Tension(s) (2014) Movie Script

Okay, look. I've got some
cash. Why don't you just take it...
...and leave?
- We don't want your money.
Take whatever you want
and I promise...
...I'll forget the fact that you
broke into my house.
- You don't get it.
- I think you were about to...
...shoot my brother.
- How are we supposed to...
...trust you now?
I wasn't gonna shoot him,
I was just gonna...
I was just gonna scare him off.
Okay, now listen...
If you guys leave now,
this ends here.
I haven't seen your faces.
And before you do
anything stupid...
...you gotta know that I'm a cop.
Why don't you tell us something
we don't already know?
Francis Kesler, right?
Bad Motherf..er holds a
gun to your partner's head.
What do you do?
I'm thinking.
I think you lose.
You drop your f..ing gun.
All right.
Don't hit me so f..ing hard,
What the f..k was that?
I think you got shot.
No, it's b.s...
My team had you two...
...assholes at gunpoint.
We could've shot you at any time.
Kesler, admit it.
My team won.
Listen. As I said,
you got shot. We didn't.
I'm telling you, I'm not
buying no beers today.
Fine. It's on me.
By the way, you owe me
a new shirt.
I'll let you know we didn't
pick the wrong house.
You seem a little confused,
Who are you?
We ask the questions here.
Okay, listen. I don't know
what you're doing here but...
...you're not going to achieve
anything by bringing guns...
...into my home.
Trust me,
we know what we're doing.
Don't think we haven't come
Why here? I'm nobody.
I'm just a simple cop.
You should give yourself
more credit. You're far more...
...useful than you think.
What? Are you not alone in
the house? Should I go check?
No. Don't need to check. My
daughter is spending the week...
...with her mom.
- You mean Kathy?
Why so surprised, Jake?
Like I said...
...we came prepared.
- What do you want?
Why are you here?
Relax. We're not here to
hurt anyone, all right?
Speaking of Kathy, I've heard
she had some trouble in school.
Listen, guys, you obviously
want something from...
...me, right? So why
don't you leave my daughter...
...out of it?
- I heard she was...
...expelled last week for fighting.
You heard wrong.
She's doing fine.
Didn't seem that way when...
...her mother dropped her
off here last night.
- What did you say to me?
- You wouldn't want us to wake...
...her up, now, would you?
- Don't play games with me.
When I look at you, I see
a pathetic, washed up cop who...
...doesn't give a shit about
anything. But strike a nerve...
...and it seems there's
some things you do...
...still care about.
Now, sit down.
I'm not sure what you guys want.
But why don't we just get to it,
okay? C'mon, what is it?
Looking for some revenge?
Is that it? Did I hurt
someone you know...
...maybe a family member or
something? C'mon, what is it?
I already told you.
We're not here to hurt you...
...or your family, all right,
but there's something...
...that we need to do
and you can help us.
We want to bring justice to
this city, Jake, and although...
...it doesn't look like it
right now...
...we're the good guys.
Right. Right, that's right. I see
that good guys kidnap a cop...
...and his daughter.
- Guy's smart enough to know...
...what it takes to get people's
You got mine.
Look, we know you spent the last
year on desk duty at the...
...downtown precinct on Kent
Street. We're not here for that.
We want to know about
your previous life.
I don't know what you guys are
talking about.
We're talking about that.
So what?
So, that's you.
Or it was you.
Tell us about this
previous life of yours.
After all, we are in the
presence of the...
...famous Jake Lamar.
Yeah, well don't believe
everything you read in the papers.
You don't look much like a
hero to me.
I'm not a hero, baby. Just a
simple guy doing his job.
Why were you transferred, Jake?
What happened to the pride
of Boston?
I just left is all. The rest,
that's my problem.
Everything became our problem
when we put a gun to your head.
Now, answer the question.
Why did you transfer out?
Your file doesn't say
anything about it.
You weren't fired.
You requested the transfer.
Do either of you guys have
any idea of what's it's like to...
...face a hostage taker?
It's not like working in
a bank. It's not like...
...working in an office.
You get it?
People's lives are in your hands.
You make a mistake, someone dies.
Answer the question.
Why did you leave?
Cause I f..ked up.
I failed.
I made a mistake. Okay?
Like I said, unlike working...
...in a f..king bank, in my case,
people died.
You've been a hostage
negotiator for 10 years...
...people died before. What was
so special about this case?
It was a school, man.
Okay, it was a school.
We weren't talking about people,
we were talking about kids here.
The Dumont tragedy?
Okay, enough. You're not
here to talk about my wife...
...you're not here to
talk about my work.
So, what is it?
You're going to do
exactly as you're told...
...so that justice can be served.
As a cop...
...it's your job
to protect people...
...and yet you were
completely blind...
...to the threat this city faces.
You and the whole police
force are a joke.
You can't protect shit.
We can save lives today, okay?
And maybe restore some amount of
faith in our system.
But we honestly can't do it
without your help.
Now I'm asking you, trust
us. And you will see the...
...real threat that's
been clouding the city.
The question is;
can we trust you?
What threat? Who's behind
it? Why should I trust you?
Just do as you're told.
And if you're even half as smart
as we think you are...
...you might just figure out.
This is what we have to do, Jake.
Nobody's doing a damn thing.
Somebody needs to step up.
I am not a police negotiator
anymore. I work a desk job in a...
...local police precinct, okay?
I've got no more...
...connections. I've got no
more power, for that matter.
Maybe you picked the wrong
guy, pal. You made a mistake.
Don't insult us.
It's time.
For what?
I don't get it.
Enter your password.
Do you realize what you're
asking me to do here?
This is classified information
about police personnel.
Yeah. We understand.
Your password, Jake.
Don't force me to do something
we'll both regret.
Man, please, c'mon, guys.
Don't make me do this.
Jake, I swear to you we have
no intentions of harming anyone...
...but what we're about
to expose...
...is far more important than
some ridiculous security breach.
I may not be much of a
cop anymore...
...but I think I would have an
idea if there was a threat...
...against this city.
- Yeah?
Did you guys know about the
Benson Tower? The Mandel hotel?
Or the Dumont school?
We're dealing with a group powerful
enough to hit us and cover it up...
...so damn fast...
...the police force, even the
NSA, would be...
...completely useless.
You listen to me. There's...
...no way anybody could have
known what was gonna happen.
No way. No one could have
foreseen these guys snapping...
...and doing something so tragic.
Give it some time. You may
just change your mind.
I don't give a damn
if you believe us or not.
Something far greater...
...is going on here today
and I will do whatever it takes...
...to stop it.
Whatever it takes.
You're not alone in this house.
I'm gonna be honest with you, hero.
We haven't got time
for negotiations.
You're just one small
piece of the puzzle.
So, I'm gonna ask you one
last time, enter the password.
No. I'm done risking
people's lives.
What do you think you're
doing here?
What are you...
- I don't want to hurt you.
You touch my daughter, you
better be prepared to kill me.
Answer the f..king password
Who the f..k is that?
- It's Henry. Relax.
- Who the f..k is Henry?
He's here to pick me up.
- What the f..k do we do?
- Let me think.
- What do we do, Kyle?
- I'm thinking.
I thought you came prepared
for everything.
Get up. Get rid of him.
By the way,
if he suspects anything...
...he's dead because of you.
All right. Go!
Hi, sir. Hope I'm not too early.
First things first, Henry.
Didn't I ask you to call me Jake?
I went to military school...
...and I was taught way more
respect for rank to do that.
I can see that, Henry. I
can see that. Listen here, kid...
...I, my daughter...
...she brought me home
the flu, Henry.
She wasn't only contagious...
...but she was very, very generous
and I'm not sure...
...whether I want to return the
favor to the precinct...
...you understand?
Okay. Should I get you
some medication from the store?
No. It's okay, Henry. It's fine.
I just need a couple days...
...rest is all.
- Sir, don't say that.
My girlfriend is one of those
believers in not using any drugs.
Well, pharmacy drugs of course, and
she can stay sick for weeks...
...and I watched one of those
doctor shows and some viruses...
...can just kill you...
Are you sure? I can be quick,
can go grab it and I'll be...
...back in f..king two minutes
tops. Are you sure?
I'm sure, Henry. Thank you.
I'm sure. And you know what?
Actually, I apologize.
I should have let you know.
I should've given you a call.
- It's no problem, sir.
I hope you get everything solved
with your wife. Well, ex-wife.
When my parents divorced
it was pretty messy.
I mean, it's not unusual for
ex-life partners to get along...
...with each other afterward,
especially with a child...
...in the middle. And I mean,
you have a daughter and all...
Stop! Stop, stop, listen to
me, Henry, please, just...
...do yourself a favor, go to work
and stay away from the...
...coffee machine, okay?
- Yes, sir...
Sorry, I kinda talk too much
Well, anyway, have a good day, sir.
Just walk away, kid.
Walk away.
What the f..k was he doing
C'mon, guys, just relax.
My wife's car broke down.
Henry came to pick me up.
It's called divorce.
Watch your mouth, smartass.
You did good, Jake.
Did I have a choice?
We've wasted enough time
here. Let's get back to work...
...shall we?
Again, what are we doing here?
Jess said she had some info
for us.
Any chance she picked the spot?
Yep. I'm gonna go
check it out.
You okay?
I'm fine. How's our guest?
He's fine. He's not going
Just keep an eye on him.
And find that profile.
- Gimme a second to catch...
...my breath, okay?
That was a f..king close call.
We can't expect
everything to go as planned.
The key is to just a keep a
handle on things and make sure...
...we do what we came to do.
- Yeah? Henry's just a kid.
Would you have actually shot him?
- Don't do this, David.
We have a mission to accomplish.
We have to be ready...
...to make some sacrifices.
I'm not sure I can do that.
We said no one gets hurt.
Listen, little brother.
I will do whatever it takes.
We need to take a stand here
and now.
I want this city to be a safe
place, just like it used to be.
Before all this corruption
and those b..rds.
I will not let them get away
with what they did to my...
They're going to pay.
Just tell me we're not gonna hurt
anyone that doesn't deserve it...
...that's all.
- I can't say that.
- I'm not ready for this, Kyle.
I won't let you...
- You don't understand...
...what it's like until it happens
to you so don't even try!
So you do remember me?
I know your boss.
...he was expecting to see you
last week and you never showed up.
Please give me your gun
so there's no confusion.
- What do you want?
- I'm here as a messenger.
Mr. Antonioni
would like to see you.
- I've got nothing to say to him.
- I think it would be unwise to...
...refuse his invitation.
- I think you should leave.
- So what do we do now?
- We do nothing.
Antonioni had a message
for us. We just said...
...we're not interested.
That's it. That's the end.
Keep searching.
If you told me what you guys
are looking for, maybe...
...I could help.
I don't think so. Now, tell
me what the pride of Boston is...
...doing training rookies. Kind of
hard to believe you walked away...
...from all that fame
and attention.
I couldn't care less about the
media, man.
That's what kills people.
What the hell are you
talking about?
The media, kidnappers
and sickos, that's...
...exactly what they're looking
for. A chance to be heard.
Spread the message to the world,
blow themselves up and make sure...
...everybody sees it.
C'mon, counselor.
You know how it works right?
Send a letter to a TV station...
...nothing happens. Point your gun
at unarmed victim...
...then, well, you got your
worldwide coverage, right, guys?
Is that what you think we are?
We're not terrorists, Jake. Okay,
I mean, you have no idea how...
If you do as you're told...
...here today, you'll understand
You might be even be surprised
who's involved.
- Try me.
- Soon.
Now, what kind of bullshit do
you teach your rookies?
Whatever it takes to get 'em
...for the field, man. It's a lot
different filing reports than...
...dealing with potential killers,
right? So, I just...
...make sure they're ready.
Are you talking from experience?
I've had to deal with my fair
share of shady characters, sure.
People who point guns at other
people, well, they're always...
...a little unpredictable.
I'm sure you guys are...
...well aware of that, right?
Don't try and read me,
negotiator. Just know that I'm...
...determined to do what's necessary.
- I can see that.
I've seen that look before.
Rage in your eyes.
Type of look that tells me
you're willing to die...
...to achieve your goal.
Good. I'm glad we
understand one another.
There's something else I see.
You're looking for blood.
I pray to God that whatever that...
...hate's going on inside of you,
it's not directed at...
...anyone inside this house.
- Tell me about your wife.
What happened between you two?
- What happened?
Nothing happened, man.
She left me and I don't blame her.
- Why did she leave you?
- It's none of your concern.
I'm just trying to understand
what happened to you.
I mean, look at yourself.
You look like shit.
Your house is a mess.
Now you're working a...
...shitty desk job. See, I can
read people, too.
What happened doesn't matter.
We have a beautiful daughter...
...and we both love her very much,
so we get along just fine.
There's something you're
leaving out.
I assume you didn't come
here to fix my marriage right...
...counselor, so why don't you just
get back to what it is you want.
Love was never the issue
between you two.
You never stopped loving her.
It was something else.
You pushed her away.
What do you want from me?
What is it you want?
Enough of this psychobabble
bullshit about my work...
...and my wife.
You have already...
...threatened me, you threatened my
daughter and a kid, enough.
What do you want?
- Hey, hey, Kyle...
...I got it. I got it.
Yeah. That's him.
You want to know what we
want from you? There it is.
Francis Kesler. We need to
know everything about him.
Searching randomly for...
...conspirators on the police
database is a little extreme...
...don't you think?
- What can you tell us about him?
A member of SWAT.
An elite sniper.
Yeah, his name's Francis Kesler.
Again. What can you
tell us about Kesler?
He's an elite member of SWAT back
when I was a police negotiator...
...we'd call Kesler in if
there was a sticky situation.
Him and his guys would clean
everything up, is that what you...
...want to know?
Better. But you're not telling us
Bad luck. Maybe you shoulda
kidnapped a SWAT guy.
That's fair.
Okay. You know what,
counselor? Being the police...
...negotiator that I was, I think I
could give you a tip or two on...
...how to improve your
communication skills.
We could do this all day,
smart mouth.
We already know you guys are tight.
It's okay.
What are you asking me for?
It's all about cooperation
and trust, Jake.
We're here to stop a killing and
unfortunately we need you.
Everything's a test until we stop
these murderers.
Kesler and I go back, I don't know,
maybe ten years or so.
We were both in the
Academy together.
There we go. Now, don't forget to
mention that he's your...
...daughter's godfather.
- Okay. So we're close.
- Close enough to lie for him?
- What do you mean?
Those are classified papers, Jake.
Kesler was the subject
of an investigation by IAD.
He shot a suspect
but unfortunately...
...it wasn't on the clock
when he did it.
How'd you get these papers?
You guys cops?
IAD maybe?
Funny you'd say that.
Are you or do you know of...
...any corrupt cops in this city?
- That's not what I said.
I honestly don't give a shit.
I want to know why...
...you testified in his favor.
- Kesler was accused of...
...shooting a suspect in cold
blood. But this guy was dangerous.
Not only was he dangerous,
but he was holding...
...innocent people's lives
in jeopardy.
See, that's where it gets tricky.
You testified under oath that you
were at the scene.
You were a witness.
- That's right.
You were nowhere
near the scene...
...when the shooting went down.
- I think you should check the...
...court documents again.
- No. I think you should...
...take a look at this.
10:45, the same day. You couldn't
have been at two places at once.
When the suspect
Christopher Brown was shot...
...you were over an hour away
from the scene.
My wife had the credit card
that day.
We also have footage from
the gas station security camera.
You lied in court to save
your friend's career.
Christopher Brown was associated
with the local mob, okay.
There were witnesses
who saw what this guy did...
...but they were all too scared
to testify.
I did what I had to do.
- You lied! Kesler shot Brown...
...and you covered for him knowing
that he was guilty.
If Kesler said it was
self defense, I believe him.
Are you sure you know your
friend as well as you think?
So, that's what this is
about, huh?
You guys after Kesler?
- Look, we got enough evidence...
...to get you and Kesler fired from
the force. What we want is...
...for the both of you to help us
expose a conspiracy.
Okay. Give me proof of what you
claim, and then maybe we can...
...have a deal here.
I swear to you, Jake,
within the next hour...
...you'll know everything and
you'll see everyone...
...who's been implicated.
If you guys know who's behind this,
why don't you just expose them?
Like we said, these guys are...
...powerful enough to make
evidence, even people just...
We want you to call your friend...
...and ask him for his help.
We also need confirmation...
...of the target.
- What am I supposed to tell him?
You and Kesler are close,
and he owes you.
Okay? Whatever happened
in the past, you can change...
...something today.
- You understand what it's like...
...to have another person's life
in your hands.
There's no room for
self-pity here.
Time to step up.
Make the call.
I don't think I can do this.
You don't have a choice.
Call Kesler. Tell him you're...
...precinct has intel on a threat
against the city.
You need him for an unofficial
We'll feed you the info.
- What if I refuse?
That's funny. You see, I could blow
your head off...
...splatter your brains
all over the walls...
...and your daughter wouldn't
even wake up.
F..k you.
Is there something you need
to tell me?
Did I forget to mention?
...a deaf mute. Make sure she
understands what's going on...
...when you wake her up.
- You didn't tell me that.
It doesn't change a thing.
Now go get her!
- Wait!
Wait. Okay.
All right. I'll do it.
Hey, man.
- Hey, Jake. You okay?
- Yeah, pal, everything's just fine.
I'm glad...
...you called. Jess is
worried about you. She called me...
...last night.
Listen, I didn't call to talk about
of my wife, Kesler.
What's going on?
Listen, Kesler, I've got intel that
there's gonna be...
...an attack against the city
I'm talking about somebody
high profile.
Who's your intel?
I can't tell you that, pal.
...I need your help.
- Just tell me what you need.
- Okay.
I just need to get ready, Kes.
- Give me two minutes.
- Something else, buddy...
...this one's unofficial.
- I trust you.
Thanks, pal.
I'll get back to you.
I don't like using this guy. I hope
you guys know what you're doing.
Am I supposed to know this guy?
His name's Anton Fisher.
Kesler knows him.
This man is the key to
stopping today's attack.
We want Kesler and his team
to get to Fisher.
No. What you want is for me
to use my friend Kesler.
Do you even know where Fisher is...
...and what type of connections
he has?
Actually, I can't say I do.
But what I do know is...
...you're asking me to risk my
friend's life for...
...absolutely no reason at all.
Everything we told you today is the
truth. What these guys are...
...planning will bring the country
to its knees.
Fisher knows the target. He's the
only one that can stop it.
We're all risking something
here today.
Hey, Jake. I'm talking
Reese and Yanis with me.
What've you got for me?
- Okay, sounds good.
Listen, Kes, what can you tell me
about it Anton Fisher?
Anton Fisher, well, he's an
asshole who finances a...
...white extremist group. He has
been arrested a few times...
...but if you check the
police records...
...he comes as clean
as a baby's ass.
- That doesn't make sense, pal.
- Actually, it does...
...when your brother is Karl Fisher.
- The candidate?
The racist asshole whose
party preys on people's fear.
Okay, listen, Kes. What can
you tell me about Anton Fisher?
What else? I need something.
- Okay, what I'm about to...
...tell you is classified.
He was being...
...watched very closely,
but when his brother...
...Karl Fisher became one of the
front runner candidates...
...the investigation stopped.
Jake, why don't you...
...tell me what's going on, really?
Okay, listen, Kes, we have reason
to believe that Anton Fisher...
...is behind this attack on the
city okay? I'm hearing...
...an assassination attempt,
somebody high profile.
Tell me you're f..king with me.
No, I'm not.
What's going on?
Senator Kimball is in the
city. He's going...
...for private meetings
regarding last week's events.
- Are you sure, Kes?
- No one knows about it.
Listen to me, buddy.
I need you to find me...
...Anton Fisher. I need
you to find me...
...Anton Fisher right now.
When you do, call me...
...ASAP, you got it?
All right. Let me make
some calls. I'll find him.
- Okay. Kes, watch your back.
- Sure.
Thanks, pal.
So, you're starting to
believe us now?
I don't know. This Anton Fisher is
a low level crook.
He doesn't have the connections...
...he doesn't have the
power to really...
...pull anything like this off.
No, no, no...
You don't understand.
Karl Fisher is using his little
brother to...
Karl Fisher is getting very,
very close with Senator Kimball.
Right now.
- Jake, we have been working...
...for months on stopping this.
Fisher has been planning each of
his moves for years.
Okay? Today's attack is...
...just part of a long scheme
that he and...
...his supporters have been
waiting for.
We understand you don't
believe us.
That's why we want Anton Fisher
to tell you himself.
You guys, take that way.
I go this way.
Guys, we have a security breach.
Put your f..king gun down.
Nice and slow. That's it.
Very slow.
Put your hands up.
Turn around. Slowly.
- Kes, we got Fisher.
- Copy that. I'm on my way.
- What the f..k?
- He tried to shoot at us, man.
I want to see a f..king
warrant right now.
I don't think you understand.
You're not under arrest.
He said, you're not under arrest.
What the f..k are you doing?
You guys have any idea...
...what kind of trouble you're
getting yourselves into?
Anton Fisher, I assume you
know why we're here.
We've been watching
you for weeks.
We know everything.
We know about today's attack.
I want to see my lawyer. I got
nothing to say to you guys.
Yeah, well, we'll see
about that.
We know about the money
laundering. The fraud.
Your ties to your
white extremist group.
Check your facts.
I got a clean record.
I wonder why?
Then you should know.
Whatever you have on me...
...it's not gonna stick. In fact,
I'll be out of here in a...
...few hours.
Again, we're not here to
arrest you.
You're making a big mistake being
here, man. I'm gonna have...
...both your heads for this.
- Whatever you say.
Now, what we want to
know, is about today's attack.
I'm a businessman.
You got the wrong guy.
You're a f..king crook and you
should've been thrown in jail...
...a long time ago if it wasn't
for your brother.
Well, I have to admit, my
brother's political aspirations...
...have certainly made my business
That gives you freedom to do
shitty deals...
...without police snooping around.
Not bad.
You've got nothing on me.
You understand that we're talking
about national security, right?
So why don't you tell us what we
need to know?
Or this nice little
chat we're having...
...is gonna turn ugly.
- You can't touch me.
This is where you're
wrong, Anton. See...
This is your last chance.
What's going down, today?
That's how you want to play it?
All right.
All right.
It's done.
We have Anton Fisher.
Okay, that's good. Did he
tell you anything at all?
Not yet, but I can tell you that
motherf..ker is hiding something.
I think so, too.
Listen, we need confirmation
on the attack, okay?
You get this guy to talk.
Okay. Just tell me how far
you want me to go.
- As far as you need to, Kes.
- We are talking about...
...Karl Fisher's brother.
Are you sure? -Yeah.
Listen. We know that...
...you're involved in the attack.
We know that this attack...
...is going to happen today.
And most importantly...
...we know that Senator Kimball is
in Boston today.
I got nothing to say to you.
Who's your f..king target?
Go f..k yourself.
Get his f..king hand.
- You're starting to see it.
- I didn't say that.
You better get ready.
Don't say a word.
It's that kid Henry again.
Okay, listen to me.
Just relax. I told you...
...he was a rookie. I'll take care
of it, please, just, just relax.
Just do it fast.
- Okay.
- Now!
Henry, what do you want?
Sir, I know you said you didn't
want anything but...
...if you got a virus
you need to kill it.
I brought you some medication...
...from the pharmacy
down the street.
Okay, Henry. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- It's no problem, yeah.
- Great.
Aren't you gonna be late for work?
Yes, sir.
I understand, sir.
No, man! No!
I'm gonna f..king shoot you.
He's just a f..kin' kid.
We had a deal. You broke it!
He almost died because of you,
Where'd you take him?
Don't worry, he'll be fine.
Understand, we don't have
a lot of time.
Everything we're doing today
depends on you.
If we fail, people die.
Failure is not an option here.
That wasn't meant to happen,
We used our group to
launder money and...
...and deal a few things,
it's nothing major.
We don't give a shit about that.
We just want to know about today.
- I don't know.
- I think you do.
Who's behind it?
All right, listen.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't
push you like that. Okay?
Now, I need you to give me
I'll f..king kill you!
F..king degenerate!
If you do anything like that
...I will shoot Henry right
before your daughter.
Are we clear?
Say it.
Yeah, we're clear.
- Sit down!
- Don't you dare...
I'll f..king shoot you.
Get the file!
All right, hero, let's get back
into this.
I assume you know this man.
Malik Saidi.
What do you know about him, Jake?
Claimed to be part of some
terrorist group.
Took a classroom full of
ten year old kids hostage.
We tried everything.
We couldn't save the kids...
...but I guess you guys
saw the rest of it on TV.
And did you find any evidence that
he was part of this...
...terrorist group?
- Actually, no, we didn't.
- What did you find?
He was born in Pakistan.
He traveled back and forth
quite a bit.
We assumed that's where he made
most of his connections.
Back in Boston, we didn't really
find much of anything...
...just a little C4 left back in
his apartment.
Look at me.
F..king look at me!
Tell me what I need to know
and it stops.
Give me the gun.
His hand.
Wait, wait! Wait! Wait!
The evidence you found was
planted there.
It's true, Jake.
Malik Saidi was clean.
You and your men shot an innocent
man and you triggered that bomb.
A guy who kills kids can't be
called innocent in my books.
What if I told you he didn't
kill those children?
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
Are you that blind you can't see
the evidence right in front of...
...your f..king face?
I don't buy it.
I don't buy it.
Jake, why don't you call
Anton Fisher?
Ask him about Malik Saidi.
See what he says.
What would Fisher know
about Saidi?
Do it. Call Kesler. Tell Fisher to
tell you about Saidi. Do it.
Okay. Okay. I'll do it.
Yeah, Jake?
We got him. Listen to this.
Tell him what you just told us.
I'm part of a group called SNOW.
The group was created to finance
my brother's campaign and...
...manipulate the public.
What have you done?
Bribery. Blackmail.
Threats, payoffs...
...whatever was needed to make
sure the campaign was a success.
Did you get that, Jake?
Karl Fisher is in on it.
- Tell me about Malik Saidi.
I'm done talking here, man.
I'm a f..king dead man.
- It's okay. Tell him.
- Malik... Malik Saidi was...
...paid by SNOW.
- What did he do for you?
- He was hurtin' for cash so...
...I recruited him to move
We ended up stealing all the money
that was involved and...
...Saidi was left with a
debt that he couldn't repay.
You set him up.
We made him an offer
he couldn't refuse.
You sent him to the
Dumont school.
F..k that man,
that was not my idea.
You had Saidi claiming to be a...
...terrorist and he took all those
kids hostage. Why? What for?
It was all part of the
bigger plan.
Listen, man, the people needed...
They needed a...
...push this thing, for my brother
and his ideas.
Really? The whole f..king country's
falling into the hands of...
...blacks, latinos,
religious freaks.
We gave 'em a f..king push, man.
The people needed a push so
they could see that.
That's it, that's all.
F..k off.
Don't give me that f..king look.
I'm not the f..kin' monster here.
I'm a f..king patriot!
The country's at war and...
...nobody wants to do a
f..kin' thing about it.
So I do something and you give that
f..kin' look? Right.
- Jake, I guess you got that.
- Kes, Kes, listen to me.
You remember those attacks
the last couple of years?
We couldn't
find anything on Saidi...
...all the investigations that
didn't lead to anything...
...you remember that?
What do you think, maybe...
- Okay, hold on.
- You and your group were...
...behind those other attacks
on the city, right?
No f..king way. Go f..k
yourself, man. I'm done talking.
- We're just gettin' started.
- Motherf..ker.
Kes, listen to me, we're running
out of time.
Call me back when this piece of
shit tells you something.
My God.
Who are you?
How do you know?
I'll tell you this...
When life no longer has...
...any meaning, revenge becomes
its own reward.
Yeah well, I've done...
...everything you guys have asked
me to do, right?
I believe you're not lying
anymore. And I'm promising you...
...justice will be served, that's
what I do, I'm a cop...
...but you gotta promise me that
Henry, my daughter leave...
...this house right now.
- Let's face it, Jake.
We're not done here.
I'm glad you...
...finally opened your eyes but, no
one's leaving this house until...
...it's finished.
Anton Fisher's gonna tell us
exactly who's behind this...
...any minute.
Then, it ends.
Not exactly.
We don't want Anton Fisher...
...buying his way out of jail.
Let's face it, Karl Fisher is a
very powerful...
...very influential politician.
Even if his brother does testify,
then what?
This conspiracy's gonna blow
up. Everybody's gonna see it.
You just don't get it, do you?
Anton Fisher has already confessed.
He and his group have done...
...all the dirty work for
Karl Fisher, even...
...killing innocent children.
He is not living one more day.
Yeah. He is your key witness
to the whole conspiracy.
See, that's your problem, Jake.
You believe in a justice system
that has let this man get away...
...with this for years.
No. I'm making my own justice.
Okay. Hey, David...
You can't be agreeing
with this, man.
Sorry, Jake, but...
...Anton Fisher deserves to die.
Right. Yeah, I get it.
Little brother does...
...everything his big brother
tells him, I get it...
...how it works, yeah.
Last call, Jake. We want Kesler to
execute Fisher.
- Please, stop!
- Anytime, just tell me...
Just tell me what I need to
know. And I stop right here...
...right now. I swear.
- Stop bleeding.
Let me get you something
for the pain.
Okay, another one.
Untie Mr. Fisher and give me
the f..king phone.
Okay. Sure.
Go f..k yourself.
What the f..k?
How'd that feel, cowboy?
Next one's for Henry.
And I've got plenty left for
your daughter.
This is wrong.
Looks like it missed the bone.
Gee, thanks.
I'm doing the best I can.
You call this doing what you can...
- I said I'm f..king helping.
- What are you, a nurse?
Get your ass upstairs
and check on the girl.
You said no one gets hurt!
I said check on the girl.
David! Please...
Don't touch her.
- It's okay.
I'm just checking to make sure
she's still sleeping. That's all.
About that phone call, now that
you know I'm serious.
- I'm gonna kill you.
- I'm right here.
Jake. We have a problem.
She's fine. She's sleeping.
- What?
- We did it, little brother.
Anton Fisher's dead.
- So it's over.
- What's over?
- Nothing's over.
We still got a target out there.
My precinct can back us up.
No, Jake, you were right.
It was never about justice.
It was about revenge.
I wanted Anton Fisher...
...dead. It's not like
he didn't deserve it.
What happened with you
and Fisher?
I have my reasons. He's not the
only one responsible...
...for these killings.
- He did something really bad...
...to you, didn't he?
- Fisher destroyed a lot of lives.
Mine was just one.
- So now you blame me...
...for this attack. Why?
- You were one of the people...
...who should have seen this
coming. You were supposed to...
...protect our children. You could
have stopped Fisher.
- I didn't know.
- Because your daughter wasn't...
...a victim. Jake, you're as
guilty as the rest of them.
You killed an innocent man.
Man. No.
I was trying to stop...
...a terrorist from murdering
innocent children.
I had seconds to make a decision.
And you made the wrong one.
By killing Saidi, you took out...
...the one witness who could have
exposed the truth...
...behind these attacks.
People died, right? Maybe
that's something you can't...
...understand, but I gotta f..kin'
live with it.
Don't feel sorry for yourself.
You lost it, because you...
...pushed everyone away.
At least your family is...
...still alive. For now.
- You're not looking so good.
- I'm not feeling too good.
- Let him suffer!
- He's not gonna suffer, Kyle,
He's gonna pass out.
- I've got some meds upstairs.
Why does your brother want
to kill me?
You'll understand soon
enough. How you feeling?
I'm okay.
C'mon, we gotta go.
I gotta use the bathroom. Just give
me a couple of minutes, please.
You got twenty seconds. And
I'm right behind that door.
C'mon, Jake, what are
you doing in there?
Nothing, just give me a second.
C'mon, we gotta go.
Now. Let's go.
- Okay.
Well, you look like shit.
Getting shot does that to
you sometimes.
Good to see you still have your
sense of humor, because I have...
...one final task for you.
- Karl Fisher is a dangerous...
...and powerful man.
He must be stopped.
I could have a team follow
him day and night.
Tap his phone.
Sure. We can do that.
Or we could kill him.
No, you got no chance, man.
Security team he's got...
They'll shoot you before...
...you take one step into that
Who said anything about me?
Are you out of your mind?
What happens when Karl
Fisher sends a fake...
...terrorist to blow up your
daughter's school...
...do you ever think about that?
You want Karl Fisher dead?
Why don't you...
...f..king kill him yourself?
- Yes, I would love to, but...
...as you so eloquently stated,
I would never be...
...able to get close to him. You,
on the other hand, have met...
...our dear Senator Kimball
on several occasions.
They know you, they trust you...
...you're the only one
who could do it.
I would love to debate this
all day with you...
...unfortunately we're out of time.
It's not your fault.
It's not that.
Something's off.
Jake said something about Fisher.
So what?
I don't know, I think he
was trying to tell me something.
Some kind of old code that we used.
Jake didn't call us from the
precinct, did he?
Down! Down!
Okay, negotiator, I'm gonna make
this real simple for you.
Here's the drill. Karl...
...Fisher and Henry the
rookie. Two hostages.
In order for one to live
one dies. It's your...
...decision. You have ten
seconds. Choose.
Kyle, don't do it.
Kyle, look at me. Please,
look at me. Don't do it.
You'll regret it for the rest of
your life.
Five seconds.
Henry, I'm sorry.
Please, please, Kyle...
You can't do this. Look at me,
don't do it!
Time's up.
You shot a cop!
I told you that nothing would
stop me.
You've got forty minutes
to get to that meeting...
...and kill Fisher!
All right.
Guys, we got company.
There's three guys with a shitload
of guns.
We'll be able to track your
movements through the...
...security camera, but if anything
goes wrong...
...I don't need to tell you
what happens then.
You touch my daughter and
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm right here. David, take him
upstairs and get him cleaned up...
...get him ready.
Then bring the girl down.
- Let's go.
- On your way.
Do you know what that is?
Don't move.
Yeah, I've done this once or twice.
C'mon, big boy. Big galoot.
Don't die on me just yet, son.
C'mon, Jake, what are you
doing in there?
Give me a few seconds,
please. I think I'm gonna be sick.
No offense, man, but we
gotta get going...
That's it.
How does it feel?
I don't wanna kill you,
David. But this stops right now.
Get up!
Get up!
David, is that camera up yet?
- It's working just fine.
- Drop the gun Kyle.
- No.
- Not till you kill Karl Fisher.
David, you move and I'll put...
...a bullet right in the back of
your f..king skull.
You'll have to kill me first.
His son was a f..king student
at Dumont school, man.
His name was Jeremy.
Back off! Back off, Jake,
I'm telling you!
Back off! David!
I'll kill her. I will.
I'll do it!
No, you won't, Kyle.
...he's not gonna shoot you.
I'll do it.
I swear to God I will.
It's gonna be okay.
Kyle, you listen to me.
I know you won't shoot
cause I know what it's like...
...to lose a child.
I know about Jeremy.
You don't say his name.
You don't ever say his name.
You were supposed to protect him!
Hurting Kathy wasn't part
of your plan.
Please. Look at my baby
girl. She's got...
...nothing to do
with any of this.
She's my baby girl.
Please don't hurt her.
Kyle, he's right, man.
This is wrong.
She's a damn .kid. We shouldn't
f..king be here.
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry, baby.
Keep breathing, okay?
Stay awake.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I think someone's here to
see you.
Listen, Jake.
I hope you understand...
...it's your last chance to
get your family back.
Look at them.
Mr. Fisher, what can you tell us
about the recent events?
Well, what happened
was a tragedy.
And I want the people to know that
these attacks...
...will not go unpunished.
What can you tell us
about your brother, Anton Fisher?
My brother was a
good man and a patriot.
He was trying to protect our way of
life when he was murdered.
There have been rumors
of a conspiracy.
All I can tell you is that our
country has enemies.
And when the time comes, we will
all have to take sides.
We live in a beautiful country, but
we need to protect it.
Thank you, that will be all
for today.
One last word, please,
concerning Senator Kimball.
Senator Kimball was not only a
great man, he was a good friend.
His assassination is a declaration
of war on our country.
And we will not be intimidated and
we will not give in to fear.
Now we've been informed the
terrorist cells have emerged...
...in several cities,
including Boston.
There have been allegations of
mass arrests, based on...
...people of ethnic background
and religion.
Someone had to take
measures against these threats.
I'm not afraid to be that person.
One last question, Mr. Fisher,
are you declaring war...
...against terrorism,
or certain minorities?
We're done here.