Tempus Tormentum (2018) Movie Script

home, step right in.
Hear my breath, feel my skin.
Welcome home, step inside.
Watch me dance or watch me die.
There to waste
and simmer in hell
If you do not avail
yourself unto Jesus
If you do not
repent your sins
You will reside in chains and
steel and curse and silver
You can be absolved of yours
All because you
are a tragedy
All because you
never repented
Came unto you and
you turned away
Now you are forever damned
You are sentenced to an
infinity of anguish and torment
For all that your human soul
All right, this is
where you get out.
About a mile and a half up
those tracks, there's a town.
Thanks for the lift.
Desire is the
devil's pitchfork
Fountains of wicked sinners
- Howdy partner.
- Howdy.
Can I help you?
Yes, I need a room, the
cheaper the better please.
It seems you've come
to the right place.
Rooms are $25 a night.
Cash only.
Just a moment.
I know, you don't have
to tell me every time.
Room number five.
No shower
and you gotta wiggle around
the toilet handle a little bit
or it'll run all night
and check-out time is at 11 a.m.
Okay, thank you.
is there like a
good place to get
a bite to eat around
here at this late hour?
Up on the highway there's
the all night diner.
You can't miss it.
Hey cutie, I
already closed down
the grill but I can
offer you a hamburger.
Oh, a hamburger
would be great.
Okay great, and what
do you want to drink?
- Just a water please.
- Okay, sounds good.
- Comin' right up.
- Thanks.
I'm just a cowboy
Traveling all alone
You can be my cowgirl
I will let you ride
Be my cowgirl missy
- There you go honey, enjoy.
- Thank you, looks good.
Thanks hon.
That song always
reminded me of her
and I'll always remember her.
Here's an old favorite,
Moonlight Bay by the
Crane Yard Quartet.
- All finished?
- Mm hmm.
There you go.
- The restroom?
- Right down there.
Voices hum
Crooning over Moonlight Bay
Banjos strum
Tuning while the
moonbeams play
People hear the
voices ringing
Don't you want any change?
Hey babe.
I had to.
it's done now.
I'll see you soon.
Time to play.
How the
fuck did you find me?
You've got the
devil in you, Mr. Mouse.
Mr. Mouse.
Keep running, Mr. Mouse?
Someday I'll find
my love again
And then I'll make you mine
I may not know
the where or when
Will you come running
Leave me wandering
My darling, if
you're looking
If you're looking
In valleys deep
And oceans wide from now
Until the end of time
I'll turn the whole
world on its side
And find you love
I'll find you
and make you mine
You left me feeling
sad and blue
How can you hurt me so
But what glad things
we're sure to do
Oh, when I've
finally found you
I'll wrap my arms around you
Wandering, I'm
still wandering
Looking high and low for you
I'm still wandering,
my darling
If you're looking
If you're looking for me
In valleys deep
From now until
the end of time
I'll turn the whole
world on its side
And find you love
I'll find you
and make you mine
Hey darling.
Why are you so shy?
I'm thinking maybe
it's all an act.
Slippery, slippery.
Fuck are you looking at?
Mr. Mouse.
Is it
seeing things yet?
Things get more
when it's seeing things.
Every dead
thing has thoughts.
Every dead thing has thoughts.
Every dead thing has thoughts.
Anyone home?
Do I know you?
No, no and I'm
so sorry but there
are some guys that are
chasing me right now.
- Yeah, I'm not interested.
- No no please, please.
It's an emergency, I'm not
trying to do anything funny.
I just need to get someplace
safe and call the cops, please.
How do I know you're
not some nutcase?
You don't and I totally
understand that but
if these guys track
me here, you could be
in just as much trouble
as I am right now.
For Christ's sake, come on in.
Thank you, thank you.
Shut the
door for Christ's sake.
Down with you, down
with you, down with you
These are the
screams of rage
- You can have a seat.
- Thank you.
Rise up like a demon
and drag you down
To the darkest and most
unfathomable horrors
Every dead
thing has thoughts.
what exactly is all this
trouble you got coming?
I don't even know.
I just got here today and
these guys in masks, they broke
into my motel room and they
injected me with something
and that's why I'm
still fuckin' messed up.
They started chasing
me all over town.
I don't know who these
guys are or what they want.
Oh really?
Let me get this straight,
some wackos from town
got you high and then
started chasing you around.
Yeah but no, not like
that, these guys are serious.
They have weapons,
they're psychotic.
I'd offer you a drink but
I think you've had enough.
What you need is Jesus.
Everyone could use a
little bit more Jesus
and everybody asks for
a little bit more Jesus.
Can I have a little
bit more Jesus?
Just a little more Jesus?
But you gotta wonder,
what in the hell
is in it for Jesus?
All right, that's
enough of this shit.
I'm gonna see what
these clowns want.
No, I don't think
you wanna go out there.
I'm serious, just let
the cops handle it.
No one's gonna come onto
my land and fuck with me.
Stupid bastards brought a bat
and a crowbar to a gun fight.
Sons a bitches.
Is anybody here?
- Can I help you?
- Oh, thank God.
I need you to call for help,
there are some men that
are chasing me right now.
Okay, okay, are you
sure you're okay now son?
You seem to be in
a bit of a state.
Yeah, no no, they drugged me.
I know what it seems but
I'm not imagining things.
They just killed some man,
I saw it and now
they're after me.
Okay, okay, okay,
it's all right now.
Just sit down, this
is a sanctuary.
No one's gonna harm you here.
These kinda guys
don't care about your sanctuary.
It's okay son, you
just wait here now.
I'm gonna go in the back
and phone the police.
Just remember this
is the House of God,
no harm will come
to you here, okay?
- Thank you, hurry.
- I will, I will.
Could you come right away?
I think he's on drugs and
he may become violent.
- Sanctuary!
- Sanctuary!
Hello there.
- Honey, we've got a guest.
- Well, let him in.
- It's chilly out there.
- Yes, of course.
Come in please, you
must be chilled.
I'm make you some hot cocoa.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You look familiar, like we've
known each other in
a past life maybe.
I don't think so.
Yes, I see it too.
We're always meeting
people from past lives.
Different stories, you know?
Yes, different stories.
I'm sorry,
this is a real emergency.
I need you to phone the police,
some guys are chasing me okay?
you hear that, Eliot?
Someone is chasing him.
I just need to
use your phone for...
Whoa, I'll call the police.
You just sit down and have
yourself some hot cocoa.
Yes, police?
Yes, I've got a man with me
who says that people
are chasing him.
Yes of course.
1023 Oak Lane.
Okay, see you soon.
There we are,
they're on their way
and we can all relax.
This is so exciting.
A drifter being
chased, the police.
Think of the stories I'll
have to tell the girls.
- How's your cocoa?
- Cocoa?
I'm sure it's good, I'm just
not really interested in cocoa.
You know, we did know
each other in a past life.
We were together, you and me.
You were an awful man.
Now honey,
be reasonable.
You can't hold him
responsible for past lives.
No Eliot, he was horrible.
He was a horrible, horrible man.
No no, I don't know
you, I don't know her.
- I've never, ever known you.
- Now honey, stop it.
You're startling our guest,
you don't want him to leave.
Not yet.
Please, stay awhile longer,
at least until the
authorities arrive.
It's amazing.
It's the solo of
being between lives.
The true all and unyielding,
unleaking universe.
I don't understand.
Every dead thing has thoughts.
God, I'm so happy you're here.
I've missed you so much.
You're so beautiful.
Yours is a wounded happiness.
I still don't understand.
But how could you?
You're already dead.
What the fuck is that thing?
Why are you guys
doing this to me?
It doesn't
need a reason.
you're the mouse
and we're the cat.
You wanna play?
Or should we finish it now?
I'm gonna kill you.
what they all say.
Come on, we've
still got miles to go.
Hey, in ya go.
- Is it scared?
- Is it scared?
Watch your head,
don't want you go get hurt.
The world is wrought
with you fucking people.
You think we're the bad guys?
We're the fucking entertainment.
You think wearing a mask
makes you a fuckin' entertainer?
It's better
than being fucking boring.
- You're fucking insane.
- I am insane.
Boring Mr. Mouse, just like all
the other boring fucking people.
Weak-willed, pathetic, impotent,
sick with desire
and fastened to a dying animal.
Shut the fuck up!
You see?
That's fucking entertaining.
That's what I want from you.
Ha ha.
Run Mr. Mouse,
Don't worry, calm down.
They just think
you're joking around.
What's the problem,
maybe I can help.
Look, I know what this
looks like all right?
But I'm not crazy,
they drugged me.
Everything I'm about to
say is the absolute truth.
There are fucking psychopaths
there and they got
weapons and they're
hunting me down right now.
This is a small town,
everybody knows everybody.
I can understand if it
seems a little strange.
I don't care what it
sounds like, all right?
And I don't even think anyone's
from this fuckin' town.
It's okay, calm down.
- Can you describe them to me?
- Yeah.
Yeah, the leader, he's
like a biker with long hair
and he's got a clown mask
on and a baseball bat and...
Fuck, the other guy
is, I don't know,
he's wearing a devil's mask and
they're driving a convertible,
one of those old ones.
Blue I think.
That's funny, that sounds
exactly like somebody I know,
Mr. Mouse.
Shit, no, no.
Fuck, fuck!
it gets in the cage.
Fuck you.
It gets
in the fucking cage!
Did I stutter?
fuckin' crazy.
We're taking
you for a ride, Mr. Mouse.
You're fucking crazy!
A handsome
little mouse for delivery.
Are we like the
man in the cage?
No, we are not
like the man in the cage.
Are we controlled by
the fates around us?
No, we are
free to choose our own fate.
And what fate do we choose
for the man in the cage?
What the hell is
wrong with you people?
Let me outta here!
Let me outta here!
Guys, guys, you don't
have to do this okay?
We can talk about it,
what do you guys want?
I'll do anything
you need me to do.
that was rocking!
- You broke my cage.
- Was all you mother fucker.
The storm's
a-brewing Mr. Mouse.
That's the spirit, run!
Hello Mr. Mouse.
I see you got yourself
into a little maze.
Does it think
it can find its way out?
You know, it's
only a matter of time
before you stop playing.
What the fuck?
I'm done fuckin'
around with this guy.
Smoke him out.
I can't take it.
Get me the fuck outta here!
Whoa whoa whoa, whoa.
What's the matter, you
don't like the company?
Come on, get out.
Get out.
Welcome to the hangar.
I love that industrial smell.
It smells like
shit's gettin' dark.
Time to get shit done.
You can move or you can end up
like your trunk
buddy over there.
Don't you wanna see
how it ends?
Keep moving.
I said...
You think
I'm fuckin' around?
You think I'm
fuckin' playing, huh?
- What the fuck!
- We need to keep him alive
and conscious, otherwise
all this was for nothing.
Let's just get him to the chair.
hacked this unit
to create a feedback
loop between your brain,
the sound
and the lights.
It causes quite
But we're gonna give you a
little help with that too.
The more you panic,
the more you struggle
against your thoughts,
the worse it's gonna get.
And that's
the beauty of it.
You're torturing yourself.
Just kill me already.
More Jesus.
Can I have just a
little bit more Jesus?
Jesus, can I have a little more?
Please Jesus.
Don't you judge me!
Fuckin' Mouse.
What it is, Mr. Mouse?
I'm gonna call
them immediately.
Every dead thing has thoughts.
It's the solo
of being between lives.
home, step right in.
Hear my breath, feel my skin.
Welcome home, step inside.
Watch me dance or watch me die.