Ten Tall Men (1951) Movie Script

Aye, mamicita, it is hot.
Ah, oui, she is tres hot.
Hey, this what we join
the French Foreign Legion,
to suffocate in petticoats?
The corporals who walk,
who suffocate,
but not the sergeant who rides.
I'm not a sergeant,
I'm a merchant
and you're my daughters.
Now, you don't think
I'd pull rank on you girls.
Well, how else you going
to catch a Riff prisoner
for the lieutenant?
You think I'm not hot.
This beard's killing me.
Honest, it hurts me to ride
while you walk.
But with only one jackass
in the crowd.
Permit a correction, Sergeant.
In this crowd
there are four jackasses.
Why is it we always get
those dirty jobs?
What two other Legionnaires
could pass for
native beauties
as well as you.
And besides,
think of the rewards.
You get a little better
at this sort of thing,
you'll both marry a Sheik.
Now listen, Mike,
for almost two weeks now
we have been away from Tarfa,
and all the time
you make jokes...
Hold it.
How many?
I'm not sure,
four or five maybe.
What tribe?
Black stripes.
Hussin's boys.
Ah, at last.
Remember, no shooting.
Their pals won't be far away.
Sure, Mike,
we do it the hard way.
Always the hard way
with Sergeant Mike.
And no rough stuff
until they dismount.
What if they don't dismount?
They'll dismount.
You kids have got
real sex appeal.
Peace, Brother.
Peace and Allah's blessing.
To what oasis
are you bound,
old goat?
Uh, to Houran, Excellency,
with my daughters,
to market my humble produce.
I think the market
will pay higher
for your daughters
than your produce.
Uh! Alas, Excellency,
the girls are undeserving
of your gentle flattery,
for they are as ugly
as the bloated she-camel.
Can it be that a father
speaks the truth
about his daughters?
Or is it that he is greedy,
and would not share
his precious doves
even with the warriors
of the Caid Hussin?
Oh, but, Excellency...
It was to your daughters
I addressed myself.
Speak in your
own soft voices,
pretty ones.
Aye, favored one,
they cannot speak,
for Allah has
cursed them both,
deaf and mute.
Then you do not appreciate
your blessings.
Eternal silence in a woman
is a quality
to be highly prized.
Take them.
Oh, no, sir!
Mercy, Master.
Aha, torito. Aha.
Aha, toro...
Not you, Yussif,
I want you to meet
Lieutenant Kruger.
He's your type.
All right, prisoners,
back to work.
Get out!
Mademoiselle De Latour,
My dear.
There are three prisoners
at work in the square below.
When they finish their detail,
they will be
confined to their cells
for the duration
of their sentences.
They have insulted
Mademoiselle De Latour.
Yes, Lieutenant.
But, Cherie, they meant no harm.
While you are in Tarfa,
you enjoy my protection.
I want this
clearly understood
by my men and by you.
I have something to show you!
I hope you like it.
Oh, Cherie, it's beautiful.
Permit me.
Sorry, Lieutenant,
the Administrator is
just entering the building.
Why the devil
doesn't he notify me
in advance of those visits.
I regret this, my dear.
I understand.
Your Honor.
Lieutenant Kruger...
An aperitif?
Permit me to come
right to the point,
I had another complaint
from a Berber,
one of
the native merchants.
You had his caravan searched
and confiscated several items,
including some valuable gems.
It is part of my duty
to recover stolen property.
The mere fact
that merchandise is in
the possession of a Berber
does not mean it is stolen.
I'm afraid I must use
my own judgment.
Major Berthot left me
in full command.
That's true,
but with orders
to cooperate
with my efforts
to bring peace
to this territory.
A dead Riff is a peaceful Riff.
Sergeant Mike.
Sergeant Mike.
Sergeant Mike.
Why you act as though
you didn't expect
to see me again.
You've been away so long.
How's business?
Terrible since you went away.
Who is she?
She's the new dancer
at the Oasis.
Lieutenant Kruger
just confined three men
to their cells
for seeing less than you saw.
Worth it.
Find out where she lives.
And if she would
like to meet you.
I've already
found that out.
Get going.
We just get back
and already
you start trouble
with the lieutenant.
Another Riff prisoner.
You are sabotaging
my peace talks
with Sheik Ben Allal.
That is one of
Caid Hussin's men.
Even worse.
Don't you see,
Hussin is boiling
for an excuse
to attack Tarfa.
Hussin attack?
He's an ordinary bandit.
You are mad.
Hussin is a Caid.
A Chief.
You must leave
military matters to me.
They have been
left to you
long enough.
Major Berthot
and the regiment
returns Friday.
I shall make a full report
of your irresponsible conduct.
You are a meddling old fool.
We shall see
what Major Berthot
has to say.
Major Berthot
is a soldier
and I am a soldier.
He will understand
what I have done here.
He will promote me.
You are mad, Kruger.
Why the devil did you
bring him here for?
Your orders, sir.
My orders were, Sergeant,
to get me a prisoner
in a hurry.
You've been gone for two weeks.
I know you are
a great favorite
of Major Berthot,
but until he comes back,
I am in full command
here, understand?
I understand
he'll be back soon, sir.
I don't like you, Kincaid,
and one day perhaps
you might give me
the opportunity
to deflate you.
And now, my little bird,
you will sing for me, no?
Where is your Caid?
Where is he hiding?
What are you
waiting for, a medal?
Get out!
How'd you make out?
Okay. She lives
across the street
from the Oasis Cafe.
Good boy.
How do you figure
this girl, Mossul,
champagne or jewelry?
Jewelry seemed appropriate.
I... I took the liberty.
This looks like
a real imitation.
You must have blown
the whole bankroll.
Oh, no. Papa Abdul
was pleased to sell it
at a discount.
I have been of
some service to him
in the past.
You should have been
a general instead
of an orderly.
This one seems like a nice girl.
You going to start that again.
Why are you always
trying to marry me off?
I should like
to see you settle down.
If I settle down
you'll be out of a job.
Orderlies are for fighting men.
But married men
are fighting men.
You're a cynical little devil.
That's the native in me.
I suppose you figure
there'll be other dames
even if I was married?
That's the French in me.
What are you two boys
doing here?
Waiting for you.
Well, you're not
the only one,
now stand back.
Don't do it, Mike.
There are other girls.
She belongs to the lieutenant.
He does not outrank me in there.
Now, Mike,
we have had many
narrow escapes together.
We three. Huh.
It would only be silly
after winning all those
fights with the Riffs,
to end up by losing
to a Legionnaire.
Kruger's no Legionnaire.
He would not hesitate
to shoot you.
You've been spending
too much time dressed
as native woman,
you're getting soft.
Now listen, Mike,
we love you very much.
And it you are shot,
we are going to be
very sad.
We will have to put on
our dress parade uniforms
when the bugler plays taps,
we will have to stand
at attention, and...
And when they carry
your poor dead body...
We'll... We'll spit
right in your eye.
Be careful
I don't spit
right back.
Yeah. Women.
My name is Mike Kincaid.
Mine is Marie De Latour.
What kept you, Mike?
Two corporals and a lieutenant.
You mustn't stay.
He comes here often.
Not today, baby.
He's trying to make a
Riff prisoner talk,
and they don't talk.
My mother's.
She'd of wanted
a girl like you
to have it.
I don't think
you ever had a mother.
It you are depending
on Legion regulations
to keep me from torturing you,
you are very much mistaken.
Here, I make the rules.
Do you think
you can force
information from me?
You do not even know
what goes on in
your own camp.
What do you mean by that?
You, hope to intimidate me,
a chieftain of the Caid Hussin?
Even your own inferiors
defy you.
Nobody defies me.
When I arrived
a young woman departed,
she is your friend,
but when she pleased
the sergeant,
he didn't hesitate
to send his boy
to arrange a rendezvous.
Come and get it.
Oh, Henri!
How is the lieutenant?
You better worry
about the sergeant.
The sergeant
struck a blow
for liberty, eh?
How many teeth
did the lieutenant lose?
Did, he bleed much?
You're the lieutenant's
wet-nurse, tell us about it.
Yes, did he suffer?
We will all suffer for this.
The lieutenant is
in an evil mood.
Huh. When isn't he
in an evil mood?
Yes, Henri,
tell us about
the lieutenant's moods.
Hey, who is
making the coffee,
a camel?
Stop complaining.
You're better off
than the sergeant
and the Riff.
I have orders
that they are
to get nothing.
The sergeant is
an honored guest here,
he is welcome to my breakfast.
Anybody's welcome
to my breakfast.
Better eat it yourself, Londos.
You're quite a hero
amongst your own kind,
Toll me something, Henri,
do you really love
the lieutenant,
or did you marry him
for his money?
You'll find out soon enough
what it means to provoke
the lieutenant.
He'll have you shot
for striking him.
Goodbye, you dirty rat.
Psst! Mike!
Hurry up.
The blood is rushing to my head.
Good old Luis.
Good old Pierre,
he is holding me
by the feet.
Say, Mike, for lunch
we bring you a gun.
Never mind the gun.
I don't want to shoot
any Legionnaires.
It's the only way, Mike.
Hey! Hurry up.
The Guards will spot us.
Don't you worry.
I'll find some way out
of this jam.
And thanks.
Okay, take him up.
Well, go on, take it.
Allah bless you
for a merciful man.
And curse you
for a treacherous one.
You put the lieutenant
on my tail.
It became necessary
that I get him off mine.
I regret fate chose me
to be the instrument
of your downfall.
It hasn't hurt your appetite.
Your food brings comfort
to my last moments,
so I shall give you advice
to prolong yours.
Take the gun
your friends offered you
and escape.
That's just what
the lieutenant
would like.
He'd have me shot
without a court-martial.
Keep your advice.
It's more than advice.
It's information.
All here in Tarfa
are about to die.
Caid Hussin attacks
at the sinking of
tomorrow's sun.
Are you crazy?
Hussin knows that
the regiment is gone.
He has acquired new arms,
new warriors...
He attacks.
You telling me this
so I can escape?
I have nothing else
to offer in exchange
for your food,
and Muhammad has written
it is a sin to die
with a kindness unrepaid.
Muhammad was a wise man.
Take the gun, my friend.
Thanks, pal,
but I don't think
I'll need that gun now.
But you must save yourself,
nothing can save Tarfa.
That's what you think.
Guard! Guard!
I presume
you are expecting
some reward
for bringing me
this information?
Yes, sir, freedom.
Do you think I'd release you?
You are a fool.
Lieutenant, the regiment
will be back in five days.
If Hussin's attack
can be stalled until then,
you've got a chance.
I can stall it.
And you can also desert.
Whoever deserted
and got away with it?
It would be impossible
to delay an attack.
Tough, but not impossible.
I can annoy Hussin
with a diversionary action.
Stab his camp,
keep his cutthroats busy
with hit and run plays.
Keep them chasing me
for five days.
What've I got to lose?
You and who else?
A dozen men.
Can't spare them.
You've got seven men
rotting in your prisons.
They'd go for
the same reason
I'd go.
Free them.
Drop the charges against them,
give them a chance
to be men again.
I'll think it over.
Lieutenant, you haven't
got time to think.
If my scheme doesn't work,
you've still got
a city to defend
and only one company
of Legionnaires
to do it with.
You've got civilians
to organize,
colonists to bring in off
the desert...
Are you telling me my job?
Let's cut out
the double-talk, Lieutenant.
Nothing means anything to you
except your career
and your own hide.
If Hussin attacks
before the regiment
gets back, you're through.
Send for the administrator.
Sergeant, remember,
I'm the one who
uncovered this plot.
I am the one
who is devising
your mission
and I'm the one
who is saving Tarfa.
Lieutenant... Yes, sir.
Sergeant, take command.
Present arms.
Buenos dias, Sergeant.
When we get back
the lieutenant
will drop the charges.
Just like for the rest of you.
They must have
loved their sergeant.
They've come to join the heroes.
Volunteers. Heroes.
Okay, boys,
break out the bottles!
For the first time
since I join the Legion
I begin to smell
those beer gardens
of Berlin.
You're close to them,
Kurt, old man.
Just over the horizon there.
Not far from the pubs of London.
That's where
I'm heading, London.
Eh, Mouse?
Paris for me.
Paris, eh, Roshko, mon ami?
We team up again,
my little Mouse.
We were the best burglars
on the Left Bank,
the little Mouse and me.
But this time we got to expand.
We rob the Right Bank too.
Ah, we rob all the banks.
My family, before they
were slaughtered
by the invaders.
My father, my mother,
my brothers and my sisters.
I go back home.
I join the army.
The invaders come back.
I kill.
Mmm. Nice looking sister.
Hey, leave some of that
for me, will you?
What for?
Tonight we can sneak
into Sidi-Abahd,
there's plenty
of whiskey in town.
Well, we'll tear the place down.
Sidi-Abahd or bust.
- Tonight.
Okay boys,
your two minutes are up.
What's the idea, Kincaid?
Sergeant to you, Lustig.
I don't intend
to make this job
any tougher than it is,
but alcohol is dehydrating
and there ain't
much water out there.
You've all had
your last shot of liquor
until we got back to Tarfa.
Those of us who got back.
Pick up your hat, Browning.
You too, Kurt.
When we hit that desert,
the sun'll be murder.
You're not much good
to us with sunstroke.
You'll get your chance
to do some killing, Londos,
only it'll be here, not home
and they won't be
your old enemies,
they'll be Riffs.
But if you don't
keep this clean,
they'll be killing you
instead of you
killing them.
Now get this straight,
all of you.
This is a dirty patrol.
For as long as it lasts,
every move you make,
every thought you think,
you move and think
like Legionnaires.
You're really going through
with this thing, Sergeant?
Just what was it
that you had in mind,
Not here in Riff country
for one of those special
slow deaths
they reserve
for stray Legionnaires?
And you, Sergeant,
were you planning for
us all to be heroes?
I'm planning to hit the Riffs
and keep 'em
running in circles
for five days.
I don't care if we do it
because we want
to be heroes
or free men.
The main reason
we're going to do it
is because we have
no other choice.
There's just one other thing...
Each man has
got to depend
on the next man.
I'm going to see to it
that the next man
doesn't let him down.
Okay, you've had
your two minutes
and I've had mine.
Now get back on your horses!
Another camp, Sergeant.
A fresh one.
Still hot.
Must have been
over a hundred
in that bunch.
Headed toward
the mountains,
like the rest of them.
It looks like
we're on the right track.
Suppose there are more
of 'em headed this way,
behind us?
There probably are, Jardine,
so let's keep moving.
Madre mia.
My father's father.
My mother's mother.
The biggest camp I ever saw.
Every mother's son of a Riff.
White burneeses,
Sheik Ben Allal's boys.
We're in the wrong camp.
Oh, oh. Black stripes.
Hussin's cup-throats.
It's the right camp.
But I don't understand it.
Ben Allal is a cockroach,
he talks peace with the French
and then he prepares
to slaughter them.
No, the old boy's
always been
on the square.
Hussin must have
sucked him into this
We're onto something
bigger than we thought.
Look at that black tent,
the big one.
Extra guards.
That means weapons
and ammunition.
And quite a big pile of it
according to my boastful
little cell-mate.
That's it, boys.
Blow up that ammunition dump
and we start this job
with a bong.
End us with a bang, too.
Relax, Jardine.
I'll only need
two men for this job,
besides myself.
I go.
I got the matches.
Let's go.
You take charge, Corporal,
back here.
Take me.
It I can't kill the fiends
who invaded my homeland,
I kill Riffs.
To me they are all the same.
Each one I kill
makes sweeter the sleep
of my father,
my mother, my brothers...
And your sisters.
I know, Londos.
Okay, you're in.
Yesterday, before you
pass through here,
my steel would have
passed through you,
but tonight,
you of the Sheik Ben Allal
have become blood brothers
to we of the Caid Hussin.
Pass, O brothers.
Oh, brother!
Abdul, you work too hard.
You should take a rest.
Why don't you
come out to my farm
and rest for a couple of weeks.
I just got in a new stock
of halabal, too.
I want you to meet my daughter,
she's a beautiful girl.
I wish you'd take my daughter.
As a matter of fact,
I wish you'd take
my wife.
Well, Abdul, it's time to go.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Yussif.
Here are the grenades.
Plant them deep,
right in the ammunition.
Go out the same way we go in,
and don't stop running.
Without legs?
That ain't funny!
Who said it was funny.
Come on.
No wonder
they've got this place
so heavily guarded.
Let's get out of here.
Who seeks entry here?
Our noble chief,
the Caid Hussin.
Our venerable Sheik Ben Allal.
The big brass.
Your father!
Your husband-to-be.
Wait a minute.
A thousand pardons, Mahla,
we would have a word
with you, my daughter.
The wedding gown
of my mother's mothers.
I desire you wear it
for the ceremony.
Mahla, my daughter,
I think you should wear
the traditional garments
of our own people.
By this marriage,
our people become as one.
I shall wear your gown, Caid.
You have one quality
I very much admire
in a wife, obedience.
The hour of the ceremony
draws near.
I must hurry and dress.
So that's what's bringing
these two outfits together
for the attack.
A marriage of state.
My father...
Does my marriage
still distress you?
Not your marriage...
Your husband.
There is no other way.
Our two peoples are enemies,
when I became his bride,
we become as one people,
one army.
If only that marriage
could be delayed
four more days.
When Hussin gets that girl,
he also gets her father's
fighting men.
He can't attack Tarfa
without them.
I see that
you are determined,
my daughter.
Yes, Father.
I cannot hope
to persuade our people
that you are wrong
and I am right.
That's it, boys.
No girl, no marriage,
no attack.
I shoot her
in the boudoir.
Put that thing away.
A Legionnaire kill that girl,
this mob'd wipe up Tarfa
before dawn.
But steal her,
and every last one of 'em
would be busy trying to
get her back.
Steal a Sheik's daughter?
Mike, you know
what they'll do to us
when they catch us.
We'll worry about that
when they catch us.
Let's go.
Not yet, Mike.
I want to see her in
that bridal gown.
Snap out of it.
Hey, Mike.
I got one, too.
Drop her.
Legionnaires! Legionnaires!
Go on upstream.
I'll catch up with you.
Eijah, take your men upstream...
The rest of you come with me.
Eijah, this way.
Mouse, get up there
and keep your eyes open.
Hey, Sarge,
the little Mouse
gets lonesome without me.
All right, go ahead.
The rest of you inside.
Put the horses up there.
Hold the pack horse there,
Hey, this is very nice.
Tres cozy.
We can sit tight here
for the next four days
while the Riff's prowl.
Yah. And that
little Riff beauty
will keep them prowling.
You're a smart man, Sergeant.
Yeah, until they spot us.
What about her, Sarge?
Untie her,
but don't let her
out of your sight.
Look at her eyes.
Look how she hates.
She hates like I hate.
You filthy swine.
Aha, my little kookooch.
She hates
just as well with her voice
as she does with her eyes.
She's a real woman.
She hates with everything.
Londos, let her alone.
Kurt, help Lustig
unpack that machine gun.
Set it up at the entrance.
Hey! That's my baby.
I'm the machine gunner.
Londos! The girl!
Just one more, baby.
Grab her, Luis!
It's my legs, Sarge,
I can't move my legs.
What do you think?
I don't know.
He's hurt pretty bad.
See what you've done, woman?
You can't blame her
for trying to get away.
You're right, Mike.
It was my fault.
I understand your hatred,
my little kookooch.
It's like mine.
I forgive you.
I don't want your forgiveness.
How far?
Three minutes, maybe four.
Now you shall all die.
Well, came on.
Let's go.
You must go, Mike.
I'll be all right in here.
He's right, Mike,
we can double back
for him.
They won't stop here
when they see us.
All right, go ahead.
Luis, you take care of the girl.
We'll get back to you
as soon as we can.
Just in case
they spot you,
there's your baby.
I've got your stuff on my horse.
Fine. Keep going.
Mike, you can't stay here.
You're too good a sergeant to...
I know. I know.
Just wanted
to say goodbye.
It's too bad you Americans
have no word for Au revoir.
We do.
I'll be seein' you.
All right you said it, go ahead.
Sarge! Take my rife,
and keep it clean.
Wait here.
I'll see if I can help
the sergeant.
That's for my father...
My mother...
My sisters and brothers.
Get that machine gun.
My father...
My mother...
I've got to replace my horse.
Take the men
to the temple ruins.
Pierre and I will
meet you there tonight.
Sure, Mike. Vamanos.
Luis, wait.
I don't want any more trouble.
Keep them away from her.
Sure, Mike.
He swallowed the bait, Master.
They will lead us to Mahla.
Follow them,
we'll be a mile
behind you.
If they discover your presence,
I'll lighten
your heavy feet
over a slow fire.
Mustn't touch.
I can look, can't I?
Sergeant Kincaid will spank.
Ever seen one of
these native girls dance?
Sure, she's not the type.
Ah, she's like all the rest.
Just a little high
and mighty, that's all.
She needs to be tamed.
It would be interesting.
Gentlemen, shall we have
a little entertainment?
I don't know,
that corporal is pretty
quick on the trigger.
I can talk that sap
out of his sister.
Woman, take your
burning eyes off of me.
Do you fear
they will melt away
your false face?
What is false about my face?
All of it,
even to the last hair
of your moustache.
Do not provoke me, woman,
I will not
tolerate any ridicule
about my moustache.
How do you keep it fastened
to your unclean flesh?
With camel grease?
You think it's false, huh?
Do you ask me
to believe that it's real?
Woman, if you can
pull my moustache
from my face,
I will set you free.
Go ahead, woman.
Very thoughtful of you.
All tied up for us.
I should have known
you dirty, stinking...
Sarge, we were
just trying to catch her
for you.
She beamed Luis
and made a break
for it.
I gave orders
for her to be let alone.
What's the matter, Sarge,
you afraid of
a little competition?
Mike, wait.
It was my fault, Mike.
Mamacita, what a rap
she gave me.
From now on
you're staying with me.
I'll shoot the first man
that gets near her.
All right, go on, lie down.
You expect me to sleep here?
But why do you pick
the most uncomfortable
You'll find out.
There, we can do
without this, though.
Now go on.
Get some sleep.
I don't trust you.
Go on. Lie down.
So, you're the same
low breed as your men.
Well, you know how it is, baby,
we're all rough, tough
So, you really
didn't rescue me after all.
You were only saving me
for yourself.
You catch on quick.
For a moment, Sergeant,
I... I thought you had
a grain of decency in you.
Well, we all make mistakes.
Did I hurt your vanity?
Well, it serves you right.
You ought to know by now
that to me,
you're strictly
a military objective.
Look, kid, why don't you relax,
make things easy on yourself.
Three more days
and I'll have you back
with your people.
You won't live three more days.
It is of a roughness.
It is of a noisiness too.
I'm a light sleeper.
One false move
out of you
during the night
and I'll tie you
to the belly of a horse
for the rest of the trip.
Pleasant dreams.
Lie down!
The sergeant and the girl
sleep there.
We must bring her
to safety before we attack.
Of course we must.
Get the girl.
Go to sleep.
Will you go to sleep?
You fool!
You'll hit the girl!
Our machine gun.
They can thank
our big-hearted sergeant
for that.
Fine way for Hussin
to treat his bride!
He didn't know it was I.
Well, I got no time
to argue, now stay put.
This firing
is endangering Mahla.
I'm as concerned
for her safety
as you.
Give us the girl,
we give you your lives.
You've got to do it,
Kincaid. We're through.
Keep your eyes open
and your mouth shut.
You can't make a deal
with that lying rat.
Come and get her.
Reload the machine gun
and we'll charge
the position.
No, Excellency.
With Mahla there
I cannot permit it.
There will be no more delays,
even if the girl
is lost in the attack.
But the wedding,
Your Excellency.
Her death at the hands
of the Legionnaires
will serve as well.
Why don't they come?
They're going to rush us.
If we can stop 'em
we have a chance
of getting out.
Allah has doomed you.
Not if he lets this sand
storm blow full blast!
Here they come!
Get back, you dogs!
Got the horses
before they rush us again.
And let's hope this stuff
has blown thick enough
to cover us.
Get going.
Let's go.
Keep down low, now.
I can see nothing
with this sand blowing
in my eyes, little Mouse.
How does the sergeant know
where we are going?
He keeps his eyes closed.
If this compass is right
and if this map is right,
we should reach the mountains
and Kahlim's water hole
sometime tomorrow,
if I'm right.
Kahlim's water hole,
that's a Riff village, Mike.
I know,
I'll take a chance they've
all gone to join Hussin.
It's the last place
they'd look for us.
Will you help me
to escape?
My father is an important Sheik.
You would be taken safely
to any port in Africa
and you will be rewarded.
For a job like that...
I'd have to have
the cash in advance.
Here, drink this.
Ah, if this was only beer.
As long as you're dreaming,
make mine cognac.
Lots of beer and cognac
in Tarfa.
And Tarfa
is just over those hills.
We can climb them
under the cover of darkness
without horses.
Tomorrow's the fifth day.
We can go back.
Major Berthot and
the regiment
will be there.
And medals for all of us.
What do you say now, Jardine?
I'll be glad it's over
when it's over.
Home tomorrow!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Look!
It's a Legion truck!
I'll fix it man,
and we'll go for a ride.
Afraid I'll run away?
Go ahead. I'll wait.
Must be one
the Riffs stole
from Sidi-Abahd, eh?
There's plenty of gasoline left.
It will never run again.
It's a payroll truck.
Payroll truck?
Look! The safe!
Do you think
there's still money in it?
Sure, look,
the Riffs couldn't crack it.
You've got to be civilized
to crack a safe.
Oh, you've got to be an expert.
Listen to the squeaking
of the little Mouse.
Do you think
you can open it,
Uh, I... I don't know.
My fingers have grown callused.
Here, Mouse,
scrape off the calluses
with this.
You got it?
It is too light.
I always work best in the dark.
Here, get under this.
Yeah, try this.
All right, come on.
Come on, expert.
Oh, in the old days
it was so easy,
a nice, cool bank.
Confidence, little Mouse.
You can do it, Mouse.
Yea, we believe
in you.
I'll try.
Watch out for the police.
Shh! He must have silence.
I'm sorry this had
to happen to you.
Spare me your sympathy.
I've borne worse ordeals
than this.
I expect nothing better
from you.
Well, it'll be all over
I'll be setting you free.
Am I to be grateful for that?
Look! War's end.
This one will too.
Maybe someday you'll...
Oh, I see.
The merciful conqueror.
Well, you're not back
in Tarfa yet, Sergeant.
And even if you do get back,
even if you guard it
with a hundred regiments,
we shall take it.
You're tough, baby.
I like that.
But not too tough.
I like that too.
Mike, the men have gone crazy.
Money! Millions of francs.
The Legion payroll truck.
Mouse cracked the safe
and now they've gone crazy.
Mouse, you've made us all rich.
We'll divide it all even.
You're crazy!
You can have my share.
What's the matter, Jardine?
Suddenly you don't like money?
That's government money.
It wouldn't take 'em
long to figure out
who'd been here and found it.
You'd be saps
to get yourselves
into a new jam
just when we're about
to get out of this one.
He's crazy.
He's right, men.
Not that you don't deserve it.
If I had my way
I'd let you keep it,
but you'd just be
building yourselves up
to an awful letdown.
Pierre, throw me that sack.
Aw, Mike...
The next time,
before you count
yourselves millionaires...
Be sure you get
your cash in advance.
You'd better clean up
and get some sleep.
We've got a long climb.
We're moving out
right after dark.
Sure, Sarge.
Right after dark.
He tried to steal the money.
The dirty double-crosser.
We ought to kill him.
Hey, I got the money.
Hey, Mike, here's the girl.
Lucky you woke up.
I didn't fire.
Good boy, Kurt.
What do you think, Mike?
One lone scout.
If there were more of them,
they'd have picked us off
by now.
Lucky he didn't get back
to tell his friends
he found us.
Let's hope they're
not close enough
to hear those shots.
Londos, Browning,
and now Jardine.
Now my people will see you.
They'll come from the direction.
None of you will escape.
They'll be on our tout de suite.
What's the use
to climb the cliffs?
At dawn they'll swat us
like flies on a wall.
You're finished, all of you.
And you, where does
that leave you?
Let her alone.
I'm going to need you
just once more, baby.
You'll all get back
to Tarfa tomorrow,
every last one of you.
You think he has
an even chance
to keep them off us,
and still get through?
With him the chance
is always better than even.
That's our cue.
Let's get moving.
We've got a long climb to Tarfa.
I'm coming through.
Anyone makes a move
and I'll kill her.
Cowards! Why do you wait?
It you want her to live,
stand back.
Take him!
I command you to take him.
He won't shoot.
Don't kill him.
Quite right, my dear.
He is mine to dispose of.
It's a pity
I have to leave soon
for my marriage ceremony.
Don't stay on my account.
I imagine it'll be dawn
before you finally die.
I should like to watch
your entire performance.
To the very end.
It may not be all you hope for.
It will be.
You would be surprised
at how much Tovic can get
from even the most
phlegmatic types.
Tovic and I
have had a long
and close association.
From the cradle, was it not?
I detect a strong
Let us delay no longer.
Are the marriage vows
you are about to take
as empty as the others?
You promised he would
not be harmed tonight.
True, but I
attack Tarfa tomorrow
and I'm weary of delay.
Or is it endless
delays you desire?
I see.
Apparently your five days
and nights together
weren't entirely hostile.
Are there
sweeter things now
than revenge?
I do not want him harmed.
Release him.
I say he goes free.
And I say he dies.
There will be no marriage
if you do this.
Kill him
and you kill everything
you desire.
The marriage,
the alliance of our tribes,
victory over the French,
And if I spare him?
You shall have everything.
Your sacred oath,
you'll do nothing
to resist the marriage?
My oath.
Very well.
I'll see you again, Sergeant,
at the gates of Tarfa.
Get out.
I'm in no hurry.
Please go.
What are you doing here?
And what are they doing here?
They volunteered to come
back and rescue you.
Yeah, just like
we volunteered
the first time.
So we coaxed them a little.
When the sergeant is away,
the corporals
are in command, no?
They're being called
to the wedding, Mike.
The way she looked at you,
I don't think
she wants to marry him.
She'll go through with it,
she gave her oath.
Sarge, you're not thinking
of stealing her again?
Come on, Mike,
we've got to get back
to Tarfa.
Yes, the regiment
is back.
How about it, Sarge?
You boys go ahead.
I'm going to a wedding.
We can't let him go
to a wedding like that.
The least we can do
is to get him
a Riff outfit.
Hey, Mike!
I don't know, little Mouse.
I haven't been invited.
That's okay, Roshko.
I invite you.
Weddings always make me cry.
That I got to see.
Leave your weapons.
Leave your weapons.
Sheik Ben Allal
has decreed
a night of peace.
Leave your weapons.
Defile not this marriage
by bearing arms.
Leave your weapons.
Sheik Ben Allal
has decreed
a night of peace.
Enter not here bearing arms.
Leave your weapons.
This is a night of peace.
Leave your weapons.
Enter here as men of good will.
Leave your weapons.
Put down your arms.
This is a night of peace.
Guards, leave your weapons here.
They dishonor our Sheik
by entering here
with weapons.
Here ye, brothers.
Here ye, brothers.
Allah twice blesses this union,
for two tribes
who have always
been enemies
shall, by this marriage,
be united in friendship.
Kneel you now
before your master.
Know you now, my daughter...
Our Princess stoops
beneath herself
to kneel to her inferiors.
Is it not enough our noble Caid
favors your Sheik's
scrawny daughter?
Shame. Our Sheik has
decreed a night of peace.
You will serve him well
and faithfully,
ministering to his wants
in peace,
praying for his victory
in battle.
Your noble Caid
is a lump of evil-smelling
goat cheese.
Eat those words,
you son of a swine.
Yes, eat them.
Go on.
Caid Hussin,
master of mankind...
How can an animal
be the master
of mankind?
Yeah. How can an animal
be the master of mankind?
Listen to the squeaking
of the little Mouse.
Not a mouse, a rat!
And you are lice.
- Dogs!
- Jackals.
Silence, dogs!
Stop them!
Here come the guards.
Keep them busy
and I'll go for the girl.
Sure, Mike.
Stand back.
Our positions
are reversed, Sergeant.
I won't be as hesitant as you.
If you want
the girl to live,
get out of my way!
Citizens of Tarfa,
this is a day
long to be remembered.
We are assembled here
to honor these bravo men,
for the most glorious
of all achievements,
the bringing of peace.
In the name
of the President
of the Republic,
the people of France,
I decorate you
with the military medal.
Major Berthot,
will you make
the presentation please.
Lieutenant Kruger,
you do the honors.
The full honors, Lieutenant.
Congratulations, Sergeant.
Battalion dismissed.
My mother's...
I know she'd of
wanted you to have it.