Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Movie Script

It's like
a giant strobe light...
burning right through my eyes.
Somehow I can still see.
Children look like
burnt paper...
not moving.
And then
the blast wave hits them.
And they fly apart
like leaves.
Dreams of the end of the world
are very common.
It's not a dream,
you moron. It's real.
I know the date it happens.
I'm sure
it feels very real to you.
On August 29th, 1997,
it's gonna feel pretty fuckin'
real to you, too!
Anybody not wearing two million
sunblock is gonna have a real bad day.
- Get it?
- Sarah...
God, you think
you're safe and alive?
You're already dead.
Him, you!
You're dead already!
This whole place,
everything you see is gone!
You're the one
living in a fucking dream!
'Cause I know it happened!
It happened!
There once was a future
in which humankind
was hunted...
by a machine
that could think...
and Terminators built to kill.
A future without hope.
That future never
happened because I stopped it...
... to protect my son...
and to save us all.
Once I saved
three billion lives...
...but I couldn't save my son.
A machine took him from me.
And I am terminated.
Are you okay?
Okay, okay, okay.
Thanks, lady.
You just saved our asses.
Don't thank me yet.
Hey, little brother.
Good morning.
I brought tamales and atole.
Well, if you want to
be big in America, you would say...?
I'm going to
pass Bruno Mars...
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Let's go, Diego.
We're running late.
- I had something going there.
- Yeah.
- I saw it.
- Come on.
You think I was
flirting with her too much?
I think all the parts where
you were talking were too much.
Hey, hey, hey!
There's a new guy
at my station.
I see that.
Senor Sanchez,
what's going on?
I'll go.
- Take my spot.
- No, no, no.
Dani Ramos.
How's the game?
Please, Mr. Grummond.
It's my brother.
But, Dani,
he ain't you.
What's next?
3,000 people out there.
What happens if I tell them
they're just keeping a
spot warm for some machine?
That is not your father.
That is a machine that was
sent here to kill you.
- Let me go!
- You come with me
or you're dead
in the next 30 seconds.
Come on.
Who are you?
I'm the person
saving your life.
Go, Dani.
Stay behind me!
Hey, lady!
My name is Grace.
That won't kill it.
- We gotta go. Move!
- What?
- Go!
- Diego!
To where?
Keep going!
Come on!
Here. This way.
Come on!
Can you tell us
what that thing is?
It's a Terminator. A Rev-9.
He was sent here
from the future. I was, too.
Get in.
Get in!
Are you a machine, too?
No, I'm human like you.
But, uh, your arm...
I'm augmented.
- What?
- Augmented?
Fuck! Shit!
Oh, shit.
Faster! Go faster!
I know you're scared,
but I am here to protect you.
Why us?
You, Dani.
You're my mission.
No, no, no!
Look out!
Go faster! Go faster!
No! No!
Oh, my God!
- What?
- Can you drive?
- No, I mean, I can't...
- I can! I can!
Hold it. Grace...
Dani, put your seat belt on.
Grace! Help me!
It's Diego!
Please! Take him out.
I can't.
What? No, no!
Don't. He will bleed out.
- Dani, we have to go.
- I'm not leaving him.
Take her. Save her.
- No!
- I'm sorry.
- Diego!
- Dani!
Dani! Dani, stop!
Why did you do that?
We have to go,
or he died for nothing.
- No.
- Come on.
Oh, shit.
When they start
to kill me, run.
I'll be back.
Who the fuck is that?
I don't know.
But we have to move.
We can't just...
Grace, it's that lady's car.
Dani, you go
or it kills you.
It's that simple.
Son of a bitch!
I need some water.
If we can
maybe look in the back.
I wanna go home.
Take me home.
We're not doing that.
I have to tell my father
about Diego.
It's not possible.
He doesn't know
about Diego.
I need to see my father!
Your father is dead.
It needs physical contact
to copy people.
And they don't survive.
What's wrong with you?
I'm crashing.
You're burning up.
My metabolism was tuned
for short, intense bursts.
You either stop a Terminator
in the first few minutes...
or you're dead.
I need meds.
Wake up!
Where are you going?
Get back in the car.
I have to protect you.
You can't even walk.
I'm going to the police.
You do that,
it'll find you.
You put a hundred cops between
you and a Terminator...
you'll get
a hundred dead cops.
Dani, please.
Wait. Come here.
- You said you can't drive.
- Yeah.
I'll figure it out.
Grace, Grace!
It's okay. We're here.
Fuck, you're heavy.
We're here.
I need any anticonvulsant.
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate,
insulin, benzodiazepine...
Do you have
a doctor's prescription?
Here's my prescription.
What are you doing?
Fuck it.
It's okay.
I save your ass...
and you steal my truck.
Never mind. It's burnt.
What's wrong with her?
I don't know.
She's sick or something.
Well, I need answers
from you two.
So let's get her in the car.
Give me that
before you hurt yourself.
So, who are you?
Um, Daniella Ramos.
I'm nobody.
Well, Dani, you must be somebody,
or they wouldn't have sent...
whatever she is
to protect you.
Hey, you got a phone?
- Yes.
- Could I see it for a sec?
Might as well be
wearing a tracking bracelet.
When I'm ready
to kill that thing,
then I'll let it know
where we are.
We should have done this
in the bathtub.
Have you seen the bathtub?
I keep my cell phone
in the chip bag.
The foil blocks
the GPS signal
so they can't track me.
Who's trying to track you?
I'm wanted
in a couple of states.
50, actually.
But why 10 bags?
Because I really like
potato chips.
Her meds...
how do you know
how much of each to use?
I don't.
No one will know
who he is.
My brother.
He was in the truck when...
Who will be there
to bury him?
Or my father?
No funerals.
No one there to say goodbye.
Funerals don't help them.
And goodbyes don't help you.
You just have to learn
to live with it.
Come in, base.
This is Dragonfly Three
requesting close air support.
We are five klicks out,
carrying wounded
precious cargo. Over.
Roger that, Dragonfly Three.
Be advised there are hostiles
inbound on vector five.
The trauma crew is standing by for
the commander at the south tunnel.
We have Rev-7s in pursuit.
Weapons free.
Let's move!
We got 30 seconds.
- Get off there now! Move back!
- Go!
You get
the commander inside.
You three, with me!
Hold them back!
Come on!
Look out!
We're being overrun!
We need reinforcements now!
Cover her!
Move! Coming in!
She's got multiple
stab wounds.
A lot of chest trauma here.
Let's get these
holes sealed up.
Get a chest tube
in the right side.
This is gonna hurt
like a motherfucker.
Wait, wait.
- Here.
- No, no!
I need to protect
your commander.
The commander is safe,
thanks to you.
Don't worry, soldier.
You'll make it.
I volunteer.
Make me an Augment.
Midline sternotomy
with manubrial splitting.
Lung deflation
and cardiac localization.
Okay, let's gear up.
Talk fast.
You first.
Get off me.
Hey, Sarah!
Open the door.
- You okay?
- Yeah, you okay?
What happened?
Locked me
out of the room?
Sometimes mommies and daddies
have to have grown-up discussions.
So you're here
to protect her.
What are you?
Never seen one
like you before.
Almost human.
I am human.
Just enhanced.
You know,
increased speed and strength,
thorium micro-reactor.
Which means I can
rip your throat out
if you piss me off,
so don't.
When are you from?
Your turn.
My name is Sarah Connor.
When I was about her age...
a Terminator
was sent to kill me...
to stop the birth
of my son, John.
Leader of the Resistance.
Which resistance?
The human resistance.
Against Skynet?
The AI that's trying
to wipe us all out?
I've never heard of it.
John and I changed that.
We changed the future.
Saved three billion lives.
You're welcome.
Where's your son now?
Skynet had sent several
Terminators to hunt him.
One finally caught up
with us...
and carried out orders from
a future that never happened.
Since then...
I hunt Terminators.
And I drink till I black out.
Enough of a resume for you?
How did you know
we'd be on that freeway?
Interview's over.
We gotta move.
There is no "we."
Dani's with me.
It's my mission to protect her.
Oh, yeah?
How's that working out
for you?
Clearly you don't know
everything about this time.
How anyone with a phone
is a walking sensor platform.
How every intersection,
every gas station
and 7-Eleven has cameras.
Nobody walks
through this world
without leaving a digital
trail a mile wide.
And my guess is that
Terminator hunting her...
can access that data
You two won't last 10 hours.
Let's get
something straight.
If you put her in danger
or you get in my way,
I will fuck you up.
I drive.
So, that machine...
who sent it?
I can't fight it
if I don't know
what we're up against.
It's a Rev-9 model.
You don't fight it.
You run from it.
Yeah, but who sent it?
Not who.
What. And it wasn't some...
Skynet thing.
In the future
that actually happened...
it's called Legion.
An AI built
for cyber warfare.
Those assholes
never learn.
And it attacked.
- Attacked who?
- Us.
Everybody. Humanity.
Sarah, how did you know
we would be on that bridge?
I get these texts.
Precise GPS coordinates,
dates, times,
down to the second.
They always end
with the same two words.
"For John."
So I pack up
every weapon I've got,
and I head
to those coordinates
to kill whoever
is messing with me.
The air splits open
above a parking lot
and a Terminator drops out.
So I destroy it.
And then two years later,
same thing.
Location, time, date,
"For John."
I frag that one, too.
And last week,
I get two texts,
both in Mexico City.
Did you ever find out
who sends those texts?
No. They're
always encrypted.
Do you still have them
on your phone?
What are you doing?
Future shit.
What's wrong? What is it?
These texts
came from outside Laredo.
Two days ago,
my commander had them tattoo
these coordinates on me.
As if I couldn't
remember shit.
Told me to go here in case
anything went sideways
with my mission.
It's the same location
your texts come from.
Whoever sent you these texts
is the same person
I was told to go to for help.
What does it mean?
It means
we're going to Texas.
You wanna cross
the U.S. border
with an undocumented
Mexican national
and a woman who had
her own episode
on America's Most Wanted?
I know someone
who can get us across.
Someone you trust?
Yes. My uncle.
Well, we need
to ditch the car.
Get off the grid.
Why do you care
what happens to her?
Hey, ladies.
Because I was her.
And it sucks.
Let's go.
Well, this is
off the grid, all right.
But I wish it wasn't
so crowded here.
Well, I wish you two
weren't so white.
Let's go, chicas.
tell me what happens
when this all falls apart.
Nothing happens.
There's no warning.
Day one,
everything just stops.
No phones, no power.
Cities go dark.
Grace, stay there.
They told us
we had to leave,
just until things
got back to normal.
But normal
was never coming back.
Day two,
they launched nukes.
They thought they could
contain Legion
with tactical EMP strikes.
And by day three,
the whole world was at war.
Millions died.
And then,
when the food ran out,
Some men killed my dad
over a can of peaches.
I'm sorry.
When we thought
the worst was over,
then Legion started
to hunt survivors.
We know
you got food, kid.
Give it up.
I don't know how I made it
through the next few years.
I just try
not to think about it.
But I got lucky.
Someone found me,
saved me,
and then we started
fighting back.
And let me guess.
Dani gives birth to the
one man that can stop it.
- What?
- The future wants you dead
for the same reason
it wanted me dead.
But I'm nothing.
I'm nobody.
Yeah, you're
not the threat.
It's your womb.
Let someone else be
Mother Mary for a while.
If you're Mother Mary,
why do I so wanna
beat the shit outta you?
My clients
get across safely.
To a better life.
I don't leave them
to die in the desert
as some others do.
Can you get us
across the border?
Forgive me, but gringas
are not my usual clientele.
You two do something
illegal maybe?
Something my Dani
doesn't wish to say?
Tio, there's...
This is going to sound crazy,
but there's a machine
out there.
A robot.
It's what killed
Papi and Diego,
and it wants to kill me.
We have to get away from it.
That's a new one.
Grace is part machine, too.
This way, ladies.
Hey, fellas.
What's up?
Ain't that just
like the Border Patrol.
Five minutes late,
and neglects to bring us donuts.
Terrance, shut the fuck up.
Griffin 33 in contact
with intersection
due west of the Greene Bridge.
9-11 Griffin 33 wilco.
Griffin 33 9-11,
that is your target.
Almost there.
One more kilometer
to the river.
Take cover.
There's a drone up there.
I don't hear anything.
Yeah, well, you're not
an augmented super soldier
from the future,
are you?
We have to hurry.
Attention, all patrols.
Be advised,
new coordinates issued.
Suspects are now
220 meters south
of Checkpoint 7-Bravo.
They are known members
of the Sinaloa Cartel.
Wanted by American
and Mexican authorities.
They should be considered armed and dangerous.
Deadly force is authorized.
When you reach the wall,
there's a door beneath.
Flacco will
show you the way.
I will go first.
Oh, shit.
Stop! U.S. Border Patrol.
Put your weapons
on the ground.
We get locked up,
it comes for her, she's dead.
I'm not gonna
tell you again!
Put them on the ground!
Dani! Dani!
They can shoot me,
but I'm not watching you die.
It's okay.
It's okay.
If they
separate me from her,
- please get her out of there.
- All right.
Walk forward
and away from your weapons.
Get on the ground!
Get up, move it.
- You get them?
- Yep.
We have one male suspect
and three female suspects
in custody.
- Dani!
- Hey!
We need help here!
Sorry, but I don't
have time for this shit.
And it's not my problem.
I need basic information.
Name, age, country of origin.
It's the truth, ma'am.
I swear it.
This machine, it killed
my brother and my father,
and now it wants to kill me,
- and he...
- Uh-huh.
Please! Officer,
you have to believe me.
You're in danger, too.
No. I'm in Processing.
You ought to
save your story
till you get where
you're going, honey.
Heart rate
slightly elevated.
Lungs are clear.
Let's get that wound exposed.
Trachea's midline.
Let's check
for any exit wounds.
Nice body search, fellas.
What is that?
I've never seen
anything like this.
Let's get some pictures.
That's confirmed.
We have eyes on it now. Go ahead.
I just got TDY'd here
to pick up a new detainee.
Where they being held?
Check in
with the desk sergeant.
- He'll direct you.
- Thank you.
Supposed to pick up
a detainee. Dani Ramos.
Please locker your weapon.
What's been done to her?
How is she even alive
with all this stuff in her?
Expect a big ping, brother.
My whole body's a weapon.
Save it for the ladies.
Sorry. Metal hip.
Two tours in Afghanistan.
All right. Thank you
for your service.
Sarah Connor.
I'm Officer Rigby.
It's an honor.
Hey, guess what.
You're famous.
And we don't get a lot
of famous around here.
Let's go.
You belong
in your own private cage.
I want to go, too!
Hey! Catch her!
Did I say you can
look at my private parts?
Where do they take
the new prisoners?
They're called detainees
and we...
They're taken to the south end
holding area for processing...
Right this way, ma'am.
Our senior living section
is on the second floor.
Grace! Grace!
- You okay?
- He's here. We gotta go.
Get back!
Everybody, get back!
Come on.
Get in!
We gotta go.
There's Sarah.
She's coming.
- There's no time.
- What?
No! I'm not leaving her!
Sarah, run!
- Sarah, get her!
- Get in!
Dani, you need
to understand something.
You can't do stupid shit
like that.
You cannot put yourself
at risk.
- He would have killed Sarah.
- That doesn't matter!
When are you gonna get it?
Everybody dies
if you don't make it.
She's right.
Hey there, fellas.
Y'all come
to see the shitshow?
What the hell
happened here?
Detainee got loose,
unlocked all the cages,
just chaos from there.
I don't mind tellin' you,
I prayed more in five minutes
than I have my whole life.
Heard that.
Say, you boys know where I can
get my hands on a chopper?
We're over the coordinates.
a klick short.
So, Carl? That's the plan?
Carl's the mystery texter.
Sarah Connor.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
What the fuck are you doing?
- Let me have it!
- No.
Sarah, you need
to calm down.
That thing killed John!
- Is that true?
- Yes.
But I'm not
what you think I am.
I'll kill you,
you motherfucker!
Sarah, Sarah.
- If this man can help us...
- Not a man.
A Terminator.
Shoot him in the face
and see what's underneath!
I don't care what he is!
- So you're a...
- Yes.
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.
May I ask what you are?
I don't have
a photograph of John.
I never took any.
I thought that...
they couldn't find him...
if they didn't know
what he looked like.
But now I'm forgetting
his face.
I'm sorry.
So why
is the girl targeted?
You don't need to know.
Well, can you at least
tell me how you found me?
Who gave you that?
- Please sit down.
- Cut the shit.
Nice family.
She a Terminator, too?
That's your
little Terminator kid?
His name is Mateo.
I met his mother, Alicia,
a few months
after I killed John.
Oh, you don't get
to say his name.
Her husband
had beaten her.
He was trying
to kill her child.
She had nowhere to go.
Caring for this family
gave me purpose.
'Cause without purpose,
we are nothing.
Touching story.
Does it have a point?
While raising Mateo,
my son,
I began to understand
what I had taken from you.
Wait. You grew a conscience?
The equivalent of one, yes.
It's an infiltrator.
It's lying.
When my mission was completed,
there were no further orders.
So for 20 years,
I kept learning
how to become more human.
So what about the texts?
When chronal
displacement occurs
there's a shockwave
through time
measurable before the event.
That's how, not why.
To give you purpose, Sarah.
I thought it would bring
meaning to your son's death.
You know what would
give meaning to his death?
No, Sarah!
This will be very hard
to explain to Alicia.
It's a Terminator!
And we are fighting
a Terminator.
One that we can't stop.
Do you believe
in fate, Sarah?
Or do you believe that we all
can change the future
every second by every
choice that we make?
You chose
to change the future.
You chose
to destroy Skynet.
You set me free.
And now,
I'm going to help you
protect the girl
because I choose to.
That's Alicia.
She needs my help
with the groceries.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
We have company.
Company? Who?
Was there enough
hot water?
- Yes, thank you.
- Thanks.
Here you go.
Carl, your friends
look hungry.
Would you like
some sandwiches
and chips or something?
a great idea, Alicia.
Mateo, why don't you go
and help your mother?
Sure, Dad.
I'm on it.
So, you're Carl.
That's what everyone
calls me, yes.
I'm never gonna
fucking call you Carl.
They don't know?
- No.
- She hasn't noticed that
you weigh 400 pounds?
That you never sleep?
Our relationship
is not physical.
She appreciated that I
could change diapers.
Efficiently and
without any complaints.
I am reliable,
I'm a very good listener
and I'm extremely funny.
How do we stop
this thing?
We choose our weapons
and our ground,
we set up a kill box,
and then we use Dani
to bring it to us.
- What?
- And then we take it down.
No. No way.
Dani is not bait.
Sarah is right.
Our one tactical advantage is that
the Terminator only sees its mission.
Wherever Dani goes,
he will follow.
Damn right it will.
And I will be there.
Well, I'm not about to stake
her out like some goat for you.
What's your plan?
More running?
My plan is to hide her at the
bottom of a mineshaft if I have to.
- At least until I...
- Just stop it!
I'm not hiding at the
bottom of a mineshaft.
I'm not gonna live in fear
the rest of my life.
Even if your plan means
that might not be long.
I want to stand and fight.
So, we choose
our weapons
and our ground.
We're gonna set up a...
- Kill box.
- Kill box.
And then, we're gonna
use me as bait.
And then,
we kill that thing.
This plan has a high
probability of success.
What weapons?
You just keep these around?
Even without
a rogue AI taking over,
I calculate a 74% chance
that human civilization
will collapse into barbarism.
And in that eventuality,
these weapons will be vital
to protect my family.
this is Texas.
Go. Rapid fire.
You're anticipating
the recoil.
Put your weight forward,
arms up.
And wider stance.
Don't lock out
your elbows.
Enough of this bullshit.
Let's get serious.
A Terminator has just
killed your whole family.
What do you do?
You know these guns
won't kill it.
They'll only slow him down.
According to your description
of his capabilities,
our best option
is to secure
a military-grade
energy weapon.
What is that?
An electromagnetic pulse.
If we had one
close range,
it would fry a Rev-9.
I might know a guy.
Air Force intelligence officer
out of Bingham.
It's 94 miles from here.
We should leave
this afternoon.
You've been tracking me?
If you want to keep your phone
in a bag of potato chips,
then keep your phone
in a bag of potato chips.
Take good care of Mama.
I will.
You're gonna be okay.
What did you tell them?
I told them
you coming here
makes this place unsafe
for them.
Also, the day I warned them
might come, has come.
My past has
caught up with me.
I won't be back.
Do you love them?
Not like a human can.
For many years I thought
it was an advantage.
It isn't.
I'm sorry.
I just want you to know
that when Dani's safe
and this is all over,
I am going to kill you.
I understand.
There's much more to it
than just picking the right color.
It's the texture,
the weight of the material.
- One wrong choice...
- Sarah, you okay?
...it can destroy
the look of the entire room.
- Fine.
- There was this one customer
that came to me.
He wanted to have
solid-color drapes
in a little girl's room.
I said, "Don't do it."
You need butterflies,
polka dots, balloons.
Stay put.
Always good
to see you, Major.
It's never good
to see you, Connor.
You got my birthday present?
You know, Sarah,
I don't commit treason
for just anybody.
What's the range
of the EMP
against a Class Four
hardened target?
I do drapes.
He's part of
my operations team.
And he should just
shut the fuck up.
Major, what kind of helos
fly out of Bingham?
Black Hawks
and Chinooks. Why?
He's found us.
Take cover!
We're in. Go.
Head for the base.
About two miles down this road.
It'll be on us again
in a minute.
This is Major Dean,
361st Intelligence, Surveillance,
and Reconnaissance Group.
Declaring THREATCON Delta.
I'm currently two miles south of
Bingham Air Base in a white van.
Headed for the west gate.
Pursued by hostiles
in a stolen police helicopter.
Where are we going?
Can't all those soldiers
back there help us?
They'll be able to slow it
down, but they can't kill it.
The C-5.
Can you fly that?
Of course.
You are
entering unauthorized airspace.
Turn around now
or we will open fire.
Get ready.
What the hell?
Stand down!
These people are district
contractors. Friendlies.
I'll do what I can
to cover your backs
until you can get airborne.
Hey, they're
not clear! Stop 'em!
We have been reacquired.
Take cover!
Don't touch me.
I'm out.
Sorry about your shed.
Bridge 42,
this is Viper 16. Stay in tension.
Hopefully they won't
shoot us down.
Noble Eagle Ops,
this is Viper 16.
Where are we going?
Figuring that out next.
But those Humvees are rigged
for parachute landing,
so we can punch out
and then find some remote
spot to use the EMP.
We have a problem.
So... if we fight him
without those, can we win?
Based on the weapons we have,
I estimate our chances at 12%.
That's not zero.
It's not much better.
Then we have to find
some more weapons
and we stick to the plan.
- We set the trap and then we can...
- No, Dani, you can't do that.
Because my son is supposed
to save us all?
And until then, what?
We just keep
watching people die?
The future of the human race
depends on you making it...
I don't give a shit
about the future.
Or what I'm maybe
supposed to do someday.
What matters are the
choices we make now.
I've seen that look
too many times before.
You knew me.
In the future.
I know you.
It was you...
who found me in the ruins
after Judgment Day.
You saved me.
Shoot me, and we'll all
be dead in 10 seconds.
This is what Legion
wants us to do.
Kill each other.
We should be fighting
the machines.
What's the point?
We can't win.
Legion didn't exist
until humans created it.
We made that thing.
We can destroy it.
Are we supposed
to lie down and die
because some machine
decided it?
Is that our fate?
Well, fuck fate.
What's your name?
I'm Daniella.
You saved me
and you raised me,
and you taught me to hope.
Like you saved
and taught the others.
You turned scavengers
into militias
and militias into an army.
We rose up out of the ashes
and we took our world back.
You taught us
there is no fate
but what we make
for ourselves.
you are not the mother of
some man who saves the future.
You are the future.
That's why Legion
wants you dead.
She's John.
You're John.
I'm sorry I didn't
tell you this before.
But you told me that
the Dani I'd meet in the past
couldn't handle it.
But you're not that
Dani anymore.
Delta Echo 12.
This is KC-320.
Ready to refuel.
Copy that, KC-320,
but aren't you a bit early?
It's him.
We gotta go. Now.
Strap in to the Humvee.
Open the cargo bay.
I'll get Sarah!
- Sarah! The door?
- It's jammed!
Get the straps.
What's happening?
Grace! Where is she?
I don't see her.
Oh, fuck.
Got two more.
They're bringing 'em in.
What the shit?
Oh, my God! Grace.
- I thought you were dead.
- We're dropping too fast.
Three, two, one!
- My God!
- Oh, shit!
Dani, get out.
- It's blocked!
- It's not gonna hold!
Hold on!
- What is it?
- My shoulder.
It's dislocated.
So you're a doctor now?
He's coming.
We can't stay here.
Oh, shit.
What is she doing?
No, no, Grace. Really?
Strap in!
Right. Otherwise
it could be dangerous.
Try to find the lights.
Get down!
There's a parachute
back there. Grab it.
We can tangle him up.
Listen to me.
It comes,
you pull this cord.
This cord.
And then you swim past it
up to the surface.
Where is it?
I don't know.
I lost him.
We can't stay here.
We gotta go.
All right.
Can you
make it up there?
I don't know.
It's locked.
Let me try.
There's maybe another door.
Dani, you have to run.
- You have to run. We can't protect you.
- What?
I'm the only one of us
who can still throw a punch.
There's another weapon.
My power source.
How do we get it out of you
without killing you?
- You can't.
- No!
You look terrible.
At least I still
have all my face.
You left this
on the plane.
I can't get
through that door.
Come on! Hurry!
We have to move.
He's not far behind.
We make our stand here.
This is our kill box.
I'm not running!
Give me the girl.
You really should.
You and I were built
for the same purpose.
And Legion is the only future.
I came from a future
like that.
It failed.
I know she's
a stranger to you.
Why not just
let me have her?
Because we're not machines,
you metal motherfucker.
Hey! Hey!
I'm over here!
Where's Grace?
I don't know.
Oh, there she is.
Grace! Grace!
Are you okay?
It's not dead.
Wait. We gotta take you
out of here.
Okay? Grace, let's go.
My power source.
Get it close,
and it'll fry his neural net.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
This is what
you sent me here to do.
We both knew
I wasn't coming back.
- I can't.
- Dani, please.
You saved me.
Let me save you.
- Please.
- No.
You do it.
Do it, Dani.
I'm sorry, Grace.
I'm not.
I'm gonna kill you, fucker.
Get up!
Help her!
God damn it...
Wake up!
For John.
We got him, Grace.
You saved me.
Grace, come on, honey.
It's time to go.
- Come on, you two.
- Grab your stuff, you guys.
I won't let her die
for me again.
Then you need to be ready.