Terra Formars (2016) Movie Script

On the 21st century, in order to solve the
human population growth problem...
a project for an exploration
to Mars was launched.
Mars has a temperature of minus 58 degrees.
after experiencing a freezing
reaction for the release...
..the carbon dioxide in the soil was
able to form a greenhouse effect...
which increased the
temperature of the soil.
This caused Mars' surface to
be covered in dark colors...
and was able to absorb the sun's energy
to raise the temperature of the surface.
It was all in order for moss to grow.
And also, certain kinds
of biological element...
quickly adapted to the
Martian environment.
This was then called as the
"Terra Forming Project."
YEAR 2597
Hey! What are you doing, you shtheads!
There was an exploding population
in earth today.
Our only hope for habitat
would be Mars, right?
Of course.
For humanity to survive in such a place...
..the cockroach colony
has to be annihilated.
For humanity to survive in such a place...
..the cockroach colony
has to be annihilated.
As I thought... Don't you think that I
should have worn a more noticeable jacket?
The profiles we have both
matches the two people.
There's even orders to shoot them.
What? Already?
But I think they will be important to us.
Oh, my.
What this country needs is an operation
cleaning of the small human pests.
Don't worry.
I'll be with you, even in hell...
YEAR 2599
Shouldn't going to hell have been better?
What's with that serious look?
Say... Once we get back to Earth,
what do you wanna eat?
Should you be worrying about that now?
Hey! Wanna play?
39 days in this camp.
Ours bodies might go slow.
You can't win against me...
See? I'm a pro.
But I go easy when a woman is a choice.
Excuses before you lose?
Quit from this boring
project involvement...
and just come with me.
That's impossible.
It was that man who gave me my freedom.
What's funny, Ichiro?
Being held in captivity and disposed to
Mars so as to clear rubbish over there.
That's your definition of freedom?
Don't be too pessimistic.
Truly beautiful.
[Speaking in Russian]
Sorae! That creep just
took my hand in his mouth!
Damn him!
Just hold on for a bit more, Maria.
Coming over just to clean off some
cockroaches is such a big loss, huh?
Fck this sht.
Geez~ Cocky bstard.
Don't be looking with such lecherous eyes.
Yoshikane and Toramaru.
Fk off.
Don't you be looking at
me with a cocky attitude!
What's wrong with moving at least
a hand or a feet?
Do you even have the time to be
lecturing us off?
I see. That's interesting.
Are you looking for a fight?
What'd you say?
Piece of crap.
There's a former cop...
and a yakuza.
There's a serial killer.
Illegal immigrant.
A leader in an organization of
selling women for prostitution.
A computer shut-in.
To be honest, in what way did they
call us for the selection criteria?
As criminals?
I'm just a plain kickboxer.
They said we are the 2nd section
criminals of humanity.
What's that supposed to mean?
The ones who are in need of money.
Everyone, prepare!
We will soon enter the atmosphere of Mars.
Ready to land.
So this is planet Mars?
This is the result of "terraforming".
The goal is for Mars to have the same environment
with Earth so that humanity can live.
Thanks to the roaches in Mars.
Of all the things, why did it have to be
Cockroach eradication?
Because of the "terraforming project"...
Mars climate has become very similar to Earth.
Now, it's time for us to clean up the cockroaches.
Just that...
To go to Mars, we have to undergo
some risky operations, you see.
As for you the both of you, the
possibility rate of success is high.
The way you are now...
You're charged with a death penalty
for murder.
To alleviate cases of murder would take
at least 10 years and you remain taxable.
To accept the Mars mission in eradicating the
cockroaches is not only an abolish punishment.
There's also an extremely high prize
which awaits you.
If you are fine with that, sign here.
No, I can't.
and that risky operation.
I can't expose her to such dangerous acts.
You choose to die for her sake?
I just can't trust you.
I'm going.
This kind of deal has an
ulterior motive, you know?
Isn't that fine?
We're going to have money
in return for this.
So you're fine with her going on her own?
That's great.
In eradicating the cockroaches...
you are grabbing the future of humanity
in your hands.
We will commence Mars Red Pro missiles.
Mars Red Pro launched.
Extra Vehicular search begins
after three hours.
Komachi, you're heading for North.
Muto, you're off to the eastern region.
Toramaru, you're responsible for the South
area expedition.
Got that.
Yoshikane along with Asuka is
responsible in the West area.
I won't team up with the yakuza.
Please let me switch places with Ichiro.
Tiger, you change places with Asuka.
The cockroaches around the ship must
destroyed by the missiles of Red Mars Pro.
Give me an immediate
confirmation of the effect.
Aircraft BUGS-1 has been found.
Hey, Dojima.
What do you think about this jacket?
Asking for your advice is pointless, huh?
You apparently fail to understand
The damage is very serious, right?
That's expected, but...
we need to get some coherent
confirmation from it.
That logo is BUGS-1.
Is this where everything began?
That was a secret project exploration aircraft
launched 10 years ago by the Japanese.
What's the progress over there?
We are getting ready to
start the initial contact.
That sounds so great!
If this mission turned out successful,
Japan could announce its future technological
sophistication to the other countries.
That's wonderful, Dojima.
The success of Japan is resting in the
responsibilities on your shoulders.
Best regards.
What? Whats wrong?
A cockroach?
Isn't that just a mound of moss.
The heck?
Shokichi, cockroaches
really are your weakness.
Despite knowing that...
you easily had yourself sign up
for this mission.
That's because I got annoyed.
Even I, too!
That's not it. I am annoyed with you!
Even though you don't
like me and all that...
but you keep on saying such
kind words toward me.
Shokichi, you're hurting me so much,
What are you talking about?
You are just sympathizing
over a girl like me...
who lost her real parents in an accident
and hasnt gone to school.
That's why when I heard
about the cockroach...
I thought this was a
good chance to tease you.
I'm lying.
The truth is that I didn't want you to die.
I'm going to protect you
so everything's alright!
Something's off.
Why are there no cockroach carcasses?
Does that mean that the drug did not work?
The heck? What are those creatures?
A Martian?
Why don't we try talking with him?
Better not!
..it's coming closer to us.
What did you just do, bstard!
They killed Asuka.
Seems like they gather in a group.
This area is dangerous.
What are those monsters supposed to be?
Why did Nanao have to get killed?
Our job...
wasn't it to eradicate the cockroaches?
Right, Captain?!
You better not say that
those were cockroaches.
Those are "cockroaches".
Those monsters...
are cockroaches.
The antennae...
and the shape.
That's what I thought the moment
they had Asuka.
Five hundred years ago.
The cockroaches that were went to Mars...
which initially we thought they were
weak, they actually turned out to be tough.
They even breed immeasurably
in the light of cosmic radiation.
With a temperature of minus 80 degrees,
and inhabiting a harsh environment,
it contributed to 500 million years of
evolution which wasnt applicable to them,
..so their evolution exploded.
Compared to moss...
they are the species that evolved
extremely here at Mars.
In other words, they are
called "Terra Formars."
So, you knew?
That there were monsters like them here?
Despite that knowledge, you
deployed us outside.
Don't get furious, young one.
Oh, you aren't young anymore, huh?
I see...
You heard, huh?
You deceived us, you bstard!
That was uncalled for.
You decided on yourself to come
because you could gain profit from this.
Wouldn't you say I'm your life savior?
More like...
Knowing that this would happen...
all of you were injected
with power to complete these tasks.
The name is...
BUGS Operation!
Each and everyone of you had your body with
DNA injected insects.
I'll avoid the complex details.
After all, you guys still won't
be able to understand it.
To put it simply...
You have injected DNA's of insect pests.
You have the strengths of
the DNA of those pests.
Hold up.
The surgical operations we had was all for
this activity here in Mars?!
There's no way we could tell you that the
success rate was only at 30.
If not for the money, it means you
would needlessly betray us.
That was written in the signed contract.
Worries aside.
The individual you a re right now...
has overpassed the
ability of human beings.
I will not ask for an impression
from my new outfit.
Because I'm the only one
who can understand this trend.
Goodbye and be well.
This is the DNA cells of the insects.
The injection is different
for each individual.
A process takes place...
and mutations occur in the body.
In order to gain super powers.
So that we can beat the cockroaches, right?
Right now...
I will give each of you the data
of your ability.
I see.
To destroy the cockroaches, we needed
to become insects too, huh?
The mutated monsters in Mars.
The mutated humans from Earth.
We are both the same hated species
who's trying to kill each other, huh?
This is so much fun!
There's nothing funny about this.
Once the injection has been drained,
we return to our normal selves.
with an excessive usage that our
human body can't handle...
we may lose our lives in the process.
You knew already, captain?
About the gigantic cockroach and
about the BUGS operation too.
It was according to order that
I had to keep my mouth shut.
I'm sorry.
Stop messing around.
Let's all return to Earth.
It's too dangerous here.
Captain, it's them!
The Terraformars are approaching.
Why are you making a fuss over the
death of one woman?
A woman with a huge debt
who lived like a worm...
became a worm through surgery...
and died like a worm too.
Are you really sad about that?
You bastard!
Well, that's what those guys from
the government think, y'know?
If so...
we should come back to Earth once we
have destroyed all the cockroaches here.
By using this new strength
we have acquired...
we can wreak a havoc on the government.
If you don't want them to treat us
like trash like they have before...
why don't you show
me how serious you are?
Let me take care of that.
At this rate, we won't get our money.
He will slaughter first
the nearest cockroach.
We will get to their nest at that momentum.
We are counting on you...
It'll just be a minute.
Even though he's Japanese.
Why is his name Lee?
We don't know his real name.
He had always just fought
in the Middle East region.
An invincible man.
God Lee.
He doesn't know hell...
he can't underestimate those cockroach.
Let's wait and see.
It's an easy walk for him.
The insect that was used as the base of
Lee's Bugs procedure was a ground beetle.
This beetle produces "Hydro-Quinone" and
"Hydrogen Peroxide."
It has ultra-high temperature and blast
jets will be heard simultaneously.
If you bring those substances
to a human scale...
it would cause a big explosion equal
to a flame-thrower.
So that's the physical transformation, huh?
A beetle would not like it if
it sees a garbage-eating insect.
You're finished.
So this is the power of an insect.
Is this gonna come in handy?
Even Lee couldn't beat it?
I won't forgive those guys who
deceived us and made us a fool.
but right now, we need to defeat these
Let's... kick some ass.
This 2-BUGS aircraft
has a special window.
They can't break it that easily!
No! Move away!
Don't you look at us so
cockily, you bastard!
I'll deal with him.
I can't let you make the same error too.
You look at my fighting method against him.
Captain Dojima's insect is a Paraponera...
from South America,
referred to as the bullet ant.
Despite being a small ant...
it can lift the burden of one
hundred times heavier than his own.
And the Paraponera...
have strong jaws and sharp teeth...
which can do a series of bites...
as projectiles which
makes them fearful insects.
We can win.
We can win this!
Are these just the numbers
of our opponents?
Ready for takeoff.
They're way too many.
We're all going to get killed.
Why did they come here to kill us?
There is no reason.
Even we kill cockroaches without a reason.
The placed where I lived in Russia
had no cockroaches.
The firs time I saw one was when I
came here in Japan.
I had no reason why but I killed it.
No reason at all.
Just looking at it made me feel disgusted.
I see...
When mosquitoes suck our blood,
they spread bacteria...
but cockroaches never cost us harm.
But we humans still kill them.
This happens instinctively.
If we humans say that we hate them...
then those guys must think that
they have the need to stand up against us.
There's several reasons too.
Will there come a time too where
humans have to fight each other, perhaps?
You are talking nonsense.
Quit it.
What are you doing, captain?
Let's hurry and take off!
Oh? The yakuza's getting
scared out of his wits.
You dumbass.
A yakuza won't fight a battle he can't win.
His life is the same value of another.
That's our goal.
Captain, the system isnt responding
for takeoff.
All systems including
the backup machine is totally dead.
What's happening?
We can't return to Earth?
What's the problem?
I don't know.
Whatever I do, it won't respond.
I will became the decoy.
During that time, you guys...
get to the plane BUGS-1.
That's... BUGS-1.
10 years ago...
they also launched...
the same aircraft
system like this plane.
By transplanting the same machine system...
then air-BUGS 2
can definitely take off.
But then...
How do we get there?
We are completely surrounded!
Cockroach always compact in groups for
the sake their survival.
We must invade their location and
get some samples.
and it's mission completed.
I will handle the Terra formars.
I will stay behind.
Once they have swarmed in this area...
you and I will beat them off.
That's interesting.
I'll stay behind too.
What a handful you guys are.
I'll stay behind.
You're fine with me right, Captain?
I'll definitely come back for you.
Hey, where's Shokichi?
I dunno.
Tezuka, it's your turn.
Seems like it.
Let's have a blast later on.
You idiot, go die!
I think that'd be great.
I can barely wait. Let's go.
Not yet. Let's wait for Shokichi.
Everyone will survive this.
That's the captain's command.
I can't wait any longer!
Tezuka, let's move!
Shunji Tezuka's insect base
is a bug called Macleay.
This Macleay bug will shoot out a
strong gas once enemy approaches.
Just like spray of water.
The speed spray of an adult insect Macleay
if translated to a human size speed...
is equivalent to 945
kilometers per hour.
Great! I think we can go at this rate.
That old man can actually do it!
They're coming along in numbers.
Stepping inside is where
hell will welcome you!
Mr. Dojima.
On a busy schedule...
I mean, on a free time...
I'm sorry to disturb you.
For that incident to happen, you can
never continue being a captain, right?
Even though a sense of justice is needed...
there's no way you could ever hit
back on your boss even if he's stupid.
Too bad.
They said said he got paralyzed.
If you want to be a captain again...
I have just the perfect job for you.
You know what?
There's a certain kind of a creature's
eggs which I want you to take with you.
Time to dispose of the air's oxygen.
They're most likely already fighting against the
captain. That's what you're thinking, right?
I just.... want to kill those cockroaches.
You just want to die taking
revenge for Nanao, right?
That's not you at all.
You were covering up for
that woman's crime, huh?
Where'd you hear that from?
From Nanao, of course.
Where are you going?!
This much money won't be
helpful for me at all!
Hey... Hey! You...
pay me with your body.
Your body will be beneficial in a sense.
I won't!
I don't like it!
That's enough, right?
Even if you're not bounded
by blood, that's too much!
You're intervening, you bastard?!
Looking so proud while you lecture me!
You asshole! Take this!
If you pick that up, I'll call the cops.
Do you even have an idea?
That girl...
will do anything for money.
That whor...!
You bitch!
I'm the one who killed him!
I killed him!
Why did you come to Mars?
I'm just a nobody.
My childhood friend whom I liked...
died because of the pandemic.
I have nothing.
I'll back you up.
So you can give Nanao a proper burial.
What the heck is that?
What's wrong?
You're kidding, right?
We will charge ahead!
We must get through this collision!
A second wave is coming!
Isn't this much huge
than the previous one?!
Tezuka won't last any longer than this.
Leave this part to us.
Sorae Osako's insect is the black beetle.
This black insect is
also called as Ishikagi.
Every part of its body is hard.
Whether it will undergo a change in process
still remains a mystery.
In its species, no doubt that it is the
hardest skinned insect.
Can't be helped.
I'll accompany you on this.
Following on, Maria's base insect is a Rainbow
beetle with optical camouflage effect...
that is able to confuse the enemy.
Changing to autopilot mode.
I'm sorry.
You guys have done it! You killed the only
women whom I could have had fun with!
Tezuka! Osako! Maria!
We're the only ones who survived.
Looks like it.
So this is... BUGS-1.
We'll guard this part.
Oh, okay.
You want some?
Let's have a great feel of Mars.
How is the system?
I'll check it out.
What is this?
Seems like BUGS-1... is delivering
something to Earth.
What is it?
You guys are sneaky!
Have at me! A yakuza dies the time
that he must!
Have at me!
To add, Yoshikane's insect was a genburo.
Toramaru's insect was okira.
Why did these two choose the abilities
of insects from land and water?
Whether the ability of their insect was
used or not is now a mystery.
They got shot.
So these cockroaches
could also make weapons.
Those were the best weapons of BUGS-1.
For them to even use it...
just how much can they evolve more?
No need to panic, Lieutenant.
It just means that they have become
the same as humans.
But then we have surpassed being a human.
I'll deal them on.
The Lieutenant and the
others have reached BUGS-1.
They are being surrounded.
How is it going on your side?
Captain Dojima is trapped in a fight.
Honestly, that idiot is a handful.
you wouldn't try to be left alone
in a situation like that, right?
Everything's going
according to plan, right?
Are there other areas that
I should be aware of?
Once Komachi Shokichi transforms...
don't get close to him.
His insect is greatly overwhelming.
Well then, I'll get ready
to carry out the task.
The most dangerous creature is not the bear
nor the shark.
The most dangerous animal is...
The hornet!
More importantly, the Asian Giant Hornet!
It uses a deadly poison to attack the approaching
enemy and acts instinctively in a sweep.
Unlike other bees...
The hornet will sting his
opponent countless times.
until the enemy is dead.
Jin Muto's insect base is the
Desert locust...
It can fly up high and has strong
and powerful hind legs for kicking.
If this was converted into a human scale...
It means that he could easily
jump over a nine-storey building.
The dessert locusts' legs are the best
in the insect world.
Thanks for your hard work, Captain.
Lieutenant Obari's insect is
the Orchid Praying Mantis.
They depend on good camouflage to prevent
predators from eating them.
They have the ability to mimic.
At times, they also prey on
male grasshoppers.
They are indeed carnivorous insects.
I've killed about 15 cockroaches.
Shokichi, Jin! You guys did well
against those cockroaches.
We're taking off BUGS-1's system...
so we can return to BUGS-2.
A pyramid.
Why is it here in Mars?
Who... are you?
Moriki... so you were alive?
Moriki Asuka's ability is from the insect
"Emerald Cockroach Wasp."
This specific wasp is an insect to fear.
It has a deadly poison that can penetrate
a reflex in the brain sites of a cockroach.
It makes a live cockroach her doll.
In other words, to be able to
control a cockroach...
you hold the strongest ace against
the cockroaches in Mars.
That's right.
All the Terraformars here in Mars
will become my cute little slaves.
Hey, Ichiro. Hurry and bring the eggs in.
Oh, that's right.
I have to spill some water on you, huh?
Ichiro... you were also in with her plan?
We can't return if we can't
bring the eggs with us.
Ichiro Hiruma's insect is
the "Sleeping Chironomid."
It occurs in the semi-arid regions
of the African continent.
The larvae of this creature holds
a very unique ability...
That is...
it won't die.
In environments without water,
the larvae of this creature...
can enter a defensive
state called cryptobiosis.
Once it is in this state, it can survive a
temperature of 200 degrees, or 5 minutes of burning.
- It can even withstand a.
- 270 degrees freezing.
Even if it is soaked in
alcohol for 168 hours.
Even in a Gray Unit radiation with
the status of 7000.
Even if it is exposed in a vacuum state...
it will not die.
And then, once replenished with water, it
may resume activity as if nothing happened.
Why are you dressed like that?
Well, I thought it might fool them for
a while, at least.
It helps with the atmosphere.
"The Undead Insect"... and
"The Insect-Expert Manipulator."
So? Where are the eggs?
They're already in the right hands.
The second generation of this egg
had just been processed recently.
Let's go.
The BUGS-2 aircraft.
Seriously! You guys are amazing!
You were able to beat off those Terraformars
in a short time with just three of you.
That's a surprise.
It became a great data for battle combats.
Battle data?
What does that mean?!
The BUGS-2 machine is still active.
What is that about?
It's fine.
This is all according to detailed plan.
The BUGS-2 is a secret instruction so that
Asuka and Ichiro can return to Earth.
The plan began to move when Hiruma
set the system down and went to sleep.
Moriki was alive?
That woman can control the cockroaches.
They will obey her orders...
so there's nothing
for her to worry about.
What happened to the Captain?
He's dead!
But you see?
Hiruma's insect is an
insect that won't die...
but water can revive him.
Amazing, right?
You bastard...
What are you trying to make Ichiro
and the others do?
To bring it with them...
That is my plan.
What do you mean?!
You are right...
Since you guys are also risking
your lives there at Mars...
you do need an explanation too, huh?
As a special offer, I'll tell you.
Despite the error of BUGS-1...
there is an exit pad which is
bringing an item back to earth.
Inside that...
is the carcass of a Terraformars.
There were reports from the Japanese government
intelligence regarding that on Mars...
that there will be a
cockroach annihilation...
which will be used as a guard around
the planet Mars. It is one bold project.
We will research on these Martians..
to insert the DNA of insects
into the DNA of humans...
It is called as "OPERATION BUGS."
Making human-like insects.
It is the project to make humans as weapons
to eradicate the cockroaches.
This experiment...
processed through the test
acquired you guys who
volunteered for money.
We could use the astronauts...
but problems may occur ahead.
If we can just secure their
eggs for observation...
we will surely be able to examine
the secret of their evolution.
On top of that...
If we can gather your combat
data during battles...
it means that we will be able to create
the strongest insects...
that could make Japan
formidable even without nuclear weapons.
All hail! Terra Formars!
Please wait.
What are those pyramids about?
You do know that life is determined
by the energy of a gene right?
What are you talking about?
However, the actual genetic process is
produced by the universe.
In order to return to the universe...
there's a possibility that there
is evolution of life on Earth.
We didn't send those
cockroaches over there.
Those creatures went to Mars and they
brought with them the ability to evolve.
This is in accordance
with the will of genetic.
That's ridiculous!
You're right.
But, you know?
It's also possible that the existence
of the pyramid is an evidence itself.
Once the cockroaches are gone...
their bodies could be used
for materials research.
So we were staged for this
right from the start?
That's outrageous!
Your human life on Earth
was already trash.
But now, all of this is for the sake of
the contribution of human evolution.
Isn't that a big thing?
We will surely return alive!
Remember that until the time comes!
How will you do that?
You guys have no other
means for a comeback.
Big brother.
I'm hungry...
I'm suffering.
Big brother.
My ears are so scratchy.
Hold on a little longer, Mom.
I will finish this study immediately. The
company must pay the results of my research.
I also have a letter of introduction
from my Professor.
I will save all of you.
I'm counting on you.
You are pregnant... with my child?
This man... forced me against my will...
inside the laboratory.
This is bad... Hiruma.
I... got framed.
They won't draft a damage report...
but you have to drop
off from the university.
For the sake of a research...
the future of my
siblings were taken away.
My only ally is money.
Your story is too sad.
But a bit stupid.
Moriki, why'd you take this job?
Because of money, right?
You idiot.
Do you know what will happen if cockroaches
from here would breed down at Earth?
That would be problematic.
..if we let those cockroaches go free?
I can control and dominate
the world with this.
The heck with money.
I can be able to get everything I want.
Don't tell me... it's about to hatch?
Wait... isn't this a bit early?
Once I control them, there's no problem.
Listen, you guys.
I am your queen.
Just be obedient and listen well.
Until I say so.
They aren't listening to Moriki Asuka.
Isn't that her defense mechanism?
They are the children of the terraformars
that were controlled by Asuka.
Could they have evolved?
If that is so...
This is beyond our wildest imagination.
Hurry and land back, BUGS-2!
Hiruma! Hiruma!
Is this also... according to plan?
This is definitely a severe trouble.
As expected from these bastard cockroaches.
They're underestimating us.
What should we do?
We've come this far so we have to do it.
Kill or be killed.
After killing them all, we'll think about
the other stuffs later.
You're a great woman.
You only knew that now?
How about them?
They know.
It's his fault that I'm here.
The problems exist on Earth...
so they turned them all here in Mars?
Well then, we have to return alive, huh?
We will reclaim BUGS-2.
It can no longer fly.
There's still another plane in it.
What's with this guy?
He's more ridiculous than
the other cockroaches!
No..! His moves are more
closer to that of a human.
That means they evolved?
I will not let this creature to become
much stronger other than me.
Jin! Stop it! Anymore, you'll...
How stupid.
You can't return to being human, you know?
Listen well and remember!
Desert locusts are the real insects!
You rascals are not the
suitable opponent for me!
I will not kneel for the sake
of cockroach morons like you!
I got too reckless.
Why did you inject it again?
To tell the truth... I don't even know why
I came to Mars...
or what'd I'd do once
I got back to Earth...
I don't have anything.
My will to survive is only...
because I have gotten
to like you guys a lot.
If you lit a spark of fire in this...
it means this dust bomb will explode.
It's going to explode!
Stop this...
Stop this...!
we're going back to Earth together.
Get a grip!
Nanao is already dead!
No need to feel sorry for me.
Ever since I was a child,
I have been alone.
I've gotten used to being
treated as an insect.
Pretty gross, right?
You can't tell if I'm a
man or a bug anymore...
You are human.
You're my friend.
Nanao, using her own powers,
tried to protect you...
Live and return home to Earth.
That is... Nanao's will.
I can't die...
in a place like this.
I'm counting on you.
For the sake of money.
I need money!
betrayed us right from the start.
You really are stupid.
You asshole.
Don't let your guard down.
There's still something we need to do.
Let's settle this back at Earth.
There's one more plane pad good for two.
Professor! This is...!
The BUGS-2 data feed is being shown
throughout the world.
At this rate, the secret research of the
Japanese government will be...
will all be for nothing!
They had us.
This is complete defeat.
This is Hiruma's doing.
This is our karma.
Because we prevented their return to Earth
after being buried in darkness...
they made themselves and
everything go public.
What should we do?
We should disappear.
Since this happened...
The BUGS project as well as the battle data
is a matter between countries, and there are
research institutes who will dare to buy it.
You will betray against
the Japanese government?
It's the opposite, Sakakibara.
The government will certainly put
all the blame and errors to me.
That is indeed true.
I see it now...
It turns out that the government sent
you to watch over me, huh?
Professor Honda... you will atone
for this deed...
and will turn to have taken suicide.
Since I just got hold of a rare jacket...
I don't want you to stain
blood on it, okay?
don't shoot.
You cockroach!
Too bad.
As a scientist, I was wary.
On top of that...
You went way too overboard to
call me a cockroach.
That's my artificial toxic product.
Once you inhale the poison,
it's a guarantee that you will die.
Good riddance.
After I return to Earth,
I will get to the top.
I'll battle against those
airhead big shots!
What will you do once you get back?
I... will build a tomb.
A tomb for Nanao, and everyone else.
After that?
I will...
come back here again.