Terlalu Tampan (2019) Movie Script

From head to toe
Youre always in my heart
Those countless sleepless nights
Thinking of you
Your look is teasing me
Your charm is crippling my sanity
Have you ever thought,
what it feels like to be a handsome guy
...loved by many
just like in the movies or drama series?
I bet a lot of people think
...having an above-average look
is way more fun.
Some even say pretty or handsome people,
they have less life problems.
But the truth,
is that what really happens?
Being good looking is all about genes.
I was born in a family
known for their handsomeness.
This is my big brother, Mas Okis.
For him, his good-looking face
is an asset.
Hi, everyone. Just finished working out.
Hey, Tasya.
Thanks for the snacks. I loved it.
And this is my dad.
From his earlier times,
he is known as womanizer.
An ex bad ass boy
who managed to date 1,200 girls.
A record that Mas Okis is trying to break.
Shut up.
You bunch of cockroaches.
So bad ass!
That was before he met my mom.
He changed for good.
Kulin, Okis, Papa! Let's have breakfast!
Our handsomeness also comes from our mom,
who is...
...handsome too.
Breakfast is ready!
-Morning, Dad.
-Morning, Okis.
-Morning, Mom.
-Morning, Son.
Kulin, out of my way.
Mom, someone is going to send us
some food later.
-The usual. Give me some.
I'm off!
What the...
Okis, get changed, will you?
You're all sweaty.
Mom, for handsome men, drenched in sweat
increases the heart rate of women up to
-Ninety percent.
-Archewe Johnson!
2012. My boy.
Despite of being a really weird family,
they mean the world for me.
Only they can accept me for who I am.
Kulin, eat up.
By the way. My name is
Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino.
People call me
Mas Kulin!
Go buy some rice, Sweety.
I'm taking a dump.
This is the most annoying part of my life.
Youre the handsome one
Youre the one I love
This heart has found its cradle
Youre the man I adore
Because I'm
Of course,
learning from past experience...
...I found a way to minimalize
the excessive effect of my handsomeness.
Even it if means I have to spend
almost 100 percent of my time at home,
I'm still a normal teenager.
I still have a friend to play with.
Even if I could pass online college,
there's no way the test is online too.
Anto, who are you kidding?
Okay. I'm not looking.
You cheated, Anto?
Is he talking to a fish?
That's not normal, Mom.
I should've bought him a cat instead.
A cat is not the issue here.
We should've encouraged him to socialize.
He's hopeless, Mom.
Kis, he's your own brother.
If we can't make him
to live a normal life,
you want to take care of him
after we're gone?
What are we supposed to do then?
You've got skills in basketball, you know?
If you join a basketball club now,
I bet you'll make it to the national team.
I'd rather play chess.
He always finds silly excuses.
Same thing.
Just like last month.
Kulin, my man.
Want me to set you up
with my girlfriend's sister?
My man.
You won't say no to this one.
She has a lot of followers.
This one is irresistible. Take a look.
-Look, she's the best in her league.
-Not interested.
Kulin, my man.
What type of girl you want then?
She has to be cute.
But most importantly...
...has no interest in me.
We can do this.
We will find a way.
Why Omalin?
Formalin is used for face wash, Kis.
Get ready. Handsome-Four enters.
Honey, we really need to save up money.
Have you got any other job offers?
Should I take the soap opera job?
You promised not to take any job
that only relies on your looks.
Not to mention
the outrageous filming schedule.
You'll be having a hard time
memorizing your lines at this age.
Okay, the target is in.
But it's good money, Dear.
We could use it for Kulin's final semester
of homeschooling.
That's the biggest out
of the other expenses.
I would rather save up
and only eat scrambled eggs from now on...
...than to see you take that job.
Well done, Dad.
Now, get ready for the tearjerker part,
Dad, okay?
In 3, 2, 1
Forgive me, Honey.
Dad, don't be too dramatic.
This isn't a soap opera.
Forgive me, Honey.
I have failed this family.
It's all right, Honey.
We can get through this.
We will find a way.
Okay, cut!
What are you reading, Honey?
Job vacancies, Honey.
I have contacted this one.
Still looking for the right one.
Honey, I only cooked scrambled egg
for breakfast. Is that okay?
That's fine, Honey.
Morning, Kulin.
Mom, Dad.
What's the matter, Dear?
Forgive me.
I know...
I've been a burden to both of you.
You think I'm meaner than you
Be quiet.
...have decided...
I'll go to a regular school
for the next semester.
Yes! Kulin, my man!
You are making the right decision,
you will not regret it.
Why? Because once you go there
and meet a lot of pretty girls,
they're all yours!
That is a big deal.
A huge deal.
That's why, you will need this book.
I have just made 50 copies of this.
I wrote it based on my experience
On one condition.
It has to be an all-boys school.
Why are you so stupid?
Let's celebrate this.
-Just a second.
Kulin. Don't you want to go
to a common school?
Here you go!
Let's celebrate this. Come here, Son.
Ready? One, two, cheese!
Take care, Kis.
-Yes, Dad.
-Drive safe.
-Bye, Kulin.
Our son, Honey.
Can you believe it?
You sure you want to go to this school?
It's all boys. See? Yikes!
School is for studying,
not goofing around or dating.
Okay then.
What do you mean?
Just give me the helmet.
-I'm wearing it.
-I need to pick up Cindy, Lin.
Hey, helmet guy! Good luck!
You can do it, Kulin.
Just endure it for 180 days.
Everything is going to be just fine.
Yes, Bro, I'm sorry.
Yes, Bro.
I'm going to show you
how to tone up your muscles.
Who is he?
What's with the helmet, Dude?
This is my seat.
Get lost.
That seat is for our bags.
Get lost.
Bu Deg is coming!
Good morning!
Now you're all panicking!
Hey, Kibo!
Aren't you a social major?
What are you doing here?
Go to your classroom!
-Get going!
-Yes, Ma'am.
And you. Where's your seat?
-I don't have a seat, Ma'am.
-I can't hear you.
I'm a new student, Ma'am. Kulin.
Gosh, still can't hear you.
Take off that helmet and speak up.
You think this is a racing circuit?
-Take it off.
-Take it off!
-Hurry up! You're delaying this class.
-I'd better not, Ma'am. I'm serious.
I'll count to three.
If you don't take it off,
I'll report you to the principal.
-Take it off!
Take it off!
What happened?
How did it happen?
It's all because of the new kid, Sir.
Bu Deg couldn't handle his face.
He's too handsome to handle.
Where is that boy?
Geez. Is that a face or grocery?
You are really asking to be wanted.
Do you know him,
and me?
He's new here.
A new student, I forgot.
Never stop at all cost!
Never miss the chance to fight!
Never yield to win!
We are Three Tak!
What are you laughing at?
-Want me to smash that pretty face?
-No, don't.
Do you know why you're here?
Do you?
I want you to bring this proposal
to BBM High School.
A prom night proposal.
For the last three years,
our school has failed
for this joined up prom night with them.
It's all because of Amanda,
The Overly Beautiful One.
She said I'm not good enough
to be her prom date.
Man, I'm Sidi! I'm handsome, right?
-You are handsome, Boss.
-I'm handsome, right?
You're unmatched.
I'm handsome, right?
I want you to make Amanda like you.
Then persuade her
into approving the prom proposal.
Because I saw...
...you managed to make Bu Deg faint...
...with the power of your handsomeness.
Hey, Kibo.
You're in the prom committee, right?
-Admit it.
-Yes, I am.
You go with him.
I don't expect you to fail.
Because if you fail
Erno, show them what happens if they do.
It's actually hard being handsome.
First day of school
and you already got yourself in trouble.
Where are we?
The school warehouse.
Which way is the principal's office?
Once you get out of here,
go straight to the main building.
Take the stairs.
The principal's office is on your right.
Thank you.
Dude! Where are you going?
That was bullying.
I'm going to report them to the principal.
-You're a victim too.
-Aren't you fed up getting bullied?
-It's not like that.
I don't think we need to report them.
Trust me.
Hey, Dude!
Sidi and his gang have done
three types of direct bullying.
Verbal, physical,
and damage to property.
You can't just let it slide.
This time, Sidi and his friends...
...their action and behavior
are unforgivable.
They even refused to graduate
for the past three years...
...because of this joined up prom thing.
It's not a big deal, isn't it?
Can you imagine his future?
I think...
It's better if you just do
what he asked. Okay?
But this is bullying, Sir.
You still have the guts to talk back?
Then you two will never graduate
from this school.
Is that what you want?
Just so you know.
Sidi is my youngest son.
So, as his father,...
...I beg you, Kulin.
Please do as he says.
Won't you guys be happy too
if this prom thing succeeds?
I'm very proud to have a student
like you, Kulin.
See, I've told you.
How did you get yourself
into this whole business with Three Tak?
My brother and Sidi
were in the same class.
My brother used to beat Sidi
in every futsal game.
So, after my brother graduated,
Sidi took his revenge on me.
Does this prom thing matter so much
that we have to deal with a guy like Sidi?
What do you want me to do?
That baffles me too.
But you're still on this with me, right?
I don't want to prolong
the time I have to spend here.
Even just for a day.
We haven't introduced ourselves.
I'm Kibo, class XII-S2.
Not because of my frizzy hair.
It's just my real name, Kibo.
I'm Kulin, class XII-A4.
Can I have your number?
So we can contact each other
to deliver the proposal to BBM.
Is this BBM High School...
...an all-girls school?
We're so dead.
Hey, Ugly Face! Go away!
-Go home!
-Just go home!
We just want to deliver
the joined up prom proposal!
With that look, don't even dream
to have a prom with us!
Hey, your friend!
Let us see how you look!
Do you look like an iguana?
Take off that freaking helmet!
I'll just take it off, okay?
-Don't, Lin.
-But what if we can't graduate?
Calm down, please!
Take the helmet off!
Let me take it off, okay?
Dozens of all-girls
BBM High School students...
...lost their consciousness
and had to be hospitalized.
Meanwhile, hundreds of others
were injured and experienced mild shock.
It is reported
that the cause of this incident...
...is the appearance of a student
from the all-boys Horridson High School.
Who is allegedly too handsome to handle,
as witnesses said.
Desti is reporting live
from the suspect's house.
Miss Amanda, are you ready?
We're ready for next scene.
But everyone is waiting for you on set.
Well, okay then.
We're here with the brother
of the suspect.
Mas Okis.
-Just call me Okis.
Could you please tell us
how it all started?
How come Kulin's handsomeness
wasn't exposed up until now?
It all started from the childhood trauma
he had due to his handsomeness.
Here you go.
This one's for you and you. Have fun.
-Hello, Uncle.
-For one ticket, 35.000 rupiahs.
-Here you go, Uncle.
-Don't you have any smaller bill?
Sorry, Uncle, it's all I got.
You little...
So badass!
Please, curse at me too!
Here, Uncle, just keep the change.
-Thanks, Uncle.
-Thank you.
Have fun. Next.
Kulin's house. Here it is.
Hello. Have a drink.
-Thank you, Aunty.
-Thanks, Uncle.
-That's his mom, Dumbass.
-Oh, God. Aunty, I'm so sorry.
It's all right. Call me Mommy.
-Yes, Dear?
-This is the living room, right?
-Just a sec.
Come, let's go inside.
I'll show you around.
Come here. Over here is
The suspect's house
looks crowded right now.
It's flooded with mainly survivors
of the mental attack...
...in BBM High School this afternoon.
There are also various model
and talent agencies...
...eager to meet and sign Kulin.
Kulin's parents are taking advantage
of this situation...
...by opening
Tour The Life of Mas Kulin...
...that has been going on
since 4 o'clock this afternoon.
With only 35.000 rupiahs...
...people get to experience a tour
Kulin's house of many years.
As a bonus, you can get...
...a copy of my book,
1001 Ways to Get a Girl.
Unfortunately, we haven't been able
to find or reach Kulin up to this moment.
-Back to the studio, Rosa.
-Thank you, Desti.
Latest update, it is reported that...
...the suspect was seen wearing a sweater
and a helmet around the Central City Park.
Hey, isn't that him?
-Kulin, my man!
-Hi, Son.
Where are you, Son?
Why aren't you home yet?
-When will you go back home, Kulin?
-Why should I?
You guys sold me out.
Sweetheart, we don't mean to sell you out.
That's not true.
Yes, it's not like what it seems, Kulin.
Uncle! Is this picture for sale?
Your son is so handsome!
Hey, can you guys shut up?
You little geckos!
Just go home now.
I will if you guys stop selling me out.
Uncle and Aunty.
I wanted to take a selfie with Anto,
but he is just floating.
Yes, that poor thing!
Wait! Out of my way!
No! Anto! To!
-Damn. Mom! Dad!
-Kulin! Anto...
-I don't care.
Do whatever you guys want.
Go ahead, just jump.
Why? Have you changed your mind? Scared?
You're not getting a nosebleed
because of me?
You're not fainting?
What's the matter with you?
Are you hallucinating? Are you crazy?
I know.
You have high level of narcissism.
People nowadays.
I'm Kulin. What's your name?
Hello, Bo, where are you?
Could you help me?
Come on. Currently there's no tenant here.
Come on.
Come on.
Why can't you trust me yet?
Come inside.
You're safe here.
Who's that, Kibo?
My friend is here, he wants to stay over.
Is it okay?
Of course.
I see, you borrowed my clothes
earlier for him.
Why are you covering your face?
Let me see.
-It's okay.
What's your name?
-Kulin, Grandma.
No need to be shy.
Make yourself at home, okay?
-Okay then. We're going to our room.
Let's go.
-Thank you, Grandma.
So, this is my room, Kulin.
-May I put it here?
-Yeah, sure.
If you want to take a shower,
the bathroom is right over there, okay?
Just make yourself at home.
This is where you'll sleep.
Sorry about the bed though,
it smells a bit weird.
Thanks, Kibo. Sorry for the trouble.
You're welcome.
You can stay as long as you want.
You collect these cards too?
Man, I've spent six millions rupiahs
but still never got these ones.
-I'm serious.
I got that card
the second time I bought it.
-Do you have more?
-Sure. Hold on.
Here's my collection.
Gen 97,8 FM. Back with us, Joey and Jeje.
Have you guys noticed,
recently a guy was discovered.
As people said, too handsome to handle.
-Have you seen this guy?
-Not yet, but I really want to.
But I don't think I could handle it.
Enough with these absurd chichat,
here's a song for Gen's Friends...
...whose girlfriends were stolen
by Mas Kulin's charm.
Is it true that you wanted
to jump off a building?
Why would I?
I thought you really did.
Well, I don't know.
That night, it felt like my world
was falling apart.
The people I trust and my safe haven...
...have betrayed me.
Did you choose homeschooling
because you hate people?
No, it's not that I hate people.
I've just had enough.
I also want to have a normal relationship
with people.
Since a long time ago,
I always feel people only see me
for my face.
Especially girls.
That's why I'm glad to meet you
and your grandma.
Especially that one girl on the rooftop.
Hold on.
What girl?
-Did she get nosebleed?
-On the contrary, Bo.
She was completely fine.
That's good!
Only she can see me like a normal person.
So, what's her name?
Did you get her number?
That's where you did wrong.
But she's wearing BBM uniform.
Good then. We'll go there and find her.
Also deliver the joined up prom proposal.
If we fail, we won't get to graduate.
-What is it?
They come again.
He's looking for you.
We're asked to wait here
not because they want to poison us, right?
Of course not.
Are you sure?
I'm dizzy.
Hi Hello.
Hello. I'm Kibo.
Hello, I'm Kulin.
So, what brings you here?
We want to propose a joined up prom.
Together in Equality.
Exactly my point.
The committee and I will look into it.
If we approve it, we'll get back to you.
You have our contact, right?
We do!
Anything else?
That's all.
Thank you for coming.
Kibo, how are we supposed
to find her like this?
Kulin, it's impossible.
Let's just go home!
Kibo, that's her! Over there!
Kibo! That one, Bo!
Any news?
Not yet.
You dropped my candy!
Bro, prom
-What prom are you talking about?
-Look, Bro!
The joined up prom is on!
Thank you...
...for coming as my prom date.
Give me your snack.
Where's my snack?
-Kibo! There!
Behind you!
Yes! Way to go, Bro!
This show is really good.
This is mine.
-I don't want to see it!
-He poisoned it?
I don't want to see it!
Come on, Kulin.
Just so you know,
that woman has betrayed you.
What's up with Miguel?
Miguel's lying again.
-I did it.
Let go!
He doesn't believe her.
What did I do wrong?
What a pity.
I'm so sad.
Me too, Grandma.
Bro, my math score. I got 55!
Nice, Bro!
Wake up!
The neighbors invited us to play futsal.
You're coming, right?
My grandma said...
...you have to go out more
while you're young.
Don't worry about your groupies,
Relax. You can count on me.
Today, I'll be your bodyguard.
What's wrong?
Hey, Kulin.
You want to see my crush?
-Just a sec.
You have to join the futsal game then.
I'll prepare my motorbike.
Kibo, if we play futsal, we'll get sweaty?
Of course we will.
You think we're playing bekel?
He's so cute!
Despite of his mediocre skills.
So adorable!
-So handsome!
-So handsome!
It's unbelievable.
Your sweat really make people handsome.
Too bad I was just the goalkeeper.
Actually, I didn't have the heart
to tell them.
The effect will only last
for one or two more hours.
Poor guys.
Where's your crush?
-She's not coming today.
You said you wanted to introduce us.
Kulin. The call of nature.
-I need to take a dump.
What kind of bodyguard
abandons their master?
If you need anything, just yell out!
I'll hear you.
You're going to buy something?
Or are you just going to gawk there?
You were on that rooftop
the other day, right?
I want to buy something.
It's 5.000 rupiahs.
Anything else?
Can I ask your name now?
Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino.
Just call me Kulin.
Hey, Rere!
-You just opened the stall?
Yeah, I couldn't do it earlier.
-Have you been here long?
Re, meet my friend, Kulin.
Kulin, this is Rere.
Let's grab a bite. The usual.
-Bang Macho?
Okay, but wait for my brother.
Someone has to look after the stall.
-Wait for me.
-Alright, I'll wait here.
Bang Macho!
-Three bowls. The usual.
-What do you want to drink?
-I'll have sweet tea.
-Two sweet tea. One unsweetened tea.
-Two sweet tea.
Two sweet tea. One unsweetened tea.
-Got it.
Speaking of meatballs.
Do you guys know
what are meatballs made from?
Well, what are meatballs made from?
-I don't know.
Re, why are you laughing?
I thought you were joking.
You seriously don't know?
-I have no idea. What...
Here is one meatball.
-Isn't it just flour?
-It's not aci meatballs.
My favorite.
This is so good, Kulin.
-You really like adding vinegar.
What is it?
-I ordered the plain one.
-Yeah. But...
...your handsome face
is anything but plain.
So, I gave you the special one.
Such a flirt!
This meatball is free!
You have to deal
with those kind of things all your life?
Hey, Re.
Why does your school
took so long to confirm...
...about the prom meeting schedule?
I really don't get why you guys
are so obsessed with that prom.
Don't you want a joined up prom?
Rere doesn't go to that kind of stuff.
Last year, I asked her to deliver
the proposal,
she wouldn't help me.
-The music is too loud for her.
Too modern.
While Rere here...
...is an old soul.
Like some kind of
anti streaming streaming club.
It's mainstream!
Not streaming!
Exactly my point.
Not exactly your point,
but you got it wrong.
What did I say? You always make fun of me.
You said streaming.
It should be mainstream.
Same thing. Streaming. Mainstream.
-They're not different.
-Of course they're different, Kibo!
Streaming is when you watch a movie.
She's pretty, right? And easygoing.
You Li
I mean, you two have known each other
for how long?
About a year.
Since her mom opened the stall here.
Excuse me, Kulin.
It must be nice, Kibo.
I want...
...to be a normal person.
Just like you.
How do I do that?
Being a regular in a meatball stall.
Playing futsal with your friends
every week.
You're fun.
Not boring like me.
Kulin, you want some?
When you texted me, I was like
You've come to the right person.
I will help you get this girl.
Is that him?
-I miss you, Son.
Mas Okis, why did you bring
Mom and Dad here?
You're still mad at them?
Come on, Kulin.
We've stopped the house tour for good.
Actually, I'm no longer mad at you guys.
If it wasn't for the tour,
I wouldn't have to experience all of this.
I feel normal outside of home.
Hi, Son. Let's go home.
Come on!
-Let's go. I miss you so much.
-Let's go home.
It's kind of funny to see them like that.
But, I'm proud of you, Man.
My little brother has grown up.
to get a cold and unemotional girl
like her fall for you,
you have to know her personal details.
The thing is,
you don't have enough information.
How about this? Take notes.
Not bad.
I'll tell you the things
that you must know about her.
...her favorite food.
How is it? Does it work?
It should be connected now.
Try refreshing it. Just a sec.
Kibo, what the...
Here, I brought your favorite.
-So you don't get upset.
-Thank you.
-I'll take a drink.
-So you're bribing me?
Girls like it when we pay attention
to the small things they do.
Like biting their nails,
fixing their hair.
Rere, I got you something.
Where did you get this?
My packet delivery just arrived.
I kept the bubble wrap for you.
Thank you. Do you have more?
Bring them, please.
That's all I got.
What did you order?
Must be a small item, yeah?
Why don't you buy an AC or a fridge?
So I'll get a bigger bubble wrap.
And then?
What's the matter with you?
Stop covering your face.
Girls don't like insecure guys.
You got that? Write it down.
Can I take a picture with you?
Miss, sorry.
My brother is telling his problems to me.
He has a problem.
Next time, okay?
All right.
-You're welcome.
If you don't want to be bothered,
just tell them politely.
They'll understand.
Good afternoon.
Last one. This is the most important part.
If you don't know this,
you're better off dead.
What is it?
Her zodiac sign.
-Got that?
-Got it.
-All of it?
Keep those three things in your mind.
Here's a copy of my book.
Read it, learn it, do it.
Everything I told you is in the book.
If you need any reference,
just subscribe my channel.
The Diary of Handsome Man.
In the history of our family,
we always get what we want.
Especially girls.
How much?
That's 157.000 rupiahs.
Thank you, Kulin. He'll pay for it.
Mas Okis!
I won!
Let's start over. We've run out of cards.
I dont want to play anymore.
-You always win.
So competitive.
You're a typical Virgo.
What? Why did you have
to bring up zodiac sign?
-Let's start again, okay?
Shuffle it.
You're upset, Bo?
Do I really have to compete
with my own best friend?
You're not Anto.
If you were Anto,
you could give me an answer.
I miss you, Anto.
So, which one are you taking?
Are you sure?
We went all the way to get here.
Hey, Kulin.
Is there something wrong?
I notice you've been spacing out lately.
Nothing. I just miss my pet fish.
Are you sure?
How about this?
Since I got a better grade on my midterm,
let's celebrate it.
Let's have a karaoke night tomorrow.
I'll invite Rere.
What do you think?
Okay? We're going to have fun tomorrow.
That's the spirit!
-What is it?
-Amanda, Boss.
No way she's here.
I'm serious, Boss. Look!
Amanda. You're here to see me
about the prom, right?
My mom's EO has it all taken care of.
If you want to discuss it,
speak to my assistant.
I'm here...
...to give you this.
Be there, okay?
It won't be the same without you.
And this.
I left my number there.
If you need anything,
just call me.
Bye, Amanda.
Amanda's birthday party invitation!
That's the traditions here.
If you invite one student,
you invite the whole school.
But why did she invite me
all of a sudden?
Well, to get close to you, of course.
To get you to be her prom date.
He's handsome but dumb, yeah?
I can only admire you forever
I can only miss you forever
I got it wrong!
I'm the only one who still
Holding you tightly
When it crosses your mind
That I might turn away
I will be the one
To tame the wild storm
So you'll be steady
Walking on your own
-It's okay, Bro.
-What's next?
Hey, my song. Let's do a duet, Kibo.
-I'll join.
-Sure, let's do it together.
When I hear, it's over between you and her
There's a question in my mind
Is she still
The one inside your heart
Or is it my time
To take place in your heart
But, are you ready to fall in love again?
Do you have it?
I forgot my wallet.
Didn't you say you're going to pay for us?
No worries.
I can withdraw some cash
from my mobile phone.
I'm off to the ATM. Stay here.
How long have you had a crush on Kibo?
Who said I have a crush on him?
Don't lie.
I can tell.
I'm speaking as his best friend here.
Don't get your hopes up.
He likes someone else.
You lie.
If you don't believe me,
just come to Amanda's party next week.
See it for yourself.
Even if it's true,
it has nothing to do with me.
You sure?
All done! Let's
Let's go.
Amanda, someone's calling.
Why can't I have just 15 minutes of peace
in my life?
Why is it that every time I need
some peace, something always comes up?
Do I have to answer the phone myself?
Why can't you do it for me?
You're my assistant!
I don't want to answer it!
Hi, Kulin.
Hi, thanks for coming.
Sure, Amanda.
Hi, Kulin. Hi, Kibo.
Oh, my God! You look great tonight!
Come with me.
Let's go.
Kulin, let's dance.
Let's take some selfies.
Sorry, can we do it next time?
-Just once. Please.
I'm waiting for my friend.
-Come on.
-Just once. One song.
All right. Later, okay?
-For real?
Are you sure about this?
You don't want to spend time with me?
It's not like that.
I just thought...
...you're into a guy like Kulin.
I'm like...
I'm not handsome nor rich.
I thought Kibo was different
from other guys.
It turns out he's just the same.
He only see girls just from their looks.
That's not true.
Not every guy is like that.
I will not make you cry, Re.
...like you, Re.
I'm sorry.
I only see you as a friend.
The helmet is here.
Bro, forgive me.
Bro, forgive me.
Just because you arranged the prom,
doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!
If I see you again, you're dead!
It hurt, doesn't it?
It's all right, Grandma. I'll get better.
A little bit more.
How did this happen?
Get some rest, okay?
Yes, Grandma.
Get well soon.
Thanks, Grandma.
They met now.
I thought you were my friend.
-You betrayed me because of a woman!
-What are you talking about, Jose?
How could you?
Listen, this is all
just a misunderstanding.
Re, this is all just a misunderstanding.
I can explain it.
How could you?
Come, Paulina. We're leaving.
Paulina, wait!
He's not like who you think he is!
Kulin, I have something for you.
Come here, Bro.
The legendary card.
The one you've been looking for.
I got another one.
My luck.
Now you can have it.
Keep it, okay?
I don't deserve this card.
In fact,
I don't deserve all your kindness.
You watch too many soap operas.
The one that made Sidi beat you up...
...is me, Kibo.
What are you saying?
Rere was the girl I met on the rooftop.
I knew you had a crush on her,
and I knew she liked you back.
I asked Amanda
to kiss you in front of Rere.
In exchange,
I will be Amanda's date for the prom.
If you liked Rere too,
you just tell me!
I consider you more than my best friend!
If you wanted to get close to Rere,
I would've let you!
I would've backed off!
But that's my fault.
I shouldn't have treated you
as my best friend.
Now, get out of my house!
I don't want to see your face ever again.
Get out! Quick!
Give me back my card.
Kulin, my man!
-Kulin, welcome back.
Honey, why are you soaking wet?
Are you okay?
Are you okay, Kulin?
Final exams are two weeks away.
The prom is just three weeks away.
Soon I'll be done with this.
When I first got to this school,
I thought 180 days
would feel like a long time.
It turns out with Kibo, time flies.
And now, he's gone.
It feels like time moves
five times slower than before.
By the way, what night is it?
-Thursday night, right?
It's Tamaru Time!
Fun Guessing Game Night!
Okay, the question is
What do you call Teletubbies
if they get up late?
-No idea.
Mom? You don't know?
Kulin, my man?
Okay, no one?
If Teletubbies get up late,
they'd be called...
...Telatabis, so tardy.
Okay, one more.
What candi temple...
...that makes you melancholic?
Come on.
I give up.
Why do you give up? Mom?
Kulin? Nobody?
No idea? All right.
What candi temple
that makes you melancholic?
The answer is...
Candiwarakah selama ini?
Is it all just a drama?
I'll be in my room.
I have to study for the finals.
Kulin, don't overdo it.
It's okay if you don't graduate this year.
That's right, Man. Take it easy.
Kulin. Don't you want to play
basketball with me?
What food makes you tense?
Fried chicken?
Dendeng, beef jerk.
Dendeng, beef jerky.
Come in. It's open.
Someone's missing you.
That's Anto? Didn't he...
He never died, Dear.
And we never went bankrupt.
Every year...
...me, your dad, Mas Okis
Always try to find a way...
...to push you out of your comfort zone.
For you to socialize,
make lots of friends.
Do you know the biggest fear
all parents have?
Not to live long enough...
...to witness their children's
first special moments.
Often those moments happen...
...when you open yourself up to the world.
Although I know,
the world is just going to find its way
to break your heart.
But I believe,
it also has so many people and things
you'll fall in love with.
And eventually,
when you find happiness
in the people and things you love
...you'll realize...
...that all the pain is worth it.
But what matters the most for me now...
...is for you to be happy.
If living your old life makes you happy,
me, your dad, and Mas Okis...
...won't force you anymore to go out
or go to school.
Come here.
Forgive me, Son.
I can do that too.
I'm tired.
Here, Kulin, have a drink.
Is it true
...that in the history of our family,
we always get the girls we like?
-Who told you that?
-Mas Okis.
Listen, I'm going to tell you something.
But don't tell your brother.
I don't want to admit it.
I was rejected by a girl once.
Handsome face isn't the key
to all doors, Kulin.
The girl who rejected me told me,
it's better to have a rotten face...
...than a rotten heart.
Those two things aren't related though?
The point is if you're sure about a girl,
you have to pursue her.
It's not handsomeness
that determines our manliness.
It's our attitude.
That's what matters to girls.
Miss, my change?
-I told you I don't want to see you again.
-Wait, Kibo.
I want to apologize to you.
Wait, Kibo.
Please listen.
I don't expect you to forgive me, Kibo.
But it's not entirely my fault, is it?
It's not fair if you blame it all on me.
What do you mean?
Did you come here to apologize
or to start a fight?
I want to apologize, Kibo.
But it's not me
that made you lose Rere, right?
Now let me ask you.
When we had that fight the other day.
Did you ever explain to Rere
what actually had happened?
You didn't, did you?
I told you,
Rere likes you.
...why don't you have the guts
to tell her?
You're not wrong.
Maybe I'm too much of a coward
to be honest about my feelings for her.
To tell her...
That her smile
when she hands out the change,
motivates me the most
to play futsal every week.
To tell her that her weird laugh
keeps echoing inside my heah.
Even though my jokes are corny.
To tell her that for me,
she's the most unique...
...and the prettiest girl I've ever known.
But whatever. It's all too late now.
What do you want?
-Who says it's too late?
What do you mean I have a weird laugh?
Well, you do have a weird laugh.
-But I really like it.
-You sweet talker.
I used to wonder,
why do I have to look like this?
Without realizing...
...that there are people out there
who wants to look like me.
What made my high school days worth it...
...is not getting the girl I want.
It was that I finally found people
who see me just the way I am.
After all that I went through,
I came to realize...
...that if only you could stop comparing
your life to everyone else...
...or your strengths and weaknesses,
you'll always find a reason
to love your life and yourself.
Re, are you sure you don't want
to be with me instead?
No way.
All right, then.
I have a "debt" to pay off.
But you don't need to overdo it.
Amanda! Amanda, I love you!
Gosh, so handsome, right?
You call that handsome? That's nothing.