Terror by Night (1946) Movie Script

The Star of Rhodesia
is one of the most famous
of the Earth's treasures.
First touched
by the fingers
of the humble
It would have
been better
had it never been found...
for all those
who possessed it
came to sudden and
violent death.
Our story opens in London
within the sound of
In the shadow
of Tower Bridge
is the carpenter's
shop of Mock and Son,
coffin makers.
A beautiful job
if I may so.
You'll be sure to have it
at the
undertakers in time?
Of course.
The Scotch Express
leaves Uston Station
at 7:30 tonight.
That leaves
very little time
for the arrangement
of the body.
Your mother is it not?
You are taking
her to Scotland?
Yes, Edinburgh,
her home.
Oh thank you.
Rather a nuisance
traveling by train...
ain't it?
Off with you.
Go on get about
your business.
I'm terribly sorry.
Mr. Holmes.
I was afraid you wouldn't
get here in time.
I was studying the faces
of our fellow passengers.
Fascinating hobby
and sometimes most
Lady Margaret is aboard
the train I presume?
Oh yes, mother's
expecting you.
I reserved a compartment
for you and your
friend, Doctor Watson.
As a matter of fact,
it's in this coach here,
just ahead of
the luggage van.
Day coach?
Yes the seats
are all taken.
Mother wasn't interested
in a bed so much
as she was into
getting to Edinburgh.
So naturally it
wasn't very difficult
to persuade her to
travel in a day coach.
It had been open to take
on additional passengers.
So I observed.
I say it was awfully
decent of you to come
the fact that
I was so secretive
about it all.
Mr. Dear Mr. Carstairs,
there was no
need for secrecy
I already knew.
You knew that mother
insisted on bringing
the Star of Rhodesia
with her to London?
And that while here
an attempted has been
made to steal it.
Did Scotland Yard
tell you that?
Oh no my dear
Mr. Carstairs.
The fact that your mother
owns the famous diamond
is common knowledge.
She came down to London
to attend the reception
at Buckingham Palace,
and quite naturally,
wore the Star
of Rhodesia.
You want me to
accompany you
back to your home
in Edinburgh.
Therefore, an attempt
must have been made
to steal the Star
of Rhodesia
while you were
here in London.
It seems simple the
way you explain it,
Mr. Holmes.
Thank you.
If you don't mind,
I'll wait here for my
friend Doctor Watson.
I can't think
what's keeping him.
Mother and I will
be expecting you.
Oh could I take
this for you?
Oh I'd be much
obliged. Thank you.
We'll be in
compartment 'E.'
Ticket please.
Here's your carriage sir.
Well, well, well
look who's here,
Inspector Lestrade.
Why Mr. Holmes.
Taking you a
trip, Inspector?
Fishing hey.
Bit of a holiday.
Oh it's very nice.
Oh yes, yes.
Rather large rods for
trout aren't they?
Salmon perhaps.
Well, as a
matter of fact,
I'm going mostly
for the rest.
As a matter of fact
you're on a job for
Scotland Yard aren't you?
I trust this is
the right carriage?
This is where we take
care of the overflow sir.
I see.
The porter will
take your bags.
I'll carry this myself
if you don't mind.
Ready to go sir.
Half past seven hey?
We always leave on time.
Mind your head sir.
Coming Holmes!
All right Holmes
I'm coming.
I beg your pardon.
I beg yours.
Thank you for your
timely assistance.
Really Watson aren't
you a little stout
for this sort of thing?
Rubbish, ideal weight
for a man of my age.
Ran into an old friend
of mine, Duncan Bleek.
Major of the fourth
Indian regiment.
Major Duncan Bleek this
is Sherlock Holmes.
How do you do sir?
Likewise I've heard
quite a lot about you.
Retired fifteen years ago.
As a matter of fact,
we were reminiscing
about India.
We didn't realize
how late it was.
Stays light so
long these days
we almost missed
the train.
Yes so I've observed.
In here sir.
Thank you.
Doctor would you
care to join me
in a glass of whiskey
and a dash of soda
before dinner?
Well now that's
a good idea.
What's this all
about Holmes?
Did you ever hear of
Lady Margaret Carstairs
famous diamond of the
Star of Rhodesia?
I read something last week
about the old girl
being in London
with a bauble
wasn't it Holmes?
Yes it was.
She's on this train.
That's while we're here
to see that this
bauble as you call it
gets safely back to
its vault at Edinburgh.
Sounds to me...
sounds to me like a
police routine job.
That's where you're
wrong old fellow.
In an attempt to make
away with it from London
was unsuccessful.
A second attempt will,
in all probability,
be made on this train.
What makes you say that?
Well it seems
more than likely
that the people who
planned the first attempt
were not discouraged
by one failure
and will stop and nothing
to insure success
the second time.
Sounds like Lestrade's
cup of tea to me.
He's on this train.
Oh is he?
Giving an excellent
imitation of Isaac Walden.
Pardon gents.
Come in Mr. Holmes.
My friend and colleague,
Doctor Watson.
How do you do?
I thought it better
to engage Mr. Holmes
after what
happened in London.
No doubt you're
an efficient person
but I don't think
there's any need
for a policeman.
How long have you
been in possession
of the Star of
Rhodesia, Lady Margaret?
Twenty-five years.
You know it may
seem strange to you
but I've never
actually seen it.
I suppose there's no harm
since we're paying
you to guard it.
May I?
Do by all means.
Thank you.
Great Scott!
What a remarkable stone.
My husband
gave it to me
on our fifth wedding
Four hundred and
carats isn't it?
The original diamond was
over seven hundred carats.
Your father had it cut.
Less ostentatious.
Ostentatious, it's as
big as a duck's head.
Watson please.
I'm sorry.
Thank you Lady Margaret.
We will be as
unobtrusive as possible.
That will be a novelty
from a policeman.
Now if you wouldn't mind
telling us where
are compartment is.
Oh I am sorry Mr. Holmes.
Oh thank you.
Lady Margaret.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
She called us policemen.
What's wrong with
being a policeman?
Oh hello Lestrade.
Where are you going?
The inspector's
going to Scotland
to fish for salmon.
Oh really?
The season doesn't
start for another month
but you wouldn't
know that would you?
Who says I'm going
to fish for salmon?
Excuse me please.
On the train?
Scotland Yard I heard.
I warned you.
Mr. Holmes?
This way please.
Oh there you are Holmes.
Try some of this
curry, it's excellent
Steak and Kidney
Pudding please.
Of course the Bengal curry
doesn't compare
to that of Madras
It's the quality
of the mutton
that makes the difference
don't you think?
The meats unimportant.
It's the spices that
make the difference
don't you agree
with me Holmes?
I say we were
discussing curry.
Oh yes, curry,
horrible stuff.
Oh really?
One man's meat is
another man's poison.
There will be two
of us steward.
My son will be
here directly.
My dear fellow
I still insist the
unpolished wild rice
does make a
considerable difference
to a good curry.
Well I still can't
agree with you.
Take care of this for
me, will you Watson?
I shall old fellow.
That was one of them.
Was young Carstairs in
the dining club with you?
No Lady Margaret
came in alone.
Well I was in my
compartment just now
having a bite to eat
and heard a crash in here.
It's locked.
I knocked and there
was no answer.
So you just stood here
twiddling your thumbs?
Attendant, will you
please unlock this door?
I'm sorry sir, it's...
This is Inspector
of Scotland Yard.
That's all right
you can open it.
Very good sir.
That's a bit quick
isn't it, even for you?
Is this the a...
The Star of Rhodesia
was in this box
not forty-five
minutes ago.
How do you know?
I saw it.
Well it might be
here somewhere.
No good looking
for it Lestrade.
The killer's got it.
Awe, there you are Holmes.
How about joining
us in the...
Take a look at this
body, will you Watson?
Great Scott.
How do you know its
murder, Mr. Holmes?
Oh I say.
Who are you?
Major Duncan Bleek,
a friend of
Doctor Watson's.
What makes you so sure
it's murder, Mr. Holmes,
the door was locked?
Every attendant has a key.
Did you open this
door for anyone
during the last hour?
No sir.
Was the key ever out
of your possession?
It never is, sir.
It's on a chain.
Looks to me like
heart failure.
Any marks of
violence on the body?
None that I can see.
Seemed to of
missed this time
didn't you Mr. Holmes?
Still if it was
a natural death
it came at a very
convenient time didn't it?
What does this mean?
Star of Rhodesia,
it's gone.
You were supposed
to guard it.
My son employed you.
That's why I
left it with him.
Where is he?
I'm sorry Lady Margaret.
It's thoughtless of us
let you come in like this.
Do you have an
empty compartment?
Yes sir.
Then I think we'd better
if you don't mind
Lady Margaret,
Poor chaps
mother I presume.
Well let's get to
the bottom of this.
Well excuse me Doctor.
Poor chap, he
was so young.
It's such a pity.
I have sent for the
conductor, Lestrade.
You'll want to talk him
and I've asked that
no one be allowed
to leave this coach.
Oh thank you Mr. Holmes.
Shall we use
my compartment?
Lock that door
and let no one go in
without my permission,
you understand?
Very good, sir.
Sorry old man,
police business.
Well that's all right
I'll catch up
with you later.
Are you looking for the
Scotland Yard,
Inspector, sir?
Oh why yes.
Right in there.
Thank you.
Come in.
Sorry sir,
no one's allowed to
leave the carriage.
Can't leave the carriage,
whose ridiculous
idea was that?
Scotland Yard.
You say we don't stop
until we reach Rugby?
That's right sir.
We'll have a thorough
search of the train
made before that time.
Find the murderer,
and you'll find
the diamond.
But we don't know
it was murder.
Consider the
facts, Lestrade.
Young Carstairs was dead
when the jewel was taken,
otherwise he'd of
put up a struggle
and there were no marks
of violence on the body.
Lf, however, he died
a natural death
we must assume
that the thief
happened to be on hand
just at the right moment,
which is outside the
realm of probability.
No Lestrade,
in this case,
nothing was
left to chance.
That's why I say
find the murderer
and you'll find
the diamond.
How do we know the thief
didn't leave the carriage
before we
discovered the body?
The attendant was in the
corridor the entire time
and he's certain
that no one passed
into the dining car.
The door at the other end
leads into the
luggage van.
Which is always locked.
You found no marks of any
kind on the body Watson?
No, none of any
Not even a scratch?
Well there was a small
spot of blood on his neck,
just a mere speck.
That's what I
was referring to.
You mean that
scratch killed him?
It's possible the poison
that went into
the wound did.
We can't tell that
without an autopsy.
Have you got a list
of passengers in
this carriage?
Yes sir.
There you are sir.
Thank you.
Major Duncan Bleek
that would be your
friend Doctor.
The next
compartments empty.
Where we took Lady
Margaret after the murder.
You remember Lestrade.
Go on.
Vivian Vedder, Inspector
Les... that's this one.
Lady Margaret Carstairs
and the honorable
Roland Carstairs,
William Kilbane,
Mr. & Mrs.
Alfred Shawcross,
Mr. Holmes and
Doctor Watson.
That would be you two.
I think I shall ask
a few questions.
Vivian Vedder, we'll
start with her,
whoever she is.
Compartment 'C.'
Oh, here we are.
Say Holmes
are you going
to let Lestrade
handle this thing
by himself?
Well after all
he does represent the
official police you know.
With him doing
the questioning,
looking under the seat
cushions for diamonds,
what very more
must we do now?
I could do it
better myself.
Why don't you old fellow?
By Jove I think I will.
Probably find
out just as much
as Lestrade would anyway.
I'll do it at once.
That's where I
just came from.
Locked Hmm.
Well I'll start
with this one.
My name's Watson,
Doctor Watson.
Oh to what am I indebted
to this intrusion?
I'm afraid I've
got to ask you
one or two questions
what are you doing
on the train?
Where you are going?
Things like that you know?
There's been a
murder committed.
Scotland Yard,
Sherlock Holmes,
Sherlock Holmes and I...
What about
Sherlock Holmes?
We're cross-examining
Of what am I suspected?
Fellows dead.
Murdered you know?
Now let me get
this straight.
You say a murder has been
committed on this train?
Next compartment.
And because a perfect
stranger to me
got himself murdered
you come
to question me?
Well we got to
question everybody.
Are you a policeman?
Then by what right
do you force your way
into my compartment?
Well I...
What are you doing
on this train?
Where are you going?
I'm not going anywhere.
Holmes and I are on the
train to watch the...
I know.
It's a diamond or a pearl
or something of
fabulous value.
This fellows Holmes
is always chasing
after missing jewels
or mysterious females.
What is the
meaning of this?
I'm sorry Ms. Vedder
but it was necessary
for us to search
your compartment.
May I ask what you
expected to find?
A valuable jewel
has been stolen.
And a man has
been murdered.
We're making a
routine search
of the entire carriage
and asking a
few questions.
Go right ahead.
I understand your journey
is rather a sad one.
Your mother...
Perhaps we better not
question Ms. Vedder
just now Lestrade.
Excuse us will you?
What's the idea
Mr. Holmes?
It's a matter
of taste Lestrade.
The young lady's taking
her mother to Scotland
for burial.
In a coffin?
That is the customary
method I believe.
Lestrade I think
we'll take a look
at that coffin.
Might prove interesting.
I was about to suggest
that very thing
myself, Mr. Holmes.
Conductor, I'll have a
look in the luggage van.
This way sir.
But I am Doctor Watson,
Doctor John H. Watson
of 2-21 B Baker
Street, retired,
my friend Sherlock
Holmes will vouch for it.
Your alibi isn't
worth a Scotch.
You just told me that
this fellow Holmes
is a crony of yours,
naturally he'd lie.
I resent that sir.
Sherlock Holmes is
very full of integrity.
Might even be
an accomplice.
Oh well if I
were a policeman
I'd take you and charge
this very moment.
I didn't do it sir.
I swear I didn't do it.
I can prove it.
Prove what...
There you are Holmes.
Now get out of here
and join your
silly friend!
Did you discover
anything Watson?
He's a very
suspicious character.
He tried to put
me off the scent.
From the little I heard
he seemed reasonably
Look here, you're
not going to let
an old fellow like
Professor Kilbane
discourage you are you?
Why don't you
try this one?
You think I'd better?
Yes of course.
All right.
Do you mind if I come in?
You may.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to
bother you but
I represent the police.
I knew it.
Alfred I told you.
Told him what?
It's quite all
right Inspector.
I confess.
You mean you stole it?
You got it in there?
No no no,
Leave it where it is.
I've got to fetch
Inspector Lestrade
of Scotland Yard.
And don't either of you
attempt to run away.
Oh no, Inspector.
Is this door always
kept locked Conductor?
Yes sir.
Only the guard and
myself have keys.
Got him Holmes.
The thieves.
There, come on, speak up.
That married couple
down there.
Mr. & Mrs. Shawcross?
Yes they confessed.
Broke them down.
Gave them the
third degree.
And you left
them unguarded?
I told them not
to run away.
We'd better have
a talk with them.
Oh it's you again.
It might interest
you to know
that I've just
caught the thieves.
Excuse me madam.
You are the
police, I know.
I warned him
but no he had to take it.
I must warn you that
anything you say
may be used against you.
Anything they say?
They've already
admitted everything.
They've got it in there.
I'd be glad to pay
double what it's worth
if only they
won't prosecute.
It's my first offense.
You chaps always
say the same thing.
Come on hand it over.
Where is it?
I stole it.
I took it from a
hotel in London.
Come on, come on.
In my small way
I'm a collector
of teapots.
Doctor Watson does this
look like a diamond?
Not very much
now that you mention it.
What's that all
about a confession?
When I came in
here before
they said that
they took it.
Well you'll please oblige
to stop meddling in
police business.
His time wasn't entirely
wasted Lestrade,
at least you've
recovered the teapot.
Thank you Holmes.
Fellow tries his best
and what's he get?
Humiliation and abuse
from Lestrade
of all people.
I have a good mind to
chuck off the whole case.
Might be a good idea
to let the police
do their own work.
You mind your
own business.
Oh there you are Watson,
how about a spot
in my compartment?
Thanks old man.
Serve them right if
I got a bit tiddly.
I suppose you realize
you'll be turned
over to the police
as soon as we
reach Edinburgh.
Doctor Watson, teapots!
I beg your pardon
Professor Kilbane;
you're in the next
compartment aren't you?
I am.
I'm afraid we'll have to
ask you a few questions.
Now don't tell me that
you're going to start.
Do you mind?
Why of course mind.
Come on, in you go.
A brilliant mind
in times when...
When your scientist mind
has shown him the way?
You take the death
of young Carstairs,
for instance.
I knew from the
first it was poison.
The scientific
approach of course.
The murderer used
a hypodermic.
Some rare poison from,
from South
America probably.
Or India.
Yes or India.
I've been to India.
So have you.
Yes sir.
Yes of course.
You've been to India.
I don't like your attitude
Professor Kilbane,
I don't like it at all.
Perhaps not,
but I'm on this train
for legitimate reasons
and I've
neither the time
nor the inclination to
assist you with your work.
You're perfectly within
in your right sir
and I'm sure that
Inspector Lestrade
appreciates that.
Thank you sir.
Now if you have
no objection
I have some work to do,
which requires
Interesting study.
If you don't mind.
Looking for something
Lady Margaret?
I came to get my bag.
The door's locked.
Perhaps I can help you.
Thank you.
Mr. Holmes
I must talk to you
about the diamond.
Oh don't you worry about
that Lady Margaret.
Fifty thousand pounds
and you tell me
not to worry.
My son employed this
man to guard it
and it was stolen right
under his very nose.
I warn you,
I intend to
take this matter
up with your superiors.
I'm a private agent,
Lady Margaret.
I shall report you
both to Scotland Yard.
But I am Scotland Yard.
Lady Carstairs entered
the dining car alone.
You and I were
already there.
Holmes came in later
and I understand that
Inspector Lestrade
remained in
his compartment
with the curtains open
so that if anyone
had gone in or out
he would have seen them?
Say, you've got
something there.
Well let's look at
this thing objectively.
Lady Carstairs seemed
more concerned,
was more concerned,
at the loss of the diamond
than at the
death of her son.
By George you're right.
So she was.
Come in.
Oh here you are Watson.
Sit down.
Have a drink?
No thanks.
Do you mind if I...
Not at all.
I've been thinking
about this case Holmes,
that is Duncan
Bleek and I have.
Yes so I see.
The way we figure it out,
the old trout is the only
one without an alibi.
we feel that
you're approaching
the whole thing
from the wrong angle.
Really Watson?
What's your theory?
A lot of people
insure jewelry
and then try and
collect on it.
Interesting suggestion.
I suppose you go and
ask Lady Margaret
just how much
insurance she carries
on the Star of Rhodesia.
No thank you.
I've already
had two tries.
Why don't you
ask her yourself?
For a very simple
reason, I already know.
You're quite
a doodler sir.
If you know
why did you ask me.
Mr. & Mrs. Shawcross.
Well we can
eliminate them.
Professor William Kilbane.
I'll send a telegram to
the Edinburgh Police
to check up on that
mathematics professor.
Now what?
Well just a coincidence.
What's a coincidence?
The fact that this
fellow Kilbane,
happens to be a professor
of mathematics.
Come again Mr. Holmes.
Lestrade did you
ever hear of
Colonel Sebastian Moran?
Well of course I did.
What about him?
Well then as you know,
Colonel Sebastian Moran
was the most sinister,
ruthless and diabolic,
clever henchmen
of our late but
unlamented friend,
Professor Moriarity.
I've never seen him
but I've been conscious
of his presence
more than once.
As a matter of fact,
he was directly
for what very nearly
turned out to be
my premature death
on three
separate occasions.
Very pretty, Mr. Holmes,
what's all that got
to do with all this?
Possibly nothing.
However, his specialty
was spectacular
jewel robberies
and for relaxation
he was addicted to the
study of mathematics.
Are you referring that
this Professor Kilbane
is Colonel
Sebastian Moran?
That he murdered
young Carstairs
and stole the diamond?
Well what
about this woman,
this Vivian Vedder,
what about her?
No one's above suspicion.
And Lady Margaret,
she might have a motive
for wanting the Star
of Rhodesia stolen.
She wasn't very concerned
over the death of her son.
And this friend of
Doctor Watson's,
this Major Duncan Bleek,
might suggest it's
sensible to suspect him.
As far as we know
four persons knew
the Star of Rhodesia
was on this train,
Doctor Watson,
the murdered...
the dead lad
and myself.
And Lady Margaret.
And Lady Margaret.
I'll have another talk
with her ladyship.
Lady Margaret do you
mind if I come in?
Well Holmes?
You can leave it
open, will you?
Lucky beggar.
Who's a lucky beggar?
Duncan Bleek.
Been playing
cards with him.
He won all the
way across,
however the expression is.
Have you been with
him all this time?
Yeah, just left him.
He introduced me to
a new fangled game.
Gin Rummy he called it.
It's American I believe.
Sort of bookkeeping
connected with it.
You ever hear of it?
Still looking for the
murderer, Inspector?
Impossible fellow.
Vanished into thin air.
There you are.
Where on Earth
have you been?
I asked you
where'd you been.
what's happened?
I've been observing
the landscape
from the dark end
of the corridor.
I just been along there,
I didn't see you.
The door was shut.
I was on the outside.
The outside?
You must try it sometime.
Lets go take a look
at that coffin.
Do you remember
I was interrupted
the last time?
I'm Sherlock Holmes.
Do you mind if I
inspect the coffin
you're taking to Scotland?
No one is allowed
in here Mr. Holmes.
I'll take the
responsibility, excuse me.
Did it ever occur
to you Watson
that this is a very
unusual coffin?
I don't know, a
trifle ornate perhaps.
I wasn't thinking of
the fittings as the...
do you mind if we open it?
It's forbidden sir.
Come on Watson.
But you can't do that sir.
We'll have to.
Excuse me please.
Poor old lady.
As I thought.
The body only comes
down to about here.
Well you think there's
a secret compartment
There has to be.
Yes but it's been
recently occupied.
Lets ask Lestrade
to come in here
he's with Lady Margaret.
Right back Holmes.
Have you let anyone
else in here?
Mathematics hey?
Gives me something to do.
Come quick.
What is it?
It's the coffin.
Holmes found a
false bottom in it.
There's enough room for
the murderer to hide in.
What is all
this Mr. Holmes?
There's where
your murderer's
been hiding Lestrade.
Then it's just a question
of finding him isn't
it Mr. Holmes?
Not him, them.
This affair's obviously
the work of two men.
The one who planned
and the other who
hid in the coffin
and at prearranged time
emerged to
commit the murder
and affect the robbery.
What are you
talking about?
Colonel Sebastian Moran.
You got that man on
the brain Mr. Holmes.
My dear Lestrade,
I accepted this case
because I was
virtually certain
that Colonel
Sebastian Moran
could not resist such
a tempting morsel
as the Star
of Rhodesia.
I'm convinced that
he's the brains
behind this case
and that he's
on this train.
Oh and how would you
go about finding out,
which one of
the passenger's
is this Colonel
Sebastian Moran?
If he is one of
the passengers.
Well I suggest you start
by questioning Ms. Vedder.
It might prove
Who's there?
Ms. Vedder, I want to
ask you a few questions
and I must warn you,
anything you say may
be used against you.
Now about your mother.
It isn't your mother
after all is it?
Perhaps if you explain.
That coffin,
we've examined it.
And found the
secret compartment.
Oh come on, let's have it.
Have what?
Your story.
If you insist.
A man approached me
and ask me to take a
coffin to Scotland.
He offered me a
hundred pounds.
Were you aware
that the coffin had a
secret compartment?
I was.
What story did this
person tell you
to account for a man being
concealed in the coffin?
That someone had
to leave London.
Foreign agents were
watching the trains.
Foreign agents.
All right.
Maybe I didn't believe
that foreign agent story.
You realize, of course,
this makes you
an accomplice?
What was the name of the
man who approached you?
I don't remember.
Ms. Vedder,
the man who engaged you
to take this
coffin to Scotland
was it by any chance
this man here?
I say old man aren't
you making a mistake?
My dear Watson,
just what do you know
about Major Duncan Bleek?
I've known him for years.
He's a member of my club.
I say is this a joke?
Does the name,
Colonel Moran,
mean anything to you sir?
Colonel Moran?
Yes, Colonel
Sebastian Moran.
Why I'm afraid it doesn't.
Good heavens you
don't think that I...
No no no of course not,
you have the
perfect alibi,
Doctor Watson.
Yes yes yes of course.
Good heavens gentlemen,
you are at perfect liberty
to search my compartment
or to search me.
And if you find
the diamond I...
No that won't
be necessary.
The Star of Rhodesia
has not been stolen.
What's that Mr. Holmes?
An imitation was stolen
I have the real one.
You've got it?
My dear Lestrade,
surely you didn't think
I would allow
Lady Margaret
to retain the
genuine diamond.
When I felt
reasonably certain
that an attempt would
be made to steal it
I have had it in
my possession
almost from the moment
I boarded the train.
Confound it, Mr. Holmes,
you had no
right to do that.
This is a police matter
come on let me have it.
My job was to see that
it wasn't stolen,
it wasn't.
Look I don't know what
this is all about
but I do know that
I never seen
this gentleman
before in my life.
I shall have to ask you
to remain in
your compartment
until we reach Edinburgh.
Inspector Lestrade?
Telegram for you sir.
Thank you.
Sorry old man,
I'm afraid my friend
owes you an apology.
Oh that's all
right Watson.
In a case like this
naturally everyone
is suspected.
Oh we all make mistakes,
even Holmes is
not infallible
and after all
the killer is still
at large you know?
Yes he is isn't he?
Well good night.
Good night, oh
boy, don't worry.
I think I'll have
another little chat
with that
professor fellow.
important Lestrade?
You have your secrets,
Mr. Holmes, I have mine.
This is Inspector
Look here,
is this racket going
to continue all night?
Professor Kilbane
you told me you
were on the staff
of the University
of Edinburgh.
I said nothing
of the kind.
You most certainly
did, I heard you.
Mr. Holmes here heard you.
I merely said
that I was a professor
of mathematics
and that I was returning
to my home in Edinburgh.
Well it might
be necessary
to talk to
you again, later.
You come pounding
on this door again
and I'll have
the law on you.
I am the law.
Then stop barging in
and out of my room
like a chambermaid.
Where is everybody?
Sorry chap.
Doesn't want to open
the door probably.
This should help us.
Who shut that door?
Great Scott the guard.
The murderer came
back to the scene.
Look again old fellow.
Scratch, just a scratch.
Like the one on
Ronald Carstairs.
A small dart
apparently made with
some soluble substance.
Probably a gelatin
that melts in the wound.
That's why you couldn't
see anything on Carstairs.
The murderer was about
to get rid of the body
and heard the knock
and became frightened.
Here let me have
that will you?
Come away from that door.
Were you seen
coming in here?
Sherlock Holmes
and the fat bloke
are in the
luggage van now.
How about the guard
in the corridor?
He didn't see me.
I fixed him temporarily.
Guard in the van dead.
I had to kill him.
Here you'd
better take this.
This isn't the
Star of Rhodesia.
You wouldn't be trying to
double cross me would you?
Sherlock Holmes
got the diamond
and replaced it with
this imitation.
Now that Scotland
Yard Inspector
has the real Star
of Rhodesia.
Was he with Holmes and
Watson in the luggage van?
Good then he's probably
in his compartment.
But you'll have to hurry.
I don't like it.
Neither do I.
All you have to do
is to relieve him
of the diamond.
Scotland Yard
Inspector why that...
that's something
Naturally it will be
more money for you,
you'd like that
wouldn't you?
Come on.
He's in there.
He's got the diamond.
You use this.
No don't shoot.
No don't shoot.
That fellow you put
on guard isn't there.
So I've observed.
What is?
Help me to get him
up on to this seat.
He's coming to.
Hand me that
water, will you?
Oh it's nothing
very serious.
I'll attend to him
properly later on.
Poisoned like the others.
It's gone.
The diamond's gone.
Hadn't we better search
the murderer at once?
It's no use old fellow,
the man who killed him
has the Star
of Rhodesia.
What's this?
It's an air
pistol Lestrade
that fires a poison dart.
It's quite an
unusual design.
You were attacked because
you had the diamond.
Fortunately this
wasn't used on you.
We're coming to a stop.
Scottish police.
I don't feel up
to it Mr. Holmes,
would you be good
enough to talk to them?
Thank you.
You keep quiet old boy.
Be back in a minute.
Mr. Holmes, this is
Inspector Macdonald
with the Edinburgh police.
How do you do?
I happen to be in this
district on another case
and I received
this telegram
from headquarters.
You will want to talk
to Inspector Lestrade.
In due time but
I'm in charge here.
This is Scotland
you've crossed the border.
We've had a spot of
trouble here Inspector.
That's why I'm here.
And who are you
might I ask?
Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
The private
inquiry agent hey?
I've heard of you.
Heard of him?
Mr. Holmes has
solved this case already.
Will you
clear the dining car
I want to ask a
few questions.
Yes sir.
And see that no one
leaves this compartment
until I need him
for questioning.
Very good sir.
Inspector Lestrade asked
me to sit in with you.
It's a bit unusual but...
Scotland Yard
thinks a great deal
of Sherlock Holmes.
They frequently
ask his advice.
Scotland Yard hey?
Where is this
Inspector Lestrade?
Now Watson will you see
if Inspector Lestrade
has sufficiently recovered
to come into
the dining car?
Right you are.
Ms. Vedder, I know
all about you
and frankly
you're in for it.
All I did was
buy a coffin
and bring it on the train.
In my opinion
this is a matter
for Scotland Yard.
Scotland Yard's
jurisdiction ended
when you crossed the
border Inspector.
So you say.
That's a
matter of opinion.
Ms. Vedder's
in the plot.
But you may not know
Colonel Moran however.
I don't.
Colonel Sebastian Moran?
Is he in this?
You know him?
Unfortunately I do.
You may return to
your compartment.
You said unfortunately.
I once had an encounter
with Colonel Moran.
The only time in
my entire career
I've been bestead.
The cleverest criminal
since the late
Professor Moriarity.
And that I can concur.
Where is this
Sebastian Moran?
He's traveling
on this train
under the name of
Major Duncan Bleek.
What on Earth are
you talking about?
Are you serious
Mr. Holmes?
Constable, bring
in Duncan Bleek.
Aye sir.
Duncan Bleek?
But he paid for the
gentleman at Lords.
Come in.
Duncan Bleek?
Inspector Macdonald
would like to see you.
All right.
Colonel Sebastian
Moran hey?
It will give me great
pleasure, Mr. Holmes,
to meet up with that
scoundrel again.
You wanted to see me?
Yes Colonel Moran,
you're under arrest.
So you've managed
to convince them
that I'm the mythical
Colonel Moran?
Not mythical Colonel.
Have you forgotten
that affair at Inverness
three years ago?
I've never been to
Inverness in my life.
Do you mind if
I search you?
Go ahead.
For an innocent man,
you carry strange
things in your pockets.
A retired Army
officer, India.
But you're in
Scotland now
and there's a law against
carrying firearms.
Well you satisfied?
Not quite Colonel.
Now I'm satisfied.
This clears things
up pretty well.
You'll be coming into
Topham in a few minutes.
The train doesn't stop
at Topham I'm afraid.
I'm afraid you're
wrong this time Holmes.
This train will
stop at Topham.
You're only delaying the
inevitable Colonel Moran.
You can't get away.
Out of the way Inspector.
All right Inspector
Macdonald here's your man.
Who pulled that cord?
It's all right Conductor,
we get off here
with our prisoner.
Constable take him off.
That was quite a struggle
Inspector Macdonald.
Good work Mr. Holmes.
Perhaps I
underestimated you.
Was it you who hit me?
Oh I'm terribly sorry.
You must accept
my apologies.
Well that's it.
Where's Lestrade?
Look under that
table over there.
Is that Lestrade?
Great Scot its
Duncan Bleek.
You mean Colonel
Sebastian Moran.
Come on old fellow
give me a hand.
What's all this about?
Where's Inspector
He's just got
off the train.
He couldn't have.
He couldn't.
Oh but he has.
A very clever plot
Colonel Moran.
You're henchmen
masquerading as policemen
come aboard the train,
arrest you,
stop the train
and take you off.
But this is fantastic.
Yes it is isn't it?
And it's a scheme worthy
of Colonel
Sebastian Moran.
He planned the
whole thing
including the coffin with
the secret compartment
in case anything
went wrong.
The pseudo policeman
to come aboard
and take him off the train
before it reached
Then where is Lestrade?
Well I imagine
at the moment
he's pretty well occupied.
Just a minute Macdonald.
Get over there all of
you you're under arrest.
Now put up your hands.
Driver take us to the
nearest police station.
Come on get over here.
Then the poke in the eye
I received from
Sherlock Holmes
wasn't an accident
after all?
That is a matter
of opinion.
Come on get in.
Send it over as soon
as possible will you?
Very good sir.
It's a telegram to the
real Edinburgh police
asking to meet us
when we arrive.
But how did you
know this fellow
wasn't the real
Inspector Macdonald?
Elementary my dear Watson.
In the first place,
he didn't put handcuffs
on Colonel Moran
so I had to do it myself
and in the second place,
Inspector Macdonald,
during the fight,
was more hindrance
than help,
which is not
of a real policeman.
Amazing Holmes.
Uncovering such a plot
with so little evidence.
Yes I forgot to mention
that I also happen to know
the real Inspector
of the Edinburgh Police.
Oh was Lestrade
in all of this?
Yes and
surprisingly enough
he grasped the
situation immediately.
That's very unusual.
Let's hope he
hasn't overdone it.
Very clever Holmes.
You've got me
but you haven't got the
Star of Rhodesia.
Oh but I have.
If in the dark
I could substitute
a big hulk
like Lestrade for
you Colonel Moran.
It's no very great feat to
switch a little
thing like a diamond.