Tension at Table Rock (1956) Movie Script

Go on!
You too, Wes.
Tell them to split up.
Looks like they separated.
Let's get going before it rains.
I tell you, he died.
Of a broken arm and leg?
I don't have to lie, Wes.
Aren't you gonna unsaddle?
You need one, huh? Pour me one too.
A double.
Can't I be glad you're back?
He's back. He's your husband.
You're leaving because of me, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
You know what I mean.
You've loved me all this time and you've
been afraid to tell me, 'cause of Sam.
And now you're going because you
can't stand it any more than I can.
You can't stand being near me
and knowing I wanna be near you.
- Cathy, you're mad.
- No, I'm not.
You gotta take me with you, Wes.
Stop that!
Where's the drinks?
I was just telling Cathy I'm pullin' out.
Any, er...
any particular reason, Wes?
What happened to Arnt out there?
They'd have strung him up, anyway.
Did him a favor. I'm pulling out
before you do me any favors.
We've been on a lot of rides together.
We've done pretty well since the war.
Everywhere we've been, all I know is
the Sam Older smile. Easy, now, Wes.
And the way Sam Older always sends back
part of his loot to be given to the poor.
Easy Wes, easy. But if one of the robbed
is murdered...You hear what I said?!
You send back the body of the killer - a
farm hand you shot to make you look good.
you never saw me do that, Wes.
Now, for your own sake,
You know, when we were
with Cuantro, I thought
you were the greatest thing
that ever came down the pike.
I guess that's why I stuck
with you afterwards.
I didn't know the difference
between a war hero
and a murderer.
You showed me tonight.
We've always kinda seen to it -
you were gonna lift out of
some ends of this business.
I've always been partial to you.
I can't let you ride into town and
collect that 10,000 reward for me!
I'm not riding into town, Sam.
I'm heading as far away
from here as I can get.
Well, Wes...
Goodbye, Sam. Take me with you, Wes.
I never had anything to do with her, Sam.
You know that.
I'm goin',
and don't try and stop me.
Of course not, Wes! You and me, we...
We've always been...
real close.
Good luck.
The gun's still in the holster.
He did it.
His name's Wes Tancred.
He did it.
He never gave Sam a chance.
He was his best friend
and he never gave Sam a chance.
Wes Tancred.
I don't like saying your name,
but I gotta say it till you wake up.
All right...
it's here.
Huh! No wonder you don't take it.
You KNOW what it says.
"Office of the Governor", it's got on it.
"A full pardon."
You've been expecting that
for three weeks, haven't you?
Come on!
Gotta get this cell aired out.
Gun belt and holster.
The gun you shot him with.
You oughta be able to sell
a souvenir like that pretty high!
All right, get the rest of your gear.
Wait a minute!
Forgot the most important thing,
didn't you?
The voucher for the reward money.
I'd like a room.
Sure thing.
It's 2 a day... In advance.
That's the first room to your left
at the head of the stairs.
# Come all you good people
and lend me your ears
# I've got a sad story that you oughta hear
# The wind it was howlin' round
Sam Older's shack
# The night that his killer
stepped out of the black
# And shot Sam down from the rear
# Wes Tancred
# Wes Tancred
# A pal right down through the years
# Wes Tancred
# Wes Tancred
# A black-hearted, white-livered, back... #
Maybe nobody else is particular
WHO they have a drink with.
Wes Tancred.
Big hero(!)
Do you want me to turn my back?
Who's your best friend now?
I'm buyin'.
Have a drink.
I gotta go. No, finish your drink.
Tell your wife you had a drink
with Wes Tancred. I'd rather not.
Leave him alone, partner!
Give it to him good!
# Come all you good people
# Lend me your ear
# I got a sad story
# That you oughta hear
# The wind it was howlin'
# Round Sam Older's shack
# The night that his killer
# Stepped out of the black
# And shot Sam down from the rear
# Wes Tancred
# Wes Tancred
# A pal right down through the years
# Wes Tancred
# Wes Tancred
# A black-hearted, white-livered... #
Hi, mister!
You in charge here?
Me and Pa. Do you think
he'd mind if I watered my horse?
Help yourself. Over there.
My name's Jody.
What's your name?
Bailey. John Bailey.
Something wrong with his hoof?
He threw a shoe.
This is Mr. Bailey, Pa.
His horse threw a shoe. Howdy.
I'm Ed Burrows.
Did Jody offer you a new shoe?
Not yet. We got plenty.
Come on. Thanks.
Been riding long?
Guess you must be heading for Table Rock.
Only town within 50 miles.
I got a brother-in-law there - Fred Miller.
Sheriff of Table Rock.
Quite a man. Tell him hello
when you get there.
I didn't say I was going there.
That's right, you didn't.
We don't get many visitors here.
The stage only comes once a week.
What did you say your name was?
Bailey. Mr. Bailey, I'd be pleased
to have you stay for supper.
I'll set your place. The passengers
say I'm a good cook. I hope you do.
A Colt Peacemaker.
The same kind Sam Older got killed with.
That's what it says in the song.
You know the song? I've heard it.
People on the stagecoach were singin' it.
# Black-hearted, white-livered, back-bitin'
# Murdered his own best friend. #
How can a man shoot his best friend?
Nobody would do that, would they?
Beat it, will you?
Beat it. Yes, sir.
Did you two get acquainted out there?
Yes, sir.
Kinda lonely out here for a kid.
Got a job waiting for you?
What DO you do, Mr. Bailey?
The law isn't after me,
if that's what you mean.
We need a hostler to
take care of the horses.
The last fellow said it
was too lonely out here.
The company pays 20 a month and meals.
We'd be mighty glad to have you,
wouldn't we, Jody?
I might take you up on that.
Good. Bye, Mr. Bailey.
These horses are looking good!
Don't rake behind while I'm brushing 'em.
That's all right. He knows me.
You were sayin'?
I made a gun like your Colt
Peacemaker. Wanna see it?
Why not?
I hope he isn't getting in your hair.
He's all right.
Kids take a little getting used to.
I know.
Well, looks like my busy week.
It sure does.
Real busy.
Well, I'll be...
Who runs this place?
I do. What can I do for you?
Who else is around?
Just the hostler and my son. Why?
Take a look in the house. You are
welcome, but... That's nice of you!
You do what we tell you
and nobody's gonna get hurt.
If you've come here to rob, you're
wasting your time. Not you, mister.
But that stage oughta be here
in about... oh, about two hours, huh?
It doesn't carry many passengers.
This one does.
See about him.
The kid would like to get himself killed!
I gave it to him across the face!
Why you...!
Don't try that again.
Where are you bunking?
In the shed.
Pay attention. When that stage gets
here, meet it like you always do.
We'll be in the house watching.
The kid'll be with us to make sure you
don't get any ideas. Act nice and calm.
When the stage is empty, we'll take over.
You won't get away with this!
We'll work it out.
This was in his saddlebag.
Well, any more guns around here?
You and the kid unsaddle our
horses and put 'em in the corral.
We want everything to look
the way it always does.
And you fix us some food.
We want some to take with us, too.
Now, don't make it tough
on yourself, mister.
You heard him. Unsaddle our
horses and put 'em in the corral.
Pa's got another gun hid away -
under a board in the house.
Tell him to leave it where it is.
Pa ain't scared.
Neither are they.
Good food, Pop. Hmm?
Smart kid. He wants to
remember what we look like.
Don't you, kid?
I ain't hungry. Hey, you.
Stay where we can see you, huh?
You sit.
Jody told me about the gun. It's in there.
I can't get it until they leave.
Forget it. That isn't part of your job.
Pa, don't!
Stay where you are.
Get the old man outta here.
What are you gonna do about the reward?
What do you mean?
Well, with what we're carrying,
you did save the company a big loss.
Forget it.
Forget a reward?!
Well, that's really somethin'!
Let's go!
Let's make a little time.
How long will I have to stay at my uncle's?
Till you're grown up, I guess.
Don't you like him?
I hardly know him. He's the sheriff.
I bet he can't shoot better than you can.
I'd just as soon you
didn't talk about that.
If word gets around that
somebody's pretty fast with a gun,
there's always some man who wants
to prove he's faster. Remember that.
Yes, sir.
Come on, Jody.
Mr. Bailey, I like you!
What? You got yourself hit like I did,
so I'd feel better about it.
Wanna get goin'? I like you, Mr. Bailey.
Let's go.
Don't tell me to take it easy.
I wanna know what you're gonna do.
Glass of water, Harry?
I wanna know what you're gonna do!
Mr. Kirk, care for a glass of water?
Oh, no, thank you, Fred.
Harry, they want to blow off steam
after six months on the trail.
Blow off steam!
There's bound to be accidents.
If people stay out of the way,
nobody gets hurt. That's fine!
Everybody just crawls into their holes
so the saloons can make extra money!
I'm not the only one making money!
We can't stop them bringing their cattle
here. That's what the railroads are for.
- We can do without it.
- But we're not going to.
Sure, I want the money. I'm in business.
But I wouldn't be if I depended on
his subscribers to keep me going.
Good day, gentlemen.
Bye, Mr. Kirk.
I warn you. I'm not gonna sit by and see
this town get a reputation like Dodge City.
If we get known as
a wide-open town,
we'll have every gunman and
piece of riffraff moving in on us.
Harry, what do you expect me to do?
You tell me.
I'll tell you.
What every decent person in this town
has a right to expect of a lawman.
Make 'em behave like
civilized human beings.
Just me? I do all that?
Swear in some extra deputies.
I'll be one. I'll bring in others.
That's all we need - a bunch
of middle-aged businessmen
waving rusty guns in their faces.
At least we're not afraid to try!
We used to be friends, Harry.
You'd better go.
I think I'll have a cup of coffee.
How about you? Oh, yeah, sure.
It was quite a session. Did you hear it?
I was upstairs. I just came down.
I'll get the coffee.
Expecting a twister?
I'd settle for that.
Where can I find the sheriff?
His office is down the street and
his house is at the end of the road.
I'm looking for Fred Miller.
Hello, Aunt Lorna.
Jody! I hardly recognized you.
It's been almost three years.
You've grown so.
Fred, it's Jody! Oh, let me look at you.
Hiya, Jody! Where's your father?
There was a hold-up. His father was killed.
Oh, Jody!
Did they get the men who did it? Yes.
The stage driver asked me
to bring him here.
He said you were his nearest relatives.
You stay with us, Jody.
We'd like it very much.
Were you there when it happened?
I was working there.
We're very grateful to you, Mr...
Bailey. Thanks, Mr. Bailey.
We'll take good care of him.
You must be tired. We have an extra
room you can have all to yourself.
So long, Jody. Are you sure you can't stay?
Mr. Bailey, I can give you a job.
I'm moving on.
Can't you stay for supper? No, thanks.
I've got a lot of daylight ahead of me.
He's a good boy. Thanks.
Come on, Jody.
Mr. Bailey!
Mr. Bailey.
I'd like to know what happened out there.
There were three of them.
They took our guns, but Burrows had an
extra one hidden. He was over-matched.
Who got them, then?
I did.
That was a fool thing to do.
I was just riding up.
Are you mad? Do they know you're gone?
No, sir.
Get down. You might as well eat
something before I take you back.
I thought maybe you wouldn't want
to bother going all the way back.
What will they do when
they find you missing?
I never thought about it.
Give it some thought. Yes, sir.
Here. That's yours. Take it.
They're nice people.
You oughta give them a chance.
A kid oughta go to school.
Do you wanna grow up stupid?
At least you could go look for him!
There's a storm due to hit here
tomorrow. You know that, Lorna.
Maybe the boy's better off away from here.
He's all right. Just a little sleepy.
You must be all in. Come on,
your bed's all ready for you.
Mr. Bailey, could I offer you a drink?
I could use one.
Well, can I get you anything?
A cup of coffee?
Yes, ma'am.
All right.
The town seems kinda quiet. People are
acting like they are expecting something.
It'll be here tomorrow.
A cattle drive... coming up from Texas.
Oh, do they give you a bad time?
Oh, no. It's...nothing I can't handle.
I could use a deputy, though,
for the next few days.
No, thanks. That's out of my line.
Anything against it?
A man's liable to get shot.
Couldn't you stay just a little longer
till Jody gets used to us?
Well, Lorna, a man can't change
his plans just... Why not?
Thanks for the drink. My pleasure.
Don't worry about the boy. Good night.
Good night, Mr. Bailey.
Everything will work itself out.
That's quite a motto of yours!
this seems to be my day
for getting told off.
You're right. Everything will be all right.
Will it?
Course it will.
Can't a man even put his horse away
without you taggin' after him?
Honest? You're not really going away?
I'll see you in the morning.
What do we do about the fence ahead?
Wait till we come to it.
You're gonna keep standing there?
That's right.
With that shotgun?
That's right.
We'd like to come through.
Not through here.
We come through here last year.
There'll be others coming behind us.
- It's a bad place to put up a fence.
- This is where the ground is best.
I've driven these cattle 1,000 miles.
I ain't taking 'em over those hills.
What about my crops once
you've been through here?
We'll put your fence up behind us and
pay for the damage to your crops.
No, mister. It wouldn't be the same.
I've offered you a fair deal.
We're gonna come through, anyway.
That's enough! Dirty sidebuster!
Get out of the way.
Right, boys! The fence!
What kind of a lawman are you?
You've gotta back me up.
A man's got a right to protect
his own property. Yes, he does,
but you'd have to settle this in court.
Next time...
I'll be my own court.
Don't try.
I'm telling you, I didn't want
to ride through his place.
I had to. I offered to pay him
for the damages. I still will.
That's good, Mr. Hampton. Now, about your
men coming into town. What about them?
The town is scared.
They can't live underground
every time a herd shows up.
They can't forget that
Mr. Wallace is a cripple
because a trail herder
felt like shooting at him.
Or that Joslin's store was
pulled apart piece by piece.
I know my boys can
get kinda rough,
but after four months on the trail I
ain't sending them to Sunday school.
Ever tried to move a herd
through a blizzard, eight below?
Or push through brambles
that cut your face to shreds?
Or drown trying to ford
a river the rains have...
Ah! No, I haven't, Mr. Hampton.
Well, you're only trying to ask the thing
I'd ask myself if I lived in your town.
Gordon! Pass the word along.
You'll go into town together, you'll
come back together. No gun-play.
No hoorah in the town. You'll be in charge.
All right.
That's as far as I can go.
Fair enough, Mr. Hampton.
You're not going to tell me? What?
What I asked you? What was that?
You don't pay much attention to me.
I asked you how long you were staying.
If you stop asking me three times
every two minutes, I might tell you.
Jody...beat it!
Yes, sir.
How come you're not married?
Lots of reasons.
If you were married to Aunt Lorna,
you wouldn't have to go away.
Your Uncle Fred might object to that!
I hope I'm interrupting!
We were just...Jody.
Take this outside and hang it up. Yes, sir.
You shouldn't have slept here.
We have room inside.
The loft's all right.
What made you change your mind?
Just thought it was a good idea.
Mr. Bailey...Mm-hm?
How long are you going to stay?
Maybe if you get him a job,
he'll stick around until school starts.
Isn't it a little soon?
He only just got here.
When I was a kid,
I worked once in a print shop.
I didn't get paid, but they had
to drag me home every day.
I wouldn't have left that job
for anything, or anybody.
We have a newspaper here,
but right now Mr. Jameson and my
husband aren't on very good terms.
Your husband's GOT a job. This is for Jody.
Would you like that? How old
were you when you worked in one?
About your age. I hope Mr. Jameson
takes me! We'll go down right now.
It was your idea.
Him a job? I thought you could use
a helper. You're out of your mind.
No, sir.
You must be. Anybody that works
for a newspaper has to be crazy.
You write a story about a farmer -
a decent, hard-working farmer
who's forced to watch ruffians
grind his livelihood into the ground.
You can't do a thing about it. Why?
Because the law here is so technical
it can't find a way to back him up!
Now, you write that kind of story,
and while you're writing it,
you know you're wasting your time.
A man who wastes his time is a fool.
Therefore a newspaper man's a fool.
Do you wanna be a fool
and be a newspaper man?
I think so, sir.
Never mind, Mr. Jameson. I'm sorry
we bothered you. Come on, Mr. Bailey.
Just a minute.
Jody, how do you feel about it?
I think I'd like to try it.
You're hired.
You can start folding those sheets
and get them delivered before
those ruffians get into town.
Once they're on the streets... HORSE NEIGHS
Lorna, you'd better be getting home.
I have some shopping to do.
I see no reason to change my plans.
Do you mind dropping Jody
off on your way home?
I'm going to the bank.
Give the boys anything they want.
On credit.
Remember what I told you -
no hoorah in the town.
Easy on the sour mash. Any man
I catch drunk, I'll break his back.
We're buying, ladies.
Everything on Mr. Hampton's bill,
but nobody gets drunk -
Mr. Hampton's orders.
Oh, please, excuse me.
We're supposed to be polite.
I'm being polite, understand?
Well, say I'm being polite.
Say I'm being polite, or...
Let it go, Zecker!
For now.
Nothing but the best.
But not too much of it.
I think I'll get a bath.
A bath?
Yeah, a bath.
Almost forgot what a woman looks like.
I want to remember - slow.
Is it coming back to you?
You oughta know better
than to bring her here today.
He didn't bring me.
I brought him. Take her home.
Fred... Don't argue with me, Lorna.
I don't want you here.
I'm sorry.
You didn't have any shopping to do.
You just wanted to let Jameson
know you weren't afraid.
I'm sorry it worked out the way it did.
Fred doesn't usually behave like that.
He's just worried about me.
You see...
my husband had an accident.
He's not completely well yet.
I'd feel better if he had
someone with him -
someone to help him with the...
I hoped that when he told me
he'd offered you a job that...
What kind of an accident?
What difference does it make?
Some you get over... Some you don't.
What do you mean? You know what's
wrong with him as well as I do.
He's just plain scared.
I didn't say that. You didn't have to.
All right, I'll tell you.
My husband was beaten...physically.
Violently beaten within an inch
of his life. That's why he's scared.
He remembers every minute of it,
but he's too proud to quit.
Who beat him?
I don't know.
Maybe it was the kind you don't get over,
but I don't want to see
him destroy himself try.
You've got only one thing wrong.
Making me a deputy wouldn't help.
He's gotta work this out for himself.
You sound very sure of that.
I am.
I like to see a man sell out.
Go easy on that.
# A black-hearted, white-livered
# Back-bitin', slide-winder
# Murdered his own... #
I... thought you heard me
order another drink.
I guess you didn't.
Pour two.
One for yourself.
What's the matter?
Won't anybody play with you?
Don't waste your time.
I'm not a trail hand.
I got lots of time.
No, you haven't.
Break it up!
It's very quiet tonight,
thanks to your little arrangement
with Mr. Hampton.
You know, we take in more on a Saturday
when there are NO trail herders.
And it's just this way in every one
of my establishments, I hear.
Oh, can I buy you a drink, Fred?
But I'm not worried.
More important... I don't blame you, Fred.
And you know why?
Because I am a...
specialist of human nature.
This kind of human nature, anyway.
I know what they've been through.
I know they can stand just
so much restraint and then...
So all I have to do is wait.
A friend of yours?
Kind of.
Excuse me.
Good evening. My name's Kirk.
You're...new in town.
That's right.
Oh, Scotty,
a drink, please.
As a matter of fact, Scotty,
two drinks.
Er...join us, will you, Fred?
Bring your drink.
To an open town.
Scotty, just leave the bottle.
You gentlemen are both my guests.
See you later.
I'm sorry about this afternoon.
I suppose Lorna was angry.
She understood.
Well, I...
I guess I'll give another look around.
Play The Ballad Of Wes Tancred.
Did you know he shot
his best friend in the back?
That's the kind of a man I like.
Sit down, both of you.
Give it to me, Lerner.
Give it to me.
You need some air.
I'll tell you what I need and when
I need it. Sure. Tell me outside.
You ramrod out on the
range, but in here...!
I'm still ramrod!
Let's go. Zecker, give me a hand.
I can walk!
Walk it off!
Still out here, sidebuster?
Didn't you know this was our part of town?
- Get away!
- You don't scare me, sidebuster!
Big man with a shotgun. You're lucky
I didn't bust it over your head!
Take your stinkin' hands off me!
Sidebuster drew on him.
That's right. He tried to draw on me.
What happened?
He tried to run me off the streets.
Same fella held the shotgun on us.
A man's got a right to defend himself.
I've got to book him.
What for? He had his gun out.
We'll do whatever the law calls for,
but we all know it was self-defense.
Let's go.
Go on. Do what he tells you.
Get him off the street.
Round up the boys.
We're going back to camp.
Let's go!
"Brink murdered.
"Regardless of the trumped up
evidence to the contrary,
"every citizen of Table Rock knows
the truth of the killing last night.
"Svenson Brink was no gunman.
"He was a farmer."
Jameson's as brave as a lion in print.
He's only saying what he believes.
Do you believe it?
Fred, we've been through this before.
I've always given in.
Don't start that again! It's hard
enough to fight the whole town.
Why do you do it, then? We can leave...
Sure we can leave, sure!
We can go back to me breaking
my back 16 hours a day
on crops that weren't even ours.
And wind up with 100 for a year's work.
Remember? Or clerking in a store
for less than 200. Remember?
Anything's better than what we...
Oh, look at you, Fred.
Look at you! Look at yourself!
That's a nice dress, hmm?
You've got five or six more, just as nice.
Look around you, Lorna, look around.
This isn't bad compared to that
sod house we didn't even own.
When I walk down the street, I'm somebody.
Except when the cattle drives come in.
I can't stop 'em from comin' in, I can't!
I've tried to, but I can't!
And I'm not giving up what I
got because I can't stop 'em,
no matter what you or
Jameson or the town...!
Jameson was right, wasn't he?
It was a murder.
I'll be at the office.
Did you have enough for all the boards?
Yes, sir.
Maybe it'll strengthen
the backbones around here.
Mr. Jameson?
Did you write this, Daddy?
"Brink murdered.
Evidence believed trumped up..."
Did you write this? Yes, I wrote it.
You're too skinny to be that stupid, Daddy!
There's more where that came from.
You can't rip 'em all down.
I don't wanna rip 'em down.
There's a much easier way. Much easier.
Is this what you make the words out of?
It is, isn't it?
All them letters that make up
all those words.
That'll keep you busy, won't it, Daddy?
What d'you wanna go and do that for?
Mr. Bailey!
Take him home.
Well, he'll be all right.
At his age, those things heal up fast.
I'll get you a cup of hot coffee. Coffee?
He likes it.
We licked 'em, didn't we, Mr. Bailey?
We sure did.
Well, better stay in bed a while.
But, doctor...
Oh, a kid can't grow up
without a few broken bones.
You need a little attention yourself.
It'll be 2 if you're interested.
It's not worth it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Better let him get some rest.
I'm fine, Mr. Bailey.
That's right.
See you later.
See you later.
Come on,
bring that chair over.
I'm sorry this had to happen now.
Just as Jody's getting along
so well. Oh, he's tough.
Do you mind if I tell you something
about you? Maybe I'll mind.
But then if YOU say it,
I won't mind very much.
It's just that...
it's easy for me to understand
why Jody thinks you're so wonderful.
Is it?
All I know is that you ARE
the person Jody thinks you are.
I heard about the fight.
How's Jody?
He's in his room.
The doctor just left.
I'd like to see him.
Excuse me.
Preliminary hearing in
the case of Svenson Brink,
deceased, to determine cause of death.
Evidence submitted - sheriff's report.
Well, let's get it over with.
You state that the deceased was
found by you with a gun in his hand.
It is your opinion that the
prisoner here fired in self-defense.
Do you want to add
this to the record?
You wrote it. Don't you want to enter it?
Do you want to change
your report, or let it stand?!
(No change.)Eh?
Speak up!
No change.
Well, that's that.
In the absence of any testimony
to the contrary, this court finds...
This is a farce!
Brink never carried a pistol,
and everybody here knows it.
Did you see the killing?
JUDGE: Well, in that case... I saw it.
That man put a gun in Brink's hand
after he was shot.
I saw him do it.
That's a lie! GAVEL BANGS
Let him talk.
That leaves it right up to you.
One of us is lying.
You can back him, or you can back me.
But remember,
once a lie gets a hold of you,
there's only one way you can go,
and no matter how far you go,
you don't get anywhere,
'cause you're running from yourself.
If you don't mind being alone
the rest of your life,
you've got an easy choice.
But I don't figure you
for that kind of a man.
Make up your mind.
It's gotta be one way or the other.
There's no middle.
Look, Bailey, who set you up
as an expert on lies and running away?!
I was set up for it a long time ago.
My name isn't Bailey.
It's Tancred.
Wes Tancred.
Well, step right up, Mr. Tancred!
Your testimony should be very useful.
JUDGE: That'll be up to the jury
to decide. They already have.
It's up to you.
My report...
My report was a lie. I wanna change it.
That's it, Sheriff!
That's it! You can depend on us!
Mr. Tancred!
Can I walk with you?
Thanks, Jody.
I... All the time we've been together,
everything I've said...
I didn't really believe that dumb song.
Honest, I didn't!
I know you didn't.
You'd better get back now.
See you later? See you later.
We're comin' in after Lerner tonight.
Oh, now wait a minute. Stick around
for another week. Let me handle it.
You'll gun Miller and Tancred
when the whole town knows about it!
Nobody will believe Tancred,
even if he does stick around.
They'll believe your sheriff. Yeah.
Give me until 6 o'clock tomorrow night.
If Miller's still around then,
you can do whatever you want.
Nothing's gonna happen
to your man before six tomorrow.
Six tomorrow.
Then we're comin' in.
Remember Jim Breck? Yeah, I remember him.
Find him.
I want him in town by...
five tomorrow.
Close the door.
Is that him?
Been here all evenin'.
Just him and the bottle.
Let's get outta here.
It's the last one in town I looked in.
Are you looking for John Bailey
or Wes Tancred? Mind if I sit down?
Want a drink?
Were you over there for supper?
I certainly was.
How did she look?
Lorna? She was deeply grateful
for what you did for her husband.
I asked how she looked.
How did her eyes look? Did she smile a lot?
Of course she did.
Like she used to. That's all right.
You sound like you've marked her
for your own! Get out!
No matter what Miller does,
you hang around and she'll come to you.
That's what you think, don't you?
I said go away. You won't leave?
That's right. Well, I will!
You can do it.
I haven't been blind.
I've seen her look at you.
You can hang around.
After Fred gets back on his feet,
she'll stop worrying and come to you.
That's why you're staying!
I told you...
get outta here.
Wes Tancred!
Tell your boss Jim Breck's here.
For you.
Are you lookin' for somebody?
Son of a gun!
Wes Tancred!
I wondered what happened to you.
How are you, Jim?
Pretty good.
Pretty good. How about yourself?
All right. You look fine.
Just that song made things a little rough.
I get a little tired of it.
I bet you do. How did that thing
ever get started, anyway?
Well, YOU know Sam -
loveable, kind...
And a pig's nose! I tried to tell
somebody once when I first heard it.
You'd have thought I was
running down Santa Claus.
Tell me, Wes. Tell me if I'm right.
He tried when your back
was turned, didn't he?
You didn't listen close. The song
says I didn't give him a chance.
Sit down.
Been here long?
A couple of days.
Do you happen to know
anything about the sheriff?
Like how fast he is?
Like that. I've never seen
him draw. Stick around.
Don't go after him, Jim.
I'm not. He's gotta come after me.
I'm wanted in this state.
When he hears I'm in town, he'll try
and take me. Did Kirk send for you?
You really get around, don't you?
I knew they'd send for somebody,
but I didn't know it'd be you.
How much is Kirk gonna pay you?
He already has.
That's a lotta money...
to have to ask you to pass up.
What do you mean?
The sheriff's a friend of mine.
You and the law - friends?
How about it?
You're asking me this just because
this man's a friend of yours?
Well, that's one of the reasons.
It'll do.
I'm sorry, Wes.
Business is business.
You're gonna have to earn
that 2,000 the hard way, Jim.
You're gonna have to go through me.
Do you mean that?
You know I don't bluff.
You and me.
I gotta admit, I always wondered
how I'd turn out.
So did I.I know.
I'll be across the street,
if you wanna find out.
Have one on me.
One for the...
Breck just went out.
There's Mr. Bai... Mr. Tancred.
Mr. Tancred! Stay back!
We're headed back home.
I'm takin' Lerner with us.
The law will decide that, Mr. Hampton.
Two guns against fifty, Sheriff?
You better open up that cell.
You don't count very good.
Keep counting.
Look behind you.
These folks just got their
town back, Mr. Hampton.
You'd better get out.
All right, boys...
you heard the man.
Let's get outta their town.
How long has it been
since you shot that thing?
Last 4th of July. Now I know
what I was celebrating.
Congratulations, Sheriff!
Just a minute, just a minute.
You're making a fuss...
Just a minute. You're making
a fuss over the wrong man.
Gee, that was the fastest draw I ever saw!
I guess we broke about even.
Take care of that arm.
Do you have to go?
We'd be proud to hav
you stay, Mr. Tancred.
No more reason to hang around.
Goodbye, Lorna.
We're sorry you have to go.
Take care of 'em, Jody.