Terror, Sisters! (2019) Movie Script

Mum, why is he dressed like a girl?
What a shame, with children around!
What's that, a girl or a guy?
Tell us, we won't hurt you!
I'm not your dog!
Another shitty day.
Hi Kalthoum.
Hi Kalthoum.
Still the invisible woman?
Don't say that!
Sorry love.
Even with this camouflage they bully me.
How can I get some peace!
Another Kalthoum drama...
Fuck them, darling.
You're sublime.
I love a broken face.
You're vicious!
What are you doing
here in straight land?
All those ears, it's like a zoo.
No dick size?
Wanna suck? Welcome.
Right-wing guys are so exotic!
That's Bozo the bush!
What a glans, big as a shower head! 4.
- He's cute.
- Ask for a dick pic!
- He's cute.
- Ask for a dick pic!
Raya the virgin!
They are trans!
I wish I was like them,
look at their legs!
You're a sublime creature.
8 inches, the ideal husband.
Stop it, you wallflower.
You ate it all up!
Is it the hormones?
My pussy really stinks!
What can I get you, girls?
And you sweetie?
Two Sex on the Beach for us.
I love your hair, is it real?
Sorry, you're just so beautiful.
You're all very beautiful.
Honestly, on you,
it's barely noticeable.
And you're really well done!
I saw one in a documentary
the pink, shiny, puffed-up lips
like two chipolatas!
The cold cuts...
What a clown
I'm fed up with the cis!
Cis or Cisgender
refers to someone whose gender identity
matches the sex they
were assigned at birth.
Look, they're guys!
That's no way to speak of us!
She's just clumsy.
She thinks we're freaks!
No one likes a trans!
It's not their fault.
Not their fault?
When they beat us up?
When our sisters slit their wrists?
The world is transphobic, accept it.
Then I'll turn cis-phobic.
If it doesn't change...
If it doesn't change...
I'll become a terrorist.
What, hide a bomb in your hair?
Of course not!
Of course not!
Something must be done, fast!
Stop giggling and find an idea!
More pleasure...
less pain.
Free pussies make
the world a better place!
Don't you think?
Hormones for all!
I'll show you how to relax a bigot!
Hi sweeties!
We're gonna have fun today Mimi!
For sure Lle!
In joy and happiness as always
we'll relearn to behave as real...
young ladies!
Yes sweeties!
If Dad and Mum brought you here,
You can't be right in the head!
But don't panic!
Listen carefully and soon
you'll be just as sublime as her.
Wait, you see Raya
as the ideal woman?
Jealous, Thouthoum?
Your time will come...
A girl cannot become a boy. My sweets.
It is natural that gender
be in harmony with the biological sex.
Be in harmony with the biological sex.
The opposite always leads to pain.
The opposite always leads to pain.
Separating sex and gender erases.
Separating sex and gender erases.
Revient a gomn
a beautiful anatomic evidence.
Beautiful anatomic evidence.
Would our bodies lie?
This theory bases
our society on an illusion.
Well done Lle!
Well done Mimi!
Today sweeties, we'll teach you
the very essence of femininity.
The art of baking!
And for this we are pleased
and honoured to welcome
the queen of pastry.
Farah Makrout!
What now, I'm the maid?
My baking secrets.
Hello my lambs.
You're all so cuuuute.
So cute I could eat you up!
Sorry pets, I'm just so excited
to teach you my cupcake recipe.
A Daddy and a Mummy...
okay kittens, first
we grab our little thing, firmly
and dip it in the dough, delicately.
The secret is the dough, kittens.
Now that's a firm hand.
Yes, that's good.
Go deep...
Come, kitty, come!
Oh my pets...
Oh my pets...
For you my pets!
I'd free all the trans.
I could start a series!
Farah's tits set you free!
Farah's tits strike back!
Farah's tits crush the fascists!
Why is it always about sex with you?
Hello... you.
- Tea-tox?
- Here.
Hmmm... Sex On the Beach?
And cold cuts?
Coming up, if you... pay up first.
Come on Dopey!
The idiot almost choked
when he read my name.
Welcome, sister.
If you're on. This page.
You also want to put an end
to cis-supremacy.
You're also fed up
with the moralising,
patronising, heterenormative cis views
which pathologises,
endangers and infantilses us
by submitting us to their authority.
You're not alone. Sister.
Join the activisers of a new era.
Join the Pink-Hackers.
Neither victims nor spectators
we shall embrace our transitions.
No more humiliations
no mutilations to meet cis standards.
The time for negotiation has passed.
Let's destroy all government servers.
Who oppose our rights
and refuse to give us papers.
We'll burn all traces
of our former identities
and create new ones.
Papers for all, sisters.
Because the world
prefers you dead, sisters.
Resist the cis-norm.
Are you mad?
Are you operated?
Why do cis obsess about
what's in our panties!
I love trans girls' dicks.
And I love swaffling pigs.
And I love swaffling pigs.
I'm straight but my fantasy.
Is to be fucked by a trans.
My fantasy is to cut off your balls
and make myself a tiara.
Who do you think you are, you perv!
You're lucky that I text you,
you piece of shit!
You're not even a woman!
Parasites like you shouldn't exist!
Well then...
Listen to this, girls.
I put on my leather,
my ass looks divine in it
brass knuckles
and we descend
on their bar like a Pink Patrol.
Let's hit those dogs
like they do to us, sisters!
With class, obviously.
It's called Mega Muscle,
just shake and grow!
He was eyeing my tits!
Why am I always the maid?
My plan, my decisions.
Hey Miss
get me a Vodka Red Bull.
Ll is flirting.
What the fuck?
The minute I turn my back
you're onto that slut!
Who's a slut, honey?
Shit, it's a guy!
You're into trannies now?
I wasn't flirting.
Itchy asshole, Lle?
You took me far a fag, bitch?
You want it up the ass
like a real woman, bitch?
Let's bet: dick or not?
Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!
Stop it, Raya!
Let's see what
she's got up her thong!
What the fuck!
You'll never touch
my sisters again, cis!
I'm sending you back.
Into your dads' balls!
You're horrible, Raya!
Is this how you avenge your sisters?
All this violence...
What's the point?
They're brutes, but they're just losers.
Trans and trash fighting...
Some people would be too pleased.
It sucks but it's so good.
I just want to walk in the street
without being spit on.
I just want respect.
People think we're just guys
with wigs and fake eyelashes.
Sorry cis, but no.
We're not Melvil Poupaud.
In Laurence Anyways.
By the way...
Why isn't there a trans girl in it?
The cis always get our parts.
Your turn, some!
We've been ignored,
exposed like exotic creatures.
Cis cinema is terrorist!
Forcing its propaganda on us
like nothing else is allowed!
Wake up Kalthoum,
Mirabelle needs a touch-up!
Hurry up everyone!
Even in my dream I'm the maid.
We must tend to the universal.
This is not a niche film about trans!
Be more natural.
For me, a trans is
a superwoman, larger than life
an emotional Molotov cocktail.
No one suspects that she's a man.
You are Sylvia Rivera, Mirabelle!
More than identity or sexuality,
this scene is about Love.
Can you live without loving,
love without living?
Love without living?
Universality, okay?
We'll break the trans taboo!
Mirabelle's ready, let's go!
Get ready, silence...
Come on kids,
it's gonna be a long night.
I admire you so much.
If you hadn't welcomed me,
I don't know where I'd be.
I'd like to be like you.
Don't say that.
You don't want to be like someone.
You want to become yourself.
No one likes copies.
We all worship the original.
But you, your actions, your life
give me the strength to live.
Yes, my life is extraordinary
but an activist's life is very lonely.
There is no time to love, and be loved.
My life is an example
an inspiration.
I feel like I missed out on life.
I helped many trans sisters.
I fought the Mafia
to open the Star house.
I refused to play by the rules
and conform to their image.
I fought so we could live
according to our own desires.
The cis norms, dictated by patriarchy
can't shape our bodies
and rule our lives any longer.
I fight for all our sisters.
Especially for those we call "different".
Those who don't look
exotic enough for the cis.
My life, my actions,
my fights impress you.
Yes, my choices
changed many people's lives.
But sometimes,
alone in the Star house,
in my tiny bedroom.
I dream of another life.
I wish I could have lived for myself.
A life where the word "love"
would have played a part.
Bravo Kalthoum!
You're beautiful.
This way out, pets!
Ah, my corset!
Hello my sweets!
My boobs!
Come on Farah!
Girls, we're off.
- Didn't wanna be a downer.
- But this place sucks big time.
Kalthoum, get your pussy over here!