Terror Of Mechagodzilla (1975) Movie Script

Godzilla king of the monster.
Nobody knows the origin of this
indestructible monster.
But many people believe Godzilla
is some kind of an ancient god.
Others felt Godzilla
was a prehistoric monster
awaken from a million years sleep
by atomic explosions.
Thinking this awesome creature
a threat to civilization
attempts were made to destroy
Godzilla with modern war machines.
To Godzilla, these
implements of destruction
and their tremendous
firepower were merely toys.
He batted them away
and easily destroyed them.
Annoyed and angered by this attempt,
Godzilla set out to destroy the cities.
The sound of his screeching roar
and earth shaking footsteps
sent thousands running from their homes
fearing for their lives.
He crushed all in his path
and sent the countryside
aflame with his fiery breath.
All of man's military might
was no match for Godzilla.
Bullets, tanks, rocket,
they had no affect on this giant.
His fierce attack left the cities in ruin.
There seem to be no way
of stopping this 600 ton monster
as whole city blocks
became a raging inferno.
Then from the black hole of outer space,
invaders from other planets and galaxies
decided that this was the opportunity
to take over the earth.
But Godzilla like an animal
protecting his home territory
decided to unite with the earth people
in attempting to fight off the invaders.
Godzilla the terrifying monster,
now becomes Godzilla the friend and ally.
To cope with Godzilla the invaders
use monsters of their own.
Many fierce battles took place
with these frightening monster.
Godzilla was put to the full
test of his strength.
But in the end,
Godzilla and the earth
people were victorious.
Other sinister minds from outer space
decided that the only way
to take over the earth
and destroy Godzilla would be
with another Godzilla like creature
a huge robot monster
impervious to anything.
Terror of Mechagodzilla
In their first encounter
a furious battle took place
in which Godzilla almost met his match.
Godzilla called upon heretofore
unknown powers
to defeat his mechanical counterpart.
And then he hurl them into the sea.
Days later,
an undersea expedition sets out to recover
the remains of the mechanical marvel.
We're here.
This is the area where we start our search.
We'd better submerge.
- We'll start when we get down there.
- Understood.
Start the decent.
Start 50 meters.
Start the descent. Depth 750.
The wreck of Mechagodzilla must be
scattered around somewhere near here.
If we find it.
Look especially for the head.
And pick it up carefully.
Depth, 200 metres.
Switch on the deep sea light.
The searchlights are on.
Commence the search.
That's most peculiar.
No reaction on the analyzer.
The meter should always register
when there's some space-titanium nearby.
Even if it's only a tiny piece.
I can't understand it.
Are you sure were at the correct location?
I'm quite sure we're in the right area.
And still no sign of Mechagodzilla.
The submarine is slewing!
Breach over here!
It's true that the submarine
was still in the experimental stage.
It had been especially designed by us.
At the ocean exploitation institute.
I can't believe it.
That this accident was caused
by some mistake on our part.
What did the wreck tell you?
Not much.
This sub had been hit with enormous impact.
It had ripped completely apart.
It wasn't an explosion?
Check the report.
It's possible chief.
You'll find this interesting.
Take a look at these.
We can't be sure about it
but the man who took these photos,
swears he saw something
strange rising out of the sea
just above where the submarine
sank it rose up several times.
Now, that's not much to go by,
but I think it means we must be very
careful about what we do in the future.
My name is Ichinose from the O.E.I..
Hey, Ichinose.
- Murakoshi.
- How are you?
You two know each other?
Yes, we were at college.
Oh good.
- Ok, take a seat.
- Ok.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
I'd like for you to listen
to this carefully
it's a recording
made from the sub.
- Just before it sank.
- Yes.
Come in headquarters!
Come in!
Headquarters can you hear me?
It looks like a giant fish.
Not a fish!
A dinosaur!
A giant dinosaur!
Headquarters! It's a dinosaur!
Come in.
Play it again.
It's a dinosaur!
A giant dinosaur.
Headquarters come in.
Headquarters help us!
There's no doubt he's saying dinosaur.
What could confuse a marine biologist?
A dinosaur!
A dinosaur!
What do you think?
Can you hear me?
I can't believe it.
Help! Help! It's a dinosaur!
It's coming straight for us!
Captain, I've been waiting for you.
Tell me did you have a good trip?
I'm exhausted.
The earthling plane flights are terrible.
1 hour is worse than 1000 in space travel.
But I suppose that it
is necessary for the project.
You're correct.
Be patient.
We must choose the right
time to exert our power...
On Tokyo.
Yes Captain Tokyo will do.
As an earthling city.
It's typified by its
pollution and confusion.
In spite of their attempts to control it.
The earthlings don't know what to do.
There are so ignorant.
And after it's destroyed we can rebuild
Tokyo to suit our convenience.
How is the progress?
Everything's under control and on schedule.
The last of our planet's is fading
into the black hole we must act soon.
Planet earth is vital to us.
We must succeed.
I think that I've found
an earthling who can help us.
An earthling?
Shinzo Mafune he's a doctor of science.
And as an earthling his knowledge
is exceptionally advanced.
But can we trust him.
First of all we saved
his daughter's life for him.
And what's more important.
He himself hate earthling.
He wishes to destroy them.
Oh, why should he do that?
20 years ago he was a top scientists.
Even more brilliant than the rest.
The advance too far for them.
And then.
When they didn't understand
him, they threw him out.
Professor Mafune studied
here at this institute.
A brilliant biologist.
Still, in his early thirties.
He published a quite unique new theory
of under sea exploitation.
They plan to build a submarine ranches.
Controlling sea life for food.
The plan attracted global
attention and interest.
And they began new studies
on how to control forms of sea life.
Sea animals,
crustaceans and of course
all manner of fish.
His experiments weren't often successful.
One day he announced
he had found a dinosaur
living under the sea
near the Bonin Islands.
He claim to control it.
He even called it Titanosaurus.
It's 15 years ago he left.
Oh no, to put it more precisely.
He was fired.
As far as we were concerned
he had studied too hard.
Mr. Oota,
what did you think
of Dr. Mafune.
Do you agree with his theories?
To be able to manipulate life
Should man have such power?
I don't think he should.
It should be avoided.
Still he did have a fascinating mind.
where did Dr. Mafune live now?
He used to live at Manazuru Island.
I don't know if he's still there.
I see, thank you.
I'm sorry to have trouble you.
Do you know where Dr. Mafune lives?
Dr. Mafune?
Oh, you must mean haunted house.
Yeah, that's right.
You can't miss it, it's on the far
side of the forest.
I haven't seen anyone
there for a long time.
And none of the local villages has.
They're scared to go there.
Mmm, it would seem he does not live here.
Does Dr. Mafune live here?
Excuse me.
Does Dr. Mafune live here?
Please, we would just like to talk to him.
- For a moment.
- Dr. Mafune is dead.
When did he die?
Five years ago.
- Now hold on!
- Please wait we wanna talk to you.
Come here young lady.
My name is Murakoshi from Interpol.
This man is Ichinose, he's from the Ocean
Exploitation Institute.
How do you do.
I'm sorry, I was told Dr. Mafune
was interested in dinosaurs.
We came to hear more about this subject.
Can you help?
There was an unexplained accident.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I can't help.
I know nothing.
My father never told me
anything of his work.
You sure? Your father must've made notes.
So perhaps he has a notebook
about the dinosaur.
I burned all his notebooks.
It was his wish at his death.
Burn them all?
Cant you tell me anything?
You must be able to remember
something that he said.
Please will you forgive me.
I remember nothing.
I just don't want to talk about it.
Most peculiar.
- I'm sure she's hiding something.
- Yeah.
Well done Dr. Mafune.
Let's celebrate.
The Titanosaurus controller is ready.
As financier of this vast undertaking.
I must say, I'm extremely happy.
Good, good.
I'm indebted to you
for believing my theory.
I cannot thank you enough.
Cheers Dr.
Thank you thank you.
a man from Interpol came.
What's that?
They ask to see you.
They wanted to know about dinosaurs.
They've arrived 15 years too
late to ask me about that.
I told them then I'd make them sorry.
Now my theory has proved to be correct.
All take revenge on them all!
On those fools who thought
I was crazy and forced me to resign.
Father, please don't.
Katsura, don't you worry about me.
I have something I think
you'd be interested in.
What is that?
You can have your desire.
Here is the perfect
weapon for your revenge.
What on earth is it?
That thing, then you must be?
We are the spaceman from the third planet.
The only surviving planet
in the black hole.
After Godzilla destroyed it and it sank.
We found it and brought it back to land.
let me introduce you
to our project leader Mugal.
You are welcome
to our base Dr. Mafune.
Do you like your machine?
It's a magnificent robot.
I am glad you like it.
I have a favor to ask you.
Mafune we need your talent.
Your Titanosaurus,
involves ideas similar
in function to our Mechagodzilla.
We feel sure that your expertise
could be of service.
Particularly with the whole
problem of control.
One of the earthlings escaped!
- What's that?
- I'll go.
Don't worry, no one can escape from here.
You cannot get away!
Extra weapons will diminish the subs speed.
We better improve the sonar.
It must cover a wider area.
We'll extend the range
to a thousand meters.
And if we can, more.
That way we can escape that much sooner.
This notebook.
It says, Titanosaurus is gentle.
Rarity initiates an attack.
And he is not aggressive by nature.
I found this book with Ichinose.
we both went through the archives
in the old library.
It's one of Mafune's notebooks.
Well Wakayama,..
Can you extend the sonar range?
- Yes, I'll give it a try.
- Mm.
That's strange. A gentle dinosaur.
Hey, hello.
I'm sorry to trouble you.
Thanks for coming.
I was afraid you'd refuse.
We found one of your father's notebooks.
It was in the archives.
Kept in the institute library.
Here it is.
I've read it all.
And I believe
your father's theory was right.
Mr. Ichinose,
I asked you earnestly,
forget Titanosaurus.
But why should I Katsura?
As a biologist I am committed.
I believe his theory can be proved.
Someone must do it, so why shouldn't be me?
But no!
I'll tell you, we're sending
another search party.
Search party?
Yes we are. We've built another submarine.
Are you going to look for the dinosaur?
And I had hoped that you
might like to come with me.
Let us both prove
your father's theory correct.
C'mon, now let's do it. Eh?
He would be proud of you if you did this.
You mustn't go! It isn't safe!
Please forget it!
Don't be silly.
If this search comes off then
your father will be famous.
Come over here.
Katsura, have you forgotten?
I know father.
I have told you not
to associate with them at all.
I know father.
But Ichinose, thinks
your theory was right.
He believes that you really
are a brilliant scientist.
Katsura, you must never forget
that your own mother
slaved so I could complete my studies
she never once raised a complaint.
She died miserably in poverty.
Despised by all the friends
and the neighbors.
we have gone too far.
There's no return for us anymore.
Father they're sending out
another search party.
[Reception office]
This is Yamashita, he's just
come from Shizuoka.
Somebody handed him this.
In the Amagi Mountains.
It's metal.
Space titanium!
Analyze it straight away.
I think you might be right.
How did he get it?
I was fixing an underground water pipe
when suddenly a man
rushed out of the bush's
and gave it to me.
He had a jagged scar on his throat.
He couldn't speak at all.
So he wrote something.
The word "Interpol."
On the palm of his hand.
Then he pushed me back down and ran away.
MightyMike77020her man was chasing him.
I could hear the other man was chasing him.
Well judging from the report
it was Kosagarri.
Is he up there?
- Order a full search.
- Right.
Is there a chance he's a live?
We know he was alive.
When he gave the metal to Mr. Yamashita.
Task now completed Mafune.
With your ingenuity and skill Dr.
Mechagodzilla is a perfect robot monster.
Not quite.
To make the machine a perfect robot
it's necessary
to be able to utilize living brain cells.
I understand.
And by the way Dr.
I hear they're looking
again for Titanosaurus.
Katsura will be all right.
She knows Titanosaurus
much better than I do.
Are you sure about that?
You suspect her?
Not at all. Don't worry about it
I've every confidence in the two of you.
The sub is leaving soon. Today.
At err
1:00 this afternoon.
Yes, please come.
But why on earth not?
You can't come at all?
All right. Never mind.
All find the dinosaur.
Don't you worry.
The submarine?
The submarin
Then we'll have to act swiftly.
Why can't the submarines go?
Why not?
You mustn't go. It's not safe.
I thought that you would be
a little more considerate.
Please remember
what is underneath your skin.
Surely you understand
how you're still alive.
After you died.
I made it.
it's ready.
Now the final test.
Ok, prepared to switch on.
Go over there, wait
till I give you the signal.
We will now switch on.
Hey, what?
Were you doing?
Your heart is frozen and dry.
Who'd love a cyborg.
A person who is not a person.
So remember,
forget about earthlings
there no concern of yours.
There's only one emotion
that controls your mind.
What emotion is that?
What controlled you?
Vengeance and hate.
Quite right. That's good.
Now, call up Titanosaurus.
And send him to attack the sub.
Please forget about it!
Don't look for Titanosaurus!
Cabin temperature 24.
how's it going?
What's happening?
What is the matter?
The meters aren't working.
There's a strong magnetic pulse.
Look, look at that!
Turn now.
Come on.
Titanosaurus is hurt.
Ok, hard to port.
My Titanosaurus!
Damned earthmen!
You mean?
The dinosaur can't stand super Sonic waves.
We were really desperate in the sub.
I had to somehow get in touch
with headquarters.
I switched on everything.
One of them was the sonar.
Sending out a supersonic beam.
So we should use super Sonic beams.
Yes we should.
I think the sonar stunned him.
Even though probably only temporarily.
Hey chief.
Allow me,
to build a giant supersonic
wave oscillator.
I'm sure that it could work.
go ahead and I'll make the arrangements.
Don't try to escape earthling.
Or you will force us to kill you.
- Murakoshi!
- Ichinose!
Because you lost the earth man at this
crucial time for us all...
You are sentence to death!
Get um.
Oooh! Ugh!
What is wrong Katsura?
It's Titanosaurus.
What is the matter with Titanosaurus?
He was chasing the sub.
When he was suddenly hit.
By what?
I don't believe it.
He can't be.
Not Titanosaurus.
[Dragon countermeasure headquarters]
The next point.
We must bear in mind
about supersonic waves.
Is that its direction
is the same as light waves.
And with a parabolic lens.
We can concentrate the entire beam,
an enormously increased power.
Some strange men attacked
us in Amagi Mountains.
They use special guns.
I've never seen them before.
Were they spaceman?
We couldn't identify them.
Anyway, do we go on full alert?
Find out as soon as possible who they were.
I'll alert civil defense.
What are you doing here?
These books
contain my father's notes.
I went to his home.
Where he was born in Kanazawa.
Wh-why go all the way up there?
I thought perhaps
that these notebook could be
of use to you in your search.
Well, thanks a lot.
That's great. I'm sure I'll learn
something new from them.
And now, how bout a cup of tea?
I see,
the dinosaur really does exist then.
Yeah, it exist.
Your father was absolutely right.
But what if the dinosaur
decide to start playing havoc.
I wish my father was wrong.
That there was no monster.
Don't you worry.
He does have one weakness.
He can't stand super Sonic-waves.
Is that so.
Yeah, where sure.
We're building a giant supersonic beam.
Very powerful.
We'll be leaving for our search again soon.
What's that going to do.
Wait till I really let Titanosaurus loose.
But why father?
This is it.
Will hand over the earth to the spacemen.
Surely you don't mean...
You'd release the disaster monsters again?
Like King Ghidorah, Mighty
Rodan and Terrible Manda.
is going to join the ranks of the killers.
I'm not doing this for the spacemen.
I don't have to take their orders.
Mechagodzilla is just a machine.
He's no match for Titanosaurus.
Titanosaurus has brains, he's alive.
I want to show them what he can really do.
I'll teach those humans
for failing to recognize me.
They mocked me. Well, now they're
going to eat their words.
Go! Titanosaurus.
- It's ok, let's install it.
- Right.
Standby all units.
All units battle stations.
No. 1 and no. 2
batteries deployed sir.
Battle station.
This is terrible,
it's nearly destroyed.
What's wrong?
It's no good the circuits
have been cut loose.
Damn it!
Who could have done it?
Take it back right away
- to headquarters.
- Ok.
Titanosaurus has already landed.
We have failed! Our gadget doesn't work.
Why not?
Why doesn't it?
we'll just have to attack the monster.
Send some fighter planes.
All civilians move to the evacuation stations.
- Search over there. Go on.
- Yes sir.
Mafune send Titanosaurus out
without our instructions.
I already know.
I'll tell it to stop straightaway
or he will spoil our plans!
- Now don't rush in.
- What?
Take a look at this.
It is a super Geiger.
What is Mechagodzilla's strongest enemy
Quite right.
Take a look.
Godzilla's challenging.
He wants to fight Titanosaurus.
All right, will let them fight.
Titanosaurus will be killed
and Godzilla will be badly hurt.
Then Mechagodzilla will be alone.
And we will march on Tokyo unopposed.
And then we will destroy it utterly.
Make your way to the dock. Hurry!
move to the dock.
move to the dock area.
Move to the dock area
repeat move to the dock area.
Move along quickly.
It couldn't be Katsura.
She just went and found
her father's notebooks.
Why not?
She's the only outsider
who knows anything about it.
She could've sabotaged it.
Now listen, if that's your reason
then why don't you suspect me?
I tell you she's not like that.
forget her.
She's no good now.
I'm sorry I still trust in her.
No matter what you say.
Yamamoto it'll be all right.
Better take care.
Leave him alone for now.
Why didn't you wait for my instructions?
All right.
So now we know
that they will fight together.
from now on if I give you
an order you are to obey it.
Is that clear?
I understand.
Of course.
You twice saved my daughter's life.
I'm eternally grateful to you.
Whatever you decide.
How long will it take to fix it?
I'm not sure.
I think at least two days.
Two days?
This is the first lookout.
Here's the second.
I'll handle this end.
Keeping watch of the evacuation.
What's the use.
We're no weapons.
You must fix that oscillator quickly!
- Or he'll destroy the city.
- Mmm.
Wakayama listen,
you got one day to fix this.
But chief I can't.
One whole day.
If it's humanly possible.
Hey chief,
I'll go up north.
Go ahead.
I'll try to locate the beast.
Good, try your best.
the Mechagodzilla controller
is inside Katsura.
The earth-men are surrounding this place.
This base is soon going
to be spotted by them.
Stay calm.
Let them come here.
Then as soon as Mechagodzilla
leaves I'll destroyed it.
And from now on Katsura
will be his base control.
Even Interpol will never
be able to guess that.
do you remember our conversation?
You talked of the need for living brain
cell to provide the perfect monster robot.
Katsura is now a cyborg.
Her hatred now controls Mechagodzilla.
When we tell her to get even more angry.
Mechagodzilla is going to smash everything
in its path till nothing's left.
if we win when we win this struggle.
You can live happily alone
with your daughter.
We will build you a beautiful new home.
Out of the ashes of a desolated Tokyo.
Please Katsura forgive me.
Will you forgive me?
I will continue your father's studies
for you. Don't worry.
We'll succeed.
Katsura you
young man
I understand that you found Titanosaurus.
You are?
Dr. Mafune.
Dr. Mafune!
Damn you! Let go of me! Let go!
You sit still.
Stay there quietly and you'll witness
the end of your city.
Who are you anyway?
The second coming.
We've come to save this planet earth,
from the earth man who are destroying it.
please don't walk from it.
How can you against your own kind.
Don't. I'm proud of you.
You're entreats fall on deaf ears.
It's too late and die is cast.
Ready to attack.
Now Katsura,
We were too late. Damn it.
Hurry, come on.
- Ugh. -Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
Stand back there.
Calm down!
What happened to you? What's the matter?
Explosions. Huh?
Hurry, come on.
Hurry up!
- Ugh. -Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh. -Ugh.
- Ugh. -Ugh.
Katsura, Titanosaurus!
Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus
are controlled by spaceman.
They are now moving fast and
their nearing the heart of the city.
Forward Titanosaurus.
Mechagodzilla destroy them utterly.
Revolving missiles.
Mechagodzilla is near weapons.
It's terrible, Godzilla might lose.
Don't go, don't go Gen. It's too dangerous.
All right,
I'll go there by myself.
All right, I'll come to.
Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!
Godzilla! Godzilla!
Isn't it fixed yet?
Just doing the last circuit.
- I'll be going.
- Good luck.
Everything's ready.
I see, I understand.
Mafune's animal control device now works.
That's why Titanosaurus is here.
Come in H.Q. this is Murakoshi.
I'm going to Munazuru.
I'm going to Mafune old house.
I'll need some more men.
That's it! Keep it up!
You can do it.
Just get in there.
Go on.
This is not really you.
Shut up you.
Oh! What's that?
Ready to fire?
Keep going.
What's the matter?
Finish him Mechagodzilla.
What is it?
Admirals orders are coming.
What's that?
Mechagodzilla, quick damn it!
Titanosaurus go on!
Die damn you!
Don't come any closer.
Don't Katsura.
I warn you, stay back!
You can't do it.
You wouldn't shoot me.
You're wrong.
I'm not a live.
I may to look like a girl but I'm not.
I'm a cyborg.
- Katsura!
- Freeze.
Ichinose are you all right?
Please don't worry.
Even if
you're a cyborg,
Katsura I still love you.
You aren't to blame.
None of this is your fault.
You shed tears.
Then you are human.
You have a human heart like anyone else.
Then kill me.
Destroy my body.
Inside me is the controller.
Mechagodzilla brains
installed in my stomach.
Do it quickly.
To stop him.
Don't be silly.
I can't do it.
I can't do it!
Come on and shoot.
You can't kill me anyways. So
what do your bullet matter?
He made it! He made it!
- Yea!
- We won!
Congratulations all.