Terror in a Texas Town (1958) Movie Script

You're too far away for a fair throw, Hansen.
Come a little closer.
Just a little closer in.
You wouldn't want
to disappoint your friends.
They all came here to see blood.
Why don't you bring them in a little closer?
Close, so they can see it.
Please, Hansen.
Five steps.
Two steps.
One, Hansen.
Just one step.
Just close enough so you can get
a fair chance with that meat hook.
How about it, Hansen?
No. That fire was not any accident.
That was arson.
Are you trying to say somebody
here had a hand in it?
I don't think you'd have the guts.
I don't think you've the guts to admit
this fella McNeil had me burned down.
- Take it easy, Brady.
- Take it easy, Matt?
What are you talking about?
Didn't we agree to stick together?
Well, I stuck.
Whose house got burned down? Mine.
Whose barn went up in smoke? Mine.
Whose livestock burnt up? Mine.
No. I'm taking what I got and clearing out.
I thought we all had a clear title here.
Then this McNeil stepped in
and took over half the valley.
I don't know what we're arguing about.
I've got nothing to claim.
This is a matter
that the courts will have to decide.
I say we hold the land any way we have to.
I don't know about you...
but I have over a thousand rounds
of ammunition and I promise you this.
The first McNeil man that steps
on my land, stays there.
Just a minute, gentlemen, please.
If McNeil wants to fight us with the law,
we'll use the law, too.
If he comes at us with guns,
we'll defend ourselves.
Make no mistake about that.
But the important thing is,
are we still going to stick together?
Johnson, how about you?
I just don't know, Mr. Holmes.
I'd sure hate to go up against the law.
That is, if McNeil's title is really good.
- What do you say, John?
- I got four kids, Matt.
I have to think it over.
Mr. Hansen, what do you say?
When everybody wants to stick together,
I stick with 'em.
But when nobody don't want
to stick together...
I stick alone, by myself.
Not all by yourself. I am your friend.
I stick too, and my family.
That's quite a layout. For him?
Came packed in ice,
all the way from the Gulf.
- Not bad.
- Please.
He ain't gonna miss just one of these, is he?
Please, Mr. Baxter.
You know how Mr. McNeil is.
All right, Shorty.
- Anything for you.
- Thank you.
You just get me some whiskey, will you?
Coming right up, Mr. Baxter.
- Drink heartily.
- I will.
Yes, Mr. Baxter.
Johnny Crale come in yet?
He just got in. He's up there now.
- Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
An event like this calls for a toast.
Will you join us, Johnny?
Anything calls for a toast.
- Have you any particular toast in mind?
- I do.
Let's drink to Johnny...
and the success of his mission.
Very good.
You realize conditions have changed a lot
since you and I last worked together?
I can see that.
You've got drapes on the doorway
and lobster on the table.
And 75 pounds more on your belly.
And a new secretary.
Your wit is as outdated as your profession.
We've moved into a new era.
Killing on the scale you're accustomed to
isn't fashionable anymore.
As long there are men like you,
there'll be plenty of work for men like me.
Especially me.
This is not Waco, and it's not 20 years ago.
I'm in business here. I own this hotel.
Hold title to a 120 sections of land
in this area.
Some of it is occupied by squatters
who've lived here 10 or 15, even 20 years.
I'm trying to get them
to leave as peaceably as possible.
I've even paid some of them to get off.
You paid them?
You must be pretty desperate.
In this instance,
I'm quite willing to pay them.
However, some of them proved
extremely reluctant to follow my suggestion.
Time presses,
and I've run out of means of persuasion.
So you thought of old Johnny Crale.
I want all land grants
legally signed over to me within a week.
For this, we need an example.
Just one, mind you.
I've no taste for a massacre.
Just what business are we in?
My business.
You mean it will be
when you get your example.
You mean it will be
when you get your example.
You'll find the usual envelope
on the bureau in your room.
Is there a sheriff in this town?
Actually, there isn't.
But I have one.
The town likes him and I pay him.
So there'll be no trouble from there.
That takes care of everything
but the example.
What's his name?
You know I never discuss examples
when there are three people in the room.
I'll talk to you later.
You mean, you don't even trust
your own secretary?
I don't even trust you, Johnny.
You're becoming quite the dandy,
aren't you?
Wearing two guns instead of one.
And gloves.
I never saw you wear gloves before.
Tell me, do you eat in them?
Got a rash on the back of my hand.
Doctor gave me some salve
and told me to keep them covered up.
Couldn't be the rash is permanent, could it?
What are you trying to say, McNeil?
I just wondered if you'd changed
in any other ways, too.
Tell me, you still a fast draw?
Faster, if anything.
Show me.
Let me see you draw.
Draw, Johnny.
You were always a right-handed gun.
What happened?
This is the hardest fist in Texas.
This is solid steel.
Somebody blew the old one off,
and I've shot left-handed ever since.
I use the right to slug guys
who ask too many questions.
Got any objections from you?
No, none at all.
I like skill like that.
But I wouldn't spread it around,
if I were you.
Some people might take advantage
of a cripple.
If I've got any letters to write,
do you mind if I borrow your secretary?
I keep her occupied 24 hours a day.
Make sure he pays you overtime, ma'am.
Don't pay any attention to what he says.
He does what I tell him to do.
He seems so strange.
I don't think I've ever met
anyone like him before.
That's because you've never seen death
walking in the shape of a man before.
That's right.
Death, it's in his blood.
Are you still in bed?
Can you think of a nicer place to be?
Come on, Johnny. Sit down.
If somebody ever opened up your head
to see what was inside...
he'd find only one thing.
Why don't you get dressed?
- Did you see him?
- I saw him.
We may stick around this town a long time.
McNeil's got something pretty good going.
I may go into business with him.
What kind of business?
I don't know yet.
My retainer.
It's not that kind of business again, is it?
- What else?
- Not again.
Your big days are all over.
One man with a gun
just can't make it anymore.
We're in Texas now.
They've got the state police, the Rangers.
You just can't walk into a town
and walk out of it the way you used to.
Let's get out of here, out of this town.
Let's go away.
Shut up and get back into bed.
Please. You've got to talk to me
once in a while.
If you'd only let me help.
If you'd only listen.
If you'd only let me belong.
You're where you belong right now.
Look. I'm digging in the well,
and this comes from the walls.
Feel it.
- It's oil.
- The ground is filled with oil.
It makes us rich. All of us.
Now I know why Mr. McNeil comes to town.
He don't want our land. He want our oil.
It comes close to the top of the ground.
I catch a bucketful
every four or five minutes.
We have to tell everybody about it.
We must stop Mr. Brady before he sells out.
We have to stop everybody.
I go to Mr. Holmes.
Better you go to Mr. Brady and Mr. Johnson.
- How rich can you be from oil?
- As rich as gold.
- Somebody's coming, Papa.
- Who is coming?
The man who came to town yesterday.
The Mr. McNeil.
The one Mr. Holmes told us about.
If he comes here,
he comes to see me, not you.
So you two go home.
It is better we should be together, amigo.
This man carries two guns.
Then we have two reasons
for you to go home, not one.
But what are friends for?
It's too late.
It's better we go into the shed.
Pepe, come in.
And I stand at the side of my friend.
A man will talk more when he's alone
with another man, than when he's with two.
We need to learn from this man.
You are a good friend.
Stay in the shed and listen.
Your name Hansen?
Sven Hansen.
You read English, don't you?
Maybe better than you read Swedish.
Read this.
Then sign it.
I don't know you.
I don't want your paper.
I guess that means
you and I are gonna have a little trouble.
Because if you don't sign that paper,
I'm going to have to kill you.
Get off my land.
What are you doing with that?
I don't know.
Is it true, what Pepe says
about senor Hansen?
It is true.
We stay out of this thing.
Stay out of it, Rosa?
How can we?
He was our friend.
One cannot stay out of things
when a friend has been killed.
We must tell what we saw.
Tell what we saw?
Senor Brady's house
has been burned down.
Senor Hansen is killed.
What happens next, we do not know.
But this I do know.
Your friend is dead and cannot be helped.
This child that comes is alive
and can be helped.
You will say nothing
about what you have seen.
You will tell no one.
This child will be born in peace.
In peace, amarme.
Here we are, partner.
Coming into Prairie City.
Just another name
for God's own free country.
What fun do you get out of just
sitting around here all day playing cards?
Gives me something to think about.
You're losing your nerve.
I can tell.
Something's eating at you.
You're crazy.
You've already done the job you came to do.
It isn't safe to stay around here like this.
I want you to get out of this state.
What'll it be, mister?
They tell me I can get a wagon here,
with a horse.
How long will you be holding it?
How long?
I don't know.
I'm just going out to the Hansen farm.
- The Hansen farm?
- Ja.
What would you be doing out there?
I'm going to see my father, Sven Hansen.
Your father?
I think maybe you better
go see the sheriff, mister.
The sheriff?
Sheriff Stoner, across the street.
I don't know.
Just think you'd better, that's all.
Is he in trouble?
He's dead.
Buy you a drink.
Did you know him?
Not very well.
Not very long.
But you did know him.
How did he die?
Come on. Sit down and I'll tell you about it.
This is Molly. My name's Johnny Crale.
My name is George Hansen, Mrs. Crale.
Sit down.
I would like to know. How did he die?
Somebody shot him.
Why would anyone shoot a man
like my father?
Maybe he had a disagreement with them.
Maybe your father had something
the other man wanted.
When did this happen?
Let me see. Tuesday... Three days ago.
Nobody seems to know how it happened.
They just found him shot in the head.
The sheriff had an inquest,
but no witnesses.
What is this for a country,
where a man is killed...
and nobody knows anything,
nobody does anything?
It's the kind of country it is. Things like that
happen around here all the time.
Isn't that true, Molly?
Sure. All the time.
Did they bury him?
Did anybody bother to give him a funeral?
That's one thing
you can always be sure of here.
I've not seen him...
since 19 years ago.
We were buying the farm together.
After every voyage,
I would send him a few dollars.
All these years, I'd dream...
of leaving the sea and having a home.
I don't know.
Thank you, sir, very much.
Good-bye, ma'am.
Where are you going?
I must see the sheriff.
That's a very good idea.
I'd lodge a strong complaint, if I were you.
You can leave it there. It'll be safe.
Thank you.
Now aren't you glad we stayed around?
That's more business.
He doesn't look too easy to me.
Nothing looks easy to you.
You know why?
It's because you're so easy.
Yes, sir. What can I do for you?
My name is George Hansen.
I'm the son of Sven Hansen.
Come on, Willie.
You better get back in there.
Willie's here most of the time.
- Has someone told you about your father?
- Yes.
I didn't know Hansen had any relatives.
- Who killed him?
- We don't know.
There weren't any witnesses.
He was just found lying in the yard, dead.
Isn't it your job to find out who killed him?
- Yes, of course.
- Then find out.
Just a minute.
We had an inquest
and there weren't any witnesses.
If the killer is still in these parts,
we'll find him.
If not, he's probably left the state
and there's nothing I can do about it.
How far is it to my father's place?
Are you...
figuring on going out there?
Of course. It belongs to me now.
I wouldn't be too sure about that,
if I were you, young fella.
The law here may be different
than where you come from.
I have a letter from my father.
It says here that...
It says the place is mine.
It says the place is mine.
It's in Swedish.
I don't think a letter like that'll
hold up in a court of law.
It also says there is a will.
A will filed in the court of records,
in the city of Austin.
It says the place belongs to me.
The land didn't belong to him,
so it can't belong to you.
I know how you feel.
You're a stranger here.
I don't want you to get into any trouble.
How can I get in trouble
claiming what is mine?
You're afraid I will be killed.
If I'm killed, you'll have to find out
who did it. That is your job.
Listen. No foreigner's gonna
come in here and tell me how to run my job.
You understand that?
I understand.
Where you staying? The hotel?
I am staying in my own room.
In my own house, on my own land.
And nobody better try to move me.
I'm mighty sorry to have to tell you this...
but that land is under
a No Trespass order from the court.
You put one foot on that property
and I'll have to put you in jail.
The law says this, too?
That's right.
If the law made a mistake,
you have the right to hire an attorney.
He'll see to it that you get justice.
You're not in some foreign country now,
where a man has no rights at all.
You've got to understand that.
You've got a right to justice.
And you'll get it.
I think I do begin to understand.
All right, I will stay in the hotel.
But I understand justice, too.
I think I will get it.
So, I suppose this will
is registered in Austin.
The Swede's staying here in the hotel.
Looks to me like
he's just thickheaded enough...
to want to start some trouble.
Have you had legal training, Sheriff?
- No, sir.
- Then don't give me legal advice.
What are you sweating like that for?
Somebody frightened you?
No, sir, Mr. McNeil...
but you've got to understand
my position in this matter.
It's a very touchy situation.
I could get caught in the middle.
I can't afford that.
And I can't afford you
unless you stop this public shivering.
Now get out of here. I'm busy.
Swedes in this country.
They keep popping up like jackrabbits.
This one's younger, McNeil, and smarter.
I want to see him.
Come in.
McNeil wants to see you.
You work for him?
In a way.
Then you knew about my father's land
when you talked to me?
I'm afraid I did.
Mr. Hansen.
My name is Ed McNeil.
This is my secretary, Mona Stacey.
I want to tell you how personally saddened
I was by your father's death.
Sit down, won't you?
I posted a $500 reward
for any information leading to an arrest.
I do not think
you will have to pay that reward.
I do not think there's going to be any arrest.
- What are you drinking?
- Nothing. Thank you.
Crale tells me that you've been asking
about your father's farm.
I presume you naturally thought
you had an interest in the place.
That's why you came here, isn't it?
Do I have to give you reasons for what I do?
No, of course not.
But you did think you were going to
inherit the place? Am I correct?
I have inherited it.
Let's get the facts straight.
I hold prior right, by land grant,
to all of this property.
About 20 years ago, when this country
was first settled, the squatters moved in.
Some of them failed,
sold their farms and went on.
Your father was unfortunate enough
to buy one of these...
which they had no right to sell.
I'm a man who understands...
the position these poor people
find themselves in.
So, instead of evicting them...
I've been paying them
to get off my property.
Wouldn't you say that's
being about as fair as a man can be?
If what you say is true,
then what you are doing is fair.
And since what I'm saying is true,
I've made out a release for you.
All you have to do is sign it,
and I will have $300 placed to your order.
I have $300.
I also have a farm.
Have you seen that land?
It's not worth $300. It isn't worth $200.
Then I know I could not allow you
to pay me for it.
I could not accept more for a thing
than it is worth.
Young man, you're a foreigner.
You're making a fresh start in a new land.
Let me ask you something.
Are your papers in order?
I think if they're not in order, the proper
authorities will know about it soon enough.
And even if they are in order,
they will also know.
What gives you that idea?
You are going to tell them about
all this that is going on, are you not?
Then I withdraw my offer.
Don't come back saying you changed your
mind. I promise you, I won't change mine.
I don't think we will
have any trouble about that.
He looks like he's my problem now.
But not in the way you think.
Another killing at this moment
might prove most inopportune.
I want him on the train tonight.
I don't care how you get him there,
just so long as he stays alive.
I never like to do half a job
when a whole job's easier.
But I'm always willing
to make an exception for a partner.
Because, that's what I think we're gonna be.
Hello, boy.
Are you going to live here?
Yes, I am.
But not right now.
Tell me something. Did you know the man
who used to live here?
He was my friend.
- You are neighbors.
- My house is over there.
Beside the railroad track.
Are you the man
who makes everybody move away?
But you say you are going to live here.
You must be the man
who makes everybody move away.
No, you are all mixed up.
You see, the man who used to live here...
the man who was killed, he was my father.
Senor Hansen? Your papa?
Yes. I am George Hansen.
- My name is Pepe Mirada.
- I am very glad to know you, Pepe.
We have this cow, senor.
The cow of your father.
When the trouble came, we took this cow.
Not to steal, of course. To take care.
This is good, no?
That is good.
Of course, now you come back...
we give the cow back.
Maybe later,
but do you have a cow of your own?
No, senor. But we have this goat.
A very fine goat.
You just keep that cow.
Especially if she's giving milk.
Lots of milk, senor.
Why don't you come visit us?
I would like to.
Right now?
Right now.
I'll show you.
My father spent 30 years at sea.
Most of them on whale ships.
He must have kept this as a souvenir.
If a man knows how to throw one of these,
he can do a lot of damage.
Could it kill a man?
We heard the shot
and when Pepe and I got there...
it was stuck in the ground,
as though he had tried to throw it.
That is all we know.
I brought it home to remember him by.
Would you care for a glass of wine?
Yes, I would.
Have you killed any whales, senor Hansen?
I have killed many whales.
- Show us how you do it.
- I was talking to him, Pepe.
- Girls don't know anything about whales.
- Wait a minute.
Girls know something
about almost everything.
Perhaps even more than you and I.
Now, you watch.
You must hold it this way. You see?
With this, you do not kill a whale.
This is just to hook onto him.
Then you kill him with a lance.
- Four of them, Papa.
- Con permiso. Excuse me.
Is your name Jose Mirada?
We've got a message for you.
Can you guess what it is?
No, senor.
You're leaving town, Jose. By Sunday.
By Sunday?
No, senor, that is not possible.
You see, we have the problem of...
Can't you try to make it possible?
Try it as a favor to me, amigo?
Of course I will try.
I do not like
to make disappointments for you.
But there is the question of my wife.
You see, any day now she...
Any day now, your wife could be a widow.
Why do you keep thinking of yourself?
Why don't you try to do something for me?
What are you doing here?
- Visiting a friend. What are you doing?
- I'm trying to help a friend.
Sunday, Jose.
But my wife is going to have a baby
any day now.
- Maybe even today.
- Congratulations.
I know what he said.
- You have come to see us on a sad day.
- I am sorry.
- How long have you lived here?
- Lived here?
My people have always lived here.
How many hundreds of years...
A long time.
Can you tell me, Mr. Mirada,
why is it that McNeil wants all this land?
No, senor.
If we only knew that...
we might have the answer
to our own problem.
I have looked at my father's place.
I have seen your land.
A man can raise a crop here,
but he would never get rich.
And yet, one man wants it all. Why?
This is a mystery, amigo. I know nothing.
- And the other ranchers?
- Nobody knows nothing.
Somebody, somewhere, must know why.
I am going to find that man.
- Mr. Holmes?
- That's right.
My name is George Hansen.
I think you knew my father.
I knew your father. He was a fine man.
Thank you. I've been talking to people
here and there...
about what happened to him.
About what's happening to us all,
and it seems...
that you are the man who is trying
to hold these people together.
Trying. But that's all. It can't be done.
Trying. But that's all. It can't be done.
People are just like any other kind of animal.
When they get scared, they scatter.
Including myself.
Excuse me, I'm busy.
Don't you understand?
If only the men would stick together,
then maybe we would have a chance.
A chance at what?
The trouble with the people around here
is all they do is talk.
I've had enough talk.
I'd a sight rather fight all alone
than count on other people helping me.
- By then it will be too late.
- I'll take my chances.
You feel the same way, Mr. Johnson?
It's like I say,
it's not as much up to me as my wife.
I can't just think of myself.
- I will have whiskey.
- Yes, sir.
- Ma'am, would you have a drink with me?
- I'll be glad to.
I didn't know you were still here.
Yes. I am still here.
Is there some reason I should not be?
I guess not. It's a funny town, that's all.
People disappear or get shot
or get run out, almost every day.
Let's drink to both of us getting out of here,
just as quick as the good Lord will let us.
I would rather drink to you.
Because I am not
getting out of this town. Not ever.
You do not like it here, do you?
I hate it.
Then why don't you get out?
You know why as well as I do.
Go ahead. Have another one.
All right, I will.
Tell me a thing.
What kind of work does he do?
Why is it that every time
a man gives a girl two fast drinks...
he thinks she'll tell him
everything she knows?
I am sorry.
I guess that is what I was hoping for.
Pour. I could do this all afternoon and
never even give you the time of day.
Maybe. But not if we were drinking aquavit.
We're not drinking whatever it is,
we're drinking whiskey.
No matter how much I drink,
I'll tell you only one thing.
Stay away from him.
He's mean.
He killed my father, didn't he?
Naughty, naughty. Try again.
Why do you stay with a man like this?
I stay with him because I'm what I am.
I stay with him
because no other man would have me.
I stay with him because as low as I am,
I can turn around and see him...
and remember there's somebody lower.
Look at me.
Can't you see what's written here?
Can't you see a thousand days and nights
that never were love...
and never could be...
and never can be?
You listen to me.
I have been all over the world.
I have known all kinds of men,
all kinds of women.
But I never knew one who could not change,
if he wanted to.
That's big talk.
- I am telling you the truth.
- The truth about what?
I just said "the truth."
That is not so difficult to understand.
You're standing in my place.
Nice music.
You like our music here?
I asked you a question.
Do you like our music?
What do you think of a fella
who don't like our music?
The way I got it figured,
a fella shouldn't have to stay anywhere...
where he don't like the music.
Right, Keeno?
A fella shouldn't stay anywhere
where he don't like the music.
How do you like this for service?
Got your stuff all set to put on the train.
Even got you a ticket right out of the state.
You better take it back to my room.
You ain't got no room no more.
Ain't that right, Johnny?
That's right.
You know what I better do?
I better count the towels.
See how many he's trying to get off with.
Where'd you get that, Swede?
No towels yet. What've we got here?
Look what he's got.
Molly, try this on.
If you like it, I might buy it for you.
- Why don't you make them stop it?
- Sure.
- Put it back.
- How much you take for it?
Just put it back.
I don't see anything so special about this.
Looks just like any
old piece of merchandise to me.
If it was mine, I'd be glad to sell.
Right, boys?
- Sure would.
- I'd give it away.
Come on, Swede, you can tell me,
is there something special about it?
It belonged to my mother.
One day, it will belong to my wife.
In that case, we might as well
just split it up between them right here.
Half and half.
- You got to stop them or they'll kill him.
- Sure.
When you're through with him,
put him on the train.
What did they do to you?
The hotel, last night...
- A fight?
- Yeah.
Then why do you come from that way?
They put me on a train.
First time it slowed down, I roll off.
Let me fix you up.
You stay here with us, amigo.
Things will clear up soon.
- No. I shall get back into town.
- You going to fight some more?
No, Pepe. I'm not exactly anxious
to fight some more.
But also, I'm not anxious to lose my farm.
This farm is not possible to be saved.
Pretty soon, we lose them. All of us.
You know something, Mirada?
There is only one reason
why we must lose our farms.
There is only one reason
why my father was killed.
- Do you know what that reason is?
- No, senor.
It is because of fear.
It is because people are afraid.
We could turn this valley inside out
if only people were not afraid.
Which fear do you speak of, senor?
- Being afraid to talk.
- To talk about what, senor Hansen?
Mrs. Mirada...
I cannot help thinking that somebody knows
why my father was killed...
and will not tell.
I also think that they know who killed him,
and also will not tell that.
Senor Hansen, you have been our friend.
Your papa was also our friend.
But we have been bad friends.
This is my fault,
so I will tell it to you myself.
Jose, he wished to say it all the time.
There is oil in this place.
It leaks down the side of my new well.
I tell this thing to your papa.
Then, the one with the black gloves
rides up and shoots him.
All your papa has is the harpoon.
We see this, Pepe and I.
- We see it and are afraid to tell.
- I was afraid.
I was afraid for the baby.
So, we have spoilt our honor for this fear.
That doesn't matter.
What matters is that you do tell now.
I think something...
I think that when the people
know there is oil in the valley...
then they will fight.
Can I be of any help?
Then I must be getting back.
Is it all right if I tell the sheriff
this other thing?
About my father?
You tell them
Jose Mirada is no longer afraid.
I will.
Papa, why can't I help, too?
No, Pepe.
This moment, your mama does not love us.
She loves only the baby.
Sure you can get the preacher
to open the church?
He will. Leave it to me.
I'm the deacon. I can call a meeting
to tell the town it's floating on oil.
- How soon?
- We ought to have them ready by 8:00.
I'll have them ring the bell
as soon as I can get a man there.
I'll go and call Barnaby and Johnson.
If Mirada's gonna identify the killer,
maybe he shouldn't ride into town alone.
After I finish with the others, I'll stop by
and take him with me. Anything else?
Can't think of anything. I'll be out of here
in five minutes. Good luck.
The little baby, she is born yet,
amigo Mirada?
The little brown baby?
That is to say...
it is about to be. The pains are coming.
My daughter, she is taking care of it.
Maybe any minute now, senor.
I wish the little one
has eyes as sharp as his father.
I do not think I understand, senor.
Sometimes, this early in the morning,
English gives me much trouble.
Not as much trouble
as you're planning to give me.
You're going to be a witness
against me, aren't you?
What's the matter? Can't you talk?
You just told Mr. Hansen you will talk,
and all of a sudden you can't talk.
Or can you?
Would you be so good as to listen
one moment...
what I want to say?
What do you want to say?
Speak up.
Don't be afraid.
do not kill me.
Whatever gave you such an idea?
Was it because you think
you saw me kill somebody else?
Get down. Get down on your knees.
Get down on your knees
and swear by this unborn child...
that you'll never testify
against me. Get down.
Get down, Mirada!
You will kill me...
because you must kill me.
If I swear...
you will kill me.
If I beg...
you will kill me.
If I stand as a man...
still you will kill me.
I stand as a man.
Papa, it's come.
Good morning. I'm very glad to see you.
Pardon me a moment,
I'm just paying these gentlemen off.
It appears that we've come upon new times
in Prairie City.
- Violence is passe.
- You hope.
and Baxter.
To repeat our agreement, so there shan't be
any misunderstandings, it is this.
You are to leave Prairie City within the hour.
You're not to return
as long as I'm a resident. Am I correct?
- We understand that.
- Agreed.
Well, gentlemen.
Just so we should not prolong
the unhappy moment of farewell...
- Good-bye, gentlemen.
- Anytime, Mr. McNeil.
- See you, Johnny.
- Thanks a lot.
We seem to have stirred up
quite a little excitement.
A little.
Where's your secretary?
Sent her to Dallas last night.
Same train you put Hansen on.
You know, I'm somewhat disappointed
by your disposition of Hansen.
My passenger got to Dallas.
Why didn't yours?
Why didn't you say
that there was a witness around...
when you killed the old man?
That was a mistake.
And they hang men for such carelessness.
They won't hang me.
The witness is dead.
Baxter tells me that
the good citizens of this community...
are forgathering in the local church.
Don't you think the death of that Mexican
might somewhat inflame them against you?
And you?
I think not.
You know, there are two ways
to skin any cat.
The first way having failed,
I'll now put the second into effect.
In a short time,
they'll hail me as their savior.
I'll be the most popular man in the valley.
And the richest, too.
But not you.
I fear that before the morning's out...
we'll hear the sound of marching feet
outside this hotel.
They'll be marching for you.
Here's your money, Johnny.
Go on, run.
There's something
I want to talk to you about.
Something I saw this morning...
something rather remarkable.
Sit down.
I think this may interest you.
What I saw this morning
was really remarkable.
I saw a man who wasn't afraid to die.
The man on the black horse.
I saw something this morning
I've never seen before in my life.
You've told me that over and over again.
- Can I get up now?
- No.
I'm trying to tell you.
Why don't you listen to me?
Why don't you try to understand?
I saw a man who wasn't afraid to die.
Do you know what this means?
A man who wasn't afraid to die.
Did he die?
There's a lot of people
who aren't afraid to die.
That's not true. Every man
I ever held a gun on was sweating with fear.
Every single one.
Except this one man. Even McNeil.
Not this man.
Do you mind if I get up now?
Sure. Get up. Anything you want.
It doesn't work.
It just doesn't work anymore.
Although we have opened with prayer,
we are not here today for religious services.
We are of many faiths, and of one hope.
The church edifice has been thrown open
that we may freely discuss...
a most unusual situation,
upon which our futures...
and the futures of our children depend.
And the futures of our children depend.
I'm sorry to interrupt...
but could I say something?
I came here because...
I don't think you know something,
and I think you ought to know it.
Mr. Mirada was killed this morning,
in front of his own house.
Mr. McNeil was killed in his hotel room.
The killer is still at the hotel...
and a man named George Hansen
is walking down the street...
with nothing but a whale harpoon
to fight with.
I didn't mean to interrupt a church service,
or anything like that.
I just thought you'd like to know.
I thought you might want to help.
I don't know about the rest of you,
but I'm going down that street.
- What about the oil?
- The oil be hanged.
You're a little too far for a fair throw.
Come a little closer.
Come on, Hansen.
All of you, come closer.
You wouldn't want
to disappoint your friends.
They all came here to see blood.
Why don't you bring them in a little closer?
Close, so they can see it.
Please, Hansen.
Five steps.
Just five steps.
Two steps. Two.
Just one step.
Just close enough so you can get
a fair chance with that meat hook.
How about it?