Terrestrial Verses (2023) Movie Script

- Where is the birth certificate?
- Down there.
And the payment receipt?
Here it is.
Thank you.
So, what name did you choose for your son?
- David?
- Yes.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Are you a resident of Iran?
Why are you asking me this?
- Are you resident in Iran yes or no?
- Yes.
If one lives in Iran, one should know
that he cannot name his son "David".
Why not?
- Because it's not an Iranian name.
- So what?
It can not be done.
Why can't it be done?
It would promote a foreign culture.
I don't understand this reasoning.
She lives in Iran and wants to give it to you son
a Western name.
It's as if a European were choosing
an Iranian name for one's son.
It's just... to my wife
I really like that name.
The fact that your wife likes him
that's not enough motivation.
Why not?
It just isn't.
Why "David"?
It's the name of you favorite writer.
Usually people don't name their children
like their favorite writers.
- Why not?
- It is not possible.
Let's say someone likes it
the Persian poet "Vahshi Bafqi".
He could call his son
"Vahshi", savage?
"Vahshi" and "David"
they are very different names.
For us there is no difference.
But we already agree
on this name.
Could you give us a hand, please?
Because she doesn't choose the name
of your favorite writer?
We just don't like that name very much, no.
- What's the name?
- But we don't like it.
- Tell me what the name is.
- Gholam-Hossein Sa'edi.
- "Gholam-Hossein"?
- Yes.
"Gholam-Hossein" is perfect.
It's a beautiful name.
Isn't it better than "David"?
We don't like "Gholam-Hossein".
We like "David".
No, "David" is not allowed.
But we can do "Hossein"
without "Gholam".
This way, you will have
a beautiful religious name
which pays homage to your favorite writer.
That would be half the name
of your favorite writer!
But that is an Arabic name, not an Iranian one.
As long as it is a religious name,
It's not a problem.
David is also a religious name.
I do not think so.
It's like "Davood", it's the same name,
only that it is pronounced
differently: David.
It's different. They say "David"
and we say "Davood".
But the meaning is the same.
If the meaning is the same,
choose "Davood".
"Davood" is acceptable.
It's just that we prefer "David",
We don't like "Davood".
Like I said, "David" is not allowed.
Listen, could you help me, please?
My brother, it doesn't depend on me.
We have a list of approved names
and "David" is not on the list.
So choose
"Davood", "Hossein" or "Gholam-Hossein".
Imagine calling your son
And call him: "Gholam-Hossein, come here."
She would call you son
"Gholam-Hossein" proposed by you,
I didn't say that!
I didn't propose "Gholam-Hossein".
You asked me
who is my favorite writer
and I said: "Gholam- Hossein Sa' ed.
I didn't propose it.
In any case, you mentioned it,
not me.
I also proposed "Davood".
Do you wants me to do any other suggestions?
No, sir.
We chose the name.
- I'll make you another proposal.
- No, sir, it's not necessary.
But why are you getting angry?
I'm here to help you.
No need, thank you.
Now what do you want us to do?
Do you want to think about it some more?
Would you prefer to consult
with your wife?
But I ask you to hurry,
so we don't keep others waiting.
"David" really isn't it?
No, sir, you can't.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Come, see if you like them
these models.
Do you also have a veil?
Yes, we have the complete wedding set.
It's for my daughter,
I would like it in a bright color.
What would suit you?
We have this
in gray or dark blue.
ninety two
But the veil must be
of a light color.
She likes bright colors:
red, green, blue.
No, red is unfortunately not possible.
But she can wear a red band
above the veil.
Band? What do you mean?
It's a simple band that goes on the forehead,
but usually there is a slogan written on it.
No, ma'am, this thing was used
at the time of the war.
Yet there are those who continue to buy them!
So let you try on the dress,
then we choose the color.
Selena, honey.
- Yes?
- Which one do you like among these colors?
You have to choose one.
What is it? I do not like it at all.
Pearl school ceremony
you must wear one of these colors.
Look, this gray is very beautiful.
And then it will be covered by the veil.
So let's get a red one.
You're right, we can take it
another color?
No, if they see a little red underneath,
they send you home.
This gray is very beautiful.
Come, try this.
It's really cute.
Straight with your back.
The size is right.
Go and look in the mirror.
Why do I have to wear this?
What's wrong with my clothes?
Stop complaining.
It's a school rule.
At home you can wear whatever you like,
but you have to wear it to school
this uniform.
This blue scarf
goes well with grey.
- Where would the blue be?
- It's a light blue.
Leave that alone,
try this light beige.
Come, try this.
But what stuff is it?
We'll fix it.
No, your hair shouldn't be visible.
Look how good it looks on you!
- Is it a little big?
- No, it's okay.
- It's big.
- No, the size is perfect.
If it's too short, they send you home.
- Try this headband.
- There's no need.
Ma'am, it's the ceremony of duties.
The hair must be
completely covered.
I know this.
I also have a model with a veil attached,
but I think it will be
more comfortable this way.
I expect a discount, okay?
Of course, no problem.
I would like to show you this other veil,
he just got there.
Mr Hasan?
Can you bring me the cream-colored veil for girls?
The one with the ribbon embroidery.
This one also has some green,
it's very beautiful.
We also have
the matching prayer rug.
They told us that the veil
it was enough for the ceremony.
As you prefer.
Since you companions
they took the set,
I thought you wanted to do the same.
This is the best fabric,
wash and wear.
It will last at least seven generations.
Honey, come and try this on yourself.
- How does it work? Does it have sleeves?
- Yes, it has sleeves.
The sleeves are floral.
Remove the creases a little. How beautiful!
Don't look at me, look at yourself in the mirror.
In the mirror I only see two eyes.
Also put on this crown of flowers,
which matches with the veil.
If it's so beautiful,
why don't you wear it?
I gave it my time, now it's your turn.
Are you okay, do you like it?
We also have this prayer rug
in velvet with a ribbon design.
- Which one costs less?
- This.
Mom, can I take it off?
This carpet doesn't cost much,
comes a hundred thousand.
We don't need the prayer rug,
only the veil set.
- Give us a discount, though.
- Sure, let's go to the cash register.
Yes Madam?
Do you have a boyfriend?
No, ma'am. Who said it?
Do not lie.
I'm not lying,
I would tell you if I had it.
So who is this guy?
Who, ma'am?
The one who accompanied you on the motorbike.
Nobody accompanied me.
- Nobody gave you a lift?
- No.
And how did you come to school?
I took a taxi.
Why didn't you take the school bus?
I woke up late.
No, you didn't wake up late.
You wanted to come with that boy on the motorbike.
But which boy?
The one who accompanied you on the motorbike.
Nobody accompanied me,
have you seen anyone?
I didn't, but Mr. Jalil saw it.
How did Mr. Jalil see this?
He's blind!
Watch how you speak!
He's not blind, he's weak-sighted.
His glasses are so thick!
He can't see a meter away,
How did he recognize me?
Don't worry, you see what you need to see.
That's why he's here.
I thought he was here to clean.
None of your business.
How can you say it was me?
There are 500 girls in this school,
all with the same uniform.
sure it was you.
And how can you be sure?
He recognizes you by the way you walk.
Why, how do I walk?
You walk like a duck.
In what sense?
In the sense that you walk on tiptoe
outward, like a duck.
And am I the only one who walks like this?
Are you saying he told a lie?
I'm not saying that,
but maybe he was wrong
because of his poor eyesight.
He is never wrong.
Besides, this wasn't your first time.
Because Mr. Jalil
Do you remember how I walk?
Show me your head.
Let me see.
- Why, ma'am?
- Your head, let me see it.
Have you dyed your hair?
No, it's my natural color.
Are you lying by looking me in the eyes?
You dyed your hair!
No, believe me, they become like this during the day.
What are you, a chameleon?
Come here.
Come here!
Take off your veil.
Take off your veil, I said!
This isn't dyed?
Is your natural color blue?
Sit down, I'll set you straight today.
Shameless liar.
What's this boy's name?
Which guy?
I swear there's no boy.
You're swearing falsely, but are you stupid?
Ok, I dyed my hair and a boy
accompanied me here, so what?
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Which way?
Rude and arrogant.
I'm not rude,
but when I tell the truth, you don't believe me!
I would have let you go
if you had told me the truth.
Do you think you're dealing with a fool?
Ma'am, what do you want me to say,
to leave me alone?
I told you to behave!
Now I'll call your father,
so you tell him.
No, ma'am, please. I beg you.
Your father should know
that instead of coming to school,
go riding with the boys.
Please hang up, I'll tell you the truth.
At that time?
What he said
Mr. Jalil is true.
And who is this guy?
Please don't involve him
in this story.
I won't, I just want to know
what is his name.
Mohammad how?
Mohammad Amiri.
Ma'am, you promised not to call.
Your father needs to know
what kind of libertine daughter does she have.
Ma'am, hang up.
I also have to tell you something else.
Tell me.
Mohammad and I stayed
at Qeytarieh Park on Wednesday.
- Do you want me to tell you the rest?
- Yes.
I took it back.
I wasn't at Qeytarieh Park on Wednesday.
But yes, and you weren't alone.
I can go get my cell phone
and show it to him.
What is this nonsense?
Okay, that's nonsense.
Call my father.
I'm not like you,
I keep my promises.
I will not tell anyone.
Now if you'll excuse me.
Can you try updating?
there is a problem with the internet.
So you also have problems with the Internet?
Sometimes it disconnects,
let's wait a moment.
I thought you checked it.
Not exactly,
it is not under our control.
Hello, Mrs. Shabani.
Could you send me the file, please?
It hasn't arrived yet.
Yes, 206 grey, 88 horsepower.
Thank you.
I'm sure this is a mistake.
How many 206s exist with the same license plate?
It wasn't my car.
The cameras picked up.
I don't even have long hair.
Don't take it off, put it back on!
It's just me and you, what do you do?
No, there are cameras here,
the brothers see us.
Our cameras
they can't be wrong.
I'm not saying
that the camera was wrong.
They already took my phone,
otherwise I could show you the photos.
I've had this short hair for a while now.
Maybe you weren't driving.
The important thing is the driver
she was not wearing a hijab.
It is not possible,
I don't lend my car to anyone.
- We'll see when the file arrives.
- Yes.
But don't send a warning
before having the car towed?
You have been warned,
but you didn't show up.
I didn't receive any messages.
I know what time you opened the message
and you're telling me you didn't get any?
Can you see when I open messages?
We can do a lot of things.
The message was...
on the 23rd...
at 2.34pm
and you opened it at 2.35pm.
You were pretty quick!
I work for a carpooling company,
I'm often on the phone.
So you got the messages.
I didn't receive any messages
by the Traffic Police.
I swear by whoever his god is.
Since you are familiar with faith,
why did you take off your hijab?
I told you, it wasn't me.
You lent your car
and you forgot?
Ma'am, I told you,
I don't lend my car to anyone.
I make my living with this car,
so I don't lend it to anyone.
Maybe you forgot.
In any case, it is registered here.
I'll demonstrate it to you when the file arrives.
Let's put the case
that she didn't cover you hair.
Isn't my car a private space?
Who says the car is a private space?
It is not?
No! The cars have windows
and you can see inside.
My house has windows too
and you can see inside.
Isn't it a private space?
If the inside is visible, no, it isn't.
But it's my house!
You can't do everything you want
in your house. No, it is not private space.
What is a private space in this country?
I don't want to discuss politics.
I'm not a political person,
I'm just doing my job.
I don't want to discuss politics either.
But your job is depriving me
of my livelihood.
If you confiscate my car
and I won't be able to pay the next instalment,
they will take it away from me.
If the car is a source of income,
do not commit a crime within it.
But what are you talking about?
Uncovering your hair is a crime.
What if the scarf slips off?
It won't slide off if you don't want it to.
- What if it slips away?
- Then you committed a crime.
Simply like this?
Do you think mine will slip away?
I ask you: do you think mine will slip away?
I mean my scarf.
I use clothespins to hold it, see?
Since early morning,
I bend over a thousand times
but it never slips away.
It won't slide off if you don't want it to.
I have no hair
to attach the clothespins to.
- The photo has arrived.
- can I see?
Yes, now I will show it to you.
- Is this your vehicle?
- Yes it is.
It seems that you are this woman
do you wear hijab?
He's not a woman, he's my brother.
- And your brother?
- Yes, it's him. He has long hair.
What are you doing, going backwards?
You shaved and he with long hair?
- Is hair length also a crime?
- It could be.
How do I know it's not a woman?
How do I know it's a man?
He's clearly a man,
What do men look like?
Well, he has to come in person
to prove it.
- In what sense?
- In the sense that it is a photograph.
This person is the driver
and he doesn't seem like a man to me.
But he's a man, he's my brother. If I take
my cell phone, I'll show you the photos.
No, you can show me anyone's photo
and tell me he's your brother.
The important thing is that the person
behind the wheel come here in person.
As soon as possible.
- So he has to come here?
- Yes, he must come here.
Mrs. Shabani.
The girl here is done.
Send the next one too.
What is for lunch?
I have to write too
my home address?
Answer all questions.
Thank you.
Sorry, I haven't been able to to understand
since the announcement what the company does.
Now I'll explain it to you.
So, our company operates
in the construction sector.
In fact, we are in the business of rendering
earthquake resistant buildings.
Tehran sits on a huge fault line,
which makes us quite busy.
We have two factories
last generation,
therefore we have no competition in Iran.
This is why I like to think
that we ourselves are our own competitors.
I have to be very selective
regarding our employees.
This is because our customers
they are themselves very selective.
We take care of our employees,
we take care of the insurance
and the benefits package.
We even offer
maternity leave here.
I don't think any other company offers
maternity leave like us.
Well, that's great.
- Do you want to ask something?
- No thank you.
- Can I ask you some questions?
- Certainly.
- Do you live in Karaj?
- It's my father's address.
And what is yours?
I don't have my own place at the moment.
- Are you really 30?
- Yes.
- I would never have said it.
- Thank you.
So you know how to write on the computer and in Word.
Yes, I wrote it there.
- Do you also write on the computer in English?
- Yes, I can do it.
How is your English?
Quite good,
I am now taking an advanced course.
Can you understand a conversation?
- Yes, I can almost converse.
- Almost.
"You are very beautiful". What does it mean?
You said you know English, right?
It's easy. "You are very beautiful."
It means: "You are very beautiful."
Do you really think that?
I just told you the translation.
Why are you so serious?
Take it easy!
I'm not serious.
Could you tell me more
on the contract?
The conditions are excellent,
Don't worry.
I mean working hours,
holidays, salary.
I understand what you mean.
It's a private company.
I set the conditions.
It all depends on you.
There is an employee working
ten hours a day, even on weekends.
Six months have passed
and he is still precarious.
To tell the truth,
I was thinking of sending him away.
Then there is another employee
who works three or four hours a day,
he makes his own schedule.
But I'm satisfied with him
and he is already a full-time employee.
You see? It all depends on you.
If I'm happy, conditions are good.
If you're a good girl,
it will all be fine.
Do you understand what I mean?
- Your lips are dry.
- Thank you.
- Please!
- Thank you.
- It's organic, don't be shy.
- Thank you.
Sorry, just one thing.
Since I live in Karaj,
I have to go back by subway.
It would be possible to leave
to 4pm every day?
Well, this complicates things.
But I will find a solution for you.
Thank you.
- You are married?
- No.
Since you don't wear the ring,
I gathered that you are not married.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Is it work-related?
If I ask, it means it's inherent.
- You got it?
- What?
The boy. Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I do not have it.
[in English] Why? You are so Beautiful,
do not you like men?
How this question
is it about work?
I told you it's inherent,
all my questions are.
Can you answer my question or not?
I have a boyfriend.
You didn't have a boyfriend a little while ago
and now you have a boyfriend?
- Do you really have a boyfriend?
- Yes I have.
And are you faithful?
Yes I am. Do you have any other questions?
Are you in a hurry?
- Is it hot in here?
- No, it's not hot.
But yes, you are sweating.
Take off your scarf, it's a private company,
hijab is not mandatory here.
- Take it off, relax.
- No, I'm fine like this.
We will be colleagues. Take it easy!
Take off your scarf.
I have to go.
Hey, where are you going?
I'm talking to you! Be gentle!
- I talk to you!
- I came for a job interview.
This is the job interview.
Come and sit.
Come and sit down,
I brought you orange juice.
Drink the juice and then go.
Come, sit down.
- Drink the juice.
- I don't want it, thanks.
If you knew who you were talking to,
you wouldn't leave!
People beg me
for five minutes of time,
for me to do something for them.
And you insult me.
- I didn't insult anyone.
- And what is this?
Sitting here protesting
everything I say.
You don't value who you are.
All you need is my signature
to start work tomorrow.
Do you want to leave at 4pm?
Okay, leave at 3pm.
You come when you want, you leave when you want.
What else do you want?
Are you listening to me?
Come, sit next to me.
Come here.
Give me your hand.
- Give me your hand.
- Why?
Still ask questions! Still!
Do you want to work with me, yes or no?
Give me your hand, I won't bite.
Give me your hand.
I have to go.
Who do you think you are? Go away!
You don't deserve anything.
Mr Farbod Akhtari.
Have you ever been to a psychiatrist?
Psychiatrist or psychologist?
- It's the same.
- No, it's not the same.
I decide if it's the same or not.
No, I've never been there.
And to a psychologist?
What do these questions have to do with anything
with whether I can drive or not?
We need to know if you have any ailments
on a mental health level
before issuing your license.
No, I have never been to a psychologist.
Are you taking any medications?
What kind of drugs?
Any type of drug.
I take antacids.
Why? Is it irritable?
Why, all of those
who take antacids are short-tempered?
Many of the gastric ulcers
are due to stress.
Can you find someone in this city
who is not stressed?
So you're stressed.
I wasn't talking about myself, I was talking in general.
Don't speak in general.
Are you taking medications
for mental health?
What do you mean by drugs?
Narcotics. Do you use it?
No, I swear on the Holy Book.
Do these questions make you nervous?
No, but your questions are strange.
What's wrong?
It's not normal, I came here
to get my license.
I said I took some antacids
and you tell me I'm short-tempered.
- Are you a normal person?
- Am I abnormal?
It says here that you have tattoos.
Is anyone with tattoos abnormal?
I'm just here to establish that.
Are you a psychologist?
Show me your tattoos.
It's a simple tattoo.
Show it to me.
It's nothing special, it's a poem.
I have to see it.
Raise your arm.
- What's written?
- I told you, it's a poem.
- Laws.
- You've already seen it.
No, read it to me.
Is it a university exam?
I told you to read it.
"I'm drunk and you're crazy.
Who will take us home?"
And is this normal for you?
It is a poem.
I know it's a poem. But is it normal?
A normal person writes himself "I am
drunk and you're crazy" on the body?
It's a verse from Rumi.
Rumi wrote many beautiful poems.
Yes, he has.
This is beautiful too.
He wrote better ones.
- Yes, it's true.
- Don't put it down.
Looks like there's more to it than that.
There's nothing.
Pull up, let me see.
Did you get this far?
Read it, tell me what it says.
"How many times have I told you
to drink fewer glasses?"
You really like this poem.
Show me your other arm.
There's nothing.
Roll up your sleeve.
- Is this the next line of the poem?
- Yes.
And where did you write the rest of the poem?
- Pull up your shirt, let me see.
- Why?
I didn't do it
to let others read it?
Well, let's read.
I did it for myself.
If you did it for you,
you would have written it in your diary.
Pull up.
Do you have it all over your body?
It's all the verses.
Should I read them to you?
- Take off your shirt.
- Why?
Take off your shirt, I have to read everything.
It's all the same.
I want to see it.
Do you want to see me naked?
I have to complete the report.
In the report write
that I have tattoos all over my body.
I can't write this without seeing them.
If I take it off, will you give me my license?
Take it off and let's see.
If you want to reject the request,
tell me right away.
With renewal after two years.
Two years? So every two years
should I come here and undress for you?
You don't have to get a driving license.
- What shirt is that?
- Of Mickey Mouse.
How old are you?
I had it under my shirt,
no one saw it.
But you know what you're wearing.
It's normal for an adult
wear a Mickey Mouse t-shirt?
If it's not good, why
do they show it on TV?
It's for kids, not for you.
I watched it when I was a child.
It's not normal. Take off the shirt.
Show me your back.
Is it bad to get a tattoo?
Why? Do you want to make one?
You left no blank spaces
and you say you're normal?
For me, it's not normal.
You said that if I took it away,
you'll give me the license with a two-year renewal.
Do you also have writings down there?
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
I filled it out.
Thank you.
Please have a seat.
Mr. Siamak Dalvand.
Well, your CV is quite...
I wrote it there.
How long have you been out of work?
Five months.
five months...
What happened?
The factory had not received
Raw materials
and they had to downsize
Why did they fire you?
They sent several of them home.
These things are never random,
there must be a reason.
No, sir. Many people were fired,
not just me.
Was it precarious?
Yes, none were permanent.
- How long was your contract?
- Three years.
Here we do one-year contracts.
If you are selected,
we'll give you a three-months trial.
And if we are satisfied,
we will sign a one year contract.
It is fine for me.
You are Shia, right?
How many pillars are there of the Shiite religion?
- Well.
- There are five of them.
And what are they?
Monotheism, Prophecy, Resurrection,
Justice of God and Imamate.
What are those of Islam?
Prayer, fasting,
legal almsgiving.
That's all?
The hajj pilgrimage?
Is it a question?
- The hajj pilgrimage.
- What else?
I don't remember now.
Well, there are many more.
- Do you pray?
- Yes.
Do you go to Friday prayers?
I go there if I'm not at work.
You said you hasn't worked in five months.
I am a street vendor.
And what do you sell?
I'm on the subway,
I sell socks.
You shouldn't be ashamed of working.
Which suras of the Quran do you know by heart?
I know Kosar.
That one only has three verses,
everyone knows it.
- It has four verses.
- There are three.
Does bismilla count as a verse?
No, sorry.
- Bismilla doesn't count.
- Right.
Then? Do you know any other surahs?
For example Al-Zalzala, The Earthquake?
Yes, but I don't remember it now.
How can you not know
such a beautiful surah?
- Did you understand which Surah I'm talking about?
- Yes, the one about the earthquake.
Earthquake? Are you making fun of me?
It is that of Judgment Day.
Do you know what that means?
"When the earth is troubled
in the earthquake, he will cast off his burdens."
Allah is the greatest!
Imagine a thousand atomic bombs
that fall to the earth all together!
What would happen?
Allah is the greatest!
- Do you know what that means?
- No.
"The man will say:
What is going on?
"That day", is the end of the Surah.
"Who will have even done the weight
of an atom of good he will see it,
and who will have even done the weight
of an atom of evil will see it."
- Do you understand?
- Yes, it is very beautiful.
It is, it's very beautiful.
I'm surprised you didn't know this.
I knew it.
No, you didn't know it. Anyway...
- Do you know how to wash yourself before prayer?
- Yes.
Well, do it.
Here is the water tap.
The face.
Do you do it like this, sitting down?
Let's wash our hands first...
Don't give me any explanations, I know how to do it.
Just do it.
Did you say Bismillah?
I did it mentally.
All right, continue.
Do you wash through the sleeve?
I figured you knew.
Here it is.
Excuse me .
Left arm first?
Excuse me .
I was distracted.
We make sure...
that all areas
are completely wet.
Let's rinse our heads.
Do I have to take off my shoes?
There's no need.
Left foot, right foot.
Here it is.
Don't sit down. That's fine.
We finished.
- Should I go then?
- Yes, go.
- Thank you.
- Please.
Excuse me, will you let me know?
We will only call you if we want to hire you.
- Until we meet again.
- Until we meet again.
No permit was issued
for your film.
We had a general agreement on this.
So there are no problems
with the core of the film?
No, we don't have any problems
with the main nucleus.
Then give me permission,
so I can proceed to make the film.
What's the problem with the movie?
The screenplay.
You said there were no problems
and now the problem is the script?
When we say there are no problems,
we mean it's not a problem
that you make a film.
But the type of film makes a difference.
Mr Chegini, two years have passed.
Three investors backed out.
If you had problems with the script,
you should have informed me before.
Conditions have changed.
Cultural themes change every day.
We must adapt to the times
and social and political conditions.
This script does not contain
no political or social criticism,
nor does it provide a negative image
of the country.
There are no women without hijab.
In fact, there are no women at all!
There is all this in the script,
and you know it.
The script is about my father.
This is as personal as it gets
can exist.
May God bless your father.
You talk about the revered position
of a father.
And then in your script
the father figure is insulted.
And finally you kill the father.
This cannot be done.
You can't kill the father
in the script.
Mr Chegini, the title is:
"Things that kill each other."
And you say I can't kill the father?
See, even the title of the screenplay
it's a problem.
It needs to be changed.
Since ancient Greece
up to the present day,
they have always told each other
stories of parricide.
In Oedipus, in Hamlet...
Yes, I know it well.
The problem is that you compare
Iranian and Islamic culture
to the western one.
We want to stop
Western cultural hegemony.
No, you want to stop my film,
not the West.
Nobody is stopping your movie.
Your script just needs some changes.
Look, you're like a brother to me.
I want you to make your film.
I have been working in culture for 20 years.
Until last year you were
in the Ministry of Transport.
I also worked on cultural issues.
The Ministry of Transport
also requires a cultural contribution.
Take away Parricide
from your script,
change the title
and deliver it to me by Tuesday,
I will discuss it myself in the committee.
Do as I tell you.
And drink the tea, which is getting cold.
I can't change the title.
I can't write like this.
You are a writer.
You have to be creative.
We have many masters in our cinema,
they all made films
with the same rules.
And they have won many awards.
If you delete from page 16 to page 28,
the problems are solved.
- Done.
- perfect!
Well, now the father is no longer there.
And yet... the other characters
they are looking for their father,
what do we do with them?
Write that the father...
he went on a trip.
Consider it my contribution.
But the father...
he killed his mother!
Why does the mother have to die?
- Because her husband beat her.
- He shouldn't hit her.
He shouldn't hit her.
I wish he hadn't.
Listen, Mr. Chegini.
In real life,
my father beat my mother.
You're not making a documentary.
I'm writing the story of my life.
Nobody talks about their life
personal on the big screen.
It's not normal, my dear.
I can't tell any story
if not the story of my life.
Why not?
All the great writers
they tell stories, good stories.
You should tell
a nice story too.
What beautiful story?
Tell a story from the Quran.
From the book of the first Shiite Imam.
If I write a story from the Quran,
will you give me permission to shoot the film?
Why not?
I will call personally
the Farabi Cinema Foundation
to get the equipment
free of charge.
Drink the tea, it's cold now.
Look, I'll write a story
on Joseph,
the prophet of the Quran.
One scene it is exactly
as in the Holy Book.
Potiphar's wife
she is in a room alone.
I have interpreted
from Hedieh Tehrani.
Joseph enters the room.
I will have Parsa Pirouzfar play him,
who has green eyes.
Potiphar's wife
tries to seduce Joseph.
Joseph tries to escape.
Potiphar's wife grabs Joseph
for the garment, which is torn.
Potiphar enters the room.
I have interpreted this
from Sharifinia.
Would you give me permission
to shoot this?
Listen, the Holy Book is a miracle.
You cannot imitate the miracle literally,
you have to take inspiration from it.
Would you give me a permission or not?
You're not listening to me.
You are making an adaptation of the Quran.
You can't transpose it into a story
word by word.
- So no authorization?
- You're not listening to me!
- No authorization.
- You do not listen to me.
Listen to me for a moment.
The father no longer beats the mother.
And the mother doesn't go to the hospital.
So she doesn't get killed.
No murder occurred.
Yes, that's fine.
Just one little thing: the policeman
is represented in a negative way.
No, he's a multifaceted character,
It has both positive and negative sides.
It's okay for it to be multifaceted.
We like this.
But it also shows its other aspects.
What other aspects?
Come on!
Do you want me to write the screenplay for you?
Excuse me, sir.
- Greetings.
- How can I help you, ma'am?
Did they bring my dog here?
- Did they bring your dog here?
- Yes.
- Who?
- Your colleagues.
My colleagues don't bring dogs here,
You must have been wrong.
They brought her
at the District 10 Police Station,
they were two policemen on motorbikes.
How did they take a dog on a motorbike?
She's a little dog.
They placed the dog between them
and before my eyes,
they took the little girl away.
And they said they were bringing her here?
Yes, they said they are
collecting animals from the city.
The police don't do an operation
of this kind at the moment.
So does walking the dogs is allowed?
I did not say this,
but at the moment the police do not
deals with taking animals.
But then!
Who took my baby?
I don't know, ma'am,
it could be anyone.
- Where should I go now?
- I don't know, ma'am.
I beg you, please.
This isn't a police station?
If you don't help me, who will?
They took my dog by force.
That little one is my life.
Please, I beg you,
help me find her.
Madam, in this city, if
a person gets lost, he cannot be found.
And do you want us to look for a dog?
Please. Please help me.
Oh, boy.
Why are you crying, ma'am?
At least tell me where I can look for it.
You know that dogs are unclean.
They are illegal, the police will get them.
Get another pet.
What do you mean by "unclean"?
They took my dog away from me
and I get another animal?
Yes, have a canary.
He sings, costs less and eats little.
And what do I do with a canary?
I don't know, ma'am.
Just go away.
Until we meet again.
Here's my little one!
Mina, my little one!
I'm here, honey.
See? My little girl is here.
Mina! Mom is here, calm.
Stop screaming!
I told you, your dog isn't here.
But yes, I called her and she answers me.
- It's not your dog, don't scream!
- It's you, Mina!
Don't scream!
I told you it's not your dog.
Stop yelling "Min"!
But I call her and she answers me!
Why are you lying to me?
You took my dog
and she's scared.
- Ma'am, this is a police dog!
- And since when do the police use Chihuahuas?
What is a Chihuahua?
It's a breed of very small dogs, like that!
This is neither a chihuahua nor
your Min, this is a German shepherd.
She barks like a chicken
and you're telling me it's a German shepherd?
What nonsense!
I won't leave without my dog.
Well, it will only cause problems for yourself.
It doesn't matter, I'll stay here
until I find my dog.
Min, don't be afraid, darling!
Look, it's here!
Oh God, but don't you give up?
What color was your dog?
Well, it's not your's.
But she answers when I call you.
Wait a moment!
Nader, bring the little guy
who has been barking all morning.
It is her dog?
Oh, my God. No!
But he answered
when I called my dog's name.
This one has been barking all morning.
Responds to any name. Mina!
He just barks, all the time.
I am very sorry,
I called you a liar.
Go to the police station
in district 2 before noon,
they bring the dogs in at 2pm.
I've been there before,
they said there isn't any dog.
Then I don't know. Goodbye Lady.
Ma'am, come here for a moment.
You want to get this dog
instead of yours?
No dear.
I have to find my dog, I can't
take someone else's.
It's not long until noon.
They will take away all the dogs,
do a good deed.
If you find your dog again,
he will have a playmate.
And his master?
If he shows up,
I'll give him your phone number.
Can you please take another look
to see if it's there
another little dog back there?
There are no other small dogs.
Take this, it's the right thing to do.
All right.
Save my phone number.
- Do you have a car?
- Yes, I parked here in front.
Park in the alley
next to the pastry shop.
I'll take the dog there.