Ten Cents a Dance (1931) Movie Script

Gangway, mugs!
Just move on...
Who are you? One of the hostesses?
You got nice looking gals in there?
We got fifteen hostesses.
Gimme two dollars here.
And don't spit in here.
Who's spittin'?
Say, I thought you were going
to take the night off.
Didn't you have a date?
A date? Who with?
That Miller kid you're always blabbering about.
Is it any of your business?
What are you so touchy about?
I don't want him. I'd a lot rather have
that hundred-dollar guy that's rushing you.
What's a guy gotta do
to dance with you gals?
All you need is a ticket and some courage.
We got both.
How about it sister?
Shove off.
What were you saying before?
Just wanted to tell you we get
paid tomorrow. Thirty bucks.
What are you going to do with it?
Buy a row boat?
I'm gonna get thirty bucks worth of dimes
and I'm coming right back here.
Come on, sister. Loosen up.
For a big guy I'm pretty
light on my feet, ain't I?
Hm... ouch!
Wait a minute, sister.
Nix, I'm wanted on the phone.
I'll see you later.
Barbara, aren't you feeling well tonight?
I'm great.
Only as long as you're passing rules every
five minutes I've got a new one for you.
What is it?
Keep people out of here
that weigh over 200lb.
It gets to be quite annoying.
I'm sorry Miss O'Neill if
you don't like our patrons.
Possibly they don't compare
with the gentlemen you know.
What do you mean?
I mean that you mustn't let your private
life interfere with your work here.
Private life? I've got no more private life
than a goldfish.
What are you talking about? About the
young man you're always talking about.
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him.
And you're not going to.
Oh, that's too bad. If he's half as wonderful
as you say he is he must be perfect.
But you mustn't let him
interfere with your work.
He doesn't even know where I work.
Nevertheless, he has interfered.
Your work used to be the best on the floor.
You took an interest in
it but you don't anymore.
What's wrong with it?
No animation.
No... rhythm.
If I get any more rhythm
I'll dislocate a hip.
The gentlemen like rhythm.
I don't want to speak to
you about this again.
What's the matter, May?
Aw, gee, I got a run in my stocking.
I paid 2 bucks a pair and all they last
is a split second.
Take them off. Nobody
will know the difference.
Gee, that's an idea.
Gee, there goes my dress.
What'll I do about that?
Use your own judgment.
Don't wait, Joe. It won't be necessary.
Yes, Mr. Carlton.
Say, for the love of Mike,
don't you get enough whooping out there?
I haven't danced out there yet.
You're new, aren't you?
I'm awful nervous.
What about?
Oh, Mrs. Blanchard. She talks so funny.
I couldn't quite make her out.
She talked to you about how to dance
out there, didn't she?
Yeah, she told me to be very careful.
And yet she sorta gave me the idea
she wanted me to be not so careful.
She told me er...
well, to be intimate... but ladylike.
Now what do you make out of that?
She told me I could just feel my way along
until I got the hang of things...
but to watch my step.
Gee, I mean, what's a girl to do?
Search me.
Say, how old are you?
Uh, eighteen.
You mean you told Blanche
you were eighteen.
She's in her right. Yeah, she beat the
cops, grabbed a taxi and got away.
Great. I'm glad of it.
I could have sworn that
fellow was just a drop in.
Turned out to be a regular.
He only bought one ticket.
One of those nickel nurses.
Oh, I don't think so.
Say, you're crazy. That's the guy that
gave Barbara O'Neill that hundred dollars.
It's a jungle full of apes out there.
Gee, what do I do now?
Go over there and stand by the rail,
and while you wait...
you advertise.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
Excuse me, please.
Oh, mercy, yes indeed.
Good evening, Miss O'Neill.
Hello, Mr. Carlton.
I've been in the dressing
room changing my shoes.
I've worn out one pair already tonight.
Do you want to help me wear out another?
Thanks. I'd much rather sit and
talk with you, if you don't mind.
That sounds great. Come on.
I'm afraid the old dowager doesn't like me.
Who is she?
Oh, she's got the toughest job of all.
She's the matron.
She's got to keep the price hot enough to avoid
bankruptcy and cold enough to avoid raids.
We're not allowed to sit out dances
unless drinks are served.
Oh, I wouldn't break a rule
for anything in the world.
Milk? Do we have to drink milk?
Two milks and drink them yourself.
You're sober tonight, aren't you?
Wasn't I the other night?
Oh, you were swell.
You're sober tonight, aren't you?
Wasn't I the other night?
Oh, you were swell.
You gave me a hundred dollars
just for sitting here and talking to you.
You want it back?
It was well worth it.
And I'm gonna keep on coming here
until I find out how you happen to be here.
There you go!
What are you doing, writing a book?
Listen, I'm here because
my brains are in my feet
and you're here b...
Well... I'm glad you're here.
Then you missed me, eh?
Well, yes... that is...
Yes, I did.
And there's one thing I
want you to do for me.
Oh, yeah?
You're in business, aren't you?
Sure. I'm a night watchman.
This must be your night off.
No, no kidding.
You've got an office of
some kind, haven't you?
Yes, I've got an office of some kind.
Well, I was wondering if you
had an opening of some sort.
You want a job?
Oh, no, it's not for me.
It's for an acquaintance of mine.
He's an awfully bright guy
and very well-educated.
Hm-hmm. I'll vouch for him.
Of course, he hasn't been around long
and traffic signals kind of puzzle him...
Are you sure that he's
just an acquaintance?
Positively. Oh, he's only a kid.
All right. Send him around.
Gee, thanks a lot.
And now what can I do for you?
I want you to have dinner with me
some night, will you?
Sure, where?
Any place you say.
Any place where there isn't any music,
I'm sick of the sound of that stuff.
Gee, it follows me home and pounds
into my head like a hammer.
Do you know what I'd do
if I had a lot of money?
Yes, buy a radio.
No. I'd get that cornet
player and tie him up.
And I'd hire a million saxophone players to
play blue notes in his ears till he died.
Shall I call you up at your home?
No, you'd better call me here.
I was just trying to figure you out.
Can't you? You're so wise.
You've been here three times
and you haven't propositioned me once.
Is that unusual?
It's impossible.
Gee, I'd better be getting back or that
old dame will be right on top of me.
Will you call me here?
Yes, certainly.
By the way, what's the number here?
Orchard 4027. It's in the book.
Hello, bookworm.
Oh, hello, Miss O'Neill.
Oh, don't get up.
That must be a good book
to keep you up so late.
It is. It's a swell book.
I must have fallen asleep or something.
You're not used to keeping
such late hours, are you?
I wanted to see you before I left.
Before you left?
Do you mind seeing if the
landlady isn't still up?
That old bird never goes to sleep.
Would you mind sitting down for a minute?
I wanted to see you before I left.
The landlady doesn't know it,
but I'm leaving tonight.
What for?
It's just a matter of assets and liability.
Assets? Some socks, underwear
and a couple of shirts.
And liabilities?
Sixty bucks for three
weeks' room and board.
I'd have beat it a couple of hours ago
only I wanted to say goodbye.
I suppose it's a dirty trick
my sneaking out like this...
but I haven't the courage to face Mrs. Kern
in the morning.
I know how it is. I've been there myself.
Of course I know some
people here in town...
but I wouldn't wanna go to them 'cause I
wouldn't want them to know how things are.
Where do you go from here, Eddie?
Follow my nose, I guess.
They tell me the park isn't a bad place
this time of the year.
After all it's just a
matter of mathematics.
I owe 60 dollars and I
haven't got 60 cents.
I have 60 dollars.
Oh, no, no, no... don't.
Why, that's 100 dollars.
Sure it is.
I got 60 from Mrs. Crane and the rest will
take care of you for a couple of weeks.
Anything is liable to happen in that time.
I couldn't think of taking it.
Why not?
Now is the time for all good men to come
to the aid of their party.
You know, us roomers have
got to stick together.
Gee, Miss O'Neill. And if you're
gonna owe me money, it's Barbara.
Gee, Barbara...
Never mind.
Now tell me all about it.
I... I don't like to do this.
But there's not much to tell.
I thought I could trim the town overnight.
It trimmed me instead.
Trimmed you?
You haven't even started yet.
Gee, you're one swell human being.
I'm gonna take this 100 dollars
and I'm gonna pay it back.
Maybe it's a good investment.
I know it's a good investment.
You know, Eddie, there's only one way
to beat a hard-boiled town like this.
It ain't how hard you can sock but it's
how hard you can take it on the chin.
Maybe I haven't got a chin.
Sure you have. A nice chin.
And a nice face.
You're young, Eddie. You're strong
and you've got a good college education.
And you've got a job.
I friend of mine runs a big business
and I was talking to him today about you.
He thinks there might be an opening
in his office for you.
Aw, gee, Barbara, you're saving my life. Nicks,
I'm just trying to protect my investment.
And if you're gonna thank me any longer,
I'm gonna sock you right in the nose.
Oh, alright.
But I want you to take my IOU.
Don't be silly.
Oh, absolutely...
I wouldn't think of taking this much money
without giving you some kind of security for it.
A hundred dollars?
And so to bed.
I'm not going to try to thank you anymore.
Cause I don't know how.
You'll never know what you've done for me.
I'll never forget it as long as I live.
Good night, Barbara.
Good night, Eddie.
Good night.
Gee, isn't that swell?
That kind of music makes you feel
like laughing, and crying, and...
I don't know what.
A little of both. Let's come
here every night. Hm-hmm...
Remember, I'm a working girl.
Is that so? You never have told me anything
about what you do.
Where do you work?
Oh... in a dancing school.
What do you do there?
Why, er... I'm one of the teachers.
Let's not talk about my work.
Let's talk about yours.
How's it going? It's pretty hard
to tell the first few days.
But it looks great.
What do you do?
I'm in the accounting department.
But that's only temporary.
Sure it is. All you needed was a break.
And you got it for me.
See that bench over there?
It might have been my bed the other night
if it hadn't been for you.
You certainly have been my good angel.
That's what I said, angel.
You know, Barbara, it seems
like a different world.
I felt the same way the
first time I met you, too.
Gee, this place was just a city of millions
of strangers until you came along.
Isn't it funny how you go along
and you meet all kinds of people...
and then all of a sudden you...
I don't know, you...
you meet somebody and...
it just changes the whole world.
Did you send for me, Jones?
A package for O'Neill.
Miss O'Neill.
On your way!
Miss O'Neill, a messenger
just brought this.
It's good form to rise
when an older woman addresses you.
It's against the rules...
Miss O'Neill, a messenger
just brought this.
It's good form to rise
when an older woman addresses you.
It's against the rules to
have packages come here.
But I'll let it go this time.
She gives me a pain.
Why don't you take her to the convention?
Oh, gee, it's a snappy little box.
I wonder what it is.
Look at that!
Oh, isn't that...
Barbara, oh, my gosh, get a load of that.
Isn't that marvelous!
It's beautiful!
It's so lovely!
Where did you get it?
It's hers.
Who's Santa Claus?
Oh, I forgot to look.
Excuse me, does Miss O'Neill work here?
O'Neill? Oh, Barbara O'Neill.
That's right. She's up there.
Hello, Barbara.
Hey, do you want some dance tickets?
How much are they?
Oh, a dime will do.
Let me have one.
Shake a leg, dear?
No, thanks.
No wallflowers allowed around here.
I'm just looking around. Oh, why look further?
Come on, you'll like it.
Say, I'm, not gonna hurt you.
You know, it's a good thing I got hold of you.
You need lessons.
Private lessons.
Hey, where are you going?
Well, this is a surprise...
Meet Miss Blake, Mr. Miller.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Come on upstairs. I wanna talk to you.
I don't know what to do
with that O'Neill girl.
It's just one thing after another.
What's the matter?
She was actually ogling that ma
with whom Eunice was dancing.
Now they've gone up on the balcony.
Sit here, Eddie.
I don't want to sit down.
Dancing school.
What did you want to come here for?
I wanted to see you.
How did you find out where I was?
The landlady told me.
Come on, let's get out of here.
I can't. Not until one o'clock.
I work here.
Oh, no you don't. Not anymore.
You're not gonna stay in
this dump another minute.
It isn't as bad as all that, Eddie.
I'm just one of the hostesses.
It's worse.
Otherwise you wouldn't have lied to me.
I didn't lie to you.
I just didn't go into details.
Mrs. Blanchard, I wanna talk to you.
You don't have to say a word about it.
I saw the whole thing.
She took your partner away.
Come on, Casey. I may need you.
Eddie, I'm telling you...
Don't argue with me.
I don't want you in a place where anybody
with ten cents in his pocket
can take you in his arms
and dance with you.
Shh, don't get so excited.
Everybody's looking at us.
You go and I'll meet you
after I'm through tonight.
You're through now. I
won't have you in here.
I don't want the girl I'm gonna
marry to work in this... What?
Say that again.
I don't want the girl I'm gonna marry
to work in this kind of place.
I want you to tell them right
now that you're going to quit.
Tell them? I don't have to tell them.
Come on, let's go.
Miss O'Neill, it's against the rules for you to
stand here talking to a customer during a dance.
If you expect to work here... She's not
going to work here, she's through.
Stay out of these arguments.
Take your hands off me!
Aw, what do you mean?
You wanna get fresh?
Let me go, let me go!
Barbara, let me get by.
You asked for it!
Hey, you big ape! Why don't you
pick on somebody your own size?
Come on, Eddie.
Hey, wait a minute, sister.
I'm handling these people up here.
Hey, let go of me!
Let go of him!
Come on, get downstairs!
Down the stairway...
No, don't touch it.
Now hold that.
I had no right busting in on you like that.
I acted like a fool.
No, you didn't, You acted grand.
I'm glad you did.
It may sound like preaching, but...
it's just being selfish.
Barbara, I want you for myself. I don't want
to share you with a lot of other people.
There aren't any other people.
There's just you.
I guess I can find a job someplace else.
Oh, no you won't.
I guess I'll be able to support a wife.
Can you imagine getting
married with a black eye?
Hello, Barbara.
Oh, hello, Mr. Carlton.
Can I take this box?
No, I'll carry it.
Let's sit down.
I'm sorry. Did I keep you waiting?
Oh, that's all right.
I came just as soon as
I got your phone call.
I was glad you wanted to see me,
and a bit curious.
Yes, I wanted to see you about the dress.
Do you remember what I said on that card?
To wear to dinner whenever you get hungry.
Aren't you hungry?
Yes, but not that hungry.
I see what you mean.
Would you pardon me?
Will you check this, please.
Yes, sir.
What's this for?
A souvenir.
You may change your mind some day.
Shall we have dinner?
Oh, no, I'm sorry. I can
only stay a minute.
I am sorry.
But I can use that minute.
I went down to the dance hall last night
looking for you but you weren't there.
No, I don't work there anymore.
Good. You know, I hated to see you working
in a place like that.
Having to dance with all those men.
Oh, well, when you've danced with them
as long as I have
they all sort of blend into one.
What's he like?
Well, he hauls you around, steps on
your toes, tears your dresses...
and breathes into your face.
He's got a pocketful of dimes
and only one idea in his head.
Am I like that?
No, I can't make you out.
You know, when you gave
me that hundred dollars
it was the first time in my life I
ever took something for nothing.
But it wasn't something for nothing.
I believe in paying as I go along.
Maybe you're right.
I know I'm right.
That brings me back to what
I wanted to tell you last night.
I'm going abroad on business.
Paris, London, Yokohama, Calcutta...
The trip will take a year or more.
The Seven Seas in the far
corners of the earth.
It'll be a lot of fun.
I was hoping that you would come along.
By that time you might learn to know me.
And even like me.
I like you now...
I've always liked you.
And the Seven Seas...
I've always liked you...
And the Seven Seas...
Gee, I've never even seen a lake.
But it's like the dress.
I'm sorry.
Also declined with thanks.
And regrets.
Well, I guess I'd better be going.
When am I going to see you again?
Well, you see, I um...
I think I'm gonna get
another job some place
I don't think I'll be
able to see you again.
I'm going to miss you.
I hope you're happy in your new work.
I know I will be.
Goodbye, Mr. Carlton.
Goodbye, Barbara.
It don't seem right to me...
Molly's a good girl, but this being out till
1 or 2 o'clock every morning, I don't know.
Molly oughta get married.
Everybody oughta get married.
Your husband ain't home very much, is he?
Listen, Eddie works very hard.
Oh, I'm sorry, dear.
Thanks for the tea.
Did you ever call up the office to find out
if he is working?
No, why should I?
Child, how long have you been married?
Eighteen weeks.
I've been married eighteen years
and there's tricks to all trades.
It's a good thing to call up the office
when your husband's working overtime.
Just to cheer him up.
Paper, paper...
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Why, Eddie!
Ralph Sheridan!
Where in the world?
How are you? I'm glad to see you.
You remember my sister, Nancy?
You'd better say you do.
Why, of course I do.
Ralph used to bring you up
to the college to dance.
What a memory.
How could I forget?
I haven't seen you since we graduated.
What are you doing?
I'm in business with Brad Carlton.
We have offices here in this building.
Oh, how nice.
Up and coming, eh?
That's great. Married?
Me? Not a chance.
I've been waiting for Nancy to grow up.
Haven't lost that famous
line, have you, Eddie?
It's a gift.
Oh, but I mustn't keep you, folks.
We're in no hurry. Just going home.
Say, why don't you come along to dinner?
We're having some people up.
Oh, thanks, but I couldn't. I...
I'm not dressed.
Don't be silly.
That doesn't matter, does it?
Of course not. Come on.
We're having a snappy little
bridge game afterwards.
Gee, I haven't played bridge in months.
I'll probably lose my shirt.
Surely a big businessman
like you has another shirt.
Or perhaps you have another date.
None that I wouldn't break for you.
I'll say that line of yours is a gift.
Bring him along, Ralph.
Well, it looks like you're down.
Too bad for you and Eddie, Nancy.
The finesse worked perfectly.
Why in the world didn't you play that ace?
Please, please, please!
You're lucky that you're a bachelor.
Stay a bachelor.
Hey, stop giving him such rotten advice.
Better luck this time, Eddie.
Shall we cut for partners?
Oh, no, Let's stay as is.
We'll beat them this time, Eddie.
I ought to bet my hand this time, Nancy.
Atta boy, Eddie. That's a good idea.
Shall I shuffle?
There you go. I'll deal you a good hand.
While you're at it, please give
me something worthwhile playing.
I'm going to give all
four aces to my partner.
There, I guess that's about right.
We had eighty instead of forty,
that's what's wrong. Oh, no...
Oh, I forgot the jacks.
I never had such an unlucky
streak in my life.
I couldn't get a hand.
One of those odd nights, I guess.
Yeah, it would happen when I was playing
for five cents a point.
Hey, Ralph, I'm a little
bit short this week.
You know how the market's
been acting here lately.
You've been playing the market, eh?
A little fly here and there.
Listen, Eddie, you're a sucker to
buy stocks without expert advice.
Why don't you come to me?
That's my business.
I'll put you next to some hot ones.
Thanks, old man. I'll remember that.
I'll give you a ring the
first good tip I get.
That's great.
Say, Ralph, I um...
About my losses tonight.
Do you mind if I give you my IOU?
Oh, forget it.
No, really!
Well, if it'll make you feel any better.
It certainly will.
Oh, my goodness, Eddie,
you scared me to death.
Can you use an assistant bookkeeper?
What's all this?
It's none of your business.
You attend to your affairs
and I'll attend to mine.
What is that?
Corned-beef and cabbage.
Smell of cheap cooking.
Did you have dinner out, honey?
No, I was too busy.
But I have some nice apple pie left
over and coffee. Would you like some?
No, thanks, I um...
I had dinner with some
friends of mine in town.
Oh, tell me about it. Who were they?
Well, er... it was just business.
You wouldn't be interested.
I gotta get myself some dinner clothes.
I was the only one there
that wasn't dressed.
Gee, I'm dying to see you in dinner clothes.
Oh, it isn't that.
Only if you want to get up in the world,
you've got to know the right people.
To know the right people
you gotta dress up for it.
It's simply a matter of business.
I'm gonna hit Carlton for a raise.
I think I deserve one.
Gosh, a raise would be nice, wouldn't it?
I'll get it.
If I don't, something will turn up.
Something's got to turn up.
Oh... I know what you've been doing.
You've been trying to make
two and two equal five.
The funny part of it is two
and two do equal five.
That is if you finagle around long enough.
I played you a dirty trick
when I asked you to marry me.
Yes, I'll never forgive you.
No, I mean it.
A man has no right to get married
unless he can support a wife.
Have you heard any complaints
from the junior member?
That's why I feel so rotten about it.
You never complain.
Oh, forget it, darling.
You know, if you asked
me to make three wishes,
I couldn't think of anything in the world
I would want right now.
Yes, I could too!
What's that?
Dinner clothes for you.
What's the use of talking about it?
Let's forget about it, Barbara.
Oh, don't touch that. My goodness,
the paint is still wet.
What's the idea? Why all the camouflage?
The room was kind of dark and I thought
I'd brighten it up a little.
What's the use of trying to change brown
monstrosities into pink monstrosities?
I wish we could move out of this dump.
It's driving me crazy.
Hello, I want to speak to Mr. Carlton.
Oh, tell him it's Miss
Stuyvesant Astor Fish.
Hello, Mr. Carlton?
Oh, no, you don't know me.
No, I'm one of the girls
at the Palais des Danses.
Well, I just thought you
might be interested to know
that we have one of our old
girls back in the job.
Oh, no, she's not here steady.
No, just once in a while.
Oh, no, she doesn't know I'm calling.
No, I've got no special reason for calling.
No, it's because when I'm not
dancing I'm a girl scout.
And this is my good deed for the day.
Yeah... oh, don't mention it.
Barbara... I told Ma
I won't come home for supper tonight.
I told her I'd go out with you.
You didn't tell her that...
Oh, no, no.
I don't want anybody to
know I've come back here.
I'm a girl scout. Keep my trap shut.
How does it feel to be back?
I hate this place.
It's a swell way to pick
up a little loose change.
It's only until Eddie gets a raise.
Why didn't you tell Eddie
you're working here?
If I told Eddie, he'd die.
Aw, it's not that bad.
Gee whiz, it's legal.
Are you gonna stick around?
Yeah, Eddie's going to go to a convention.
Convention? How do you know?
How do I know? He told me.
The poor kid had to rent a dinner suit.
My, how nice you look, Eddie.
It's the first time I've
seen you in a dinner suit.
It's the first time I've worn it.
My old one was all shot.
What time do you want him, sir?
Just tell him to wait.
This is the place, is it?
Oh, yes, this is the place.
The music, oh, the music's divine.
So soft you can hardly hear it.
Let's go.
Alright, let's.
Hello, darling.
What's this?
Oh, that. We always have small pox
around the first of the month.
Saves you a lot of time
with the collectors.
Collectors? What for?
Do we owe any money?
Not much. A little here and there.
But don't you worry about that.
Why haven't I heard about it before?
First time I ever heard anything about it.
Who were you telephoning?
I was trying to get you at the office.
The office? What for?
I wanted to find out when
you'd be home for dinner.
How many times have I told you
never to telephone me at the office?
You never can tell when those
switchboard girls are listening in.
Suppose they do listen in. They're
liable to find out that I'm married.
Are you ashamed of it?
Oh, no, of course not.
It's this place I'm ashamed of.
Things like that.
All right, I know I'm a piker.
I don't make much.
But it seems to me like forty dollars a
week oughta keep a dump like this going.
Well, it would, Eddie.
Only you don't give me forty a week.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to walk to work?
Would it help any if I gave up cigarettes?
I gotta have something to
keep on going, don't I?
You seem last week you took...
Yeah, last week I got myself a dress suit.
I had to have one.
I need clothes.
So do you.
What's happened to your hair?
Well... I guess the last permanent
wave I got wasn't so permanent.
Marriage oughtn't make people sloppy.
Aw, what's wrong with you, Eddie?
What's eating you?
Come on and tell me.
You wouldn't understand.
There's a lot of things I don't understand.
When we were first married I wanted to hire a
radio station and broadcast it to the world.
Now you act as though marrying
me was some sort of a crime.
What's that?
What kind of a house is this?
Oh, the house is all right, I...
I guess the light company figures that
people with small pox don't need any light.
I'll call them up and
tell them a few things.
Don't bother, Eddie.
They're only interested in one thing.
Why we haven't paid the light bill
in the past two months.
Well why haven't we?
If you'd pay attention to these things instead of spending
all your time trying to paint a lot of junk pink.
Oh, don't cave in like that, please, Eddie.
I don't mind the lights going out.
It's fun.
All those silly little troubles.
Don't you worry about it. I'll go
down in the morning and pay the bill.
Oh, what's the use.
Maybe it's better if we don't
have any light around here.
It hides all the ugly things.
Yes, ugly. Ugly!
Everything's ugly around here.
A fine place to come home to after I've
worked hard at the office all day.
I'm here all day. I don't mind it.
Well I do!
I'm going out!
Wait a minute, Eddie.
I forgot to tell you Mrs. Carney
invited us for dinner tonight.
No, thanks.
It's bad enough smelling that junk
without trying to eat it.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Anywhere. Anywhere just so I can get
the paint in this place out of my system.
Oh, yes.
Where are you phoning from?
The office?
What's wrong?
Shortage? How much?
Any idea who?
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
I gotta get out of here.
I gotta get out of town.
Why? What happened?
I'm in a jam.
If I'm not out of here in 48
hours it's all up with me.
What have you done?
I borrowed some money from the office.
I thought I could pay it back.
But they're looking over
the books tomorrow and...
Oh, Barbara, I gotta get
out of here, I tell ya.
How much money did you take?
The first time was a thousand.
And they kept asking me for more...
Margin, margin...
Oh, you wouldn't understand.
Now it's...
Now it's five thousand.
If I had a gun I'd kill myself.
Five thousand dollars.
What did you do with the money?
With the market.
I didn't think there was any risk.
There were a lot of big bankers in on it.
O got the tip from my pal Ralph Sheridan.
It was you I wanted it for, Barbara.
I didn't need anything.
I never asked you for anything, Eddie.
I know what you were thinking.
I've watched you. You
didn't think I was looking.
I want you to live in a right kind of a
home, have the right kind of clothes.
I wanted you to have everything.
I had everything, Eddie.
Now you're married to a thief.
Well, I'm glad we kept
that wedding a secret.
You'll be alright.
You won't be mixed up in this.
Yes, I will.
If there's anything coming to you...
I want half of it.
Good or bad.
You mean it doesn't make any difference?
Sure it does. It makes
this much difference.
You're in trouble and you need me.
What good am I to you now?
Oh, what'll we do, what'll we do?
I don't know...
I don't know, Eddie,
but one thing we won't do.
We won't run away.
We'll get the money somehow.
If we only had a couple of weeks.
But only 48 hours.
Oh, don't, please, Eddie.
It'll be alright.
Oh, don't, please, Eddie.
It'll be alright.
We're in a jam, but...
we'll get out of it somehow.
Just don't let's get panicky.
An awful lot can happen in 48 hours, Eddie.
An awful lot.
What floor is Mr. Carlton's apartment on?
Sixth floor.
Thank you.
Which one is Mr. Carlton's?
Right over there, miss.
Oh, thank you.
Is Mr. Carlton in?
No, miss, he's out.
When will he be back?
I don't know, miss.
Well, I'll wait, if you don't mind.
Does Mr. Carlton expect you, miss?
Yes, he does.
This way, please.
What time is it?
Four o'clock.
Oh, my goodness. I've been here since one.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you were coming.
I didn't know myself until about
thirty seconds before I got here.
An impulse?
Something like that.
I hope you'll forgive my dropping in
like this without any warning or notice.
You can always drop in on me
without any warning or notice.
I'm deeply flattered and honored.
It's nice of you to say that.
You see, I didn't think I'd
meant anything to you.
I wasn't even sure I'd ever see you again.
Well, neither was I, but...
I don't know, somehow tonight
I got to thinking of you.
That's funny. I was thinking of you too.
Between drinks.
Can I offer you something?
Oh, yes.
It's rather a hard couch you picked there.
To tell you the truth I was so tired
I could have slept standing up.
Oh, I dreamt of clocks chiming
and I smoked lots of your cigarettes.
I hope you found the right brand.
Oh, yes.
Say, this is a swell place you have here.
Oh, it's all right.
Gets a bit lonely at times.
My first wife.
You never told me you were married.
Oh, yes indeed.
That one didn't last long
enough to really count.
And um...
and so you tried again?
I was a glutton for punishment.
That wasn't successful either.
And so I keep these as reminders.
Of what?
Of the one thing I've
learned in a long life.
And what's that?
The only love letter to write to a woman.
Pay to the order of and fill in the name.
Oh, I don't think that's true.
I've lived longer than you have.
Yeah, but I began young.
Well, here's looking at you.
You said you were thinking of me tonight.
What were you thinking?
I was just trying to analyze what there
is about you that interests me so.
I think I've discovered it.
What is it?
You're the only woman I know
who doesn't want something.
You know, the very first time I saw you...
That didn't count, you know...
You were plastered that time.
Yes, I guess I was.
But I saw very clearly, I think.
Those men you were dancing with...
You absolutely looked at
them with hate in your eyes.
That's the way I felt about them too.
But there was something else.
Yes, that's it.
Hate and hunger.
That's what interested me so.
I have thought that way myself.
You know, I wondered what you were going
to do when I sent you that dress.
And when you returned
it I was awfully glad.
I wanted you to make this trip with me,
and when you said no...
I was glad again.
But the biggest kick of all
is the fact that you haven't got
your hand out always saying...
"Give me, give me, give me..."
That's the one thing...
Let's have another drink, huh?
You know, it's very peculiar,
I've been thinking of you all day...
wondering what ever became of you.
I inquired for you at the Palais des Danses
but no one seemed to know where you were.
You do like me, don't you?
Why, you know I like you...
If you do, I want you to say it.
Barbara, I like you more than that.
Don't, please.
I wanna tell you why I
came up here tonight.
Well, I...
I must have five thousand
dollars before noon tomorrow.
Can you let me have it?
Yes, I suppose so.
Do you mind?
to be perfectly frank, Barbara, I do.
You know, it's only a loan.
It is. On the level it is.
I wouldn't have asked you
if it wasn't a matter of life and death...
You know I'm working now and...
Well, I make quite a bit
and I'll pay you back.
Ten cents a dance?
That's fifty thousand dances.
Oh, no...
I won't ask you to do that.
There's something I'll miss.
I thought perhaps that you
liked me on my own account.
Not just my checking account.
But I do.
That's why I came to you.
With great affection.
Five thousand dollars' worth.
Alright, I'll let you have the money.
I'll never forget that as long as I live.
Shall I come to the office?
No, I'll let you have it here.
Well, then I'll come back later.
Do you remember our little
meeting at the hotel?
Do you remember our little
meeting at the hotel?
You led me to believe you were
a very direct sort of person.
Now since this happy little visit
has developed into a business affair...
I'm going to be direct with you.
I'm not going to lend you the money.
I'm going to give it to you.
You once said that you never took something
for nothing, do you recall that?
What do you think of me?
What does it matter?
What difference does it make?
I'm awfully sorry, Barbara.
So am I.
This is once in your life that you'll
have to take something for nothing.
Because there's nothing I want from you.
Only this.
Who do you want the money for?
Please, don't ask me that.
Well, I... I want the money for myself.
Oh, now, Barbara...
Come on, now, tell me.
What do you want it for, or who?
Maybe you've a right to know.
If I don't get that money
within 24 hours...
somebody I know is going to prison.
Somebody you know?
He... he stole money from his employer.
From you.
From me?
His name is...
Eddie Miller.
Oh, yes. I know all about that.
But why should you be willing to do
anything like this for...
for a man like Eddie Miller?
He happens to be the
somebody I'm married to.
When did that happen?
What's the difference?
Well, only this.
I envy Eddie Miller.
If there was a woman anywhere that would be willing
to do for me what you're willing to do for him...
Say, I'd steal five million dollars.
I'll give you the money, Barbara.
Gee, I'll never forget
you as long as I live.
You're saving his life and...
when you do that you save me too.
Thanks a lot.
Wait a minute.
The bank doesn't open until ten.
Do you want to wait here for the money?
I will if you want me to.
Yes, I want you to.
I mean, there's no sense in
wandering about town, is there?
You must be awfully tired.
Gee, I am. I feel all in.
Oh, about Eddie.
As long as he's paying the
money back you won't...
Now don't you worry about Eddie.
He'll very likely come to
me and ask for a raise...
and probably get it.
He must be a remarkable young man.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Did you ring?
Yes, Wilson. Sorry to get you up so early.
Will you get breakfast
ready for two, please.
Very good, sir.
I don't know how I'm ever going to be able
to thank you.
Now don't you worry about that.
Barbara, you had me worried to death.
Why didn't you come home last night?
Where were you?
Never mind that now. Here.
What's this?
The money.
How much?
The works. Five grand.
Five grand? Where in the world...
Never mind that now. Put it away.
Gee, it had to be all or
nothing, didn't it, Eddie?
Yeah, I gotta get this into the safe.
The auditors will be here this afternoon.
You better snap into it.
Will you be home for dinner?
Yeah, yeah, I'll be home.
$2,00, $2.50...
$3.00, $60.00
$60, $60, $0.25...
$8,30, $35, $240...
Should be $240.
$50, $30, $160.35...
$160.60, $80, $800...
$4.50, $0.98, $7.50...
$75, $36, $36, $45...
Total $1840.75.
$30, $30, $30 three times...
$25.50, $6,80, $48, $36, $48, $45...
Hello, darling.
I'm so happy I don't know whether to dance
or stand on my head.
Come on, dance with me.
What's the matter with you?
What's this for?
A dime.
That's what you charge
for a dance, isn't it?
Keep away from me.
There are just two things I want to ask you
and if you know how to be decent and honest
I want you to tell me the truth.
Where were you last night?
Where did you get that money?
You think I'm dumb?
There's only one place you could
have gotten it. From Carlton!
Where did you get that money?
You don't answer me, do you?
Well, I'll answer for you.
You were at Carlton's last night
and you got that money from Carlton.
Didn't you?
How do you know?
What's the difference. It's true, isn't it?
You come clean with me.
You can't come clean.
You don't know what clean means!
Don't shout, Eddie.
The people will hear you across the court.
Let them hear me. What difference does it make?
They know you better than I do.
It shouldn't surprise them at all.
What difference does it
make where I got the money?
It isn't where you got it.
It's how you got it.
I would rather have gone to prison
than have this happen to me.
Do you wonder now why I
kept our marriage a secret?
Do you blame me now?
I was a fool.
All this time you've been laughing at me.
And Carlton too, I suppose.
Will you laugh in front of his face
before I'm through with him?
You lied to me from the start
and you've been lying ever since.
I go and make a thief of myself
on account of you and this is what happens.
What are you hiding in there for?
Where are you going?
I don't know. I just wanna get out of here.
To Carlton, I suppose.
Don't you dare step out of this house.
Get out of my way, Eddie.
You've gotta stay here and listen
to what I've got to say.
I've listened to you,
now you're gonna listen to me.
You're a coward, Eddie.
You were running away from something
the first time I met you.
And you're a thief.
You stole money from your employer.
Just for you.
You're a liar! It wasn't for me!
It couldn't have been.
I could forgive you for being a liar,
a thief and a coward if I loved you.
I could forgive you anything.
But I don't love you!
I don't even think enough
of you now to hate you.
I'm thankful to you for bringing me
down to earth where I belong.
Oh, listen, Barbara... I did the best
I could and you slipped me a dime.
Small change.
I'm gonna keep it as a souvenir
of my great romance.
And now I'm going.
No, Barbara, you're still my wife...
Not anymore.
I made a mistake and so did you.
But you'll be alright.
You don't need me anymore.
Barbara, I'm not through yet, I...
I'm through!
You don't expect a man to find out what I
did and not do something about it, do you?
You're not a man.
You're not even a good sample.
But you'll be okay.
People like you usually get by.
No... Yes, I remember now. That package
has been here for a long while.
How much is that?
Ten cents, please.
Thank you.
Is Mr. Carlton here?
Why, yes, sir.
Does he expect you, sir?
He certainly does.
Come this way, sir.
What is it, Miller?
I wanna talk to you.
Yes, I've been looking forward
to a talk with you at the office.
This isn't an office affair.
Besides, I don't work for you anymore.
I quit.
Did you come up here to tell me that?
No, no.
I came to talk about my wife.
I know she was here last night.
There's not a written law
in this country, Carlton
and if I put a bullet right through you now
there's no jury in the world would convict me.
What do you want?
You gained the affections of my wife
and you can't get away with it.
I wish I could believe that were true.
However, your wife was here last night.
She spent the whole night here.
You're gonna pay for it.
You're mistaken in misjudging your wife.
Tell that to a jury and
see what they think.
You're gonna pay and pay plenty.
As far as your wife is concerned
there is nothing to pay.
As far as you're concerned I have paid.
I gave your wife $5.000 and she gave you
the money to put back into my safe.
Oh, I see. She double-crossed
me, she told you.
But I put that money back.
You got nothing on me.
I've lost my wife on account of you.
Well, that may be true.
What are you going to do about it?
It's not my move, it's yours.
What are you going to do about it?
Suppose we get your wife up here?
And then we'll see.
I don't know where she is. She's gone.
I don't know.
I kicked her out!
Listen, Miller...
Before I kick you out,
let me give you a bit of advice.
If you make any effort to drag her name
into any sort of a scandal
I'll forget a promise I made your wife.
But I've put that money back.
That doesn't wipe out your embezzlement.
You're still a thief, Miller.
She didn't want you to go to jail.
And so you're not going.
Yes, sir?
Mr. Miller is leaving.
Very good, sir.
Have you seen Barbara around here anywhere?
I have more on my mind than Barbara.
Get your won messenger boy.
Don't mind me. I just work here.
Say, where have you been?
I've been looking all over for you.
I thought you were out there
in the floor dancing.
Say, I want you to do something for me.
If Mom's up when you get home tonight
give her a song and dance
about my working overtime.
And of being delayed, get me?
I'm not going home either.
Where are you going?
What's the difference? You ain't interested.
No? Says you.
I'm going with you.
Oh, but it's one of those things.
It might not even break up until dawn.
I don't care if it never breaks up.
How about Eddie?
Who's Eddie?
Say, what's come over you?
I've just taken one on the chin
and I've just come to.
Hello, Miss O'Neill.
May I talk to you just a minute?
Sure, looks as though you can.
But you know we're not allowed to
talk to customers unless they dance.
Then will you dance with me?
Sure, all you need is a ticket.
I have one.
Oh, never mind.
Come on, let me talk with you.
Well, you're not very
anxious to see me, are you?
I told you, all you needed was a ticket.
Just a minute. I have a ticket.
What's this?
Tickets for the le de France. Two tickets.
Two tickets?
I see you're gonna collect
interest on your money.
Now, Barbara, do I rate that?
I guess not, but...
You see, if you go to Paris
you can get a divorce.
And then you'll be free to marry again.
I want to be there.
I want to be the first one to ask you.
Perhaps I'd better not wait.
Will you marry me, Barbara?
You might just as well say yes,
otherwise you'll never get rid of me.
You're certainly a glutton for punishment.
I guess we're both gluttons.
And gluttons should eat.
I seem to have gotten you to dinner,
that's all.
Are you hungry?
Will you have dinner with me?
You're the boss.
I'm sorry, Barbara, but
it's against the rules.