I knew we should
have spoken to your dad first
he is much nicer than your mum
Oh really?
Fixing my marriage up with his
'Pendu' (Villager) nephew back home
is that what nice dads do?
I'm sure you've got him all wrong
why don't you clarify things with
instead of believing
everything your mom tells you
All he cares about is his family back home
he'd do anything there say
even give his daughter's hand in marriage
so they all start coming over
Okay, listen forget that
now you got permission to go
and that's the main
thing check your WhatsApp
that's everything you need to pack
Why a medical kit?
Come on Uncle!
Take this What's going on here?
I don't know what the
weather's going to be like
I didn't have much time
so I just put in whatever
Take this What's?
Hang on and this
come on and this
What, you going to be operating
on somebody when you're over there?
No, Halima told me to
put it in because you know
dad will believe I'm going on a uni trip!
Hopeless you two!
Come on now Oh!
Quick before Quick before
you're mum sees you!
I'm coming
Sorry but the person you've called
isn't available at the moment
Who's that?
Boss look!
When you sent me this photo
you said get the right girl
I got the right girl didn't I?
It's not my fault
All the brown girls look the same to me
Get out!
Sorry, but the person you've called
isn't available at the moment See!
Why do you think I never let
her go when she asked me?
Because, I knew she was lying
she did that last time
told me it was a uni trip
and ended up in Blackpool partying
next thing you know she
will come home pregnant!
Mum! Can you not please?
I've already had enough of arguing
with the police all evening
Don't you shout at me!
Who told you to phone the
police and make things worse?
How many times did they ask that question?
Oh did she leave the house due
to some kind of pressure from home?
What if the neighbours ever found out?
How embarrassing is that?
Sorry, but the person you've called
isn't available at the moment
Just look at him
He's useless!
Do you know what?
I know where she is It's
that friend of hers Halima
I know very well it's her
Just look at him
sat there peacefully
Where's Amara?
I'm asking you something where is Amara?
I really don't know
we were supposed to go on a trip together
and she just didn't
Don't give me that uni trip nonsense!
If you're not going to tell me the truth
I'll come in and speak
to your dad No, I swear
I really don't know where
she is Then who does?
You didn't bother to tell us
or think something was
wrong when she didn't show up?
But, she's done it before
when she didn't turn up
Don't lie to me!
Is she in your house?
No, I swear it's just me at home
my mum and dad have
gone to someone's house
you can come in and check
Call her
call her now from your number Okay, okay!
Hurry up!
It's a shame you're not the right one
Take it
Take it!
I'm going to make a deal with you
help me bring your friend over here
and I'll let you go!
Have some water
come on
I don't think this will
work Read it as it says I will
It's just
don't you think she's
going to find it strange
that I randomly call her out the blue and
ask her to meet me
somewhere with no real reason?
Just let me speak to
her the way that I would
I promise
I'll get her here
and without giving anything away!
Any smart move
and our deal is off
And then will you let me go?
Sorry, but the person you've called
isn't available at the
moment Ring her again!
The mobile phone you
have called is switched off
please call again later What's going on?
I don't know!
No smart moves!
Look at you stood around peacefully
as though nothing's happened
what do you actually care about Hassan
apart from your family
matters back home Enough!
Just because I'm not creating a scene
every 2 minutes in this house
doesn't mean I don't care!
I'm the one creating the
scene you've never understood
my feelings Hassan!
You think if I knew this
was going to happen
I'd let it go?
All you ever care about
is matters back home
but when it comes to your wife and kids
this is what you do!
I can't breathe properly
Can we open a window or something?
You don't want me to die
or do you?
Don't you make a move!
Yeah hello?
Why the hell hasn't Jaz got his packs yet?
This is the third time now Sid
I swear, if you're playing any funny games
you know what the
consequences are going to be!
Jaz needs his packs in
2 hours 2 fucking hours
means 2 fucking hours!
You hear me right?
Good, now get it done!
Oh for fuck sake!
Okay, boss it's saying here
tilt the head back and lift her chin
so her airways are clear for breathing
Yeah just like that Err
now check for breathing
for 10 seconds
is she breathing?
Yeah, I think so I mean
Nah, I think you need to get a bit closer
than that boss
It's her friend calling
shall I just cut it off
and text to the address?
Listen, you stupid fool
just tell me what to do next!
Okay okay okay chill
Err so it says here erm
call the Emergency
Services if that Okay okay
I'll skip that one, I'll skip that one
right so next put her
into the recovery position
like this
Boss you should have been
a bit more careful with her
she's not one of Sasha's boys you know
what if she dies?
Then what are we going to do?
Get out! You stupid useless prick!
Get out!
Okay okay Fuck sake out!
Let's get this sorted
We had a deal remember?
Let's call your mate!
Amara, where the hell are you?
Your family has been looking
all over the place for you like mad!
You what?
Something is wrong!
If this was some sort
of code word It wasn't
you heard what I said to her
I told her not to tell
anyone and if I tell Halima
not to do something then
she doesn't
But, if she does
Once she's here
I will let you go
Just like you let those people go
In the photographs
and that man
if you have a family
how can you do all of this?
Even if it's not your
dad just imagine it was
imagine someone Shut up!
Just shut up!
That's my dad
Is that you with your dad?
You look different
Mum you heard what
the doctor said didn't you?
Dad's going to be okay
just got to take care of himself
'Take care of himself'
by taking another one of these
and all this time I thought I thought
he was taking some painkillers
Can't believe dad's got
depression and since when?
And why hasn't he spoke to us about this?
Because he doesn't see
us as his family does he!
It's not that mum Well,
what else is it then?
What else makes him do this?
Why are you staring at me like that for?
Are you trying to say
it's all because of me?
Why are you putting words in my mouth?
Why are you putting
thoughts in my head for
I think you should get some rest
How on earth can I rest?
When my daughter has gone missing!
My husband's lying unconscious
upstairs and you my son
he is blaming me for everything
that's going on in this world
Mum, I'm not blaming you for anything
all I'm saying is that you need to just
Calm down
Calm down
Dad does care about us
an awful lot!
But, he's also got responsibility back home
mum think about it this way
If I was in dad's shoes
and my wife said I couldn't speak to you
or support you in any way
how would that make you feel?
Dad's very sensitive
towards his mother and sister
And I know that feeling
Meet where?
Came to this country when I was ten
me and my dad
so many false hopes
we sold everything to come here
there was no going back
But, why did you come over here?
People think
England is like heaven
dad said
it will solve all of his problems
What problems?
His ex-wife
You mean your mother?
She's not my mother!
That woman was nothing but a humiliation
What do you mean?
She cheated on my dad
and left us
This is what all the
people were talking about
Didn't you speak to her
you know clarify things?
She left us, and
soon after
dad brought me over here
Did things get better over here?
Take a guess
I was on the streets selling drugs
before I could even pronounce them
Did you ever get caught?
Who would suspect a 13 year old boy?
What about now?
I found my ways
What's Halima got to do with all of this?
She has everything to do with this!
Once she's over here
I'm going to get her to talk to her dad
She's going to make a deal for us
and he's going to compensate us
for all our losses from the last year!
But, what will you do with her after?
Will you let her go?
Is money all you care I
don't care about the money!
It's business!
I tried to be reasonable with him
I tried to talk to him
he won't listen
So if this is what I've
got to do for my business
and to save hundreds of jobs
let it be
You won't understand this
British born [CROWS SQUAWKING]
you guys get everything
given on a platter!
You guys have it so easy
You got it all wrong
That was the worst night of my life
mum and dad didn't even care
it was my birthday
Talk about having an easy life
mum won't even give me the WiFi password
for me own home
puts it in for me when she feels like
I need to use the Internet
don't ask
mum thinks that's how I'll get kidnaped or
I can't go back home
mum will just kill me anyway
Don't you ever just feel like
quitting all of this
you know, just
going back to your
dad living a normal life
'Normal life'
The life you just described to me?
Is that normal to you?
Home never felt like home!
But, you can't go on like this forever
can you?
Let me ask you the same question can you?
How long will you survive in that house
with that family where your
dad is never there for you
or your mum
she will make her life
hell is that what you want?
Is that what your normal life is?
Boss! Boss!
Halima wasn't at the place
this girl's brother was waiting with
the police, they almost got me!
No What did you do?
No, no I didn't do anything
I said exactly what you told
me to say She's lying boss
she's not as innocent as
she looks No, he's lying!
Tell him the truth No, I
am my phone has been here
What the hell are you doing?
Tell him the truth!
I did!
What did you do? Put the
gun down It's a fucking order
put the gun down!
Fuck you and your orders!
Did you see anything that
might be familiar to you
that you could identify where you were?
Did you see the kidnapers face?
Did you see anything you recognised?
Did you hear any names?
We are going to have to come back
Who were these people?
Part of a large gang we
think Did she see their faces?
She saw a white male in his
mid-twenties and the other
wore a mask at all times
You guys think I made all this up
to go on an adventure with Halima?
No, listen we're just trying
to get to the bottom of this
we need those bastards behind bars!
Why are you swearing?
Because, I'm angry!
How dare they touch my little sister?
Why are you silent?
Do you not want them to be punished?
Look all I'm saying
is don't be afraid
just tell me the truth
and I promise it will stay between us
I won't tell anyone
neither mum or the police
but I need to know
What will you do?
Just leave that to me
Now, what do you remember?
Did you see their faces at all?
I can't remember
Just give me some time of course
you can have a few days no rush
but I'm not going to stop until they get
what they deserve
and I can't see you like this
how long are you going to stay inside
thinking about what's going
to happen when you go out
everything will go back to normal again
you just need to open up
I mean yeah I can't have a pillow fight
with you looking like this now can I?
So you can bully me blackmail me
steal all my food
Come here!
How are you feeling now?
Man of the house got to deal with it
Hey, what are you doing?
Nothing really just
trying to sort this clock out
here, let me give you
a hand No, it's all right
It's okay let me have a look
Since when did the man of
the house develop an interest
in helping his wife around the house hey?
Is there's something wrong with your phone
network connection to Pakistan or
Nothing good on your
favorite news channel hey?
Nothing good but you my dear!
Here, battery was the
wrong way around here
looks like somebody's
hurt their head pretty bad
Hey where did you find these albums from?
Err got them from that cupboard down there
whilst I was cleaning Oh
yeah we left them in there
hey look when we got married!
Busy signing my life away there
That's a pretty outfit isn't it?
You don't look too bad yourself do you?
Hey, what's that?
Some more pictures of
you and Danny together
Oh! He loves that Batman
outfit I love that photo
Golden memories huh?
There's some more Hey,
where these guys come from?
Don't know they just
gatecrashed the picture
but they made it colorful
though didn't they?
They did Oh look!
Dubai do you remember that?
I took a lovely picture
of you two didn't I?
Oh, what have we got here?
Oh yeah
How old were she in these?
She was about three months in that one
and then six months there look
Aww look at her cute
smile She does look so cute!
She was two there
And there are some more of her here look
but you are not in any of these
Where's Amara?
Same place where she was last three days
Did you try to speak to her?
Speak to her?
Every time I go in her room
she hides under the duvet
and pretends to be asleep
I just came from a bedroom
and she did the same with me
Hey, and guess what?
I heard her friend
Halima on the phone again
I know It's all her I know very well!
Don't understand why?
I don't understand any of it
First of all her friend
Halima calls us and says
Amara phoned her and
then Danny goes to that place
where Amara supposed to meet Halima
but nobody was there and then Hey presto!
Guess what?
Who walks in two days later
alone looking like a ghost?
What kind of nonsense is that?
Just don't understand
this kidnaping at all!
Don't you dare
leave the house like that
again do you understand?
If you want to go somewhere then just
let me know I'll come with you
or probably not because,
I'll get bored but take mum
Why don't you take mum with you
when you go out with your mates?
Why do you always compare yourself to me?
Because, it's double standards!
No, it's not double standards
you've seen what the
world could be like we just
really care about you
Nobody really cares about me
doesn't matter if I exist or not
Why do you say stuff like that you idiot?
Do you even realise what we went through
when you were gone?
I'm sure I didn't miss much
same old drama in the house
apart from you didn't even notice
because you're always locked in your room
playing games all day!
Just imagine if I did what you do
If I got kicked out of uni
If I stayed out the house late nights
if I stayed locked in my room
all day life would be just amazing right?
It's great
my life is amazing
no one ever asks me anything
mum doesn't come in to
check whether I'm dead or alive
no one gives a crap
It's the best feeling ever
what does it matter if
I got kicked out of uni
and didn't complete my law degree
who's actually bothered?
What really matters
is that you become a Doctor
best of all
stealing food from your room
because, I don't get room service
No body really cares about me
No one ever asks me anything
mum doesn't come in to
check whether I'm dead or alive
Doesn't matter if I exist or not
No one gives a crap
it's the best feeling ever
I feel like all you care
about is marrying me off
to your family back home What?
You know marrying me off to your
'Pendu' (Villager) nephew!
Where did you hear that from?
Do you really think I would
fix your marriage without asking you?
Yeah, I do Because all you care about
is bringing them over here
does it matter to you what we want?
Don't start talking like your
mum when have you two
ever got out of your
room and talked to me?
It's a bit high!
How can it be normal listening to you two?
Sit down!
Just going to go check
on Amara [SOFT MUSIC]
I need to know what's
going on in your life?
nothing is happening
What about that call center job?
Are you kidding dad?
Did you see the way mum reacted
and you said 'well done'
I was serious Daniel
Don't get you dad
Food's gone cold again
Don't eat it cold
Now what?
You tell me
Look what sort of job are you
expecting with your qualifications?
What qualifications?
Look, forget job
just tell me one thing
what you want to do in life?
What's your passion?
I don't know Just want a
well-paid job good status
decent salary like everyone else
How about jihad?
You what?
Well, that's one good way of getting rid
of your jobless son you
want me to go and kill myself?
Cleaned your room since you've come back
as you can see it's all clean
I want you to keep it clean like this
paintings, I've put away for you
washed your brushes
since you're never
going to do that are you?
I just
I wanted to ask Is it your
final exams this month?
Well, then
you need to get back to it don't you?
You need to start revising
can't stay in this room forever
and those paintings of yours
not going to get you anywhere
so you need to get back
to uni Now, I don't know why
you would want to kill
yourself and others around you
If you're a better person
than what you are now
'Salam' (Peace) bro Yo! Danny
do you wanna buy the new
iPhone for 850?
I bought one of the last month
Come on bro!
It's the latest one in it
anyone is your family need one?
Hang on a second
Dad do you want to buy
the latest iPhone 850?
Yeah For a phone?
Oh Lala, look sort it out
man drop the price it's us
You know for you bro final offer
Dad 800
Listen, he's having a think yeah
you know what yeah you shout me
ASAP when you know in
it because it's selling fast!
Yeah no worries I'll
give you a call tonight
Safe bro!
Listen dad!
If you're gonna want it
you're going to need to tell
me because that's gonna go
That phone isn't even in shops yet
Is it not?
How do you know?
I know a lot of things that you don't
Look, just stay away from these boys
and I hope you don't get
into this sort of business
Nah dad, they're all right
man these guys are safe
I really hang out with them
what would I do without
them I'm more worried
about what you do with them?
Oh, but dad it's just
But, nothing quite now
just stay away from them
and just finish your studies!
Why are we keep going on about studies?
You know I've tried uni It didn't work
'Beta' (Son)
We don't try university
we attend university!
Education is the best way forward
Don't just think about
the jobs think about
your personal development
Personal development?
Yeah Not bad dad
Switched off Paki news yeah?
No, but seriously like
tell me more about this
personal development thingy
if there another way I can do it?
Yes there is Is there actually?
A full time job in my office!
Jihadi option doesn't
sound too bad after all
at least I won't die off boredom!
The new WiFi password
I want you to get up
and start studying straight away!
Now chop chop!
Get back to it straightaway
You know it's been absolutely fantastic!
To the many doubters the
people who were against us
they are hiding now or they're behind bars
and the support
it blew us away thankful to all those
people who supported us [QUIRKY MUSIC]
everybody in the
community has been fantastic
and we have fulfilled
Wait till she sees this one!
And that is to make a better
society a better community
a better Great Britain
that's what is great about this party
You know the only reason I was convinced
to marry in the first place
because my friend said
you liked Amitabh Bachchan
Well, I can still look like him
as long as you start
behaving like Hema Malini
Oh, listen
did you tell the kids about last night?
They're too young for that my dear!
Give over!
I'm just getting kidding
I'm serious It's a serious matter Hassan
Should we tell the kids?
Look, Daniel already
knows about depression
so he'd understand why we're doing this
and I'll speak Amara later today
Do you think they will laugh at us?
You know because we're going for
relationship counseling at this age?
Well yes but eventually
they'll understand that
we're doing it for them
Anyway, tell me one thing
what's age got to do with
relationship counseling?
Don't you remember
what Counselor said to us
on the phone the other day?
Love never grows old
I don't know about love
but I do know your belly
is going to grow and burst
if you don't stop eating!
Look have a tomato have a cucumber
put it in your plate You
need to listen to me more
that's better
Dad, guess what?
I just checked my results
online and I got a 2:1
Oh, that's great!
Proud of you
Why didn't you get a first?
Yeah Amara why didn't you get a first
like your mother used to back in her days
shame they didn't teach you any manners
Look who's talking?
What qualifications did you get from your
'Pendu' (Culturally Backward)
school back home hey?
What Pendu school nothing
wrong with my qualifications
They weren't British were they?
Well, nothing wrong with
Pakistani qualifications
Mum! Dad!
Seriously you both
need to see a counselor!
I mean I know you can
do better next time huh?
I am starving!
What's to eat?
There are some questions for the starters
Where have you been all day?
Leave him alone, will you?
Hey, what happened to
that student application?
Come on dad you know
these things take time
Will you just let him eat first?
Daniel! Make your own plate
Why me?
Tell him to go!
Oh behave!
I've just come through the door
Amara go But why me?
Because you're adopted Daniel!
Oh, come on dad you can tell her now
Look she's old enough
the attitude on that one
Amara! Look who's here?
It's Zee!
Just don't leave me like he did My Son!
He's here
Amara, you were right I found him
Amara look how different he looks
Even I didn't recognise him
I did
I recognised him
So erm
how much are you how
much do you make as a lawyer?
You can't ask that!
Yeah I can You don't mind, do you?
It's fine erm, when you
are a graduate you make 60k
but when you qualify It's
about a 100k That's mad!
I bet your pops is proud init?
You know I've always been interested in law
init tell him You haven't
Shut up! You don't know
Yeah I mean you know
let me know if there's
any jobs going your place
I mean I'll be your guy
Yeah sure I mean I'll I'll
find out and let you know
My guy!
Danny 'Jee' (Yes)
I just need you for a minute
Be right back!
I just need you to get some coke and fruit
apples bananas [MUFFLED AUDIO]
well I didn't know did I?
Just go!
Don't get expensive ones!
don't leave him again
he really cares about you
Why didn't you tell me who you were?
Heard a lot about you from
dad all these years, and I
guess I was just interested
in hearing your side of the story
So erm
did your dad
believe you about your
made up job in a law firm
He hasn't asked me anything
and he says that he doesn't want to know
I was
just joking with your
brother just messing with
Danny's not somebody to mess about with
He will go around and tell everybody
and then you get caught
You know me
I will find a way
On a diet remember, control
Would you like some biscuits?
Thank you!
Your mum seems really caring and sweet
Looks can be deceiving Yeah
Some people aren't as
innocent as you think Sometimes
people aren't as clever as they think
Talking about clever people
I hope your friend Halima
the clever one didn't tell anyone?
She won't She made me promise
What if she breaks the promise?
She won't especially, if she
wants to marry my brother
Then what?
Not much
he had tea and then
left Did you get his Insta?
No What makes you think I'd ask for that?
Ahh! I always wanted to
see what a gangster looks like
He's not really a gangster anymore
he's moved back to his dad's
he's going to live a normal life
Did your parents not get suspicious?
No And they won't unless you say something
so can we please stop
talking about this now
just shut up!
It's just really weird
and I can't get over it
It's been such a stressful
month I mean, with you
and then with dad's work
and finally you're back
and dad's won the election and
I think it's time to celebrate
and I think we deserve
a little bit of a break
Trust me I've got it
all figured out this time
I promise No!
Listen just listen to me once No no no!
I've got the perfect idea
for your mum Trust me!
Just look at this place
Oh my God you will
want to go there Halima!
Just once!
No I got kidnaped!
Camera's rolling Slate 23 Take 1
No mum please please I'll explain!
Sorry I forgot Shut up
What should we do?
You didn't bother to tell us
or think something was
wrong when she didn't show up?
But she has she never does
she always does this sorry!
Well, yes but eventually
they'll understand
that we're doing it for them
You know what we're
doing it doing it for them
Well, yes but
eventually they would
understand why we're doing it
for them
These are really nice
Don't throw the rench for God's sake
don't throw the rench [LAUGHS]
There was no going back
Cut please [MUFFLED AUDIO]
Yeah what was that noise?
No there was a click click
Your parents getting a divorce?
But, I wish they were Sorry!
It's because I said
Is everything okay at home?
And you said take a wild guess
so then for me I was
just like sorry it's my fault
that's okay Sorry!
My eyes won't stop watering now