Teman Tidur (2023) Movie Script

Hey! Hey!
Where do you think you're going?
Male students are
prohibited to go there!
What's going on here?
Kel! Open the door!
Don't forget you are transferred
here not to play around.
Your goal is.....
To be number one
in the biology olympiad.
That's my goal, mom!
Now you have
to promise me, you must.....
Take a lot of rest
and don't exhaust myself.
Please be careful, dear.
Let's go.
Should I help?
It's okay, I'll do it.
All right dad, let me do it!
Please take good care of
yourself at the dorms, dear.
Okay, let me help out here.
No, no.
-I insist!
-Let's go Manda.
Students are not allowed to go out
of school area during school hours.
Unless they get a permit,...
...and the curfew is 9 p.m.
Students are not allowed...
...to leave their room after that.
These are the rules
of our dormitory.
Study them. Your phone?
-Your phone please.
If anything comes up,...
...my room is around the hallwa
in front of the field, okay?
If you need this phone,
you can go to the front post.
Thank you, ma'am.
I thought no phones at dorm?
This is only between us, mom.
Be a good girl
and follow the rules!
Yes, got to go. Love you.
Is anyone there?
Such a waste of water.
You're taking a shower now?
It's almost nine!
Hurry up!
What's that kid's name?
The weird one staring at us?
Joko Kumis!
Quiet down please!
Those at the back too.
Now, congratulations.
You have made it
to the science major.
The only way you can make it
through this class is...
...to study hard.
Especially you, Claudia.
You understand
your situation, right?
Okay, today we hav
a new student joining us.
Please take your time
to introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Amanda Putri Kamila.
I'm a transfer student from Malang.
Darwin once said,...
...that a man's friendship is one
of the best measure of his worth.
Hopefully, we can be best friends.
Good. Go take the empty seat
next to Claudia, please.
Now lets go ahead
and jump right into the theory...
...of the person
that Amanda just mentioned.
What's wrong, Amanda?
He had a complex theory
that you must learn thoroughly.
Survival of the fittest.
Can't you read the sign?
There is no sign!
...all the students here
know that this table is ours.
Still have the guts to sit here?
What are you looking at?
That should've taught her a lesson!
All right, class!
Prepare your stationery,
because today we will have a quiz.
What a bummer!
Who is there?
What are you girls doing here?
All right. Forward! Move it!
Step up!
Stand up!
You think it's that easy?
I can't swim.
I'm allergic.
-What a lame excuse!
I have asthma.
All of us went through this.
Just push her already!
-I don't have my inhaler!
Can't you see she has asthma?
She could fall in the water
and died of asthma attack!
Why don't you mind
your own business?
Then you should stop
doing all of this nonsense,...
...because if Adam hears this,
it looks like you are...
...challenging me.
Cla, let's keep Adam out of this.
This is all her idea!
-What? Why me?
No way! It's hers!
Me? You got us into this!
-So it's my fault?
Quit it!
Just go to your rooms!
You better watch it!
It's okay to be a nerd.
But a nerd that can't swim?
Now that's a problem.
Just kidding!
You are so into swimming,
aren't you?
Is that you?
That is so cool!
I am supposed to be in
the national competition...
...training camp by tonight.
My dad promised me that...
...if I join the science class,
he would let me join...
...the swim team freely!
So, you're stuck in science class?
What do you think?
Don't tell me you
actually want to be in one?
Yes, because...
...my mom has the same
condition as mine.
That's why
I have to become a doctor,...
...so I can find a cure for mom!
Luckily I was there earlier.
If you fell and drown earlier,
there wouldn't be a Dr. Amanda!
I guess I should charge you
for my help earlier.
Just kidding!
Thank you ma'am!
Can I order the spicy
Ramen please? Thank you.
Man, go ahead
and sit down over there!
Oh, and I'd like
an iced tea please. Thank you.
Cla, but.....
Just go on ahead.
Mine might take a while.
Let's go together.
Grab the seat while it's empty!
All right. Fine.
Do I need to make a school
announcement to remind you...
...that this table is ours?
Why bother making
a school announcement...
...when you can say it to my face?
What's wrong?
Cat got your tongue?
Or are we on the same page?
From now on, this is our table.
Off you go.
Bye, noobs.
Where is you food?
Do you know what 'noob' means?
It's newbie,
but for you, it's stupid.
You want a piece of me?
You ask for it.
Hey! That's my friend!
Cut it out!
-Don't you dare!
Stay back, scum!
-Don't interfere!
Everybody stop!
This is a school ground!
You! You and you!
All of you, follow me now!
You are a new student here.
We are expecting the best from you.
Not this kind of behaviour!
Do you understand?
I am sorry, ma'am.
All of you go back
to your classes, except...
...and Adam
Why is that, ma'am?
Why not?
Just because your father is
the Head Alumni of this school,...
...you think you're untouchable?
You again?
Why are you still here?
I told you to leave, didn't I?
All of you run ten rounds.
Ten rounds, ma'am?
-Do you want more?
Now go! One! Two!
This is for you guys.
Thank you!
I'd like to apologize.
This is my boyfriend
and these are my friends!
Babe, I almost got high score now!
All you do is play your games!
No, no. Don't turn it off!
-It's off! You're done for today.
I never said that
you can't play your games...
...but you got to
pay attention to other people!
What if they take away the phone?
What if I can't call you
when I miss you?
All right. Forgive me.
Baskara Adi Darma.
17 years old.
My favourite game is
Mobile Legend,...
...and my hobby is
getting scolded by Claudia.
Just kidding. You know, right?
Stop playing games for now!
Thanks for helping
Claudia yesterday.
The kids here only think about
themselves, but you don't.
I should be the one
thanking you guys.
I am heading back to the dorm.
Don't worry, sir.
Everything will be fine.
It better be.
Can you do that?
-Try it!
I am not sure.
-Give it a shot!
Just a second.
-Yes. Go on ahead!
I know you got this!
I forgot!
What did you forget?
I got Olympiad class!
See you at the library, okay!
She's really nice, isn't she?
Come on, babe.
Don't be upset, don't frown!
She is our school's hope!
Just like Kelly.
Has the teacher arrived yet?
-Sorry, I'm busy.
Are you replacing Kelly's spot?
Hi, There.
Welcome to our team.
Is this Genetic?
You're familiar with this, right?
We haven't learned this
at my previous school.
Yes, Davin?
Would you like to solve this?
Not really ma'am, but...
...what if we let Amanda solve it?
If she's replacing Kelly,
this should be a piece of cake.
-Go and solve it!
We're sorry, ma'am.
Since we couldn't find
any concrete evident...
...in your daughter's case,...
...we have to close the case.
I know Kelly.
She would never do such a thing.
There's no way you could
have committed suicide, dear.
May I see the textbook?
I bet if it were Kelly,
it would have taken less than...
...ten minutes.
Kelly will sleep with you,
until death comes for you.
Please, come in.
Sit down, Dam.
If you are thinking of transferring
from science to social class...
...it's really up to you,...
...but we are talking
about your future.
Your dad's opinion
is really important.
Dad, I am really not
suited for science classes.
I really want to
transfer to social class.
Are we still discussing this?
We are done!
I will not
help you with your tests!
Dam, did you talk to your dad?
What happened?
I am really confused.
I was trying to forward
the message to Claudia,...
...but I couldn't.
It even disappeared from my phone.
Maybe you played
too many games babe,...
...and you were playing
at that place, weren't you?
Yes, but that's where
I always play, babe.
That's the safest place
to play games all day!
So, what does the message say?
Kelly will sleep with you.
Until death comes for you.
That bastard got to be behind this.
What a two-faced person!
Adam! Baskara!
This is out of line!
This guy wouldn't admit
to anything if we don't do this.
Yes, but it's only a message,
we don't have to do this.
Dam, Dam, Dam,
let's leave it at that.
If he dies,
we will be sent to prison!
Do you want to be tortured
by the prison guards...
...and become
the other prisoners' slave?
Hey, Cla.
Can you tell me,...
...why did you guys
treat Davin that way?
About a month ago,
when we were juniors,...
...there was a student who
hung herself in her room.
Are you talking about
the room next to mine?
Her scandalous video spread
throughout the school.
But what does that
have to do with Davin?
Davin is Kelly's
only friend in this school.
So Davin accused you guys
of spreading the video...
...and that video was Kelly's
reason to commit suicide?
What is his accusation based on?
How come?
Rules are rules.
If you are lying, that's a sign...
...you are breaking the rules.
Are there more?
Stand up.
Are you hiding something?
Claudia is consulting on how to
study better to get better grades.
You have to avoid bad influences
from your other friends, okay?
Break it up.
It's already nine o'clock.
Time to go to your rooms!
You're not sleeping yet?
Uh, come again, ma'am?
Grab that thing
on top of the table.
Oh, but that's
for display only, ma'am.
Ma'am. Ma'am.
Rules are rules!
Now, go to bed!
Make way, please.
Let me go!
-Cut it out!
Let me go!
-Stop Claudia, stop!
Cla, Cla!
I heard that Baskara
died of a heart attack.
-Baskara never even had a cold.
It's a hereditary disease.
You can ask his family yourself.
Try to write down
the anatomical organs, okay?
Where is Davin?
Amanda, have you seen Davin?
I'm not sure, ma'am.
Where could he be?
Lea passed out again?
Boys! Help!
Let's hurry up and
take her to the medical room!
She keeps passing out lately.
Sorry, I still have classes.
When can you come here?
After this one, okay.
Have you taken your medicine yet?
Please, take it, Cla.
It will help calm your heart.
Hello, Miss Boss!
What are you doing?
If I don't reply to
your messages, I got scolded.
You have to reply
to my messages too.
Who is this?
What do you mean?
Don't you miss me?
Not funny.
I'm already behind you
to pick you up.
Come and follow me!
-What are you doing?
Let's go!
Ran. Let's pick her up!
You're just kidding, right?
If it really is suicide,...
...then why were
their bodies broken?
We're going to die.
We're going to die, Dam.
We're going to be okay, Ran.
Trust me.
If you guys are not guilty,...
...then why is Kelly after you?
If you don't trust me,
just go and ask Kelly.
All of Kelly's life,
she always think we are bad.
If that was how she lived,...
...that's also
how she is as a ghost.
This is a problem that we share.
We will solve it together.
I was searching all over
the place for you guys.
You three go down
to the principal's office!
It has been a tough week.
I understand you are all shocked...
...but I hope none of you will
commit another suicide.
Kelly, Baskara, and now Claudia.
I'm tired of answering
phone calls from the media!
I need to know now.
What do you know
about Claudia's death?
Since Baskara's death,
Claudia had been depressed, sir.
She also had problems
with her parents.
But suicide? Claudia is not.....
Claudia had a heavy burden.
As her friends, we should be
able to prevent what's happened.
Now that would be your answer if
people are asking you questions!
And you, Amanda.
Please give Claudia's
last message to the reporters.
So people understand
that she committed suicide.
Sir, may we be excused from
this Thursday until next Sunday?
You're planning to skip class?
What Rani meant to say is
we need to send our condolences...
...to Claudia's house.
We need to make sure that
we will not do the same thing.
Come on now.
Do you think I'm new at this?
What would your parents say
If I give such permission?
You think I'd fall for that trick?
There are things that
my parents are not aware of.
One example would be
the car that my dad donated,...
...the one that you use
as your own personal car.
Wait. Okay, okay,...
...but you have to be
back here by Sunday night!
What did you tell your parents?
They never have time for me.
It's easier to just
go and ask my driver.
Here he comes!
Hey, use my jacket.
You don't look too good.
Use this umbrella, miss!
-Thanks. I will call you...
...when we're done!
-Yes, miss!
Be careful, miss!
Mom, I miss you.
Do you want me to drive?
No, it's okay.
You look pale, Man.
I'm just feeling a little tired
but it's nothing, really.
The rain got you good.
Let's find a place to rest.
Oh, come on.
It was just a little rain.
Don't be a spoiled brat, Man.
-We will stop at the next hotel.
But we have no time for that.
It's better than
if her condition gets worse.
Are there any rooms
available for tonight, sir?
How many rooms?
-Three, sir.
You look after Amanda.
The rooms are small,
so we use extra bed for two.
All right, I'll take a rest.
Do you want me to accompany you?
Maybe you want to smoke before bed.
Or do something?
No. I'm tired.
Hi guys,
welcome back to my channel.
Today we have a very,
very special guest.
Let's see what she ha
to say about things!
Kel, How does it feel
to win the olympiad all the time?
What are you doing, Dam?
We are through!
Where is your inhaler?
Are you okay?
-I thought you hate me.
My jealousy and your safety
are two different things.
Got a problem with that?
Before you drowned,
you were sleeping, right?
Just like Claudia.
You said that she
was about to sleep, right?
And Baskara, too!
The doctor said he had
a heart attack while sleeping.
Kelly will come if we sleep.
Just like her message.
Kelly will sleep with us.
Until death comes for us.
What's going on?
Ki Kusumo's place is still
far away. Don't fall asleep!
Want me to drive?
It's my mom.
Why so many bananas?
Good for our serotonin.
A mood booster!
This will be a long process.
There are only two conditions
to get rid of the spirit's grudge.
A person's life.
What's number two?
But there is
a special method to overcome it.
There is one.
We call it...
...The Sealing Ritual.
Above all, this ritual is a must.
For this you absolutely
need to obtain two things.
What are those?
A broken toot
from the spirit's corpse.
And the second is
the spirit's favourite item.
Is there no other way?
Do you want to get
a good sleep or not?
Get off, Man.
Get Kelly's item.
I'll pick you up in an hour.
I don't even know who Kelly is.
What should I get?
Photos, dolls,
underwear, whatever!
You're coming with me
to dig Kelly's grave.
Sit down,...
...or you're the one who will
be sleeping before the ritual.
Excuse me, mister.
I am Amanda, Kelly's friend.
I'm here to get
Kelly's stuff that.....
Kelly's friend?
Kelly didn't have friends.
-Kelly didn't have friends!
What are you doing here?
And you? Why are you here?
What do you care?
So you can call Adam?
You get kicks seeing
my battered face, don't you?
Ever heard of
cause and effect theory?
What you did to me back then
was way out of line!
That was an embarrassing!
What the heck?
The TV is off!
-So what?
We have to hide!
-What? Where?
In there!
Kelly, where are you, sweetheart?
Come here.
Don't hide, dear.
Where are you, dear?
I'm so sorry.
Your friends are criminals.
They forced
Kelly to commit suicide!
Why do you hate them so much?
This is why I came here.
Inside this very phone
is the evidence that will...
...will reveal Kelly's death.
What did you get?
Of all the photos in her room...
...only that one shows.....
Adam drive! Hurry!
Clear your mind, Man.
Let's get this over with!
I will share the video if
you don't give me a cheat sheet.
If you share the video,
I will tell that you cheat!
Give it up!
We won't share it if you shut up!
Whose cell phone is that?
Hey, where are you going?
Boys are not allowed there!
...Kelly's spirit is imprisoned
in this cell phone.
If someone
presses the call button,...
...the spirit
will be released again.
Good afternoon, mister.
I would like to access my cell
phone, Amanda Putri Kamila.
Thank you
-You're welcome.
I miss you, mom.
Hello, Manda?
Hello, mom!
What are you doing?
I'm doing my routine test.
What's wrong?
Why are you calling this early?
Is everything all right?
I'm all right, mom.
I just want to hear your voice.
What? Do you want me
to sing for you?
When I'm home,
let's go to karaoke,...
...but don't invite dad.
He will hurt our ears!
Hey, you!
That's your dad!
Just kidding!
All right, call me again later.
Love you.
-Love you too, mom.
Can you sleep, Man?
Honestly, I can't.
Same here!
The terror from Kelly is gone...
...but I don't know
why I still feel haunted.
You remember I saw Kelly
with my own eyes the other day.
I found out
what really happened.
Davin is waiting, Ran
He has a recording
from Kelly's cell phone.
We have to apologize to Kelly.
We are really sorry, ma'am.
This is out of our jurisdiction.
Very well.
Ran, come!
I'll teach you boxing.
I'm exhausted, Dam.
People have to know that.
-What do they need to know?
Kelly was a victim, Dam.
It's over and done with.
What else is there?
Over and done with?
Then why can't
Amanda and I sleep at all?
There's no peace for me, Dam.
You are over-thinking this.
Kelly is dead...
...and we are alive.
It's all over.
No. This is far from over.
Sorry, Dam.
I hope Kelly can forgive me.
Intentionally or not,...
...I have killed a person...
...and I am not afraid
to do it again.
Bring it on!
Adam! Adam, stop!
So now you're
on that bastard's side?
You're joking, right?
-I dare you to find it out!
Man, cool it down.
Don't be hasty now.
Davin, Man.
Are you okay?
Kelly! Don't!
Why didn't you tell
me you're coming home?
Do you remember this photo?
You were cranky all day.
Time and again your father...
...didn't come home for you.
He forgot about
your birthday again.
I know he has gone too far...
...but if I hadn't
asked you to forgive him,...
...this photo wouldn't exist.
We can't let our anger
eat up our happiness.
If we did, this photo
wouldn't be here.
We mustn't let
that happen today either...
...because when the time comes...
...I really want
to be with you again.
I'm begging you.
Please forgive them.
Please, dear.
Forgive them.
Don't let your anger
or your grudge...
...keep you and me apart.
I love you, Kelly.
You have to forgive them.
I am guilty, Kel.
We all are.
We deserve to be punished,...
...but we never hated you, Kel.
We're just too afraid we might
disappoint our loved ones.
I promise.
We will take responsibility.
People will know what
we did to you, Kel!
Wait for me, okay?
Wait for me.
I really love you.
All cleared, sir.
The social media posts...
...that your students posted...
...will not be
processed by the law.