Tepepa (1969) Movie Script

But this is a nice car.
Hotel, Seor? Hotel?
Visit the city?
Would you like to visit the Cathedral?
The prison.
For Tepepa.
For Tepepa.
All this for your
wonderful Tepepa...
He has only to live two hours.
Actually it comes convenient
are like... Tepepa and affect
negative impact on our balance sheet.
Tepepas people...
No, it was not difficult.
None of them carried a gun.
All were unarmed.
That was nice...
It was a kind of target shooting.
Just the thing for our recruits.
They were in shock paralyzed.
From a distance they
all lokked the same.
Only Tepepa... stood out.
Like a crazed eagle
in the middle of scarecrows.
I gave the order,
not to shoot him...
.. because I wanted him alive.
But that he did not know.
Nevertheless, he marched ahead,
Cascorro, I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
He's dead
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, you have your lunch
ruined, Seor...
Doctor Henry Price.
- Doctor of Medicine?
- Yes.
Colonel Cascorro.
Sit down.
Too bad...
that... we get to know us under such...
unpleasant circumstances.
Yes, that's a shame.
But I would still like to
take the opportunity.
Yes, I need to ask for a favor.
Ask away.
This... is Tepepa.
Did I understand it properly, Doctor?
According to this Italian scientists
you spoke of, this Lombroso...
..you can recognize a criminal by
the shape of his face?
Yes, Colonel.
The criminalcan be revealed by...
...the shape of the skull, jaw,
the ear lobes and teeth fix.
What about the ass, Seor?
The trained eye determines on the basis of
a comparative test of these elements...
the supposed criminal tendencies...
of an individual.
You would greatly simplify my work,
Persons with appropriate characteristics
would all be arrested immediately.
My studies has no such applications.
Would you allow me to examine
the prisoner at a better place?
Is the cemetery in order?
You will find him there tonight.
He is to appear at six o'clock.
Could you postpone the execution?
Well, Doctor, that's not up to me.
So is the law.
The law is made for those
who can read.
It is a law...
...the new government.
A law of Madero.
Madero know nothing of these things!
Madero would never allow this to happen.
You have made the law.
Madero would never pass such law!
I only perform his orders.
Madero is not a traitor!
He would never do such a thing!
He signed your death warrant.
That's not true!
You're a liar!
You son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
That's not true!
You son of a bitch!
Department halt!
Left to!
After him!
After him, you idiots!
Is that nice!
It's all yellow.
Is that nice!
Even the sky is yellow.
The doctor has a gun.
How come?
Let us split up!
Your after them there, the rest with me!
You go there!
You ass hole!
You ass hole!
Ei, ei, ei!
Well done, my boy!
Drive faster now, please, for I must go
to President Madero to talk to him.
My gun, please.
Thank you.
Very gently.
- What's going on?
- I want to kill you.
Why did you save me then?
Because I want to kill you
with my own hands.
Only courage.
- Stop!
- Stop the car!
Hold it!
Drive right through!
Hey Americans! If your coffee is ready...
...remember that I need
to see President Madero.
I'm English.
..and I drink tea.
Americans, British...
They're all blond.
Hey, you know what we do?
I pull and you push, okay?
Let's go.
Well, listen to me...
I said, I steer and you push.
Let's go.
Come on, Doctor!
Come on, let's go!
Let's go, hombre,
what's going on?
Come on, go, go!
Let's go! Yes, just like that.
That's it.
Faster, Doctor! Faster!
Faster! Fast...
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go, faster...
Yes, just as...
- Hey Doctor, what do I do?
- Brake!
- Brake!
- Where is the brake?
- Brake, God damn it!
- Where? Where? Doctor!
- Oh, horror!
- Where is the brake?
For Heaven's sake!
Doctor, where is the brake?
For Heaven's sake!
Where is it? Where is it?
Was he alone?
- Are you American?
- No.
- And do you like Mexico?
- No!
Do you like Mexico?
Why not?
Do not bother the gentleman.
Excuse me, Seor...
The child has never seen a foreigner.
You always ask too many questions.
It is better if the answers are not
known to certain questions.
Do you agree to that, Seor?
Do you know what they call me, Seor?
"El Piojo".
"The Louse".
Because I can not wash myself.
I can not even scratch me!
Do you understand?
Do you like Mexico?
There is no message.
The British Embassy
has not responded.
I can not stay here any longer.
Put me in another cell!
There is no other cell, Seor.
I can pay.
- It is not possible.
- How much do you want?
- Dollars, Seor?
- Yes, dollars.
It is not possible.
Just a moment, Seor.
The government will pay us a pittance,
and there are six in my family.
My wife is old, Seor.
She is a housewife.
Lie down next to her.
I have do not have too to worry?
Is that true, Seor?
What was that?
Holy Madonna!
What was that?
Ei, ei, ei...
Congratulations, Doctor.
You got married, right?
Sorry, Seora.
- Tepepa?
- Here.
No, no...
Do not you see, I'm busy, Tepepa?
I'll be right there.
Just a moment.
- Francisco!
- Yes, Tepepa?
The dominions...
Good evening.
Hello Raul.
How's it going, Martinez?
It was a very good idea Tepepa,
Have you come for me?
No, because of Pedro.
- Smuggling, what?
- Bigamy.
- What is it?
- It is illegal too have a second wife.
Come on...
All right, all right.
The dynamite speaks louder than I?
Out with you!
Let's go!
Everyone out here.
Out with you!
- Tepepa!
- Yes?
- Pedro!
- Tepepa!
- How are you?
- Tepepa!
- My friend.
- Comrade.
Tepepa does not forget his friends,
right, Pedrito?
Tepepa... comrade.
Hello little one.
And who is this?
- Does he belong to you?
- My son.
And the mother?
He seems a to be bright boy?
How did that happen?
The Rurales.
They robbed you?
Shame, shame, shame
shame, shame, shame, shame.
I would have need for your hands Pedro.
Adios, adios.
Let's go!
Hey... Hey!
Good day, Doctor.
Did you leave your wife yet?
The Doctor is British.
An important man.
He wants to kill me, right?
You son of a bitch.
That's enough.
I said that's enough!
What is this?
Pretty, huh?
Should I make him cold, Tepepa?
The doctor is a much too
sentimental type.
And you?
Even so, I can be useful to you.
Do not send us away, Comrade.
So good.
We are already a few hands raised.
Who was that?
Who was that?
The Rurales.
The Rurales.
Because he was a friend of Tepepa.
My God, my God.
What cruelty...
What cruelty.
To destroy these beautiful
white and delicate hands...
Ei, ei, ei...
What is wrong with our country?
What unfortunate country.
What a sad, unhappy and
poor country Mexico is.
Among all those
I know, only two could...
Only two could write.
One can not do more
because he has no hands.
And the other is dead
What a shame for Mexico,
A country in which only the rich...
the priests and the generals can write.
And we will never know what they write,
since we are not able to read something.
We are a uneducated bunch.
We are a uneducated bunch, but...
Let's go, muchachos!
I give you the gun and you write.
Then maybe you're kill me.
Seor Madero excellence...
Seor Madero excellence...
No, no, no. Give it to me, give it to me.
Seor Madero...
No, no.
Seor Madero...
President Madero...
Comrade Madero...
Comrade Madero!
Comrade Madero...
Do you remember...
at the 23... June...
In the house in Cuzco...
...where you hid youself...
and... waited for a man.
Jesus... Jos... Moran.
Jesus Jose Moran.
That was my father.
In that house...
in that house...
...that was mine.
Do you remember how my father
you brought a message of Pancho Villa?
The Rurales had the go and shot him.
My father brought you the message...
and laid there...
already dying.
Calm down, sir.
- For Madero.
- Yes, Father.
Seor Madero?
Seor Madero?
Seor Madero...
The Rurales
my father is wounded.
- Where is Madero?
- He's here. Stay calm.
Where is he?
He writes a letter.
Stay calm.
- Young man.
- He is calling you.
Go away.
Yes, Father.
- Do you know where he had gone?
- Yes, Seor.
Can you find there?
Yes, Seor.
Then go back.
It much depends on you.
Easy, father...
Take it easy...
Take it easy...
Take it easy...
Take it easy...
Now you have to go.
Do you remember how urgent
you had it, comrade?
You said:
"The revolution will not wait".
t will not wait".
And you did not let me see my father die.
Let's go ahead, Doctor.
Do you remember Madero...
the 30th... September...
We had won.
Tepepa, what are you doing?
Mr. President...
Do you remember me?
Jesus Maria Moran...
aka Tepepa.
Land and Freedom.
Do you remember?
You do not remember?
Anyway, Mr. President.
I took this gun from the army,
to fight against the army.
Now I return it to the army.
Who won,
the revolution or the army?
The Revolution.
- And the army?
- The army serves the state.
And we have now
the control of the state.
The state?
The organization of all citizens.
- Rich and poor?
- Rich and poor.
Then we have done something
wrong, President.
For it has all remained the same.
No. The rich will be less rich
and the poor less poor.
And how will that work?
Thanks to the new laws,
which will be follow the army.
The same army, against
which we have fought?
These there?
Look, Seor Madero...
...I trust you,
when you say these things.
But it's hard for me
to believe what you say.
I think this is a good opportunity
if you would tell us what you think.
Or, General?
A general does not think
Mr. President. He obeys.
And he obeys neither the rich nor the poor.
He obeys the country.
Do you see? You said "state",
and he "Fatherland".
Ask him if its arms is allowed
to be part of the fatherland.
Excuse me very much, Mr. President.
There are many things I do not understand.
It is a real shame
because this is a very nice rifle.
I want you to take it.
If we need it again one day,
you give it to me again.
Agreed, but it is all good.
You'll see.
God willing, Seor.
Long live Madero!
- Long live Madero!
- Long live Madero!
- Country and Liberty!
- Country and Liberty!
But it was not all good,
Comrade Madero.
You can not imagine,
because you were not there on the day.
And no one would have told you.
But I... was there.
I worked on the hacienda, it belonged
before the Revolution to... Don Calixto.
During the Revolution
it belonged to the peons.
And now that the revolution is over,
it belonged again to Don Calixto.
It pleases you that Don
Calixto is here again.
He has returned from Europe.
Apparently it does not please you.
I'm sorry,
but he is nevertheless back.
Of course he reposess his house..
His country also.
All land.
- Is that clear?
- No, Seor.
And who are you?
Jesus Maria Moran, aka Tepepa.
Land and Freedom.
Nice name, my boy.
What's the deal with this
" Land and Freedom " all about?
Rightful owners take away the land?
Ask the President
what this is all about.
Out of the question!
I'm not as outrageous as you
We must all obey the laws,
don't you think?
- Do you not agree?
- No, Seor, no.
And why not?
Well, first, because we made
a revolution.
And second, because we have won, Seor.
Is there also a third reason,
to violate the law?
There is a new law.
The agrarian reform of President Madero.
That is still no law.
First, it must be prepared
and submitted to the Parliament.
Parliament then discuss them
and possibly adopt it.
But up to that time the law still
protects private property.
And the land belongs to its owners.
- No, Seor.
- But, Seor.
No, no, this is not possible.
Because we have made a revolution
and they won.
Times have changed.
I am the law, my boy.
And you..
Are... nothing.
You begin to to get on my nerves.
I declare you under arrest!
And now, seor?
What am I now?
A man with a death sentence.
We prefer to leave before he
does something unreasonable.
And we?
You go with him, Don Calixto.
Do not worry, Don Calixto.
We will retreat.
We will calmly retreat.
God assist them.
Take it easy...
They returned, in fact.
All these peons died.
As you know, the machete is one thing,
the machine gun another.
I remained alone,
and it seems impossible...
that the revolution...
is said to have been good for nothing.
We need to meet, comrade Madero.
We need to talk.
If you should not call us this time,
we'll call you.
Jesus... Maria Moran.
Alias Tepepa.
Land and Freedom.
Thank you.
Do you kill me, or not?
Another time. Thank you.
Hurry up, Piojo.
And tell all to Madero,
which is not in letter.
Pass on to Paquito.
- Piojo, God bless you.
- See you soon.
- Adios, Papi.
- Adios Piojo.
Adios, Tepepa.
But now I'm hot!
Show yourself, Seorita!
Yes, dance for me, Chica!
Get rid of the Sombrero!
Show yourself, Seorita!
Hey... Doctor.
Not for you?
If you want, I call you
as soon as I'm done.
- Hey!
- Hey...
Let him get some air!
Let's go.
There is no bullets in it.
- What?
- It is not loaded.
The girl is sick.
Probably appendicitis.
Is that bad?
You could die if the
appendix is not removed.
What do you need to do it?
At least some light.
And all the alcohol you can find.
She needs to rest.
Moistens the lips from time to time,
but don't let her drink anything.
Doctor, please help my boy.
Have you seen?
Someone like you is important here.
They have never seen a doctor their lives.
Why do not you stay with us?
Doctor... come here.
I think we now know better.
I have thought of you often.
And I think...
So, for me it is clear
you are uneducated as we all are.
And do you know why?
Maybe you know a lot about the intestine,
the ears, the appendix, the nose...
but... about the soul you know nothing.
Think about it.
Is one it not stupid if he wants to kill the
other, even though he does not know him?
Are you sure I'm the man
you are looking for?
Jesus Maria Moran.
Alias Tepepa.
No, no, no. Just a moment.
These are two different things.
Jesus Maria Moran or Tepepa.
There we have it!
Mexico is full with Tepepas.
There are Tepepas in Santa Cruz, in
Yucatn, in Guadalajara, in Mexico City.
Even in this village
there is still another Tepepa.
There are louder Tepepas.
Wait a minute. Mother...
- How many Tepepas are there in Mexico?
- Many.
A single Tepepa has made revolution
in Morelos.
I've never been in Morelos.
Never, never, never and never again.
Do not believe me?
- Yes, Tepepa?
- Come here!
What is Tepepa?
Francisco... we made the
revolution together, right?
We were always together, right?
Were we ever in Morelos?
No, never, Tepepa.
You still don't believe me, right?
So good.
I do not know how you feel about your
mother, but mine is important to me.
Got it?
I swear to you at the head of my mother.
- Tepepa!
- What is it?
Madero is here!
Madero is here!
Where is our president?
Where is he?
Where is he?
He expects us on the road to Toluca.
He expects us on the road to Toluca...
On the road to Toluca...
Marieta! Marieta!
Paquito! Paquito! Paquito!
Yes, Dad?
A gift for you.
Let's go, Piojo.
Piojo, what are you waiting for?
Let's go!
Paquito is to know Madero.
Madero can not wait for you!
Let's go!
No, I want to wait for my son.
You really look as Mendoza.
Exactly like Mendoza.
Believe me, I swear.
He is the image of Mendoza,
only smaller.
- Who is this Mendoza?
- An Admiral.
We have shot him in Morelos.
And before he died, he cried:
"Long live...
Long live the Navy!"
Hey Admiral!
Let's go!
Let's go, Admiral.
At your service, Admiral.
Let's go!
Come calmly.
Madero has indeed nothing better to do.
Yes, the longer he waits,
the more he enjoys it.
- Come on, give me Paquito. I'll take him.
- No, no, it's okay.
We're almost there.
Tepepa... There he is.
With no escort.
Only Madero.
I see it.
Why are you telling me,
that he has no escort Piojo?
Because he has none.
Just like you wanted it, right?
Exactly how I wanted it...
It is very difficult for a father,
that havee no hands...
...raise his child without a mother,
is not it Piojo?
Right, Piojo?
It is also difficult
to find a greater fool than me!
Not true, Piojo? Huh?
One! Two! Three! Four! Five!
So! So!
So! To Hell with you, you damned bastards!
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
as in heaven, so on earth.
Give us our Daily Bread
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive our Sinners.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Brave horse.
Well done, good...
Come come
Stay down, stay down.
- And your father?
- He's dead
- The Rurales?
- Tepepa.
Juanito! Juanito!
Juanito, where are you?
I have fired all my shots.
Who betrayed us?
- El Piojo?
- No.
It was not El Piojo,
who betrayed me. He was not.
It was someone from above.
The Honorable President of the Republic,
Don Francisco Madero, has betrayed us all.
Mexico and the Revolution.
As long as only one peon in Mexico are...
...without land,
Madero is to blame.
And as long as there in Mexico
only are single landowner..
Madero... so is to blame.
As long as here in Mexico only
a single Rurale shoots around...
Burns down... things and killing people,
as was done here, Madero's fault.
And if Madero knows nothing
he is still to blame!
And the less he knows about all this,
the more he is to blame!
Do you think that when Madero
has betrayed the revolution...
...we should tell them too?
Do you find that when Madero sit down
we should sit down too?
And you will find that when Madero craps,
we should also shit?
- No!
- No!
When Madero craps,
we shit on Madero!
They will find us hard.
At least for a while.
Doctor, you see the street there? They
will take you directly to Ciudad Juarez.
You can not lose your way.
Paquito, let's go.
- Paquito comes with me.
- It comes with with you?
Look at that...
If you go away so far
you need money, Paquito.
That was your father.
Now it's yours.
Take it. Take it.
It belongs to you.
Yes, a good thing.
What a life, is it not, Doctor?
One comes, the other goes.
But I'm happy.
Because you have changed your opinion
about me.
I have not changed my opinion
about you.
- Let's say I have a doubt, nothing more.
- Where are doubts, there is hope, Doctor.
Go with God.
Adios Paquito.
- Juan, the horse!
- Yes.
What now, Tepepa?
Find men, raise arms
and begin the a new fight.
Dr. Price?
The train to California
continues this afternoon at 5:30.
Thank you. Come
- Please settle the bill.
- Immediately, Seor.
Do you have the intention of
to leave us, Doctor?
This early?
Did you enjoy your stay
in Mexico?
It was an interesting
and educational experience.
And then why do you no longer stay with us?
- Please?
- Nearly 20 years, for example?
If your criminal
responsibility is assigned.
Their studies on Tepepa...
Tepepas cheekbones,
his forehead, his ears.
The whole thing is contradictory.
Lombroso's theory is not absolute.
Certain somatic data ca nnot always
tella criminal nature.
You see, doctor, police logs, however,
can be tell always.
I assure you.
Who is that?
What is your name?
I knew your father.
It's gone wrong.
Too bad.
And the money?
Has Tepepa taken it?
Why not?
The father has done it for him.
He has accepted the money
because of him.
Well, wait for me.
- I'll be right there.
- " I'll be right there "?
I do not know.
I have a long journey behind me,
to talk with you.
I hope not,
that I have wasted my time.
Sit down.
It is better to make yourself comfortable.
Jesus Maria Moran, aka Tepepa.
Are you sure
that we are talking about the same person?
15 January 1910, Morelos.
Hacienda of Juan de Gonzalvo Corua.
Testimony of
Eduardo Ordonez, Peon.
It was four o'clock in the afternoon.
On that day we refused to work.
The employer has not even paid us a little
, which would have been enough...
for some corn.
For our children to buy.
We had gathered in the yard,
when the Hazienderos picked us up.
Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
Let's go!
Line up!
And you. Step forward!
Miguel, the chief Haziendero said nothing.
He sought only five of us from
and let her undress.
They always did that when they flogged us.
Days earlier, one of our comrades
died of the lashes.
Etc.., Etc., etc.
The rest is not interesting.
Ah, that here already.
Testimony of
Carlos Santa Maria, Peon.
They had already whipped
the first four.
Now, Juan was in turn... etc. etc.
Not interesting.
Ah, here we have it.
Suddenly a gang of men on horses.
The other!
The one they called Tepepa shot first.
Take this
Land and Freedom.
Testimony of
Vicente Moreno, accountant.
I saw Miguel die
and I saw who killed him.
I immediately rushed far away from
the employer's house
Don Juan, Madero's men
have killed Miguel!
No need to yell.
How many are there?
Testimony of
Virgen Maria Escalante, domestic workers.
I was in the room of Seorita Consuelo.
She had just finished bathing
and I was there...
during drying her...
and to assist in dressing.
Good day.
All of a sudden he stood there.
The daughter of the employer?
Get out of here!
Am I dirty?
And now...
Get her away.
The Old.
No! No! No!
I told you,
you shall bring away the old.
Testimony of
Lieutenant Luis Siqueiros...
Police Commander... of Corua.
Sorry, we could not do anything more
for Seorita Consuelo de Corua.
When we arrived,
it was too late.
Seorita! Seorita!
That's all, Doctor.
This is Tepepa.
If you have any interest,
would like to meet an agreement.
Fresh fruit! Fresh fruit!
- Good day.
- Go with God.
Fresh fruit!
What are you doing here?
Come on.
My wives...
Sit down.
- And your father?
- He's dead
Oh, I'm sorry.
I know that many were killed.
Is it true
that someone has been spying?
No, that's not true.
Well, that was told in the village so...
And Tepepa, where is he now?
In the mountains.
In the mountains?
And where?
In the Sierra.
Listen, my boy.
Tepepa and the other
are greedy for weapons.
For me Tepepa was always
a good customer, but nothing more.
But for you it should
be something more important.
Or have you become a friend to the police?
What a great thing!
It is like a cannon.
What a great thing!
Seor Chu...
I would take them.
But how shall I...
pay you?
The boy has already paid.
Thank you, Paquito.
So you got us weapons
bought with your money?
It was government money,
not mine.
And who told you,
that it was government money?
Cascorro said it.
Juan, grab a couple of men
and look around in the area.
Alright, Tepepa.
Let's go!
- Where have you seen Cascorro?
- With the Gringo.
Come back!
Load everything.
We must get away from here.
Cascorro is coming.
Hey Seor Chu...
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- After Ciudad Jurez.
- You stay here.
- But...
Stand still!
We will need lots of water.
Take as much as you can,
and do not waste a single drop.
- Marieta...
- Yes?
What is the most important thing for a human
being, who wants to cross the desert?
And if someone has a
large water storage with him:
- What does this mean?
- That he would like to cross the desert.
All right.
If you've come out
also Cascorro will come out.
That's all what Seor Chu
could say.
And if Seor Chu did not tell him?
He told him.
Hold it!
Captain, look.
We have seen them.
You are in the desert, two miles from here.
Do you have a match, Doctor?
I know.
That was not part of the deal,
but... I can not take any chances.
Stop the engine.
We have again the stupidity of Men.
As soon as they hear sounds it
makes them worried.
You realize that it is goats
and calm down.
Just why are these goats there?
Think nothing of it.
This is exactly worrying.
Kill those women!
Take cover!
Get off and turn on the engine.
Now I kill that spy.
No, he is a prisoner.
Just see.
Damn bastards!
On you!
What is it, Colonel?
Is it broken?
Good... Get out,
we need to go.
What we need to do
we can not do alone.
Do you remember that you had your own ideas
regarding " land and liberty "?
I'll take you to a place where you
can spread your ideas in front of people.
Go straight, dear Colonel.
That does your buttocks well.
Braves horse.
Hey, careful, dear Colonel.
Braves horse.
There he is, compaeros.
I have given you Colonel
Cascorro personally
- Are you seriously injured leader?
- Ei, ei, ei.
I'll help you.
Tepepa want to live.
My God...
My God...
My God...
My God...
My God...
Mother, Mother, Mother,
Mother, Mother.
We must have the Seorita
to speak in Morelos.
Seorita in Morelos...
We did not know at that time.
How was I to know
that that was your Seorita?
Your was...
I thought
that it would please her.
Caution, Doctor.
I have done nothing wrong.
I've only done that,
what men make with women.
That what you also did
too du..
Look, doctor,
I would like to say that the women...
...all the same.
You are...
Well, they are all
cut from the same wood.
But what is a girl
compared to the revolution?
I did not want...
Listen to me a moment to...
A doctor must not kill, right?
Of course not.
If someone has a PhD...
he has to save one.
A doctor must not kill.
That's for sure...
That's for sure.
A doctor has to save one.
A doctor must save a...
He has to save one.
He must rescue a...
He must rescue a...
How stupid.
How stupid.
Imagine Doctor...
you had me...
killed because of a Seorita.
Because of a Seorita...
Because of a Seorita...
Because of a Seorita...
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, dear God.
He's dead
No Did you like the gringo?
The Gringo did not like Mexico.
Ei, ei, ei!
Watch out, here comes Tepepa!