Tell-Tale (2009) Movie Script

This is Rescue 3.
I have a 55-year old white male.
Named Vieillard, Jean
Hemorrhage due to trauma
in the skull.
Glasgow Coma Score is 1.
Patient has ID in his wallet identifying him an organ donor.
Alert trauma and transplant team.
Copy that, Rescue 3.
Dad, you said that milk helps your bones..
and carrots help your eyes.
You know that.
Didn't we talk about that once?
That was when I was six.
Ok, old lady.
What is it?
Four-leaf clover!
You know what this means?
Good luck.
Any boys?
Is this part ok?
Not funny or tingly, anything like that?
How are we doing?
Really good.
I see no further loss of movement.
And we're making slow progress on the blood samples...
Also, I got her approved
for the new treatment program
I was telling you about.
You're incredible!
How'd you make that happen?
State secret.
If I told you I'd have to kill you.
Will you?
I'd.. I'd do anything for her.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So how's the other patient from the family?
Well, still ticking.
Looks like it's gonna be a happy birthday.
She told you it was my birthday.
Of course, any big plans?
No, I was wondering if you would want...
I would.
You've finally asked her out.
I didn't ask her out, I asked if she wanted
to celebrate with us.
What do you mean "finally"?
You liked her forever..
before you got sick even, I think.
This is your doctor, button.
You're blushing, daddy.
Ok, just get in the car.
We have become friends but that's it,
that's all we are.
Right, daddy, friends.
Somebody help!
My husband was shot!
Somebody help me!
I'm a paramedic.
What happened?
He's been shot.
How long ago?
You know, how long ago?
I could hear it.
Like it was in my head.
Like..headphones, like a stethoscope.
Can you hear them?
You've been taking all the intervention medications?
Of course.
Drug use?
Are you in caffeine or decongestants?
Have you been drinking?
Terry, you had a heart transplant.
Post-operative stress is very common.
Well, that's what you keep telling me...
but this is the third time it's happened.
And it's been five months since my operation.
Doctor, Chelsea's here.
Thank you.
We can do some more tests.
Dig a little deeper.
It's gonna be fine.
Are you mad?
Why would I be mad?
I...stole a picture from your desk.
No, I'm not mad.
I love it. I so love it.
It's because you call me "button".
I can't remember the last time I went
to a patient's dad's birthday.
I almost forgot.
You didn't have to.
I know it happens to people who
turn out to birthdays without a gift.
Decapitation, laceration, pox on your family.
It's in the bible.
Really? What part?
The gospel according to Mary and my mother.
There's something else too.
I got the association to raise your
monthly subsidy.
We both know it's not getting any cheaper.
That's why I have a good job.
You'll never gonna get enough as Act Almighty Guy.
You're doing a great job.
I just wanted to help.
You look flushed.
I'm seeing ailments, tomorrow I'm gonna have to tell
that my first kiss in years...
made my blood boil a little.
Can I have another piece of cake?
Kevin, Kevin Stanovic.
You helped out that boy in the
parking lot the other day?
What are you?, A reported or something?
Alright. Well, good talk.
Wait, I saw your name on my donor form.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
What did you say?
I wanna ask you about Jean Vieillard
Who are you?
I'm nobody, I just...
You were listed on my donor information sheet.
You're gonna tell me right now
who the fuck you are?
I'm nobody, man.
Who the fuck are you?, What do you know about Vieillard?
I'm nobody, man.
Just put it down.
Who talked to you?
Nobody talked to me.
Who's Acherton?
I'm not a monster.
I didn't know they were gonna
do what they did.
Ok, ok, I believe you.
Fuck it, fuck it, you stabbed me, man.
No, no, I didn't.
Oh, you motherfucker.
Why are you not getting dressed,
are you gonna take me to the school bus?
Are you thinking about Mommy?
No, no.
Don't lie, I know you are.
But I think it's ok, now that
you got like Liz.
Mom left us.
Sir, are you alright?
Hey, it's me.
I lost a patient today.
A young guy.
It shouldn't have happened.
I didn't try harder to save him.
I'm sorry.
-- You know these fucking beaureucrats up here.
I didn't try hard enough, Terry
I could've pushed, you know,
I could've just kept going.
Shit, sorry.
Well, a paramedic was stabbed outside
the building last night.
Oh God..Did they find out who did it?
They think it's a homeless guy or something.
That's what they said.
Are you alright? You sound strange.
-- Yeah, can I see you tonight?
Of course, yeah, I'll come by after I'm done here.
See you then.
I don't know how you do it...
What? It is a complete fantasy about the British...
No, you're very beautiful.
Super smart.
Wailing coyote, that's me, super genius.
You got a great job.
-An important job.
-Do I blush in it?
Why are you interested in an IT guy?
I won't meet same people like you, Terry
I see you with Angie.
And all the trouble you've been through.
And when you think about it, it's hard
that you've had given up your life for her.
And you know I say...
I say: Wow!
That loser IT guy with a heart transplant
And also who've been down with crap genetic hands.
Wow, that guy is one motherfucking creature.
Did I use too much garlic?
No, it's just that...I'm not feeling a 100% right now.
I'm seeing Averman again tomorrow.
Yeah, about the scan?
If you feeling up to.., why don't you come and see me after?
You don't have to leave.
I had a killer day and you need to rest.
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm not a monster.
I didn't know they were gonna
do what they did.
Hi, I'm looking for detective Van Doran.
Van Doran
Hi, detective.
My name is Terry, I was hoping to...
I want to ask you a question about a case that you're involved in.
A man named Veillard.
He was murdered.
Well, his wife was murdered too.
Do you know them or something?
We're close, yes.
Well, I'll eat along Chef Le Carr
you should meet me there.
Detective Van Doran?
Have a seat.
You've visited the Jean Vieillard crime scene?
Who the fuck are you and how do you know Vieillard?
I'm Terry Bernard, I'm just an old friend of Vieillard.
Old friend?...
It says here that there were no suspects.
But..Did you ever catch anyone?
And...Acherton, Do you know Acherton?
Do you know who he is?
It says he was hit in the head
with a blunt instrument.
What does it say about his wife?
It didn't mention sir, why?
We didn't catch anyone.
I don't know who Acherton is.
And I won't help you because you obviously
never met Jean Vieillard or his wife.
And even if you did know what the fuck
you were talking about...
you're not gonna make it right, do you?
You better turn on your TV.
Yeah, I'm watching right now.
You think we should be worried?
Are you alright?
Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me, man.
I got a 10-45 D in a medical center subway station.
Possible homicide. Wallet found on the scene says the victim is Acherton, Paul Ed.
We're gonna need a cleanup for this one.
-Jesus Christ.
-Why does he have to show up?
He jumped?
No, it says he was pushed.
You got anything?
Just some hair.
But it'll never hold up in court.
Besides, we need a suspect first.
Hey, sweetheart.
Where is he?
He locked himself in the bathroom.
Terry, if you're in there and you can hear me...
let me know if you need help, alright.
Coz I can call an ambulance.
Don't call an ambulance.
It's nothing. Just a little irritated.
What did Dr. Averman say?
He's not concerned coz I'm fine.
Obviously it's not fine coz you look just so pale.
Did you take your meds this morning?
I'm not your patient.
If this is about us...
If you think we've taken a wrong turn somewhere,
then just tell me.
Last night I...
No, it's okay.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
I'll take Angie to school.
You just take care of yourself, right. Promise me that.
What's wrong with him?
He's just being a little bit sick.
Is he gonna be okay?
Yeah, you know, when you get back from
school, he's gonna be right as rain.
Gets embarrassed when they see
a lady's underwear.
I think you wanna come with me.
Something of yours was found at the train station.
Let's try and make this cordial, shall we?
-Well that's not very cordial.
-I don't drink.
Are you sure?
Because you're looking at that drink
the way I look at that drink.
I don't drink.
Okay cowboy, let's cut the wood.
Paul Acherton.
DNA is gonna link him to the Vieillard crime scene, isn't it?
I don't know.
I think you know.
There's one other case that's been
opened for months.
We haven't fingered a single suspect yet...
and then you come along.
Now, I don't think Acherton slipped on his own banana peel.
I don't know you, Terry Bernard.
But you seem like a nice guy.
And as far as I know, nice guys don't roam around...
tossing health care professionals in front of moving locomotors,
and gutting 25-year old paramedics in the alleyways.
I did a little digging.
It turns out this kid, Stanovic, turns out he's the responding
paramedic at the Vieillard crime scene.
Did you know that?
I think you did.
My heart, whenever they like, came closely..
I could hear my heart beating clattering my head.
Okay? Cute.
Let's back up a second.
How did you find them?
I mean, your magic heart didn't
give you their names, did it?
I have his heart.
Jean Vieillard is my donor.
I have his heart.
I'll tell you what I think, Terry Bernard.
I think you wanna have that drink.
Look, we can help each other, you and me.
I got a murder case which never close.
You know who the perfs were.
I don't care how.
I don't need to know.
It's going too far.
It smells to me like it just begun.
It's going too far.
It's going too far.
Hey, hey, hang on, friend, hang on.
Keep in mind.
What are you gonna do?
You're gonna turn me in?
You know what? I'll turn myself in.
Wait a minute.
What happened?
You had a heart attack when you
were driving yesterday.
Did I hurt anyone?
Just an old station wagon.
I guess my behavior yesterday..
Hey, we all have our moments, right?
You didn't deserve that.
I spoke to Dr. Averman this morning...
and he said your cardiac enzymes
is through the roof.
You're showing tissue injury in every major artery.
I know you know that, that's some serious stuff.
He thinks you're drinking.
I know, I told him you don't.
That you wouldn't.
But levels of your test results...I don't know why...
The point is and this is where
I agree with him...
is some time before your accident, you did something
that made your heart very very angry.
You nearly died yesterday, Terry.
You understand what I'm saying?
Hello, button.
So you'll remember how lucky we
are to have each other.
It's beautiful.
You won't go away.
I'm not gonna go anywhere.
That really is one hell of a kicker,
the heart they gave you.
Isn't it?
First you tell me it told you about Stanovic and Acherton.
And then when you decide to turn yourself in,
it pulled the plug on your little vigilante role play, just like that.
It stops itself.
It stops you.
Hell of a thing, really.
What do you want?
There were four of them.
They went in from the back.
Standard burglary setup.
They didn't know that Jean and Frances
were at home.
So everything went to shock really quick.
They hit Vieillard on the head.
And on the after hand, they killed
Frances in front of him.
He watched them.
As they try to slit her throat out.
He watched her scream.
So he went to the shadow, twice.
And slowly, slowly,
he watched fade away.
And then...Boom!...he died.
That is one hell of heart you got.
She's very beautiful.
Yes, she was.
Sir, what happened? We need to slow
this down. Give me 2500 mg of...
I can't even believe I'm saying this...
considering you just survived a heart attack.
But every test we run indicates that...
apparently, you are the second documented
case of spontaneous blood type switch.
You've adopted your donor's blood type,
all immune system actually.
The stem cells from the donor part migrated...
to your bone marrow and just
took all the refractory.
Which is a good thing?
Well, oh yes, since your previous immune system
is essentially a time bomb...
Do you know what this means?
This is good news.
I'm serious.
Are you okay?
Let's get you home.
Just orders.
I wished I wasn't called late...
but you know how to reach me.
I'm gonna turn down your
bed before I go.
You can reroute the TV, right?
Are you there?
Nice guy with the unusual
heart problem.
Come on, I can hear you breathing.
Hey, Cochius.
Who are you?
I know you were there.
What the hell are you talking about?
I know you're involved in the murder
of Jean Vieillard and his wife.
You better get the fuck out of
here before I hurt you.
You were there, you were with them.
What the fuck do you want, man?
Just tell me who else was involved.
Tell me.
I didn't know they were
gonna do those things.
I told them "Don't do it."
I said: "Please, don't do it."
Terry, is that you?
The babysitter had to leave, but she
said you can pay her next time.
Terry, you have to be kidding.
I don't wanna be charged with murder.
Terry, will you wear a condom?
Thank you for everything you
have done for us.
I'd do anything for you and Angie.
What are you thinking?
Do you think that sometimes you have
to do things you don't wanna do?
But you have to do them...
because, in the end, it's better
for the people that you love.
Stanovic, Acherton, Valdez...
I don't wanna be next.
-There are cops all over the fucking place, would you shut the fuck up?
-I'm saying it's retribution, okay, it's retribution.
We'll find who did this.
How?, You see that?
Would you calm down?
Why should I, mate?
Somebody knows, okay, somebody knows.
I just don't think you
should be drinking.
Come on, just one.
I'm like the fucking Holy Grail of transplant receptacle.
Holy shit, there's a special exhibit from the Korper Museum.
Did you know about this?
They have Harry's skeleton.
Yeah, I just don't think...
Wait, tomorrow's the last day you
weren't gonna mention this to me?
Hey, button, button.
The Natural History museum has a special exhibition...
they've got Harry there.
Really? Can we go?
We'll go tomorrow.
I don't think it's a good idea.
It's fine, it's good, it's a great idea.
Will you listen to me?
You heard her, we're going.
Don't tell me what she
can or can't do
Hey, you really wanna keep that door locked.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I apologize...
Don't worry about it, I was just leaving.
Liz, Liz.
I didn't mean to catch you out.
It's just that Angie has been
talking about Harry for years.
I think it's gonna be good for her, I do.
You should come with us.
Fine, you're the father.
My room is pink, I like pink.
I like pink too.
I like red.
I love red.
Button, would you go put a movie on and
let Daddy talk to his friend for a minute?
What's wrong with her? She what
she can't move her arms?
She has a genetic disorder.
What do you want?
Sorry for the intrusion.
if you had called me back...
I brought you this.
What is it?
Open it.
You know, if you're going the
way you're going on...
you can fully avenge this
crime by late summer.
And you really shouldn't leave things lying around.
I saw you last night.
Did you happen to see how his head came apart?
Hey, you're wearing the same boots.
I think you should leave.
I was in that house.
I saw what those monsters did.
I want this as much as you do.
Daddy, movie's not working.
Okay, baby, I'll be right there.
You're a good father, Terry.
Please, just go.
Okay, but if you're gonna
what you're gonna do.
You gotta find a cleaner way to do it.
The instructions are in the case.
That's him, Daddy.
Come on guys, this way.
Come on kids, right this way, please.
Alright, this is the skeleton of Harry Erlich.
Harry had a rare disease called
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.
which turned a lot of his connective tissue,
like tendon and muscle into bone.
As you can see the disease affected
most of his body so by the time he died...
Right before he turned forty,
he was almost entirely immobile.
And an interesting bit of trivia...
There is not a single wire...
or a drop of glue...
holding the skeleton together.
It's fused together like that
entirely by the disease.
Any questions?
How rare is this disease?
Very, very rare. It is believed to occur on
approximately 1 out of every 2 million people.
So you would have to be
incredibly unlucky.
Coz I think Perry has it.
Yeah, Perry doesn't have that.
I'm a monster, help me.
Shut your mouth, you little punk.
Terry, what are you doing?
That was stupid fucking idea
taking her there.
It was like asking her to
accept she's gonna die.
That it's inevitable, well I refuse to accept that.
What are you gonna do when
she's older and it gets worse?
What if I die and she's left with you?
Then what are you gonna do?
So this is about, all this going to museum, huh.
You don't understand.
-- I'm not your ex-wife, okay or some 22-year old.
And I've never been scared to
spend my life as part of this family.
You're keeping something from me.
Something wrong with you?
I can't tell you.
I have to get back.
Three days ago, my brother's
life was brutally cut short.
Today, we've all lost part of us.
My brother meant something
different to each one of you.
But to me...he was my guardian angel.
Damn it.
The service went late
and my car won't start.
I think somebody did something to it.
I'm parked two blocks away
on State and Hoover.
I think he's here.
I'll be right there.
Listen, you don't know me.
I didn't do those things.
I'm just an office clerk.
We got him, the bait worked.
Please, stop it, listen to me.
I'm not like the others, I'm not.
They find the donors.
They, hurry things along.
They harvest.
Not me.
I didn't do any of that.
I just do paperwork.
I make sure the right person
gets what they take.
You traffic organs?
Have you ever known anybody
who was on the transplant list?
Anybody you care about.
Well, you should understand.
We save people.
By killing people.
People who were gonna die anyway.
Terminal patients.
Please, don't you have
mouths to feed, man?
She called me crying.
Wondering where you are.
Well, she'd gone to sleep
half an hour ago.
You said that you'll always be here for her.
You promised her that.
The man with the vengeful heart.
There's your case.
Terry, I can't take that back.
If you're telling me that gun
is one murder weapon...
I can't take it back.
I don't want it anymore.
You can't walk away now.
You have to finish this.
For Vieillard.
I don't have to do anything for Vieillard
Your daughter.
She'll be in better hands.
She'll have no daddy.
You can't walk away now.
You don't understand.
This has to be finished.
You weren't there.
It took her five minutes.
Five minutes to die.
You didn't know her.
You and her?
Are you sleeping with Vieillard's wife?
Nice spar, you see, he won't let you go.
He's got you for good.
I'm through with this.
I am through with this.
Hey, button.
I want you to think real hard, think of
something you always wanted to do with me.
Anything at all.
Except no trips to the moon.
Okay, my rocket's in the shop.
Go to the ballet.
Is that your first choice?
Then we're gonna go to the ballet, tonight.
Really? Is Liz coming?
I don't know.
She left, didn't she? Like mommy.
No, not like mommy.
Your mom left both of us.
Liz will always be there for you.
Maybe I'll wear my red dress.
Or what about the blue.
Do you like my blue one?
I love them both.
See you later, daddy.
Bye, button.
Is Angie alright?
Did something happen?
She's fine, she's good.
There's a message you left it made it
sound like something terrible.
She's at school, she's perfect.
So what's going on?
Liz, I'm dying and I want you
to watch out for Angie when I'm gone.
I don't buy that.
No, Liz, Liz, you know I love you.
Take care of my little girl.
And give her the things that I can't.
It's not fair.
My heart, my heart is making me kill people.
-- Stop it.
It's making me kill the people
that murdered my donor.
It's crazy.
Terry, stay with me.
Everything's fine, is it, Terry?
You're boyfriend is completely
numb when I do this...
I mean, he's not gonna feel any
of the things that I'll do.
Not feeling any pain?
Alright, Terry.
Just so we're clear.
I want you to know I'm gonna
be keeping you down.
It's to part that delicate line
between numb and hypothermic.
So you'll lose feeling, metabolism and swallowing reflexes.
And you will have trouble speaking.
You killed those men because you believed
we did Jean Vieillard
an unfair death. That he was our victim.
But I can assure you, you are mistaken in that belief.
You seem to know Jean Vieillard like...
you're his friend, his stepbrother,
his secret lover.
I haven't worked out the particular
details in that relationship.
But after what I've seen, he's finally getting closer
Personally, tumor's of that stage of development
seemed to have progressing in a rather frightening rate.
So, he was not our victim.
They never are.
Therefore, this was God, my friend.
Is there anything you would like to volunteer?
Is there any photographic documentation
I need to know about it?
Something that might link myself or my colleague to events
that may or may not have occurred several months ago
No, no.
Are you sure?
Do you remember the question, Terry?
There's no photos.
There's no anything.
You know, Terry, I gotta tell you that...
It never ceases to amaze me...
the selfishness that endows a man and his loved ones.
When he's finally with the specter of death.
In that moment, no matter what he
said to her in the past
no matter what he suffered,
in that moment, his life is intrinsically more valuable than the next man's
triviality such as life span, quality of life, all forgotten
pushed away by the sheer overwhelming value of this man's life.
That is gonna hurt in the morning.
Now, Terry, does anyone else have seen what you seem to know?
Please get me some more blades,
this will get dull soon.
Just a point I'm trying to make, you're upset
because you feel we took Vieillard before his time.
That's clear.
But I wonder, if you would be feeling different.
If you were walking around today,
granted life by this man's death.
If you were the man I gave his heart to.
I am that man.
I knew it looked familiar.
It is the beating of his hideous heart.
I gotta tell you, Terry.
Once I determined that no one else knew
I wasn't quite sure exactly how I was gonna let you go.
But now, it seems so obvious.
The heart's the problem.
Kill the heart. Kill the problem.
Potassium Chloride solution.
You'll be gone in a few seconds.
--Hi beautiful.
This is great.
I'm so glad you came.
I didn't know when,
if I'd see you again.
I'm sorry.
I told her it was a boxed robbery.
They tried to steal the TV.
No more secrets, okay?
I bought your heart, Terry.
What do you mean bought my heart?
Last year when you were waiting for a donor...
we both knew you're not gonna
hold on much longer
I didn't want Angela to be alone.
And there was this guy who
worked in the hospital with me..
I've heard rumors about him.
So, I told him to find a heart.
I said I didn't wanna know where it came from.
Just that he finds it quickly.
I didn't wanna lose you.
I remember you told me sometimes we
make sacrifices for the ones we love, right?
Right, Terry?