Ten Years Thailand (2018) Movie Script

Kaen, want some?
No, thank you Sarge.
Texting your girlfriend?
Don't have one, sir.
Hello? Yes, just drive straight.
You'll see a parking lot on the left
Our van is parked at the entrance.
They're here.
Probably stopped for lunch first.
Sorry, we drove past twice.
No problem, it's hard to find.
Sarge, this is Dui. He's helping us today.
This is Somkid.
Let's go inside.
I'm not familiar with the area.
Somkid searched on his phone.
Even Google got lost.
Where's your station?
- Chokchai 4.
- That's far.
Is this Sirikanya's exhibition?
Can I have a look?
She's a foreigner?
I don't know.
Go call her.
Sorry, I was in the other gallery.
It's okay.
Is this all Sirikanya's work?
It's a solo exhibition.
Has it been popular?
Weekends are okay. But weekdays are quiet.
Can I take some photos?
Interesting photos.
Reminds me of Professor Wirat's work.
Sirikanya was his student.
But there's more going on here.
Have some water.
Thank you.
Hello, auntie.
Can I help with anything today?
We're following up on a complaint.
Is Sirikanya here?
She's on the way.
Okay, I'll wait for her then.
Actually, I'm quite surprised.
This exhibition is very mild.
Mild? How about this picture?
A cop crying in Burger King is mild?
But he eats there regularly.
And he gave permission for this exhibition.
A policeman in uniform crying in Burger King
is not an appropriate picture to display.
Auntie, can I use the bathroom?
You answered my text.
I just saw it.
Sent it from the van so
you wouldn't be surprised.
Nobody's surprised.
Your van's there for all to see!
Why so quiet?
They're waiting for the artist.
Come have some pizza.
No thanks, I'm on duty.
Up to you.
Kaen, I have a question.
This is your third visit this year.
Why keep bothering people?
Just doing my duty.
They display nice pictures.
What's the problem?
Well, some of the pictures might
cause conflict and misunderstanding.
Bullshit. One was even taken near my flat.
- Which one?
- The garbage truck one.
- Laughing or crying?
- Laughing. Is that wrong?
How would I know? I'm just the driver.
Who's that being so loud?
I don't know him.
He's a cop from Chokchai 4.
Come to help us today.
Are Chokchai 4 people deaf? Why is he so loud?
Auntie, can I use the bathroom?
It's broken. Use the one outside.
- Auntie, why did you say that?
- I don't like loud mouths.
Everyone's gone. Come have some pizza.
- Go clear the glasses inside.
- Okay.
Why'd she leave?
Because you're staring at her.
I didn't mean to.
I just don't know what to say.
Look, I text her hello. But no reply.
She's always working and studying.
- When does she graduate?
- Next year.
Then find a job?
I don't know.
Nowadays, a diploma
doesn't guarantee anything.
And what about benefits?
I just don't want to worry.
I don't have much, but I have benefits.
Why tell me? Go tell her!
I wear a soldier's uniform,
but I'm not that brave.
Poor soldier.
Bro, what are you painting?
A tiger.
That's the head and the tail?
- I'm not sure.
- Huh?
I'm painting the tiger's spirit.
What are you doing?
Just listening to music.
What song?
This and that.
Auntie told me to call you.
The artist is here.
Nothing. Let's go.
You send such long texts.
But you don't say much in person.
What should I say?
I don't know.
Are you mute or something?
It's candid. There's no set-up.
I set the camera to capture people.
And this girl was passing by.
I didn't force her to laugh.
I understand. But here's my point.
Regardless of the picture,
people may still get the wrong idea.
If this picture gives the wrong idea
Then what would give the right idea?
Excuse me, you people studied abroad?
But not everyone's like you.
They're just ordinary people.
Have you ever spoken to them?
Do you think they'll understand your work?
They may get the wrong idea
and start throwing rocks.
Hold on. We're here to do our duty.
We're here to prevent conflict,
to advise not to enforce.
But if we receive more complaints,
you will see me again.
Thank you for your cooperation today.
I don't want any trouble.
Nobody wants trouble.
But sometimes its unavoidable.
Lets leave it at that.
It's late now and there's traffic.
We'll eat dinner nearby
and take the subway back.
- Please see that all is in order.
- Yes, sir.
- Is it straight?
- Almost.
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
My boss is moving soon.
Oh, really?
There are many complaints,
and he's tired of it.
He's just doing his duty,
but people don't understand.
Tomorrow there will be news.
This artist is famous.
I'm just the driver, but I feel sorry for him.
My boss is from Chiang Mai.
If he moves back, I must go too.
Chiang Mai is very nice.
Have you been there?
But even if we are apart,
I can still text you, right?
Would you like to go out with me sometime?
Why no answer?
You know how hard this is for me?
Sure, okay.
- Can I take a picture of you?
- Now?
Yes, you look nice. Move down a bit.
- Okay?
- Yes.
One, two, three.
One more.
The sun's coming out.
Okay, ready.
- Okay?
- Yes, smile.
What time is it?
Okay, I'm coming down.
Give me a minute.
For two years, I've stayed safe.
No one knows.
No one has a clue who I am.
I've been living with them...
working with them...
breathing the same air with them.
Some of them are even my friends.
Might as well...
I conduct myself with caution.
I make sure not to do anything
that could give me away.
I've blended in.
So well that sometimes I believe
I have already become one of them.
Hey, you're going to miss the fun.
What're you talking about, Methee?
A rare kind of fun.
You'll be sorry if you miss it.
Give me a cig.
Let's go. The mob is here.
What're you waiting for?
Hurry up!
Don't let it get away!
This way! it's going this way!
Let me go!
Help me!
What's wrong?
- I'm fine.
- You look ashen.
- I'm fine.
- Good.
I've got these for you.
What's it for?
The Stoning Punishment. The human deserves it.
- Human?
- Yes!
This bastard has hidden
among us for two years.
We caught it this afternoon.
Now it's time for retribution.
I'm so excited! it's been a long time!
You must take part. Here, take this.
The human stench is so
powerful even at a distance.
They're starting.
Why don't you chant?
Do it or you'll be in trouble.
Throw it!
Yarn balls!
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
I'm here to help.
I'm not one of them. They're gone.
Relax, everything's fine now.
Everything's fine.
I'm here to help.
Wait here.
Let's hide inside.
Sit here.
Let me clean your wound.
It'll sting a little.
Okay, done.
Put this on.
You want something? Coffee?
No, water.
Why did they think you are...
I have no idea.
I've always believed I'm one of them.
Until this morning.
Someone ratted on you?
Probably. I'm not so sure.
Tell me what happened.
The whole story.
I used to work in a restaurant.
Waiting tables.
Years ago, I met my boyfriend there.
He showed me a new world
by teaching me many things.
Like what you saw today.
Except back then I was the hunter.
It was sensational.
The blood-rush
and everything...
it's beyond words.
My boyfriend said
it was our primal instinct.
Or maybe it was
the wrath for what the
humans did to us in the past.
So you were one of the hunters?
I don't get it.
Why were you being hunted today?
Why do they think you're human
when obviously you're not?
We hunters use more than our eyes.
We track our prey for attack.
But the final giveaway
is the stench.
You hunt by tracking stench?
The human stench spurs us to action.
The stronger the stench,
the more savage we become.
You've just witnessed it yourself.
I still don't follow...
Do you smell like a human?
I was betrayed.
Months ago...
My boyfriend and I started tracking a prey.
We kept following it for
years until we were certain.
But humans are deceitful.
They have a way of blending in.
But finally, we caught it.
It was a female.
She was pregnant.
While my boyfriend was
chanting to summon others
I let her go.
I didn't know why.
I too wanted to have a child.
But I never did.
And never will.
You know?
He left me that day.
I found out later
that he's a government spy.
His job is to worm himself into various groups
to sniff out humans hiding among us.
But in fact I don't know
if there are any humans left at all.
Those prey might not even be humans.
What do you mean?
My boyfriend told me about
the artificial human smell.
It's a spray you can use against your enemies.
I didn't believe it then.
But I do today.
You've been framed?
He wants to get rid of me.
Because I let his catch walk free.
Those prey are his trophies.
I have no idea
how many of us have been
victims of this scheme.
I have something to tell you.
There are still humans in this world.
I'm one of them.
Maybe I'm the last one standing.
- What are you saying?
- Maybe I shouldn't tell you this.
I've been hiding myself for years.
I maintain the hope of
finding another human being.
Now you've just told me
about the pregnant woman.
I want to know where she is.
What? I have no idea...
Get him! He's a human!
I knew it was you.
So this is why I couldn't track you.
If I hadn't used her to rat you out
it would've taken years, right?
Take him.
Good work.
Are you hurt?
Just a little.
Now I hope...
you'll reward me as promised.
Of course, you'll be rewarded.
You've helped us a lot, haven't you?
No, it's not what you think!
it's not even my handwriting!
No! No!
"Good Morning, Monday"
Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Thumbs up!
Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Thumbs up!
"Good Morning, Monday. Happy Faces"
"Good Morning, Monday"
Tong, I no longer live in Udon.
I've moved back to Prachuab.
It's my hometown. Now I run my farm
so I can spend time with my child.
- Sounds like hard work.
- It's fine.
I grow chemical-free vegetables.
For sale?
Yes, but also to eat.
I'm lucky to have a friend
who studied agriculture.
He studied in Israel.
Taught me all his methods.
Cool, huh?
- Is he Thai?
- Yes.
We need hope.
arrives on the 1 st and 16th of every month.
The hope to win the lotto.
- Have you won lately?
- Nope.
There's stock index lotto now.
You even try stock index lotto?
How about Laos Lotto?
- No need for the 1st and 16th.
- Can bet every day.
How convenient. Good management.
Profit and loss is about management.
Businessmen, managers, relaxation is key.
When we shoot, look at her.
Okay, look at her?
Businessmen and managers
bet on the stock lotto.
Or the stock market itself.
Or the government lotto.
Whatever you do, you never win.
You wonder why you feel
frustrated and stressed.
The answer is to relax.
If you don't relax,
you will always be exhausted.
Restless and drained.
It takes a toll on your well-being.
Your health deteriorates.
You're worried about
husband, kids, everything.
And when there's no way out,
some escape to the monkhood.
Others attempt suicide.
But that can't happen to you.
- Not you, miss.
- Wait a sec.
- How old are you?
- I'm 29.
What kind of work do you do?
I have my own business.
My family business.
It's multi-million baht level.
- What exactly?
- Mor lam music troupe.
- Do you still perform?
- Yes I do.
But now its slow so I do other jobs.
Can you sing us something?
- Now?
- A few verses will do.
Gather round to listen
Move in closer
I sing for my father, for my mother
For the children helping
the host of the ceremony
All my fans in the front row
Have you forgotten my show?
I will sing you a new story
To satisfy your curiosity...
That's enough.
- Please continue.
- Okay.
- Relaxation...
- Talk about usage.
Usage? it's super convenient.
A piece of cake.
Easy as pie. A banana pie.
Let's take a look.
What we have here is the machine.
It runs on electricity and is rechargable.
- When you travel.
- It's portable.
Next we have a tube.
A tube that carries purified
air into your lungs.
Into the nucleus of the white blood cells.
Hello, sister.
I've seen you around.
May I take a moment of your time?
- Just a few minutes.
- I have to attend a meeting.
Can we talk tomorrow...
it has to be today.
Why must it be today?
Today is a great opportunity.
- An opportunity for me to be fired.
- That won't happen.
You lose yours, I'll lose mine.
That's your problem.
Listen, sister. I've been noticing your face.
It's dreary and dull, not fully refreshed.
Let me introduce you to
our Good Sleep Machine.
Your face shows signs of stress.
- I don't think so.
- Like...
Like you haven't slept well.
You didn't wear dental braces before.
The dentist prescribed them
to prevent my teeth from jutting out.
He pulled two inner teeth out too.
Now they're in good shape.
Come see me in Prachuab some time.
You can try my farm-grown vegetables.
You sell them?
Sell and eat, both.
When did we last meet?
Ages ago.
Don't you miss me?
I do miss you.
It looks like a space alien face.
It has nothing to do with aliens.
It's for humans.
Let me help you.
It's not dangerous, or I'd be dead.
It's totally safe. There you go.
That's it. Let me switch it on.
Let yourself go.
- I have to breathe harder?
- No, slowly exhale.
And gently draw in your breath.
Like that, doctor. Close your eyes.
Imagine birds frolicking.
Merry morning birds.
Foraging food for their young.
Baby birds chirping.
Waves crashing on the shore.
A beautiful sandy beach.
Bright blue water rolling.
Birds, people, all filled with joy.
Like that, doctor.