Tenement: Game of Survival (1985) Movie Script

Too fuckin' easy. Hurry up! They're in there. They have
guns and they have drugs. Hurry! Hurry up, they're in there now. Cofio. That shot was the death bro. Chula. You want some lunch? Come here baby, come here. Come here, look. Fuck away with that thing. Come on, it's okay
it tastes good. Come on. What? Whatcha gonna do? What? Huh? Whatcha
gonna do. What, what? Mmm, tastes so good. Huh. What, what,
what, what, what, what. Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang! They're in there! They have
guns and they have drugs! Hide the gun,
and all the weapons. You give me the stash. All of you, be cool. They have been
there for four days. They steal women,
children, everybody! Police! Open up! Freeze! You're under arrest! I said freeze! Hey man. Ain't you gonna
read us our rights. Carlos! Maria get inside! Get away this minute, come on. Carlos! Maria, get inside! Just give me the money. Okay. I don't feel good baby. Help me out. I'm sick. Please. Come on let's go. Get the hell out of here. Okay, let's go sweetheart. Come on! Sick of you, chaco. Come on honey,
move that pretty ass. Move it! Somebody oughta just
drop a bomb on this place. Motherfuckers!
Now you're gone for good! Fuckin' pigs! Watch it man! I'm moving, I'm moving. Poppo, don't go now, the cops! Mommy look! Mommy, mommy look! Wait till I get back. Wait till' I get mother- well, well, well. Halleluja and
thank you sweet Jesus! Fucking pigs! Bunch of bullshit man! You're the fuckin' asshole
that's gonna get it motherfucker. Alright, alright! Watch it man! You're smiling now motherfucker!
You're smiling now! Get the fuck off me!
The fuck off! Get the fuck off! It's okay bonbo, it's okay. Gus, where are you? Here I am kids. Party on the third floor my
mom says we're safe now. I'll be up kids. Hey Washington, you miss it man. I got rid of the
bastards from the basement. They are gone! Ha ha! Hey, go upstairs. They're having a party for me. Fucking bastard,
i get rid of you next. Carol, it's me Anita. Party on the third floor,
my mom says we're safe now. Oh, is that right? Hey Anita. Hi! We're having a party upstairs. There is food and
you can bring poppo. The gang in the
basement is gone! Yea? Oh! Sounds great, I'll be right up. Just let me get changed okay. Alright. L'll be right up. Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington are
you coming to the party? Mr. Washington are
you coming to the party? Yo! Why don't you
use it for a rag pig. Told you suckers you
couldn't keep us in that stinkin' fuckin' jail. Shut up punk! Shut up!? Hey you hear that chaco,
man is telling us to shut up. Motherfucker better be nice,
i'mma tell my social worker. I'm guilty, you're guilty. And their mother's guilty but
that don't mean a motherfuckin' thing, 'cause they
ain't got no complaint. Fucking rojas ain't got no
balls any motherfuckin' way. He's too scared. Yo, what you got for me? I heard you guys got busted. The pigs got laws
that protect us, ya dig? What are you looking for? Man, what you got? Yo man! Man, you better
keep your boy on a leash. It's alright, show me something. I got joints man. I got you man. I gotta half oz. Naw, naw. Money first buddy. It's all yours. Yeah. Keep this monkey on a leash too. Hey daddy, take my
picture or something? Ma ma m ' I'll show you something. No, no, I'm going home. Leave me alone. Hey! Leave my- give me my stuff back, man. Let me go, let me. Here you are, Caroline. Thank you Mr. Wesley. You're welcome. Y'all think it's time to party. You ain't got nothing
to be partying about. I think you're wrong Leona. Those kids will be locked
up for a long, long time. Drugs, weapons.
We won't be seeing them again. Cheers. Just hearing you say that makes
me feel better already, Mr. Wesley. We should be happy,
something good happened. Round here,
that's something to remember. I don't know why, every time,
everybody's fighting with each other, why? I told you I'd
be back. Right scumbag? Man, act cool. I'm cool man, I'm cool. Would you like
up this up your ass, huh? Huh, huh, huh, you like it? I'll do anything
you want me to do. You like it motherfucker!
You like it! Huh, huh, you like it? You like it motherfucker, huh? Shove this baby
right up your ass. Just like the rat. He's got nothing.
Leave the fucking rat alone. Oh my god! We've gotta stick
together in order to be safe. The only way we gonna be
safe around here is to move. I have been here
forty years Leona. And nobody is
going to make me move. Then you'd better hide, honey. Hide? Never. Hey, Hector.
Pass me that shit man. Come on. Come on. Come on. Here you go, baby. We won't hide, Leona. We want to fight back. Who you kidding? You people are no
better off than rojas. You're bullshittin' yourselves. Ain't nothing we can do
but get the hell out of here. How about a tenant patrol. Tenant patrol? A middle-aged couple
against of gang of killers. What's the blind man gon' do? Beat em half to
death with his stick? And you Anita, pregnant? How we gon' defend ourselves? And miss Carol here. Where's your old man
to help defend you. Down there so strung eyed
he can't even show up for some free food. I don't think that's
any of your business. Don't tell me nothing
about my business. You were born with everything,
and look at ya. Selling yourself for
some thieving junkie. Well enjoy it while you can. Come on, Jeanne. Yo man, somebody give me a hit. Give me a hit, man. Give it up, man. Bald headed motherfucker. Oh shit, we gonna
fly tonight, right chaco. Fucking asshole
rojas is gonna get his motherfucking ass kicked. Fucking weapons man, there
still in that fucking basement. I ain't shit without my
motherfucking piece on me. Hey Hector,
pass that fucker man. Pass that fucker man,
pass that fucker man, pa-pa-pa-pass that
fucker man, pass the fucker. Rojas what happened? Oh, it's okay. Here, help me.
Help me get him on the couch. Shit. Don't touch it. Excuse me, excuse me. Oh my, what a mess. Might of stained
my carpet. I'll be right back. It's nothing. Well, I hope you're satisfied. You would have a party. And now that man's in there,
bleeding all over my carpet! Now, now, Virginia.
It's not that bad. Hmmph. These big dudes... They were messing with
one of the sister at the church. They were rough
with the language. Saying things they shouldn't. I told them not to
bother with the sisters. But they did. So one of them hit me! And I hit them back, ha! Bullshit, that's what it is. You should have seen
what I did to them. Cut the crap, rojas! Who punched you out? Hold still. Ouch. Easy, easy. I don't want you to drip. Easy cofio! Rojas, you are a chicken shit! Chaco gonna fly
tonight on angel dust. Gonna fly up into the sky. What's the matter baby! Baby? My... My head is full of blood. My dream, is full of blood. I'm gonna get my building back! Hell yeah. Yes. We are gonna have some fun. We are gonna get some bodies. We are gonna cut them up. Slice them up. Shoot them up. Okay bonbo, I'm coming. See Mr. Gonzales, bonbo talks. No Charlie, he doesn't talk. Yes, he does. He's telling me he
wanted to come inside. Watch this, speak bonbo. Well, I guess he does.
Come in. Come on Mr. Gonzales,
mama is making supper. But you gotta
finish my race car. You never, never
finished my race car. Okay Charlie. I come upstairs
and finish the car. Adios, bonbo. You won't miss me that much. Stay! Please mom, just leave me alone. We come from a nice party,
and you already on me again. If I have to hold a gun on that guy head,
I'm gonna make him marry you! What the hell you think is this,
huh? Love and leave? Bullshit! I don't want him. How many times do
i have to tell you that? You gonna have his baby, right? You love him. What you do in bed
with him? You made love. You love the damn guy. I don't. I don't want him,
i don't love him! If you'll disgrace. The neighbor, huh?
What I gonna say? I don't teach my own daughter. You have no father
so you will do the same. You have a baby and you
won't be able to bring it up. I bust my ass at work! To support you, Charlie, and
Maria. And now one more? Huh? Shit, I don't know. Do you think about that when you
was making sex with that guy? You been on my
case too long mom. Can't you realize
i want this baby. Well I'm going to
take care of it myself you don't have
to worry about us. Why does it gotta
be like this, huh? I'll get a job, alright? I've heard that one before. You know no one says
anything, but they know. They know the men who come
here aren't friends of yours. And they know when your eyes are
all glassy, isn't because you've been working too hard. They know you're a
junkie and I'm a whore. Shut up about that. Listen poppo, you promised me. I'm not gonna trick for you
anymore. And I'm not gonna give you any money so you
can go out and kill yourself. Poppo. Poppo, I love you. But damn, you gotta stop. I can't stop,
i can't! I can't stop! You never even tried. Please, I'll try. Please, I'll try okay. Hell, we are not
gon' be here long. Pretty seen, we gen'
be up on park Avenue. Only big co-op apartments. I'll drink the best champagne. When we look out the
window, we won't see garbage. Careful Jeanne that's hot. Just close your eyes
and make believe honey. We taking trips
around the world. Mixing with the best people. And we gonna have servants. I ain't bowing down to anybody. You like that darling? No, I like it here. Baby I missed you, muah! Baby what's up? Nines motherfucker you better
get that piece out of my face. Nines put that gun away. Let's crush
their fucking skulls. That's right monk, those
motherfuckers got us busted, man. Now you be careful if
you use this knife, Charlie. They're not toys. There you are. Charlie, what did I telling you
about bothering Mr. Gonzales. He doesn't bother me. He keeps me company. Adios. Adios Mr. Gonzales.
Buenos noches. Sal, give it to me. What was that? What's the matter? I think I heard a rat. Wait, shhh. Shhh. Hold this. Okay, don't be mad. Bonbo? Don't you want your dinner? A h ma ; N a v w n 1 tr? Ma n the bonbo? You never did this before. A h ma ; N a v w n 1 tr? Ma n the Charlie's right, you do talk. I don't know how you got out. Come in. Listen. Don't play tricks. Bonbo? Inside. Come on. I don't know how you got out. Don't play tricks. Bonbo? Bonbo? Bonbo? Bonbo? Bonbo? Ohhh! Bonbo! Mi amigo. Bonbo. You know he even tried
to put his hands on me today. I bet he was so shocked at what
i said, he forgot all about it. I done turned him down
half a dozen times already. I guess today just
sent him over the edge. You know how white
boys all so jittery and all. Hello? Hello? Anne? Hello? Hello? Shit. Let me go! Let me go! Open it. Open it. Cut her up chase. Monk, take her. She likes it. Bitch! Rudy, get the broom!
Get the broom bro! Get the broom! Sal, get her fucking legs, man. Ram it in there deep!
Come on, ram it in there! Ram it, ram it, ram it, ram it! Anita! Who is it? Jeanne. Jeanne. What is it? What's the matter? My mommy, my mommy she's hurt. What's the matter Jeanne? I'm going downstairs. No baby don't go down downstairs it's not safe,
get a man to help you. Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington. Yeah. Mr. Washington. Yeah, just a minute. Would you please
help? Somebody's hurt. Please help! Just a minute. Alright, let's go. It's on the second floor. It's in there,
it's Mrs. Robinson. You wait here. Hello? Hello? What? What is it? Is she alright? Tell me what's
the matter! Tell me! Tell me. Look, no-no-no. She's dead. How? I don't know. But... I just saw her a
couple of hours ago. Call the police! Phones are out of order. We have to go downstairs.
Maybe we can try it down there. My friend. Mr. Gonzales. Anita, go tell the others. There is something
terrible in this building. Who is it? It's me Anita. Anita. Uhh. Just a second, okay? Hurry up- hey- are you okay? How's poppo? Fucked up like always. Hey babe, what's the matter. We just found Leona killed. And Mr. Gonzales'
dog is all cut up. Killed? What are
you talking about? Rojas, open up- yeah, yeah. Why you bothering
me, Washington. Mrs. Robinson. Yes. Has been murdered. What?! Are you crazy? I can't do anything about it! You better not be
bullshitting me Washington. Tell me, what's happening. I don't know, I don't
know what's going on. What happened? What's happening? Leona. She has been murdered. Oh my god! Mr. Washington
is downstairs, let's go. Let's go, hurry
up please. Hurry up. What's going on? Did you call the police? All the phones are out. Let me go down, let me see her. No! Whoever did it,
might still be there. And if she's still alive? Probably she went
out with the wrong guy. You! Me! Everybody! We ain't
got nothing to worry about. Everyone's so
fucking fast to worry. We've got to get
into that apartment. Where is her keys? She's dead. Listen! This building is mine! And all of you here, are dead! Poppo wake up! Wake up Daniel! This is right outside! You don't believe my wish! I will make you believe me! I will make you
believe in chaco! All of you are going to die! What did he say? The building... ...is his. I am going down there. What the hell are you
gonna do down there? What's happening here? I don't know. Mrs. edelstein went downstairs. Run suckers. She so stupid
she got to go down. Can it rojas! She don't believe
that they is dead. She's lucky she ain't get shot! This lady got balls! Watch your mouth. You starting
with me, Washington? I guess you
think that you're hot shit. Because you save a white woman. Big hero. You are a terribly
rude man, Mr. rojas. Hey Washington! Why you leave?
Come back, have a drink. Mr. rojas you will apologize
to Mr. Washington and the rest of us immediately! He should stick
his head in the toilet. Shit. Fuck! Mr. Washington,
why you leave us? We need you. I almost got shot down there! Once a night's enough. Let rojas do it. I'm sorry for him. But the rest is not like he is. You're so brave. You saved Mrs. edelstein. I should have her guts. You won't get any
guts if you stay here. Stay with us. We need you. I never wanted to have anything to do with you people. Alright. Alright, let's go. You look better that way, with
a fucking bag over your face. Eat your food. Shhh. I don't hear anything. Think they're still out there? Move back. I'm scared,
there's somebody out there. What are we gonna do? We gotta
wait for Carlos, he'll get help. We'll wait, I never thought I'd
be glad to see one your tricks. It's okay,
come on. It's alright. You get rid of one gang,
and another takes its place. Maybe it's the same punk. But they're all locked up. Maybe. But you said those punks- well, yes. I get rid of them. But you know the police. They bring them in,
and they bring them out. It is very frustrating
for a man like myself. I put myself in
great danger and decide. I had enough of you rojas! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey mami, mufieca. Te quiero mucho. Carlos! Carlos! Poppo he's here. Carlos go away! Carlos! Carlos! Hey baby! What's the matter?
Ls poppo up there? Go away! Get help! Come on, that never bothered
you before, we'll do it in the other room. Come on. Adios. You wait for me,
I'll come back for you. Get help! No Carlos! Go away,
it's not safe here! Carlos! Go away! Get the police! Huh? I'm going up there,
don't worry about it. It's no problem.
We'll do it in the other room. No! Go away! I'm coming up! Carlos, it's not safe here! Yea. Carlos! Go away, get the police! Carlos no! Hey man. Oww. Got a match? Sure, sure. Si. Thanks. Hey, wait a minute. Hi. Going up stairs. Hey, come on man! I hear something. There's somebody down there. Thank god. They'll help us. Hello! Hello down there! You like our chula? How much you
want to pay for her. Hey look man, I'm cool
man. I was just going to... I'm going up to see my girl. You mean you
don't like our chula? Hey that's no good, dickface! You see, she's our ho. And you're gonna pay for her. Oh yeah, yeah man. Take it all. Hey man, come on. I'm cool man. Please, I can't breathe. Wait, wait, wait.
The man can't breathe man. Give him some room. You can't breathe? I didn't know
you couldn't breathe. If they want the
building, let's give it to them. Then we come back later with
the cops and kick their asses. Let me tell you something. Now you get it
through your thick skull. They don't want this building. This is some sick
revenge thing man. They want to kill us,
do you understand that? They want to kill us. Hey, how come you
know everything nigger? People! People! Please! We've got to stop
arguing amongst each other. If we don't stick
together, we may all be killed! Mr. Wesley is right! We need each other. We even need you rojas. I'm sorry Washington. Listen. God poppo. It's okay. It's okay. No! No! Stop it! Stay here!
Stay here and be quiet! Stay here and be quiet! Go under the bed.
I want you to go under the bed. And I want you
to stay under, stay under, go! Poppo!Poppo! Poppo, poppo! Where's the stuff motherfucker? Where's the fucking stuff mothe- where's the fucking stuff?! Fuck you! Fuck this motherfucker! Where is it motherfucker? What's this? What the
fuck is this, huh? You son of a bitch! Choke this motherfucker! Alright, alright, alright! Baby here it goes. Here, come on. Let me go man. Uh un. What do you mean nah nah man! I got the fucking shit. I got the shit in my hand. Baby burn! Hurry up man! Is it soup yet. Come on, come on. You got it? Alright, okay. Get that
motherfucker up there now. Yeah, that's good. Feelgood? How's it feel? Feel good? Feel good? What's wrong? What's wrong? Get the fuck off. What's wrong? Oh shit. I told you to
let me go first, bro. Oh shit. You're a fucking
comedian, you know that? Oh, god oh. Oh god. Poppo. Poppo. They're still down there. So help me god, if you take
one more step I'll kill you all. Carol, Carol it's us. It's only us. Let's go Carol. Carol upstairs. Upstairs! God damnit upstairs! You're dead meat! Let's get those motherfuckers. We have some
fun with them first. We got time, lots of time. We got all night. You're gonna die slow. Real slow! Ain't
nobody gonna get off easy! We are going to
get them one by one. What in the world is going on
here. Do you have any iodine. No, no. Any peroxide, anything? No, no. Listen,
i don't have any of that here. We're gonna
all die in this place. I got some grapes. Bitch. Hey Rudy. You want some? R, o, m. You want some Mr. Gonzales? No, no, no gracias. See, drink. He's blind rojas! Nobody has anything in their
apartment. I don't know. You think that with all
the trouble the people have in this building. They would get something to
keep these people out of here. Mrs. Wesley don't.
Don't go down there. Mrs. Wesley don't go down there,
they're down there. Mrs. Wesley! Mrs. Wesley! Can't imagine. Living in a place like this. Nobody has any anti-septic. Having children, this place is- I hate living in this building. Somebody stop her. Mrs. Wesley. Mrs. Wesley! Mr. Wesley!
Mr. Wesley come quick! What's wrong? What happened? It's your wife. She went down to
your apartment, and they are... Please go get her. Virginia? She will be alright. She went down
to get some medicine. Virginia? Virginia? Hey man. Who's this? Who's who? The girl in the picture. Who is she? That was my wife. You were married? Look, why don't
you sit over here, huh. Just, just sit down. I'm sorry. I know how much
you love Mrs. Wesley. I love poppo too. Move, I gotta
get this out of here. Mrs. edelstein. Please open the door. Hey why don't
we climb out the window? It's too far Charlie. How about roof,
we all climb down roof. Charlie, it's a good idea but... It's just too dangerous. Sam. Sam, how can I help you? Take a screwdriver
to the vacant apartment. See if you can get
the door off of there. Listen run up stairs, and see if
there is anything else we can use. Want to give me
a hand with this. Yes. Rope momma. We climb down. I saw it on iv. Rope? We climb out the window? But how? I get a clothesline. Mr. Gonzales! Mr. Wesley, we are saved! Ruth. Ruth. Mr. Wesley, check the
vacant apartment out. What are going to do? Where gonna put this?
Where gonna put this? Where? What are you doing, mom? We, we gonna be safe. Are you crazy? No, we're gonna
go out the window. No, Charlie. It's too dangerous. Rojas, help me tie this up. Help me, come on,
what you waiting for? I don't know Mrs. Sanchez,
maybe it's not a good idea. It is a good idea. Well, maybe it could work. Maybe you're right! Maybe you can go
down and get help. Momma don't!
It's not safe out there. I would go down myself...
But I am needed up here. Don't! Mom! Don't let her go! Be quiet Anita! Be quiet, everything
is gonna be alright. Momma get help. Okay baby, I will go. Mr. Washington! Mr. Washington! Mr. Washington! Carol! Carol! Are you alright? My mother went down on the rope! What? What is it? That's it Anna, you're doing it. Keep going. Keep doing it, come on!
Don't look down! What is the matter with you? Don't blame me
Washington, she wanted to try! We're with
you baby, we're with you! Be careful! Please, be careful! No! No! Anna, look out! Please get up! Get up mama. Upstairs, everybody upstairs! Come on move! Quick, quick! Come on, come on, come on. No! No! Mama! Come on, all the way to the top.
Let's go! Hurry up! Guess who's
coming up the stairs. Guess who's coming up! Ruth! Open the door!
Open the god damn door! Open the door, Ruth! Get up. Get me the axe. Let them go. They have no
place to go from there. The fucking old
bitch hurt me man! We'll save her for you. You kill her real slow. Come on, let's see
what she got in the pad. The fuck, you coming inside? Huh? Look Charlie,
go unplug everything. The lamps, television, radio
everything, the toaster too. We don't got a toaster. Maria give him a hand. I wonder if we're waiting
for them, or they're waiting for us. We'll just have to wait and see. There's not much juice in this
place, but we gonna give it all we got. Anita, you gotta
get up off the bed. I need these
Springs underneath here. Rojas take these Springs
down to the landing, will ya? Can't you see Washington?
Can't you see that she's in pain? What he's doing anyway? Come on Anita. You know what he's doing? Ha. I don't know why I'm doing this. You see what they were doing
downstairs, you seen that! Ladies, get back please! Ladies, get back please! Listen. Nobody touch this wire. It's live. And it'll burn you up. I'm scared. It's alright, stay with me. Brothers and sisters,
we have gathered today here. For a toast. Shit. Those bums, they shouldn't
come into my house. They should only burn in hell! Rojas, Mr. Wesley, look down
thereto see if you can find anything else to
build this barricade. Well Carol, looks
like we're waiting for them. They're waiting for us. Move for a second. Come on, Maria make noise. Come on, that's it! That's it! Come on more! Look at this ho. No, no, no Mr. Wesley.
I need that space. Move that to the side
there,until I get ready for it. Keep Gonzales
away from the wires. Nine. Gimme the gun. It's my piece man. Shhh! Shhh! Listen everybody
be quiet, I'm going down. You crazy man! They cut you up! Do as I say and stand back! Are they coming down? Yea! Yea! Slime face fucks. Chase, you hear
those motherfuckers. Let's get em'. Yo nine. Nines, why don't you stay
here where it's safe, man. You ain't got
your piece remember? Get the fuck off!
My fucking way! Fucking bitch!
Get the fuck off! On with this. Here I am
come on, yeah come on. Come on baby. Come on kiddies. You bad motherfuckers come on! Stay there! Fucker stay there! Come on I'm here. You scared? I've got you, got you fuckface! Yeah, one more time! I'll cut your god
damn balls off! Come, come on. You want us? Come on. Come on up here, come on. Come on, come on. Get us motherfucker. Yeah, that's right.
Right on up here. I'll be a son of a bitch. You're something,
you know that Washington. Maybe that will stop them. If we can just hold
out until morning. Hey, I'm just checking. You know making
sure everything's cool. Open wide. I'll check your fucking mouth. Motherfucker! Children you go into Jeanne. Anita darling, you breathe deep. Where's his gun? Let's get his body upstairs,
we don't have time for this. Turn him over. That's it, you got him? You find anything? What's this? Here it is. A guns not much
good without bullets. Get this body out of here. Alright Sam. Chase . No one ever leaves chaco! I'm going down. Show me how brave you are. Come. Come and take chase. Sam! Sam! The gun! It wasn't loaded! We have the clip! Oh my god. Quick the barricade! I'll kill you! I kill all of you! Any time I want! Sam! What's that? Who shot? Sam. It was awful,
he just walked right into it. Oh my god, oh my god. He's not dead. Wake him up! No one dares chaco. How can I help? Breathe deep
darling, and try to relax. It isn't time yet. Charlie take the children into
the kitchen and stay there. I'll kill you. Any time! Any time! Rojas, Carol.
Get weapons, anything! Hot! Now... They die. I'll kill you t00! We play enough! Let's go and kill them all! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Come on, come on quickly. You fuckers! Let's go! Mr. Gonzales, please, you take
the children into the other room. And you try not to cry out. I'll try to get
them away from you. And I'll be back
as soon as I can. Charlie, you help
me with the carnage. Quickly. Come on man. Come on! On the house. Adios cabron! Hey Washington,
how you like that? I kill them too, just like you! Not too bad for
an old man like me. Hector. Hector. Hector! Hector. I'll kill you t00! I'll kill you t00! You bitch! You bitch! Dead! Dead!
You are dead! Dead. Sam!