Terminator, The (1984) Movie Script

What the hell?
Goddamn son of a bitch.
What the hell?
Hey, my turn!
Come on.
What's wrong with this picture?
Nice night for a walk, eh?
Nice night for a walk.
Washday tomorrow.
Nothing clean, right?
Nothing clean. Right.
I think this guy's a couple cans
short of a six-pack.
Your clothes.
Give them to me... now.
Fuck you, asshole!
Hey, sugar, how about it?
I don't have to put up
with that bullshit, man.
She's always after me.
I don't... I don't...
Hey, buddy, did you just see
a real bright light?
He the guy?
- Hold it right there!
- He's rabbiting.
Hey! I said hold it!
That son of a bitch
took my pants!
What day is it? The date!
The 12th of May. Thursday.
- What year?
- What?
He's got my gun! Let's go!
Guard it for me, big buns.
I'm late.
So am I.
- I'm in it.
- So am I.
Honey, could I have
that coffee now, please?
Yes, sir.
Who gets the burly beef?
I ordered barbecued beef.
I think that's mine,
but I didn't order fries.
He gets the barbecued beef.
Mine's the chili beef deluxe.
Who gets the burly beef?
Miss, we're ready to order now.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, lord.
This isn't real leather, is it?
This special sucks.
Nice going, kid.
Ought to give you the tip.
Look, in a hundred years,
who's going to care?
The 12-gauge auto-loader.
That's Italian.
You can go pump or auto.
The.45 long slide,
with laser sighting.
These are brand-new.
We just got them in.
That's a good gun.
Just touch the trigger,
the beam comes on...
and you put the red dot
where you want the bullet to go.
You can't miss.
Anything else?
A phased plasma rifle
in the 40-watt range.
Just what you see, pal.
The Uzi 9mm.
You know your weapons, buddy.
Any one of these is ideal
for home defense.
So which will it be?
I may close early today.
There's a fifteen-day wait
on the handguns...
but the rifles
you can take right now.
- You can't do that.
- Wrong.
Hi, baby. Yeah, it's me.
Listen, I need you
to come pick me up.
My bike just broke down.
I don't care what you're doing.
Come and get me. What the...
Hey, man, you got
a serious attitude problem.
Sarah Connor?
I'm on my break, Chuck.
Carla's got my station.
Sarah, come here!
It's about you. Sort of.
It's so incredible.
You're not gonna believe this.
Sit down.
You are going to love this.
- Shh!
- What?
...has been compiled
from several witnesses.
Once again, Sarah Connor,
thirty-five, mother of two...
brutally shot to death
in her home this afternoon.
You're dead, honey.
First, I'm gonna rip the buttons
off your blouse one by one...
and then run my tongue
down your neck...
to your bare, gleaming
and then slowly...
slowly pull your jeans off,
inch by inch.
Ginger, it's Matt!
And lick your belly in circles,
further and further down...
and then pull your panties off
with my teeth.
Who is this?
Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry.
I thought you were...
Can I talk to Ginger, please?
Sure, Bunky.
It's the creep.
First, I'm gonna rip the buttons
off your blouse one by one...
You fucking pigs!
Wait till I get my hands on you!
- Get off of me!
- Sit down, fella.
- What do you got?
- Dead girl.
I can see that.
Sarah Ann Connor,
secretary, thirty-five...
shot six times
at less than ten feet.
Large caliber weapon.
You know, these work.
What's this?
Dead girl two, sent over from
Valley division this afternoon.
I'm sure there's a point
to all of this.
Look at the name, Ed.
Sarah Louise Connor.
Is this right?
You're kidding me.
The press is going to be
short-stroking it all over.
A one-day pattern killer.
I hate the weird ones.
Better than mortal man deserves.
Ginger, have you seen Pugsley?
No, not lately.
Did you check messages?
I thought you did.
Hi, Sarah, this is your mom...
There you are, young man.
You mind your mother.
Hi, Sarah. Dan Moorski.
Something's come up.
I can't make it tonight.
Just can't get out of it.
Look, I'm really sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
Call you in a day or so, OK?
Sorry. Bye.
That bum.
So what if he has a Porsche?
He can't treat you like this.
It's Friday night,
for Christ's sake!
I'll live.
I'll break his kneecaps.
Well, Pugsley still loves me,
don't you, baby?
God. It's disgusting.
I'm gonna go to a movie, kiddo.
You and Matt have a good time
We will. You, too.
Damn it, Matt!
Oh, shit.
Lieutenant, are you aware
that these two killings...
in the same order...
as their listings
in the phone book?
Now, what can I tell you guys?
No comment.
But we've got two murders...
That coffee's two hours cold.
I put a cigarette out in it.
Did you reach the next girl yet?
No. I keep getting
an answering machine.
- Send a unit.
- I sent a unit.
There's no answer at the door,
and the manager's not home.
- Call her.
- I just called her.
Call her again.
Give me a cigarette.
Hi there.
Fooled you.
You're talking to a machine,
but don't be shy, it's OK.
Machines need love, too,
so talk to it.
Same shit.
I can hear it now.
He's going to be called
the goddamn "Phone Book Killer."
I hate these press cases.
the weird press cases.
- Where you going?
- To make a statement.
Maybe make these jackals
work for us for a change.
If I can get on the tube
by eleven o'clock...
maybe she'll call us.
Well, how do I look?
Like shit, boss.
Your mama.
This just in.
Police have announced
the name of the victim...
in the second of
two execution-style murders...
which took place today.
The names of the two victims
are virtually identical.
Two hours ago,
was pronounced dead at the scene
in her Santa Monica apartment...
Can we change this?
Sarah Louise Connor was slain...
Don't touch it!
...earlier today in her home.
Now, police
are refusing to speculate...
on the apparent similarity
between these shooting deaths...
and no other connection
between the two victims...
has been established as of yet.
We'll have more on this story
as it comes in.
A spectacular fire
fueled by solvents, oils...
and other flammable liquids...
swept through an oil company
on North Spring Street...
just northeast of Chinatown
Wednesday night.
- Hey, you got a phone?
- It's in the back!
Hey! Four fifty.
This is the Los Angeles Police
Department emergency number.
Emergency number.
All our lines are busy.
If you need a police car sent,
please stay on the line.
Two-eleven in progress...
corner of Third and Cameron.
Pugsley, shoo! Go on.
I'm going to make a belt
out of you.
Don't make me bust you up, man!
Hi there. Fooled you.
Hi there. Fooled you.
You're talking to a machine,
but don't be shy, it's OK.
Machines need love, too,
so talk to it...
and, Ginger, that's me,
or Sarah will get back to you.
Wait for the beep.
Ginger, this is Sarah!
Pick up if you're there!
I'm at this place on
Pico Boulevard called Technoir.
I'm really scared.
I think that
there's somebody's after me.
I hope that you play
this back soon.
I need you and Matt to come and
pick me up as soon as possible.
The police
keep transferring me around.
I'm gonna give them another try.
The number here is 555-9175.
Call me, kiddo.
I need your help.
It's her.
It's her.
Sarah Connor?
It's Lieutenant Traxler.
Lieutenant, don't put me
on hold or transfer me!
I won't. Just relax.
Where are you?
In this bar called Technoir.
I know. It's on Pico.
Are you all right?
Yeah, but I don't want to leave.
I think there's a guy
following me.
All right, now listen,
Miss Connor.
Now listen carefully.
You're in a public place...
so you'll be safe till
we get there, but stay visible.
Don't go outside
or even to the rest room.
I'll have a car there
in a hot minute.
Hey, that guy didn't pay.
Come with me
if you want to live.
Come on!
This is 1-L19.
I got a hit-and-run felony.
Suspect vehicle...
late model gray Ford...
headed westbound on Seventh.
He's really moving,
punching lights all the way.
I'm going to need
an ambulance...
at Seventh and Broadway
right now.
Hold it!
All units watch
for a late-model gray Ford...
last seen westbound
on Seventh and Broadway.
Hold on.
Are you injured?
Are you shot?
Do exactly what I say!
Don't move unless I say.
Don't make a sound unless I say.
Do you understand?
- Do you understand?
- Yes! Yes!
Please, don't hurt me.
I'm here to help you.
I'm Reese, Sergeant Techcom,
assigned to protect you.
You've been targeted
for termination.
Attempt to intercept, 1-L19.
This is 1-L19.
Westbound on Olympic
approaching Overland.
This is a mistake.
I didn't do anything.
No, but you will.
It's very important
that you live.
This isn't true.
How could that man
just get up after you...
He's not a man... a machine.
A Terminator.
A Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.
A machine?
Like a robot?
Not a robot. A cyborg.
A cybernetic organism.
- No. He was bleeding.
- Just a second.
Get your head down!
All right, listen.
The Terminator's
an infiltration unit...
part man, part machine.
Underneath, it's a hyperalloy
combat chassis...
microprocessor controlled,
fully armored... very tough.
But outside,
it's living human tissue...
flesh, skin, hair, blood...
grown for the cyborgs.
- Look, I don't know what...
- Pay attention!
I got to ditch this car.
The 600 series had rubber skin.
We spotted them easy,
but these are new.
They look human...
sweat, bad breath, everything.
Very hard to spot.
I had to wait till he moved
on you before I could zero him.
I am not stupid, you know.
They cannot make things
like that yet.
Not yet.
Not for about forty years.
Are you saying
it's from the future?
One possible future.
From your point of view...
I don't know tech stuff.
Then you're from the future,
too, is that right?
- Right.
- Right.
Cyborgs don't feel pain.
I do. Don't do that again.
- Just let me go.
- Listen and understand!
That Terminator is out there.
It can't be bargained with.
It can't be reasoned with.
It doesn't feel
pity or remorse or fear.
And it absolutely
will not stop ever!
Until you are dead.
Can you stop it?
I don't know.
With these weapons,
I don't know.
All units. Gray Ford suspect
vehicle has been found...
in a parking structure
at Fourth and Beaudry.
Why me?
Why does it want me?
There was a nuclear war...
a few years from now.
All this...
this whole place, everything...
it's gone.
Just gone.
There were survivors.
Here, there.
Nobody even knew who started it.
It was the machines, Sarah.
I don't understand.
Defense network computers...
New... powerful
Hooked into everything.
Trusted to run it all.
They say it got smart...
a new order of intelligence.
Then it saw all people
as a threat...
not just the ones
on the other side.
Decided our fate
in a microsecond...
Did you see this war?
I grew up after it
in the ruins...
starving, hiding from HKs.
- HKs?
- Hunter-Killers...
patrol machines
built in automated factories.
Most of us were rounded up...
put in camps
for orderly disposal.
This was burned in
by laser scanner.
Some of us were kept alive...
to work...
loading bodies.
The disposal units
ran night and day.
We were that close
to going out forever.
But there was one man
who taught us to fight...
to storm the wire
of the camps...
to smash those
metal motherfuckers into junk.
He turned it around.
He brought us back
from the brink.
His name is Connor...
John Connor.
Your son, Sarah.
Your unborn son.
- They'll kill you.
- You in the Cadillac!
Let me see your hands now!
Get out of the car!
Drop to your knees!
Out of the car.
Drop to the ground.
try to drink some of this.
Listen, are you sure it's them?
Maybe I should look
at the bodies.
No. They've been identified.
There's no doubt.
Oh, God.
Sarah, this is Dr. Silberman.
Hi, Sarah.
I want you to tell him
everything Reese told you.
Do you feel up to that?
I guess so.
You're a doctor?
Criminal psychologist.
Is Reese crazy?
That's what
we're gonna find out.
So, you're a soldier,
fighting for whom?
With the 132nd, under Perry.
From 21 to 27.
That's the year 2027?
That's right.
And I was assigned...
This is fucking great.
...the last two years
under John Connor.
Who was the enemy again?
A computer defense system
built for...
Damn. Sorry.
Built for SAC-NORAD
by Cyberdyne Systems.
I see.
And this computer
thinks it can win...
by killing
the mother of its enemy.
Killing him, in effect,
before he's even conceived...
a sort of retroactive abortion?
That guy Silberman
cracks me up.
Last week, he had this guy
in here that burned his Afghan.
Screwed it first,
then he set it on fire.
Shut up.
Why didn't the computer
just kill Connor then?
Why this elaborate scheme
with the Terminator?
It had no choice.
Their defense grid was smashed.
We'd won.
Taking out Connor then
would make no difference.
Skynet had to wipe out
his entire existence.
Is that when you
captured the lab complex...
and found that...
What is it called?
The time displacement equipment?
That's right. The Terminator
had already gone through.
Connor sent me to intercept,
and they blew the whole place.
How are you supposed get back?
I can't.
Nobody goes home.
Nobody else comes through.
It's just him... and me.
It's just him... and me.
Why didn't you bring
any weapons...
something more advanced?
Don't you have ray guns?
Ray guns.
Show me a piece
of future technology.
You go naked.
Something about the field
generated by a living organism.
- Nothing dead will go.
- Why?
I didn't build
the fucking thing!
OK. But this cyborg,
if it's metal...
Surrounded by living tissue!
This is great stuff.
I could make a career
out of this guy.
You see how clever
this part is?
How it doesn't require
a shred of proof?
Most paranoid delusions
are intricate...
but this is brilliant.
Why were the other
two women killed?
Most of the records
were lost in the war.
Skynet knew almost nothing
about Connor's mother.
Her full name, where she lived.
They just knew the city.
The Terminator was
just being systematic.
Well, let's go back to...
Look, you have heard enough!
I have answered your questions!
Now I have to see Sarah Connor!
I'm afraid that's not up to me.
Then why am I talking to you?
Because I can help you.
Who is in authority here?
Shut up!
You still don't get it, do you?
He'll find her.
That's what he does!
That's all he does!
You can't stop him!
He'll wade through you,
reach down her throat...
and pull her fucking heart out!
Let go of me...
So, Reese is crazy?
In technical terminology...
he's a loon.
Sarah, this is what
they call body armor.
Our TAC guys wear these.
It'll stop a 12-gauge round.
This other individual must have
worn one under his coat.
Feel that. Go ahead.
What about when he punched
through the windshield?
He was probably on PCP.
Broke every bone in his hand
and wouldn't feel it for hours.
There was this guy once...
See this scar?
- Here.
- Thank you.
There's a couch
in this other room.
Why don't you stretch out
and try to get some sleep?
It'll be an hour before your
mother gets here from Big Bear.
- I can't sleep.
- Try.
It may not look it, but
that couch is very comfortable.
You'll be perfectly safe.
We got 30 cops in this building.
Thank you.
Good night.
I'm a friend of Sarah Connor.
I was told that she's here.
Could I see her, please?
No. You can't see her.
She's making a statement.
Where is she?
Look, it may take a while.
If you want to wait,
there's a bench over there.
I'll be back.
What the hell was that?
What is it, terrorists?
Let's go! Let's go!
Stay here.
Let's get out of here!
Come on!
He's got an automatic weapon!
Move it, move it!
What the hell
happened to the lights?
Watch him.
Automatic weapons!
Lock and load! Let's go!
Fire! Fire!
This way.
KFLB Newstime 4:36.
In the top story of the hour...
the largest single
law enforcement mobilization...
in California history
is currently underway.
Police in
five southern counties...
are engaged in a massive manhunt
for an unident...
Take this.
All right,
let's get this off the road.
- You cold?
- Freezing.
You got a first name?
what's it like
when you go through time?
White light.
It's like being born maybe.
Oh, my God.
I caught one back there.
You mean you got shot?
It's not bad.
We got to get you to a doctor.
It's OK. Forget it.
What do you mean, forget it?
Are you crazy?
Take this off.
See, it passed
right through the meat.
This is going to make me puke.
Would you talk about something?
I don't know.
Anything. Just talk.
Tell me about my son.
He's about my height.
He has your eyes.
What's he like?
You trust him.
He's got a strength.
I'd die for John Connor.
Well... at least now
I know what to name him.
I don't suppose
you know who the father is...
so I won't tell him
to get lost when I meet him.
John never said much about him.
I know he dies before the war...
I don't want to know.
So, was it John
that sent you here?
I volunteered.
It was a chance
to meet the legend...
Sarah Connor.
Taught her son to fight,
prepare from when he was a kid.
When you were in hiding
before the war...
You're talking about things
I haven't done yet...
in the past tense.
It's driving me crazy.
Are you sure
you have the right person?
I'm sure.
Come on.
Do I look like
the mother of the future?
Am I tough, organized?
I can't even
balance my checkbook.
Look, Reese,
I didn't ask for this honor...
and I don't want it!
Any of it!
Your son gave me a message
to give to you.
Made me memorize it.
Thank you, Sarah, for your
courage through the dark years.
I can't help you with
what you must soon face...
except to say that
the future is not set.
You must be stronger
than you imagine you can be.
You must survive,
or I will never exist.
That's all.
That's a good field dressing.
You like it?
It's my first.
Get some sleep.
It will be light soon.
Talk to me some more.
About what?
Tell me about where you're from.
All right.
You stay down by day...
but at night
you can move around.
You still have to be careful
because the HKs use infrared.
But they're not too bright.
John taught us ways
to dust them.
That's when the infiltrators
started to appear.
The Terminators
were the newest...
the worst.
Traversing your sector
in search mode.
of your position.
Understand. 750 meters north.
Let's go.
Intercept. Over.
Take it easy.
Finish your sweep.
They are scavenger teams
in that quadrant.
Avoid contact.
Repeat, avoid contact.
We'll get them later.
Roger, Echo Leader.
Sector niner,
what's your status?
Situation normal.
We're coming in.
what's your status? Over.
Reese. BN384.
Right. Let him in.
Any infiltrators
at the shopping mall?
No problem.
They were clean.
We're cutting short
the patrol. Over.
Roger, Yankee-1-7.
You are clear to return.
I was dreaming about dogs.
We use them
to spot Terminators.
Your world is pretty terrifying.
Buddy, you got a dead cat
in there, or what?
Fuck you, asshole.
God damn!
Thank you.
Is this enough?
Yeah, it's enough.
I don't want to ask
where you got it.
- I'm coming.
- We need a room.
- All right.
- With a kitchen.
Do you have one
with a kitchen?
I am dying for a shower.
We should check
your bandage, too.
Later. I'm going out
for supplies.
Keep this.
No, I can't tell you
where I am, Mom.
I was told not to say.
Honey, I need to know
where I can reach you.
You tell me to hide up at
the cabin like some fugitive...
and you won't tell me
what's going on?
I am worried sick, dear.
Here's the number. Ready?
Here's the number. Ready?
Yes. Go ahead.
It's 408-555-1439.
Room nine. Got it?
I've got it.
I've got to go.
I'm sorry I can't
tell you more right now.
I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
- Tiki Motel.
- Give me your address.
What have we got?
Corn syrup.
What's for dinner?
That sounds good.
What is it?
Nitroglycerin, basically.
It's a bit more stable.
I learned to make it
when I was a kid.
Make sure there's none
on the threads.
Like this.
Screw the end cap on.
Very gently.
You must have had
a fun childhood.
That's good.
All right.
Six more like that...
and I'll get started
on the fuses.
He'll find us, won't he?
It'll never be over, will it?
Look at me. I'm shaking.
Some legend, huh?
You must be
pretty disappointed.
No. I'm not.
The women in your time...
what are they like?
Good fighters.
That's not what I meant.
Was there someone special?
A girl. You know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
So much pain.
Pain can be controlled.
You just disconnect it.
So you feel nothing?
John Connor gave me
a picture of you once.
I didn't know why at the time.
It was very old...
You were young like you are now.
You seemed just a little sad.
I always wondered what you
were thinking at that moment.
I memorized every line...
every curve.
I came across time
for you, Sarah.
I love you.
I always have.
I shouldn't have said that.
Think fast!
Trade places!
Faster! Drive faster!
Oh, my God!
- Whoa!
- Son of a bitch!
You stay here.
Let's get out of here.
Get out.
Kyle! Come on! Get up!
He's coming! Kyle!
Come on!
Help me! Get out!
Get out!
Come on!
Don't stop! Run!
We did it, Kyle.
We got it.
What are you doing?
Cover... so he can't track us.
Come on!
No, Kyle!
Come on!
Leave me here.
Get up!
Move it, Reese!
On your feet, soldier!
On your feet! Move it!
Back. Go back.
Run, Sarah.
Come on, motherfucker.
You're terminated, fucker.
Tape 7, November 10.
Where was I?
What's most difficult for me
is trying to decide...
what to tell you
and what not to.
But I guess
I have a while yet...
before you're old enough
to even understand these tapes.
They're more for me
at this point...
just so that
I can get it straight.
Fill her up.
Should I tell you
about your father?
Boy, that's a tough one.
Will it affect your decision
to send him here...
knowing that he is your father?
If you don't send Kyle,
you can never be.
God, a person could go crazy
thinking about this.
I suppose I will tell you.
I owe him that.
Maybe it'll help if...
you know that in the few hours
that we had together...
we loved a lifetime's worth.
What did he just say?
He says
you're very beautiful...
and he's ashamed to ask you...
for five American dollars
for his picture...
but if he doesn't,
his father will beat him.
Pretty good hustle, kid.
What did he just say?
He said
there's a storm coming in.
I know.