Ternet ninja (2018) Movie Script

(Asian music)
He says:
"Welcome to, Mr Direktor."
Thank you.
Well, are we keeping the schedule?
"Mr. Eber seed, I assure you ..."
Just a moment. It's kids.
- Yes, and you're an interpreter, right?
- Yes, but you can't.
It is quite common in Thailand,
that children work.
Well, you don't.
If I don't,
do another one.
And don't you interpret me,
another will make the money.
That you can keep it warm.
Can you get something to drink?
"As you can see,
is everything under control ... "
Shit, man.
My ... My scarf ...
- Mr. Chang, stop it.
- Sorry.
So, this, I want to
simply do not participate.
- I'm done!
- Then we'll see next month?
Jo. Yes. Okay then.
Good boy.
To the airport, please.
Leif, do we have more real bosses?
The kinyserils taste of fox piss.
I know what I'm talking about from my time as a forest runner.
Leif? Haljsa. A blind passenger?
What are you? What?
I know,
who will be happy for you.
Goodmorning everybody,
and welcome back to my channel.
Several of you have asked, "Ash, we must
Don't see how you brush teeth? "
Then I can show you that.
I have a toothbrush.
I put some free sponsor
toothpaste on, and so I just brush.
I start at the back of my mouth
and get well in the hook ...
- Hey, Laske.
- Sune, do you want to go out?
- Unfortunately, it is now.
- Sune, honestly ...
You have the first birthday on Saturday,
but there is a gift for you in ten ...
... nine, eight ...
Sune, seriously!
(Sune groans)
- Good morning, mother.
- Good morning, man.
- Do you want breakfast?
- Yes please.
- Do we have anything?
- Did you see.
- Well, there you were.
- Good morning darling.
- Good morning, Ash.
- Good morning, Jorn.
Siren, I borrowed your dankort.
I couldn't find my purse.
We didn't agree
porridge in everyday life? Yes, but it's a bit too much for Sune.
New home, new family, new eating habits.
Then of course you have to
Also like to take, Ash.
I've only bought four,
But yes, please.
- You've washed your hands, right?
- Well. There is no soap.
- It is in the starfish.
- The slick gray grin?
Yes, it is without parabens
and animal fat.
But you might wash
Not even hands, Jorn?
You never know
when you need an iron wheel.
- And! Thaw!
- Wait a minute, Karl.
Bye Bye!
- Hey, Jessica.
- Hi, Mie and Fie.
It's me who is Fie.
Oh my God, your sweater is so nice.
- Ashes, my husband!
- Hey, Odysseus.
High Five.
- Are you tired?
- Yes indeed.
I can not sleep.
Sune ridiculously laughs.
Fuck off! You have something
sitting on your glasses.
Take it. Anything sick, bro.
- Lorte-Glenn, that is.
- Came.
Thailand is a holiday paradise,
where everyone relaxes.
Write "holiday paradise".
The Thais are child-friendly
and have a good sense of humor. Write "child friendly".
Prices are reasonable, so it's a good place to shop.
(romantic music)
Only I was your sweater
and sat on your hot body
Clung me to you
right from you got up
filled with you and with happiness
even when you took me off
for the scent of you
it will be worshiped
You're a princess
I'm just a fool
You are the most pious
I do not have
the number one in my life
of things I've done
uh-uh jessica
your medical substance
Write "concentration".
The thais are fingertips
and produce good goods.
Write "manufactures". "
Do you have to attend a children's climate congress
in the Black Diamond on Saturday?
No, Pelle. You're going home with me
and drink petrol on Saturday?
- I have a birthday on Saturday.
- Without us?
For the family. You should not wish you
to come with. My mother bakes.
- Shit, so better drink gasoline. - But my uncle Stewart is coming.
Stewart? Him the stiff?
Then there is land leave, the power parts.
Ash Laden!
- Welcome home, uncle. - Yes, thank you, lovely tos.
- Well, where's the bastard?
- Now you have to be soda.
You just get baby Dorit back, Terkel.
Mother must have a half Look Light.
- Terkel, long ago.
- Hey, Uncle Stewart.
Beatriz, dark code.
- Hands off.
- Hashtag MeToo.
- Hey, Leon.
- Dad, must not play the iPad?
Hey, Soren. Rune, you're still
in the growing age, what?
Here, Grandma.
See if you can chew it.
- What are you eating?
- She gets toast.
It's hot today, huh?
You get completely dry in your neck.
There is organic iced tea
with rose hips and sea buckthorn.
Then we are no longer talking about it.
Actually, I actually have
a little gift for ...
There is also one for Sune. There shall
do not make a difference on the boys.
That's already quite big
difference between them, so purely phygic.
- A rock flower? - Yes, can you remember them?
(silly music)
Grandma, we are going to dance samba!
Yes, it's not bad.
- Wow, Super Dario 3! Thank you Father.
- Well-known, Fnuggi.
- Do I have to go up and play now? - No, play a little on your iPad.
I also have a gift.
To Aske, who has a birthday.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations on that, my boy.
Wow, one ... It's a ...
What is that?
- Yes, it's such a ...
- And ninja?
- Exactly.
- Nines are usually not checked.
And boys at your age
usually does not weigh 80 kilos, -
- but hey, seen and happened.
- Look, Mom.
- No, where is it fine.
- Let me take baby Dorit.
- It is funny. Is it Harlequin?
It was good, Terkel.
Harlequin as bz's?
- That's the way a checkered ninja is.
- I've never seen them checked.
That's what makes it so rare.
And expensive. Well, it was expensive.
Just getting it out of Thailand
was a shudder because of the sword.
Danny, my big boy, was five years old
in Thai prison for 10 grams of cocaine. - 10 grams?
- Just for your own consumption.
Ashes, write that behind the ear.
Prison in Thailand, that's something
There is one to be desired, one was dead.
- Okay.
- Speaking of death ...
- What the hell are they in here?
- They're completely without wheat. You might well say that.
John, how's the business going?
It was something with nuts.
We are not talking about that.
- Kastanjelaveriet?
- Dot dk.
- But it didn't.
- Well, didn't it?
I'm going to make chestnuts
In a moment, Jonas.
That's just fine,
that Jorn has some initiatives.
And as long as you are happy to pay
for all his potteries.
Yes, yes, I have to go home anyway.
Ash, my boy,
Look down at the bog one of the days.
And as we said out in Thailand:
Scared Gaa Dai Lai Lean
That means: "Super Dario 3
is a gambling game. "Are you with?
- A checkered ninja?
- Yes, it's the mega-debt.
- Ninjas are black. - In fact, they used indigo blades.
But only on missions.
In reality...
Jesus ...
Are you going to party? Here you go.
Here, Bjarke. It's on Saturday.
You may take a friend with you.
- A friend each?
- Noh, no, a friend to share.
- What do you think? - Yes, what is it you think?
- Didn't I have to see it?
- Yes, but I ...
Is that Jessica? Why are you leaving
Don't go talk to her?
Should I get her over here?
Jessica, just try and come.
Ash must ask you something.
- Ash wants to ask for something.
- What?
Oh, ooh, ohm ...
What then, Mulle?
So you? He has no eyes.
- Idiot!
- What did you say?
- Uh, I said ...
- Give me that.
Glenn, honestly. Give me them.
I'm just gonna see the mole.
Can I see your paws?
(Askes voice) Then stop, yours
fat idiot, or i'll smash you!
I do not think so,
I heard that one.
- What's the problem, Glenn?
- He's just for ...
- There's no problem.
- Get rid of it. Also you two.
Shit Unger.
- Thank you, Ash. - I did not say anything.
"Or I'll smash you."
You're not sorry.
- But it wasn't ...
- Sure enough, Ash.
Uh, yeah, right?
So, he must not step down the enemy
on my friends. I do not want to do that.
- See you, Ash.
- Yes, we are seen. Hello?
Say something. Say something.
- What should I say?
- Hi, Glenn.
So you want to smash me?
And I'm a fat idiot?
Yes. Or no.
I didn't say that.
If you say anything about me again,
Then I break your nose on you.
- Do you understand?
- One hundred percent.
Fuck off with you.
(Askes voice) Scream before I
smashing your ugly pissing feather -
- your son of a lowly whore!
I think you should drive.
He's right behind you. Step on.
- You can't talk!
- I'll probably decide for myself.
(Askes voice)
Come on, bumsefjsa! Faster!
- Stop it. Pardon!
- You're dead!
- And you're ugly!
- No you are not!
- What the hell is going on?
- You will be killed a little.
If you're not driving,
and we help each other. - I help you, you help me.
- But you're not alive.
Now I have you!
- You don't want my help?
- Yes Yes! Help me!
- Then you help me too.
- Yes Yes!
- Say you want to help me.
- I would like to help you! - What are you doing?
- You're just driving.
(Askes voice)
Rejoice for you, lorterov!
You are done! Done!!
Mm there is food in this one.
Do you want?
Well what are you doing?
Arh, not again. If you call me
Harlequin, I'll stick you.
(the door goes)
- Hi, Laske Ladeport.
- Sune, I'm in the middle of something.
Why do you have syreyr
an egg mat in your hand?
- It was hungry.
- I know it well.
- Do you know what to do on Saturday?
- Uh no.
- I'm going to a party at Jessica.
- Well.
So, Jessica,
which you love.
Where are you letting go of.
Is that a poem, this one?
"You're a princess."
- How dear.
- Give it to me.
Of course. As soon as
I get my book report.
It's for tomorrow.
"Lord of the Rings" 1 to 3.
You can do it, don't you, Ash? And do you trouble, right?
Otherwise it ends up here on the web.
Thank you, Brother Man.
I wish you were dead.
Wow, cool saying, anyway.
You're a fucking coward, you are.
You are only a child, but it is Sune too. And him the bumblebee.
Glenn! Do you realize,
what you did?
Yes, I stopped him.
And well-known.
He's killing me.
Oh, you want to sob. As if you have
some real problems.
Don't I have problems?
I'm talking to my teddy bear.
I'm not a teddy bear, fuckhead!
I'm a warrior.
And I have a little trouble
to take your drama piss seriously.
You must either stick your tail
between the legs or fight.
- I can't fight.
- You never tried.
- I am helping you.
- But who are you at all?
I'm your new girlfriend.
I have promised to help you.
- And you promised to help me.
- What can I help you with?
- You can read, don't you?
- Yeah. Can't you?
- Then I can do some other things, right?
- Yes, keep it.
What is here?
It's a credit card. It belongs to Phillip Eber seed.
He's the one I'm looking for.
Eberfr? It's like Jessica.
- What do you mean?
- Her name is Jessica Eberfr.
Her ham, you're crazy about?
What's her father's name? - I don't know.
- Who knows?
- Mother?
- Hi, Lademand.
I have a group tonight, so Jorn
fits you. Now don't run out, right?
- I bought you a cold bowl.
- Fat, but ...
- Sune is going to party on Saturday.
- At Jessica.
You know about her parents
is home to the party?
They are the ones I have
spoke to Linda and ...
(Blender noise)
... be home both.
- Hey darling. How did it go?
- They weren't interested.
They couldn't see the difference
ordinary lunch boxes -
- and the Kixi-Box system.
They come back
and scratch the door, just wait.
So you talked to
Linda and ...? And?
- And?
- And Jessica's father is there too.
Jessica's father, Phillip? The clown.
He thinks he knows everything about toys.
He got my Nixi-Dixier thwarted.
Jessica's father. Or father-in-law, not, Ash?
He loves Jessica.
Uuh! Believe it, Ash.
Off for Satan!
Can't you move your shit?
So, Sune.
Pure speech gives pure heart.
- I think Jessica is a sod girl. - But Ash is just that ... Ash.
Jessica is like that
a really small snacky-pack.
Snacky-Pack? Not bad.
- Wait.
- No, you're heavy in the ass.
Jorn won't have
I'm going out in the evening.
- It was then a shame for Jrn.
- He totally flies. Do you hear?
I wrote it down in the book with
everything I do. It's thick.
- I'm going close to Jessica's father.
- Can't we just give her the card?
No, it must be handed over to him
personally. It is an honor story.
- Is it here?
- Yes.
It's the Builder. Whoever I have
built with Odysseus.
Then you should be an architect.
See. Klammo.
- Give it to me. We can use that.
- Use? How?
A ninja takes advantage of every opportunity.
Always ready to improvise.
- So we have no plan?
- Yeah. We're going to Jessica's party. - She only invites the "cool".
- And Sune.
He goes in eighth.
It counts as cool.
- And then we have Glenn.
- Who wants to kill me.
We must put him in place.
Then I also think Jessica will say:
(Jessica's voice) Ash, you're cool.
- Stop it. It's megacreepy.
- Yes, but also a little cool, right?
- Now we said I was Glenn.
- Do you want me to fix him?
- What's the problem?
- I can not.
Do you know why you can't?
Because you think you can't.
- And then he's bigger than me.
- You are also bigger than me.
Right now. But not now.
- Do you have to look after the dill?
- It was the groin. Come on, your turn.
- Underneath the belt is so cool.
- You're already sweeping. Use it though.
Come, kick me, as hard as you can.
Come on, chuckle.
Off for Satan!
- You say that pretty much.
- It does pretty much hurt.
Okay, but going all over the world
hear about it? Eat it.
Come again.
Look, it's coming.
Well, where is the tool?
- It's locked in at night. - So we'll get it tomorrow.
- What should we build?
- One thing at a time.
- You have to go home and do homework.
- But I have nothing for that.
Yes, you have a book report for
for tomorrow. Did you forget it?
"'Lord of the Rings' is Tolkien's famous trilogy -
- about the good fight against evil. "
So, Ash!
- And then there was my draft book.
- You mean this?
Ash, you went out last night
Nevertheless. You must obey!
Jrn! What the hell is that,
there lay inside on your bedside table?
h ...
"Grandma's Nasty Bags"?
Well, I get tools,
and you distract the teacher while.
- What do I do?
- Get him to help you.
With something difficult. Can you not
make a swordsheath for me?
I can not walk
and flutter with it here.
It must fit the sword in the length
and have cords to tie on the back.
And it must have a hole in both ends,
so it can be used as a snorkel.
- Should there be diamonds too?
- Do I look like a bitch? Get off. Siberius,
could you help me with anything?
Ash, what can I do for you?
Fits that you can
build anything?
Then I have my hands
screwed on well. Say it.
Can't help me then?
building a stage?
- But what?
- A stage. Preferably the check. I have never seen a checkered stage,
but variety is so common.
You want me to help you
with building a ...?
Sheath, please.
It doesn't have to be so great.
Only you can breathe through
it and tie it to the back.
- You didn't give me much time.
- One must obviously not make weapons.
Piss, I got it all.
Explain to the principal that Gandalf
filled his hat with thin skid,
- Gollum pissed in his mouth
and troubled over four orcs.
Yes, but he has ...
That's how I understand it.
- Boys!
- I understood that too.
Enjoy your life until the free night,
where Jessica gets your fine poem.
- You mean this?
- Don't you think I took a copy?
Give it to me!
Give me that!
So, two. Stop that!
Sune, you come with me. - Fuck my life.
- It will probably work out.
You heard him.
In the free night I finished.
- Would you mind.
- It's megapine.
So, please, beware
and do something about it.
(Arne sings)
One, two, one, two.
It's Arne with a call. A message for everyone
who has signed up for extra music.
Little cow is Tuesday from 13-15, -
- and great interaction
is Thursday from 14-15.
Look into the fight, friends.
Everyone has the right to rhythm.
That was all.
Sorry to interrupt.
Shit Unger.
(Askes voice) Then there was just
a message from Aske from seventh -
- to a very special girl,
who should hear how sick nice she is.
I think she should know.
Yes, she must.
And if you ask who Ash is,
then I'm a little desperate boy -
- with a nice big mouth
and a completely flat nose. Well, anyways ...
The girl it is about is ...
l can almost hear my heart hammer.
Jessica from eighth!
- It doesn't happen, this one.
- Yeah, you heard right.
I am crazy about you, and the whole school may know it.
You're a high-end piece
with physician'sness!
It was all.
Excuse the disturbance.
Then you want to stop it there.
It is strictly forbidden.
But brave, I must say so.
Believe it, Ash. Wuhu! Jessica, like that!
- Jessica!
- My Beloved!
- Your traitor.
- The problem is then lost.
- Is that solved?
- So what, Casanova!
Yes. Now you've done it,
you were most afraid of.
Now by the ham,
how are you.
Then Sune can dry ass in his copy
and drink piss for dessert.
- The whole school laughs at me.
- Straighten the back. We're going to the canteen.
- But then we mother Glenn.
- Exactly.
Climb up the trash can.
Trust me. Get up.
What then, scortrold?
I take the word and you mime.
Can you spit? Then do it now.
(clears throat)
(Askes voice)
Hello, everyone! Listen up!
Here you see the biggest idiot
in the whole school,
- Glenn from the special class!
How many of you are ever bothered by the beast?
- Me!
- Me!
So am I!
That's why I, Aske from 7.b,
in the name of justice -
- Bring a challenge to you,
Glenn Bumsefjs.
At seven o'clock on Saturday night at Byggeren.
You and me, if you dare. Are you insane? If I think?
So, I totally smash you.
And the loser goes
someone in school on Monday!
We say that. You don't come
to be able to go on Monday.
- Tabernacle!
- He's right.
- Come down from there.
- Very much.
It will be really entertaining!
Everyone is welcome at Byggeren!
Saturday night at seven!
Cool, Ash! I come and movies,
so you can see it when you wake up.
What then, Tarzan?
Do you have a list of crazy things,
You need to reach because you are dying?
- By Ebola maybe.
- Maybe Ebola.
If you still live on Saturday night,
you can look over. I'm partying.
h ...
- "Fat, a hundred p. We come."
- See you. Maybe.
Will you tell me
what the plan is?
Instead of waiting to get bitch, Then we ourselves have chosen the battlefield.
- Does it matter?
- No, we're at home.
And now you've got peace
until Saturday at seven.
Unless Glenn won't wait.
You challenged him in front of the whole school
and promised to make you laugh. So he waits until Saturday and thinks,
An honest fight awaits him.
Doesn't it do that?
Are you idiot?
He has made other films, though
The "night watch" is his only success.
- I've got a splinter.
- Should I breathe?
Your pimple, I screw up then.
It's real cashmere.
- Are you really a real ninja?
- What do you know about ninjas at all?
They lived in Japan in the old days, right?
Especially in the Iga area. They lived
hidden in the ode forests of the mountains.
They were spies and murderers, didn't they?
It had nothing to do with money. The
protected their secret communities.
- Who was after them?
- The Samurai.
They felt threatened
ninjas religion and way of life.
Their biggest prince sent 40,000 fighters out to slaughter the clans.
- How did it go?
- A few escaped.
Most died. And then there was one,
who somehow did both.
- Taiko Nakamura.
- Who?
Taiko Nakamura
sitting in a cabin
with the ten of the clan's children
he is set to protect when the enemies stormed the village
he was entrusted
This honorable office
of the head of the clan itself
The same whore now
betrayed the sleeping children
and guided Nobunaga's warriors
right to the door
Nakamura meets death
his courage is indomitable
taking as many people as possible
He's got sixteen samuras
before he falls for No. Seventeen
and hear the screams
when they burn the hut
(Child lock)
He has failed his mission
and while the ruin is burning down
He promises his soul in exchange
for revenge and justice
lightning strikes at the same time
as he pops up his stomach And you have to believe the story
then the spirit leaves his body
and seeking revenge
before the night is over
finds the guards traitor
and the ten swords that spit his body
and ever since
has it called itself in the area
That Nakamura's spirit is at stake
when it draws up to rain
His soul wanders restlessly around And suddenly it turns down with lightning
in living as dead things
to punish them
there is no clean flour in the bag
When children suffer distress
and there are owls in the bog
He is forever raging
on lonely quests
Taiko Nakamura
justice guardian
- A revenge spirit?
- It says the story.
The spirit can appear anywhere,
even in a fabric doll.
Rrraaah !!
- Idiot.
- You should have seen yourself!
- Ash, have you eaten the last eggs?
- No, Jorn.
I could have sworn we had
egg. Well, so it must be shit.
What else do you need use your Saturday, Aske?
Ash has big plans.
He has challenged ...
Off for Satan!
There was something that stuck me.
It is one of the house buckets,
Aunt Beate talked about.
I give you an Ough
immune defense massage, Sune.
- And so early in bed.
- But I'm going to party.
It doesn't work
eight hours of treatment.
Jorn, have you seen my biodynamic
massage oil? Then it must be skyr.
- Sheep! - It is for your own good, Sune.
You have to go over
the other side, pimple.
- He is not coming.
- He dares not.
(Askes voice) Bumsefjs!
Are you going to get asshole?
- Come on down here, if you bother!
- Fair enough.
He got an egg in the dish.
What the hell are you doing?
- I'm smashing your head!
- That's the way it's supposed to sound. Come on, ugly.
Ash! Ash!! Ash!
Now I have you!
Arh, piss.
- Are we going to move on?
- I will kill you!
Then he can learn it!
Legitious sick, bro.
(wild cheers)
Ash! Ash! Ash!
Come on! - Right in the dill!
- Technically, it's the groin.
(evil laughter)
Off for Satan.
Come on.
Off for Satan!
Off, let go!
(Glenn whining)
- Was it an apology?
- Ouch! Yes Yes!
- What do you say?
- Pardon.
So, yes! What then, champ?
So how does it feel to have won?
I stand here with Ash ...
Engstien nr. 19.
- We will be there!
- Who called Harry Potter up?
- As if. Come on, Fie.
- Yeah, Mie, come on. - So, Ash.
- I think we're cool.
When to actually hang on
please remember to make Pesto
Then come and be my guest bro
then you can taste on my pesto
It's awesome.
We're at Jessica's home.
Yes, it's super. Duty first.
We start by finding her father.
Oh that pesto
What do they do for the pesto
in swimsuits or party shoes
there is no dress code for pesto
There he is!
- Hey, Ash.
- Cool gone today.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was megabyte.
- Where are you cool?
- Highfive! Thanks. I did it,
so well i could.
- Karate Kid!
- Yes it is me.
- You don't hit too hard, right?
- No, that's my dangerous hand.
Well, I have to say hello to the landlady.
Hey, Champ! Bold fight.
There is good smack on it.
- Jessica has just been here.
- Did you see where she went?
- Arh! What about her parents?
- They sit in the kitchen. Delicious mother.
- What about the father?
- No, it's mostly the mother.
- Is he out there too? - Yes, they keep watch.
- I just wanna pee.
- It's the other way.
- Have we not seen each other ...?
- Talk to your hand, roof fire.
- In stereo.
- And surround sound.
Remember to get your mother out of there.
Just do it now.
The toilet is in the entrance hall.
Uh, there is one,
who has thrown up on the carpet.
Oh no, not again.
And then there was just ...
That, oh ...
Phillip Eberfr!
At your service. I got a whole shock.
I should have just suffered.
- What are you doing there?
- It is your card. Ho-ho, platinum card.
Yeah, just that was mine.
You have to get up there
a little more a month, I think.
Don't you call Phillip Eber seed?
Yes, but with a Swedish island. And I
change name here to the first.
My numerologist has suggested
Sysmund Pejderhagl.
There is so much written about him
toy giant. The card is probably his.
Then you have to go over
Hamburger Rice All.
- Aren't you Sunes little brother?
- Yeah. Cardboard.
So greet your stepfather.
He's still the knot, - - Because I did not grant municipalities
support for his Nixi Dixi dolls.
- Do you want a food?
- Yes, why not? Ouch!
No, I'm just gonna ...
Nice to meet you.
It lacks pesto.
What is going on with you?
Why did you call him?
I was anxious.
I'll hand it in short.
Yes yes, relax.
- Ash.
- Hey, Jessica.
- You are crazy.
- Am I?
Otherwise, I thought you were like that
a little rolling with a ninety doll.
No, no, it's just
a gift for my cousin.
- You're a little sweet, you are. - You can be that yourself.
- Shall we Dance?
- Uh, yes, clearly.
I just have to pee.
- Are you waiting here?
- Yes Yes.
- Don't dance now, right?
- Yeah.
Man, I helped you,
and you promised to help me.
- Not right in the middle of the party.
- Fuck the party, this is important!
- Jessica ...
- Flush that bag!
I'll help you.
It just won't be right now.
- Your liar!
- Relax.
- You owe me everything.
- Not, you steer straight.
Just guide me? You are only popular because of me.
You don't have to sound like I'm
couldn't breathe without you.
- It was totally cool, man.
- Especially when he flew through the air.
- There he is. Wild fight, Ash.
- You hadn't seen it come.
- Especially that kung-fu at last.
- It was something I found myself.
- Fat, man. Six, Ash.
- Yes, we are seen in there.
Well, can you do it yourself?
So clear it here!
No! Wait!
(Askes voice)
Help, I've peeed in the pants!
No, it's not ... Off!
(Askes voice) Now I'm going to fuck too!
No no! I just want to emphasize ...
(Askes voice)
Jessica, it's me, Ash.
I don't want to dance anyway.
You are under my standard.
I'm a bit of an overcoring for you.
You have to settle for Odysseus.
(Toilet flushing)
- Are you an overscoring?
- No, no, I haven't ...
Am I below your standard?
What did you say with that
that you had pissed in the pants?
No, it was the ninja.
It's all due to my ninjada doll. So my cousin's. Jessica ...
See you, overscoring.
- Odysseus, shall we sneak?
- Now I'm just thinking about it.
Yes please!
- Come home.
- Odysseus?
The lady will sneak. If not I do
That is, there is just another who does.
Well, did you dance?
What are you doing?
I had promised to help you.
- I need your help now.
- So why are you crushing my life?
Sorry I went over the line.
It's just important, this one.
How can that be short
mean life or death?
It's a nating. An honor story.
Human, if you help me now, I'll probably do everything well again.
- Do you promise?
- Trust on me.
Okay. I just have a hard time seeing,
how Jessica will be good again.
It was also some strange thing to do
tell her. Lets go!
- Can't he lie to sleep?
- One may well hope. Came.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm a secret. Came.
Don't call.
He hates when calling.
- Lucky he has a cat.
- A big cat. Are you afraid of big cats?
(heavy snoring)
You think this is okay?
He gets wildly happy
about getting the card again.
- Can't we just put it to him?
- I want to make sure he's here.
- Piss. I think he's out.
- One suitcase. Maybe he is traveling.
Because there is a suitcase here?
Are you related to Glenn?
- Maybe should travel.
- We just have to find out.
- What did you say?
- There are bingo!
- A plane ticket to Thailand.
- He must visit his slave factory.
- Can you see when he travels?
- What is this going on?
(Toilet flushing) I don't pay a penny,
if not, it's okay.
Yes, we look at it out there.
It is well. We see you.
Was there anything, basse? Hello?
Anyone here? Hello?
- Now I have you!
- What the hell?
- Stop!
- Let go of me!
- Shit!
- Help!
- What are you doing?
- He sticks off, fuckhoved!
Hello, it's here! Save me!
- It was good, you came.
- What happens, Mr Eberfr? - They throw with knives.
- We go up and check out.
Block the door quickly.
- May I have an explanation!
- Shouldn't we get away first?
What is this going on? It has
not a skid with the card to do.
Phillip Eberfr is evil.
He killed a boy.
And he uses child slaves
to make his toys.
- Do you want to kill him or what?
- Something in that style.
Did you see the flight times? Remember them.
And take the collar.
- So from that one?
- Yes, unless you have one yourself.
It's called Bingo.
- So help me!
- Here, just behind the ear.
- It's the guard! Close up!
- I just need clothes. What are you doing?
We turn in the door!
Give me the collar.
Grab. Come on, besides.
What? I can't.
There is a blast!
That's how, bingo!
(barking and screaming)
- It's you, right? Taiko Kamakura.
- Nakamura.
- You took advantage of me.
- You promised to help me.
By submitting a card,
not to kill people.
- He killed a little boy.
- And now you want to kill him? It's called justice!
- And what about the other children's slaves?
- That kind of thing happens all the time.
Well then everything is in beautiful order.
Just tell me when he is flying.
No. I do not want
something to do with it.
(sword being pulled)
Say it!
No. Do what you want.
I'm done.
Man, I can't kill you.
We've been through too much.
But maybe it is
easier for me with ...
... Sune.
- You do not.
- You wanted him dead.
- That's just something you say.
- For me, this is something you do.
No, stop!
- Lorteunge!
- Pardon.
Sune! What happens? Is there food?
Stop! No!
Ash, stop! Ash!
What are you doing, Ash?
Well ...
Are you okay, Fnuggi?
Ash, put that pillow.
- Put the pillow, Ash.
- It was not me. Do you think so?
It was the ninja.
He's out there somewhere!
He wants help,
but I will not be a murderer.
- What's going on, my boy?
- Mom, you have to believe in me.
The checkered ninja is alive,
and he will kill Sune!
But... Stress. Simply stress.
He just has to be completely calm.
- But how long?
- A couple of weeks maybe.
We can't just do that
leave him.
We can't have that
he tries to kill Sune.
- I do not think so either.
- It was your ninja!
Give him this dreamcatcher
to take the top of the tensions.
So, go home now and get some sleep.
Ash is in good hands here with us.
(ninja's voice)
When, little Aske, though.
(Jessica's voice) So you lost
Yet the cookies. Poor thing.
(doctor's voice)
There must be stress.
Where are you?! What?
Great room.
Here is so much fun.
- Tell me when he goes.
- Never!
- You wanted to kill my brother!
- Dad.
You welcomed my help,
But you won't help me.
You're not really smart!
Are you too nice to
to get blood on hands?
So try to give your teddy bear
blame for this.
- (Askes voice) Doctor, come straight.
- Two minutes, Ash, so I come. Are you thinking?
killing an innocent man?
It's him or Eber seed.
(Askes voice) Come on, Doctor!
There is fire in my bed!
Eber seeds must be punished, but you
do not have to kill him.
You think I'm happy throwing
an egg in the head on stuttering?
I want to see him dead.
He must have the hardest punishment.
Punishment? Um ...
Well why not
punish him even harder?
What if we can get him to
to wish he was dead?
We can get the shovel under Eber seed,
but we are busy. He'll be leaving soon.
Hello, I can't avenge
a child murder without blood. Can not? It doesn't sound like you,
the great Kamakura.
You just think you can't.
You told me that.
And you were right. I could.
You made me dare.
- And now you don't dare yourself.
- What am I not doing?
I'm putting him right.
You dare not change your view of things.
Why have you been joking for 400 years?
- You dont even trust me.
- Don't say, I'm not!
Then prove it. Trust me. We get Eber seeds down with the neck.
Well, Ash, that's it
by being bedtime.
And then I think
You're ready to shut us out, right?
Yes Yes...
Yeah, well, we're a little busy.
I tell your parents that you
just need to have completely free frames.
And lots of cold bowl.
Yes, it will help on everything.
I'll call right away.
Miss Mukupa, party trooper!
- What is the plan?
- He's traveling tonight.
- We must have stopped him.
- No, we must get a farewell gift.
- One he has to bring to Thailand.
- I got a hood.
- We're going out to my uncle.
- Him the stiff?
Yssir! I'm bad at canasta
and to rommy and to whist
I always get bitch in UNO
oh for Silvan it's sad
Never me
who pulls last plug
But I'm the best in the world
to play ...
I'm no eagle to tennis
i can't play squash
I'm ridiculous for football
and to handball I am '
and the basketball piss
I can either But I'm the best in the world
to play ...
Who's knocking now?
The world's best to play ...
I hurry
I hurry
The world's best to play
to plan for gambling
to play ...
- Hello!
- Yes, yes then.
Ashtray, how cozy.
I was about to sing dick.
- May I enter?
- Yes, come in.
- Are you okay?
- Yes Yes.
Off for satan in the nun fish!
Do you want a mirror egg?
- No thanks.
- Leave as if you're at home.
I just came to hear,
if you wanted to help with anything.
We have a job at school
about drugs.
- I'm not taking that kind of shit. - No, but you know so much about life.
Yes, that's right enough. I have
My walk in the hallway, as you say.
I move in some circles,
i know my lice on trot.
Yes, I know enough,
where David bought the beer.
I have to investigate how
one gets hold of such substances.
You just call it after that,
and then it is delivered to the door. - Really?
- That's how it happens.
- So, I think. What do I know?
- But who do you call?
I don't know, Ash.
And even if I did,
- I couldn't tell you,
that he is called Scooter-Schrder.
And what do you say then
for Scooter-roots?
You say, "What then, Square?"
I shouldn't have said that.
That's his code name.
- And then you just order?
- Yeah, a little hidden.
"Can you look past? I'll bake,
but I'm running for flour. "
- And then he comes with it?
- Not to anyone.
You couldn't just call.
Well, if you greeted Stewart.
Yes, maybe by a single
festive occasion. Yes, or two.
Max three. And never in everyday life. Unless it's summer.
Do you have a number,
so I can call him?
No, I can't do it
Give you his number.
It is safe here
in my little black book,
- which only I have access to.
But this is an exciting task.
Want a can of mackerel
or something? Ash? Hm, I could have sworn,
there were guests.
Well, to hell with that.
Here is Per Frostmand Per
in his car with his big fat smile
My white bride is snow for your spout
you call me bring it out
in my bed
flus in my pocket
Drink it bub
Dom Perignon
snakes it Cain
pushes it snow
What, Square? It is...
Or, I'm called Glenn.
- I was going to greet Stewart.
- Him the stiff? Okay.
Yes, I stand and have to bake.
You know, snails or such.
- But I'm missing some flour.
- Where are you?
I'm in my room.
Or, I'm in the bath.
What? Are you stupid or what?
Okay. I just need a few places. Against me in the EFKA parking garage.
Hi, man.
Do you want a cold bowl?
Not right now.
Or right now is fine.
How much do you need?
- We can make it to-go.
- I don't need anything.
- Can you decide?
- Just say when.
Not, Ash?
- Hello? - Sorry, a pound.
- You're going through badly.
- One kilogram.
- One kilo? Like a thousand grams?
- Namely.
- What are you doing?
- It's part of the plan.
To say no to cold bowl? Bold plan.
- Can you afford all that flour?
- Yes Yes.
Otherwise, there will be smoke in the kitchen.
Do you understand?
- Yes, yes, of course.
- We'll see you soon.
All right to call
I'm out driving '
pushes it snow
I'm pro fuckboy
I've tried it before
pushes it snow
Your diller gets small and
my wallet is getting bigger
Hi, Square.
It's me who is Glenn.
- You?
- Yes.
Okay. You probably shouldn't
Take it all at once.
You have no problem with that I am a child?
If I'm not selling to you,
there is just another who does.
- Do you have money?
- Yeah, for the fuck. Here.
- Is there an idiot in my forehead?
- Yes.
- Give me that money, man!
- It was stupid.
Really stupid.
- Don't leave me here!
- Don't worry, the police are on their way.
Help! Let me out! Somebody!
Be so polite, so it's open.
Are you sure that is enough?
Yes. When they find it, they block
him inside and throw the key away.
Beware of the needle.
It's real cashmere.
- I have had handwork since then.
- Beautiful, so then you should be an architect.
- I have something for you.
- To me? A gift?
No, one ... What is it?
A Steiner binoculars?
Turn around. I thought,
You must be ready for your mission.
You can't go
and flutter with it there.
- You made a ...
- Of cardboard, so it can't tolerate water.
- I have nothing for you at all.
- I've had so much.
It's been fun.
Yes, it does. Yes, give it a slip, tos. We're going to war.
For security reasons
and because of the risk of theft -
- Must baggage and other belongings
not left unattended.
Good when Eber seed comes,
he must check his luggage in there.
When he looks away,
you jump into his bag.
What are you doing with my phone? I just had to find my sword.
Is he there?
There, it's him.
This is it.
What? Oh no!
He goes directly into security!
He takes the bag on board.
Sorry, I'm going past.
- No!
- Fuck. So what do we do?
You have to take it there
and then change in Bangkok.
Okay, now.
- Good luck.
- Yes, go now.
- Can I help the next one?
- It must be me.
I'm gonna play golf.
It's nice to move a little.
Head full of thoughts
but the body feels empty
I have reverse homesickness
because I know it never gets
as before you came
Suddenly the race had run
and I got it '
It was just a moment I opdaged 'barely you came
before you went
Before you left
away from me
away with you
up and off you are on the way
I'll be back
and like you sai
I straighten my back
I know it's over
there i'm more 'to say'
You are one of them
never looking back
but forward
I hope
that you find home Sniff it, fuck!
In pay cash.
- Then you're done, child killer!
- What happens?
Well I don't know at all ...
It is not...
It's not mine.
Help me!
I want to call my lawyer!
Ow, that hurts!
(deep sigh)
Think he does.
Try to see here.
- Show it to Ash.
- Ashes, try to see Glenn.
- Good ass, anyway.
- It's nicer than his face.
- Hey, Ash.
- Hi.
Thanks for the sweet message. I was
Really touched on what you said.
- What message?
- Don't, just try to hear. You die.
(Askes voice)
Hey, it's me. I just want to apologize for all that,
I've dragged you through.
You're the best person,
I've ever met.
You taught me to dare
Trust someone again. Goodbye.
- Isn't it just sweet?
- How nice. It's just so nuts!
I was fainting.
It really came from the heart.
- Shh, he's behind you.
- Yes, behind you he stands.
- Not, but so! - Oh my God!
What just happened?
Hashtag dream prince.
Hashtag summer wedding.
Please, Ash. Cold bowl for you.
- With lots of chamber jokes.
- Just eat, Ash.
Jrn, you haven't
touched your quinoa.
Sune, won't you first?
Uh, delicious. Thank you, Sirene.
I want to bring a bowl
for the siren. And for you, Ash.
Thank you for taking
so good to us.
Where are you cute, Jrn.
And congratulations on the patent.
Yes, Snacky-Pack.
EFKA has taken 6,000 pieces, -
- so I can help a little bit
with the bills.
Today, Bangkok has been arrested
toy giant Phillip Eberfr. Eber seed is targeted for anesthesia,
and bloody fingerprints On the teddy bear -
- has also led to arrest
of a factory manager.
- Good.
- Tough world.
Did you hear about the drug seller who stayed
found in the trunk of a car?
- Was he caught by a superhero?
- You can call it that.
- It is self-evident.
- Yes, but it is well done. - What does such a person do?
- Yes, wonder what he's thinking.
The subway systems
ravaged by unknown task thieves.
Glostrup Police is powerless.
I think he thinks:
"If I don't do anything,
so no one does. "
Ashtray, where are you going?
I'm just going out.
(phone calling)
the children's phone, that's Stewart.
Hello, my name is Rasmus,
and I have a big problem.
It's that I'm deaf.
Now for the cat. Does that mean,
you can't hear anything at all?
So, you can't hear anything at all?
(phone calling)
- The children's phone, that's Stewart. - Hi, my name is Solralf.
I'm calling because my stepfather
he bitches me, so.
It was terrible though.
How can an adult
and responsible person -
- Get yourself to it
to call his young Solralf?
Greet your stepfather that he should stick
your mother any on lamp instead.
What's her name, Gurkemina?
Can you feel good, kid.
(phone calling) - The children's phone, that's Stewart.
- It's Kirsten. I'm calling ...
Do you know why?
Because my rabbit is just dead.
My Goodness. I am very much like that
interested in hearing more about.
- Are you?
- No, April's!
But it's not April 1st.
Are you saying that?
I can see that. December.
Well, I'm actually sincere
interested in your dead rabbit.
- Are you?
- No, not a handle.
Now I just lied quite plainly.
Can you enjoy yourself.
- The children's phone, that's Stewart.
- Hi, my name is Mikkel.
Goddaw, Mikkel.
What's on your mind? For a party not so long ago
was anyone asking, -
- If I wanted to try
to sniff lighter gas.
And then it's escalated. Now I am
started on cocaine and smoking heroin.
Well, I must say that.
I've been thrown out of school,
and mother doesn't want me living, -
- Because I'm stealing so much.
And I'm going to questioning in Pentecost. - You sit deep in the sauce, huh? - Yes, my life is a nightmare. - We must have done something about it. - Do you think you can help me? I know I can. We must have made a really good plan of action. The municipality must also inward ... (egg yolk rings) - It's the egg smell. I have fun. - Even the action plan ... My action plan right now is to make goulash. Sesamfro! (brag) Baaaah! Texts: Henrik Thgersen Scandinavian Text Service 2019