Terror Trips (2021) Movie Script

I'll have another.
Okay, it's five o'clock.
Where's our gracious host?
Dude's never on time.
Fair enough.
There he is.
Here I am.
You're late.
Come on.
You didn't really expect
me to be on time, did you?
I sure didn't.
This for me?
I didn't know if you wanted a
beer or not,
but I took a chance.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
Oh, what's this?
Shut up and take it.
All right.
Tonight, my friends,
all the drinks are on me.
But this is my only one for
I have to stay sober
enough to drive the RV.
Oh, so we're really doing
We're really taking an RV to
some undisclosed location?
Of course we are.
Did you think I was kidding?
Honestly, I didn't know what
to think.
I mean, you haven't given us any
But you did pack for the
weekend, right?
Yeah, course we did.
Yeah, we know better
than to show up unprepared
for one of your events.
No, not good.
You still haven't told
us where we're going.
I know.
So where are we going?
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Nope, I don't get it.
Um, Ed, do you know what this
place is?
Hell yeah, I do.
Does anybody wanna
tell me what's so special
about Camp Shoobi doo wop?
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco.
All right, wait, wait, wait,
Let me give her a hint.
All right.
Are you fucking kah kah kah kah
kidding ha ha ha ha?
My fucking God.
No way.
You serious?
Totally serious.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are spending the weekend
at the Camp Crystal Lake.
- That's fucking cool.
- Whoa!
Oh, oh oh oh oh, the
camp from Friday the 13th!
I had no idea that place even
It exists.
It's still a boy scout
camp, kids and everything.
Actually the local police
have to patrol the area
to keep people out,
but it's closed for the season.
So I rented it.
That's amazing.
But there's a catch.
Uh huh.
What do you mean?
I'm starting a new business.
It's called Terror Trips.
We give guided tours of the
where they filmed the
most iconic horror films,
the classics.
Then after dark, we screen
the movie at that location.
So it's like a interactive
drive in.
Fuckin' love it.
I knew you would, buddy.
What's the catch?
I'm using you guys.
I need you to be my pilot
my Guinea pigs, check the place
to out,
see if it's worth the price of
I got a few other places lined
And so if it checks out,
we'll launch it as a new
Terror Trips destination.
You guys in?
You know, I think I speak for
when I say, fuck yes.
All right!
Now dude, you've had
a lot of good ideas.
I think this might be the best
one yet.
Well, thanks.
But I can't take full credit.
This idea actually belongs
to my new business partner,
George, who should be here any
minute now.
Hey right on time.
How's it goin'?
Nice to see you.
Good to see you.
Everyone, I want you to meet
my business partner, George.
Hello, everyone.
I, uh, I hope it's cool if I tag
Short for Georgia.
All right, introduction time.
That's Eli.
He's into the weird vicious
that most people can only watch
one time.
And then we have Ginny.
They're both into body horror.
Hi, George.
Like Kronenberg films?
And finally we have Ed.
Ed loves everything horror.
But we think something bad
happened to him in the woods.
It is so great to meet all of
I'm into zombie flicks,
the older stuff, obviously.
And I have a real special
love for Joe Lynch films.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
All right, enough.
Let's go.
RV's in the parking lot.
We got beer, wine, tequila,
fridge full of food.
So grab your gear and
we'll head for Camp Blood!
How are ya?
You ready for it?
We're doing it.
Yeah, we're doing it!
- Oh my God.
- So ready.
Let's go.
Thank you, George.
No problem.
We're next.
So exciting.
This is my buddy, Hector.
We're gonna do a little song for
You ready, Hector?
Why do they come here?
Some kind of instinct.
Uh uh.
Anybody worth their salt knows
this area's been haunted by
that old woman for years.
Oh, that's bullshit.
Nah, nah, nah nah nah.
That is not how it happened.
Molly, we were literally all
We saw it.
You have bad memory.
All of you do.
I've seen a lot of karaoke in
my day.
And that was by far, the most
George, what are we watching
We have two films.
You've all seen one of them,
but the other, but I'm not sure.
Come on, let's hear it.
What is it?
We have the original
Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Okay, that's a good one.
And, we've got a foreign
indie film called Black Volga.
Did you just say Black Vulva?
Right, 'cause that's a
good movie.
It's a different movie.
This black Volga, the car.
None of you guys have seen
You're the horror experts and
you've never seen Black Volga?
What's it about?
It's kind of fucked up.
I like fucked up.
Me too.
Black Volga takes place
in a small town in Poland,
where there's been a wave of
almost always children.
And anytime there was a witness,
they claim to see a Black Volga
same make and model car keeps
showing up,
kidnapping kids,
"Mommy!" and disappearing again.
Not a bad plot for a horror
It's not, if it weren't for
the reality.
The hell's that supposed
to mean, the reality?
It's based on an urban legend.
The rumors were that the Soviets
were sending in KGB agents
to kidnap the kids for a
number of horrifying reasons,
blood transfusions, organ
harvesting sex trafficking,
the worst of the worst.
So we've got a horror film
with a historic background.
Some terrifying that
happened to some kids.
Cornerstone of a horror
So why are we still sitting
Fuck it, let's watch this
What the fuck?
Hey you okay?
That was fucked up.
Hey, I found 'em.
They're out here.
You get off on
movies by the Soska sisters,
and that movie was fucked up?
Soska sisters movies are
I never once thought
American Mary might be true.
That felt like it was real.
I fuckin' loved it.
Me too.
What about you, Eli?
Um, it was unique.
Yeah, I liked it.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean it was creepy,
it was kind of abstract,
but that's, that's the way
foreign horror was back then.
In fact, I wish it was more
'cause that would be a
sick ass location to visit.
There it is.
There what is?
There it is.
Guys, we are expanding
Terror Trips to Europe.
- Oh.
- What?
We are adding European
Dan and I have been
investigating a few places,
and we wanna start doing tours
Oh congratulations.
Thank you.
We want you all to join us
on another scouting trip.
Oh wow.
George, come on now.
You know that I can't
afford a trip to Europe.
Ed, buddy.
We've got this.
- Seriously.
- What?
All of us?
Everyone but you.
Of course!
It is a business trip,
so technically it's a tax write
Hey, thank you.
Yeah, so we have three
film locations planned.
We are going to scout
American Werewolf in London.
Hostel, and Black Volga.
Okay, so, Hostel.
That means we're going to
Slovakia and Amsterdam, right?
That's, Slovakia.
No, it was Prague, and
esk Krumlov.
Sent it, that one.
Well done, Ed.
I know my shit.
Yeah, but we are going to
two days in Amsterdam just for
Oh, George, I fucking love
Thank you so much.
It's really generous, George.
Oh, thank you, Ginny.
But honestly guys,
Terror Trip's thriving
because of all of you.
So let us treat you, you all
deserve it.
The, what is this spicy little
This is corporate sponsorship.
We've got partners now.
I could get used to this.
All right, everyone, everyone
listen up.
We're looking at October for
this trip.
So that gives you just under six
to get all your shit in order.
Okay, get your passports
Ed, that's a little blue book
that you can use to go
to different countries.
I'll tell you about I'll tell
you later.
This fucking guy.
So, who's ready to toast!
I am.
For sure.
To Europe!
Hey, I don't have any bars.
None at all?
Oh, your cell phone's
not gonna work out here.
Been emailing this local guy,
says it's not even worth trying.
But we will when we
get to Prague, right?
Yeah, I'm sure they will.
There's just no cell
phone towers out here.
So landlines it is.
Black Volga!
Look at that.
Looks exactly the same,
that's so fuckin' awesome.
Oh hi.
Do you speak English?
I do, can I help you?
I hope so.
We were supposed to park our
car here for a couple of days.
Do you know a guy named Alex?
That's me.
Technically, the name is
but I go by Alex.
Oh my God, I am,
I'm so sorry.
I've been emailing you,
and I never thought that
you might also be a woman.
Well, would you make
that same mistake now?
Absolutely not.
Please accept my apology.
Don't worry about it.
I'm George, obviously.
And these are my friends.
Ed, Molly, Dan, Ginny, and Eli.
Hello friends.
Can we still park inside?
Oh my God.
I'm so rude, I'm sorry.
Of course you can.
We really appreciate you doing
Thank you so much.
Not a problem.
Just come back whenever
you're ready to leave.
Shouldn't we call you first?
Well, you can try,
but you won't get any
cell service out here.
Well, what if you're not home?
And where would I go?
To one of the many fancy
nightclubs around here, please.
All right, everyone.
Grab your backpacks and your
Leave the luggage.
We're gonna hike to
the campsite from here.
So we'll not be back
until it's time to go.
Make sure you've got everything.
It's perfect, right there.
You go.
You should probably put onto
If I lose those in the woods
after a night of drinking,
that would be bad.
Is that why you're here, huh?
Party in the forest?
That and to see the movie
Excuse me?
I'm sorry, how long are you
staying here?
Tonight, all day tomorrow,
and then we leave that following
Listen to me carefully.
Do not discuss that with anyone
else here.
Frankly, I think you should
Wait, why?
That movie destroyed this
People here have not forgotten.
We were under the impression
that that movie and
that story was not real.
The movie is not real, of
but there were always rumors
about children being
kidnapped by the Soviets.
People treated it as
another cautionary tale.
When the movie was made,
it changed everything.
So what happened?
We had a paper mill.
It employed most of the men in
They were planning to expand
but as soon as that movie was
this town was known as the place
where your children would be
Good God.
Eventually attracting new
to move here became impossible.
The plant owner shut down,
relocated to Budapest.
There was no source of
Everybody was forced to leave.
So I'm warning you,
do not tell anyone else why
you're here.
I wasn't even born when that
but I know all the stories.
People here have not forgiven.
Anybody wanna talk about that?
You're gonna hate this,
but I think we should leave.
Right now.
Wait a second, leave?
Don't you think that's just a
little bit of an overreaction?
Okay, pretend this is a scary
The harbinger of doom
just gave you a warning.
That woman is our version of
crazy Ralph,
and she just told you you're all
That's enough for me.
Ginny, this is not a movie.
Of course it isn't.
But we just learned we're
here to dance on a grave.
I'm not cool with that.
Guys, she has a point.
Yeah she does.
Yeah, she's right.
But we've been traveling for
the better part of a day.
We're tired, and we're hungry.
Let's set up camp.
Let's get something to eat.
We cannot add this place
to the Terror Trip list any
so let's bail.
We'll leave first thing tomorrow
Makes sense, Ginny?
Hey, is it just me, or is
our version of crazy Ralph
a crazy hot?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, wait up.
Oh, you broke it.
You guys look cute.
Old school, nice touch.
Thank you.
I thought it would be a good
idea 'cause of the film,
seventies film, seventies
But guess we've gotta use 'em
all up since we're leaving.
Cool, can I keep that one?
Dan, say cheese, my little
It's gonna get cold tonight.
This was a mistake.
What do you mean?
Well, our trips have always
you know, kind of goofy.
Like we didn't think we were
gonna get hacked to death
at Camp Crystal Lake.
And the Monroeville mall was
more about
shopping and drinking whiskey.
But here.
I know.
Believe me, I know.
Even before we met Alex,
there was always this creepy
that it might be real,
like a poorly done
documentary or something.
Yeah, or a how to
video on kidnapping kids.
I mean, I like the movie too,
I don't know, it just this time,
it feels different.
I'm really sorry, you guys,
I should have done better
research this time.
Well, you couldn't have known.
I mean we're here to do
and this one just didn't work
It's not your fault.
Well, if it helps,
tomorrow, we'll all be on a
train to Prague getting drunk.
God, let's get some rest.
Get the hell up outta here.
All right, good night.
Have a good night.
Night, night.
Good night.
Oh, you're awake.
What time is it?
Oh, I don't know.
Like a little after-00 AM
How'd you expect me to get any
with all the noise you two
were making last night.
I mean come on.
You didn't get any sleep at all,
did you?
If I did, it was very little.
How'd you know?
Jenny, come on.
I've seen zombies with more
color in their cheeks, darl'.
I know, I know.
This thing really got
in your head, didn't it?
You gonna be able to get
past this once we're done?
I think so.
I mean, you know, I'm
always here to talk,
if you want someone to talk to.
I know.
All right.
Now, what is the most annoying
we can get these guys up?
Come on.
All right, rise and shine!
Good morning, everybody!
Outta bed, lazy head!
Let's get outta Poland.
Is there coffee?
Come on, of course there's
At the train station.
Go princess, come on.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Come on.
I got one, two, three, four,
five little piggies awake.
Where are ya, Danny boy?
Here's Molly!
What's wrong?
Dan's gone.
I need to see my friends.
They're, they're at a
The fuck is going on?
Stop, stop, no no no no.
Please, please lie back.
No, no, no, no.
What the fuck is that?
What is that?
Stop, stop, that's not...
I mean, where the hell could
he be?
Well, let's just keep it
I'm sure that there's a reason.
Maybe he's taking piss.
Tell us where you are, Dan!
Hey, do you still run with Dan?
Yeah, I mean we're training
for a half marathon next month,
but God, I just didn't
think he'd be dumb enough
to go running around out here.
Okay, we've gotta get outta
We can't leave without him.
Well, Ed.
Okay, I know.
Let's just, you guys
finish breaking stuff down
and by the time that we get
I'm sure Dan will be
back from wherever he is.
Can someone break down Dan's
Yeah, got it.
Thank you.
Okay, when we get to the road,
we should break up into groups.
Because we have
three different directions
we need to look.
One group has to turn north.
The rest of us can go south and
then we'll split it again at
the intersection.
That's a mistake.
Why is that a mistake?
Name me one horror movie
where everyone splits up
that doesn't end in multiple
April Fools Day, 1986.
Shut the fuck up, Molly.
Ed, this is not a horror film.
Isn't that what Dan said
No, I think we need to
analyze this situation.
We're in the middle of nowhere,
near a shitty little town
full of pissed off locals.
One of our party is missing, by
the way.
And we were already
warned by crazy hot Ralph.
How is this not a horror movie?
Hey, George is right.
We'll cover way more ground this
What other choice do we have?
Thank you.
You two are a team.
That leave three of us.
Who's gonna run solo?
I will.
Are you sure?
Yeah, horror films need
more strong women anyway,
you know, in case we're in one
right now.
Molly, when we split
up, give us your gear.
We'll stash it in the SUV.
Solid plan.
When Alex said our cell
phones would be useless,
I bought these.
In retrospect, a wise
All right, everyone,
keep it on channel seven.
Copy that.
Turn yours on for me, will you?
Walkie check.
That's a good check.
Molly, we've got your stuff.
Keep in touch.
Sure thing.
Dude, there's a padlock.
I see it.
Is she not home?
Apparently not.
Oh, maybe she's still asleep.
Okay, I'll open the
door and yell for her.
Wait, we don't wanna piss her
off again.
We, what do you mean we?
You know what, shut up.
You shut the fuck up, Ginny.
You're the one that told
her why we were here.
Will you both knock it off?
Nobody said we couldn't
mention movie locations.
And yet you thought
that'd be a good idea?
We don't have the luxury
of arguing right now.
Okay, let's be assholes
tomorrow, okay?
Look, we still have all this
Hauling it around is
just gonna slow us down,
wear us all out.
Leave it all with me and
We'll wait for Alexandra.
You guys continue to search,
and we'll radio you when she
gets back.
Sounds like a good idea.
Alex will be back soon.
I sure as hell hope so.
Ginny, I'm sorry.
It's cool.
Does this sound good to you?
Yeah, let's do it.
Once we get the SUV, we'll sound
Guess you guys just get moving.
Try to get this over as quick as
Be careful, man.
I'll give it a shot.
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my
Fuck, no, oh no.
Oh God, oh my god.
Can you hear me?
I found Dan, oh, fuck.
Can you repeat?
All I got was static.
Did you hear something?
Maybe if we go back.
Molly, is that you?
We hear you, George, go ahead.
Eli, cancel that, we
thought we heard something.
Same here.
What'd you guys hear?
Mostly static.
If you guys hear anything,
will you please be sure
to relay that to us?
Copy that.
I'm not getting anything
right now, but we will.
It's gonna be fine.
You don't know that.
I just hate all this
sitting around waiting.
You're right.
I don't know that,
but we gotta stay calm.
You want me to be calm?
You know what, if you guys
would've just listened to me
we'd all be waking up at a
gorgeous hotel in Warsaw.
All six of us.
You know, that's not fair,
Whatever's happening with Dan
is not a result of yesterday.
And if I remember correctly,
it was you who mentioned the
Oh, fuck you.
Fuck you Mr.
There it is.
Oh, I'd love to see
that sick ass location.
Oh, what the hell ever, Ginny.
But you wanna get all high in
say we should have listened to
but in all actuality,
you made it that much worse.
Stay the fuck away from me.
Love you.
I love you too, ugh!
You know what, fuck this.
Wait, what?
There's gotta be a way in.
What are you doing?
What's it look like, I'm
breaking in.
Are you nuts?
What if she comes back?
We've been here for what, over
an hour?
She's nowhere to be found.
That doesn't mean she's
not gonna come back.
We could get in a lot of
Aren't we in enough of that
Look, if I can get
inside and get the keys,
we can get out of here faster.
She'll still know we broke
in when the SUV's gone.
Who cares?
You think we're ever gonna come
back here?
What's she gonna do,
write me an angry letter?
Okay, well what if we
don't find Dan right away?
Hey, we can't leave until we
find him.
Stop being a pussy.
All right?
If I can get the SUV, we
can cover more ground.
Come on!
Fine, just hurry.
I am hurrying.
It's open.
Fine, just hurry.
Keep a look out.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh Jesus.
Excuse me, ma'am, do you speak
We're looking for our friend.
Have you seen him?
Let's get the hell outta here.
She's not gonna help.
Okay, just.
This is our friend,
Dan, have you seen him?
But you, you didn't even look at
Could you just-
- She's not gonna help us.
Let's just get the fuck outta
She didn't even look at it,
- I, I-
- What did you say?
Ed, back the fuck up.
She just said KGB.
She's speaking Polish.
How would you even know?
How many times have I watched
that movie
since you gave it to me?
They said
a million fuckin' times in it.
It means KGB.
Are you sure?
And I want to know why a woman
in the middle of Poland
is so worried about the KGB,
40 fucking years after an event
that supposedly never happened.
Okay, calm down.
Hello, who is this?
Garage keys.
Are you fucking kidding me?
This bitch just-
And now she's still got,
- Stop.
Now she's running away.
Where are you going?
Stop, so sorry!
- What is going on here?
- So sorry!
Careful, I heard gunshots.
Well then, move faster.
Oh, I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to scare you.
I was just in the back office.
You broke into my garage.
We're really, really sorry.
But it was an emergency,
we couldn't find you.
An emergency, what's wrong?
Our friend, Dan, maybe you
remember him from yesterday?
No, but please continue.
Okay, well we checked
his tent this morning and,
and he was, he wasn't in there,
and we can't find him anywhere.
How long has he been gone?
I don't know, maybe a few
All right, well Policja
will not get involved this
but I do have a friend in the
city guard
who might help us.
It's Alexandra.
Okay, great.
What's happening?
He's on his way.
He will help you find your
City guard, what, what exactly
is that?
They're local citizens,
but they are given the authority
to patrol small towns like this
They assist Policja whenever
they can, it should help.
You know what we should,
we should call everybody,
and tell them to meet us here.
The walkie.
Thank you, so much.
George Ed, Molly, you there?
You guys there?
Come on, guys, pick up.
Where are you?
Wait, wait, wait, please don't
Please, don't kill me.
Can you stand?
You speak English.
Can you stand?
Yes, yes, yes.
Can you stand?
George, Molly, Ed.
Are you there?
Maybe they're just out of
Yeah, could be.
Well, you don't really need
that anyway.
He's gonna be here any second.
Oh, there he is.
Thank you.
Oh, this is Ludwig.
He's gonna be able to assist
It's fortunate that you called
me today.
My partner and I have
actually been looking for you.
You have?
A local farm found your
friend on his property.
Oh, he found him!
Oh my God, Dan's alive!
Oh God, where is he?
He was injured.
He's at the regional hospital
I can take you there.
Well, there's five of us.
If you just help me load
my gear into the SUV,
we could follow you.
We already found another
one of your friends.
- Molly?
- Molly, yes.
I apologize.
My partner was questioning her,
and she didn't know
which direction you went.
Which explains why we
couldn't find you here.
Oh, well I guess we didn't
tell her where we were going.
Yeah, stupid.
That's great.
I'm just gonna load up the SUV
and we'll follow you, okay.
But we also need to go
pick up Ed and George.
I'm sorry, but this
is a police matter now,
and I'm afraid I must escort
Please leave the vehicle here.
Why is it a police matter?
Your friend was trespassing.
Now get in the car.
Ah, God, somebody help!
Somebody help us!
I told you to leave.
The fuck?
Fuck, somebody help us!
Leave him alone!
What's the matter?
Did I ruin your weekend,
Look, whatever it is we did,
we are so sorry.
Please, just let us leave.
No, no, no.
It's already over for you.
You have something that we want.
Well, whatever it is, you can
have it.
Just please just let us leave.
That's really sweet.
It's just not really a choice.
We want three full sets
of organs from the men.
From the women, hm.
You fucking...
Alex, that's enough.
No, no, no, no!
Control yourself.
Get into the car or
I will kill him here.
Okay, okay, okay.
Damn it, Eli!
Get your fucking hands off me!
No, no, no, no.
No please.
Please, no.
Please, no.
No, no, no no no.
Eli, please, please please!
Stop, please stop!
Shouldn't we call you first?
Well you can try,
but you won't get any
cell service out here.
There's just no cell
phone towers out here,
so landlines it is.
Son of a bitch.
She dead?
Why the fuck not?
Because we're not like them,
that's why.
Fuck that.
Holy shit, Eli!
Zombie Land, rule number two.
Double tap.
Let's go, Ginny's out there.
Whoa, whoa, where are you
No, that's straight to town.
You got 'em.
Okay, well, what if we run into
I'm gonna get to kill a few
more of 'em.
What happened to Ed?
Shot him in the head,
he never had a chance.
The garage is behind these
Let's swing around here.
Back door might still be
Ginny got in there earlier.
Yes, please,
come on, come on, come on.
Come on, mother fucker.
Hello, hello please help me.
They're trying to kill me.
How can I help you?
Hi, hi, please help me.
I'm being attacked.
Look who's come back for more.
Come on!
Get the fuck off me!
Get off!
Help me, help me!
Please, please help me.
You'll never see her again.
Please help me.
999, I'm the one that called
Calm down, miss.
How, how can we help you?
Ah, stop those men.
Who, nobody is there?
They were just there.
Look, look, I need you to
my friends, my friends are
and I don't know where they are,
but I know where they took us.
I, I think they should
get you to hospital.
They were just there, I saw
Miss, I have requested
We will find your friends.
Thank you.
Where are we?
We are a couple of
kilometers from hospital.
We, we just wait here.
Okay, Miss.
This car will take you
to next destination.
There you go.
You are safe, now.
Thank you.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
No, fuck.
Let us out!
Let us out!
Are you okay?
How'd they get you?
Are you hurt?
Oh my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
It's okay.
Stop, stop.
Are you okay?
Ginny, I have a plan, but
you're not gonna like it.
I need you to do this for me,
What, no.
Look at where we are.
We're not getting out,
and where they're taking us.
I'd rather die.
Do this, please for me, please.
Are you sure?
So sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
The search continues for six
declared missing in Eastern
According to social media posts,
the travelers were visiting
Poland in route to Amsterdam.
However, Polish authorities have
no record
of the group exiting the
and agents of Interpol
have taken over the search
since news first broke.
Scary story.
Our thoughts and prayers are
with the families tonight.
Now don't forget it's
Bark at the Park night
at the stadium tonight.
Come watch some great baseball
and bring your pup to the game.
I love Bark at the Park.
Me too.