Terror (1978) Movie Script

- No, no!
- Tell his lordship, go!
- No!
No, no!
Oh, no, go away, no!
- You've found her?
When will she die?
' Now.
- I want to see it.
- Stay here.
- Oh, no, my lord.
After the harm she has caused us?
I will see an end to her.
- Oh, no!
- Make haste!
- Father, take back to thy bosom
this woman whom Satan has defiled.
Receive and bless her soul.
Cleanse and purify it
in Thy holy name.
And let no measure
of Satan's power remain in her.
- Master, help thy servant!
- Quickly, men, fire, burn her.
- No!
- Help!
Help me!
Help me, oh!
Help me, help!
- Ah!
- You dare to challenge one
who serves the master?
No earthly thing may take
that right and live.
Your life is hereby forfeited,
and every male and female of
your line is damned!
- Lights.
- What a load of rubbish.
- Oh, shut up, I
thought it was great.
- Is it really true?
- Yes.
And it actually happened in
this very house.
- At least you didn't have to
spend money on the location.
- Yeah, the cheapskate.
It's the only reason he made it.
I mean, who's gonna be
interested in a film
about your family?
Is that the sword you
used in the movie?
- Yes.
And it's the same sword that
killed most of our ancestors.
If the stories are true.
- Oh, dear.
- Oh, Gary, what's the
matter with you?
It's an amazing story.
It's just it loses a little
bit of its charm
when you've seen it 15 times.
- Don't you believe it?
- Look, it was 300 years ago.
How can anybody prove
anything now?
Oh, come on.
- And there are many more
things I could tell you.
Want a rum?
- Yes.
- Are you doomed as well, Ann?
- No, it's only
direct descendants.
He's the one.
You've only got to look at him
to see he's doomed.
- I don't know, this house makes
me feel a bit funny.
- Yeah, I know what you mean,
it's giving me a strange
feeling as well.
- So that's what caused it.
- Don't jest, love.
You know all about my strange
power, don't you?
' Yes!
- Oh, God.
- Ladies and gentlemen, could I
have your attention, please?
You're invited to witness
the most amazing
example of mesmerism
ever seen by man.
Now I think this young lady will
give me some assistance
in my demonstration of my
strange power.
- You'll wanna watch it,
- You wouldn't
catch me doing that.
- I'm a natural skeptic,
until they do it to me.
- You're gonna lie down.
- Now look at the candle, Carol,
look deeply
into the candle.
You're going to grow sleepy.
You're getting sleepy now.
- This bloody comedian's
beginning to get up my nose.
- Well, you shouldn't
invite bogeymen
to your parties, should you?
- Your eyelids are getting heavy.
Now go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
- You don't believe this, do you?
- No!
- All right then, clever clogs,
you watch this.
Carol, open your eyes.
Can you hear me, Carol?
- Yes.
- What can you see?
- A candle.
- Now the candle is harmless,
do you understand?
The flame will not hurt you,
do you understand?
- Yes.
- Now put your hand into
the flame, Carol.
- Oh, you fucking sod!
- Go ahead, put your hand
into the flame.
Nothing's going to hurt you.
- Jesus, what was that?!
- I thought she was in a trance.
- Well, she's just having
an intermission,
aren't you, love?
- I've neverjumped so
bloody high in my life.
- And you loused up the act.
- It's all right, the wind
has blown a branch
against the window.
I'll get something to fix it.
Is she all right?
- Of course she is.
- Show me your hand.
- Now there's a miracle.
- I'd more impressed if
you hypnotized
someone other than your
little friend here.
- So would I.
- Are you suggesting, a collusion?
How dare you.
- Go on, do it with somebody else.
- Do it with me.
- I'll do it with you.
- Yes, Gary, do it with Ann.
- Don't be bloody silly.
- Please, Gary.
- Oh, he's pissing around,
he can't do it.
- Another drink, anyone?
- I want you to, I want you
to hypnotize me.
Can't you do it with me?
- Ow, she's got a fucking
grip like steel.
What do you mean, don't do it?
She's gonna break my
Timex in a minute.
All right, you win, let's
see what we can do.
Now sit down again.
- Did you know there's broken
glass all 'round the house?
- Look, I've done it.
- Are you listening to me?
- Look, will you, I've done it,
I've hypnotized your cousin.
- That's very nice,
but I'm talking
about something else
at the moment.
- He doesn't believe me.
- It's true, James, look.
What we did just now was a joke,
I had this in my hand,
it's asbestos.
But Gary did the same
thing with Ann
and she really zonked out.
- Yeah, she's in a trance.
- Do me a favor.
- Look, it's not a bloodyjoke,
you know.
What have I got to do,
kill meself?
- Yes, yes!
- Go on.
- Okay-
You better watch this, James.
- Yes?
- Well, watch then, you pillock!
I want you to stand up.
Now I'm going to count to three,
then you wake up.
- What's happening?
- Well, I don't know.
- Is she faking it?
- Not faking with a look on
her face like that.
- She must be.
- Ann, one, two, three,
wake up!
- Come on, Ann.
- Well, what are we gonna do?
Ann, leave that sword alone!
- I'm beginning to
get the creeps.
- Oh, Jesus, Ann, put
that sword down!
- Well, come on, maestro, finish
what you've started.
- Well, I don't know what to do.
Ann, look, give me the sword.
- Ann, don't point that like that.
- Ann, look, stop it.
Wake up, one, two, three, wake up!
- Ann? - Oh, my God.
~ Ann?
- Ann, put the sword down.
- Enough's enough.
- Ann!
Stop it!
- Ann!
- Stop it!
- At least the film
looks all right.
- Yeah, I still think it
needs cutting.
- I can't find Gary.
- I'm not surprised after that
little performance.
His success has gone to his head,
he's out looking for an agent.
- Very funny.
- Oh, your arm, let me fix it.
- No, no, no, it's fine,
forget it.
- Well, I'd better be off now,
I've got to be up early tomorrow,
- Don't be late, time is money.
- Oh, that's great,
coming from you.
" Ha!
- Bye.
' BYE-bye.
- James!
James, I'm off now!
Where have you been?
Are you feeling all right?
- Yes, uh, uh, I've been out
looking for Ann.
- Ann, she's probably back at
the hostel by now.
- What makes you say that?
- Where else would she be, out in
the garden camping?
- Well, she could be
wandering about out there.
Yes, why not?
I mean, you saw yourself what
happened tonight.
She could be absolutely--
- All right, all right.
She's your cousin, you know
her better than I do.
- Don't be stupid, I only
met her myself
for the first time last week.
I know absolutely nothing about
her, and until I do,
I'm not taking any chances.
- Right.
I'll be off then.
You've got the studio booked
tomorrow morning,
so I'll come in early, okay?
- Uh, yes, uh, yes, okay.
- What, why, that's less
than the sale price.
Really, it sounds too
good to be true.
Where's my nearest branch?
Thanks, come on, Betty,
let's go down to Oxford
Fabrics and see
these incredible bargains
for ourselves.
They get worse.
- This morning, actress
Carol Tucker,
best known perhaps for
her parts in TV's
long-running series The Villagers,
was due to begin work on a
new film comedy
called Take It or Leave It.
But now her part is being recast
because last night Miss Tucker was
found stabbed to death
in the grounds of a
house belonging to
her film producer friend,
James Garrick,
who also owns the north
London film studio
you can see behind me.
- And cut.
- Okay?
- Not in the bath, love.
How can we do it if
you're in the bath?
- Well, you didn't tell me.
- I just told you!
I said do the back scrubbing bit,
and then get in the bath.
Oh, let's just do it, Les, can we,
hanging round here all
fucking morning.
- And whose fault's that?
We could've had it done by now
if we didn't have to
keep heating up
the bloody bathwater!
Well, I'm not catching pneumonia
for the money you pay, me darlin'.
- Oh, fucking A, yeah.
- Are they
still out there?
- Depends who you mean.
ITN are wrapping up, the BBC
have just arrived.
- Right, get those
wankers out of there.
- Why?
- Do you know what they're
doing in there?
- Yeah, Bath Time with Brenda or
something like that.
- Right, and what you
think the police
are gonna make of that
when they arrive?
How do you think
they're gonna react
to Bath Time with Brenda?
- You just can't chuck 'em out.
- Oh, really?
- All right, that's
about two hour more
than we need of that.
Now can we have some action?
Give him a thrill, girl.
- Without the giggling.
Thanks very much.
Okay, Curtis, can we have a
bit of reaction?
Give us your number
two expression.
~ Oh!
- Oh, Jesus, man try it over, you
look as if in pain!
- I am in pain!
- That's it.
That's it.
- You're gonna have to
wrap it up here.
- That's it, oh, yeah.
- Yeah, what the--
- I'm sorry.
- What game you playin' at?
- We've got a bit of a problem.
Philip made a mistake
with the bookings,
and I'm afraid you're gonna
have to clear out.
- Clear out, I'm booked in
here till lunchtime.
- Yes, well, I'll give you a free
day, any day you want.
- Well, what's the good of that to
me, I want this now.
- Come now, Valentino,
we're not shooting.
- What?
- Eh?
I canceled a bloody nut bar
commercial for this.
Bleeding cheek, I'm booked up
all bleeding week!
I'm fed up with this.
I'm a busy working actress.
- You're fed up, love,
what about me?
I got money in this, ain't I?
Booked the bleeding
studio all day.
Then they come along and
tell us it's not on.
- Wait, so you can
have a free day,
don't matter so much for you,
does it?
- Listen there, I'm
booked up already.
You're booked up, I'm booked up.
- Yep?
- I didn't leave my
knickers in here, did I?
- I want no more calls today,
- What about your
appointment with Tiffany?
- Yes, well, you can cancel that
as well, can't you?
I've got some serious
thinking to do.
- Vis-a-vis?
- Vis-a-vis that sooner or later
we're gonna have to
tell the whole story,
not that cooked up version we told
the police last night.
- I thought you told everything.
- Really?
What about that little incident
with Ann and the sword?
- Why on Earth should they be
interested in that?
- Doesn't it interest you?
First that happens,
then we find Carol's body.
- Jesus, do you know what
you're saying?
- I'm gonna have to talk to her.
- James, what's the
matter with you?
Why on Earth should she
want to kill Carol?
- Well, why on Earth should
she want to kill me?
No reason at all.
Unless there really is--
- Oh, Christ, you're not gonna
start that again.
- Check the records, Philip,
like I did.
You'll find that nearly everyone
who became involved
in that house died violently.
- What about your dear old dad?
I thought he died
peacefully in bed.
- Peacefully?
You didn't see his face.
His eyes.
Wide open and staring.
- It was heart failure, James.
Heart failure, nothing else.
- All right.
What made it fail?
Something he saw.
Something that
frightened him to death.
- Gol, look at my bloody skin.
Not casting any smallpox victims
for this show, are they?
- Come on, Viv, it's 20
minutes past five.
- It's all right, we
can get a cab.
- I can't afford any
more bloody cabs!
God Almighty, you'd think we're
auditioning for MGM.
Ann, are you coming?
- Where?
- To the audition.
- It's not important, is it?
- Only work, love.
- Look, are you coming, it's
- All right, all right.
- Bye, Ann, see you at
the club tonight.
- See you, Sue. - Bye-bye.
- Good luck. - Good luck, Sue.
- Ta, look, Viv, I'm
not getting a cab.
- You're a bloomin' miser.
- You wanna pay?
' No.
- Aren't you going?
- No.
- Why, you haven't been to an
auditions since you arrived.
- Just can't face them anymore.
- But anything's better than
working in that godawful club.
- At least I don't have to
think when I'm there.
- I got my car back from
the garage today,
so I'm going to see my parents.
Can't put it off any longer.
I can give you a lift to the club,
if you want.
- Thanks.
I may not go in tonight.
My head's splitting.
- You're still thinking
about that girl
who was killed, aren't you?
- It's more than that.
I can't explain it now.
- Is there something you haven't
told me about that murder?
- I don't know anything,
I wasn't there.
- I know, but...
But the night it happened,
you came back here late,
do you remember?
And you were in the bathroom.
You were washing something
off your hands.
It looked like blood.
- I cut my hand.
You don't think--
- Oh, no.
I just had to ask.
I'm sorry, really, I am.
I feel very stupid now.
Oh, look, I have to go
or I'll be late.
" Suzy?
You haven't told anyone else
about this, have you?
- Of course not.
Look, just forget I mentioned it.
See you later, okay?
- Suzy, my dear.
- I'm just going out, Dolores.
- About your producer friend,
when is he going to
come and see me?
- Well, actually, I
haven't had the time.
- I'm so glad I've run into you,
because I've just been on the
phone with Cecil.
And it's almost
certain he wants me
to do a tour at the end
of the month.
- Oh that's wonderful, Dolores,
I'm sure you'll be terrific.
- Oh, but I haven't agreed to
anything with anyone yet,
you see, because there's
also Lawrence.
He wants me to do his next film.
In fact, he's even talking
about my going back
to Hollywood, so I wouldn't
want to disappoint
your friend, you see.
- Look, Dolores,
I have to go.
- You do understand, don't you,
One has to be nice to
so many people.
- Hello?
Anybody in?
Anyone in?
Hello, is that Roman's Garage?
- Hello?
- Hello, I can hardly hear you.
What do you want?
- My car's broken down.
Can you send somebody, please?
- All right,
where are you?
- I'm about a quarter
of a mile down
the Clayhill Road, going south.
It's a yellow Ford Escort.
I've left it by the
side of the road.
- Where are
you speaking from?
- It's a cottage about 300
yards further down.
It's called, uh,
uh, Buttercup Lodge.
Hello, did you get that?
- Yes, we'll
come and get you.
- Could you come here first,
You see, I'm alone.
- You're alone? - Yes.
There's nobody here.
I found the door.
- You want a mechanic?
- Hey, darling, darling!
Come on, hey, come here.
Come here, darling,
come over here.
Come on.
Come on, I'll take you
to a nice club.
Come on, come over here.
Come on, darling, come on, come
over here, come on.
Darling, come over here,
let's have a nice time together,
come over here.
Come on, we'll have a
nice time tonight.
Come on, come outwith me.
I'll give you a good stiff
talking to, you know.
- Hi. - Hi.
Shit, if I don't get some good
tips with this lot--
- Hello.
- Hello, I'll give up.
- If that waistcoat gives up,
you'll get more than tips.
Believe me.
- You look after the boys dear and
I'll look after the men.
- Oh, don't worry about that.
Right, come on, girls, then,
let's get started.
- I left two messages for
you at the hostel.
Why didn't you call me?
We've gotta talk.
- What do you want to talk about?
- About that night at the house.
- I don't want to discuss that.
- You've gotta tell me what
happened, before it's too late.
- Too late for what?
I don't know what you're
talking about.
So if you don't mind, I've
got to work to do.
- Hey, Ann, the Greek
freak's in tonight.
Oh, hello, darlin', what
are you doing here?
Anyway, he said...
Oh, you've found my knickers,
haven't you?
- I've got to go now.
- Oh.
Okay, see ya.
- Sit down, darling, I want you.
- That's not included
in the price.
- But I want to pay extra.
I want to pay extra for you.
How much, eh, how
much do you cost?
Hey, I tell you what I want.
I'll tell you what I want
you should do.
You, uh, know, uh, sucking?
Hey, yeah, you do sucking for me?
Okay, you do that?
I tell you.
Don't laugh.
Nothing's funny on this night.
- Oh, Phil, not that old 'round
the bay story again.
- HEY-
Where are you going?
Hey, wait, come back.
- Another gin and tonic,
- Okey-dokey.
- I wish you'd take Phil the
Greek's table for me.
- No way.
What's wrong, is he giving
you the, I tell you,
in Athens, I drink two
bottles of ouzo,
I swim twice around the bay,
I still the best lover in Athens.
You try, I show you.
- Yeah, well, I just can't
take it tonight.
- Hey, Ann, Viv just sold
Max a Tizer brandy.
We should celebrate.
- Fred. - Yeah?
- Two tequila sunrise, two
whiskeys, and a beer, please.
- Qkay, okay.
- Darling, you come sit with Phil.
Come sit with Phil!
I suck your tit, yes?
- Stop, please!
Oh, for God's sake,
leave me alone!
- I going to suck them!
- Leave me alone!
- Hey!
- Hey, all right,
it's crazy!
- Know him, I was with him on the
night he was killed.
Poor sod. I know we used
to take the piss
out of him and all that, but he
was harmless really.
- Know your lines, do you, Viv?
Word perfect, are you, love?
- Silly bugger.
- Who did it, someone
from the club?
- Wouldn't tell you if I knew.
Must've been awful.
Did you read how he was done in?
- Yeah.
- Must've been a bloody maniac.
- Right, I'm
coming down now.
I want no muck-ups today.
Let's get it right, can we?
So get in your first positions.
Come on, Viv, move it.
- Who told that lot to
come back here?
- You did.
- Since when?
- You gave them a free
day in return
for kicking them out, remember?
- No, I don't remember.
- Oh, really, I suppose that
means you don't remember
telling Les that you were
chucking him out
because I made a fuck-up
with the bookings?
- Who told you that?
- Who do you think?
- Oh, I see, so you're
prepared to believe
that prick in there
rather than me?
- Look, what does it matter?
Just forget them.
- They're a liability.
- You're the fucking liability,
mate, I'm telling you.
- Okay, now, from the top.
- Well, here we are in
the bathroom.
Why don't I run some water?
- But I've just washed my hands.
- You just washed your hands?
Oh, sorry, Les, I've gone.
- Oh, my God!
- Well, I can't help it, darling.
It's these scintillating
pearls of dialogue.
Me mind just can't cope with them.
- Well with a mind like
yours love, I'm not surprised.
Now come on, Viv, move it.
- Shut your mouth, I'm looking.
- You hurry up, will you?
You don't have that
much to remember.
A bloody parrot could learn it.
- I'm not a bleeding parrot.
I'm looking. - Come on, come on,
come on.
- I've got a load
of script here.
- Well, get a move on, love.
I'd like to finish this before the
cold weather sets in.
- All right, I found it, right?
Give me your line again.
- But I've just washed my hands.
- It's not your hands I'm
bothered about.
Giggle, giggle, giggle.
- Ah, come on, it's not as
if it's hard porn.
It's only soft-core garbage,
isn't it?
- ls it asking too much
that you remember a few lines?
- Oh, shut up, Leslie.
You're always bleeding moaning.
It's being so happy that
keeps you going.
- Curtis, this
isn't a library.
- All right, all right, all right,
I've got it.
- Look, I wouldn't mind,
but he's only got four
lines-- - James?
- In the whole
bloody script!
Vivian, please, let us try and get
it right this time.
- Well, if you got
somebody with a bit
of brains, I might be okay.
No bleeding at all.
- Sulking?
- Yes, we know that, dear.
Let's cool down and let's get
on with it, okay?
- Strip, strip, strip.
- Are you that...
Are you auburn all the way down?
- You'll soon find out.
- And into the bath.
- Into the bath!
Ah, yes.
- And did she turn
the tap on, no.
- Sorry, darlin', be all
right on the night.
- Do I sit down here?
- Is it this next?
- Don't ask me, you're
supposed to know.
- All right, keep your Stetson on.
It'll only take me a
minute to find it,
you don't have to shout.
- Look, stay where you are!
I said, stay where you are!
Here, take it, read the thing.
And if you can't read it,
just say anything.
Make it up, but let's
get on with it!
Oh, give me strength.
- Shit!
- It's burning him,
it's burning him!
- James?
- The worst part was the
sight of his face.
I don't think I'll ever be
able to forget that.
- Look, I know you're upset, Viv,
it must have been horrible.
But I wish you'd wait
a bit longer.
- It's nothing to do
with the accident.
Look, love, there's been
two murders, right?
Carol and Phil the Greek.
And there's one
common denominator.
- But you don't know for sure.
- Maybe not, but I'm not hanging
around here to find out.
- I don't fancy sleeping in that
room all by myself.
- Well, come with me, then.
I told you you can
sleep on the floor.
He won't mind, he's an old friend.
- But they won't send my mail on.
- Listen sweetie pie, if you
stay here with Ann,
the only messages they'll
be sending you
will be messages of condolence.
- You don't think she heard you,
do you?
- If she did, you're gonna be
next, aren't you?
- Oh, don't joke about it, Viv.
- I'm not joking, I'm leaving.
If you change your mind, I'll
be in the bathroom.
- Viv, it's Suzy!
Are you all right?
- It's blood, look, it's blood,
isn't it?
It's blood!
It's blood!
- It's coming from the
empty room upstairs.
- Oh, let's get the police,
come on!
Let's get the police.
Where you going?
What you doing?
- It's all right, just--
" Suzy!
- Just stay there.
- Don't go!
- We've got to check.
" Suzy!
Suzy, answer me!
Is that you?
- Who's there?
- Ann.
- Jesus, what do you want?
- I need to talk to you.
- Oh, yeah, what about?
- What's happening to me?
- HEY-
Come on, come on, come on there.
Let's go into the office.
- Thanks.
You don't sense it, do you?
It's here, the same feeling I
had at the house.
- What house?
- James's house.
I had the same feeling there.
When he told us that story
about the woman
who cursed the family.
I haven't been able to get
it off my mind.
It's as if-- - That's enough.
Let's get one or two
things straight.
First of all, James has a
vivid imagination.
- It's not imagination.
Something happened that night
and you know it did.
The way I was hypnotized.
- You weren't hypnotized!
- I was!
- Oh, come on, you weren't!
Carol and Gary were pissing about,
it was a joke.
I've seen them do it a
thousand times.
He couldn't get a dog
to roll over,
let alone anything else.
- But you seem to think that--
- But I went into a trance.
- Well, that must have
been autosuggestion
or something, I don't know.
- What happened, what did I do?
I can't remember anything.
- Well, didn't James tell you?
- No.
That's surprising, you tried
to carve him up.
- Did I...
Did I have the sword?
- You bet you did.
- I remember it being
taken from me
and running out of the house.
But I can't remember
anything else after that.
Just getting back to the hostel,
and the blood.
Did I cut my hand?
- Not that I remember.
- Well,
then where did all the
blood come from?
- Um, I think you'd better
be getting home.
I've got to lock up.
- So he was right about
there being no hope.
- What do you mean?
- James is my only relative,
did you know that?
When we go, that'll be the end.
She'll have succeeded.
- Shit.
Ann, are you still here?
Who's there?
James, is that you pissing about?
- I see, so they both work
as waitresses at the same club.
And when did you say you last
saw Miss Ann Garrick?
Open this door!
- What do you think you are
you doing, young man?
Don't you know that men aren't
allowed in here after 10:30?
- Open this door!
Come on, miss, open this door.
- Do you realize who I am?
I am Dolores Hamilton.
Stop terrifying my girls.
Oh, so now you recognize me.
- Ah!