Tell Me How I Die (2016) Movie Script

Life, is mankind's
most precious resource.
It's the one thing that
every living creature
on this earth wants
more than anything else.
Now, the primary purpose
of medical science
has always been to
heal, to extend life.
But, what about improving
the life we have?
Shouldn't that receive just
as much attention and effort?
We are stimulus response
creatures at our core.
We do something that makes us feel
good, we want to do it again.
We do something that makes us
feel bad and we want to avoid it.
But, when the memory of these feelings
fade, especially the good ones,
we have to seek out this
stimulus all over again.
Like some drug addict
looking for another fix.
But what if we could
change all that?
What if you could
not only remember
the first time you fell in love, but
re-experience it in full sensory detail.
As if it was happening
all over again.
A revolutionary new
memory enhancement formula
from Hallorann
pharmaceuticals is about
to make that dream a reality.
Memory increases of up to 300%
have been recorded in
85% of all test subjects.
And not mere static memory, no.
Full memory recall.
Sight, smell,
taste, touch, sound.
With a9913, we can relive
our finest moments
any time we want.
It's instant access
to unlimited joy.
Now, how's that
for improving life?
Dr. Jerum, thank you for coming.
Did you enjoy the presentation?
It was entertaining.
Walk with me.
I understand your
position doctor
that as a man of science
you prefer to focus
on the details of
your work rather than
the big picture.
But where is Dr.
Rasmussen by the way?
I asked him to be here as well.
We aren't social.
You are one of the most
brilliant researchers
in your field and the
progress you've made
on a9913 is nothing
short of miraculous.
But the board doesn't
understand the ebb and flow
of scientific discovery.
They require results.
And well, testing
on the new compound
has been quite promising.
Hypothalamus stimulation
has been greatly improved.
Mortality rates stabilized
and side effects
have been reduced to
a reasonable level.
None of which will
matter to the FDA
unless they're supported
by more human trials.
The results from
this weekends study
will be ready to
submit to the FDA.
Don't let me down doctor.
In fact, don't
let humanity down.
How ya been?
All right.
Coming to beg tom
for your job back?
Didn't you hear?
I won the lottery!
Yeah I bought this place.
You work for me now.
Well, then I need a raise asap.
Not after I caught you
giving away free beer.
All right boss lady.
Tell me what my next
customer's gonna order.
Pi colada.
All right.
Hi, can I get like a pi colada?
Sorry, we don't have a blender.
Maybe a daiquiri?
Still no blender.
But why don't you go down there
and check out our specialty.
Let me know.
How 'bout this guy?
Ooh, Manhattan and a fake ID.
Excuse me.
Hey man.
Do you have a Manhattan?
A Manhattan?
Do you have a real ID I can see?
Well at least you still
haven't lost your touch.
I have a gift.
Only if it would help
me get another job.
How about this guy?
Mind erasers.
Hey man, that
girl's pretty wasted.
Can you call her a cab?
Yeah, what's her name?
I didn't ask, I'll go check.
What was that?
That cute little look.
Look, I came here to ask
if you know of anyone hiring.
Do you have an idea or not?
Actually yeah.
There's this.
Buddy of mines done
it a couple of times.
Says it's easy money.
Unless you really wanna
beg for your job back.
I'd rather sell
my body to science.
Let's begin shall we?
My name is Dr. Jerums.
I'm the lead researcher
for your study.
Thank you for making the
long drive this morning.
I'm sure it's rather
early for most of you.
There are some formalities
we must attend to.
You're welcome to read
along or just listen.
Hey, I'm here for the study.
You have agreed to
participate in a phase three
clinical drug trial of
a9913 Olympic simulator
designed to enhance memory.
As this is a blinded trial...
50% of the subjects will
receive the test serum.
The remaining 50% will
receive a placebo.
During the study you will be
confined to the upstairs dorms
where you will be
continuously monitored
by the Hallorann staff.
It is imperative
that every volunteer
reports any atypical
sensation experienced.
However, volunteers
shall not discuss
these sensations with
other volunteers.
Now, if you'll please
pass forward your signed
non-disclosure agreements
along with any keys,
cellphones, or other devices.
Why do you need our cellphones?
Umm, this is a very
confidential study.
Miss Nichols, communication
is tightly regulated.
And our keys?
Leaving the facility
before the completion
of this study is
strictly forbidden.
We can't have you go
out on any joyride.
Thank you for your
The study tech Curtis will
take you to the dorms.
The campus is
spread over 20 acres
and provides research facilities
for over 1,800 employees.
At any given time there might
be 10 to 15 studies going on.
Then, why do you guys let
me come in once a month?
But, due to the
upcoming holiday,
we are running on
a skeleton crew.
So please, don't make
my life difficult.
We're also one of the
only privately owned
biosafety level four
facilities in the country.
Which means there are
thousands of drugs,
and chemicals,
and pathogens here
that can literally kill you.
So don't wander off.
Right this way.
Hey, two to six.
Thank you sir.
No buttons.
I guess they really
don't want us to leave.
Who'd wanna leave?
Go ahead and find
your bags and follow me.
Right this way, come on in.
Come on in guys, don't be shy.
All right, you have your
common room here up front.
Your bunkrooms are in the back.
Girls you're straight ahead.
Gusy you're down the
hall to the left.
Get comfortable, go ahead
and store your things.
We'll begin calling your names
for dosing in about an hour.
Watch Movies And Series!
So do you go to state?
My name's Kristen, with a k.
What sorority are you in?
No, I'm not in a
- sorority.
- - Kapa.
I knew it,
you look like a Kapa girl.
They're always really pretty.
And kinda smart.
Men and Yola?
God, I never
thought I'd do one of
these in a million years.
But daddy cut my Christmas
budget in half so.
Can you believe that?
He likes you.
Chayendy rock, I caught
him checking you out.
What if we were doing one
of those 30 day trials.
I bet everybody
will be hooking up.
It's like summer camp.
Yeah, summer camp with drugs.
I don't do drugs.
Where do you think
we are exactly?
These are prescription
drugs, there's a difference.
They've been tested.
Yeah, tested on us.
This ain't exactly your
mothers medicine cabinet.
Hibbard and Ruskin.
Whatever, it's my time to dose.
Whatever, enjoy your drugs.
So how many of
these have you done?
Let's see, one, two, three,
carry the four,
divide it by seven.
A lot.
Yeah, but at the end
of those pharmaceutical
commercials there's
always this long list
of disclaimers,
should I be worried?
Look, this is the
best gig in town.
We get free food, you can
play pool, video games,
you can even read a book
if you're into that stuff.
We basically get
paid to do nothing.
Seems like you have
it all figured out.
Yes I do.
All while being
absolutely colorblind.
Still no word from
Dr. Rasmussen.
Do you want me to
keep trying him?
No, but let me
know when he calls.
Here, you watch
them for a while.
So am I supposed to
believe this a coincidence?
I don't know.
Would you believe that?
Look, the bartender
gave me a flyer too.
Look, I'm not like a
stalker, I'm just broke.
I guess I'm not the only
college student who needs money.
Den Fergusen.
Yeah, like a comfy room.
Or a shelter for
woodland animals.
Guess my parents
wanted to make life
just slightly more
awkward for me.
Nice to stalk you Anna.
What is this
supposed to do again?
It's a hippocampus stimulator.
What does that mean though?
It stimulates the hippocampus.
It works on a part of your brain
that's associated with memory.
The hope is it may
help cure Alzheimer's.
Among other things.
What if someone walks out?
Well, you're welcome
to leave of course.
But the time to make
that decision is now.
Once you've received
the injection
you have to stay on site
'til the end of the study.
No exceptions.
For your own safety of course.
And how long will it take
'til I start to feel something?
Absorption rates differ according
to a range of variables.
Tissue density, metabolic
rates, cellular efficiency.
It varies per test subject.
How long will it last?
Again miss, that depends on
the individual's physiology.
The variables I just mentioned
and a host of other factors.
On average, six to eight hours.
If you don't want to, don't.
Don't forget, there's a 50%
chance you'll get the placebo.
And exhibit no
effects whatsoever.
Look at that,
perfectly lined up.
Gonna have to put you
out of your misery man.
Who's next
Come on, I'll put up 60, the
challenger only loses 20.
Hey, if you're
such the pool shark
then why do a research study?
Well, I heard I could
meet desperate hotties
who can pass an std test.
It's a joke, I'm joking.
Well, my dad says
nobody really jokes.
A persons joke
actually tells you
exactly what they're thinking.
Let me paint a picture for you.
I'm in a hold 'em
game, tuition stakes.
I go all in with a Jack high
because I know the other
guy only has queen high.
A queen's better.
Yeah, it is, very good.
But, you don't call
a $2,500 bet when
you only have a queen okay.
Nobody does that.
But he did.
Yeah, he did.
So, here I am.
All right come on, who's next
All right, how about you?
Yeah, you want a
shot at the champ?
I don't play.
Yup, she doesn't play.
I can teach you.
Come on, just in
here it'll be fine.
I could break that
cue across your face.
That would be fun.
Yeah, yeah.
But then you'd have to kiss it.
Make it a little better.
I'll play you.
What, you wanna kiss me too?
I like her idea better.
All right big boy, I'll play ya.
Bet you're pretty good too.
You wouldn't risk losing
in front of the girls.
I guess we'll see.
That's good, that's good.
Don't cry everybody,
it's gonna be over soon.
Come on!
What, okay, yeah I messed up.
How did you do that?
Do what?
How did you put the balls back?
He missed, it's your turn.
You didn't just see me shoot?
Okay fine.
Whatever man, your loss.
Doctor wants to see you.
How do you feel?
Maybe a little strange I guess.
He's so cocky and braggadocios.
And like he thinks he's so cute
because of his tiny t-shirt,
and his spiky hair,
and his muscly arms.
And he flirts with all the girls
and like, they believe it.
And he's not a good pool player.
It's like he had a
mental breakdown.
Are you okay?
I don't feel so well.
Is everything okay?
Do you mind?
He's so cocky and braggadocios,
and like he thinks he's so cute
because of his tiny t-shirt,
and his spiky hair,
and his muscly arms.
And he flirts with all the girls
and like, they believe it.
And he's not a good pool player.
It's like he had a
mental breakdown.
Are you okay?
I don't feel so well.
Is everything okay?
Do you mind?!
I missed a shot.
And it was exactly like,
I don't know, like I
saw it happen I guess.
Please be specific.
Did you see it happen
or did you experience it
in full sensory detail.
Sight, smell, taste.
It was like it really
happened, twice.
We have been testing this
drug for almost three years.
It's a very refined version.
Any side effects
should be minimal.
Would you say you are predisposed
to this sort of thing?
To what?
Seeing the future?
More like intuition.
Well I'm a hell
of a card player.
But of course that comes
from counting cards.
So would you say you have
an above average memory?
But I'm above average
in most things.
I'm gonna send you back
but with one condition.
I don't want you to
discuss this with anyone.
And these studies...
yeah I get it.
One person gets a headache,
everybody thinks
they got a headache.
But this was no headache.
Once we had a
drug study volunteer
who was suddenly
hit with the worst
back pain you could imagine.
He was in agony,
couldn't even stand up.
You know what he took?
Nothing, placebo.
Physically he was fine.
There is no sensation,
sight, smell, taste,
that the mind cannot
experience as real.
Remember, keep it to yourself.
It's getting
worse out here, be careful.
Thanks Allen, I'll try.
All right,
and if you have any trouble
just call me, I'll come running.
You better come
running with some snow shoes.
Whatever it takes darling.
Drive safe.
And then it happened again.
Right after I left
the doctor's office
I came out here with all of you.
Except, I guess I
didn't because I was,
just like that right back
in the doctors office again.
Like deja vu?
No, no, it's like
it happens once
and then it happens
again, the exact same way.
It's so weird.
First trippy drug
study I've been a part of
and I get the placebo.
It's not fun okay, it's scary.
Like even now, in
this conversation,
is this really happening
or am I just about to jump
back to the beginning again?
It's like I don't
know when now is.
None of you are
feeling anything?
Lights out in five.
Could you just give
us a little longer?
I don't make the rules.
Lights out in five.
You're not even my real dad!
You know, this drug
is supposed to help
increase our memory.
What if you're just
remembering the future?
Remembering the future.
On a quantum level,
time is not linear.
Our brain's just
perceive it that way
so that we can
differentiate between
past, present, and future.
I watch a lot of Dr. who.
Look, I don't care what it is.
I just want it to stop, now!
Marcus tell them!
I'm okay.
That's not what
you said earlier.
Well that's what I'm saying now.
That wasn't five minutes Curtis!
Go to sleep!
All I know, is I
didn't sign up for this.
I'm getting out of here
first thing in the morning
before they can give
us anything else.
Dr. Jerums.
How are things progressing?
Fine, good.
Dr. Rasmussen never showed.
Well actually,
that's why I'm calling.
I'm afraid that
Dr. Rasmussen was
found dead outside of
his home this morning.
Do you know what happened?
Not really, no, but the police
are treating it as a homicide.
They found some odd
details at the scene.
Some, sketches.
Does that mean anything to you?
Dr. Jerums?
Dr. Jerums are you there?
Dr. Jerums are you there?
Change of plans.
Take me to the
research facility.
Open the door please!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Hey, hey!
Stop that!
I saw them dying!
Her, all of them, everyone!
Okay, okay, okay,
just come with me
we'll talk to Dr. Jerum.
No way, I am done, I'm leaving!
I can't let you do that!
Stop, you're just
making it worse!
What are you doing?!
They are all going to die!
Are you listening to me?!
Something is going to happen in that
bunk and they are going to die!
Let me go!
Let her go!
Look, step back all right.
You can't just keep her here.
I don't want to hurt you kid
but there's a blizzard out there. If
she's exhibiting side effects then she
needs to be here
where we can help her.
You understand?
I'm gonna take her
to see the doctor.
I'll keep you informed okay?
What happened?
Just acting crazy.
Said she saw them dead.
Saw who dead?
I don't know, all of them.
I had to sedate her
to calm her down.
Let's leave that for now.
Is it happening again?
I'll take it from here.
Just keep an eye on the others.
Please, let me go.
You are experiencing a very rare
but very powerful side effect.
Tell me what you saw.
They were screaming.
And gagging.
I saw them dead on the floor.
I'm sorry to say
things are about
to get much worse for you.
We'll talk
more when you feel better.
Hal that you?
Watch movies and series!
Shh, shh, I'm leaving.
You wanna come?
Come on, get your things.
Where are you two going?
Hey, well if we're
lucky we can make
it to the casino by morning.
You're leaving to go gamble?
We can see the future.
What do you think?
Look, I don't care
where we're going,
as long as it's not here.
You should come.
Well how do we get down?
The doors are locked.
Well I saw the scratch
guy go through there.
It's gotta go somewhere.
Are you coming or not?
Yeah, let's go.
Hey, we're not splitting
the money with that guy.
Wait, we're really
going to a casino?
Awe man.
Wait, do you know where we are?
Sixth floor.
Yeah, but do you
know how to get down?
Wait, wait, what just happened?
Why did all the doors unlock?
Shh, because my luck
is on fire right now.
Let's go before
they switch back.
Hey, the exit's this way!
You're kidding me,
that's why you came?
Den, there are a million
doors in this place man.
You're never gonna find her.
And if you do, what then?
Marcus let's just go please.
What are you doing?
This is where we just came from.
Behind the looking glass.
Snap we're busted.
No, no, he can't see us.
Would you stop it.
Show him your boobs.
He can't see, go do it.
Do you take anything seriously?
You guys.
They've been watching
us the whole time.
We should go.
Yeah, that's what
I've been saying.
Shh shh.
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on!
Don't let go!
Come on!
Come on!
Gotta go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Hey, this way!
What are you guys doing!?
We're going this way!
It's freezing!
For your own safety of course.
Heat, heat, heat,
turn on the heat!
It'll take a second.
Was it you
You little punk?!
What the hell are you doing?!
Hey, let him go!
Did you see someone?
I saw you guys running like hell
and next thing I know
I'm in a blizzard
in my freaking pj's!
Obviously I should have
just minded my own business.
Somebody murdered
that nurse guy.
He's dead?
Damn, I actually liked that guy.
We didn't see who did it.
Look, I'm not used to
being the least medicated
guy in a group situation.
Are you sure it just wasn't
one of your little visions?
This really happened!
Besides, we took that drug
like hours ago anyway.
And I didn't take it at all.
If you weren't leaving
why were you downstairs?
Just looking around,
you know, whatever.
Come on, he's lying!
Scratch it's okay.
He's fine all right!
Can we stop talking about this
so that we can get
the hell out of here?!
We can't leave.
My, I swear to god I'm
gonna punch you in the face!
We can't leave
everybody up there
not knowing what's going on!
But we don't know
what's going on!
Can't leave everyone
or just one girl?
Everybody includes Anna.
I'm not going back.
Let's just call the cops
when we make it to town.
Nah in this weather
that could take hours.
If we could make it at all.
Hey, what are you doing?!
Those flashes you saw, you
really think they were real?
Do you really saw events
before they happened?
What if Anna's right too?
What if they're all gonna die?!
How are we supposed to
do anything about that?
Even Curtis couldn't
do anything.
They are asleep man.
If there is even a chance,
we can't just let them die.
I mean what if it was us?!
But it's not us!
We're out here,
so we have to go!
I could take it from here.
How 'bout you, you wanna come?
Yeah, I'm more of a stand back
and make witty observations
kind of guy, so.
All right, well
you know this place.
Any idea where they
might have taken Anna?
Probably the hospital ward.
Just make a right
on the fifth floor.
Wait, can you like,
leave the keys just so we
could keep the heater on?
This won't take long.
And you are a coward.
Son of a bitch.
Marcus, what are you doing?!
We should probably
share body heat.
We need to take off
all our clothes.
Marcus, wait up!
Well we tried man.
We have to go upstairs.
What is that smell?
Bleach, ammonia.
Yeah, cleaning supplies.
No, nobody cleans with both.
Not if they wanna
keep breathing.
Basically makes mustard gas.
Whatever, we going up or what?
Freight elevator,
yeah that'll work.
I'm gonna go find Anna.
You wake the others when we.
Be safe.
Yeah, no...
(Anna panting
please please.
Come on!
Come on!
Stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop!
They are dying god damn you!
No, it's too late!
It's mustard gas, they're gone!
What happened?!
They're all gone, the guys too.
Anna, are you okay?
They are dead, it came true!
It is all going to come true!
I think we need to go.
Right now, okay?
No wait, what do
you mean it's all
it all came true.
It doesn't matter,
we have to go.
It does matter.
She saw them die like
that and it happened.
What else have you seen?
Where's Kristen?
That was her!
Where is she?!
This way!
My god!
We gotta find out
where this ends.
Awe come on!
Is she still up there?
Well where is she, what
did he do with her?
You tell me, you're the one
with all the messed up visions!
We saw someone kill Curtis.
And we found a guards body.
It has to be the same one
who killed the others.
And you had visions too.
Yeah, of a freaking
pool shot man!
Not dead bodies and this!
Did you see this or not?
No I thought I
saw her on the tile,
but I never saw her face.
I mean maybe this isn't her.
It was a trap, he
knew she'd be here.
No, that's impossible.
How can someone know?
Someone who's taken
the drug would know.
Who scratch?
No, no, he got
the placebo like me.
Yeah, well, everyone
else is dead man!
But this isn't the first
time this drug has been tested.
It could have been someone
from a previous study.
What else did you see?
We gotta go!
Who locks an emergency exit?!
I didn't even know
you could do that!
We need to find another way out.
You think?!
Let's try the lobby.
Is he still there?
Do you see him?
Where are they?
Warm thoughts okay,
think warm thoughts.
Beaches, soup.
That's right.
I almost forgot.
Let's see, we got some uppers.
Some downers.
Some future seeing things.
I'm gonna say, hallucinogens.
Maybe we can open the
doors from there, come on.
We need an access card.
I can't believe you made
us come back in here man.
Come back?
Yeah, we were gone out the door.
But then team Anna
here had to come back
just for you.
You came back for me?
And the others.
But yeah.
Yeah, so since you're
the only reason we're here,
what have you seen that
could help us get out?
Nothing, it doesn't
work like that.
No, apparently it
does work that way
because this other nut
job knows exactly what
we're gonna do before we do it!
Well then why don't you
go find him and ask him
because I don't know!
What, was that him?
Maybe we can stay
here and watch him coming?
He's killing the cameras.
Yeah, of course he is because
he knew we'd be watching.
We need to find the doctor.
Maybe he can get us out of here.
Well that's the point man.
Where's he been
through all this?
Track that guy down.
Here, Dr. Jerums, 237.
Look it's better than
waiting here to die.
Fine, let's go.
What's happening?
Why aren't we moving?
It's a storm sir, freeway's
backed up for miles.
Come on Jerums, pick up.
Yes, this is
Dr. Redmond Layton
from Hallorann pharmaceuticals.
I need you to send someone
to our research facility.
It seems as if we've
lost contact with them.
Yes I'm well aware of the storm.
In fact I'm stuck
in it right now
which is why I've called you.
No, I'm not asking
you to rescue me.
I'm asking you to send someone
because I fear something
may have happened
to someone at my facility!
Why am I saving humanity again?
Thank god.
Hell yeah.
A key.
Key, key.
He's not here, I'm shocked!
Look for anything
that might help.
Access cards, maybe
our cellphones.
Yeah phone's dead.
Are you sure,
because at some point
I think I remember
a phone ringing.
Well if the phone
rings we'll know
it's working again won't we?
This is Dr.
Rasmussen, Dr. Jerums.
Interview 21 patient
eight, paskell dern.
Tell us about
another one of these
experiences you're having.
Because it'll help us understand
what's happened to you.
Paskell are you...
I'll tell you but it won't help.
You figure out
the writing on the
bunkroom wall yet den?
Okay den, what does den mean?
To go den, to go.
I'm sorry,
I'm afraid I don't understand.
You will.
That file was
created six months ago.
No, I don't understand.
How is he talking to you?
Because he saw it.
He already knew that we'd
be here watching this video.
Probably even a sketch
of it somewhere.
What was he saying?
To go?
That doesn't make any sense.
I need a wall.
They weren't numbers.
It wasn't 60, it was go.
What? 52 go?
No it's five.
You, Kristen,
scratch, den, and me.
Five to go.
Hey it's me.
Hang up, I need
to call the cops.
I already tried that.
It's an inside line,
I've been dialing
extensions looking for you guys.
I'm with Marcus and Anna.
All the others are dead.
Anna's vision came true.
You understand?
Now all the doors are
locked and we can't get out.
Okay, they're all dead?
Where are you?
Some old garage.
Hey listen, I found
a bunch of sketches.
They're actually pretty good.
But it's weird 'cause one
of them kinda looks like me.
I mean, other than the eyes.
My eyes are pretty off.
Yeah we found some too.
We think the killer drew 'em
he was a patient.
So a drug made him see us?
Wow, that's.
Hey, could you ask Anna if
she had any visions about me?
He wants to know if you've
had any visions about him.
But you are telling
me that there is
a crazy murderist, somewhat
decently talented artist
stalking this place?
Who knows exactly
what we're gonna do
before we do it?
Okay, good to know.
Listen, scratch is there
any other way out of here?
I don't know.
But Curtis once
threatened to lock me
in some biohazard clean
room in the basement.
Maybe you guys could hide
out there 'til morning?
Okay, we'll check it out.
What are you gonna de?
I'll think of something.
I say we go to the shelter.
No forget it.
Marcus, Marcus,
it might be safer.
What aren't you telling us?
Back off.
What are you gonna do?
Hey quit it!
- Come on, come on!
- - Hey, hey, hey!
Quit it, I saw something okay!
I saw a lot of things.
Like what?
Shit, okay.
Who gets it, him or me?
Tell us.
We deserve to know.
Both of you.
No, no, just because
you see it happen
doesn't mean it will.
Yeah, I know, maybe
it won't happen.
But everything
else has come true.
Hasn't it?
Some of them are small
like the phones ringing
and the doors locking.
But no matter what I do,
they keep coming true!
And the other ones like
the girls in the bunker,
and the number on the wall,
I don't think I can stop them.
Are you still
having the visions?
But I think I only saw things
I'm actually going to see.
So maybe if we can go
somewhere I haven't seen.
Like the shelter.
Somehow derail the path
we're on, change fate.
It's worth a shot isn't it?
And what about you?
You see what happens to you?
The shelter?
Hey, maybe we should
just leave that here.
He probably left
it for us to take.
Or maybe he wants us to leave it
so someone else can take it.
Or have you seen that too?
Well I went in the dorm first.
I'll do it.
I don't think you have to worry.
Why doesn't he have to worry?
When you saw me.
How do I?
You drown.
How could I drown?
I just know what I saw.
What about me?
You die in a hallway.
This place is
nothing but hallways.
I'm gonna find the damn shelter.
Asshole, open the door.
Open the door or I'm
gonna beat your ass!
Just stop being a dick
and open the damn door!
At least help us figure
out what we're up against.
Tell us about paskell.
Should have seen that coming.
My partner and
I had been testing
memory formula for many years.
But, paskell was
the first who had
visions as a side effect.
And not just visions,
but his actual future.
His foresight.
So you gave him
more, didn't you?
It was very promising.
We continued experimenting
as we modified it.
Yes of course.
We discovered the
effects are cumulative.
He had a psychotic
break and began
visions of violence.
So you stopped dosing him?
Yes, but, the visions continued.
His brain somehow began
producing the effects.
Much like an addicts
produce an opiate response.
And he stopped experiencing
time as linear.
Past, present, future,
it all existed simultaneously.
It drove him mad, he
had to be committed.
And that didn't stop you from
putting that stuff into us?
Every worthwhile
discovery has risk.
The goal is to make that risk,
in this case, side
effects, reasonable.
Yeah, yeah, very reasonable.
So side effects may
include hallucinations,
psychosis, killing
everyone you've ever met.
Hey, but at least there's
no anal leakage right?
Not in this version no.
I wanna kill this guy!
Remember this?
He's not after us is he?
He's just using
us to try to force
you to kill yourself.
It would seem so.
My partner died last night.
Probably trying to
save his family.
And yet you're hiding
out in a bomb shelter
leaving us to die.
You're not my family.
Has it not occurred
to you that paskell
might know you'd
hide out in here?
Well yes of course,
but there aren't many
options are there?
I'll take my chances in here.
You bastard!
This is your problem not ours!
I'm in here and
you're out there.
So, actually this is
very much your problem.
See the future.
See the future.
This stupid drug
doesn't even work.
Okay, okay.
You know what I
don't understand?
Why paskell doesn't
just kill that guy?
Yeah, why doesn't
he just walk up
and shoot him in the face?
I don't know.
Maybe it's like Anna.
He sees things that
are gonna happen
but he doesn't control them.
How 'bout it asshole?
Does he control the visions
or do they control him?
It's impossible to say.
What if somebody
were to kill him?
Would his visions still
come true after he's dead?
That's an excellent question.
So I'm thinking
we just stay here.
Arm up the best we can
and make our stand.
Look, at least we'll
see him coming.
And there's no water down here.
Why'd you come back?
What do you mean?
Marcus said you were outside.
Why'd you come back for me?
You hardly know me.
I mean we came
back for everyone.
But, I'd like to know you Anna.
Well that can't happen.
Not anymore, not
after that asshole
sentenced us to die.
No, don't give up.
Whatever happens
we can't give up.
Why not?
We're just prolonging
the inevitable.
What are you talking about?
He knows everything.
Why would he go through
all of this trouble
just make Jerums commit suicide?
He's getting rid
of the drug den.
Every last trace.
And that includes us.
Not you.
You took a placebo.
You could just hide in a corner,
wait for the Calvary.
He doesn't know that.
Sure he does, she just said it.
He knows everything.
Which is why we
need to do something
that he doesn't expect.
Okay, so I was talking
to dickless over there
and I got an idea.
What if we can get one
step ahead of these visions
and do something that
hasn't been seen yet?
Well that's a big if.
I mean we don't know
what his visions are.
Or where he is.
I know but, think about it.
She told us how she saw us die.
So, what if,
she didn't see it,
would it still happen?
Are we talking
about paskell or Anna?
I'm not saying we hurt her,
we just, we tie her up.
It's practically
self defense man.
Step back now.
Relax, just relax.
It's just an idea.
We're figuring stuff out.
Figure something else.
Look around, see if
there's any way out!
No, is it happening now?
Is it my turn now?
Hey come on man, come on.
Please let us in.
We won't tell the cops
that you saved us!
You'll be a hero!
Come on!
You guys there's
another door over here!
Come on!
He's gonna kill
me now isn't he?!
I don't know
Marcus, I don't know!
Marcus help me!
Did you see that coming?!
Marcus no.
No, no, no, no.
Is he?
Where's paskell, why
would he just leave?
He never meant to come down.
He knew he didn't need to.
He knew.
There's no way.
No, no, no, listen to me.
You cannot give up.
There has to be something.
What, some way to
change the future?
What if Marcus was right?
I should kill you?!
No, no, no, no, I mean,
if we are nowhere
near each other
how can I see you die?
And if I can't see you die...
will it still happen?
No, no it's too dangerous
being trapped inside like this.
Anna, even if it
means I'm going to die,
I'm not leaving you in
here alone with him.
It can't be that simple.
Come on, we're
getting out of here.
Not more stairs.
Come on!
Here, here.
No, no, are you crazy?!
This is way too
high, we cannot jump.
Maybe, come on.
Look at that snow drift.
It's deep Anna, we can make it.
Come on.
I can't do this.
Anna, look at me.
We jump on three.
One, two, three.
What are you doing?!
You said you wouldn't
leave me alone!
I said I wouldn't
leave you alone in here!
My keys are in the jacket!
Go get help!
Den, den!
My god I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, my god.
What did you do?
What are you waiting for?!
You already know
where I'm going.
That makes one of us.
Son of a bitch.
I was wrong.
I saw Kristen dead
in the bathroom
but I just found her outside.
These visions don't
always come true do they?
Did you tell the
others how they died?
Everyone except Kristen.
This isn't fate is it?
It's more like a
self-fulfilling prophecy.
Well, certainly by telling them
you influence their behavior.
And therefore the outcome.
And what about paskell?
Do his visions always come true?
It's hard to say.
He sees so much.
Because the drug
is cumulative right?
And he's had a lot.
He has.
What are you looking for?
That's not your drug you use.
That's the property
of this facility.
Stop and listen to me,
the dosage is too high.
You won't be able to
control your visions.
Remind me to tell
you how you die.
Let's get this over with.
Hello den.
Don't move or I'll...
take my head off.
I know.
I know.
Don't swing so hard.
You'll tire yourself out.
You won't be able to run.
Watch your step.
Get off, get off me!
I'll kill you!
Why are you doing this?
I really wish you
could surprise me.
Why are you doing this?
Why have I not been
able to contact you?
What are you doing here?!
Are you aware there's a
car parked in my lobby?!
Please, shut the door.
Forget the door!
Shut the door!
Have you finally
lost your mind?!
Why are you here?
Why do you think I'm here?
I've been calling you all night!
Driving through a
blinding snow storm
to find out what the
hell's been going on
with my study!
It's gonna be okay.
Hold on, hold on!
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay, hold on.