Territory 8 (2013) Movie Script

Are we secure?
What is the situation?
My brother?
You are in no position to ask me
questions Xing. You're the traitor!
This is everything about my
research in Elko
And the US military?
The Military has postponed the project...
because of the accident.
That's good news. Good news for Beijing.
So was it successful?
White Agent has infected everything
in the eight mile radius.
Because the release was underground...
It has leaked into all the areas major
water supplies, spreading miles.
Is it airborne yet?
It failed.
Well, I'm sure...
That our teams here...
Can improvise.
You will not get anything
until I know my brother is safe!
He has nothing to do with this!
The longer this drags out...
the less likely I can help his situation.
You know...
the state shoots traitors.
Just send me what's on that drive...
and this will all be over.
You have...
until tomorrow...
Beijing time.
Your White Agent data?
What? Excuse me?
This weapon must not exist.
Do you not care about your brother's life?
Of course I do. But I cannot.
How could you?...
to your family?... your brother?
I'll turn myself in. Just let him go!
We don't want you!
We want your data!
Your brother will be executed!
Don't worry Xing.
I already forgive you.
If we have a next life...
I wish we can be...
brothers again.
I am very proud of you and...
what you have done.
This is your destiny.