Terror On Highway 91 (1989) Movie Script

finances yeah the reported key feminist
it's beginning to wonder if you were
going to come yeah
Nelson you're way out of your territory
huh you had just a little bit I guess
look maybe we better do this in my motel
you sure you didn't tell anybody meet me
no no one but there's other people in
town you can talk to you know I know but
I need someone on the inside I need you
clay talking to you can be dangerous to
my health Evans you know you may have to
stick your neck out of them don't
lecture me Evans cuz after you've got
your story you'll be out of here but
this is my hometown I've got to live you
remember that okay okay but you gotta
trust me I won't use your name I promise
no one will ever find out okay let's get
mobile with no no no no tape it's the
only way
what do you wanna know
I want to know
how you got involved everything gosh it
seems like a long time ago I was a
senior Cade Ville high school I mean
these two other seniors we've worked on
serious for law enforcement the school
I'm real innocent in those days you guys
remember you're in jail I'm very
disappointed you don't have more respect
for my property you know I could add six
months your sense if I want to
let it go this one time provided you
clean up this pig pen in my one most
important thing is knowing my people
live life don't matter all my people
Dixie lawman come in here want to do
things fast and furious wouldn't last
six months jobs no different than run
the business daddy of a big family
ain't that right Charlie stone hey clay
did you learn anything
oh yes sir a lot good thanks for getting
me in there no problem this young man's
alright Jim Andy what are you doing
after you graduate son well I don't
really know yet sir got a job yes sir
I'm I'm in packaging yeah I wasn't
packaging him all right I was working at
this little grocery store mr. Warren's
wife managed three months later I still
had no idea I was gonna do when I grew
that's a dollar ten plus tax how do you
think one of the advantages I haven't
you might run the place you get free
stuff when you play I've got bad news
for you Helen what there's an opening in
the department I put your name in me a
deputy sheriff
not so fast first you're gonna have to
talk to the sheriff and you gotta make
it through the police academy that's a
thank you could be a good one what about
college I don't know
mom I gotta make some money then get a
different kind of job doing what there's
no decent work around here if I went to
college I might not come back I love it
here mom this County's my home all
people go back here a long way mom this
is my chance to be somebody and do
something for the county you know what I
mean yeah but it's too dangerous Clayton
mama you worry too much
three months then I'd tail it off to the
big city no sir no they say there's no
place like home and I sure do believe
that sir I know it sounds corny now not
to me sir
good main thing you got to remember you
put on that badge you're not just
representing Katy County to represent me
and I know that and I'm determined to be
the best man you ever hire
that right yes sir it is okay then
welcome aboard for for work 7:00 a.m.
Monday morning well thank you sir don't
let me down boy
I swear Sheriff below you can remind the
voters up your end of the county who's
taking care of Jim oh you got that Jess
come on home what does it mean mr. Wang
well you don't think you hired me just
to get votes in the next election do you
know of course not look let me put it
this way he knows you're good kid and
you're well qualified for the job but it
don't hurt a thing that you're related
to half the folks up in the north end of
the county either well kid broker no
kinfolk I'm gonna show him he picked the
right man for this job I know yeah your
father would have been proud
and begin and I worked as a dispatcher
just for a couple of months wasn't bad
though especially since the sheriff
would occasionally let me take a routine
thank you nobody get stuck like that
don't be so hard on yourself everybody
now sheriff says right enough bad check
is a criminal offense so I guarantee
we're gonna do everything in our power
to catch this perpetrator and bring him
to justice I'm glad to hear it
yes sir
that's nice view huh yeah it really is
this anything Hey ladies come here I
want you to meet a friend of mine
late I want you to meet my wife reader
and our daughter Laura good morning Pam
Laura Leigh here's gonna catch that guy
wrote me that rubber check well I'm
gonna give my best shot
great I feel better already come on
Laura we gotta go we're gonna be ladies
I see you like by mr. Taggert awfully
young to be deputy well I'm not a deputy
year I have to finish all the Tyler
please scan first okay nice menu you too
maybe I'll see you before you leave okay
you will you can count on
Hey look who's here yeah howdy mr. warm
having any luck a whole couple little
bites that's all I can see you have this
area covered I'll just move a little
further down hi Laura how are you
he's a nice guy oh yeah mr. horn he's
great he's like a dad to me
hey you got a nibble I think you must be
at least three ounces okay well unless
you're planning to eat him let's throw
him back no I want you to take it to the
Academy keep in your pocket to remember
me by like a rabbit's foot
okay so you won't be thinking of me
that's fine
plenty other fish in the sea not for me
I did my six weeks at the police academy
and I finished first in my class of
course it was only four of us when I got
back to town I quickly discovered a few
things they don't teach you in school
Charlie your prisoners beat up off the
bed we'll send him a get well card look
I just want to know what happened okay
look I told you we picked him up for
suspicion of car theft and he started a
fight and we finished him it was
resisting arrest playing a simple you
got that doesn't look like there's any
internal bleeding now I want to check
him again tomorrow morning what happened
get hit by an 18-wheeler
he was resisting arrest
driving a little fast weren't you there
sir well Nelson hell I heard she's on
the force now congratulations listen I'm
gonna need to see your license
what for You Know Who I am and still I
need to see it suit yourself
Morini I'm afraid you ran that stop sign
back there hey yeah excuse me but what
are you trying to prove huh
nothing really I just think the laws the
law even for the sheriff son oh is that
a fact Kojak
you're just wasting valuable papers
slick okay go on have it your way
my old man's gonna get a hoot out of
this and you're gonna be out of the job
you got it
house for you Thanks
it's for you
I'll send your carbon in the mail Randy
and the future reference is a $200 fine
for littering
man you got a lot to learn
that's what he said just forget about
really pardon him and his dope-dealing
buddies could be mighty unpleasant
dope-dealing buddies the sheriff's son
you can sell it all from up
Merry Christmas
hot damn Charlie would you look at this
with you today
stop having detox you don't smell like a
field of wildflowers yourself yes sir we
busted a gentleman with six stolen VCRs
good job I'm sure oh we got into a
scuffle and the perpetrator regurgitated
on my new shirt all a day's work huh
what does name Terrance Albert Snyder
sure neither yes sure you're doing good
boy and we'll be questioning them as
soon as possible now don't worry about
that you two run along I think your
dad's here come on no what I said I'll
handle this okay sure
so I thought we could go out Thursday
unless of course you have a date with
someone else
clay class at what time I'm sorry
uh how about 7:30 listen Laura
something's going on I'll see you
Thursday and where's that guy going
hold it right there watch it Rambo with
that thing might go off I said hold it
right there I'll shoot I mean it hey put
that gun away
on hold Carrie what's going on he can't
be out on bail already you didn't have
enough evidence
show's over boys going back to work
evidence there was six stolen VCRs call
sheriff said he had receipts receipts
he's a friend of the family under the
law it's my job to worry about the law
how did you get my boy taking the other
day yes sir I did good work deputy hasta
all right clay evening miss Foster
who's that
that's Wade foster justice the piece you
know everybody else that's one of the
things I love about my job
my mama shoot thinks highly of you boss
she knows chef Barton personally well
she had a fender bender a few months ago
and he's just a lot of help
it's no secret he's partial to the
pretty one
that's the floor there's something I've
been meaning to ask you what's the deal
with you and Randy bargain nothing he's
just to go you sure are you really sure
ain't good enough please we got you
red-handed son I know you ain't smart
enough to pull that liquor store robbery
by yourself tell me well might go easier
for you continue sheriff you mean you
won't tell me guess more east gonna need
a little help with his memory now cut
the ball and tell daddy who was with you
I can't hear you speak up friend look at
me when I talk to you
another boys let me go
char this play need to run a check on an
83 Lincoln Continental champagne and
feller license is g4w 133 I think I said
I'm a hot cheese tavern
Pete and Pete watch give me a pop check
his ID Pete one looks about 10 years on
you don't want to watch
that was a tough shot
which one of you fellows jobbing that
good-looking Lincoln outside but you
think it's ours
you got ESP I'll just checking mind if I
see some identification
you're under arrest gentlemen first off
I want to congratulate deputy clay
Nelson for apprehending Doyle Conway
man's wanted in three states and we got
him no question clay wins Rookie of the
Year hands down I just got word that
state authorities have decided that our
old jails too old and too crowded by
poor prisoners Connie's got to build a
new jail so I volunteered to head up a
little fundraising drive therefore we're
gonna hit highway 91 for every violation
in the book I want to see arrests lots
of what exactly we're looking for
speeding expired inspection sticker
possession of narcotic bad breath
whatever you can pin on sheriff we can't
be pulling people over for no reason can
how about probable cause you can forget
that hogwash
I want to hear that jailhouse door
rattling any more questions
let's get out are you lady check the car
maybe some ID you look why'd you stop
this officer got you going 83 in the 55
no way I wasn't speeding look a
compositive man I've got cruise control
that's right he does it's my daddy's car
well brother violation but the tailor
oh yeah go on add I got some paperwork
you got him finish see you later play
vomit tiger Laurens not here well do you
know when she'll be back
no I don't buy mr. Taggert whole lot
where is she I really need to speak to
her she doesn't want to see you anymore
what you heard what I said clay they're
gone go home Laura Laura
mom let me talk to him okay all right I
said all I'm gonna say and I don't want
to be rude if you don't tell him Laura
I'm gonna we had an agreement now
remember okay mom I'll tell him please
tell me what I can't see you what Laura
man you were going out hey I like you
Brandi Barton huh that's what it's all
about isn't it no you don't understand
well then explain it to me I can't
explain it
he's got money he's got a fast car and
you've fallen for him haven't you
that's enough Laura
I'm sure wrong about you
just the man war to see clay Nelson meet
Rex Stephens good to meet you Rex
same here Rex is with the FBI comes up
here to harass me from time to time only
at the Fisher fighting buddy not my job
one day what the foot you Jesse well I
see a picture of paper the other day at
the governor's mansion real nice huh
well I'll just stand there son go out
there catch me some bad guys
he'll slow down I'm gonna have to give
you a ticket
alright what's bugging you not a damn
what's that put your gun down Randy what
the hell is going on oh it's locked AJ
Foyt here doing 120 off the road so mean
terrier chasing down found a briefcase
inside dude say let's keep block off it
you know new types of papers we thought
there might be some drugs or money in it
you guys got to be kidding
why are you telling me all this so you
can take him in for us oh you and your
buddy here's who I'm taking in clay
let's think about this for a minute
no one Charlie no man's right you just
be making another big mistake what ain't
so much room my old man this is who I am
you see that look there huh I see Karimi
we done may reserve deputies so all
hey son you're gonna go fishing with me
follow father here listen mr. Warren I'm
really sorry to disturb you on your day
off but you got to help me what's the
everything is screwed up mr. wand
I don't know I'm crazier they're crazy I
don't know anymore wait you want me to
help you you're gonna have to slow down
what's the matter I don't understand I
mean we torture confessions out of
prisoners we're out on 91 busting
innocent people even the guilty ones we
get most of the arrests are illegal I
mean people get out of jail because the
friends are the sheriff who's in charge
of the department clay you know mr.
Warren of course not well then you
listen hey in law enforcement sometimes
the decisions are not always that simple
sometimes you've got to break eggs if
you're gonna make an omelet mr. Warren
not at all I mean I love my job
but what is Randy doing with a badge
this room is all around this county
human Terry Snyder dealing drugs rumors
rumors you got any proof no well what
about right and wrong look I'll be
honest with you I don't always approve
everything the sheriff does myself and
this business out on ninety one I don't
like that any more than you do but every
Election Day the folks in this county
have a chance to tell the sheriff
whether or not they approve of what he's
doing now if everybody else is happy
with things the way they are and why
fight it
huh you're just gonna give yourself a
lot of grief you're not gonna change a
damn thing oh it's right about that
I know come on out here there's a
catfish out there but that bigs got my
name you gonna join me
no I can't I best get on back to work
I got your weight to my son you worry
too much
so why didn't he just quit I almost did
but I couldn't I love my job I was
getting good at it made me feel good
driving around the county in my uniform
and in my patrol car and people respect
you yeah that's part of it but it's more
than that Evans I was doing something
for the community I grew up in and what
my parents and grandparents grew up to
so I got to thinking Mr Wong was right
nobody else is upset so why should I be
but you were upset I just couldn't let
it go
okay watch now what's going on not much
I've got a possession of the illegal
substance here so all right this has
gone too far I demand to see the sheriff
I want to file a complaint against this
officer what happened
well lady here is only got 20 hits a
speed owner I told you their diet pills
I have a prescription for them Sheriff
please we just want to get out of here I
want to call my attorney you better tell
them we don't look too kindly on people
transporting narcotics for our County
won't anybody please listen to me maybe
we can work something out listen sheriff
you can't get away with this I swear the
seats where did you pay for this
a lot of candidates they hate
campaigning but I love it oh I love I'm
not gonna stand up here and they are all
wonderful I am you know that already
an exclusive next Tuesday I hope you
will give me and my whole department the
opportunity keep making take County my
humble opinion the best place to live in
the whole US of A
why would a daughter national hope
disappointment needs with your proof
shirt ski little for Pete we're shooting
the firearm inside of the city limit no
why the hell not because you're the
sheriff that's part of it all right
the main point is I'm not hurting anyone
am I see we got our own special way of
doing things around here clay it may not
be perfect but it's doing just fine for
who for us all you are shot son
clay you know I know you don't think
it's the right thing for rain to be
enforced or no she's got a bad
he's my only son I can't think of a
better way to keep an eye on him I guess
you're right
you mean we could be a good team
together you know I'm serious about
supporting you for sure someday what
about your horn it's too old I want
somebody young
but I can't support somebody I can't
trust you understand
yeah yeah I do wish I could shoot like
that use them you come on let's go get a
beer hey Tony
this better be good or else you're gonna
be right back in the pen press license
plates tell ya I've seen it myself
I swear to god yesterday afternoon there
were over a hundred fancy it some eight
feet tall
yes a major league dope field all right
looks like Justin hardest to
you can take off tones keep your nose
clean greaseball I'm gonna take a look
around from
but you get that mess his brain yeah so
what do you think a prisoner work crew
could have harvested all this dope
possible well then why wouldn't have we
known about it maybe the High Sheriff
doesn't feel like he's got to clear
everything with you Charlie I don't get
it why they harvest all crops instead of
keeping a bunch for evidence we'll burn
him arrest who cares
maybe I didn't want Chipmunks getting
high Charlie you didn't tell anybody we
were coming down here today did you
well I'm not mentioned it in the squad
room master then was Randy there yeah I
guess he was Charlie listen Sherlock I'm
gonna give you something real to worry
about Lester tells me the FBI is coming
to town what for no no but Lester says
it gonna bring us all in for questioning
really stay
don't be getting in cute ideas I mean it
I take two one for Dima want to feel
wonderful feel better if you two on that
one I call you what you got I mean what
cards mother it is I just forgot
don't get lost don't try to get my money
top dollar wake up do you want keep your
voice down
did you guys do some farming this
morning and let suffice for you for the
big crop about broke my back fell to
pick up trucks follow me on ice and
y'all bring it back in the property room
I don't know where it is
they put us in lockup as soon as we got
back you sure Barton out there which all
easier for me okay okay get back to bed
Johnny's mom looks of the clay I'll feel
good late you meet with the FBI today
yeah I am about 15 minutes some
investigation huh
setting up shop in the post office for
the whole damn County can see who goes
in how long is stay sheriff they have
anything interesting to say on the
subject he doesn't seem too concerned
does he or do you have an appointment
this afternoon
they justice the peace may not mean much
around here but I'm not blind or dumb
you ever want to talk about something
you give me a call thank you Paul
see you're nicely
you nervous or should I be that depends
on what you planning on down the fence
what you challenged Charlie out of damn
thing look are in this every bit as soon
as the rest of us Nelson what then you
know what I'm talking about
we were in and out real quick like chefs
if nobody's dumb enough to tell them
anything we'll be fine
yeah after all why don't we got a hive
deputy clay Nelson yes sir I am
I'm Special Agent Dunn this is Terrell
go over there's Donnelly FC now for
pete's sake I told you they had to be on
the third base line I will call someone
else just trying to get us tickets for
tonight's game
your baseball fan clay no not really
just a little bit we're looking into
allegations about the Sheriff's
Department and want to know if you have
anything you'd like to tell us strictly
off the record of course I'll hold off
from that he's got four it's a way up
high take him take him for instance have
you heard anything about sheriff Barton
being involved in torturing prisoners
Rick's glad you can join us this is
deputy Nelson yeah I think we met a few
months back how are you buddy
so how about it clay got anything you
want to tell us
I've got nothing to say to y'all you
sure about that
yeah yeah I'm sure
I guess you're free to go
we'll keep in touch
I want some answers
you do for a long time I've been looking
the other way and pretend that nothing's
going what you tell the FBI not a damn
look I protected you and now you're
gonna tell me there was twenty five
thousand dollars worth of evidence in
that Property Room some of it I risk my
life to get and I want to know where the
hell it is
too many people had access to that room
so I moved to the safe place including
two truckloads of marijuana is that in a
safe place - that's correct
no there's a time I would have believed
you but not now Jesse you said mighty
close to the fire
ain't you deputy you may be able to run
this County like your own private
Kingdom and nobody gives a damn but
there's nothing says I got to be a part
of it
so which do for job join the police
force holding rock water how'd that work
out not so bad
nice people but I missed home for a few
months I began thinking like I did the
wrong thing believing Kate County at
home rash of robberies and burglaries
and vandalism
how do you explain that combination of
naming the sheriff was so busy freaking
him off 91 he didn't have time for law
enforcement I began feeling guilty like
I'd run away from my people I was
thinking a lot about Laura - so you
asked Jesse for your job back no I
wasn't ready for that so what happened
let her hear after I quit my mom's
cousin passed away and I came back to
cable for the funeral you know it's nice
to be home and everything and see my
kinfolk again I sure wasn't expecting to
see Jesse though the crime wave was
really getting bad as a matter of fact
it was the first time I ever saw Jesse
worried he'd beat around the bush then
he finally got to the point he said I
was one hell of a deputy and then he
needed me back tried to butter me up
real good but I just couldn't forget
fast you and I don't see exactly eye to
eye on most things I'm confused
remember it's not just me play the town
council wants you back people are asking
for you really
nope play don't turn your back on then
but did decide to come back and I'm not
saying that I'm gonna I'd have nothing
to do with Lester or Terry Snyder or
Randy either you'll be on your own I'll
make you special investigator we got a
deal I'll think about it
I'll let Jesse sweat it out a day or two
then I called him and said yes I quit my
job in rock water found this big place
outside of town like a loop sheet
because they need a caretaker and a week
later I was back on the force
wait haven't had a chance to tell you
it's good to have you back it's good to
be back
everything going okay yeah it's not so
bad want to come over to the house
Sunday watch the ball game Helen's been
asking about Sunday felt real bad but I
couldn't pretend that things were the
same between me and mr. Warren I just
tried to concentrate on doing my job and
my very first assignment was to
investigate a bunch of burglaries that
are reported out by the lake
gonna have to wait or could write me a
personal check if you got the proper ID
see you're moving up in the world mr.
Bambang you know what beats the hell out
of the old job mr. Deveny
I wonder where her BAM one is going now
I do jail faithful and he's got a nice
tight roll
there's nice the old place had a certain
charm hey yeah Johnson is it would you
book him for me grand theft auto and
there's no room clay we're all full up
Saturday night man he's not a jaywalker
he's an escaped convict damn it
sorry play and fly it down a few hours
then maybe we can squeeze him in I can't
believe this no problem I just go to a
movie or something
take it up with Randy if you want he's
senior officer tonight what sheriff is
he's around here somewhere
enjoy the show creep you know you want
me to call the sheriff I need to talk to
what's this I hear you caught all Conway
the act again I need to talk to you yeah
so I can't properly interrogate a
prisoner with this three-ring circus
going on hell I can't even get him
booked hey he's my prisoner
y'all prisoner I'm still running this
department and like I said our handling
you better go on duck
put it right on yourself you're on man
the next couple of months things just
went from bad to worse I was feeling
more and more alone to make things worse
I heard that Laura moved in with Randy
I couldn't sleep anyway so I volunteered
for night
it's working late I heard shots anybody
hurt I don't know I just got here myself
anybody hurt
no okay what happened I mean tears don't
patrol here just long gone
got appearance to guys come flying out
of this busted window here yeah they had
a bag with him I think he got a bunch of
drugs from inside we yelled at him and
they started shooting at us
well just see their faces you get a good
look out hello son he's a little too
busy dodging bullets we shot at him any
hightail around back in the chase yeah
but it's pitch black back there you
can't see nothing we got to go to
Foley's trailer park fast out some of
them migrants they would get a lead on
this hey you know that's a good idea
there's always a bunch ex-cons hanging
right there anyway let's do it Terry
yeah I'm gonna get mr. Blanton a call
have them come down here
well what do you think I think they're
lying why is that well first off
anything involving Randy Barton with
drugs it smells funny to me and secondly
take a look at this they said it was
pitch dark in this alley and the only
way that's true is if you close your
eyes I guess I shouldn't be surprised
but I hope you're wrong no way I got him
this time what's this it's my robbery
report from last night I think y'all
look at it now Jim
just because of that girl no it's not
because of that girl it's good police
work is what it is I was out on that
side all morning Claire listen even if
you were right you don't stand a chance
I got the new indictment against two
deputies you got no proof sure I got
proof look at this I mean they jimmied
open the door they took the drugs out
they came back set the alarm far they
forget about it
the sheriff will take care of it alright
what is with you Jim
are you scared of losing your job you
just scared I'm gonna try and forget you
said that you ought to be ashamed
and Laura would you let me in for oh
come on Laura I need to talk to you it's
important Laura come on quit it listen
Laura you may not care no more about me
but I still love you and if you stay
here with Randy Bart and something
terrible's gonna happen
Breton's dealing real big-time there
isn't I think just marijuana look like
you better leave he'll be hiring minute
drugs and stolen VCRs bet you Jesse's
wrapping them in love looks like you're
not gonna tell you knew all this Laura
why you still livin with him I don't
know I don't know Jesse thought I'd be
good for Mandy so I got my mom oh she's
so loyal that Jesse she'd do anything
for him so she just convinced me that
I'd be better off with Randy him being
the sheriff's son at all she's just City
what'd she say about me she's trouble
maker and I should stay away from you
you're telling me your mother thinks
you're better off with a drug-dealing
outlaw than me it wasn't just hurry I
guess I wanted to it but the rain is so
cool you know
I must have been crazy
I really screwed things up huh
but it's okay now cuz you leavin here
with me no yeah you're gonna stay at my
place - this is over
so at Oh Conway get away from you did
you I reckon even quite the detective he
thought he was what do you want you just
keep your mouth shut about what happened
at the drugstore the other night hey
Jerry what Terry means is we didn't have
nothing to do with it is that right
yes give me back my gun
do it
let him leave you got no place to go
you know the rest
wait foster called me and said you
wanted to talk said you talked to some
people who've been hassled on nine to
one you wanted to write a story for the
ledger I said I didn't know if I could
trust you I'm glad you did you know I
still don't get it
what why Jesse insisted on having you
back you being a thorn in his side Jesse
needs major medical reasons I'm good for
his voters plus Jesse really likes me
yeah but wasn't he afraid you'd bring
him down yeah and Fred nothing I guess
he just never thought anybody would you
know betray him
well boy this is one hell of a story
yeah I just hope I'm around to see how
it ends these people are worth taking
seriously Keith I'm not scared I am
Oh morning sheriff want the usual
Sheriff you know the rules no flirting
before noon give me a beer that I win I
hear you got Rita Tigers girl living all
the joy yeah she was having some
problems at home my son may be
heartbroken body but of course I think
it's the best thing yeah I agree
I'm sick I've done everything I could
for that boy you just spoiled right
wanted him to grow up like you good boy
I guess you just got too much of his old
man I better get going shit what's your
oh just go get back out on patrol that's
my boy when we go on the job long
sometime real soon you need you're gonna
have to sit down and discuss your future
in this town if you've got one
one Charlie man you really did it this
what do you mean this I don't know
nothing about that Charlie's an
anonymous source in the Sheriff's
Department revealed a pattern of
corruption that is staggering are you
trying to tell me that you are not this
anonymous source what are you crazy
of course not they're a lie
you're liar Thank You Beverly that's all
yeah just leave I suggest you do the
same thing
anonymous source everybody's gonna know
it was you thought was doing aunt Doris
mock what you worry and I'll call you
when I get there hello what who is this
who is this
what is it what do they want some guys
telling me to get out of town which is
exactly what we're doing
who is this dammit
oh wait yeah Evans really turned up the
heat for me didn't he he didn't use my
name but no I can't wait I'm in enough
trouble yeah but okay
okay I'll see you there nine what does
he want
wants me to meet some people and talk
about the Sheriff's Department
you said yes Laura I got no choice this
County's my home I can't run away from
my people if there's a chance to make
things right but what about our plans
clay ain't leaving you here you're
coming with me then we'll talk to them
and then we'll be out of here I know I
just wanted to be don't we will be i
sweared him I swear I love you
you're late yeah I know I took a long
way I had to make sure wasn't being
no wait can I trust these guys right now
I don't think you have much choice
they're ready for you I'll look after
Laura good luck
way Nelson here David McAndrew assistant
US attorney these men are all with
various law enforcement agencies this
task force has one abductive to clean up
Kate count well Nadia not that guy you
know agent Stevens yeah I know him
he's buddy buddies with the sheriff and
I ain't saying another word to you wait
I can explain you're right
I was playing cozy with Jesse but I had
to keep him off guard until he had
something solid on him how about that
rinky-dink operation of the post office
that was a trial balloon somebody was
willing to cooperate we win if not Jesse
thinks he's safe and relaxes some more
which is the way it turned out
satisfied yeah I guess so
well then are you in or out
I mean but there's a good things have a
seat we've got a lot of work you have
the right to remain silent anything you
say can and will be used against you in
a court of law you have the right to an
you can't afford attorney you will be
appointed one by the court
looks like this is gonna go on for a
clay said you should just go on home
with me see it made him feel like doing
drowning it was a good method cuz work
quick and didn't leave any marks I bet
were you present tonight Marine Saunders
was torture me sir our life
did you take part no sir but I I brought
the sheriff the towel and pitch your
water like you told me to
good mr. Mitchell take part in the
actual torture and sorry
who else took part what about Jim Warren
was in Warren apart over clay yes
is just the beginning proud to take a
year yeah I know you're going to be
subpoenaed to testify I'm not gonna be
able to offer you in the energy in
exchange for that testimony that's okay
I don't want it about the community
people would think I'm guilty too anyway
I just take my chances I guess the jury
says I'm guilty of something I'll take
my medicine
fine there is one thing you could do for
me what's that
could you go easy on mr. Warren he tried
to do a good job but for what but I
guess it was easier to go along with
Jessie than the fighting he never stole
drugs or took money jury will decide
mr. warm please open up
it's the war I'm so sorry I never meant
to hurt you go
well mr. warm wait you got to forgive me
I'm the one to talk to that reporter
yeah I know that and there's gonna be a
big investigation mr. warm people are
gonna cook jail
the sheriff will take care of it we
didn't do anything wrong
it's over don't you see mr. Warren you
follow that bastard too long it's time
to get us all sent to jail this is
Warren I'm not I Love You mr. Warren get
off my property
you can get the oneplay and don't come
a lot of folks were real angry with me
for what I've done the trials dragged on
for almost a year with finally all the
verdicts ran
Lester Mitchell was sentenced to four
years for the water tortures and Randy
Barton got three years for robbing the
judge store for his Bart in the water
tortures mr. Warren got a two-year
sheriff Jessie Barton was indicted from
numerous crimes some was given ten years
in federal prison
okay I'm really proud of oh thank you
me and Laura we got married I was the
first deputy hired by the new sheriff to
help him uphold the law in Kaede County
I'm Charles Rowe a final vote tonight
for the Spokane City Council on the
garbage burning plant the story on crme
2 news next this is Bob Schieffer
remembering the victims of flight 103 a
memorial service and Lockerbie the story
tomorrow on the CBS Evening News