Test Pilot (1938) Movie Script

There she is,
Mr. Drake.
You mean to tell me there's not
Even that much more to do to her?
Not a whisper.
All the years and all the
Wrecks and all the schemes,
And out of it grows
This sweet peach.
Yeah, and she's going to
Crack that record by an hour.
You can go and hang it
On your wall right now.
And up high,
Up where the storms
Can't touch her-
Out of their reach.
Something more than
A record, eh, gunner?
She'll spit on
Those mountains.
Yes, she will.
If she wasn't such
A lady, she would.
How's Lane feeling?
He's been asleep
About 3 hours.
Uh-huh. 12:00. He's got
To take off at 1:00 sharp.
Yeah. I'll wake him
In about a half-hour.
Oh, yeah. Let him
Have all he can.
Yes, sir.
Still asleep?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We won't pay him the 750
Without his cross on this.
And you won't pay him if
You don't break the record.
Sure. The ad's no good if
He don't break the record.
We're selling gasoline.
Get out. Give me air,
Will you?
Air? Is that what you're
Asking for, gunner?
Have a little on me.
Everything grounded
West of albuquerque.
Just what you've
Been waiting for.
And look what's waiting
For him over colorado.
It's all right.
He won't be there long.
Let me know the minute
He wakes up, will you?
All right.
He'll be here.
He ain't going
Anywhere else.
I wouldn't
Put it past him.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey! Where's Lane?
Yeah, where? I had a
Date with him at 10:00.
You're telling me
When'd you see him?
I'm telling you,
I haven't seen him!
How long you been here? Since 9:00.
When'd you
Fall asleep?
I don't know. What
Difference does it make?
Don't get so tough about it. I'll
Tell you what difference it makes.
He left for home here 3 hours ago.
I want to know if he's been here.
What time is it?
I was awake at 11:00, I know that.
Then he hasn't
Been here.
Who are you? The guy
Called gunner?
Yeah, and I'm telling you, you
Can't let him out of your sight.
What are you
Telling me for?
I ain't ever seen
So much of him.
You don't think
Anything happened to him?
An accident
Or something?
Yeah, an accident-
Another dame.
Oh, yeah. Hello,
Gunner, old boy.
Look what I rescued.
Dying of thirst, she said.
Hello, pal. Everything
All right with you?
What's your name?
Oh? Her name is mable.
Mable, this is sarah.
And this is the gunner. And this
Is all a very unexpected pleasure,
And I'm very glad
To know all of you.
Do you know
What time it is?
Yeah. Time to go to bed. You
Told me that two hours ago.
What do you want to keep
Repeating yourself for?
Come on, girls. Blow.
Get out of here.
I won't go out
With that.
Girls, girls.
Look, this guy's
Got to get some sleep.
Get out of here
Before I throw you out.
Come on. Remember, you girls
Were with me if anybody asks.
Girls are
Always quarreling.
Girls don't get on good for some reason.
Girls, girls.
The dear old girls.
Ok. Where are
My clothes? Oh.
I don't know
How you do it.
How'd she wind?
Good. She ought to bust in my face
Before I get her off the ground.
Yeah. Just like
Those dames of yours.
What dames?
Oh, lord.
How's the weather?
You got a 62-mile tailwind
At 20,000 feet.
How's the weather?
You got a 78-mile tailwind
At 25,000 feet.
Yeah? How's that storm over
Colorado? Who you trying to kid?
Ah, what's a little weather
To the Drake bullet?
Oh, Drake's got a new
Name for her now.
Calls her
His sweet peach.
Yeah? Don't tell
Colorado that.
Don't you worry.
She'll hold.
Yeah. I love you guys
That know all about it.
Sure. If you crack up,
You can blame me.
Mm-hmm. I get that
Out of it.
Every time I see a crash
Coming, I know it isn't my fault.
That makes it
All right, too.
Sure, sure.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, once
Again, Jim.
She's in shape.
Like a peach?
That's right.
That's right.
She may leave a little
Fuzz along the way,
But she'll keep that
Schoolgirl complexion.
This is more than
Just a record, Jim.
It means a whole lot
To aviation.
I never heard of it.
I'm doing it for you, pal.
Well, see you tomorrow. All right.
In you go.
Go on and break
The record!
Take it easy now. Remember, you got
4,200 pounds of gas in this crate.
Yeah. I'd have never
Thought of that.
If I don't see you again,
It'll be too soon.
Yeah, and if I never see
That ugly map of yours again,
It'll be too soon.
Do I look like you?
Well, they're both good.
I'll say that for them.
What are you going to do
For the next 5 or 6 hours?
Look like
You're looking.
Well, come on.
Let's look together.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
I'm licked, see? I'm licked! I
Couldn't move this thing with a derrick.
Oh. That's too bad.
"that's too bad."
Is it really?
All I had was a coast to coast
Record, and it's too bad.
Don't you understand?
I had it licked to death.
Why, I had it right in my
Hand, just like that wrench.
And now you haven't
Even got the wrench.
Say, where are we?
We are in kansas.
That's great.
How near wichita?
About 20 miles.
I'll tell you what you can do
For me. Do you live around here?
Right there.
You got a phone?
All right. Go call the union
Air terminal at burbank.
Ask for gunner morris. When you get
Him, just yell down, and I'll come.
Johnny morris?
Gunner! Gunner.
Just ask for gunner. Tell
Him I'm calling. I'm Jim Lane.
That's all
You have to do.
Why don't you
Call him yourself?
Hey, I got to get
These lines out of here.
You don't think I want to be stuck
In this dump all night, do you?
I don't care very much
One way or the other.
All right, all right!
I'll pay for it.
Don't worry about that.
Listen, swellhead, you're
On private property,
And very uninvited.
How'd you like to get
That junk over the fence
Before I sic
A bull on you?
Say, I'm just in the mood
For a bull, sister.
You go get him. I'm liable to pick him
Up and throw him right back in your lap.
I know you.
You're the prince-
A nice,
Charming prince,
Right out of
The sky-
A young girl's
And I've been waiting
For you all my life.
That's why no other man ever
Touched the tip of my finger.
I have lived
For a prince.
What's the matter?
Too much for you?
You're a funny-looking gazabo.
Are you a famous
Flier, Mr. Lane?
Why, I'm Jim Lane.
Should I faint
On that one?
Say, where
Do you live?
I still live there. I haven't
Moved since I told you.
Can I use your phone?
It's all right with me if
It's all right with the phone.
What's your name?
Ann barton.
And we're near wichita, are we, ann?
And it's still
20 miles.
That's right. You told me
That before, too, didn't you?
What time is it?
About 6:00.
Didn't ask you that
Before, did I?
No. Don't
Startle me so.
Do all the girls around
Here look like you
This early
In the morning?
Every girl I've ever seen this ear-
Yeah. Look at
All the hay.
That's wheat.
The staff of life.
Is it?
It's nice here
At that, isn't it?
I'm so glad
You like it.
How many waffles
Can you eat, Mr. Lane?
How many
Have you got?
That's all
I want to know.
Come along.
Keep following me.
Hey, where did you get such
A nice father and mother?
I took time
Picking them out.
Say, this is a pretty
Room. This your room?
No. This is
The spare room.
Oh. This is where I'd
Stay if I were a guest.
That's right...
If you were
Stuck here.
What's the matter?
No towels.
I'm stuck.
Oh, dear.
You're not supposed
To say "oh, dear."
You should say,
"that's all right."
I've been around here too long
Now not to say what I mean.
Quite an imagination
For an aviator.
Can't match yours, pal.
You went to school.
I didn't
Learn it there.
Don't get lost.
No, no. I won't.
Ann keeps all those
Records in the books.
Ann went to school.
Smart. Ann graduated from the
State university, Mr. Lane,
With the highest
Didn't you, ann?
Oh, you bet.
I broke all records.
Did you go
To college, Mr. Lane?
Ha ha ha!
Why, ann!
Why, mother!
She's crazy. I broke
All records, too.
I entered high school a
Sophomore and came out a freshman.
Have you been a test pilot ever since?
No. I was in the army for a
While, but we didn't agree.
Had to get up
Too early?
No. Had to
Go to bed.
That must be
Your call.
Yeah, thanks. No wisecracks
Now. I beat you to it.
A charming man.
Yeah. Yeah?
The oil pump let go. He's
Down ok on a farm near wichita.
Well, that's
The way it goes.
And bring along a whole new
Assembly and the center line.
Yeah. Wait.
I'll find out.
Oh, ann?
Who's ann?
Will anyone in wichita with a cab
Know how to get here all right?
Oh, sure. Due west of wichita
On the main highway.
Everybody knows
The barton farm.
Oh, sure. Due west of
Wichita on the main highway.
Everybody knows
The barton farm.
What's all this
"ann" stuff?
Listen, have you got all
That dope now, or haven't you?
What time will you
Get in wichita?
I'll hop the first trip east.
The weather's cleared.
Wichita? Wait a minute.
5:30 your time.
Why do you always have to
Land way out in the sticks?
Hey, this isn't
The sticks, lad.
This is the prettiest farm I ever saw.
Wait'll you see it. The
Wheat sways in the field
Like a silken sea.
How's that?
Sounds like a blond.
Listen, don't fool around
There all afternoon.
Get that old pump out of there, will you,
So I can put the new one in right away?
Maybe we can pull
Out of there tonight.
Oh, sure. Sure. I'll
Work on it all afternoon.
Yeah, yeah.
All afternoon.
Yeah. Ok. Good-bye.
All set. Have we
Got a car?
Yes. Why?
We got to go to wichita, haven't we?
We got to meet the gunner, haven't we?
Oh. And he arrives
There when?
Around 5:00
This afternoon.
And in the meanwhile?
I'll entertain you
Oh. I thought you
Had to work here.
Oh, no, no.
That's hard work.
Come on.
Come on, pal.
We're wasting time.
Wichita is calling.
Here. Come on.
And wear that
Red dress, will you?
How did you know
I had a red dress?
Oh, I got
In the wrong room.
Good-bye, father.
Good-bye, mother.
Bye. You all be back
For supper?
We will.
And, Mr. Lane?
Yes, mother?
I'll have a cot all
Fixed up for your friend.
All right, mother. And
The towels are in the hall.
Shh! Shut up!
You can see now why wichita's
Going to win this league.
What's that
You say, lady?
Wichita's going to
Win what?
It's in the bag, omaha,
And you're holding it.
Yeah. That was
A smart play, eh?
The smartest play you've
Seen today, mister.
Ask your pitcher what's
The last thing he expected,
And he'll tell you
A hit and run.
What a beauty!
Two outs,
A man on first,
And 3 and 1
On the batter. Yeah.
And that second baseman
Isn't surprised much.
Look at him! He can't
Get over it!
I think this guy is right.
It was horseshoed.
Why, sure. Listen. See, it's the
Luckiest ball club in the business.
It's kept them up there
All year.
What's the matter,
Second baseman?
Can't you get over
The surprise?
I see what you mean. You mean wichita's
Been getting breaks like this all year?
All year. I never seen
Anything like that.
Your girl
Is just prejudiced.
Women don't know anything
About baseball, anyway.
What's all this?
Watch the game, pal.
Watch the game.
There they are.
Yeah. We're
Just in time.
I love you.
"I love you, too."
I love you, too.
Look, Jim. Look at that.
Look at that!
Could you do that?
Will you stop? Look at
All the space he's taking.
Well, there's
Plenty of it.
Come on.
Never mind.
How do you like it?
Oh, it's great!
Oh, that was
Simply wonderful.
Take it easy, pal. Take it easy.
You all right?
Oh, yes.
I'm all right.
But I'm all right now.
Thanks, ray.
Whoa! Whoa.
Hello, darling.
I'm in no mood
For gags.
Shake hands
With ann instead.
Oh, you only got
One this time, huh?
Where's mable?
She must have seen
Your picture somewhere.
Hello, hello, hello.
Where did you
See each other?
I picked her off a cloud
And got dizzy. Come on.
Thanks, pal.
Do you know what
I'm thinking about?
Am I in it?
It's a wish.
Ohh. What?
That it was
This morning again.
Could you do it all over again tomorrow?
Could you?
I never had a better
Time, ann. And you?
The best.
There's a new show
There tonight.
Oh. How about
Your friend?
You want him
To go with us?
You're going to have
A nice sleep tonight, pal.
Did you get
That pump off? No.
No, I didn't.
That's fine.
That's fine.
I had to go to wichita, didn't I?
Oh, sure. Sure.
I had to meet you,
Didn't I?
Oh, yeah. Sure.
I didn't want you
To get lost, did I?
No, no, no, no.
Be a little
Grateful then.
Grate-for what?
Aren't you glad
To meet ann?
Sure, I'm glad
To meet ann.
Sure, I'm gl-
Ha ha!
Any chance of getting
Out of here tonight?
Nah. Not a chance. Wait'll
You see where she lives.
Oh, a little house sailing along
All by itself in a sea of wheat.
And a cute little cot
For you to sleep on.
Yeah. And wait'll you
Smell them honeysuckles.
Don't give me that banjo. What
Time can we get out tomorrow?
Well, I'm ready
Whenever you are.
That's all I wanted to know.
We're leaving early.
You usually at least bring
The ship home when you flop,
But maybe you ain't
Jim Lane after all.
Ok, chicago. Should've
Been with me this morning.
Had them colorado
Mountains melting.
And tomorrow morning, I'll
Have that ship in new york
Before you can
Pack up your tools.
My sweetheart.
Oh. This is new.
She's got a sweetheart.
And he's
Sweet, too.
I wonder what
He's doing here.
He's probably here
To see you.
Tell him he'll
Do better tomorrow.
Hello, Mr. Lane. You look
Just the way you ought to.
Hi, Joe.
Joe, this
Is gunner.
Hello, Joe.
Glad to see you.
Gee, you
Had me worried.
I thought you'd forgotten about tonight.
Oh. Is it tonight?
Yes. Did you
We're having
A dance, Mr. Lane.
Wouldn't you both
Like to come?
No. I'm afraid
We can't get away.
I'll get you
Some nice girl.
I don't think
They'd like it.
Come on.
Wait for me, Joe.
Oh, thanks for
A lovely afternoon.
Yes, sir. Ain't noplace
Like the country.
Hear them sounds
And smell them smells.
Hmm. Honeysuckle.
And raspberries.
Oh, hello, Mr. Lane.
Are you still up?
How are you?
What have you
Been doing?
Sitting here
And thinking.
It's nice here.
Yes, it is
Nice here.
And she's decided to stay
At last, haven't you, ann?
Where was she going?
I was going
To the moon.
Mr. Lane will
Tell you about that.
He's been nearer
Than you have.
Uh, what is
The altitude record?
I don't know. It changes all the time.
What's all
The smiling about?
I've been trying to win ann
For a long time, Mr. Lane,
But she very frankly told
Me she wanted someone better,
And my understanding
Of that
Is probably why
I won her tonight.
I don't get you.
We're going to
Be married.
All right. All right.
The prince
Is puzzled.
What do you call him
The prince for?
Well, isn't he?
They used to ride white
Horses over some hill,
But nowadays they go so
Fast, they can't see straight.
Gee whiz, they go right
Around the world like that
Until they're right back over the hill
Where they
Do you know
What she means?
I don't either.
When she talks like this,
Mr. Lane, I just let her go.
Now, Joe, kiss me
Good night.
I'm tired.
Good night, Mr. Lane,
And good-bye.
Good night, Joe.
Good luck.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
She must have heard that talk
About a horse, and she's sore.
Good night!
Good night.
He's a nice fellow.
Did anyone ever
Nickname you "nice"?
No. Why?
It seems to be
Your favorite word.
He's still
A nice fellow.
And you think I made
A nice choice.
This is the life.
Sitting out here tonight's
The first time
I've ever felt peace
Since I was born.
It's a nice life.
I mean, it's fine.
Hey, you're a flip, girl.
Ha ha ha!
You're charming.
You turn your head like
A big bear and just gaze.
It looks as if you
Were making up your mind
Whether you'd jump
At somebody or not,
And then you just
Decide not to.
It's very charming.
You've got me
Watching for it
And thinking up things
To make you do it.
I'll show you.
I'm you.
And somebody
Says something,
And you go, "hmm?"
Well, if that isn't going out of
Your way to get a laugh, I ask you.
There. Ha ha! That's the way you do it.
I'd go out of my way
Any day to get that.
What are you going to
Marry that guy for?
You don't love him.
What makes you
Suddenly say that?
Just the way
You're behaving now-
Like a little flirt.
I don't like you
For saying that.
That's tough. Look at the
Way you behaved all day.
One minute, you're going
To a show with me tonight.
The next, you get yourself
Engaged to him.
And then the minute he goes,
You're like this again.
Sure. That's right.
That's me.
And I rated you the
Best girl I ever saw.
It's rotten to be
You'll be gone
In the morning.
It will soon
Be here.
I wish
I got out tonight.
I wish
I'd never landed.
I wish
I never saw you.
What do you think
I wish?
Do you think
I like this?
What are you
Trying to say now?
All my life,
I've waited
For this morning
To come
Because I thought
It had come.
I thought
It had brought
What I'd longed for
So long.
Well, I was wrong.
It was just
A day to you.
All right,
You don't love me.
What of it?
What did you get
Engaged to him for,
If that's the way
You feel?
Because I'm going to
Forget you-
Because he's fine-
Because I'm going to be a
Farmer's wife and a good one,
And don't kid yourself I'm not.
I'm grateful to you
For making me
Forget dreams,
For giving me peace.
Is that clear, or do you
Want me to blueprint it?
What do you want me
To do-say I love you?
No! Not in
A million years...
If your heart were
Tearing for me.
I'd like to see you
Get me now.
It's over-complete.
It was a thrill to see
You come out of the sky.
It will be
A greater one
To see you
Disappear in it.
You better
Get up early...
It will be early.
Give my regards
To Joe.
What will I tell him?
You don't need anybody to talk for you.
Give my love
To the wichita team.
Well, he got away,
All right.
When do you go?
Right away.
Catch the first
Transport out.
Then you'll want
Somebody to...
Drive you to wichita.
Never mind, pal.
Never mind.
You'll be glad
In the end.
All right, mother.
I- I forgot my hat!
Jim, you didn't.
You didn't forget
Your hat.
What did I forget?
You forgot me.
What are you
Talking about?
You did.
You couldn't go.
You came back.
You couldn't go.
Well, then get in.
Don't ask any questions.
Let's get
Out of here.
Get in? How?
You'll be sorry
For this.
All right.
Not a word anywhere.
It's a crash.
Who have you
Sent out?
Oh, everybody.
He isn't worth it,
What are you
Talking about?
Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Here he comes.
What is this?
I give up.
You know her?
Yes, sir.
Well, who is she?
The girl he left
This morning.
Oh, I give up.
Won't do any good.
Send him
Into my office.
That may do me
Some good.
That's all, frank.
This is my wife,
Oh, I've heard so much
About the gunner.
It's almost as if
I'd seen you before.
Now, wait a minute. I
Can't take any more today.
Just tell me about it
As it happened, will you?
I went back for her. We
Were married in indianapolis,
And now we're
With you again.
Married, huh?
Yeah. Where's Drake?
He's waiting
To congratulate you.
Hang on to her for me, will
You? I got to get some dough.
Gee, you must be
No, no, I'm not surprised.
I wouldn't be surprised
If he got married in indianapolis
And divorced in toledo.
I'm surprised
You didn't.
Now, listen to this.
You start out.
You're off on
A great adventure,
Carrying with you
The best we can give
You in work and hope.
You're due here
In 7 hours,
And aviation's supposed
To be advanced 7 years,
And what happens?
You arrive here 37 hours
Late and with a girl.
Now, I ask you!
Ha ha ha! Yeah,
But how she fits it-
You know,
One peach to another.
You're going to test that
Thompson racer on thursday.
Tomorrow's tuesday.
That will give you a couple
Of days for a honeymoon.
Well, the best of luck
To you. How's that?
Well, how about a couple
Of hundred in advance?
All right.
Right. I'll see you
A week from thursday.
No, no, no, no, no!
This thursday.
I heard you-
A week from thursday.
I'm sorry. The national air
Races won't wait for a honeymoon!
This thursday!
Right-a week
From thursday.
Wait a minute.
Yes, sir.
If Jim Lane asks
For any money,
Tell him he's no longer on the payroll.
Yes, Mr. Drake.
You can still
Change your mind.
Who'll you get
In my place?
Ha ha! You'll
Change yours.
Say, Jim, you've got
The idea in your head
You're the only aviator
In the world, haven't you?
No, but you have.
Ha ha ha!
Lane's dough.
He's got all
The answers, too.
Tell barney
To study it
And then come in here
And see me.
Well, I got it.
How much?
The gate. Yeah, he's
Pulled a lot of beauties,
But this one he dressed up for the ball
- I'm fired.
Jim! Jim, fly for me.
Fly mine.
I've got the fastest ship
In the world.
Hello, stuart.
Oh, and get this-
Listen, Jim, I've given 3
Good years designing that ship.
If I win the thompson,
I'll have a factory in a year!
Hey, grant,
Hey, hey.
You know I'm broke, Jim.
I can't give you any dough,
But if you win,
The whole 10 grand is yours!
How can he fire you? We're
Testing the racing job on thursday.
I don't feel like
Testing it thursday.
Listen, Jim-
Hey, look, look,
Will you blow?
Come on, gunner. Don't
Be that way. Come see her!
Every day's like this,
So don't worry.
I saw her
Before she started.
And you said
She was fast.
You ok'd all that dope.
Remember, gunner?
Yeah, yeah, and I told you
Ought to run her on dope, too.
Remember? She's fast,
And she's crazy.
Oh, he's kidding you.
It's a good boat.
No, no.
It's too fast.
You know, I like them slow
And steady. What do you say?
I got a wife and $10.
What more do you want?
Got me beat
Both ways.
And I know
What I've got.
I thought you were pretty crazy
Without thinking, darling,
But I didn't know
You were that crazy.
Jim! Jim,
If I buy a drink,
Will you take
A look at her?
No, but if you buy two
Drinks, we'll sit in her.
If I buy 3 drinks,
Will you race her?
Glad to have met you.
You mean I'm
As crazy as that?
You're worse, honey.
Gunner, he buys
A ring for 600.
He marries a girl.
He has $10 in the world.
He loses his job,
And he comes out laughing.
Yeah, it's all
Very funny.
We're wasting time. How much
Dough have you really got?
I had 200 coming, but
That was this morning.
Well, who took it?
All right, I'll
Cut you in on the 10.
What will we do first?
We've got to get a house.
Don't you live anywhere,
No. Gunner and I move around.
We've got our clothes in a room.
There's some apartments over on 81st
Street we'd like. Let's grab one.
Don't you have to pay
Anything in advance?
How do you know?
I don't know. I just
Know that you don't.
How are you,
Gunner, old boy?
Oh, I'm great. I got the
Whole thing figured out.
I'm going to be associated
With two nuts instead of one.
Why, gunner.
Why, gunner.
What are you
Looking at?
I found a dime.
Ooh, it's nice.
We'll take it.
Darling, we've only seen
This room.
We'll look
At the rest of it.
I think that would be a very good idea.
The doors work good.
What do you think
Of this room, dear?
I think it's fine.
I'm glad you do.
Does he always take
Everything like this?
He's inclined to. He's very
Much of a hurry-up gentleman.
They're the very first to
Complain if anything goes wrong.
Does philosophy go
With the joint,
Or do we get that
On the side?
Come on, dear. Let's
Look at the kitchen.
Yeah, ok.
Oh. Ok!
I think we'd like
To have it very much.
The faucets
Are nice.
That will be one month in advance, please
- $150.
Ahem. It's your turn to turn
On the speed, isn't it, pal?
He's a crazy loon,
Isn't he?
He's a test pilot.
Oh, you try airplanes out before we do.
Mm-hmm, and they try
Themselves out before I do.
Can I see the kitchen
Surely. If you notice,
It's a brand-new stove.
I wouldn't miss this
For anything.
Look, that was
Just an excuse.
I wanted to speak
To you alone.
What do you think
Of that girl?
Why, I should think
She's very nice.
We just got married.
Oh, did you?
Just today?
Just now.
Where were you married,
Mr. Lane?
Indi-maybe you think you're
Still in indianapolis.
Huh? Oh, no, dear.
I see what you mean.
No, no, we were
Married in indianapolis
A couple of hours ago.
Came here in a plane.
Oh, not as crazy
As that, pal, really.
Do I think this is
Indianapolis? Ha ha!
And look, get this.
She never was here.
First time
In new york, see?
Well, now, I got to show
Her around good, haven't I?
It takes a little dough,
Right? You said it.
Does this mean you
Can't pay me in advance?
No, no, no. Don't bother
About that, honey.
Look, I want to borrow
A hundred bucks from you.
Mr. Lane.
Well, next week I'll
Have plenty of dough.
In my business,
You make it that way.
I'm always in the hole from 5 to 10
Grand, and then I pay it back in one sweep.
I don't owe
Anybody yet.
But, Mr. Lane-
Yeah, listen.
She likes you.
I don't give out the blarney.
You know what I mean by that,
But sometimes
- I want that dough very much.
If I didn't like you, I
Wouldn't ask you for a quarter,
But it's fun asking you for dough.
I'm enjoying this, aren't you?
Well, I don't know.
Of course, if it's going to leave you
Short, don't give it another thought.
Mr. Lane, I have
Exactly $9.00,
But you may have it
If it will help you any.
Darling, I got you
Beat by a buck.
You keep it. Ann!
A lovely woman.
Yes, dear, and did you like
The new stove?
Mm-hmm. She was right.
It's a brand-new stove.
Well, the stove isn't the
Only new thing in this kitchen.
I understand
You just married him.
You didn't have no chance
Not to, did you?
Not any,
And neither did he.
Glad you're going to
Live here...
I guess.
Ha ha ha!
You've got
A new girl.
Yeah. I still got the
10, and that's all.
I got to stick another
Zero on it somehow.
We don't need any more.
I'll try out the new stove.
You know, sometime when we might
Be starving to death or something-
But the 9 bucks got me.
The minute she pulled out the
Old pocketbook, I knew I was sunk.
I should have known better
Than to listen.
Here, here. Stick it
Away and stop beefing.
Save it
For a snowstorm.
How do you like that? I'll bet
You this 10 against that dime
He's got this
Before morning.
Oh, what a lovely
Way to live!
Yeah, and if we ever get
Hungry, we can always cook this.
Oh! Right
On the new stove?
Mm-hmm. We got a hundred
Bucks, a new house,
And a city. Where do we head first?
I'll fix this first.
All right. What do you
Think of it?
This works good.
Suits you ok, huh?
Sure. I'll come over and
Visit you from time to time.
Oh, yeah?
Now, this is your room,
Or we don't play.
Ok, sucker?
Say, uh, it's 6:00. The
Stores close at half past.
What stores?
Oh, ain't you going to
Buy her anything?
Tomorrow, everything. She
Doesn't need anything tonight.
What's the matter
With you?
She needs a nightgown,
Don't she?
She's a lady,
You mug.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess she
Does at that, doesn't she?
Be just as well.
Yeah, yeah,
You're right.
Anything else
You can think of?
Oh, darling, it's
Going to be lovely here.
Wait until I've changed it all around.
What are you
So serious about?
Say, you've got to buy
Something before we have dinner.
Oh, what?
A nightgown.
Ha ha ha!
Why, darling.
What's the matter?
I'm so surprised.
Oh. Ha ha!
Will you buy it
For me?
Ha ha ha!
Where do you
Find them?
Just ask for
The lingerie department.
That's all
I'm going to tell you.
The lawnja what?
The lingerie department.
Why don't you ask him?
Uh, where's the, uh-
The lawnjer,
Uh, department?
The what, sir?
The lawnjer-
Oh, for yourself,
The ladies' department
On the third floor, sir.
Third floor.
Well, it ain't
My fault.
Here we are, darling.
Now, it's my present,
So I'm going to make
Believe I'm not with you.
Go right ahead.
Go on.
That's right.
Hey, come on.
Go on, go on. Come on,
Let's get out of here.
Go on, will you?
All right now.
How do you do?
Uh, a nightgown
For a lady.
Yes, sir. What color
Does she fancy, sir?
Hey, what color you think
She likes?
You can't go wrong
With pink.
No? Let's see
The pinks.
Yes, sir.
She'll think you're
Buying flowers.
Here's the very latest
Thing from paris, sir.
This is very pretty
And very reasonable.
How tall is
The young lady?
About his size.
36, I'd say. You just feel
The texture of that, sir.
It feels all right.
Feel it.
It feels good.
Yeah, I should say
That's about the right size.
Hey, hey, hey.
Yeah, wrap it up.
Are you being
Waited on, lady?
What's the damage?
$60, please,
Well, the "please"
Goes with it, anyway.
Say, this is a good business,
Isn't it?
We do very well
Here, sir.
Yes, I see
What you mean.
Well, there it is.
Got a good start.
It was your idea.
I hope you're satisfied.
Yeah. I'd like to know
What I get out of it!
Thanks. Rural england, the netherlands,
France, italy,
Yeah, sweden's fine, and
Bulgaria and those burgs.
Sweden first. You better
Look up the hotels, gunner.
Don't you think we better
Look up a plane
To win the race
Before I hire the rooms?
I'm flying for Drake. He'll
Be looking all over town
For me by tomorrow,
And you know it.
Yeah, and you can't
Lose the race.
I might as well switch the
10,000 to swedish dough.
Ann, those babies are
All broke over there.
Do you realize how much swedish
Dough you can get for 10 grand?
Darling, I happen to know. They'll
Elect you king of something.
They won't let us out of town.
We'll hire a castle on the nile.
The nile?
The nile?
Whatever their river is.
They've all got a river.
And so they have, precious.
Darling, I've got to kiss you.
The only thing
That bothers me-
Why do we go to cleveland at
All and waste all that time?
You don't think
I can lose, do you?
The gunner doesn't,
I don't know.
He lost when he met you.
Look what he won.
Watch us, baby, and we'll show
You a little swedish massage.
Guy with the hair.
How's it going?
Hello, Jim.
Every day will be
Thursday, by and by.
He's going to pay
For that.
What, dear?
Didn't ask me
To come back, did he?
Trying to wait me out. All
Right, I've got another idea.
All right, I got
Nothing more to say.
Yes, I have. I've got one
Thing to say to you, ann.
Don't let him fly grant's
Ship. It's dangerous.
Is it, honey?
She's got your number. Don't
Pay any attention to him.
I've had to listen
To this for years.
"don't do this." "don't do
That." "don't do anything."
Well, I'm going to
Fly grant's ship,
And Drake will rue the day
For being so fresh.
How do you like that one-
"rue the day"?
I'm picking up words. She
Went to school. Here we are.
Oh, can you spare
A dollar, sweets?
Oh, yeah,
Sure, sure.
Here, take it all-
All of $3.00.
Oh, no, just a dollar. I
Want to buy a toothbrush.
White teeth-
Don't you want them?
$2.20? Ahem.
He's got it.
Oh, wait a minute! Jim,
Don't forget my package!
What package?
My nightgown!
Oh! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
We left a package!
Ha ha ha!
Well, see you
Hey, where are you
I'll go over and pick up our clothes
Before somebody
Pinches them.
I'll get everything together
And see you in the morning.
Gunner, where do you wish
I were right now-
Back in kansas
Sitting on a fence?
Why do you
Say that?
How long has it been
Since you've said good night
To him outside?
Believe me, it's a relief. Somebody else
Can put him to bed for a change.
Gunner, help me
Make you like me.
Sure, I do.
Don't wish I were
Back on the fence.
You were so dear
To me.
Gee, was it really
Just this morning?
Don't expect any day
To be any different.
Just gather thy happiness
While thy mayest.
Must have gone to school
Myself at one time or another.
You big dumb-
Oh, go to bed.
Good afternoon,
Ladies and gentlemen.
To the cleveland airport
For the final day
Of the national air races.
This is the windup of the greatest series
Of events ever seen at any air race,
And this afternoon the eyes not only
Of those of us here at the field,
But of the whole world will be
Focused on the grand prix of aviation,
The testing ground
Of both men and planes,
The world's most grueling
Competitive speed race,
The thompson
Trophy race.
There's the army bombardment
Group taking off
For an exhibition of practice
Maneuvers and of dive-bombing.
The squadron, upon reaching
Their rendezvous...
Ok, Jim, everything is great.
Isn't it, gunner?
Ok, you just go up there, boy.
You cannot lose!
Can he, gunner?
Just go up there, boy.
You cannot lose.
You got the finest-
Up in the grandstand,
Up in the grandstand.
Yeah, yeah. If you're not here
When I come back, I'll understand.
Ok, ok.
Yeah, ok, ok.
Ha ha! Well,
Does she go?
She goes,
But don't ask me where.
Well, this is a funny
Situation, isn't it, Jim?
You miss me?
Yeah. Is it mutual?
Well, it doesn't
Seem natural.
I'll give you
That much.
Benson's all right.
Oh, sure,
Benson's all right.
He's a little bit
Yeah. He says the new ship is so fast
He's afraid the judges won't
Be able to count the laps.
Ha ha! He spent
The dough already.
He's taking his family to italy.
How's thursday
Your pretty wife.
Oh, yeah! Ha ha!
Hey, where is
She's in the grandstand.
Where's friday? In the bar.
No, Jim, no.
Yeah. We just got
Time for one.
Scotch and a coke.
A coke and a coke.
Hiya, hiya,
Hiya, pal.
Well, hiya, pal. How
Are you? Glad to see you.
Gunner, do you know
The mighty Benson?
Oh, yeah-
The parachute jumper.
You got good seats? Going to be
A nice race to watch.
The battle for second place
Is going to be vicious.
My wife's sitting pretty. You can
Buy a lot of seats for 10 grand.
You're a piker.
My wife's here with the kids.
What do you want to
Disappoint all of them for?
I hear you're
Going to italy.
Right from here, Jim.
We'll meet you
In sweden.
I'm not kidding. The missis has
Been harping about the mediterranean,
But this is
The first real dough
I've ever got ahold of.
Oh, oh, may!
You know
Jim Lane.
No. Ha ha!
How do you do,
Mrs. Benson?
And this is the gunner, his mechanic.
How do you do?
The boys are drowning their sorrows.
What will you have,
Mrs. Benson?
I understand we're celebrating
A trip to the mediterranean.
Oh, nothing,
Oh. And I wish Fred would stop
Talking about the mediterranean.
He's got me
Half-believing it,
And as for the children,
They might as well be there.
Look, daddy, all pictures about italy.
Have you ever
Been to italy?
Mother says the sea
Is bluer than the sky.
I want a drink!
Ha ha! You want
A drink!
His father's boy.
Good-bye. I'm awfully glad
To have met you.
Thank you.
Attention! Pilots
For the thompson trophy race
On the lines now!
Now, ladies
And gentlemen,
The big event of the year
In aviation-
The thompson trophy race for
The 10 fastest planes in america.
20 times around
This closed course
In aviation's toughest
Competitive speed event.
Why, it's annie.
Yes! And to think
I left kansas for this.
I wonder what
Joe's doing now.
Is this giving me
The laugh?
Mm-hmm. There's a sucker
Born every second, pal.
Not anymore.
I broke the mold.
All clear?
Well, you can
Sing a song
Of 10 grand, a pocketful of dough!
I'll see you
At the bank!
Don't do anything
I wouldn't do!
I won't!
Oh, darling!
I got a telegram
From the landlady!
Oh, yeah?
What did she say?
She hopes you win!
Here comes
The first entry racer-
Number 7,
Flown by Jim Lane.
Lane, you remember, won the
Thompson last year in a Drake special
And set a new record
Of 259.108 miles per hour.
There's the starter
Holding up his flag.
Benny strong will be
Flying his number 86.
The timers and judges
Are ready.
There it goes!
They're away!
At the conclusion
Of the 16th lap,
With only 40 miles
Left to go,
Fred Benson
In his Drake special
Is still leading the field
And is averaging 279 miles...
Now he's pushing
Benson hard!
7 is riding
Right over 12!
Now he's nosing down
For speed!
Here they come
Down the stretch!
Lane's pulling away
From Benson
And going into an angled push.
There he goes!
Lane comes over the grandstand
And pulls out into the lead.
Uh-oh. There's something
Wrong up there.
Lane's on fire!
The grant mystery special
Is on fire,
With the motor
Of the grant racer burning up!
Lane has the ship
Under perfect control...
Come down, Jim.
Come on, don't be a fool.
Oh, gunner.
Why, he's going to continue!
With only 15
More miles to go,
Lane's going to gamble that
His ship will hold together!
One more lap.
He's on fire!
Ah, don't be crazy.
That's nothing.
It's nice to have
A little fire.
You don't know how cold
It gets up there.
Jim! Jim!
Besides, the guy
Is made of asbestos.
How can you talk like
That? How dare you!
Why, you little fool,
Who are you talking to?
What do you think this game is,
Anyway? It's death every time you move.
It ain't safe to sit
In one of them!
It ain't even safe
To look at one of them!
And you married him without giving it
A thought. I'll say you're a sucker.
Let me tell you another thing! If you're
With that guy long enough, you'll...
Bless you, gunner.
He's got
A good chance.
It's awful good
Up there.
There he goes,
Diving into the pylon!
And look! Look!
The fire's out!
He dove the fire out!
Come on, Jim!
Come on, boy!
Here he comes-
The winner!
He's across the line.
Ladies and gentlemen...
The grant mystery racer
Wins the thompson trophy race.
Here he comes in now.
Give him a big hand...
Why, it's a beauty!
What were you doing,
Giving us an exhibition?
Ha ha! Thursday!
Thursday! Sweet thursday!
Jim! Jim, that was
You made it!
Ha ha!
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh, Benson's in trouble
- Benson in number 12!
It looks like he's going to
Crash! Everybody off the field!
Field guards,
To your stations immediately!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Please stay behind the fence
And off the field.
There's nothing you
Can do there
Save hinder those who are trying
Their best to help Fred Benson.
How is he?
He's all right now.
Let me through.
I can't.
Please. I'm Mrs. Benson.
It's him.
Will you
Watch the-
Joe, you and kathleen,
You watch the baby.
Now, don't move,
Mama! Mama!
Wait for me.
She in there?
Taking him home
On the midnight.
She alone?
Are in the hotel.
Well, that's
The way it goes.
Oh, Jim.
Benson should never have
Been in that new racer.
There's only one man
In all the country
Should have been up
With her today, Jim.
After this, let's you and
I stop this quarreling.
Seems kind of silly.
Go ahead.
I want to see
Mrs. Benson.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Lane.
It was very brave.
I don't feel the way
I thought I would.
I guess I was so sure
It would happen sometime.
How's the dough
Oh, we'll be all right.
You're lucky in one way, Mrs. Benson.
I mean,
Lucky that I won.
You see, Benson
And I were splitting
If either of us
Came through,
But I suppose
He told you.
You what?
Yeah. Didn't he
Tell you?
Well, we were,
So I got it cashed.
There's 5 grand
In the envelope.
Mr. Lane, please-
You don't me
To welsh on a guy
Because he's not here
To collect it, do you?
But I-
But listen, keep it
Under your hat, see?
I don't want Drake
To know that I thought
He ever had
A chance to win.
You know how it is.
We don't get on.
Mr. Lane,
You're lying to me.
If you want
To put it that way-
Of course, it's
So beautiful of you.
I- I do need it
So terribly.
I mean, the children.
I mean, they're so-
It's all right, pal.
And listen, he died
At his trade, see?
He has to die
Sometime, hasn't he?
He died in the air, and the
Air is Benson's business.
Yes. Yes, I know.
And he-he was so dear.
He wanted to take us
All to italy so much.
I- I hope he's there.
Oh, god!
If I had
The wings of an angel
O'er these prison walls
I would fly
And fly to the arms
Of my darling
And there
I'd be willing to die
Come on. Come on. Where is it?
I'm right here, pal.
I'm right here.
Come on. The dough. The dough.
Never mind the dough.
Listen, ann,
That guy started
With 10 grand,
All in cash,
And he's
On a bender.
Grab some of it,
Will you?
I can't grab any.
It's too big.
His attention.
Your pleasure.
Hi, dear!
What kind of a drink
Is that-"hi, dear"?
Oh, that's
A great drink.
"hi, dear"
Is a kansas drink.
It originated
In wichita.
Oh! Well, then "hi,
Dear" is the best drink.
Have a clean one.
Well, well! Great day,
Mr. Drake. Great day.
The best race by far.
Not for me it wasn't, Mr. Brown.
There's Lane and the boys.
I'm going to speak to them.
I wouldn't bother. They're pretty drunk.
Let them alone.
Glad to do it, Mr. Drake.
Glad to do it.
Boys! Boys! Boys!
Boys! Boys! Let me
Introduce myself.
We know you!
He's the chamber
Of commerce!
He's the mayor!
No, boys, no,
I'm not the mayor,
But all the champagne
You can drink is on me.
Waiter! Waiter!
Champagne for the boys!
Mr. Cleveland!
No, no, but I know what these
Races mean to this fair city.
Fair cleveland.
Boys, boys!
I'm interrupting
This festive gathering
For two reasons, which
Consists of two toasts.
The first, to Jim Lane,
Who won today,
The greatest race
In aviation history.
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
How does it feel to be the star? Gosh!
I'll pin it
On you, baby.
The second toast, to the man who
Sacrificed his life in the same race,
Your buddy Fred Benson!
Who's Benson?
Never heard
Of him.
Get going.
Come on. Scram!
Get out of here!
Come on!
Who is Benson?
Any of you guys
Ever hear of him?
Yeah. Sure, sure. He's
The guy that went to italy.
What license
Did that guy ever have to fly?
He didn't have any.
It's too tough, baby.
The sky looks sweet
And wears
A pretty blue dress,
Doesn't she? Yeah.
Don't kid yourself.
She lives up there.
She invites you
Up there,
And when she gets you
Up there,
She knocks you down.
A nice guy like Benson.
Don't think, honey.
I'm not thinking, honey.
I'm just telling you.
Benson wasn't
Good enough for her.
"come on. Get out of the
Sky. I don't like you."
Sure. That's her. But
Don't let her fool you
When she looks
Soft and sweet.
She sits in your lap
And purrs, doesn't she?
Yeah. She don't fool me none,
Because wham! And there it is.
Fire is still fire.
Stuck her little tongue
Out at me, didn't she?
All fiery red,
A kiss from cinderella.
She didn't get away
With it, did she?
Did she, kansas?
She got kissed right back.
Yeah, and when you take her by
The throat, you shake her silly,
You slap her back, you put her in
Her place, and you give her the left.
That vicious,
Scheming, rotten-
Waiter! Waiter! Waiter!
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm trying to get
Some of that dough.
Is that any way to get
It? Gentlemen don't grab.
If you're going to grab,
Grab a waiter.
Waiter! Waiter! Waiter!
Look, Jim,
You know you-
I'll know you when you
Come back with a bottle.
Who are you?
A girl.
Who told you so?
You did.
I don't even know
Your name.
I know yours.
I'm a famous guy.
I want
A blue dress.
She wears a blue dress up there.
Who does?
Miss "up there."
I look nice
In blue.
What do I get
For it?
I'll purr
In your lap.
You wore
A red dress once.
I've switched.
You've what?
What are you
Doing here anyway?
What do you want?
Waiter! Waiter!
Gunner, will you
Take me home?
You sick?
No. I'm just
What's the matter?
Come on now, Jim. It's time
For all of us to go home.
All right. You go right along.
I'll be right along after.
Thanks for the party,
Going to be a lot
Of them, honey.
Take her along home,
Gunner. She's tired.
Where'll you be?
I'll be right here.
Got any money
For a cab?
Yeah, yeah. Sure.
Here. Here.
Take it all.
Thanks. Won't leave you short, will it?
Well, I met her,
Didn't I?
My rival.
Sure, sure, you met her.
Don't just "sure" me
Like that, gunner.
I tell you,
I met my rival,
And she rides with him
When he's alone up there.
And it's hard
To cut out a girl
A man loves
When he's alone.
He never looked at me the way he looked
When he said he slapped
Her back in her place.
I met her,
All right.
Don't worry. I'll stay right with him.
Tell him
I want to be slapped.
Back to the same place,
And I ain't sightseeing.
...in your eyes
So blue
Let me call you
Next bar from here.
Don't shake me.
I'm awake.
I phoned long enough. You should be.
Yeah. I heard you
The first time.
Why didn't you
Answer it?
What would I answer it
For? I knew who it was.
Do you know
What day it is?
I know it's day and it
Isn't night. That's enough.
You know
Where you are?
I know
I was in detroit.
Yeah. Now you're
In chicago.
Chicago, chicago
I don't feel
Like doing that.
You've been in every
City but indianapolis.
Where is she?
Last time I saw her,
She was in cleveland.
That was 4 days ago.
Yeah. You don't have
To worry, though.
I talked to her
On the phone,
And I had just
Enough dough left
To wire her back
To new york.
Yeah, and speaking
Of dough,
I suppose you got my share
Right here with you, huh?
Look in my pants.
Even the handkerchief
Is blown.
In the vest.
There ain't no vest.
Where is it?
Ask the vest!
Well, pal,
It was a great race.
I'm glad you won.
Time to go home,
Isn't it?
I don't know.
Maybe it is.
It's an idea.
And I've got to say
I'm sorry, I suppose.
And yet if there's any
Fuss, I'm going to be sore.
You know how it is.
No, I don't, but let's
Go home and find out.
And I hope she still likes
You because she's a good girl.
She'd make a fine
Wife for somebody.
We're all right
So far.
That's better than having
Them awake. You ought to know.
- I think I'll go in and see how she is.
Yeah. I think
That'd be fine.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll go in.
Yeah. Go right in.
I'm going.
What are you
Going to do?
Stay here, where
I can get out quick.
Wise guy.
You're the fella that
Always takes the chances.
You ought to
Know that one.
You want to come
With me?
No. No, thank you.
How are you, ann?
I didn't think
I was asleep.
How are you,
Bad boy?
Pretty bad boy.
Feeling low?
I've been up higher.
I'm glad
To see you, ann.
I'm glad.
Is gunner
Out there?
I'll be out
In a minute.
Yeah. Yeah. Sure.
Come on out.
Nothing to it.
What'd she say?
You're both
Looking fine.
Well, you know, we've been out before.
Experience helps.
Say, what have you
Been doing?
Gee, that's just like him to
Say that like that, isn't it?
Well, dear, you've had
More fun than I have.
Well, I've tried, if
You put it that way.
And I've tried
For 5 days
To think of some way
To be cross with you.
Oh, Jim, if I could
Only hate you.
What do you want to hate me for, baby?
Gee, that would be fine.
And don't sit there
And look so, dear.
He's looking at me
Like he used to,
Just looking.
Look at gunner.
There it is.
You see what I mean,
Gunner? When he just looks?
That's why I married him,
So it must be some look.
It's so stern and so sweet
And so dumb.
It's halfway between
An indian and a gazelle,
And I can't do anything
Against it.
Oh, won't the landlady
Be glad to see you, too?
How she likes you.
She likes me?
Does she.
She kept asking me,
"when in the world
Will Mr. Lane be home?"
A fine woman.
Say, how much do we owe her, darling?
About $200, darling.
Oh, well, that's nothing, is it?
No, but I'll bet you haven't got
All of that 10,000 left, have you?
I'll bet-let's see.
5 days...
Gee whiz,
The way you spend it,
I'll bet you haven't
Got over-
Over 6,000 or 7,000 left,
Have you?
Not over that,
Well, it's a lot more
Than $10, isn't it?
Remember the night
We only had $10, darling?
Uh, gunner tells me
You got home all right.
Yes. Here I am.
I'm home.
That's right.
Kind of a lonesome trip, though...
Better than
Mrs. Benson's.
I'm sorry, ann.
I'm broke.
I'm asking for your
Hand. I want to shake it.
I know you're broke.
I was only teasing.
But I know Mrs. Benson
Isn't broke.
That was lovely
Of you, pal.
I'll bet you were funny when
You were giving it to her.
I wish I'd been
Behind the screen.
You're some girl!
I see. I see now.
You do? What?
I see what you are.
You're all right.
And listen, you know
What I'm going to do?
I'm going to do something
That'll surprise you.
I'm going to show you
What I think of you.
I'm going out and grab
Some wine and drink to you.
What a surprise!
Don't kid yourself. Any dame
That accepts things like that
Isn't a dame.
She's something else.
Is that joint open on the corner?
Never mind. I'll break in if it isn't.
I'll be back with the bacon.
I'm drinking to a woman.
I'm drinking to your mother,
I'm drinking to your father,
And I'm drinking to the whole
Cornfed state of kansas.
I've been around him
A long time.
That's the first time I ever heard
Him praise anything but himself.
I can't believe it.
But you've got it coming.
It was fine.
Why? What else do you do
When there's nothing to do?
It's easy to be gallant
When you're doomed.
What do you mean,
You should
Ask me that.
Who said I was a sucker
When he was on fire?
I've had 5 days
To think, haven't I?
Don't you think I know
He has to get drunk?
Don't you think I can think with you?
And don't you think, Mr.
Gunner, I've tried to walk out?
I've got a ticket in
My pocketbook, even.
I've packed my bag so
Many times it's worn out,
But I didn't go,
And now I'm going
To be drunk to.
But, ann, you shouldn't
Think like that,
- because it's no way to think. It's crazy.
This is crazier.
3 roads face us, and there's
Doom at the end of each.
He didn't drink,
He slapped her
Back again,
And he sits around, his
Nerves screaming with triumph.
He sits around
Drinking sarsaparilla with ann-me.
How he would
Love me.
The second road
Is worse than that.
He's retired from flying
And works on the ground.
Imagine a man with
His heart in the sky
Living with a woman
On the ground.
He wouldn't like
Himself very much,
And I wouldn't like him, either, gunner.
Oh, no. He's in love
With a woman with wings.
She's got him. I've
No way to cut her out.
But there's
Another road.
Yes, there is,
And we're on it.
We go on as if nothing had happened.
He goes in the next race, another bat,
Another race,
Another bat,
Until someday, when he's
Not quite so young and quick,
She slaps him out,
And Mrs. Benson takes
Another man home on the train.
How do you like it?
You know, don't you?
No, no, I don't know. I've
Only had it for 10 years,
And you hit it right
On the nose, too.
You just sit
And wait for it.
What do I do it for?
Because there's nothing
Else to do. He gets you.
There's no fun being
With anybody else.
What's fun about waiting
For somebody to die?
Every ticktock
Of the clock-
Still living,
Still living,
Still living,
Still living.
What for?
I won't do it.
I won't love him
That much.
What do you think
I'm made of?
How can you expect
Me to do that?
You didn't say
I was a sucker.
You said I was the champion of them.
Well, I won't be.
Haven't I the right
To live my life
Without being tortured every second?
Haven't I?
Haven't I?!
What's the matter?
I'm leaving you, that's what
It is, on the next train.
You'll never
See me again.
Don't blow on me, ann.
Right now.
Give me a chance to make
Up for this, will you? No.
Come on. Give me a chance. I'm
Not used to being married yet.
But I'll pick up.
I never asked anybody
To do anything
For me before.
That's a good start,
Isn't it, ann?
I won't do it.
I've been looking forward to
Seeing you all day. Ask the gunner.
I don't care.
And listen, dear, I'm going to
Prove a lot of things to you.
We started on that
Last party together.
I can see your face
Before me right now,
Sitting there
Through all that smoke.
We were even flirting,
Weren't we? Sure we were.
That party is going to
End up with you.
You go in the kitchen
And make some sandwiches,
And we'll make believe there
Were no 5 days in between.
Just you and I
On a little blowoff.
See the idea of it, ann?
Please see.
Take it easy, pal.
It's all right. You
Can't blame her, I guess.
All that talk of sweden
And all that.
You know those things
Are disappointing.
And she tried hard
To forgive me, didn't she?
I wish she hadn't made me
Believe it, though.
She was kind of sweet the
Way she talked at first.
Well, that's all right.
A lot of angles
To it, boy.
Yeah? There's just
One angle to it, boy-
She doesn't love me as much
As I thought she did.
That's the ticket when
You get right down to it,
And there's nothing
You can do about that.
Yeah, and that's
All right, too.
Oh, I don't know.
Yeah? Well,
She fooled me good.
I thought I rated higher
Than a few days drunk.
I'm sorry I asked her
To stay now,
Because I did ask her. You
Were in the room. You heard me.
I actually asked her
To stay.
I did something I never
Did before in my life-
I begged a girl
To be my girl. Hmm!
And I didn't beg her once.
I begged her twice.
Me! A little country girl
Off of a kansas farm,
And I begged her.
I ought to go in there
And tell her right now!
I'm packed.
See all my things?
You just happened
To come back
At the wrong
Moment, dear.
I was telling gunner how
Lonesome I was, that's all.
After this,
I'll understand.
Your life is yours, and the
Loudest applause you'll hear of all
Will be me in the stands.
So, do you still want me
To come to the party?
I'll make a cheese sandwich if you do.
I do that very well.
Gee, I'm glad
To see you, crazy.
Did you really see my
Face through the smoke?
How's your sky girl? Have you
Slapped her since I've seen you?
Yes, dear.
I know you don't want me
To get out of here now.
There's that funny look coming over
Your funny mug
See it, gunner?
I don't see why that's
Funnier than any other.
See? Gunner thinks
You're funny, too.
You're a big clown,
No other face ever made me
Laugh so much before.
And she calls me crazy. I ask you.
Listen, nuts, I'm going to
Do more than look at you.
I'm going to
Settle down.
Yeah. I'm going to surprise
You. I'm going to settle down.
How, dear?
Settle how?
Just the way you want it. Jim.
I'm going to get
That dough back
So fast you won't know
What hit you.
Drake's got jobs that
No one wants any part of,
All the way from pursuit
Jobs to seaplanes.
That-a boy. That's a cute
Little place to settle down.
What do you
Mean, pal?
I mean, right in the middle
Of the atlantic ocean.
Oh. Say, who do you love, kansas?
You, so help me, the whole ocean full.
I'm so crazy
About you.
Yes. I'm nuts.
I must be.
Ha ha ha!
I wish you could have
Seen Drake's face
When I told him I was settling
Down. He thought I was drunk.
You're not fooling
Wrap it tight, pal. I'm going to
Give it the works up there today,
And I don't want it
To pop open.
I'll wrap them.
You fly them.
What's eating on you? You think
I'm going to get drunk tonight, too?
You think so?
I didn't say that.
No. You didn't say
Listen, I meant every word
I told her last night.
From now on, I'm going to
Attend to business.
I used to take jobs
When I felt like it,
But from now on, I'm going to
Take anything that comes along,
And all the dough
- I'm going to put it right in her lap.
Will that
Please her! Baby!
Do you really want
To please her?
Just watch me.
Quit flying and go
Into a shoe store.
Did she tell you that?
I'm just
Saying that.
Yeah, and you're just
Saying nothing, as usual.
That just shows you
What you know about women.
A shoe store! I should give up
The trade I love for a woman.
She'd hate me.
You heard what she said-
She'd be the loudest
Applause of all.
Why don't you go
Drown yourself?
Is that
Tight enough?
Yeah, but I'm not
Going to be tonight.
I'm going to take her
To a show instead.
And who do you love,
I love you.
And I love you, too.
Come on.
Cut it out!
You didn't kiss me.
Come on. Let's go
And kiss the army.
Yeah. All right.
Well! He's
Getting even
To look like
A gentleman,
Isn't he,
He's got that settled-down look.
Do you play
Bridge, Jim?
It's an idea.
I'll learn.
Ah, come to the house any evening.
Glad to.
Will you come
To dinner?
White tie?
White tie!
Ah, general!
Well, you knew I'd make it somehow, huh?
Well, I had the idea.
Well, well, well,
Well, well!
Hello, general.
I haven't seen you
Since you left the army.
How are they doing?
I might forget
A lot of things
If you want
To come back.
I've still got
Ha ha ha!
Oh, Lane.
Drake has probably told
You everything but this-
This test is more important to
The army than it is to Drake.
Drake will sell a lot of ships
If you win. That lets him out.
But the army needs a new pursuit
Speed. We've got to have it.
Who are you chasing,
Wait'll you see
What we've got.
It's a shame to bust up
A pretty bird like this,
But you've got to
Do it for us.
We must find out
What that speed is.
She'll move,
I hope so. I saw billy hogan
Bringing the other one down.
She wasn't loafing,
But hogan wasn't alive
To tell us.
I shouldn't be telling
You this, I suppose.
Why general, you're giving me
The jitters.
What do you expect of
Those army aviators?
Anyway, I'll kiss the
Wings good-bye at 3,000
And have all the dough
For you, ok, general?
Come out alive, boy.
Yeah. Sure.
You should see her.
Thank you.
Thought you were
Going to stay home.
That's worse.
I'd rather see it, even.
Do they go that high
That's the idea of it.
They got to get a start.
How bad is it?
As bad as I gathered?
We don't act.
I don't know, ann.
That's right.
Don't kid me.
Here he comes!
I wish he were home. No, I
Don't, either. Come on, Jim!
Wouldn't it be funny
If it rained?
If it rained now,
We'd all get wet,
And he's got
An umbrella.
You ok?
Yes, yes.
Go on home.
You all right, Jim?
Yeah, sure.
Ok, read it
Yeah. Wait till you see the
Whites of their eyes, gentlemen.
Ha ha ha!
Come on. Take
A little more.
Good. That's fine.
He's all right.
You mean it?
Yeah, yeah.
Don't tell him.
I won't, pal.
I'll go find him.
All right, pal.
Well, well! What are you doing here?
I was a little
Thirsty, wasn't I?
You should have
Seen her, Mr. Lane.
He's seen me before. How
About joining me, Mr. Lane?
Don't tell me you're buying
A drink, Mrs. Lane. Scotch.
What do you do
For dough?
Twice. My credit
Is far-reaching.
Yeah? Then how about
Reaching for that, pal?
Ooh. $4,000.
How's that?
Oh, well.
Well, look again.
It isn't mine.
It's made out to me.
Yeah, and there's a lot more
Coming in that same parade.
Didn't I tell you things
Were going to be different?
And you know what I'm
Going to do tonight?
I'm going to take
You to a show,
And then I'm going
Home like a gentleman-
I mean, like a husband. What do I mean?
The whole idea's
Got me groggy.
Me, too, but I'm not going to
Be any more groggier about you.
I don't care
How sweet you are.huh?
I'm stuck on you enough,
And that's enough, see?
Stuck on me, huh?
Yes, I'm stuck on you. And
Now I'm going to drink to you.
Here's to your mother,
Here's to your father,
And here's to the best aviator
In the entire cockeyed world.
Ha ha ha!
Still living...
Still living... Still living...
Still living...
Still living.
I hope you all know
Who you're riding with!
Woo! Ha ha!
I'm not kidding!
I want you to meet
The greatest test pilot
In the history
Of the world!
Trouble, brother?
You look mournful.
Afraid your friends
Will fall out?
It's another road
At that.
No, they won't be
That lucky.
Oh, look
At this one!
Oh, boy!
Yes, ma'am?
Please don't go so fast. Mr. Lane
Has a little trouble with his heart,
And any speed... Well,
You know what I mean.
Yes, ma'am. I'll take it nice and slow.
Ha ha ha!
Oh, it's wonderful
To be silly, I guess.
Oh, I want
Some peanuts.
Peanuts? Yeah.
Oh, be careful,
You can't keep
This up.
What's the matter?
I've never felt
Such pain.
It's like the sharp edge of a knife.
I'll get used
To it, really.
You'll be dead
Before he is.
All right, too.
All right.
I'm sorry. I'll get used
To it in time. Give me time.
I don't mean that either. I'm grabbing
What I can. What do you want me to do?
I don't know.
Gunner, don't
Ever fall in love.
Don't ever
Fall in love.
You know what goes
Good with peanuts?
What, outside
Of you?
Yeah? Try
And get it.
That's easy. There's a good
Hotel right up here-the neptune.
The neptune?
The neptune.
Yes, sir.
Having a good
Time, darling?
Enjoying yourself,
Why don't you be gay for once
And give yourself a shock?
Too many roads.
What roads?
3 roads.
Yeah, 3 roads.
3 roads.
3 roads.
This is driving
Me crazy.
The 3 roads? Yeah, the 3 roads,
And I don't know
What I'm doing.
You're going
Yeah, I guess
Maybe I am.
I'm sorry to see you
Do that, pal.
You're going to be sorry
For a lot more than that,
But you got company.
There's 3 of us,
And we're all doomed.
That's a road apiece.
And miss up there-
She lives on.
What are you
Talking about?
You're drunk already.
I haven't said
A word.
Here, have a drink.
Where are we?
We're going through
Brooklyn, dear.
Going through
I can't help it.
Or anything else.
You're helpless.
3 roads.
He's on them
What, dear?
3 roads.
Make him
Take this.
I'll take them,
All 3 of them.
3 blind roads.
See how they run.
Where are we?
In brooklyn still?
You're on
The roads, boy.
It won't be long.
Oh, ann.
I'm right here,
Where's Jim?
He's right here,
Two? You're crazy.
There's 3.
3 roads...
3 blind roads.
How much heavier
You figure
These new bombs are
Going to run, general?
3 or 4 tons.
That's enough. Have you met Lane's wife?
They don't come
Any sweeter.
Oh, hello.
Come over here.
General ross, this is thursday Lane.
Hello, thursday.
Hello, general.
Get in there.
Thank you.
Come here.
What's the name
Of the hotel, general?
Isn't she a buster?
This is going to be the
Biggest job Jim's ever done,
In every way,
You see all that loading
They're doing?
That represents the weight
Of the bombs and the crew.
The height record for a war boat of
That size is just under 20,000 feet.
We're after 30 with
A range of 5,000 miles.
Ha ha! That's way up, thursday.
6 miles?
Hi, darling!
I hear you're going to have
Lunch with a bunch of angels.
Are you jealous?
Speak for yourself.
She's going to have
Lunch with the general.
Where did you ever find
Anything like this, Lane?
I picked it off
A cloud, general.
I haven't seen
A cloud for so long.
Darling, I'd love to take
That high ride with you.
I've never asked you before. Can I
Be a bomb? I'll be twice as quiet.
You know what you'd be
With that dress on up there?
What would I be?
A little icicle.
With you?
When do you take off? Right away.
Give me 28,000, we'll call it a day.
Right, general?
But don't force her, man.
You've got a hotel on your hand.
What will you give me for everything
I get over 30? I feel in form.
You just get
30 and stop feeling.
Those are orders.
Right, general?
She'll bust over 30.
You stop fooling
And come home.
Yeah. Think of us waiting down here.
Yes. Think
Of your wife.
Yeah, yeah. I always think of thursday.
Come on. Get going. We
Want to get out of here.
Take your time,
Gunner. We're ready.
Yeah? You've been
Ready all day.
Listen, you do
The flying, and-
Here, here. What's
The matter here?
Tell that guy-
I'll tell you.
What's the matter with you? You're not the
Guy I know anymore-drinking and fighting.
Yeah, and I'll tell you why, and
You're going to listen and like it.
Then maybe you'll see...
What will I see?
You must be drunk.
I never heard such talk.
Come on. We've got
To go to work.
Ok. I'm sober now.
Gunner, I...
Don't worry, ann.
I'll make up for that.
I won't let you
Down again.
Ok, pal?
Ok, pal.
3 roads.
We'll walk 'em good.
For a nice fella, you've
Certainly turned into a crab.
I never saw
Anything like it.
She lifts nice.
She'd do better if she didn't
Have so much weight in her.
You're heavier
Than lead these days.
Calling w.s.r.
From Lane.
Lane at 7,000 feet.
Starting up
Through overcast.
Going on instruments.
On north bead.
There she is.
We're coming, honey!
There's the sky.
Little alice
Blue gown.
W.s.r. From Lane.
On top first layer.
Switching over
To high blower.
We'll call you in 20.
That's right.
Switching over
To oxygen-
Hot air to you.
W.s.r., Lane.
New record
For weight-
Full throttle.
Manifold pressure-
Rate of climb-
600 feet.
Fuel flow-76.
And it's 30 or bust.
Think nothing of it.
Yeah. We're at 26.
Manifold pressure
We're about washed.
Turn the heat full on.
It is full on.
Get up there,
Baby girl! Get up!
Can't hear you.
Never mind.
That washes that.
We're about through, too.
She's washed.
Oh, no, she's not.
She's choking
To death!
30! 30, I tell you!
Isn't this high enough?
What more do you want?
I want 30. I said 30!
I want 30, and that's
The end of it!
50 more.
Squeeze! Squeeze!
She's over!
Don't let her
Fall off!
It's the stabilizer!
W.s.r. From Lane.
W.s.r. From Lane!
Let's see you get
A hotel out of a spin.
Wait till we get down. We'll let in
Some air. Feel all right, don't you?
Oh, I feel charming.
Why don't we ditch the sand?
She's got to be light.
Plenty of time, pal.
Go on! Beat it!
Can you move any? Give me
An inch on that wheel!
No. Go on! Get out!
Are you all right?
Yeah. Sure.
Aw, he's tough.
Hey, can you move any?
I'm just taking it easy.
Don't do anything
Dumb on me.
Just listen.
I got so many words.
Let me string 'em.
Don't take anyone
In my place.
You're so dumb.
You don't know
How good I was.
You just loved me.
And I was
Awful good, see?
Give ann a kiss.
Here's a break for me,
I won't ever have to go home
And break the news to her.
I leave the roads first.
Don't die...
For my sake.
That's all
I'd come back for...
If I could.
Oh, my dear boy.
I'm sorry.
Why wasn't it you?
It couldn't have been
You, could it?
Oh, no. I've got more
Coming to me.
I've got to get all
That's coming to me.
Another year maybe,
Another year first.
I'll go crazy first!
Why don't you die
And leave me alone?
Got a kiss
For you, ann.
His last crack.
Go on. What else?
What are you
Going to say?
Your heart's
Aren't you going
To say that?
My heart isn't
Bleeding a drop.
My memory of the gunner
Is beautiful.
I believe you.
You have no heart.
You don't know
What pain is.
But you'll have
I love you with
My heart, Jim Lane,
But it won't last
Much longer.
Pain is
Eating it away.
He died at his trade, didn't
He? What more do you want?
That's great. Go right
Back up in the sky...
That awful sky!
Go up there
And stay!
We have nothing
To talk about, ann.
We had a little
Hard luck.
I don't know if it was
My fault or not.
Oh, I guess not.
You guessed it good.
30-good night.
Safe at 28, huh?
That's wonderful.
Who are you going
To give me now?
I don't know.
Who do you want?
Jerry carter's
All right.
He's all right.
Ok with me. We'll take the
Sister ship up tomorrow.
Fine. How about a little layoff first?
I don't want any, see?
I'm a test pilot.
We live long enough
To build a floor up there
So that someday the world can go to
Bed on it. That's the idea, isn't it?
A tough man.
How else do you figure it? And
Listen, I haven't started yet.
I'll go back up there.
I'm going back up there to pay the
Sky back for what she did to me today.
I'll pay her back.
I'll wring her neck!
And I'll show ann something she
Won't forget in a hurry either!
I'll show her! I'll go back
Up there, and I'll stay there!
I'll never come down!
What-what am I
Talking about?
I can't talk-what did you
Let me talk like this for?
What's the matter
With me?
You went home,
Didn't you?
I don't know. I don't
Know what came off.
She's going screwy,
I guess. I don't know.
Maybe she's
In love with you.
Hmm. You should have been there.
It sounded more like she hated me.
If she doesn't love you, she's got
A mighty funny way of showing it.
You should have been with us
This morning after you went up.
When the general
Asked her for lunch,
She said until you
Came down, she was dead.
Did she say that?
Yes, sir. That's
Just what she said.
She's a nice girl. I always
Thought I got on with her all right.
I can see how another guy would
Hang around the house with her
And have a couple of babies and all
That applesauce, but that's not for me.
You know I'm right.
You know me.
Oh, sure, Jim.
I know.
It was in this very
Office I bawled you out
Because you brought a girl to
New york instead of a record.
You remember that,
Don't you?
Yeah, sure.
Remember what
You called her?
You called her
Another peach.
Yeah, and while she never
Got much of a start with me,
I have to admit
She's just that.
She's a nice girl, but we
Got no business being married.
You can say this
Much for it anyway-
It comes in handy
Tonight because...
Well, Jim...
I think if that oil
Hadn't spouted over kansas
And she was
In kansas tonight
Instead of
In your home here,
It would be
Pretty tough.
Wouldn't it?
Ah... Yeah.
I'll give her that.
I kind of wish
She knew that.
I think it
Would please her.
Do you think she'd
Like to hear that?
You know how it is.
You know how women take
Those little things.
Always seems to please them
For some reason or other.
It does, huh?
Oh, yes.
Well, then...
Do you really think it would please
Her if I went home and told her that?
I think it would
Make her very happy.
Well... I don't mind
Doing that,
If you say so.
I'd say so, Jim.
All right.
I guess I will.
Thanks for the advice.
All right, Jim.
Thursday, this is Drake.
Say, listen, thursday,
Uh... I've just been
Talking to Jim.
Where is he?
Is he all right?
I said
Terrible things.
I know all about it. There's
Nothing to worry about at all.
He's on his way home.
Just listen, thursday, and I'm going to
Tell you something you're going to like.
He's all through
Test piloting.
He's in love
With you, thursday.
Yes, "oh."
He doesn't know this
Himself, but I'm telling you,
He'd rather be with you
Than in the sky,
And when a man's heart's down
Here, he's no more good up there.
Don't ever let him know
Anything about it,
And pretty soon Mr. Jim Lane
Will be working on the ground,
And he'll never know
How he got there.
Oh, Mr. Drake,
Are you sure?
I've only made one mistake
In my life, thursday,
And that's the first time
I saw you from a distance.
Good-bye, thursday.
You're going to hear a lot
Of squawking from him,
But don't let that
Bother you.
Just smile up your sleeve
And let him squawk.
I won't mind
The squawking.
I'll just...
What's that,
I said, I hope he squawks
And squawks and squawks.
I've been talking for
30 minutes to you boys,
And you're probably looking
Wise and giving me the bird.
I don't know what I'm doing here
Talking to you in the first place.
I got out of the army once,
And I don't know how I got back.
And I'm not flying. I'm talking,
If you can beat that one.
Anybody got
Any questions?
All right. Uh...
Good luck and...
And, uh... Well,
Go on and get in.
What's the idea? What are
You doing over here anyway?
You weren't here when I
Was handing out the baloney.
Yes, dear,
We were here.
Hello, pal. How are you?
I didn't see you.
Haven't I told you not to bring
The kid around a place like this?
Do you know how many
Engines there are over there?
Don't you realize that his ears
Are delicate? Might hurt him.
What's the matter with
Those guys, anyway?
Come on, barney. Get up
There. What's eating you?
I bet you
They don't make it.
I don't know why I'm not
Up there in front of them.
A man spends his whole
Life getting somewhere,
And where
Does he end up?
Nowhere, just where
He started.