Tell Me Something (1999) Movie Script

Produced by Koo & C Film
Funded by Cinema Service & | Kookmin Venture Capital
Tell Me Something
Produced by Bon-han Koo, Youn-hyun Chang
Suk-kyu Han, Eun-ha Shim
Hang-sun Chang, Jung-ah Yum
Executive Producer: Gwi-duk Choi
Cinematography: Sung-bok Kim
Art: Ku-ho Chung
Editing: Sang-bum Kim
Music: Young-ook Cho
Screenplay: Youn-hyun Chang
Directed by: Youn-hyun Chang
Alright, let's start again.
You really didn't know Park was paying | the hospital bills?
Then how were they paid?
Your mother was in hospital over a year.
l told you before.
Come on. How could you pay 10 million won a month?
Even if the payments were overdue.
You had to be relying on someone!
Then, why would Park pay a 85 million won bill | for a detective.
Who was trying to arrest him?
l don't know.
Excuse me.
Already back on a case?
You should take it easy.
But getting results now would get you off the hook
Then why did he fall? | My brother didn't steal.
Your brother, the thief?
He never did stuff like that.
This time even the police can't do anything.
Want me to get you a witness?
Pleading ignorance that Park was paying your bills
That just won't cut it.
You motherfucker.
lf you took the money...
l'll cut you myself bastard!
Sir, people are watching.
What's with you?
Why's he fucking showing up so soon?
That's enough.
Sir, something's up. The chief is here.
What's going on?
Get to work.
Detective Cho!
Looks a couple days old.
Who reported it?
A truck driver found it.
Nothing to go by. No arms, no fingerprints.
Great, an autopsy in the middle of the night.
The medical examiner is here.
Hello, Professor Gu.
What are you doing?
lsolate the scene!
No wonder they call you pigs.
Set up a police line before | you start fucking around.
OK, sorry. | Here.
lt caught on camera speeding.
Take care of it. | Yes, sir.
Don't just screw me around like last time, either.
Alright, l'll take care of it.
Detective Cho, did the funeral go well? | Yes.
Must've been tough all alone.
Let's see what we've got here.
l.D. team! l.D. team.
These two legs don't belong to this body.
Then there's another victim? | Yes.
The criminal knows about anatomy and dissection.
A perfect six-part amputation.
Looks like surgical tools were used.
Anesthesia, too.
This technique is better than any quack doctor.
Cause of death?
Massive blood loss.
The victim was unconscious but alive | when they amputated
Any other injuries?
The ankles were tied up, but he didn't struggle mu
lt looks the same as the bridge killing. An intenti
lmpressive way to show corpses.
Proceed with it discreetly.
Set up your own team and work in secret.
The longer you take, the harder it'll be to crack.
ls this redemption?
lt'll be a tough case to crack.
There will be compensation if you do.
Shut up!
You thought we'd be setting up in a hotel?
Get to work.
What about the VCR?
Yes sir, it's almost ready.
Tell daddy the truth, did you smoke today or not?
That's my girl!
Go straight home after school or l'll send out the
Where should we start anyway?
Thanks for the peanuts.
Would you like some coffee?
The button is from the little kid who died.
lt's still bothering you, isn't it?
lt keeps making me think.
About what?
About the past.
Don't dwell on your mother.
l still don't know if l did the right thing.
You probably didn't want to send her off like that
But a decision had to be made.
The two arms belong to the victim | from under the bridge.
But this time the heart is missing.
Any fingerprints?
Of course not. They were cut off.
Give me a cigarette.
l quit smoking.
You quit? That's a laugh.
You mean we can't identify this one either?
Maybe this time.
The implants were left in his teeth.
lmplants all have different traits, | depending on the manufacturer.
You can find out which hospital put them in | and which doctor.
l think these were done at Seoul Central Hospital.
There should be a chart on him.
So, Detective Cho...
why do you think the killer is playing | with the corpses?
The elevator corpse's legs were with the bridge corpse.
But the body is still missing.
The bridge corpse's legs are missing.
But the arms were with the riverside park corpse.
And the park corpse's arms and heart are missing.
According to this pattern, the missing arms and the heart
will go to the next victim.
The missing parts for the next combination.
Are being kept somewhere.
[patient chart]
We've identified the park corpse.
Hospital records have Suyeon Chae | as next of kin, not a relative.
Suyeon Chae? | Yes, sir.
Hello | Hello
This is a restricted area.
Please wait here a moment.
Did you know Joonghyun Kwon | had listed you as next of kin?
He didn't say anything about it.
His whole family had immigrated.
Maybe he thought of me that way.
This is the criminal. lt's hard to see his face.
lf his clothes or movements remind you of anyone.
Can you tell me?
Can you show it to me again.
Do you notice anything particular?
lt's too quick to see anything.
Can you tell me if any of these people | are connected to Mr. Kwon?
Miss Chae?
l know them all.
We'll contact you again.
Didn't she say she lives alone?
The elevator victim is Woojin Suh, | age 27, artist.
Found second, but autopsies show | he was the lst victim.
He was involved with Miss Chae in college.
They kept in touch until recently.
He was engaged to someone else when he died
The bridge victim is Hyunseung Park, | age 35, a violinist.
Found first but actually the 2nd victim.
Miss Chae met him in France.
His wife and son are still in Paris.
But if he loved someone he could do it.
Was the elevator victim first?
Yes, he was reported missing first | a week before the 2nd victim.
Then they were killed in the order | she was involved with them in.
What about Joonghyun Kwon?
He was seeing her before he died.
He's 34, a philosophy professor.
Many of his friends thought | he was going to marry her.
But she was avoiding him.
An impressive list of lovers.
Her father is an artist?
Yes, Yonghoon Chae, a very famous artist.
He's working abroad somewhere.
Korean galleries lost touch | with him about 5 years ago.
Who is this woman, really?
You stayed up all night?
Did you get anything?
She's not very talkative.
Two calls from a man who seems like a museum colle
At 8:00 and 9:00.
And two from a woman named Seungmin.
The calls were ordinary, | all less than a minute long.
Who was the man?
He called himself Kiyon.
They spoke in familiar terms.
Small talk.
Anything going on? | Nothing special yet, sir.
Any visitors? | None.
Detective Oh, Detective Cho is coming.
Are you here to see Suyeon? | Yes.
You're police, aren't you?
Suyeon said detectives would be coming today.
And in the convenience store, | he's a detective too, right?
How did you know? You shouldn't know that.
l saw him looking over here a lot when l came.
Do you live around here?
Yes, near here.
l'm Seungmin Oh.
lt's been almost 2 years since | you met Joonghyun Kwon.
Were there any other women around him?
Do you know any of his friends?
l only met some in passing, people from school.
Mr. Park's family is in Paris.
Why was he alone in Seoul?
Probably because of his work.
But he wanted to go back to Paris.
By any chance, were you the reason he came to Seou
l don't know.
Did you know he was married?
l knew it when we met.
Did you see him recently?
He came to the museum a while back.
Did you meet often? | No.
Who made the first contact?
l didn't even know how to contact him.
Did Mr. Kwon know about the two of you?
So, did you continue meeting Mr. Suh, the artist?
Even after he was engaged?
We talked briefly on the phone | from time to time.
We didn't break up on bad terms.
Why did you break up?
With whom? The artist or the violinist?
The artist.
We grew apart naturally when l left for France.
Did you love all three of them?
We know this is hard for you.
But you're the only link between the victims.
We think the killer knows everything about you.
We have to know.
At least that much to continue | the investigation.
l understand.
Any strange mail or calls recently?
How many people knew about you and the victims?
Almost none.
Only Seungmin Oh and Kiyon Kim?
Have some fruit.
Thank you.
May l ask what you do?
Me? Try guessing. | She's a doctor.
A second year resident.
Look closely.
What is it?
A sort of preservative chemical.
A preservative?
Yes, but they used a rare high-quality one.
Can we find out the manufacturer | and the name of the chemical?
l've already got them.
We were high school classmates.
We weren't close in school though.
We met again at the hospital.
l was working there.
She had slit her wrists.
She recognized me first and | we've been close ever since.
She tried to commit suicide?
A few times in college, too. | But we don't talk about the past.
She doesn't want Kiyon as a friend or a lover.
Why not? | He's, you know, obsessive.
Even l got tired of him.
ls this it?
You bought the same one.
l took a leave of absence.
lt's complicated work and | l kept making mistakes.
Because l couldn't concentrate.
l try to calm myself but not even music helps.
You need to take some distance from this.
Then maybe you'll remember something.
l don't remember the past.
l don't even have photos.
lt's so hard to talk about all that.
You'll probably get to know | many things about me.
ls that hard for you?
Yes, but it's harder not to be able | to trust anyone.
l don't know anything about you.
But you're the only one | that l can trust right now.
Kiyon Kim purchased | the same chemical preservative.
What is your relationship | with Suyeon Chae, exactly?
We were college classmates.
Two months after she left for France to study, | so did you.
Was it because of her?
l don't have to answer that kind of question.
You studied anatomy in France, didn't you?
lt was compulsory in my major.
You purchased a special chemical through the internet.
What did you use it for?
lt's for preserving animals and insects.
Corpses too, right?
Mr. Kim, you knew all three | of the victims, didn't you?
The killer is someone who's familiar with | Suyeon's past, who is still close to her,
and knows about anatomy.
And a chemical preservative | was used on the corpses.
Don't you think all this is | too much of a coincidence?
Get me a lawyer.
What were you doing? ldiots!
We never left our stations.
Someone must have struck in earlier.
Where is Miss Chae?
She's been taken to the hospital.
Unconscious. No blood loss.
How did the suspect get out?
Looks like through the pantry window.
Gone before we got here after Miss Oh called us.
Fingerprints or footprints?
Footprints about size 270.
We're searching for fingerprints.
Hello? Yes. How long do we have?
Alright, then confirm what we need for the record.
And set him free in an hour.
lsn't it a little soon to let him go?
Right, Detective Lee, | you'll be responsible for him.
The timing of this'd mean he's an accomplice.
We can't keep him forever.
Can you remember the criminal's face?
l want to rest.
l think it's better she rests right now.
So? Where? Give me the address.
We'll talk in person! Hello!
Really? Alright. lt's Joonghyun Kwon's heart.
l don't have a good feeling about this.
What's happened? Where is she?
Leave her alone for a while. She's too unstable.
l was the one who sent her there.
She has to calm down, | if you want her to remember anything.
lt must be over there.
We had better move you to a safer place.
l want to stay here. Someone is following me.
You have to go somewhere safe | to get away from the criminal.
l want to know what it is he wants.
This way.
Yes, Mr. Kim's regular here.
[Call me if you need anything]
[There's a gun in the drawer]
Media Arts lnstitute (Kiyon Kim)
Detective Oh? Where are you?
This must be the place.
Kim's car is here.
The killer knew about the | hidden cameras in Suyeon's place.
lt must be someone she knows.
He knows too much about her.
Kiyon Kim owns the building.
lf we'd arrived earlier, | this wouldn't have happened.
They knew you were unarmed.
l said to call me if you needed anything.
Why didn't you take this?
You might be used to guns, but l'm not.
l don't know how to use one.
We know nothing about you.
You haven't even told us anything | about the victims!
We've separated long ago.
l don't live in the past.
You're the one who broke up with each of them.
Must've been difficult.
They bothered you, didn't they?
Are you saying they died | because they bothered me?
May be l should be thankful?
You don't have many friends.
How does the killer know more about | you than you do? ls it possible?
Then l must be the killer!
Why do you say you're protecting me?
l wouldn't give a gun to a murderer!
You're getting scared now, too.
Kiyon can't take 'no' for an answer.
That's probably why he's obsessed with me.
He even changed his major | when he followed me to Paris.
So l started avoiding him from then on.
l didn't think he could be involved.
How do you use this gun?
The safety is on. Take it off and pull this.
The red dot means it's ready.
lf you put the trigger, it'll fire.
Now you try it.
The heart in Kim's freezer was to tell us | he'd be next.
We're being told in advance?
Whoever gets Kim's head will be the next victim.
What a job.
There was a foreign substance | on Kwon's heart and in the bag.
What was it?
Traces of carbon.
Carbon. Do you mean coal?
Yes coal, to be exact.
Professor, it's drawing charcoal!
There're so many art shops.
You can't find it with this.
What is it? | Let me see.
Looks like Dongjin Art shop.
Excuse me. ls this from your shop?
Yes, it is.
Suyeon Chae?
l don't think so.
Her father is Yonghoom Chae, the painter.
Why didn't you say so?
l used to make deliveries to them.
But it's been a while since then.
Do you know Dongjin Art Shop?
When was the last time you saw your father?
Before l left for France.
When was it exactly?
February 1994.
Did you hear from him after that?
No, nothing.
Aren't you curious after 5 years?
No. He didn't like anyone interrupting his life.
No need to worry about someone like that.
What was your relationship with him like?
They say in the art district that Master | Yonghoon Chae really cherished his daughter.
He has nothing to do with these crime.
Yes, he definitely does.
A bag from Dongjin Art, where he was a regular, | was found at a crime scene.
The bag is from 5 years ago | before he disappeared.
We need to know more about your father.
Miss Chae.
Miss Chae.
Miss Chae.
l cut all ties with him when l left Seoul.
Now the killer only needs another victim's head.
Do you still think he's connected to this?
This is it.
Hello, Detective Oh here. Yes. What?
To sell a picture?
lt was brought here? | Yes.
What's it worth?
Priceless almost.
Don't worry. l'll take care of everything.
His favorite picture.
l used to have nightmares | every night because of it.
He always looked up here.
Are you alright?
My only friend.
Suyeon, open the door. Open it!
He knew everything and wanted to save me.
After that, only my father and l were left.
This is where your brother fell, isn't it?
Where's Oh?
Check who lived at this address:
lnchon City, Joong-gu.
This is it.
l told you it's locked!
Give it here.
This is Detective Oh.
Yes, Detective Oh?
l found Yonghoon Chae's workroom.
Anything special?
His head is here.
Hello? Detective Oh?
Detective Oh!
Detective Oh! Where are you?
Answer me!
Let go of me! Let go!
Calm down, sir.
Let go!
Cho, you're off this case.
Report to station headquarters tomorrow.
Oh, hello. We've met once before.
When you were brought to hospital.
Did you really want to die?
You're not the suicidal type.
[l'm going home. l'll be waiting. Suyeon]
The investigation team has been changed.
They'll question you from the beginning.
Please try to cooperate even if it's hard.
l don't want to say anything more.
Sir, we checked the lnchon address.
You said there was a son, | but they only had 6 daughters.
The youngest one's name is Seungmin.
What's this?
lt's the data Detective Oh requested.
Why did he request this?
Seungmin Oh?
May 7.
Okay. 8 o'clock. Tower Records. See you then.
Hello | Detective Cho?
Yes. | Did you get my message?
Seungmin Oh's car was recorded | the day of the murder.
They're headed to her house.
When did they leave?
Just now. | Alright, thanks.
lt's Suyeon. | Seungmin wants to meet at Tower Records.
There're so many people, l'm nervous. | l just called because l was thinking of you.
Don't miss a thing!
What is it?
Did l scare you?
Can you hear it?
She's dead.
You took off the mourning band?
My mourning period ended yesterday.
l'm leaving for France tomorrow.
l guess you'll adapt quickly, | you've already been there.
l quit painting there, | but l'm going to start again.
Would you like to go with me?
You have a lot here.
l didn't think you could leave.
Have you finished your preparations?
Yes. But l'm keeping the house.
Since l'll be back.
Wait a minute.
l've had them for a long time.
They can hear footsteps.
And this.
Thank you... for surviving.
Excuse me.
Would you like a drink? | No, thank you.
ls this your first time to Paris?
Yes, it's my first time.