Terrified (2017) Movie Script

You have to call him at least three times
until he answers.
Hey, I have some breaking news.
Do you remember the dog
we ran over the other day?
Guess what?
It's alive!
The dog is alive.
We ran it over and thought it was dead,
but it's alive.
It's like Highlander.
Thank God we didn't bury it, right?
What happened? Change of plans?
I couldn't make dinner.
It's early.
Should we order something?
I couldn't cook
because I heard voices in the kitchen.
Here? In the kitchen?
I know what I heard.
I heard it all the afternoon.
They were talking.
The plumbling is old.
Maybe the pipes squeal.
What do you think you heard?
Besides Walter, the neighbour,
is repairing his house.
There's noise here all the time.
Has he made any noise today?
Have you heard him?
Don't be scared.
They were human voices.
What did they tell you?
That they were going to kill me.
Son of a bitch!
You shouldn't bang at this time!
Stop banging!
Stop making noise, asshole!
Stop it!
Now, you're gonna listen to me,
Answer me, damn it.
Walter, it's Juan!
I know you're there, asshole,
I can hear you.
I can hear you! Come on, is that you?
Can you stop banging on the wall?
Stop banging on the wall, asshole.
I can hear it from my house.
It's 5 a.m.! Are you nuts?
Do you want me to call the police?
You jerk!
Your fucking neighbor
is smashing the walls at 5 a.m.
That's not Walter.
Clara, is that you?
You the one who's banging?
Stop it, Clara!
No, Clara!
Stop it! Clara!
What is wrong with you?
Stop it!
Stop it, that's enough!
What's happening? That's enough!
Stop it.
Enough! Stop it!
Stop it!
Clara, what's happening?
Stop it, Clara!
Mr. Blumetti, we want
to take you out of here.
We believe you.
But you'll have to cooperate with us.
Have you talked to my lawyer?
Yes, we have.
But it seems that he doesn't believe us.
I've already seen the pictures.
No, not these ones.
You have never seen these pictures.
We know that you didn't kill your wife.
We don't have concrete evidence.
But we'll be working on it.
Look at the pictures, Mr. Blumetti.
That's not Clara.
That's not your wife.
In 1998, in the United States,
there was a case very similar to yours.
Almost identical.
Was it cleared up?
We need to know
everything you remember from that moment.
I've already told it to the prosecutor.
Everything you remember
from the last two weeks in your...
-In your neighborhood.
Was there anything unusual?
The accident outside my house.
I don't know.
My neighbor Walter...
was very annoying.
He was doing home repairs at any time.
Your neighbor, Walter.
Walter Carabajal.
May I speak with Dr. Albreck, please?
Who is it?
I'm Walter Carabajal.
The doctor is not available now.
Would you like to leave her message?
I need to speak to her.
I have some issues at home.
It has been a few months now.
At first, I thought it was me,
but then it got worse.
It's hard to explain it on the phone.
Who gave you this number, Mr. Carabajal?
I've seen some specialists
and several agreed
on giving me this number.
I'm afraid
you'll have to call again tomorrow.
I'm calling again tomorrow.
Could you tell her I called, please?
Please, please.
Hi. It's Walter Carabajal.
I need help, please.
I haven't slept in weeks.
And my meds are not having any effect.
I'm in a difficult situation.
Tell the doctor that I saw it.
It's not longer noise, banging
or moving things.
I saw it yesterday.
I think it came from under the bed.
The doctor can't treat you now.
She can't accept your case.
I'm asking it nicely!
I need to speak to her immediately.
I'm going crazy.
We can refer you to another specialist.
No, no!
I've already talked to all of them.
And they all say the doctor
is the only one who can help me.
I can afford it.
I'll do whatever is necessary,
just tell me.
The doctor does not accept any cases
without analyzing the evidence in person.
But she cannot do it at the moment.
How can I give evidence
if it can't be seen?
I'm sorry, Mr. Carabajal.
We cannot help you.
What's wrong with your house?
Why? You cracked my wall.
There's banging all the time.
I'm doing some remodeling.
Some repairs.
You cracked my wall.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
You want evidence?
I'm giving you evidence.
Who are you?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Don't drink that water.
Get out of my house.
I don't want to see you around here.
Do you hear me?
I'm saying it for your own good.
Get away from my house.
What happened?
-There was an accident.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
Jano, it's Funes.
I'm sorry for calling you this late,
but it's...
as you can imagine...
very important.
Don't worry.
What's going on?
Four days ago, there was an accident.
A ten-year-old kid was ran over
and he died on his doorstep.
I need you here, Jano.
I need you to come over.
I'm sending a patrol car to pick you up.
It'll arrive in approximately an hour.
That's okay.
You're the only one
who can tell me what's happening here.
Who's there?
It's pretty late, right?
Pardon me?
Are you feeling alright?
Hi, Jano.
Is it inside?
Nothing scares you, right?
You never know.
Let's see.
He's sitting there.
He's officer Guzmn. You know him.
And Officer Picarel. They're trustworthy.
They were doing a routine patrol,
they saw the door opened,
they entered and found her in that state.
should we wait outside?
Yes, you can go.
They're frightened.
And with good reason.
the child died four days ago.
I was at the burial, I went to the wake.
Do you get it?
He appeared all of the sudden
and he sat there with us.
Is it him?
The officers declared...
that they saw him move.
I also thought I'd seen him move,
I swear you.
It has a rotten smell.
Yes, it has a bad smell.
Do you believe Alicia
may have mounted all this?
Take a look at his hands, Funes.
They're destroyed.
He scratched the spoil for several days.
You know what?
There are a lot of cases
of desecration of graves
carried out by the relatives
of the deceased.
Some people cannot stand the idea
that their child is dead.
And some of them even steal the corpse.
I think we should analyze
the mother's clothes.
We may find a bacterial infection
or some cadaverous flora or fauna.
You really don't know. You're hesitating.
I have some serious doubts
about whether this is one of those cases.
You can give the explanation
I just gave you.
You weren't expecting this answer from me.
And that's okay.
Because that's not the answer.
But it's the one you should give.
Do you know the mother?
I said, "Do you know the mother?"
Yes, very well.
We had a relationship...
a very nice once for several years.
He moved.
Did he have the arm on the table
like it is now?
I think so.
You think? Jano!
Have you taken any pictures?
No, we haven't done anything.
-And you shouldn't do anything.
-What do you mean?
Exactly that. We shouldn't do anything.
The best thing to do
is bury him again.
Yeah, right.
Bury him?
Are you drunk, Jano?
Let me be clear, Funes.
I guess you're aware
about the trouble this may cause.
I suppose you know it.
For example, if the Prosecutor intervenes,
your friend will be locked up
in a mental hospital.
And given the context,
she'll spend several years there.
We should try to find a way
to avoid that, right?
What do I say to my people?
Postmortem spasm...
caused by a build-up of gases.
It's a decomposing body.
We should get injectable Valium.
It's better for your friend to be sleeping
before we take his son.
Don't turn the lights off again.
What's going on, kiddo?
Why did you come to visit us?
What brought you here?
I must call my sister.
She has to notify the priest.
I don't want you to take him, please.
Don't take my baby again.
Excuse me, do I know you?
I see you're taking pictures.
I think I know you from somewhere else.
Aren't you Mora Albreck?
Yes, Dr. Albreck.
And you are?
I can't believe
that I'm meeting you in person.
I'm Mario Jano.
-Pleased to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
I attended several of your lectures.
About paranormal events, meta-symbiosis.
What are you searching for here?
May I help you?
Is this here?
It's weird.
I ring the intercom,
it seems that someone answers,
but nobody speaks.
Nobody picks up the phone.
Do you know Mr. Carabajal?
Have you seen him lately?
No, the thing is...
I don't live here, either.
This is not pure chance.
If I were to ask you to join me,
would you accept?
You'll find it interesting.
I'm sure about that.
Funes, this is Dr. Albreck,
a colleague, a true expert.
-Can I talk to you for a moment?
-Yes. Excuse me.
-Did you call her?
-You didn't?
-No, but this isn't a coincidence.
It doesn't matter.
We won't be able to transport the body.
Why not?
We're in broad daylight.
It's complicated. People will see us.
You telling me that you
can't handle the cemetery issue?
-You're the superintendent.
-It's not about that.
There are cars, people.
They'll see us with the kid.
I'm not doing it.
I think this is the correct alternative.
-Is it?
Hey! She's taking pictures.
Yes. She knows what she's doing.
-Jano, she's taking pictures.
-Trust me.
She knows what she's doing.
Trust me, please.
-Are you aware about my health issues?
-Yes, I am.
I'm retiring in two months.
I haven't got a single stain in my file.
Do you know the mess I can get into
because of this?
-Do you?
-Listen to me, Funes.
-This is the right choice.
-Alicia's friends are about to arrive.
They're coming to drink mate.
The child's at the table.
Will you listen to me, please?
You haven't slept.
You're stressed.
You have to do this.
Take the officers with you.
Go to the cemetery to solve
the burial issue.
Let me and Albreck handle this.
We'll take care of Alicia.
And remove that patrol car
before the neighbors start wondering
what's going on, please.
What are you two hiding?
Have you already seen this?
I'll be back in a couple of hours.
-Hey, listen!
-No, you listen to me.
Are we doing things correctly?
Yes. We need two bags of concrete mix.
What for?
What for?
Do you want him to leave his grave again?
Fucking hell.
That smell...
A rotten smell.
Not the smell of something rotten,
but of something dead.
Now we're speaking the same language.
Please, take a seat.
I want to tell you something.
You know...
I used to be a coroner.
I worked more than 15 years
with superintendent Funes.
I did a lot a of autopsies.
And one day,
I had to examine
the body of a young man.
Twenty years old.
He had 14 bullets in the head.
I didn't have a choice.
I had to remove...
I scratched for five hours
in that guy's skull.
One moment,
he grabbed my arm.
He squeezed me.
He opened his eyes to look at me.
He woke up.
Actually, I thought
it was all a result of my stress.
But it wasn't.
The same thing happened
with an old man's body.
He had been dead for two days.
He woke up...
looked at me...
and talked to me.
made the mistake of calling his family.
The family went to the morgue.
Can you imagine
what his son was going through?
But these things happen.
They happen when one comes across
things that don't belong in this world.
I believe that...
we should let them go
and play them down.
At least, play down the importance
that we usually give them.
The dead old man
blamed his own son for his death.
-I believe I have read your book.
It was very well bound.
Pardon me, why do you think
these pictures--
They are genuine.
Didn't cross the country for
photos of uncertain origin.
I'm not saying that,
but it's a striking coincidence.
Maybe it's not a coincidence.
Someone got in.
We have to move the body.
Nobody is going to believe that kid
when he tells this story.
Just in case.
She's still asleep.
Yes, but not for long.
We must move fast.
I settled the cemetery issue.
We had to move him.
Where is he?
In the freezer.
Unplug it, Jano.
Holy shit, Jano!
We'll have to carry him with the freezer.
You'll have to cooperate with us
if you don't want this to happen again.
Fortunately, we have
the superintendent's approval.
But that's not enough.
We have to move forward
and for that, we need you to sign
some authorizations.
We'll need your house.
I mean, to spend some nights there.
But you have to authorize us.
What for?
To investigate, Mr. Blumetti.
There have been some paranormal events
occurring in a same radio.
And one of the vectors is your house.
Your neighbors have given us
their approval,
we are only missing yours now.
Thank you, Mr. Blumetti.
What does this mean?
This means that we are going to divide us
in each of the houses where we believe
the paranormal events are happening.
Fortunately, Dr. Rosentok
is giving us his invaluable help.
He's a colleague of Dr. Albreck's
and has dealt with similar cases
in the United States
and all across the continent.
What happened to my neighbor Walter?
There's no news about him.
Nobody has heard from him in a long time.
good luck.
I think you'll need it.
You are...
-That's right.
That's normal.
I won't deny it.
I won't deny it either.
I'm also scared.
We could enter without inconvenience.
Good. You search the entire house?
There's no power for lack of payment.
I have connections.
I can ask someone to reconnect it.
That's not necessary.
It's better to have the lights off
to find what we're looking for.
I see. Sure.
We'll be in touch then.
Could you specifically tell me
what we may find here?
Some clues about what happened that night.
A few days ago.
You mean...
just that, right?
You don't have to spend the night here
if you don't want to.
Fear is...
I have a problem, you know?
I take anticoagulants.
You know?
And besides, I'm practically deaf.
I mean...
So, this is not the right place for you.
Is that you, Albreck?
Yes, I can hear you.
Could I speak to Alicia?
She's not here.
She's been staying at her sister's house
for some weeks now.
I can give you the telephone number
if you want.
Can you write it down?
Yes, tell me.
Four, two, four, two,
one, six, zero, three.
Who's calling?
Hi, Ali. It's Sarita.
Listen, I'm calling you because
Patito came home without his backpack.
He says he went to your place
to get some toys and dropped it there.
Let me know if you see his backpack
over there. Bye.
It's weird, right?
Alicia, I need to talk to you.
It's urgent.
Please, call me
as soon as you hear this message.
It's urgent.
It's Sara again.
Please, Alicia,
I've been trying to reach you for days.
Patricio recorded something very strange
with his cellphone.
He recorded it on your backyard.
He climbed the wall, as usual.
I don't know how to tell you this.
We're very frightened.
You have to see this video.
It's connected to your son.
It's also connected to your ex,
the police officer.
I don't know what to do. Call me, please.
I'll try to locate you somehow.
It's very disturbing.
Call me back, please.
Hold on!
Hold on, hold on!
Let me help you!
The knife, the knife!
It's sucking my blood.
There's something in here...
that's sucking...
Don't shoot!
No, don't shoot!
-Help me!
Holy shit!
Things are getting rough here.
Rosentok is injured.
-Tell her I'm fine.
He should get checked by a doctor.
Albreck. Yes.
We're on the right track.
I'm glad to hear that.
I think we're at the niche.
-The nest!
Inside the nest.
I'm glad to hear that too.
I'm pleased to have you with us.
I appreciate that.
Talk to you later.
You should clean the blood.
It will take some time
for the painkiller to take effect.
Meanwhile, you should
clean the blood that we left in the house.
-Why do I have to?
-We don't have time to waste!
Time goes by quickly here.
Jano, I'm out of this. I'm leaving.
That's okay, don't worry.
I'm so sorry, but you know,
I'm not good at this.
It's okay, I get it.
I have to be honest.
I'm shit-scared.
And you know about my issues.
I've seen some things here
that don't have any explanation,
at least to me.
Do you understand?
Where are you?
I'm here. Where else could I be?
Which part of the house?
In the kitchen.
Jano, what the hell is going on?
There's a man by the window.
It isn't you, right?
What the fuck are you talking about?
You're right. It's not in the kitchen.
It's in the next room, but--
Where is it, Jano? Tell me.
There's nobody here.
What the hell are you talking about?
Yes, it's strange.
-What is it?
-I don't know...
I see him and I don't at the same time.
Holy shit, Jano! Are you there?
I'm leaving, Rosentok.
I'm out of here. I can't stand this.
I had enough.
Down there.
-What happens down there?
-I found it.
It's empty.
But it's not empty.
It's a matter of perspective.
There's more than just one point of view.
Darkness and light.
Two different realities in the same space
and time.
Darkness and light.
Holy shit!
What the fuck is that, Rosentok?
What the hell is that?
Fucking hell! It's moving.
Yes, Doctor?
Mrs. Albreck, it's what I was looking for.
I'm really glad to hear
that your trip was not pointless.
I always thought this was connected
to what you were looking for.
Yes, it is.
And now? What should we do?
I have no idea, Mrs. Albreck.
We should try to register
everything we can.
Get me out of here!
I have glass on my eyes!
Can you hear me, Mr. Carabajal?
I'm Mora Albreck.
Do you hear me?
Dr. Albreck,
it's my friend, Jano.
He's not well.
-He needs help.
-Are you feeling okay?
No, I'm not.
Calm down. And don't you trust
everything you see tonight.
He was inside a cupboard, knocking at it.
He wanted me to help him.
I broke the cupboard to get him out,
but I couldn't.
-I couldn't.
-I'll say it again.
Tonight, you may see things
that are not real.
This blood is not mine.
I didn't injure myself.
This blood belongs to my friend Jano.
And there's some blood
that belongs to Rosentok.
Isn't this blood real?
Wash your hands.
Come on, do it!
You mustn't have blood on your hands,
not here.
These beings like blood.
Have you used running water tonight?
I must go.
I must get out of here.
Dr. Rosentok?
Are you there?
We have to abandon the investigation.
Do you hear me, Doctor?
We are too exposed.
There must be an explanation.
There must be something.
-There's not much.
-I have to explain this to other people.
There's a theory.
I'll understand it, I promise.
We study dimensional planes
that coexist in balance
and are organized like orange segments.
There's life in the two planes.
Water allows carrying microscopic life
and this life may gather,
nest or reproduce.
It can use our bodies.
I don't have any idea
what kind of beings they are.
-Nor why the attack us.
-Is there a way to stop this?
All of this you're saying.
I had a heart attack.
I'm not sure.
Please, help me.
We can't stay here.
Get me out of here now.
You made me look like I was crazy.
You made me think
that it had been all a fantasy.
You took my baby.
And they saw you.
I saw you.
I watched the videos.
I saw you hiding him.
You tried to hide my baby.
You wanted to hide him, right?
Why did you put
concrete over his grave?
Answer me. Why did you do that?
I did it for you. I swear it.
I wanted to explain it.
To explain it to you.
Take me to the hospital.
Take me, please. Get me out of here.
Get in.
I wasn't going to leave him there.
I couldn't leave my baby in the cemetery.
I could not leave him!
You still have time!
They are torturing us all!
I hear you.
Captain Funes, are you there?
I've been calling you for hours.
The police station is a mess.
The woman came over, your friend.
The child's mother.
She was looking for you desperately.
I didn't have an alternative.
I told her where you were.
She was going to meet you.
I did everything I could to stop her.
You weren't answering the phone.
Captain Funes, the mayor was here.
You've put my career at risk.
Do you hear me?
I am in the neighborhood.
I'm looking for you.
Your van's not here.
Enrique, do you hear me?
Listen to me carefully.
Get out of that place.
Get out of there now, it's an order.
Holy shit, Enrique!
It's an order. Get out of that place now.
Tell me you're listening to me, damn it!
I copy you, Captain.
I'm in front of Alicia's house.
I don't see your van.
Your friend Jano is here.
I can't see very well.
He's standing in front of the house.
He's being weird.
-Very weird.
Get away from that place now.
It's an order. Did you get that?
Roger that. I'm leaving.
We have to go, Alicia!
Mr. Blumetti.
This is Dr. Razoni
and this is officer Guzmn.
I want you to know that this is
being recorded with your consent.
And the testimony of the parties
will not have evidentiary value.
On October 3rd...
of this year at 6:40 p.m.
Mr. Blumetti,
do you recognize these people
who visited you a year ago?
-Do you remember their names?
But you remember them talking to you.
What did they tell you?
They came here to help me...
because they had evidence...
of my wife's disappearance.
What else?
They made me sign documents.
Yes, some authorizations.
What else?
I don't remember.
I was very medicated at that time.
Do you know inspector Funes?
Yes, I do.
Yes, he's a police officer.
He had a relationship with
my neighbor, Alicia.
Alicia Prez?
When did you last see Funes?
I saw him the day of
Alicia's son's burial.
Is there anything else about Funes
that you consider pertinent?
He told me he was about to retire
and that he had some health issues.
And that's it.
Officer Guzmn is collaborating with us
and he witnessed how Funes
set your house on fire,
with people on the inside.
Inspector Funes is a fugitive
and we believe he may be connected
to your wife's case.
Let's go back to your wife's case.
It was stated that the officers found
fingerprints with your wife's blood
not only on the bathroom,
but also all over your house.
-This muddles the investigation--
Did he come with you?
we're investigating unconventional things
from the system's point of view.
It's him.
It's not the same. His face is burnt.
It's him.
He came with you.
He came with you.
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