Tender (2011) Movie Script

What is your name?
Serious. You didn't tell me your name.
I don't know your name either.
I'm magic come.
You pretty sure about yourself,
aren't you?
But I did. Didn't I?
I'm Max.
Max Wolf Hunter Oscar Edison actually.
I'll find your name.
You want the keys?
Hey, thanks for coming over.
Thanks for cooling.
Was it a national competition?
Yes. It's been televised.
Really? You've been on television?
Show me then.
I need to see evidence.
I don't remember it.
Okay, Caterine Isabel.
That's good.
Now you know I became a star.
Come here.
Can you just fuck me from behind?
Come on. What is it?
I'll do it.
I can come your face.
Come in your ass or
fuck your mouth?
I want to you come with me.
Come here then.
She said you need start
take responsibility.
And I said you need start
selling the pieces.
Where have you been Max.
What? I always here. I was working.
I'm making tea.