Testament (2017) Movie Script

(static buzzing)
- [Announcer] We apologize
for the graphic nature
of that last breaking news segment.
Though we know little as of yet,
the now-deceased appeared to be the leader
of what is believed to be a terrorist cell
known only as The Movement.
Known for carrying out
violent insurgent attacks
on civilians here in The Commonwealth.
We believe his death to
have come at the hands
of what must have been
a rival terrorist cell.
We'll let you know more as we find out.
Up next, we'll take a look at the weather,
as another serious storm is brewing
in the sparsely populated
southern regions of The Commonwealth.
Residents are advised to stay off...
(soft ominous music)
- [Man] This place is already taken.
- Sorry!
No, I don't want the place.
- I aint gonna hurt you.
- Is your name Simon?
Don't worry, I don't
wanna hurt you either.
- What do you want from me kid?
- Mia!
- Whatever!
- I can help you.
- You can help me?
- Sure I can.
I can write really well.
- You think I can't?
- And I can be very convincing.
- Uh huh.
So what are you gonna help me with?
You got a fresh bottle?
- What, no!
With The Movement.
- Movement!
- Yeah!
- What movement?
- But Saul said you were the one.
The one leading The Movement, aren't you?
- Saul!
- So you are?
- You ever heard of a
guy called The Teacher?
- Of course.
- You know what happened to him?
- No ...
- Just go home kid, wherever that is.
- I can't go home.
I have no home left.
There are more people like us every day.
Starving while this world rots around us.
We need something new.
We need a movement, like
yours and like The Teacher's.
- The Teacher's dead, don't you get it?
Watched 'em take him.
Then everyone got to watch him die.
Must have had your Update
Screen off that day.
- But he survived.
I heard he came back.
- There ain't no teacher,
and there ain't no movement.
- [Mia] I must have been really wrong.
- Yeah!
- I must have been wrong
to think that anyone
would choose a tired old drunk
like you to lead anything.
Especially brave people
like Saul and The Teacher.
- What good does a writer do me?
- A writer can help you tell your story.
Tell the story of the movement,
get it out to the people
who need to hear it most.
But no one wants to hear
a story that ends like,
- Stories I got aren't
usually the happy-ending ones.
(somber music)
(crowd cheering and heckling)
- Simon, Simon!
This ain't the way, this aint the way.
- No, that ain't the way.
- Hey look, a little while ago
you were running for your life
and now you're just gonna walk
into the middle of them?
- You saw that?
- It's all right Simon.
He can't expect us not
to get scared, right?
- I ain't scared.
And I will not stand by
and let him die like this.
Not like this while they
sit there and laugh.
- This must be what he wanted.
- How can anyone want that, Drew?
- But this, this is not what he wanted.
And you know that.
(crowd cheering in the background)
- I'm not gonna let this stand.
- It's too late Simon.
You wanna show him you care?
That you truly believe?
Go walk in there, go.
But you do it without that.
Just like he did.
You had your chance to prove it Simon.
- We've been abandoned.
We ain't got much.
Hell, we ain't even got
electricity most of us.
We're practically living in the dark
here in our beloved Commonwealth.
But we got Update Screens.
Update Screens that run
even when our water don't.
Ever wonder why that is?
Maybe, it's because that
Update Screen Signal's
being beamed out from the First City
which means it's owned by the same people
who own the government.
Same ones who own the faith,
same ones think they own us.
But they don't.
We're smarter than they think we are.
They think as long as they can program us
from birth with that idiot box,
they don't even need police or a army
to keep most of the Commonwealth in check.
Just a few stragglers here and there,
a few of their devious little agents
to stir up discontent and
turn us on each other.
- What are you doing but upsetting people?
Why should we trust you?
- All you gotta do is look in my eyes
and know that I've given up everything
to stand here and talk some truth.
If anything is ever
gonna change, it's on us.
The ones getting stepped on.
This word, this movement is for the people
who've been on the bottom all this time.
It's time for us to be on top.
It's time for us to rule, the right way.
- [Saul] Wrong!
- Drew?
- The Teacher who instructed us,
who sent us out to you,
brought a different message.
If we could only be
wise enough, to listen.
What message so revolutionary?
We have lived this long
on one guiding principle,
As individuals, this may
have once been sufficient.
But as a group, as a species,
this approach is not
only no longer adequate,
it has become destructive.
We have wrecked our institutions,
our government, our church.
We've destroyed our ability
to trust in one another,
even destroyed the ability
of this planet to sustain us.
It is only through a new approach,
a higher ideal!
An idea that became our destiny,
the moment man was first bestowed
with that divine spark of sentience.
That we can hope to meet
our long-sought potential as a race.
In fact, it is the only chance
that we have at survival.
The time has come when
we must evolve or die!
You see it's not about
all of them or all of us.
It is about each of us.
The world won't be changed all at once.
No one is so great.
It will come one person at a time.
Which one of you,
which one of you is prepared to abandon
the possessions that define you?
The selfish relationships
that hold you back?
Who is prepared to lead
by following the path
set forward by The Teacher?
Who is prepared to die,
so that we all can live?
- Thank you all for coming.
Our friend Mia has pamphlets
and information inside.
- It is no mystery to anyone
that this is a dead territory.
What remains a mystery is
why you are still here.
- I live in this dump,
why the hell are you here?
- When I heard that our elusive leader
had actually decided to surface,
I had to come see for myself
if the rumors were true.
- One of these days, I'll
just have to figure out
where it is you hear all these rumors.
- When are you gonna stop kicking dirt
in people's faces, Simon?
- Maybe it will be the same day
you grow up and start taking care of--
- I picked up Drew on the way.
I thought being your brother,
he might be able to talk
some sense into you.
Tell you where you're
needed, and it's not here
in this dead place.
So then, the sounds around me faded out
a great light
began to spread.
And I knew!
- Knew what?
- That it was him, The Teacher.
- So he told you?
- No.
Not told.
Not in words anyway.
But yes, I suppose he did.
I knew that I had been misled.
That I was being called
to bring my leadership
to the other side.
That this cause was just.
And it is.
I suppose you've heard the same call.
- Yeah.
Maybe not so dramatically.
- You seem like you come
from a learned background.
- No different from anyone.
I'm just ready to do my part.
- And you will.
You'll get your chance.
- I never would have guessed.
Not in this old dump.
I thought we had given up on this place.
- They ripped it up pretty good.
But you know me.
- You know he's right, right?
- Don't start with me Drew.
- People have all moved further north.
Everyone left when the
shore started disappearing.
- What, the First City?
- Yes!
- I can see why he'd want me in there.
You, not so much.
- The Movement needs you,
they need to see you.
They need to hear that you still believe.
- What movement?
A dozen down-on-their-luck
losers spread across creation?
If the message is worth a damn,
people will find me right here.
- You need to go the only place
where a lot of people
can hear you all at once.
We're hanging by a thread here.
- Your crazy friend in there's obviously
got a way with words.
He can sell people on all kinds of things.
That's what they need.
- No, they need you.
Simon, we all do.
- You all need a good stiff drink
or your heads examined.
- I aint gonna throw my
life away just for nothing.
You forgotten how to work?
(ominous music)
- Almost there.
- Yeah, you've been saying that for days.
- I have a feeling this
time may be different.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Just didn't figure you'd still be here.
It's not too late, you know.
- Holy ...
Is that what I think it is?
- It's the First City you poor rube.
The end of our journey.
- Then this is where we take our stand.
- You stay close to me, you hear me?
- I'm a grown man.
- I made a promise to our dying mother
when you were still a
snotty-nosed little brat
who couldn't even tie his own shoelaces,
that I was gonna look after you,
and I'm gonna keep doing that.
- We're not kids anymore.
This is what we committed to.
This is not the end.
This is the beginning.
- Why so pale?
How many times a day do you
see this on Update Screen?
- [Mia] It's a little different in person.
- You think it was an agent?
Or the people?
- What difference does it make?
This will end any local
recruitment, certainly.
And if we should persist,
it will be one of us next.
And it will accomplish nothing.
Do you have nothing to say?
It's time!
You know what you have
to do and it is not here.
- You wanna get me out of the way,
you don't need to go through all this.
- I want you to talk to your followers.
- Followers?!
- The tenets.
Rejection of material things.
Sacrifice of self, passive
resistance, charity
and unity above all.
One follower at a time until we are whole.
- The First City, huh?
- You think you're any safer here?
- Lemme get something to clean this up.
I don't get my kick out
of this kind of thing.
- It is not enough, to
merely speak his word.
We must be prepared to follow
in the example set by The Teacher
if we're to save the Commonwealth.
- [Drew] Mia, Mia get up.
- Simon!
- Looks like you win.
- It's a message.
You are being called.
- Sure it is.
So when do we leave?
- I can't go with you.
I must return to my work in
the middle of the Commonwealth.
As the droughts lengthen
and the storms strengthen,
the desert spreads.
That area is ripe for the word.
- Looks like it's me and you again squirt.
- I have...
- Drew is needed elsewhere as well.
He's served his purpose here.
- Why don't you let the
man speak for himself?
- I have my own things to do now Simon.
- I'll go with you.
- This ain't a joke.
I think you've already seen that.
- And I'm still here.
I'm going.
How are we gonna get there?
Metro train's dead.
I know we could never manage
access to a car or oil.
- You walked this far
from wherever you're from.
I'm sure you weren't dumb enough
to try to hitch your way down here.
- Walk in!
Walk in, in front of a giant
peaceful army of followers.
Then they will know that we will not be
so easily dispersed or forgotten.
- What army is that exactly Saul?
- People like you Simon.
- Inspire them.
Ignite the fuse with
the word of The Teacher.
- And his example.
- Yes exactly.
Show what it takes.
They will rise to the occasion.
(ominous music)
- [Naomi] Why are you doing this?
- I already told you.
You know the reason why we're doing this.
- Simon, you are the sanest man I know
and this is straight up insane.
This world is insane.
- Just stop, stop it, stop!
- What kind of a world
is gonna be left for her?
Damn it woman, can't
you see I'm trying to do
the right thing here?
- No, the right thing
is taking care of us.
Is standing by your wife, and your child.
- Shh, you'll wake her up.
- Simon!
Simon, do you even believe?
Do you really believe that
this man is who he says he is?
- I believe!
- No, I know you too well.
You don't believe.
You just want to believe.
- What's the difference?
- I guess you don't believe
that taking care of your own
is as important as taking care
of some strangers then, huh?
I mean, my God, we're your family Simon.
You're supposed to love us.
Simon please!
- I had no idea, how long it would take
to get to the First City.
By foot.
Or by car, for that matter.
Not that it would do us any good.
So, you're a fisherman huh?
How long were you going to withhold
that piece of information?
Sure wish you could scare
us up some fish right now.
You'd probably need a
boat or something, right?
So do you have any other
family or is it just Drew?
I told you, I won't stop asking
till you finally start answering.
- I'll talk when there's something to say.
- I'd kind of like to clean up.
- Okay ...
I don't look at you like that.
I'll roll over and go to sleep.
It's all yours.
- Thank you!
(birds cooing)
(crickets whirring)
- [Announcer] For those
with the right knowledge--
- Pardon my saying but
you seem to be very smart.
I wouldn't think it to look at you,
but did you do high-ed?
- Intelligence comes from the mind,
knowledge from school.
- So you did go to school?
- [Announcer] Have never
been quite so good.
Elected officials have pledged to continue
to create new waves of opportunity,
- No!
- At a continuance
of the policies--
- Our daughter could
have gone off to school,
could have been the first.
If being smart was all it took,
well she would have had her pick but,
I guess it's a business like ever other.
- And how about you Simon?
What kind of work have you done?
- I used to fish.
- Well now that's tough.
With the extinctions and the dirty water.
I've heard--
- Not dirty so much as
when the salt and the fresh
started to get all mixed
up, but I did all right.
Enough to feed yourself.
- You see she applied.
It was the money at first but
then it was that damned essay.
The one she showed us,
well that isn't the one she sent them.
No, they wanted something more patriotic.
But, that ain't what they got.
We should have known then.
- Really?
See, isn't that just sort of--
- This food is fantastic.
- You're probably not alone sir.
- And a real pretty home.
- Well Simon, have you ever been married?
- We have no reports yet
- Me?
- [Announcer] On how many,
if any First City injuries
or casualties there were--
- It's a shame.
Children are a gift.
It's gotten harder and
harder to raise them right
and give 'em a chance at something better.
Like our little girl.
- See that is exactly what
the Commonwealth has become.
The rich, the ones who already
have all the opportunities
just get more.
Everyone else is supposed to just sit back
and watch quietly as their
rights slowly erode away--
- Now you listen--
- Then they just sit back and laugh
without a care who lives or dies.
Wasting the potential of people like you
and your daughter.
Hell, they'd probably rather we die
then they don't spend so
much time brainwashing us--
- You just can't leave
well enough alone, can you?
You just can't leave her alone.
- Leave who alone?
- Why do you people have to go around
and stir up everything?
Getting everybody all worked up, for what?
One group of angry young people
fights another group of angry young people
in the streets, nothing changes.
Except, all of a sudden
my baby girl is dead.
Lying in the street like a piece of meat.
And you know she's never coming back.
- Sir ...
- Do you know what it's like
to lose a child?
To know you'll never see her again?
It wasn't the government who killed her.
It wasn't the police who killed her.
It was people like you.
- Sir I'm so sorry, we never--
- She said not to let you in.
We've done all right by ourselves
and we're doing all right here.
- Mia didn't mean--
- [Husband] Please, just leave!
- [Debater] For a peaceful Commonwealth.
- [Debater] Well your
policies are what's creating--
- Please!
- [Debater] And your party does not care
about the people of the Commonwealth.
- [Announcer] Experts expect,
given the cyclical nature
of such minor insurrections,
that these disorganized and
loosely affiliated parts
will again wipe each
other out soon enough.
In more pleasant news,
guess which celebrity baby
has been photographed for the first time?
We'll show you when we -
- Okay, you wanna make this
as the tower (mumbles).
- I miss that damn boat.
- I was kinda surprised
you went through with it.
- Nah, he was right.
Besides, nothing left out there to catch.
No one wants rotten fish.
Missus sure wasn't too happy though.
(loud laughter)
- [Naomi] What's the name of this castle?
- Red Coliseum!
- I know!
- Who would have thought huh?
Who would have thought I could pull off
this whole daddy thing?
Especially with all that's been going on.
Especially after the way we came up.
You did all right with me (laughs).
- [Naomi] There you go!
- So it's about that time
to get moving on again.
Back on the road.
- Yeah!
- Said that we should be prepared
to be completely free if we're coming.
- Sounds like something he'd say.
- I'm going!
Look, you don't have to
worry about me, all right?
And I know how you feel about
this whole thing anyway.
So just--
- I haven't turned my
back on him yet, have I?
- [Naomi] Hey honey.
I was just on play duty,
so that means you're on tucking in duty.
- All right, you know what to do.
- Mommy always reads to me.
You never read to me.
Please daddy!
- You want a story?
You get a story.
Why don't you pick out the
craziest story you've ever heard.
Your houses, your little lives
are prisons of your choice.
We're meant for more!
We're meant for better.
We're meant to be a part of,
to improve this Commonwealth,
not watch as it crumbles,
holding onto our little
piece of the rubble.
What gives?
- You're wasting your time here.
I've been trying to rally
the troops all week.
Not a peep.
- You too, huh?
What do you think is going on here?
- Mass shooting, from what I can tell.
Hasn't everyone had one of those by now?
- Yeah, this one was ugly.
Lots of kids.
Nah, you're not gonna
get anything going here.
I was thinkin' of headin' to the next town
and could use the company.
Which way are you guys headin'?
- North!
- North?
Well, that's a coincidence,
that's where I'm headin'.
I could sure use the company.
- How lucky.
- It'll be nice having someone to talk to.
- Safety in numbers too, I always say.
Can't feel too safe on these streets.
So, what are you guys preaching?
Down with the Commonwealth?
- Not down with the Commonwealth, no.
We're about peaceful
transformation, eternal revolution.
About rejection of violent uprising.
But we're also not
gonna continue to sit by
as we get run down by the government.
- What's your racket?
- Something like that.
Yeah, something like that definitely.
Because it's the truth, isn't it?
In the great scheme of
things, we're like ants.
But we count too, don't we?
- Yes!
- So do you guys follow anyone
or do you have a leader?
- He was just known as The Teacher.
- Was, huh?
Gotcha, gotcha.
Teacher, huh?
Sounds like a smart
man, never heard of him.
- Do you know this area?
- [Skinny Man] Backwards and forwards.
Lived my entire life here.
- [Mia] How far is the next town?
We're really hungry.
- We'll be there before you know it.
Man, now you sure do know
how to make good fires.
I see I hooked up with the right crew.
What are you scribbling
on that book there girl?
- Nice to see someone finally notice.
- Whoa!
Trouble in paradise.
- It's not like that.
We've just been spending
a lot of time together.
- Too much maybe.
- I'm actually writing about the journey.
I'm also writing about The Teacher.
- Teacher?
Oh that's right, The Teacher.
Tell me something, there's
plenty of dead rebels out there.
What's so special about this guy
that you're still following him?
- I just know his words.
Simon, actually knew him.
- He looked like any other
man, just like you or me.
But, you could somehow see he was more.
He never turned his back on no one,
not even a low-down loser like you ...
or me.
He said, we were the ones that mattered.
We weren't powerless,
this world depended on us.
I believed him.
He made me feel like
I was worth something.
That I didn't have to beat
somebody's head in to prove it.
I never felt powerful in
my life until that day.
Hard to imagine these days.
- You've got that right brother.
Look man, you're lucky that's all I want.
Man please don't, no please.
Come on, come on man!
- Damn it!
- No, no!
He took all my stuff.
- That almost makes this all worth it.
- Why?
So I can see how horrible people are?
Or what a cynical bastard you've become?
- No!
So you can see what happens to people
when they got nothing left to hang on to.
- Hey Drew, why don't you go down
and start getting all the gear together?
- Are your legs broke?
- You know, there's at least
10 other of these knuckleheads
you could be gracing with your company.
- I thought you and me were friends Simon.
- Look who it is, the lost
fisherman, back from the dead.
- Matt.
- We got to thinking you and Drew gave up.
Taken off to try something else.
Hell, we were getting ready to draw
for who got your boat.
- Yeah well, I ain't going nowhere.
- You're not?
- How's things?
- How the hell do you think?
You were just out there, right?
Where you been?
- Yeah, where you been?
- That's Jud.
He's a little ... different.
- Your friend was asking where you been.
- I've been out on the road some,
seeing some things.
- On the road?
What have you been doing for work?
- Simon has turned to
relying on the good nature
of his fellow man.
- What does that mean?
Are you begging?
Damn, has it gotten that bad man?
- No!
It's hard to explain.
It's this new group I hooked up with.
- With him?
- Yeah, and some other guys.
- Drew introduced Simon to us.
- Oh!
Drew, he's all grown up now.
Well I guess it's okay to
let him run with the crazies
if he wants to, right?
No offense man!
- None taken.
- It's not Drew, this was my idea.
- How can you say it's not him.
Just like that last time those kids
almost conned him out of your boat.
Or what was the other (chuckles)
oh the ones that convinced him
to wear his clothes backwards.
Come on!
I just wouldn't let him run too far Simon.
- [Drew] Who's running where?
- Nobody!
- It seems Simon's still
reluctant to trust you Drew.
That or, he could be
having second thoughts.
This kind of thing is not for everyone.
- Actually, I was thinking
about selling this boat off,
if you want it.
Price will be pretty cheap,
she can still get the job done.
- Simon, are you serious?
- Nothing out there for me anyway.
- Well boys, I got some people to talk to.
Take care Simon.
- Yeah, she's still got
some good days ahead of her,
you're right about that Simon.
- It sure does.
It sure does.
Could be we got better things
ahead of us anyway, right Drew?
Why don't you come on
in, I'll give you a tour.
(soft music)
You haven't asked me one personal question
or one Teacher story.
What makes me so lucky today?
Look, I'm just as hungry as you are.
This is all part of--
- I know what it's supposed to do.
- Find someone who cares, they'll feed us.
It awakens something in them, right?
What is wrong with you?
- I know this place.
- Yeah?
- I'm from here.
This is where I grew up.
- Great, looks like you know
where to find us some food then.
- I don't know if that's such a good idea.
- Good idea?
This is where you grew up?
- I knew this was a mistake.
- You're right, let's go.
I'm sure you know other people in town
that can hook us up just as good.
Come on Mia.
- [Mom] Will you please just
tell us what happened to you.
You just show up here looking
like you haven't eaten
in a week or taken a bath in twice that.
- [Mia] Longer than that.
- [Dad] We were worried sick about you.
We don't hear from you.
We call the school and
they say you disappeared
midway through your term.
We thought you were one
of those in the newscasts
being targeted by those
rebels or terrorists--
- [Mia] I chose this.
I don't need all this stuff.
I'm a part of something bigger now--
- [Dad] Oh no, not this again.
Please, I thought you'd grown out of this.
Mia, you need to go back to school.
- [Mia] Just so I can help
perpetuate this machine?
The only thing I've grown is a conscience.
- [Mom] Is this some sort of
a cry for help or something?
- [Mia] No!
Actually, yes.
A cry for help for a sick world.
- [Dad] A sick world,
Mia your mother and I
have spent our adult
lives curing sickness.
- [Mia] You're hospital administrators.
- [Mom] It doesn't matter.
- [Mia] You are the sickness!
- [Mom] Mia, we gave you everything.
- [Announcer] And finally,
our experts will weigh in
on the next election
cycle's sexiest candidates.
Who is pulling off those press conferences
and who's coming up
short in screen appeal?
We'll take an in depth
look and tell you exactly--
- So let me ask you a question Mr. Simon.
- Simon's fine.
- How have you contributed
to society so far?
- You asking if I ever had a job?
I've been working since
before I was a teenager.
- And where does your expertise lie?
- Fishing.
- Fishing.
And what training does that entail?
- James!
- It's hard work, family line.
- And now, you're teaching
our Mia how to fish.
That's really kind of you.
It doesn't look like it's going that well.
- We're not fishing, dad.
- Honey, the adults are talking.
- James!
- [Announcer] In a free society.
With a free media where
everyone gets the opportunity--
- She was gonna tell you
that's not what we're doing.
We're part of a peaceful
movement of people
who are trying to take
control of their lives.
Sometimes it doesn't
hurt to stop talking--
- A movement?
A movement!
Word to the wise, people
might take you more seriously
if you looked like you weren't
sleeping on the streets.
More than Likely, they're worried
about you sticking them up.
- James, stop!
Maybe you need to turn
the volume down dear.
- Let me ask you another question.
Where do you intend to
head with my daughter?
- I'm going to the First City.
- The First City, excellent
place for a young lady
of her intelligence and standing.
- I'm not gonna assimilate.
- But every night on that network screen,
all I see is yet another
march on the First City.
That's followed up by a
brand new batch of bodies
that are sent to my
hospital for treatment.
- If they have the money, you mean.
- I have another question for ya.
What is the typical age of
a convert to your movement?
- We take all ages, and
all sorts of people.
- It's a wide net, it's prudent.
But, doesn't that allow
you to take advantage
of those young and naive--
- Dad!
- Bleeding hearts.
The kids that are only out
for another cheap thrill.
Maybe to poke it to their parents,
stick it to them, the people
that sacrificed to bring them up right,
to give them a good path--
- James!
- Only to have it just blown to hell.
Do you give a damn about them?
- Look!
- You're right.
- [Announcer] Speculation
is certain to continue
to be rampant as long as they refuse
to fully address the issue.
- You're right!
- [Announcer] However, authorities
as well as the majority of experts
give little credence to
what they call alarmist--
- Don't!
Don't take it out on Simon.
- [Announcer] In fact, many
within the spreading arid region
in the center of the Commonwealth--
- I've been an idiot.
- [Announcer] Saying how
much they're enjoying
the new warmer weather.
- We'll talk tomorrow.
Let us just get some sleep for right now.
- [Announcer] Full recovery,
from another down year
for several crops grown
in (speaker drowned out)
- It's been a rough couple of days.
- Okay!
- [Announcer] We'll take
a look at who's packing
on the pregnancy pounds--
- Yeah!
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
- [Announcer] Stay
tuned for an inside look
at the bold new fashion
which you can expect
to be blazing up the First
City runway next season.
You will be surprised at what styles
are making a comeback.
- [Mia] I was right.
(grunting and panting)
- Jud!
Where is he, have you seen him, Jud?
- Simon, where were you?
And I thought they were the ones
throwing all the punches.
- Speak damn it, where is he?
- Last I saw he was
trying to talk some sense
to a bunch of crazy people.
They weren't listening
though, they never do.
- Not The Teacher damn it.
- The Teacher!
Teacher, we gotta find him.
We gotta find him and get him outta here.
What, what?
- Where the hell were you?
- Yeah, weren't you the one
who was supposed to be watching him?
- None of your damn--
- You didn't leave him
to those animals, did you?
- It's none of our damn business Jud!
- Relax, relax!
The important thing is
that you're all right.
- No, that's not the most
important thing Simon.
Come on, we gotta find him
and get him out of here.
- Look, he's a grown man.
He can take care of himself.
- How can you say that?
He's everything!
- Everything?
- He's why we're here, isn't he?
- He was, yeah.
- And what if they kill him then?
What happens then Simon?
- I guess life will just have
to keep on going, won't it?
Oh come on!
Oh and by the way, they,
this is his own people.
They're the ones who
are trying to hurt him.
Trying to run us out of town.
The ones who think he's
a lunatic or something.
- Come on, we don't have time for this.
- He trusts you more than any one of us.
Simon, do you trust in him?
Do you believe in any of this or not?
You were the one who said,
that he was more than just a man
in the first place. Come on!
- It was a joke!
A joke!
I didn't think everyone
was gonna run off with it
like they have.
- A joke?
- [Announcer] Urging citizens
to exercise extra caution
when leaving their houses
after several outbursts
of violence in the outlying
territories of the Commonwealth.
The recent frequency of these incidents,
marks the most in at least a decade.
At that time, as we all
know, many of these groups
turned on each other
and eventually were...
- Mia!
- [Voice] Tough crowd out there.
- Yeah!
Everyone's a critic.
- [Voice] Lucky we came along when we did.
- Yeah, somebody could've
got to thinking all this time
that the people of The Commonwealth
had been left to their own devices.
- [Voice] If we had been
later, those same people
might have killed you.
- Yeah well, I'm eternally
grateful to be back
in one of these nice little rooms.
You let me outta here, I'll
show my gratefulness more fully.
- [Voice] Still with the violence?
After all this time?
Bad habits!
Tough times, fisherman.
You'll be out soon enough.
Only threats stay locked up.
You'd think the people would be ripe
for some sort of revolution.
So what do you figure the problem is?
The message itself, or
the one delivering it?
- You know what, I never
really liked talking to someone
I can't look in the eyes.
Why don't you come a little closer
so we can get better acquainted?
Mia ...
Mia, you all right?
(somber music)
Think I like doing this?
I've been feeding myself since I was 10
and not out of no garbage either.
We're hungry.
We're starving.
We're pathetic.
It's all part of the game, Mia.
- I get it.
I know the doctrine.
Probably understand it better than you do.
- You wanted the real thing?
Living the word, this is it.
No one can doubt which
movement we're a part of.
The sorry beggars brigade (laughs).
What, you wanna go back now?
- I'm not going back.
- All right.
We'll come through this.
We always do.
(coughs loudly)
- What's wrong with you?
- What the hell is this?
This isn't what I've been
telling you about The Teacher.
- You think you're my only source?
- Who?
- Others in The Movement.
Your brother.
Saul ...
- Saul!
- What's the matter with you?
- This isn't about justice
or choice or selflessness.
It's a bunch of magic tricks and hokum.
- People need to hear something
that will make them listen.
- Besides--
- Besides what?
- Besides, from what I've heard,
you used to believe he was more
than just any guy yourself.
Why are you even still doing this?
Is it just masochism or something?
You don't believe in
this movement anymore.
It's clear as day.
- You don't know the first thing
about what I believe.
Go back to sleep.
In the morning, you're gonna
write something believable.
Something that won't make
everyone think we're nuts.
(people chattering in the background)
- You all right?
- Sorry, just needed some air.
Jud, right?
- Simon, the fisherman.
This was a good house to stop at.
They're sure eating it up in there.
- Good house, good town.
Some are more prone, sorry,
more open than others.
- Your brother ... seems pretty prone.
- Our dad abandoned us when
he could barely wipe himself.
He's been picking up
daddies ever since then.
Each one more deranged than the last one.
Not to say that about
The Teacher of course,
not by any stretch.
- And you, how prone are you?
- Part of me says he's different.
There's a a lot of truth in what he says.
That it's our world, we
should be able to make it
whatever we want.
And that no one else has control
of what we do but ourselves.
- And the other part?
- The other part ...
The part that's been around for a while,
thinks that holding on to just
a little bit of skepticism is
a healthy thing, human thing.
The kinda thing that can keep us alive.
- It's a crazy world for sure.
Dangerous world.
Say, ever hear this whole
thing about the Commonwealth
putting these plants everywhere?
- Plants?
Oh spies.
Yeah, here and there.
Mostly from The Teacher actually.
- You ever think...
Sometimes the thought crosses
my mind, only for a second.
What if The Teacher is
one of these plants?
What if he's out recruiting
up all these malcontents
and then drawing them together,
parading them around before he leads them
like a bunch of sheep
merrily onto the slaughter.
Just a crazy thought
I had once, that's it.
I have all sorts of them
while we're walking around,
seeing the crazy things that we see.
Starving people, super storms,
crazy wannabe prophets.
- Yeah.
Well I better check in on Drew and them.
I'll talk to you later.
- Listen to me!
- We are listening.
And you just said you want us
to overthrow the government,
by giving away all of our
stuff and loving each other
and not using violence.
- No, I don't want to
overthrow the government,
we don't want to.
We just wanna change things.
And that starts with ourselves.
The government, the corporations.
In the end at the top
it's just more people,
lost people just like you and me, right?
- And you expect people to believe
that this is the way to
change the way things are,
by being nice and letting
them walk over us?
- Yes I believe.
- Well, I'm convinced.
- Your leader, the one
they call The Teacher,
they say he can heal people.
- Who said?
- Can you heal?
Can you heal my son?
We're broke, no one will help us.
No one will even look at him
and he's losing weight every day.
- Ma'am, I've seen all kinds of things
and let me tell you,
believing in this movement,
believing in anything, it can do wonders.
It gives you something
to pour your doubts into
and gives you back strength in return.
- She asked
if you can heal him.
- No!
No, I can't heal him.
But his faith can.
- Then what do we need you for?
- Listen to me.
You don't need me.
You don't need me.
- What the hell was that about?
- You know how this goes by now.
The word don't take as good
at some towns as others.
- Yeah, well the word
don't seem to take as good
in any town when it's coming from you.
- You wanna put that
higher education to work
and jump in at any time, you
go right ahead, brainiac.
- Yeah maybe I will.
- Good!
- I know we're lost.
- We ain't lost.
- We should have been in
the First City days ago.
We're going in circles.
- Little girl, I've been getting
my directions from the sun
since before you were born.
- Then you can blame it on the clouds.
- We ain't lost!
- Why can't we just get there?
I just wanna get to the First City
and get this over with.
- Over with?
It's never over.
Mia ...
I was just a little kid
when my daddy left me.
I have no big house, my
mom had died years before.
When he left, life didn't stop.
I had a little kid
brother to take care of.
I still had to survive.
And there on the dock, I found it.
His old boat.
The drunk old bastard had left his boat.
That was my hope.
My lifeline.
The other guys out on the water,
they made sure I did all
right those first few years.
I was meant to stick around
for some reason, it had to be.
I'm still here for something.
And so are you.
You gotta have a little faith, though.
(somber music)
But it doesn't have to be this way.
We don't have to be this way.
We have a choice.
Choose not to be pissed off all the time.
In spite of all the
crap they throw at you.
In spite of a media that works you over,
a faith that turns its back on you
and a government that
might just have never
given a damn about you in the first place.
Don't sink to their level
by playing their game.
Don't play their game.
Choose not to be afraid.
You're afraid of losing everything.
Just give it up!
Give it to them!
No matter what, you still got
that little piece inside you
that they can't get their
hands on and never will.
That piece that makes you worth something,
no matter what everyone else thinks.
Give up everything else but nurture that.
Then it won't matter what you've lost -
- Simon, Simon, will you talk to me?
- Don't do this to me, not now.
- Do this to you?
Do you have any idea how hard
it was to track you down?
How long it took?
And then I hear you're
speaking in all these towns.
Speaking, you!
So where is he?
I know he's back there
somewhere pulling the strings.
- He's dead.
- Oh!
He is?
See you should have listened to your wife.
What a nightmare.
Wait, if he's gone why the
hell are you still here?
- How have you been?
- How the hell do you think?
You can't feed two people
on one person's salary,
especially what I make.
- The money I left ...
- It's gone.
- How is she?
- She's about to graduate.
And she's a pain in the
ass, just like her parents.
She's smart.
But I don't know if she's
smart enough to do any better.
He's gone.
You made your point.
You proved to everybody
that you could do this.
Now please come home.
- You'd still want me?
- I was angry for years.
But it's gone now.
You know, I need you around.
My daughter needs you around.
She still remembers you.
- Can't you see that I can't?
- Why Simon?
I mean look at you, you look bad.
- I'm fine!
- Why Simon?
Why you?
- I was chosen.
This world--
- Is over.
Simon, it's over.
It's over Simon.
Please, come home.
Simon I came all this way.
- Simon!
Where are you going?
Are you crazy?
Did you see what was going on back there?
Those people were listening,
they were actually listening.
And you leave, why?
I said why?
- Because I couldn't
stay, can't you see that?
- That's it?
Because you couldn't stay.
I've been with you, for a long time now.
That's the best you can do?
- Look, why are you still here?
Can't you see this isn't the life for you?
You could do so much better.
You're smart, you're pretty.
You can go back to school
and do whatever you want in your life.
Forget about all this.
Be with family, live your life.
- Forget?
- You're not cut out for it.
With your fair skin and your hands.
Have these hands ever seen
a day's labor in your life?
- How dare you?
If it wasn't for me,
you'd still be drinking
yourself to death in some dark corner.
- Thanks, thanks for the great favor.
This is so much better.
- Why are you doing this?
- Look at me Mia!
Whoever you're looking for, I'm not him.
I'm not Saul, with his
big words and his passion.
I'm not my brother with his
compassion and his hope.
I'm definitely not The Teacher.
He's dead now.
Strung up and bled out on Update Screen
for everyone's entertainment
and where was I?
All I ever wanted was to be
a better man than my pop.
To take care of my family.
I couldn't do that.
I had to latch on to
the one group of crazies
whose main goal is to die.
I couldn't even do that right.
You're too good for this lunacy.
I'm not good enough.
Can't you see that neither
of us should be here?
It's all one big joke.
We're just going around like suckers.
What are we doing?
I shouldn't be here.
I shouldn't still be here.
- Simon?
- I should be dead.
- Hey, hey Simon.
- Like him!
- Hey Simon.
No, no come on.
Come on, you can't
leave me alone, come on.
Somebody help us!
- Okay look ..
- Okay.
- Forks down!
- Are down in the sink!
- Spoons go up!
- Sweetie, I don't agree with that.
I don't agree with that
because that is not clean.
- Okay, but that's they you clean it.
- [Announcer] They continue to deny rumors
though I feel I can
speak for all our viewers
when I say--
- Hey kiddo!
- [Announcer] We all have eyes right?
- Look over there.
- What?
What're you talking about?
(both laugh)
'cause I didn't see that.
- [Announcer] It looks
like we have a break
from our scheduled program.
We seemed to have cut in
on another live stream--
- Hey can I get something
to drink with this, please.
Just bring like a lot.
- [Announcer] We don't know yet,
whether this will include
demands, a message or what.
- Simon!
You may wanna take a look at this.
- Johnny!
- Is this what you wanted?
Is this the kind of world that you wanted?
It's not too late.
(Gurgling Sounds)
- [Announcer] Oh my!
What disturbing images.
We'd like to apologize
for the graphic content--
- Have you lost your mind?
- [Announcer] We don't yet
have a name for the victim
but he appeared rather distraught.
We'll do our best to
keep you informed as...
- Rise to your feet.
Shake off this ailment, now!
- If he can hear people talking,
he's not showing any signs of it.
- Mia!
I thought Simon was alone,
Maybe the journey had been too much--
- I'm still here.
- Good.
- How did you find us?
How did you even know
that something was wrong?
- The Teacher of course, he spoke to me.
What afflicts our friend?
- High fever, shallow breath.
Those are just symptoms.
What's causing them is a mystery.
Doctors didn't look too hard
before they threw us out in the street.
- They couldn't find anything
because it's a spiritual ailment.
It's a shame too, coming
so close to the First City.
- The First City?
We are?
- Don't you even know where you are?
We should be safe here,
we can wait this out.
But The Movement cannot!
We're at a critical juncture.
I will stay here as long as it takes,
to get Simon back on the road.
I will will him out of this,
if that's what it takes.
We will ride this out.
(somber music)
- [Naomi Voiceover] Why did you leave me?
Answer me!
Why won't you talk to me.
- [Simon Voiceover] Why did you leave me?
Answer me!
Why won't you talk to me.
(crickets whirring)
- How I envy you, to get to
while away the hours with him.
To hear so much of his word firsthand,
to feel his healing touch and
see so many of his miracles
with your own eyes.
Still you struggle to believe.
You still struggle to follow the path
that he so clearly laid out for you.
You know it's right.
Why is it so hard?
I've been beaten, stabbed, shot,
but my belief is my armor.
I've brought hundreds, thousands,
over to the way on the
strength of the word.
And yet they wait for you.
They stumble as you stumble.
They doubt as you doubt.
For some reason you were chosen.
I wish I knew what to do.
- [Mia] He would have wanted
me to keep an eye on you.
- Is it so hard to believe
that a man can change
the way he views the world?
Change his soul, change his very fate?
Do you think I'm an agent?
- No.
- I'm glad you decided to stay.
(soft somber music)
- Simon!
Simon, you can't.
- It's time!
- Good!
- Simon, you have been
unconscious for several days now.
You can't go anywhere.
- I know, I've wasted
enough time as it is.
It's back to the road.
- The road?
- Perhaps I can be of more help this time.
- How the hell did you...
- Sadly I cannot go.
This is for you, alone.
- Funny how that always works out.
- I wish it was my time.
- It's coming for all of us.
I was gonna try to talk you out of it.
- I'll see you on the other side.
I'll send word out to our
brothers outside of First City,
let them know you're on the way.
- What brothers?
(car revs loudly)
I really am sorry you're
in the middle of all this.
I'm glad you were too.
- So what exactly is our plan
once we get to the First City?
- Well, I guess we gotta
make a noise so big
it stirs up everyone.
Maybe get a few more to follow us,
then a few more after that.
- Like the noise we've made so far?
- I want this to be different.
- The only way to make a noise that big
is to get on Update Screen.
That's the only thing people listen to.
They don't really want people like you
on the Update Screen Simon.
- Should have seen if
Saul could miracle up
some money for us too.
(soft music)
Watch it-
(background chattering)
(gun shot blares)
(woman screams)
(background shouting)
Should be right around here somewhere.
You hang back all right?
- You're going over there, are you crazy?
Simon, they'll kill you.
- You said you understood
it better than I do.
- Why?
To bring out the good in them?
Simon, that's one thing to say but--
- It has to be this way.
It should have happened a long time ago
but I was just too damn scared.
- Why does it have to be you?
- 'cause Teacher's already done it.
It's just my turn.
Next it will be someone else's.
Saul ...
Tommy ...
Drew ...
Just hope it finally takes
before it hits you guys.
I hope to hell you get better than this.
- But you can't actually believe
that this made a difference.
That it's meant anything,
that any of it has.
- I'm still here, aren't I?
And so are you!
(somber music)
Don't follow me.
- Simon!
- Don't follow me Mia!
- Simon!
(people chattering and shouting)
- Drew?
- I heard you were coming.
- You heard I was coming?
- So did they.
- Who the hell are they?
- People like us, who
are ready for a change.
And they're ready to do whatever it takes?
- Are they serious, really?
- Yeah.
Probably more than we ever were.
- We'll see.
I guess time will tell.
- [Man] Speak!
- Speak!
- Speak!
- Speak!
- Speak!
- You came all this way
because you wanna hear me talk?
- [All] Yes!
- I hate talking to people
when I can't look them in the eye.
So maybe it'd be better if
you all could take a knee.
I never been a real big speaker.
Or thinker.
Never been much of anything.
I think some of you can
understand what that's like.
But from what I've seen,
and I've seen a whole hell of a lot more
than I ever would have
imagined was possible.
It really don't matter.
All that matters is what you believe.
Whether you can still believe in anything.
And how far you're willing to go-
(gathering gasps)
- Hey, hey guys, we
don't want any trouble.
He's just here to talk to us.
- Stay back!
- Okay, we don't want any trouble.
- [Man] Stay back!
- Mia!
- [Voice] So, the fisherman,
rescued again huh?
Lucky you.
Maybe you could even get rescued again.
Seems some people around here
have the bright idea of
making you a big star too.
They're probably not beyond reason though.
You say the right things, who knows?
Maybe life starts again.
Family reunion, picnics,
boat trips, all of that.
Or maybe not.
Maybe it'll be a more
entertaining show, huh?
Do you really think it'll
make a difference though?
Poor will still be poor,
rich will still be rich.
The world will keep spinning.
Did you really think
anything would change?
- I've changed.
- [Voice] And for what?
For who rather?
There's a million others like him
wandering the streets of First City.
Slobbering out this or that.
No one listens to them.
No one remembers them.
Did you actually believe what he said?
Truly fisherman?
That he was sent from some higher power
to save all of us miserable bastards?
- What does it matter who he is,
if everything he says is the truth?
- [Voice] You'll find it means a lot.
You have changed.
I doubt we'll get the chance to talk.
Think about tomorrow.
You could be a father and a husband again.
Or you can be another rat in the sewer
who's died and lost everything.
- Not everything!
Not everything.
- [Voice] Sweet dreams fisherman.
- Not everything.
Not everything.
- [Man] Are you sure you wanna do this?
(responds unintelligibly)
(somber music)
- You don't have to keep doing this.
- You're telling me?
I can't believe we're doing this again.
You're a grown damn man now Drew.
How many times do I have to tell you,
there are no magical men out there
who are gonna give you the answers
for why things are the way they are
and why we never had nothin'.
- You keep sayin' that.
But this time it will be
different, you'll see.
- Different!
Wait till I talk to this
guy and set him straight.
- You can speak to him right now.
I told him about you.
And he insisted on coming.
- You told him about me?
And he insisted?
- I was as surprised as you are right now.
Just hear him out.
What's the worst that can happen?
- So he's right out ...
What's his name?
- I don't even know.
He goes by ...
The Teacher.
That's what they call him, The Teacher.
- Teacher!
Things will be different
from here on out Drew.
Let's get this over with.
So let's hear it buddy.
Change my world.
(somber music)
(birds chirping)
(somber music)