Terrortory 2 (2018) Movie Script

(crickets chirping)
(cicadas chirping)
(insects chirping and clicking)
(water streaming)
Hey, how's it going?
Nice day for a hike.
Know much about the area?
About the Terrortory?
Yeah, the Terrortory.
Well actually, I've spent
the last two years mapping it.
Something to pass the
time during retirement.
But that first month out of here...
I saw things.
Like what?
The thing is, I could tell you about it
but that would take time.
And I've only got so much daylight.
I don't stay out here past
sundown if I can help it.
If you don't mind, I can tag along,
hear some stories.
Gonna have to warn you, I
stop a lot to make notes.
No problem.
(tense music)
See, the Terrortory's not what everybody
thinks it is.
They think it's this huge
area where bad shit happens.
Yeah, okay it is, but it's not just that.
I mean it's huge.
I myself don't even know where it ends.
I'm Greg by the way.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I mean there are whole areas
in it that are relatively safe
to be in.
Hell, there's a whole town
located inside the lines.
What town?
Believe me, you've heard of it.
Yeah, the Terrortory's not like one region
where random bad things happen.
The things, like you've
heard of Smiling Jack?
Each thing has its own
area that it stays in.
And there are buffer
zones between the areas.
Buffer zones where it's
completely safe to be in.
Are we in one right now?
If you take this trail
and go off to the left
we'll be heading toward the Fountain.
Doesn't sound so bad.
Oh, you never heard of it?
Uh uh.
Well, I'll tell you the story I've heard.
This can't be right.
There hasn't been another road
since we left the highway.
Maybe we took the wrong exit.
Well we're not on the map.
No man's land for sure.
Who told you about this place anyways?
There were some photos at a gallery.
I asked the dealer.
And he said to vanish off
into the middle of nowhere.
You didn't have to come.
And miss out on all the fun?
I think we passed a country
store right off the exit.
Maybe we should turn around
and ask for directions.
Megs, that's like 20
minutes back the way we came.
Maybe we missed the turn.
We should have been there by now.
Hope I can dodge all this traffic.
Cheery place.
I wouldn't use the restroom if I were you.
Hello, I'm Lamia.
Lamia, that's a pretty unique name.
It's my grandmother's.
It's beautiful.
Was there something I can help you with?
Yeah, my wife and me
seem to be a little lost.
There's a garden around here,
somewhere in the forest, I believe.
Can't seem to find the road though.
You're not lost.
You're right here.
It's super close, I can
show you if you like.
Show me.
(camera clicking)
Hey Tom.
Hey babe.
Any luck?
Yeah, it's just, we're just,
I was just telling your husband that
behind the gas station is a
path that leads to the garden.
It's a really short walk.
You can even leave your car here.
I can show you if you like.
No thanks, I think I already saw it.
Are you ready?
Thank you.
There's a fountain.
What's that?
In the path, there's a fountain.
Make sure you both make a wish.
Right, thank you.
Thank you.
(bell clinking)
(eerie whooshing)
Pretty lucky, huh?
Well we could have
been driving for hours.
What, what's wrong?
Forget it.
Tell me.
What was going on in there?
What are you talking about?
You were practically drooling on her.
Who, the girl back at the store?
Come on, Megan.
I'm just starting to
think that this thing
will never happen.
What thing?
Kids, Tom, children?
Okay, you got me there.
What do kids and the chick at the store
have anything to do together?
You say you're not ready to have a baby
but I'm starting to
wonder if that's because
you have one foot out the door.
I don't have one foot out the door.
And you're looking for an out.
I'm not looking for an out, Megan.
What happened last year,
that was a mistake,
a big mistake.
But you and I, we've worked so hard
to get through that together.
I don't want you to feel like...
I know, I'm just insecure, okay?
You're all I need, Megs.
You're all I want.
Uh, is this it?
I think so.
Well maybe it's out of season.
That's not good.
(camera clicking)
The water looks disgusting.
Yeah, smells bad too, but fuck it.
Two pennies, two wishes.
What do you say?
You first.
What'd you wish for?
You know the rules, I can't tell you.
Your turn.
Did you see enough, ready to go?
We gotta hike.
Yeah, let's go.
It shouldn't take this long to get back.
We haven't left the path.
We stay on it, we get to the road.
We should have been back by now.
Ooh, ow, (groaning)
What's wrong?
My stomach.
You gonna be sick?
Just give me a minute.
Did you eat something back at the store?
I'm okay.
You sure?
Let's just go.
That can't be the same fountain.
How many fountains do you
think are out here, Tom?
What, I don't know.
Maybe we got turned around somehow.
In a straight line, on a path?
Jesus, babe.
Look, sit.
Come on, sit down.
Something's wrong with me.
What should I do?
Are you all right?
Okay, I'm just gonna go
up this way for a bit.
Just try for some signal, okay?
Don't be long.
I won't.
Come on, come on!
Oh, come on, come on!
(Megan screaming)
Megan, Megan!
(ominous sound)
I wished to be pregnant.
Wish it away, wish it away!
I don't have any change!
(breathing heavily)
Oh god.
Oh I can't feel the bottom.
There's something in here.
(groaning and sobbing)
(breathing heavily)
(grunting and screaming)
You wanted to fuck the
girl at the gas station.
Well here's your wish come true.
(breathing heavily)
(Tom screaming)
(bell clinking)
Morning Sheriff.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Business been good?
I can't complain.
How's your mama?
Laid up with the gout.
Uh, shame, nice lady.
Something I can do for you?
Some fellow was found naked
wandering along the highway
earlier this morning.
Said he was attacked by some creature
and that his wife was
dead up in them woods.
Too bad.
My guess is when I run
the plates on that car
parked outside, it'll come back to them.
You need to quit sending
people out that way.
It ain't right.
I didn't hear you complain
when I sent your wife
out there last year, Earl.
And she made a little wish of her own.
Anything else?
That'll do me.
Have a good day.
(bell clinking)
Yeah, I've never heard that one before.
Yeah, and why is that?
So few stories about the Fountain,
so many about Smiling Jack
and the Midnight Clown.
Wait, stop.
What's the matter?
No, we should be okay.
Yeah, whenever I run
into someone out here
I always wanna make sure
I'm in a buffer area
because that someone could be a something.
How you doing?
Not really.
You seen any cool shit, mister?
What do you mean?
We wanted to see Smiling Jack.
I think I know where you
might be able to see him.
You sure that's what you wanna do?
It's dangerous.
He's not fucking real, man.
Oh he's real, I've seen him.
You have?
What was he like?
It's just some dumb-ass prankster
in a pumpkin mask.
Can you take us?
Well, if that's what you really want.
That's it Tabby, after that,
we're just gonna head back.
Okay, follow me, it's not that far.
(tense music)
This is Greg, I'm Aiden.
I'm Tabby, and that's
Lucas, Chase and Conner.
Okay, it's that way.
You follow the trail
until you see fresh straw
on the ground.
That way you'll know
you're in the right area.
You guys didn't wanna come with us?
No, we have other things to check out.
Like the Whispering Cadaver?
Yeah, like that.
Well thanks for showing us.
You're welcome.
Be careful.
Take it easy.
So where we heading next?
We're gonna follow them.
I wanna show you something.
But we have to be very careful.
I'm gonna go take a piss.
What are you doing?
(bird cawing)
Holy shit.
(birds cawing)
Get the fuck out of here
before we jam that knife up your ass!
We ain't fucking around, pumpkin head.
I fucking warned you.
(shattering) (grunting)
That's what I thought.
Now get the hell out of here.
(bird cawing)
(screaming and whimpering)
(crunching and squishing)
We gotta help.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
There's nothing we can do.
I've seen it chopped to pieces with an ax.
I've seen it shot a dozen times.
Nothing stops it.
(screaming and grunting)
Go, go, go, go!
What the fuck are you doing?
Come on, he's right behind us.
No, no.
It's okay, the trail is the boundary.
He can't cross it.
(eerie sound)
(bird cawing)
(gunshot ringing)
Let me grab it.
No, no, no, come on, we gotta go, man.
(birds cawing)
Thanks, I must have looked at it wrong.
This is the actual boundary.
I gotta make a note.
All right, let's get out of here.
That thing's freaky as fuck, man.
No, no, not that way, this way.
(birds chirping)
Hey, hold up a minute.
Why the hell do you come out here?
I need to finish the map.
You'll get killed before that happens.
Why is it so important?
Think about it.
People don't think this place is real.
They think it's some kind of urban legend.
But it is real.
It's a real Bermuda Triangle
of supernatural manifestations.
If I can make an accurate map,
we can study this place safely.
Well then maybe we can figure out
what these things are
and where they come from.
It could save lives.
Yeah, these things,
why are they all so homicidal?
Well, they're not.
Not all of them are malevolent.
I've seen some things that were strange
but perfectly harmless.
So what about this Midnight Clown?
What about him?
Is he like Smiling Jack
or would bullets hurt him?
I'm not sure.
Bullets and weapons don't seem
to hurt these things.
What does?
The legends of the
Terrortory give us clues.
There are rules.
If you can beat these
things using their rules,
then I think it hurts them.
I don't understand.
Well, take the Midnight
Clown, for instance.
The legend is he only lets one live.
Group of campers comes in, only one leaves
to tell the tale.
So, I once saw a smart girl
go in to the Midnight
Clown's territory alone.
She gave him the finger and walked away.
The clown disappeared and
didn't reappear for months.
And what happened to her?
Well she got lost trying
to get out of the Terrortory
and wandered into the
Two-Headed Torso's area.
The Two-Headed Torso?
You know what, forget it.
So you pay attention to the rules
and you can make it out of here.
You've heard of the Pumpkin Trail?
Perfectly safe to follow it for a bit.
Don't make it to the end.
Make it to the end of the
pumpkin trail, you die.
That happened?
Someone made it to the end?
Yeah, do you wanna hear about it?
(eerie sound)
I tell you about my
grandpappy's book, Toe?
He grew up in the deep south.
My grandpappy used to
sit on the porch at night
listening to the crickets with his friend.
I tell you this story, Coombs?
Can't say as it rings a bell.
My grandpappy says that the crickets
would get so loud when the moon came out
he could barely hear
his friend Jigaboo talk.
His friend's name was Jigaboo?
That's why he called his book.
"Jigaboo and the Moon Crickets".
What do you mean?
He didn't write no book
called "Jigaboo and the Moon Crickets".
Sure did.
Friend used to bring his
pet monkey sometimes.
That's why he wrote another book called.
"Jigaboo and the Porch Monkey".
You're an ass, Willie.
Got something.
Oh, bust.
Why'd we come so far out here anyway?
If we'd gone to the beach
at least we'd get some taffy afterward.
A friend of mine found a damn
diamond ring here last year.
Got 1200 bucks for it.
Says kids come out here all
the time and lose stuff.
The proof does not appear
to be in the pudding.
Let's try further on.
Where are we gonna eat after we're done?
Golden Corral.
Oh, we don't gotta
eat there every time.
Happy Halloween.
(chuckling) What do you make of that?
A little early for Halloween, ain't it?
(fast beeping)
Is it reacting to the
metal around the candle?
I don't think so.
(fast beeping)
Huh, holy dang.
It's a nickel.
What's the year?
Oh boy, that's old.
Yeah, as old as you.
Let me check this out here.
Let's see here.
Eh, wrong book, just gonna be a second.
All right, all right, all righty.
Ah, hoo boy, 1873, is that right?
It got a shield on the back?
Ooh boy.
What kind of shape's it in?
I don't know.
What's it worth, Sherlock?
Somewhere between $24 and $1800 dollars.
So even if it ain't in great shape,
still worth a couple hundred bucks.
I think you're gonna
owe your friend a bourbon.
I'm checking that one.
You think it's real?
Sure is.
What is this?
What do you mean?
Why would somebody come out here
and leave pumpkins and light candles?
Kids do weird shit.
Yeah, sure.
Is it a coincidence that we
keep finding things near 'em?
Well, there's one way to find out.
If there's something near that one,
it's probably not a coincidence.
It's gold.
Over an ounce, probably.
What's that worth?
Couple thousand.
Why would anybody do this?
None of these finds
look buried, do they?
They're obviously buried.
No, but I mean,
doesn't look like someone
dug a hole, dropped the
stuff and then refilled it.
So that means that they found the stuff
with a detector, but instead of digging
they marked it with a pumpkin.
Why would anybody do that?
Who cares?
Let's get all we can 'fore they come back.
What do you mean?
What do you think?
Well, they found the stuff
but they didn't dig it up.
Fair game to me.
Finders keepers, right Coombs?
Way I see it.
Well it's gonna get dark soon.
If we're gonna get to it,
we better get steppin.
Ah, what'd you get?
Silver certificates.
Hey guys?
Come here.
Holy dang.
(ominous music)
(thunder rumbling)
We ain't got much time
till we lose the sun.
Let's get to work, come on.
Is that the last one?
Looks like it.
What the?
Looks like a cup or
something from the Middle Ages.
Yeah, so what is that doing here?
What do you mean?
We didn't have the Middle Ages.
Hah, everybody had the Middle Ages.
You don't know much about
the Middle Ages, do you, Tom?
Yeah, sorcery, witches,
demons, black magic,
that sort of thing.
The Middle Ages was in Europe.
Way before America was a country.
So what is that doing buried here?
Don't know, we'll figure it out later.
Let's just get out of here
before it's full dark.
What the hell is going on?
Well we got the headlamps.
We ain't got time to
search all those, Willie.
What do you think, Toe?
Should we search some more or go home?
I could use a new truck.
You sure you know how
to get us out of here
in the dark?
It's not rocket science.
I got a compass.
Well, if we're gonna do this,
we best do it quick.
(eerie whooshing)
Biiiiig pumpkin.
Biiiiig treasure.
(eerie growling)
Look at this.
I think it's a gold doubloon.
An honest to god doubloon.
Like in the Crimson Pirate?
Like in the damn Crimson Pirate.
All I found was this gold necklace.
All this stuff can't be real.
What if it is?
Then what's it doing out here?
Where's Toe?
- Toe?
- Toe?
Probably off taking a piss someplace.
Might as well search these last few
and then take off.
Still make it back to
Taber's for a couple of beers.
Nothing near this one.
What is it?
Holy Jesus!
What happened?
Yeah, there's no service around here.
Is it a sinkhole, or quicksand or what?
Get your bag Willie, we gotta go.
We gotta get help.
I don't wanna leave him.
He's dead, Willie,
there's nothing we can do.
Come on!
Come on, let's get out of here.
Forget that stuff.
I, I think it's gone.
Willie, which way?
Uh, left.
Left, I think.
Willie, think about it.
Which way?
Left, definitely left!
(whimpering and crying)
(crunching and squishing)
(screaming and crying)
(groaning and whimpering)
(groaning and screaming)
(eerie bass droning)
So if everybody who makes it to the end
of the Pumpkin Trail dies,
how's that story actually get out?
I'm not sure.
The picture in your
backpack, who is that?
My daughter.
Ah, how old is she?
Oh, I'm sorry.
About what?
Is she dead?
Just far away.
Oh, dammit.
(sighing) We're not
gonna make it out of here
before sun down unless we
cross the Crybaby Bridge.
And we don't wanna do that?
Can you find a safe
place for us to camp?
I think so.
Nothing's 100 percent.
I'll put us next to one of
the more harmless regions.
Well, lead the way.
This should be okay.
Yeah, how sure are you?
I think we're good.
You think we could start a fire?
So you never really told
me why you're out here.
Just exploring.
I heard the stories and
I was, well, curious.
You gonna start that?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, so if we head south
and skirt the Wendigo's area
and then head west a little bit
we should be completely
out of the Terrortory.
Then our biggest problem is
getting back to our cars.
A campfire story before bed then.
(roaring and growling)
That was a pretty short story.
Yeah, well they can't all be winners.
The thing is, I have
my own story to tell.
All those Midnight
Clown stories you heard.
You know the one about six people
who came out to the
woods to shoot a shitty
found footage movie?
Three guys, three girls came
out just to shoot a movie.
Saw some balloons in a tree,
didn't think anything about it.
That was a warning.
Yeah, the balloons were a warning.
You can find them all around the outskirts
of the Midnight Clown's territory.
He warns people away?
No, he needs people to come in
so he can kill them and send
one off to tell the tale, but,
I think the balloons are a
warning to the other things to
stay out.
I thought you said
there were buffer zones
between the areas?
Yeah there are.
But if some of these things
can cross boundaries,
and they can because I've seen it,
what happens when they do?
For instance what happens if Smiling Jack
crosses the Crybaby Bridge?
More importantly, if they
can cross boundaries,
what's keeping them IN the Terrortory?
Let me finish my story.
Then, if you wanna run theories past me.
(sighing) Anyway, six
of them saw the balloons
and kept going.
They camped that night, decided
to get up in the morning
and make a movie.
Night fell.
By morning only one of them
walked out of the woods alive.
The girl who walked
out, her name was Laura
and she wanted to be an actor
but she killed herself six months later.
Another girl was Tammy.
The clown strangled her to death.
The other girl was Darla Marie Prengaman.
She was a wild spirit.
She liked scuba diving, hiking, skiing.
Anything new she wanted to try, you know?
Her smile was so infectious.
She was my future.
She was my everything.
So you're here for revenge.
I'm here to find out what happened.
And yeah.
Yeah, revenge would be cool.
But you know what happened.
Do I?
In the footage they found, she ran off.
Never found a body.
You think she's still alive?
I don't think so.
That wasn't a no.
Yeah well I don't think
that gun is gonna hurt it.
You ever seen it shot?
(chirping, buzzing)
Ah, relax, it's okay.
What the hell are they?
Rainbow firelights, some call them.
Will-o-the-Wisps, Lightning Sprites.
I even heard one person call
them Skittles Fireflies.
It's okay, they're harmless.
Tomorrow, I want you to take me
to the Midnight Clown's territory.
I'm not going in there with you.
I don't want you to.
If I go in there alone
he can't hurt me, right?
But... maybe I can hurt him.
End up being another
couple of missing kids.
I used to feel bad, tried to
stop everyone I came across.
They kept going off.
The thing is, if I could
get this information out,
maybe it'll save lives.
(sighing) People need to stop coming here.
They need to stop dying here.
You know, I don't think I was wrong
about where Smiling Jack
was supposed to stop.
Yeah, you must have been.
Smiling Jack's domain is growing larger.
Not by much, but it's
definitely getting bigger.
If that means what I think it means,
we have to stop people from
coming here at all costs.
What do you think it means?
The Terrortory's growing larger.
That's why it lures people here.
Every time it takes a life, it grows.
(tense music)
Now listen to me.
This is important.
They're gonna pass us, and
then they're gonna turn around
and follow us.
Do not look back at them.
No matter what they do,
no matter what they say.
Okay, what the hell's going on?
Just stare at the back of my head
until I say different, okay?
If you tell me what's going on,
Do you wanna see the Midnight Clown?
Do you wanna die a horrible death?
Then trust me.
Nice day for a hike, huh?
We're just wandering.
Well, have at it.
Can we come with you?
Do not look back.
Suit yourself, girls.
Why don't you like us?
We like you fine.
You don't act like it.
Why doesn't the other one talk?
I talk.
Do you like us?
Do you think we're pretty?
Yeah, sure.
Which one of us is the prettiest?
We think you're all equally pretty.
We asked the other one.
I was gonna say the same thing he did.
We can't all be equally pretty.
We think you are.
Oh my god, what's that?
Let's keep moving.
Whatever it is won't bother us.
You're being very rude.
I don't think he likes us at all.
You should be nice to us, or else.
I'm going to shoot you
in the back of the head
if you don't look at us.
I said look at us!
Keep walking.
They've got my gun.
(gun firing)
Look at us.
(fly buzzing)
Just a second, we'll take a look.
Just a minute.
You're both going to die.
You're going to die and we're
going to eat your bones.
(eerie music)
What the fuck was that?
The Gaze of the Beholder.
Yeah, and what the fuck is that?
You're lucky we made it far enough.
If you'd have looked back any earlier...
No, no, no, no.
Grab a big stick and pull it toward you.
Come on, you wanna hear another story?
How much longer until the
Midnight Clown's territory?
About two hours.
All right, why not?
You forgot to shave.
It'll be all right.
No, I want what she's got.
Nope, you need to eat healthier.
Hello, Fruity Pebbles?
Eat your grapefruit.
Oh, and don't put any sugar on it.
Defeats the purpose.
Don't laugh.
You'll get old someday too.
Oh, the Donovans are having
a birthday party for Nora
and they're taking some
kids camping tonight.
Carly's been invited.
Yeah, it's where
people go into the woods
and they sleep in tents
and become one with nature.
Do me a favor, don't
grow up to be a smartass
like your mom, okay?
What, ass is not a bad word.
It's a donkey.
You wanna go camping, in the woods?
With ticks and snakes and stuff?
Where are they going?
Just to the woods on the edge of town.
I mean, if she wants to go and.
Marty's gonna be chaperoning, sure.
Better eat that fast and get going,
don't wanna be late for court.
No, it's gross.
Don't stop at McDonalds on the way.
When did you get psychic powers?
I'm home!
Not guilty.
Okay, okay, probation
before judgment, same thing.
How's camping?
Robert, you're breaking up.
The reception is terrible out here.
Hold on a second.
Is it better here?
Something's wrong out here.
What, what did you say?
Can you still hear me?
I only caught a word or two.
I can hear you, yeah.
Can you hear me?
If you can hear me, I
think we're coming back now.
I don't wanna be out here anymore.
We're gonna leave now.
We should be back in an hour.
What's going on?
Oh god.
I hope you can still hear me.
Look, if we're not back in an hour,
I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting.
But I think you should call the police.
Tell them we're right
off Picnic Woods Road.
Our cars are on the shoulder.
An SUV and my car.
Tell them we're in the
woods about a quarter mile.
Brenda, what's wrong?
God, I hope you can hear me.
I love you, Robert.
(sobbing in distance)
Brenda, where's Carly?
(eerie whispering)
Brenda, where's Carly?
Who are you?
What is this?
This is but a Mad Gathering.
But you, who are you
to wander in amongst us
and still retain your sanity?
Come here.
All of your kind who have
wandered into our gathering
have been driven mad.
Why not then you?
I will make you this offer.
Use your weapon, and if you injure me,
all of you go free.
(gun firing)
I will make you another offer.
If you choose your wife or your daughter,
I will let her leave with you.
But you agree that the other is mine.
Choose one for you and one for me.
Or you will all perish.
Let them both go.
You find the choice too difficult?
I will simplify it.
What good is a woman without a tongue?
What about now?
Certainly, now the choice is simple.
I can't!
Then we have no bargain.
What do you have to offer me now?
What do you want?
Serve me.
Do all that I ask until the end of time
and your daughter will go free.
This night will seem but a
sinister dream she once had.
What will you ask of me?
All right.
You agree?
Then give me your hand.
I love you, baby.
I love you.
Now you will join our
Mad Gathering. (Laughing)
So what happened to him?
I don't know.
Some stories say he wanders
doing the Terrortory's bidding.
Others say they ripped
him apart and ate him.
We're here.
This is where the Midnight Clown is.
The hell, man, you weren't
supposed to come back here!
No, it's okay.
He doesn't come out till after midnight.
The rules, remember?
As long as I'm clear of
here by dark, we're fine.
Well I appreciate you bringing me here.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
There's no guarantees out here.
He could still kill you.
I'll take the chance.
It was good meeting you, Aiden.
Now I'll wait for you outside
the bounds until morning.
When you're done, come back past this tree
and keep straight on the
trail until you see me.
You don't have to wait.
Without me, you won't make
it out of these woods alive.
Thanks man, but don't wait past morning.
If I'm not on the trail by first light,
I'm not coming.
Good luck.
Come out!
It's midnight!
(eerie sounds)
(eerie music)
The fuck are you smiling about?
Only one leaves?
I'm the only one here.
Stupid son of a bitch.
Shoot him!
Who the hell are you?
It's the Midnight Clown, man,
shoot the motherfucker!
(gun firing)
Do you remember her?
Is she alive?
Her name was Darla.
She was beautiful, she was funny,
she was everything to me.
And you, you took her away.
I know.
Only one leaves.
I hope this hurts.
(gun firing)
(owls hooting)
(birds cawing)
Go go!
(breathing heavily)
Run to me!
Come on.
Chase. (Breathing heavily)
Run to me!
Help me!
This way, run!
Run to me!
Help me!
(whimpering) Please, no.
Please, please. (Crying)
(deep voice laughing)
Please, please (whimpering)
(bird cawing)
(cracking and squishing)
(bird cawing)
(crickets chirping)
These things, why are
they all so homicidal?
They're not.
Not all of them are malevolent.
Do all that I ask till the end of time
and your daughter will go free.
So what happened to him?
Some stories say he wanders
doing the Terrortory's bidding.
What will you ask of me?
Serve me.