Ten Black Women (1961) Movie Script

Daiei Film Co. Ltd. Production
Ten Women in Black
Produced by
Masaichi Nagata
Screenplay by Natto Wada
Fujiko Yamamoto
Mariko Miyagi
Tamao Nakamura
Kyoko Kishida
Eiji Funakoshi
Keiko Kishi
Tomo Nagai
Shiro Otsuji
Koichi Ito
Juzo Itami
Hana Hajime and the Crazy Cats
Directed by
Kon Ichikawa
I only took back what was mine
from before!
That hurts!
What are you doing?!
She and the man were
in on it together.
I'm an actress.
I was fooled by an amateur.
It was like I was the one
who was murdered.
I was the one who was
fooled and murdered.
Me? I'm the tenth woman.
Say... why don't you count?
You're easy to see from up here.
Look, ladies...
there are only nine of you.
Are you leaving already?
- I'm sorry about last night.
I fell right to sleep.
Another meeting?
- It's not a meeting,
but I can't be late.
We need to talk.
I've had to work late
every day recently.
I finally finished at 3...
still I came, though I didn't
want to disturb you.
You said you wanted to talk.
I've been thinking to quit acting.
Let's talk about that when
we have more time.
You're not surprised, are you?
Look... see my face.
I just woke up.
My mind's still foggy.
I've lost confidence in myself.
I want to die.
- You always get this way.
I'm serious.
You don't believe me.
- I believe you. I do believe you.
I'll come over tonight.
I forgot, I have to work tonight.
I don't understand...
why you say such things.
You're a veteran of Western theater.
Many say you're the most talented
actress in the country.
You have a bad reputation
at the station.
Who told you that?
Does it surprise you?
I just don't believe it.
I heard you'll be fired.
- That's not right!
I suppose not.
I thought you were in a hurry?
I am. See you later.
Oh, I forgot.
Yabata's Shooting Star opens tonight.
We're video taping.
Then, you're free today.
See you.
Can we come out now?
- Sure.
I heard him leave.
Can I use the bathroom?
My... it's already nine.
He came at four, so he's been here...
for five hours.
It was very enlightening.
I learned what Kaze is like
when he's around other women.
Go ahead.
I hope you don't mind if I sit down.
Kaze-san... it's the first time I've
hidden in the wardrobe of the woman...
he was cheating on me with!
Not to be rude, but please leave.
I'm very tired.
What was the point of
setting this trap on Kaze?
Nothing in particular.
You hid us in your wardrobe.
Actresses sure do have chutzpah.
That's not so. I do it all the time.
- Liar!
Actresses are born liars.
What are you talking about!
You barge in here late at night...
then when Kaze came,
you hide in my wardrobe.
He immediately fell asleep.
When I opened the wardrobe
to send you home...
you were both snoring.
- Really?
You're thin-skinned.
You've had it in for me ever since you
stumbled on me walking with Kaze.
I was walking on the stage with Kaze...
We were just talking about work.
You were helping
with the set for the show.
When you saw us, you fell
off a ladder and dropped a chandelier.
So... is that how you broke your arm?
It's all Kaze's wife's fault.
She must be a cold-hearted woman.
Have a seat, I'll make coffee.
So long as you're here.
I can't just let you leave like this.
Have a seat.
Actually we wanted to talk to you.
- She's right.
We came here because
we thought you could help us.
I'll tell you what Kaze's wife said.
She advised me to pay him no mind.
She didn't care that he was running
around on her.
Do you think he's such a wonderful man?
- Not at all.
That's the reason...
I don't worry about him.
If I did, my work would suffer.
You're right.
I have nothing to lose.
Just like Peter Pan, he has no shadow.
In a way,
he's the perfect modern man.
Without the trappings of the modern age,
he'd disappear into thin air.
He's like a telephone pole.
But he's a human being.
It's okay for his wife to say
not to worry about him...
how can I do that?
He's not the only one you
have to think about.
So don't worry about him.
I can quit my job if I want.
If we can be together,
I don't need the spotlight.
So, what should I do?
- You need a home.
Your wife and the others all have jobs.
They're all using you to advance
their careers. There's no one...
willing to sacrifice herself
to provide you with a nice warm home.
I think you're lonely,
that's why you keep going
from girl to girl.
I think you're over analyzing this.
Why are you so interested in me?
I'm actually pretty ordinary.
But you have to do something.
You can't go on like this.
You have nothing to worry about.
I'm not the kind of man
to make a fuss.
Don't you understand?
Don't worry yourself.
Work is waiting,
I'll see you later.
Curry rice!
Excuse me.
I wanted to leave it in my room,
but I'd be in the doghouse
if I lost it. Excuse me.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Please excuse me.
You did that.
- Did what?
Advertisment models are always so pushy.
So what if I do model for commercials?
I don't care if you play dumb.
I need to talk to you,
meet me in the back.
In the back?
There are too many people here.
- Deal with it, both of you.
I'll meet you.
We'll sort it out.
She's picking on me because
I'm just a printer.
Who said that commercial actresses
are better than script printers?
Nobody said that.
Does your belly hurt?
I'm sorry.
You coward,
I see you've brought back up.
This isn't just about the two of us.
It's about Kaze.
That's why I brought everyone involved.
These girls are all...
You didn't know? Spinster!
Spinster, is it?
I'm not that old yet.
And if you didn't have Kaze
backing you...
you wouldn't be acting in commercials.
Kaze didn't get me this job.
But I can't speak for everyone.
What are you talking about?
I work in advertising. It's not
even remotely connected to Kaze.
I wonder.
I heard that you could
pull his strings.
I heard that you got him to move you
from reception to administration.
Young women are so shameless
these days. Right?
It's disgusting trying to lure
Goto to your side.
I don't know anything about it.
Here, take her.
Cut it out, you look ridiculous.
Stop it, already.
Someone's coming.
What would people say
if they saw you two like that?
What should we do?
You're hair's a mess.
Stop... they'll fix it
in 'hair and makeup'.
You fell down several times;
you'll have bruises.
If you think this through,
there's no real problem.
Kaze doesn't mean anything to me.
I have no idea what that
man is thinking.
Maybe he's just trash.
When everyone does whatever he asks...
what d'you expect?
You're right, absolutely right.
Whenever I see another girl
fawning over him...
it tears me up.
Even if we break it off with him,
he'd have a new set of mistresses
in no time.
True enough, he's a kind man.
This conversation is going in circles.
A vicious circle.
Who is it?
Madam, there's a visitor to see you.
- Me?
Are you the wife of the producer Kaze?
- Yes.
I'm sorry to intrude like this.
My name is Miwako...
- Please come in!
You must be thirsty.
Can I fix you a drink?
I work in the printing of TV scripts.
I'm greatly indebted
to your husband for his help.
Not at all. On the contrary,
Kaze is indebted to you.
Have you heard of me?
I'm so happy you dropped by.
I hope we can be as good friends
as you are with Kaze.
I know this is bold of me
but would you divorce Kaze.
This is rather awkward;
I think you have misjudged me.
Did Kaze propose to you?
No, never.
My husband died when my son
was in middle school.
I was at a complete loss
as to what to do.
Mr. Kaze helped me get a job in TV.
My business improved...
now I've even saved a little.
He's a very kind, good man.
He is a very kind man.
That's why he has such
a long string of lovers.
Madam, as far as I know...
he currently has six aside from me.
I know about eight.
Counting you.
I'm friends with some of them.
By being kind to everyone...
he's actually not being kind to anyone.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
I can't count the number of times
that I wanted to divorce him.
But divorcing him won't change a thing,
so long as I let it bother me.
If he told me he wanted to marry
another woman, I'd happily oblige him.
That's why I opened this restaurant.
It gives me something else
to occupy my mind.
You must love him very much.
Married couples are linked by fate.
Don't you feel any responsibility...
for your husband's actions?
I wish someone would kill him.
I don't think you can count on him
suddenly dropping dead from the flu.
It's open. Here is fine.
Have a seat.
I don't have much time,
so I'll be frank.
I'm sorry for this,
I know you're busy.
No worries. What are you going
to be frank about? Have one.
Well... I'm going on six years
in this department.
Three years in production.
You want a raise?
No... actually, yes,
but that's not it.
I want to be an independent producer
and I've studied very hard.
You're getting married?
- I can't work like this anymore.
It might not be appropriate to speak to
the bureau chief about this,
but I didn't know who else to turn to.
If there's a squabble in the editing
department, it's my responsibility.
It's not a squabble.
I'm the only one who's upset.
Is this about someone in particular?
A man? A woman?
It's a man.
Is it love?
No, I'm not interested in him.
And yet he's on your mind.
Just for now...
could you rearrange my duties?
Is it Kaze?
- Will you?
So... do you think women
are cut out for the TV business?
Are you firing me?
- No.
Don't be so defensive.
There are always men in a TV studio who
aren't very serious.
Are you talking about Kaze?
I'm not naming names.
There are a lot of them.
That's just how it is.
Say what you like,
but women are better off at home.
What happens when women marry men
who work at TV studios?
Men working at TV studios
don't elect to be husbands.
The way it works today...
people try to work to their
full potential, despite limited time.
As everyone says...
it sounds good on paper.
I don't think it's a delusion.
Women eventually get married
and have children.
Childbirth confirms the power women
already know they have.
Men are tragic.
We can't give birth.
We don't know how to raise children.
That's why we identify with our work.
Are you a prisoner of your job?
In TV, there's no end,
only a series of climaxes.
When you finish a project,
there's no time to reflect on the results.
It's actually difficult and awful.
I admit I have methods to cope.
But it sure is hard to do this job
and retain your humanity.
Chief... is the bureau chief here?
- Chief!
There you are.
The executive director wants you.
Company men are all the same.
I'm practicing,
I tend to choke on-air.
Shouldn't you be on set?
I have six minutes.
I'm on at 4, 7:30, and 9.
I choke every time
the camera's on me.
I've never had that problem.
You're terrific.
I always do my makeup at home.
I thought I might find you here.
I'm generally here
when I'm not on set.
Let's shake.
- No. - Why?
The doctor said I have a skin disease.
My fingers itch and I want to tear
the skin off my palms.
It might be scabies.
- I don't care.
It's contagious.
- I don't care.
This is the first time anyone
has ever loved me.
I can feel the blood rushing
through my body.
Thanks for the dinner.
Don't mention it,
I'm just glad you enjoyed yourself.
I understand you're going to the US...
to introduce traditional
Japanese kabuki.
I think it's wonderful
you're doing that.
I sometimes see Mr. Kaze in the studio.
- Oh, you're too kind.
Please give your husband my regards.
He's so busy,
I haven't seen him for quite some time.
So, if you see him first,
please give him my regards.
I hope everything is all right here.
Please come in.
Is anyone here?
Now, where were we?
The plan to kill Kaze, I mean.
We'll do it here at the
Katyusha Restaurant.
You said it was perfect because
no one lives here, and I agreed.
We still have to decide the day
and the weapon.
Oh, yes... that's right.
How about sleeping pills?
It's hard to get the dosage right.
He could just sleep like a baby
and wake up grouchy.
A pistol would be good if
it weren't for the noise.
Noise wouldn't be a problem here.
I don't like how a pistol looks.
They look like they're made for killing.
I saw a movie where someone
was suffocated with a pillow.
That's good.
It's beautiful in an odd way.
But it requires incredible strength.
You have to push down
until you're covered sweat.
It was a French actor.
I forget his name.
Are we really going to kill him?
You'll do it?
No, I meant you.
- Yuck, I don't want to.
So... will everyone come?
They'll come.
They already said they want to
help you string up your husband.
Everybodys curious just to hear
what you'll say.
I'm just interested in what
choice words they have for him.
Nine women, each with a butcher knife
stabbing in turn, would be exhilarating.
That sounds good...
But it's ten women.
Really? I had no idea.
I know, the makeup artist.
Which one?
She's pretty, but her face is sad.
She looks a little like a Siamese cat.
What's so funny?
I figured as much... Not her.
- Then who?
Do you know the receptionist Nanae?
Her?! That's crossing the line.
I feel bad for Kaze.
And you're to blame!
You're his first mistress, and you just
let him have more and more lovers.
Just a second...
who are you calling a "mistress"?
I'm sorry, I meant a "lover".
It's a wonder none of them
have gotten pregnant.
All of his lovers seem capable
of bearing children.
When my first child was stillborn,
I found out I could no longer have children.
He made it so that he couldn't either.
That was kind.
I know. He's such a kind man.
If one woman could satisfied him,
I'd gladly give him up.
I believe that from the bottom
of my heart.
You want a drink?
A gin and tonic or something...?
This will do.
I'll have it straight, too.
If he dies in a traffic accident
or something...
you should change the restaurant's name.
"Katyusha" is so old-fashioned.
It was my idea.
It means "resurrection".
Were you hoping to resurrect your
Isn't it romantic?
Here's to the resurrection of happy couples.
Thank you.
You'll catch cold if you don't
wear a bathrobe.
Can't you sleep?
Get up.
Is it time to go?
It's 2:30. I'd just dozed off.
That wasn't nice.
I was snoozing pleasantly.
You said we'd talk... after.
We'll talk, get in bed.
This is important.
I'm not talking in bed.
I'm sorry; you must be sleepy.
- I'm all right.
I want this more than anything.
Please marry me.
When you said worried,
I thought you meant your job.
This house would be a good place
to run the business,
but it's not my house.
I talked to my son about it,
and he said he wouldn't mind
if I remarried.
He knows how much I've suffered,
so he's very understanding.
He said that you're a good man,
and he wouldn't mind you as a father.
What are you talking about?!
I'm a married...
If you don't, you'll be killed.
Killed?! Me?!
Yes, we're already planning it.
- Who's "we"?
The whole thing isn't final yet.
We haven't decided on the weapon.
We're thinking about a butcher knife,
poison, or a pistol.
That's why.
- This is a Shakedown.
Honey, you should take this
a little more seriously.
You shouldn't think such dark thoughts.
You're busy.
You'll overwork and get sick.
Your body won't keep up.
Your wife had you pegged.
She said she'd be happy to give up
this plan, if you'd marry someone.
My wife?! She's in on this?
You're not cut out to work at
a busy TV station.
But so long as I have the printing company,
everything will be fine.
You could run the printing company.
Are you leaving?
I forgot something at the office.
It's the middle of the night.
You don't want to marry me, do you?
I'm glad you woke me up.
Nogami must be tired of waiting for me.
Nogami's a man:
there's nothing to worry about.
I can't understand that man.
I hope someone really does kill him!
Wake up.
Get up!
Turn off the light.
Get up, already.
I'm trying to sleep.
You're back.
I'm glad you're home.
I've caught a cold.
God, I'm late.
What...? it's you!
I hope I didn't wake you
when I dropped the bucket.
Where's my wife?
- She was gone when I got here.
It's Tuesday, so I'm going to clean up.
"Please don't throw the broken
milk bottles in the garbage.
"Please make sure to clean
under the bed.
"Thursday is laundry day,
so please come early.
"The laundry won't dry
by nightfall, so..."
Not everyone's here yet.
- I know.
Forget about it.
Gee, we're busy.
Hello... it's me. Me!
Is Madam in?
She went to the department store
to buy a cup. I see.
I'll call back.
We'll be in the soup
if everyone doesn't show.
We have to decide soon,
or we won't get a decent actor.
Are you talking about casting
Windy Theater the week after next?
What's on my plate for tonight?
The Weekly Gang is center stage tonight.
- I know that much.
I'm going to see Hashizumi.
Check the script for Windy Theater
for three weeks from now.
What about the week after next?
But everyone'll be here soon.
I won't be long.
Hey, Kaze, just a minute.
What's up?
I was awoken in the wee hours
this morning by Marubishi.
They said the commercial was unusable,
and you hadn't apologized.
- I told you about it.
They say they want 3 minutes of air time
on another day as compensation.
Hey, Nogami, did you call
Marubishi for me?
No, you didn't tell me to.
- This is bad, they must be furious.
I told you all about it.
- Hello.
Marubishi advertising department.
They didn't have to call
the bureau chief.
I clearly told you.
Marubishi advertising department...?
Is Mr. Ozaki in?
This is Kaze from VTV.
It's too late now.
Hey, Kaze, we're leaving. You coming?
- Where to?
We need some extra shots
for Sunny Japan.
Oh, yeah, next week. Hold on.
Mr. Ozaki, thanks for yesterday.
You idiot!
I think a woman was driving that car.
I think there was a woman.
It was full of young people.
Do you think they were
trying to kill me?
Why would they do that?
Don't know.
Oh, you're back.
- Is casting finished?
Trasnportation called, a car's available.
Did you put in a request?
Oh, yeah.
Are we going to see Hashizumi?
Is the Windy Theater cast finalized?
- More or less.
Give it to me,
I have to tell the newspapers.
I don't know, ask advertising.
- Tell me. - I'm busy.
Just starting?
- Hey.
Whoa... why the hurry?
The reading for The Weekly Gang's at 6.
You going home already?
I wish. I also wish they had
a better girl working reception.
Isn't Kita's show on at eight?
You going to watch it?
I never watch our shows
at the station.
TV's best watched at home
with a glass of fine whisky.
I've never watched a production myself.
I only feel human when
I'm by myself. I watch it then.
Good night.
No. 2, Camera #2 can you
hear me? Please respond.
Are you going to close in
with the camera?
That's the ticket, hold it there.
Is it fixed?
It's still too white.
- It's fine.
Okay, it'll do.
Hey, floorman, what the hell
are you doing?!
Make sure the actors
understand my cues!
You're going to screw up the show!
What's that guy thinking?!
- Is everyone here?
The reading's done,
we're blocking now.
How are you for time?
- It's tight.
What are you eating?
I'm hungry.
Pork on rice?
Want me to order you something?
What d'you want? - Pork on rice.
Throw! Throw! Throw!
Throw! Throw! Throw!
One more! You were late! Stop!
You were off tempo.
One more time up to there.
And... go!
Cue sound.
That's a wrap.
That'll do.
Now for real.
Rehearsal's finished.
Three minute break.
Three minutes... Three-minute break.
Don't leave the stage.
Do you have the costume?
It's too short.
- Dress him.
She's hasn't said a word
for a couple of days. Not a peep.
She probably got into
a fight with someone.
On air in one minute.
Is Toshi on the floor?
Week after next?
I thought she helped on this shift.
Goto's off today.
- Really, why?
She broke her wrist,
but I thought it was better.
Probably a cold or something.
In 30 seconds!
15 seconds!
10 seconds!
- It looks a little dark.
It's too dark.
- 5 seconds!
Start from camera #2.
On air!
We Japanese have to speak properly.
Dummkopf, don't be so formal.
- No, we are...
So long as people understand.
- You friggin' media hog!
You halfwit, quit yammering!
- Oh, shut up! - Give him a punch!
Just shut up and let me talk!
What's that?
Oh, it's the moon.
- Good evening.
What's your department?
Momoko Momose,
of the Stardust Revue.
It was my first time on TV today.
I was shaking so bad,
I came up here to calm down.
The moon is beautiful tonight.
- That it is.
You look exhausted.
- Nope.
- Not at all.
What are you thinking about?
- Nothing.
I'm thinking about all kinds of things.
You're quite a girl.
- No, I'm just daydreaming.
That feels nice.
When I think of someone
hugging me... it calms me.
Like being in my father's arms.
Who are you?
Kaze, of the editing department.
- What do you do?
- A big shot, eh.
Not really.
Your lips are cold.
I've never kissed a man before.
Do you need a ride home?
Unless being escorted by a man
angers your father?
My father's dead.
If you ever need anything,
you can count on me.
Thank you.
Oh, I completely forgot.
You still have work?
- I have to make a call.
I'll see you later.
I have to talk to my wife.
I have to catch her.
You still here.
Got a car waiting... you coming?
Where to? - The car's packed,
we're heading home.
OK, let's go.
I'm sorry, we're closed.
- It's me.
Oh, Kaze.
What do you need?
The restaurant's changed.
You fix it up?
You were sneezing last night.
How's your cold?
Oh, yeah. I've been busy and sort
of forgot. I guess I'm better.
You're not human.
You sure are busy.
Not as busy as you.
Can we talk?
- Go ahead.
I think it's some kind of a joke,
but I heard you were trying
to have me killed.
Who told you that?
Who said's not the point.
What makes you think it's a joke?
- I can't believe it's true.
Why not?
- It would be murder.
What can you do?
I don't know why women can't
keep their mouths shut.
Who told you?
I don't care if you kill me...
but you'll be up for murder.
Who said I'd do it?
Then, who?
There are ten of us.
- Ten?!
Are you in your right mind?
The ten of us talked it over.
We're serious.
With ten women,
we can commit the perfect crime.
Why ten?
Are there more?
There has to be 100 women
at the station.
I'm friendly with 30-40 of them.
You're carrying on with 40 women?
It's not like that...
nothing like that.
I'm not that appealing to women.
I'm also quite sure I wouldn't
have the energy.
So why do you have nine mistresses?
I don't know if it's nine...
- I know these nine women!
I'm not so sure.
I'm not playing dumb,
it's just difficult to count.
I don't see the difference whether
they're physical relationship's or not.
What do you mean?
Once, I was running in the rain
because I didn't have an umbrella.
Where were you going?
- A caf in front of the station.
It was a rare moment without work.
I ran into a girl from PR
with an umberella,
so we went a tea together...
then went for a walk.
What I'm trying to say is...
You mean Toshiko?
What about Shio?
Shio? Oh, the model for commercials.
It was hot that day.
The AC was down.
Her costume was drenched and
her makeup was running.
She didn't look good on camera.
I felt bad and took her to a hotel with AC.
She was so happy... and then...
So if it hadn't been raining,
and the AC hadn't failed...
you wouldn't have taken them as lovers?
You make it sound so suspicious.
But actually, probably not.
In any event, tonight the moon
was beautiful, and...
You met another girl?
No, I stopped before anything
could happen.
If I stop seeing these women,
will you let me live?
I thought you were too good for me.
You've done such a good job
with the restaurant.
I just have a sunny disposition.
I'm not good for anything.
Why would you want to kill me?
I haven't caused any problems,
so what's all the fuss?
When you say things like that,
I want to kill you.
Why? Am I supposed to understand that?
Can you stay by my side all daylong?
If it's just one clay, I could
arrange it with the station.
No, everyday.
- I can't.
I want you to sit here... beside me.
- I won't get paid.
I'll worry about money.
Let you be the breadwinner?
A man can't accept that.
How could I hold my head up?
This is more important than
your job or your pride.
If we just sit here together,
the restaurant will go bust.
I don't care about the restaurant.
- How would we eat?
We'll beg for food together.
That's why you want to kill me?
I don't understand this...
or anything.
I'm too busy.
I'm tired.
Work isn't fun anymore.
You really are tired, aren't you?
Say... if the ten of you
haven't decided who'll kill me...
Why not you?
- Why me?
Of course just for show.
- They'll all be here at the restaurant.
You're going to kill me at
the restaurant?
It'll pack more of a punch
if you do it in front of them.
You pretend to kill me and
I'll pretend to die. It'll work.
I'll disappear for a month.
What about work?
They won't let you.
Deliver a medical note to personnel.
The station won't make me work
if I'm sick.
All I have to do is thank them
for the month off.
I can't believe you.
No one's going to kill you.
What? I thought so.
It was just a joke.
I'm surprised you believed me.
Still, it would be a good gag.
Making the joke come true
would surprise everyone.
They'd scatter like mice.
Let's do it.
It would be a nice way to
end it with them.
I think that would be the natural result.
I wonder if we could pull it off.
- We'll plan it all out.
Closed for Employee Holiday
There are live rounds in it.
Damn, be careful!
Where'd you get it?
It wasn't hard,
even with bullets.
Do we have to use real bullets?
I don't think anyone would
be convinced by blanks.
Shoot at the column,
and I'll fall down. It'll work.
Leave it there,
I'll get it later.
I got some blanks, just in case.
Is there muzzle flash with blanks?
We use them at the station.
- Let's use blanks.
They don't always fire.
It could blow the whole thing.
Maybe it is dangerous...
It would certainly be a mess if she hit me.
I guess I will use blanks.
How many have come?
- I think seven.
Tomato... for blood.
It's ripe, be careful.
I decided to use...
Here... a cake for you.
You shouldn't have.
Is everyone here? - Yes.
- And Kaze? - Not yet.
I only bought ten cakes.
I forgot to count Kaze.
It'll be OK.
Could you take this?
Hey, the pistol...
Oh, so glad you could come.
Everyone's already here.
I think you're last.
Your husband too.
- He just arrived.
I'll lock up and we can all
go upstairs.
I want to go home.
What's the matter, are you ill?
I'll get some medicine.
Honey, check to see what
medicine we have. - Don't bother!
Thank you for inviting me.
I was very excited to come last night.
I was bravely thinking of
all the possibilities.
But when I saw the two of you
together at the entrance,
I knew that I couldn't speak ill
of a man in front of his wife.
Kaze has a difficult life, and...
I'm going home.
You're so kind.
But Kaze says that he's ready.
Kaze, show her upstairs.
- Um, you...
I already know.
Will somebody please say something?
It wouldn't have been right to miss this,
and I wouldn't want anyone thinking
that I had any secrets.
That's why I rearranged my
busy schedule...
Now, plese excuse me.
Honey, the pistol still...
We all need to talk,
before anyone leaves.
Is that real?
It is.
But it isn't loaded, is it?
The bullets are real too.
Take a look.
You said you didn't want
to use a pistol.
Honey, the bullets...
Do you really intend to kill me?!
Do you realize the unpleasant
position I'm in?
I've assembled all the women
my husband has slept with.
Why do I have to be here?
This isn't easy for me either!
This is all your fault!
Don't touch him!
He's bleeding.
He's badly injured.
He's dead.
I aimed for his heart.
- He's dead?!
Let's get out of here. Go.
I'm getting married.
It'll be a happy, healthy marriage.
I'll start over.
Until today, Kaze was a burden to me,
and today, his wife was too.
My plans are shot to hell. I had nothing
to do with what happened today.
Me neither.
She planned all along to
involve us in this.
She fooled us all into coming over.
I hope you all are ready.
Our fingerprints are all over
the table upstairs.
Our fingerprints?
I'll wipe it down.
Then you won't involve us in this?
No, I won't.
- I'm sorry.
We've nothing to apologize for.
This was between her and Kaze.
What are you doing all standing around?
Let's go home and cook up an alibi.
I'm going.
Wait... I don't ever
want to see you again.
I know, I won't talk to you or the
rest of the women ever again.
I don't hate you.
Kaze wouldn't be dead if
he had listened to me.
You wouldn't be a murderess.
I won't ever say...
anything that could...
get you into any trouble.
That's the only thing that
I can do for him now.
I'd be happy to turn myself in
for the crime...
but I couldn't do that to my son.
I'd do anything while there's still time.
I'll be your friend and
walk you to the police station.
I'm overwhelmed by your generosity.
I'll think about it
and surrender myself in my time.
You fool, why did you kill him?
It was only fun when
we talked about it.
Murder will only bring you misery.
You became a criminal for him?
You had nothing to gain.
Futaba, please let me see
his face one last time.
Life truly is fleeting.
He died so easily.
Give it up.
She's a stranger now.
The polite thing is to leave her alone.
Goodbye. Stay strong.
It's enough already... get up.
I knew they were blanks.
I didn't get a chance to say.
You thought the bullets were real.
I was afraid that you really
wanted to kill me.
I wish you'd used real bullets.
Don't hate me so much.
I saw you open the cylinder
and change the bullets.
You were thinking of me.
When I thought of how much
I still loved you.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.
None of them said a word,
and nothing went as planned.
I didn't know what to expect.
I'm ashamed.
- Why?
For both you and me.
I thought it went well.
Everyone fled thinking I had died.
I'm lucky. Don't cry.
You're back.
- Hello.
At that moment, I didn't believe for
a second that Kaze wanted to live.
"Female CEO mysteriously commits
suicide at 9:50 on the 16th.
"In Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, 38-year-old
design printers president Miwako Migishi...
"overdosed on sleeping pills. She was
discovered dead by her employees.
"The police investigation failed to find a note
and her family could not account for it.
"Police ruled it suicide due to her
wearing a white funeral robe."
I've read it over a dozen times and
I still can't believe there wasn't a note.
If there was a note,
it'd have said in the article.
Maybe they announced the suicide
so they could secretly investigate us.
That's why there's nothing
about it in the paper.
Hey, you look good as a cop!
I usually do The Weekly Gang,
so I feel funny in this getup.
Hello, Katyusha Restaurant.
Is this Futaba?
Are you alone?
Are the police watching you?
Who are you?
I was one of the women
involved in the incident.
Don't call here,
I've taken care of everything.
What are the police up to?
Have you been arrested?
Yes, I'm very busy and haven't had
any time to leave the restaurant.
Um... what did you do with the body?
It's in the closet.
The closet?!
It's been two weeks!
In the closet?!
Don't worry; I've taken measures
to make sure it won't go bad.
Let everything play out
as we agreed.
So, he's still alive?
Why did you trick us?
Why didn't you say anything?
Why didn't you tell us
he was still alive?
I was so frightened,
I thought I was losing my mind.
Don't you feel bad...
that you did this to us?
It's strange:
you were angry when I killed him.
Now you blame me for letting him live.
You can have him.
Who wants him?
I understand better than anyone
that he can't be trusted.
But I've also come to understand
something else...
That man is sick in the head now.
Not one of you
has given a moment's thought...
to how hard it's been for me
to hide him since that day.
All he does is gobble down
the food I bring him and sleep.
I'll show you where he's hiding.
He just sleeps all day
in that filthy room.
He worked awfully hard.
Then when he's better,
he'll report back to work?
That won't do;
it will be just like before.
Can't we do something to
keep him at home?
That's Futaba's responsibility.
Look at what's become of me:
I'm as thin as a rail.
We've all lost weight.
If you want to lock him up,
do it yourselves.
You got some nerve, lady.
You take him.
- You must be joking.
In any event,
I'm getting a divorce,
so I'm not getting involved.
You're running away?!
Dry your hair; you'll catch cold.
If this was all for spectacle,
you should have let me do it.
I'd enjoy playing the killer
in an absurd comedy.
I'd have done it much better.
It's frustrating that I was stuck
playing one of the dupes.
I'm his wife.
It was only natural I do it.
Granted, I wasn't very good at it.
- Now it's my turn.
I'll take him off your hands.
Ehh... Kaze?
In return, let me do with him
whatver I please.
You're a freak.
Yeah, maybe so.
Are you really going to divorce him?
- I'll do it tomorrow.
Then it's settled.
I'm going to be responsible
for keeping him out of sight.
Any complaints?
I think that you're forgetting that I really
believed that Kaze was dead...
and committed suicide over it.
"Does anyone have any complaints?"
she says! I can't speak anymore.
You can't hear me!
Heartless bitch!
I almost never go to sneak previews.
I ran into Kaze at the theater.
He was surprised and slinked off.
He was with Ichiko Ishinoshita.
Waka said he saw him when
he was on location in Hayama.
He also said that he was with Ichiko.
I heard.
He's like the Loch Ness Monster.
Isn't Ichiko planning to quit?
I didn't realize they were so close.
Kaze wants to quit too.
Seriously? - He's on sick leave
and is swinging around town.
What else am I to believe?
Please circulate a memo that he's
leaving the company. - This is bad.
Mafune and Mizowake both
have heart conditions,
and Shirai has some kind
of nervous disorder.
- Fancy meeting you here!
I hear everythings coming up
roses for you. - ...Going home.
Right this way.
The beer the other day was nice.
Have a seat.
Chief, the executive director
left, saying to call him if you need him.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot.
I have a mess to clean up.
Get him something cold to drink.
I'll do it.
This is heavenly.
Hey... some water.
Take it.
I think I have enough money so
we can live together...
without working.
- Sounds good.
I got a good price on my condo,
I still have money
after buying this house.
We'll loaf around this old house
and not do anything.
Sounds good.
- We can go into town if it's dull.
No way... might run into
someone from the station.
Maybe I should just go back to work.
You don't belong there anymore.
- Why?
The station sent a resignation form
to your house and your wife forwarded it.
I filled it out and returned it.
Of all the stupid...
I'm not quitting.
I already sent it.
I'll tell them it was a misunderstanding.
You're supposed to be sick.
How will you explain...
gallivanting around town with me?
I'll think of something.
And pretending to have been murdered?
You put on quite a show.
- No one will talk...
even if I was really dead.
- Then I'll talk.
Why? It's just fodder for
the Weeklies.
My name won't be worth a dime.
A person's dead...
because of what you did.
Miwako Migishi.
Let's forget her.
Her son is a capable
high school student.
He can run the printing shop.
She was stupid to kill herself.
She only hurt people by doing it.
Where're you going?
Futaba will think of something.
Your wife divorced you.
- Cut it out.
Do you take pleasure in trying to
surprise me with bizarre stories?
Go to city hall and check.
The paperwork is in order.
I didn't agree to get divorced,
ergo, I'm still married.
The decision was made by
mutual consent.
I'l tell them it was executed
without my knowledge.
"It will just be fodder for the Weeklies."
Does Futaba really want
to divorce me?
It was her idea.
She said she calculated
how much you spent...
setting her up in the restaurant and
would pay you back every last penny.
I don't believe it.
Hello, it's me.
Yes, I really quit.
No, not just the revue.
I'm not acting anymore.
Yes, I regret that I won't
be able to perform on the radio.
It was complicated,
but this is the decision I made.
The revue should be making
an announcement soon.
Thanks for calling, goodbye.
You've quit as an actress?
So? I bet you thought
I wasn't a quitter.
You're a fool.
You're right: I'm a fool!
Just because you quit your job
doesn't mean that I have to quit mine.
I made a promise:
Never to let you go back to work.
To whom...?
Your mistresses.
So you planned this whole thing?!
Not all of it.
It's funny. I agreed to lock you up,
and then everyone started to feel bad.
They agreed to all chip in
to support you.
They said that they'd continue to pay,
no matter their salaries.
They didn't want to be indebted
to anyone if I ever set you free.
They're going to pay
1,000 Yen a month each.
They'll stop paying if you get married.
So the nine of us together
will pay 9,000 Yen.
I'll give you an allowance,
but keep it a secret.
You're not human!
You're devils!
No, we're not.
I've told people before that
you're a non-entity.
It can happen to anyone who gets
caught up in the modern social system.
They become quite skilled in
walking quickly and office work,
but they lose their ability
to connect with other people.
You have nothing to offer a woman.
But you still have the shape of a man.
That's why you were erased.
If that's the case,
it's not my fault.
Blame the modern social system.
I'm a victim.
We can't kill the social system.
We can't kill TV.
But we can kill people
and other animals.
Don't cry.
I love you very much.
Although I have to admit it's strange.
But it's the truth.
Everyone abducted you
because they loved you.
I removed every obstacle
preventing us from being together.
Your job, my job...
If we're together and in love,
there will be no reason to cry.
You're wrong,
you can't decide this for me.
Let's have children.
You can still have them,
can't you?
Can't it be reversed with
a minor surgery?
Once we have children,
maybe we'll both feel like working again.
This isn't about children.
You don't understand anything.
I want to work.
My dearly departed parents
dressed me up in pretty clothes...
but that was the only love
they showed me.
I never wanted to be an actress,
it was just something that happened.
I suspect that it was the same for you.
Your job at the station wasn't
more important than life itself.
You just plugged away at it,
without questioning.
Why do you work?
Why do you live?
What is your purpose in life?
Have you ever thought about it?
Men have to carve out
a niche to work,
they can't have children?
He'd be lazy.
He'd be a bum.
I'm not that kind of a man.
I may as well be dead
as just do nothing here.
So that's how it is?
People are all the same.
We both speak Japanese,
but you can't understand
what I'm saying.
I can only wonder why you're so sad.
Come on... let me have my job back.
No, I promised.
I have an idea.
Nobody actually rubbed you out.
You can't work at the station,
but this is a big country.
You could start all over again.
It would be a healthier, at least.
Absolutely not! Forget it!
You don't leave me much choice.
So long as we're going to live together,
let's try to get along.
Dammit! I'm a man!
There's no way we'll get along!
She's so cruel.
She went upstairs and left you crying.
If you think about it,
you have no one to blame but yourself.
But if you had agreed to marry me...
it would have never come to this.
It breaks my heart to look at you.
I wish someone really would kill you.
Then we could be together.
You have to hold on for
a little while longer.
Don't cry, be strong.
Don't break things.
I'd like to call this party to a close.
I'd like to end this with
a word from Miss Ishinoshita.
I'm flattered that you held
such a beautiful party...
for a second-rate actress like me,
particularly since the revue
has so little money.
I will never forget your kindness.
I'm choking up.
I will always consider
the revue my home.
Thank you.
Why are you here?
What's so strange about
coming to your farewell party?
After all, we've known each other...
for such a long time.
And we're all friends here.
It's hard to express
how grateful we are.
Thanks to you,
I'm to be married this autumn.
I'm not a rival anymore.
We've all become good friends.
Isn't the missus in high spirits?
I'm not "the missus"...
I'm making good money now.
I bet men would like to marry you.
I'm finished with men.
I don't want to say, "Oh, you're
a friend of my husband's," ever again.
I knew a woman whose husband died,
and suddenly she started wearing
dazzling kimono and going out more.
She died shortly after.
I feel so bad that she never knew love.
Better not to know love if it's
at the sacrifice of a normal life.
That's right.
Thank you for coming.
How is he?
He's fine.
- Take care.
The End