Terror Tract (2000) Movie Script

(Children laughing)
Oh, you little monster!
Shoo! Get out of my yard!
What was that?
Oh, nothing.
(Man) It's a glorious day, isn't it?
A day like this makes me love my job
and it's not just selling houses.
Walls, a roof, a patch of sod...
No, it's much more than that.
It's helping people attain
the American Dream.
- You seem to be doing pretty good at it.
- How's that?
- It's a nice car.
- Thanks.
That watch, is it 1 4-carat gold?
Your husband has good taste.
My company has this great incentive plan.
You make five million,
your first five years guaranteed.
- Oh.
- Maybe I should get in this line of work.
If you're serious, let me know.
I'll talk to my sales manager.
How long have you
little pumpkins been married?
- Three months.
- Three months! That's wonderful!
I'm a family man myself and now you're
ready to find that cosy little love nest, huh?
I'm not going to waste
any more of your time jawboning.
What say we take a look-see? Huh?
(Chuckles insincerely) OK.
I don't believe in saving the best for last,
so I'm going to start off with it.
This one's nice and secluded on the end
of the cul-de-sac with woods behind.
- Do you like to fish?
- When I can find the time.
Down the dirt road, at the end of the street,
there's a beautiful small lake
that's full of bass and bream.
- Wow.
- So, let me tell you...
Here we are.
It's a four plus three with pool, jacuzzi
and a gorgeous back yard.
Ready to move in. It's only been
on the market a couple of months.
- Did the sellers move?
- No.
- They're not living any more.
- Not living? You mean they're...
Dead, deceased, defunct, moved away
to that great subdivision in the sky.
What happened?
Are you sure you want to hear about this?
Well, I suppose
you'll find out sooner or later.
And, as your real estate agent,
it's my ethical duty
to disclose all information
about the property.
It's a lurid little tale, let me tell you.
But hey, these things happen,
even in the suburbs.
A couple lived here,
Louis and Sarah Freemont.
The whole thing started one night when
Louis was going away on a business trip.
Take care. I do love you.
(Stairs creak)
I didn't expect you so soon.
He could have seen you.
- You should have waited.
- I couldn't wait.
- Let me take you out of here right now.
- No. It's not time.
It will be. I promise.
(Sarah groans)
(Sarah gasps)
Do you have any idea what a shotgun
will do to a man's head at point-blank?
God, Louis. No. Please.
Shut up!
Put some clothes on.
(Louis) Copy that.
Copy it...
or I'll splatter Frank's head all over the bed.
- It is Frank, right?
- Yeah, it's Frank.
That's a little letter to Frankie, telling him
that you won't be seeing him any more.
I've known about what's been going on
for some time, but I waited,
waited until I could catch you
with your pants down.
And now that I've got you where I want you,
I'm gonna send you both straight to hell.
Now you get to hang, you little whore,
and Frankie gets to watch.
Go ahead. Get up.
Louis, please.
Get up!
Put your head in.
To the throat.
There. That's a good girl.
Frankie, pull your pants up.
Good boy. Now, go over to the desk.
Go over to the desk and pick up that note.
Do it!
Move to the door.
Turn around.
Good. That's it.
Now, when the police find the bodies,
it's going to paint a pretty, little picture.
Rejected lover, won't take no for an answer,
he comes back for more.
He gets a little bit out of hand
and she blows him a way with a shotgun.
Then she's so upset by what she's done,
she commits suicide.
- That's beautiful, isn't it?
- You're insane.
Well, I'm a little upset, Frank.
I'm gonna let you watch her squirm for a
while, then I'm gonna give you both barrels,
cos I want you to see that
while you're still kicking.
- (Gasping)
- All right, all right. OK.
Yeah, good.
Look at me.
It's all right. It's OK.
It's all right.
It's over. Shh.
Take those.
They'll help you sleep.
That's it.
We've got to get rid of the body.
It's the only way.
We've got to make it look like
he just disappeared.
- We have to call the police.
- No, Sarah. I shot him in the back.
You're a rich widow.
You think they're going to believe us? No.
I gotta sink Louis to the bottom
of the lake where no one will find him
and I gotta do it now. We gotta do it tonight.
You understand me?
All right? I just want you to get some sleep.
All right, sweetheart?
And I'll take care of everything.
(Squeaking and banging)
(Thud, squelching)
What is it?!
- It was Louis! He's come back!
- No, no, no! It was a dream!
- He's come back!
- Listen to me, listen to me!
He's dead! He's dead!
I just sank his body in the lake. He's dead.
You just had a bad nightmare.
Come here. Come here.
Come here. It's all right. Louis is gone.
I'm right here. Come on.
Come here.
It's all right. It's all right.
- (Sobs and gasps)
- It's OK.
(Car draws up)
(Muffled police radio)
(Car doors open)
It's the police.
What the hell are they doing here?
That's Clay Hendricks,
one of Louis's drinking buddies.
What's he doing here
so early in the morning?
I don't know.
He's seen me. My God, what do we do?
- Go to the door.
- Do you think he knows?
He doesn't know anything. He's probably
looking for Louis. Get rid of him.
I'll tell him... I'll tell him Louis is still in bed.
No, no.
Tell him Louis left on a business trip.
Morning, Sarah.
Morning, Clay.
Is Louis around?
Er...no. He's out of town.
Oh, that's funny. We were planning
on doing some fishing this morning.
He must have forgotten.
He's... He's in Sacramento with a client.
But he'll be back later on this evening.
Well...I guess I'll be running along, then.
Sorry to disturb you, Sarah.
Oh, er, tell Louis to give me a call
when he gets in.
All right.
See you.
Bye, Clay.
I think he saw you.
Why? Why? Did he say something?
I don't know. I just felt it.
It's almost as if it was a dream.
Like it never happened.
That's exactly what
we've got to make it look like.
It never happened.
How are you feeling?
- Better.
- You look better.
You had me worried there for a bit.
I only wish we'd both wake up
and find it really was a dream.
Listen, we're going to get out of this.
Once everything blows over, we need to get
out of here and we're not coming back.
All right?
(Squeaking and banging)
(Footsteps and squelching)
(Footsteps and squelching)
No! No!
- Hello?
- 'Morning, Sarah. It's Clay.
'ls Louis in?'
'Yeah. I wanted to hold him
to that fishing date.
'He made it in all right last night, didn't he?'
No, he didn't.
Listen, Sarah, I don't mean to alarm you,
but I think there's
something strange going on.
What do you mean?
I ran into Louis's secretary
at the bakery yesterday.
She said Louis left the office at six on Friday
and was heading straight home.
Knew nothing about a client in Sacramento.
Well, I don't know what Cindy told you,
but Louis left Friday night, like I said.
'Which hotel was he staying in?'
I don't know. He didn't say.
I can make some calls easy enough,
find out. Which car is he driving?
Which car?
Uh...he was driving his car.
All right. No need to get all excited yet.
Like I said, he's probably fine.
I'll call you in the morning and if he's not
back by then, we can start worrying.
All right. Uh...thanks, Clay.
'Don't mention it.'
(Hangs up)
The car. The car.
How could we be so stupid?
He must have left it out on the road.
(Frank) That's it. There it is.
We gotta get rid of it.
We're lucky Hendricks didn't see it.
Maybe he did see it.
Maybe he's waiting to see if we move it.
No. If they find the car here, we're fucked.
If Louis has vanished,
the car's got to vanish with him.
Damn! Where are the keys?
He must have had them on him.
So they're at the bottom of the lake.
The wheel's locked. It ain't moving.
Where do you keep the spares?
On the rack in the kitchen.
They're not here, Sarah.
Where else would he keep a spare?
- Mmm?
- I don't know.
Are you sure he even has another spare?
- Uh...I-I don't know.
- Think! Think for a second!
I don't think he had a spare.
Only one set of keys,
the son of a bitch has got 'em on him.
I'll have to go get them, then.
What? What do you mean?
It's getting late
and I want you to search this house.
If you can't find 'em...
I'll go fishing in my little lake.
- I'm scared, Frank.
- There's nothing to worry about.
We move the car, they can't trace anything
to us and Hendricks can't prove anything.
It's not him I'm afraid of.
What's the matter?
I don't know.
It's just these dreams I've been having.
And the idea of you having to go back
into the water with that corpse...
- Is Louis going to rise from the dead?
- I don't know. I just...
I have a very strong feeling about this.
It's like a premonition.
They're dreams. Like you said, dreams.
You're having nightmares.
That's all they are. They're just dreams.
OK? And they're going to pass.
There must be some other way.
No, no. I have to do this.
All right? I won't be long.
I love you, baby.
I love you.
(Muffled screaming)
(Wind chime)
(Footsteps and floorboards creaking)
(Footsteps and squelching)
(Cocks gun)
(Body collapsing)
(Police radio)
- Morning, Captain.
- Morning. What have we got here?
A real mess.
Morning, Captain.
From what I've pieced together,
it looks like Sarah did away with Louis.
Or she and her lover both did.
I stumbled onto it Saturday,
when I came to pick Louis up to go fishing.
She was so nervous.
I knew something was up.
She must have been a real nutcase.
When I called later to check on Louis,
she must have thought I was onto her and
that must have pushed her over the line.
She offed her lover
with a double-barrelled shotgun,
then the bitch hung herself.
Still haven't found Louis's body.
I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere.
Only one thing I can't figure out.
The medical examiner's looking into it.
Her whole body's covered
with some kind of slime.
This is where it happened, right here.
My God.
Are you telling us that her husband
came back from the dead?
I'm not saying he did,
I'm not saying he didn't, but I hear things.
This is a tight-knit community and in my job
you gotta keep your finger on the pulse.
Anyway, this is a great house,
don't you think? I love that beamed ceiling.
I don't like it.
You could get a really good deal
on this place, in light of what happened.
- We're not interested.
- I appreciate that.
There are plenty other salmon in the sea.
Would you like
one of our complimentary pens?
- No thank you.
- No?
The next one, it's OK.
They're going to love the next one.
Here we are. Stop number two.
It's beautiful.
I had a feeling you'd like it. Shall we?
There's a beautiful swimming pool
and gazebo in the back yard.
Sir, five million guaranteed,
how do they do that?
Sales contests.
My office is having one right now.
- This is the last day.
- So how are you doing?
The truth? Not so good.
But if I sell you,
I can turn the whole thing around.
I've got till...five o'clock.
But hey, no pressure. I want you
to find a house you can fall in love with.
This is just what we've been looking for.
It's, er...perfect.
I can't believe it's in our price range.
They've done a pretty good job
patching that up.
- Do you have any pets?
- No.
- Why do you ask?
- Oh, nothing.
I guess I should level with you.
It's just hard to believe it happened here.
Ron and Carol Gatley
were such a happy couple.
They loved each other very much
but the apple of Ron's eye
was his daughter Jennifer.
'He was tightly wrapped around her finger
in that wonderful way
'that only eight-year-old daughters
can do to their fathers.'
- Hey, Princess.
- Daddy!
'And he, in turn, was her whole world.
'Until one morning...'
(Radio, indistinct)
Oh, brother.
(Radio) '..so-called Granny Killer, believed
to be responsible for seven homicides.'
Daddy! Daddy! Guess what I saw
in the back yard in the big oak tree.
- I don't know, sweetheart.
- You gotta guess.
- I don't know. What?
- Come on, just guess.
All right, Princess, a squirrel.
- No, a monkey.
- A monkey. Oh.
And he's wearing a funny, little red suit.
Oh, cool dude.
He's awesome, so can I keep him?
No. Are you sure it's a monkey?
- Of course.
- It could be a squirrel. Sometimes...
I know what they look like. I'm not stupid.
- I know, Princess. I didn't mean it that way.
- It is a monkey.
Besides if it was a squirrel, he wouldn't be
wearing a funny, little red suit.
- Well, you got me there.
- So can I keep him?
- I tell you what. Go ask your mom.
- OK.
Mom, I found a little monkey in a red suit
and I want to keep him for a pet.
But I've got to get back outside
and make sure he doesn't run away.
So hurry and get up so you can come
and see him. Quick. come on, Mom!
A monkey? Oh.
- Honey...
- Ooh. What's the rush, Princess?
- Come out and see Bobo.
- Bobo?
That's his name.
I've got to get outside. He wants more.
- Oh.
- He just loves cereal.
I see.
Do you think she could have
really found a monkey?
What would a monkey
be doing in our back yard?
Then again, you never know.
- (Monkey chatters)
- Want some?
- You scared him.
- I'll be. It really is a monkey.
See, I told you it was a monkey.
- Oh.
- It's OK, Bobo. He won't hurt you.
- Come on.
- How are you doing, Bobo?
- A monkey.
- Yeah. With a funny little red suit.
- Can I keep him?
- No, sweetheart.
- Why not?
- Well, he must belong to someone.
- We'll have to find out who his owner is.
- What if he doesn't have an owner?
- Then can I keep him?
- I don't know. We'll see.
Please, Daddy, I'll feed him. I'll cook for him.
OK. You can keep him
until we find his owner.
Yes. Thank you, Daddy.
Did you hear that, Bobo?
You're staying with me now.
If you're a good little monkey,
then you can stay with us forever.
Er...no, Princess.
Ah, that's what I like to see.
Firm parental control.
(Bobo chatters)
It looked like an organ grinder's monkey
you might see at a carnival.
I'm going to see what I can find out.
It'll probably be gone by the time
she gets home from school.
- Mom, I'm ready.
- Call me from the office.
OK. I will. Oh! Bye, Princess.
I can't wait to get to school. Meredith will
freak once I tell her I've got a pet monkey.
- OK, all right, let's go. Talk to you later.
- Bye. Have a good day.
- You, too.
- Bye.
(Whistles tunefully)
(Car starts and pulls away)
(Patter of feet and clunking)
Oh, God.
Oh. Oh.
How are you doing? How are you doing?
How are you doing?
Did you have a tough day? Huh? Come on.
Whoa, Maxy. Attaboy.
- Hi, hon.
- Hi there.
- How was your day?
- Great.
(Jennifer giggles)
She's really taken
an attachment to that monkey.
They have been playing together
ever since she got home from school.
- It's cute. Dinner in ten minutes.
- OK.
- Hi, Princess.
- Hi, Daddy.
"Hi, Daddy"? Don't I get a kiss?
Here, Bobo. Do your trick.
- Jennifer, I need to talk to you for a minute.
- Not now, Daddy.
Jennifer, I don't know if it's such a good idea
to keep Bobo here in the house.
- You said I could keep him.
- What I said...
- You said I could keep him. I heard you.
- Jennifer.
- (Bobo chatters)
- See? You're scaring him.
- I didn't do anything.
- You're scaring him. Get away!
Listen here, young lady,
you just lower your voice.
I don't think it's safe to have
this animal in our house.
- But you said I could keep him!
- What I said...
- You said I could. I heard you!
- Jennifer.
(Bobo screeches)
- Max!
- (Barking)
Hey, Max!
No! No!
- No!
- Max!
- (Max whimpers)
- Max!
Come here. Come here.
- I want that monkey out of this house.
- But you said...
- I don't care what I said. I want him out.
- Daddy!
Do you hear me?
I want him out of the house...now!
(Max whines)
(Clinking of cutlery)
- Eat your dinner, Jennifer.
- I'm not hungry.
Look, Princess, we just can't have a monkey
loose in the house. He'll tear things up.
No, he won't. Max scared him. That's all.
He didn't hurt anything
in the house till you came home.
We can't have those two animals
in the same house together.
You could put Max outside.
No, Jennifer. Come on.
Max has a little seniority around here.
We can't put him out in the cold
because you found a monkey.
I could keep Bobo in my room.
I won't ever let him out.
Absolutely not.
(Sighs) Princess, I'm sorry, but he can't
stay in the house and that's final.
I'm not hungry. May I be excused?
I'm going to bed.
Princess, have you got a kiss for your dad?
(Bobo chatters)
Did you notice anything unusual
about that monkey?
What do you mean?
I don't know. just something about it.
Something strange.
You don't like anything that steals
your little girl's affections from you.
I don't ever remember seeing you that mad.
It's something else.
There's something about it that's, uh...
It sounds stupid, but I just...
I almost feel like it's, I don't know,
like it's...evil.
Ron, it's just a monkey.
I don't like it playing with Jennifer.
I don't think it's safe.
I saw him playing with her all afternoon.
He seemed fine.
He was gentle with her.
I'll go lock up.
Oh, Princess.
Sleep tight.
You are overloaded, aren't you?
(Mumbles gently)
Get out of here.
(Screeches aggressively)
- Hi.
- You're home early.
Yes. I decided to end this feud
as rationally possible. Confinement.
I assume there's a legal precedent
for your solution.
- It's called compromise. Where is she?
- In her room.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
There you go.
- (Knocking)
- (Ron) Jennifer?
It's all right. I know
you've been keeping Bobo in here.
Until we find his owner, you may continue
to keep him in here on one condition.
While he's in the house,
he must stay in his new cage.
What if he doesn't like it?
Then he just has to stay outside.
- (Chatters)
- Oh, all right.
OK. Good.
All right, Bobo. OK, let's see
how Bobo likes his new cage.
All right, Bobo, this won't hurt a bit.
- just take it easy.
- It's OK, Bobo.
- He won't hurt you. It's OK.
- Take it easy. All right?
I'm not going to hurt you, all right?
Here we go.
- Ah!
- You hurt him!
The little monster bit me.
- (Bobo screeches)
- Bobo!
Jennifer, I want you to find that little beast
and I want it out of the house.
You hear me?
- (Screeches)
- No!
Daddy, let him go! Let him go!
You're hurting him! Let him go!
I said let him go! Daddy!
When I said I wanted that monkey
out of the house, I meant it.
You get back to bed, young lady.
I don't want to hear another word tonight.
I can see we've been having
a little discipline problem here.
I'll talk to you in the morning.
- (Bobo chatters)
- Bobo!
Hey there, Max. Look what I got.
What's the matter, Bobo?
It's just your friend Max here.
Don't worry. He's already had his dinner.
Sleep tight, huh? Maybe tomorrow
we'll take a little ride down the vet
and you get to sleep for good.
Good morning, Maxy.
Thank God for Saturdays, huh, Max?
Of course, you're a dog.
Every day's a Saturday to you.
Let me just see what's going on,
then we can go for a wa...
- Where is he?
- What?
Don't give me that innocent act.
Where's the monkey?
You snuck back down here and let him out.
- No, I didn't.
- How the hell did he get out of his cage?
- Where is he?
- I don't know, Daddy!
- Where is he? Up in your room?
- No, I didn't let him out of his cage.
I don't even know where he is.
You get back to your room, young lady,
right now. Do you hear me? Go!
- Oh!
- (Bobo screeches)
You little bastard.
Come on!
- What's going on here?
- Get out of the house.
- What are you doing?
- Get out! just get out!
- I need you to leave this house.
- Ron, you're getting out of...
You know what that damned thing did? It...
I can't explain now. just go.
Please, just do as I say. just go.
'911, emergency.'
Uh, yes. Yes, um...there's a wild monkey
loose in my house and I need some help.
'Sorry, that's not a police matter.
You need to contact...'
- OK. Fine. Could you connect me?
- (Dialling tone)
Hello? Damn!
I can't have anything for you till Monday.
- I can't wait till Monday.
- I told you, it's a busy day.
- All my trucks are out.
- Then I'll drive you.
You're sure anxious
to get rid of that monkey.
I'll give you another 100 after you get him.
- What's the hitch?
- I told you. He's dangerous.
No problem.
- It's go time.
- This way.
Why don't you wait out here? Give me
a couple of minutes to find that little fucker.
Oh, Max.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Come on, you bastard.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- What the hell are you doing?
- What has gotten into you?
- It's OK. It's OK. I'm OK.
(Jennifer sobs)
- I'm sorry.
- OK.
just get inside. Get inside.
Have you seen Max?
(Tv playing quietly)
Honey, are you sure you're all right?
I'm fine.
Why don't you come up to bed?
You go on up. I'll be up there soon.
Right, Bobo, come and get it.
(Glass smashes)
(Whimpers) No. No! No!
No. (Sobs)
Where is he?
Your mother is dead! Now, where is he?
- (Bobo screeches)
- Argh!
Give me the gun, Jennifer.
- No, Daddy, no!
- Give it to me!
Give it to me!
He was killed by his own daughter?
The cops said it was self-defence.
It looked like Daddy went off the deep end,
killed Mommy, the dog
and the poor bastard from the pound.
Jennifer spilled the beans
and it was the last thing she ever said.
- She's catatonic to this day, sad to say.
- Oh.
But you have to understand, folks,
any place you see around here
is going to come with a little history.
- What happened to the monkey?
- It's long gone. Nothing to worry about.
So what do you say? Like to make an offer?
- No. No.
- No?
- No.
- You won't find a better house for the price.
If you want something this nice, you're going
to have take something with a little history.
I suppose every neighbourhood
has a bad apple.
These are quality homes.
We wouldn't list them if they weren't.
Look, no more haunted houses, OK?
I want to see nice, regular homes.
The ones where the owners are
ordinary, decent upstanding people.
All right. No problemo.
Here we go.
This is a really great house.
If I was in the market, I'd buy it myself.
Did anyone die in it?
Did anyone... Oh, no, no.
No, no, no. Nothing like that.
Scout's honour.
This way.
This one has all the amenities. There's
even a finished rec room in the basement.
It's great for kids, if you're having 'em.
You might want to...
- (Bleeping)
- Excuse me. Sorry.
- Yes.
- 'Give me an update.'
- I'm showing the Goodwin house now.
- 'Did they make an offer?'
No, not yet, but it looks promising.
'You're short on time.'
It's not even 4.15. You said I have till 500.
- You... He...
- (Dialling tone)
Who was that?
- My boss.
- Looked like you were talking to the lRS.
My numbers are down.
He's putting pressure on me to perform.
- You may get less commission, so what?
- It's not just lost commission.
There are...consequences
for poor performance.
- Consequences?
- I shouldn't be talking about this.
- Why not?
- I signed a confidentiality agreement.
But hey, I shouldn't be complaining.
Like I said before,
the incentive plan is amazing.
Oh. Do you like it?
I think it's perfect for kids.
Which reminds me.
Have I shown you my family?
Why did the owners move?
- What?
- Why did the owners move?
Uh...they had a problem.
Kind of a unique problem, really.
I'd never heard of anything like it.
It's really peculiar, actually.
I probably shouldn't have opened my mouth
but hell, I've got to tell you.
- Full disclosure.
- Full disclosure, that's the law.
- Right.
- Right.
The Goodwins lived here. Nicest, most
normal couple you'd ever want to meet.
I sold them this house, in fact.
They lived here for two years
and everything was great until...Iast fall.
- Last fall?
- Yeah, what happened?
Their son Sean went to see
a psychiatrist on his own.
His parents didn't know about it.
After the problems started,
I guess he needed someone to talk to.
The way I heard it, the shrink
had just seen her last patient
and was ready to pack it in for the day.
- (Buzzer)
- 'Dr Corey, there's a young man to see you.
- 'His name is Sean Goodwin.'
- Do I know him?
'He's not a patient.'
(Sighs) I was halfway out the door.
'l know. I'm sorry. He said it was urgent.'
Tell him I finished with my last patient.
Make an appointment for next week.
'l did. He says it can't wait. I'm sorry,
Dr Corey, but I didn't know what to do.
'He seems so upset. He says
he won't leave until he talks to you.'
All right, Gail. Send him in.
Dr Corey?
I'm sorry to bother you.
I know I don't have an appointment.
I'm Sean. Sean Goodwin.
Helen Corey.
- Thanks for seeing me.
- It's all right, Sean.
Have a seat.
What seems to be the problem?
Have you ever heard of the Granny Killer?
Yes, of course.
What do you know about him?
I don't know. Only what I've read.
A classic psychotic.
A recent string of killings in the suburbs.
Um...the killer wore a rubber mask,
resembling an old woman.
What do you know about
the Granny Killer, Sean?
Oh, nothing.
But I knew the victims.
And I watched them die.
One by one.
Do you believe in telepathy, Dr Corey?
I don't know, Sean.
I've never seen
any definitive data to support it.
But it hasn't been disproved either.
I don't blame you.
I didn't believe it myself at first.
Until the visions started.
You said you began having visions, Sean.
What kind of visions?
They say ignorance is bliss.
That what you don't know won't hurt you.
All I know is things used to be different.
I'm not saying they were perfect
but it was the happiest
I'd been in a long time.
'Maybe ever.
'My parents are very successful, you know.
'Maybe they loved each other once.'
'They got plenty of green, but so what?'
Hello? Yes, just a minute.
'I've always been a loner.
No brothers, no sisters.'
Sean! It's for you.
'My parents are away
on business most of the time.
'My whole life, I've never really been
close to anyone.
'Until jasmine.'
- Yeah?
- 'Are you ready?'
- Mmm?
- 'Are you still in bed?
Yeah. I wish you were here with me.
- You'll have your chance again soon.
- 'How soon?'
- We're going jet skiing, remember?
- Oh, yeah.
- 'So get your ass in gear?'
- Yes, ma'am.
- 'How soon can you be here?'
- As soon as I take a shower.
Hurry. Amber and Zak are here already.
All right, all right. I'm turning on the water.
I'm getting naked, which reminds me
of what we were taking about earlier.
It's good for you to have
something to look forward to.
- Now, take your shower.
- Better make it a cold one.
- Think of me when you're lathering up.
- Bye.
No, please. Please. No.
That's a good girl.
Now, come to Granny.
- (Slicing)
- (Granny cackles)
Did you talk to anyone about your vision?
Your parents?
Why not?
They wouldn't understand.
Probably think there was
something wrong with me.
Send me to doctors and shit like that.
Besides, they don't like
to know about problems.
They're too busy with their work.
What makes you think
your experience had been psychic?
I didn't. Not at first.
I thought maybe I was losing my mind.
Then I saw it on the news.
Someone had found her body
behind the video store in the alley.
- And you're sure it's the same woman?
- She'd been stabbed 14 times.
Her throat had been slit.
Didn't take Stephen Hawking to figure it out.
- Did you call the police?
- What for?
They just would have thought
I was some kind of wacko.
But you said you saw the killer.
I could have told them that
the killer was wearing a granny mask.
They found that out soon enough.
He struck again a week later.
'My parents were out of town,
another buying trip to Europe.
'jasmine came over.
'We had the house to ourselves.
'Nights like that, with her, were magic.'
- Marco?
- Polo.
Come on. I give up.
- Quitter.
- You're too good for me.
- Rewards come to those who persevere.
- Oh?
I'm taking off my top.
- Marco?
- Polo.
- Marco?
- Polo.
- Marco?
- Polo.
(Sobs hysterically)
Sean, what are you doing?
Sean, you're hurting me!
- Somebody help me!
- Oh, my God.
Please! Let go!
- Argh!
- There, there.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's just Granny!
Sean, let go! Let go!
Did you tell jasmine about your visions?
After that she wouldn't see me any more.
I apologised, tried to explain.
She wouldn't even talk to me.
Avoiding me at school,
wouldn't return my calls.
I think she thought I was
some kind of sick creep.
Then, all of a sudden,
everybody knew about it.
Suddenly I didn't have any friends.
There was no one you could talk to?
The crowd we hung out with
weren't my friends, they were hers.
That must have been hard on you.
She was the first person that I ever loved.
The one person I could talk to.
She was my world.
I pushed her away.
The next morning it was in the headlines.
She was a teacher at my school.
There was a witness
but when the police got there,
the body was almost unrecognisable.
Her body had been...dismembered,
scattered throughout the school.
If they didn't have her lD,
they never would have identified her.
They looked everywhere
but they never found it.
- lD?
- No.
Her head.
The killer must have taken it with him.
'Dr Corey, I'm going now.'
I have a few more things to wrap up.
Think you could stay late tonight?
'You know I would, but it's Tuesday.
I've got my class.'
- Oh, right.
- 'I'll see you tomorrow.'
All right. Good night, Gail.
'Good night.'
Can you imagine what it was like?
Knowing there was someone...a lunatic
out there. Knowing he'd kill again.
I've lost my appetite. Couldn't sleep.
I was afraid to close my eyes.
Afraid of what I'd see.
Frozen in my mind.
Those women, their faces.
I'd lay awake at night, wondering what kind
of a man could be behind that mask.
Or maybe not a man at all, but a demon.
What kind of rage can make
someone do something like that?
My grades dropped.
That soon got my parents' attention.
Are you a good student?
Most of the time they don't even know I exist,
but let the academics slide and watch out.
At first they thought it was drugs.
They sent me to the doctor.
When I tested negative,
they said that I needed drugs.
Put me on antidepressants.
None of it did any good.
After that I spent
a lot of time away from home, driving.
Finally, I started to relax.
Things were almost back to normal.
Then it happened again.
(? Rock music)
- (Screams)
- (Cackles)
- jasmine!
- (Tyres screech)
Don't run and hide.
It's just Granny.
- (Cackles)
- Please, no.
(Horn blares)
(Horn blares)
- Give me the police.
- 'valley Division.'
Hello, I'd like to report a murder.
The Granny Killer's about to strike again.
'Granny Killer?
We've already made an arrest.'
No, you've got the wrong man. He's still
out there and he's about to strike again.
- 'How do you know? Have you seen him?'
- No. I just know.
'Don't tell me. You're psychic, right?'
- Yes. That's right.
A girl's gonna be killed.
You've got to get somebody over there.
'Come into the station. You can file a report.
No! There's no time for that!
Don't you get it?
(Alarm blares)
I knew the police would never believe me.
I left before they arrived.
That was two nights ago.
I haven't been home since.
Could l...have done it?
Blacked it out.
Maybe when I was in
some kind of fugue state.
I think I can help you, Sean.
I'd like to try.
But it'll take time.
We should call your parents.
You don't understand, Dr Corey.
I didn't come here looking for treatment.
I had another vision this afternoon.
The Granny Killer's going strike again.
And you're the next victim.
Why won't they believe me?
He'll kill again and again
and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.
You don't believe me, do you?
(Sean groans)
Oh, my God.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
'91 1, emergency.'
Someone's trying to kill me.
Ritson Towers, suite 807.
For God's sakes, please hurry.
- I have something for you, Doctor.
- (Whimpers)
(Lift bell)
Now, be a good, little girl
and come to Granny.
- Argh!
- (Cackles)
It's tough being a kid these days.
But what do you think?
It's a charmer, isn't it?
Is this your idea of the American Dream?
I wasn't trying to mislead you.
Nothing bad happened in this house.
I don't want to see any more houses
with you. I don't like this neighbourhood.
I wouldn't live here if you paid me.
But lots of happy families live here.
We don't care. We're not interested.
- You...
- (Mobile)
- 'The contest is over.'
- Please, just give me a few more minutes.
- 'Your wife and son are here.'
- I have the couple here.
They're ready to make an offer.
Make me an offer.
Please, I just need a little more time.
'Put the boy on the line.
'All right, son, tell your daddy how much you
want him to sell the people a house.'
(Boy) 'Please, Daddy, please.
Sell them the house. Please.'
- Make me an offer.
- We're not making an offer.
You have to buy a house from somebody.
Why not me? They're quality homes!
We're done. Take us back to our car now.
You are not leaving without making an offer!
(Screams hysterically)
Run, honey! Run!
(Screams hysterically)
Interest rates are down!
The no point, no qualifying loan!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
(Lawn mower engine)
(Cat screeches)
Don't go! This is a nice neighbourhood!
I grew up here myself!
Make me an offer!
Stop! I've got one more house to show you!
It's a lovely little widow's cottage.
(Screams hysterically)
(Bobo screeches)
'Make me an offer.'