Testosterone (2003) Movie Script

I met him at sunday
and my heart stood still.
I'm Dean.
I'm Pablo.
Hi, Pablo.
And to where will you follow me?
It was lust at first sight.
You were fantastic.
No, you were fantastic.
You're right,
I was fantastic.
Pablo: the one-night stand
no longer left.
The next ten months were
a real chamois sweet romantic movie.
And I was damn America's sweetheart.
Pablo said first 'I love you.
On his own special way.
And it burned so good.
Deans would not cure sunburn?
Pablo will ever stop snoring?
Will love conquer all?
(Hint: yes.)
Not wegzappen.
Pablo, okay?
I hate this song.
Sign me why you always?
For the evidence.
Because I know you still do not bite me.
Here I am.
I'm going nowhere.
Dean, friend, where is your better half?
He could not come.
How are you?
You were still quit smoking?
- Was I.
This is Marshall, the artist.
- Hi, Louise.
I can not just my eyes
off your work...
not fast enough.
The critics tear him alive.
Ah, what? That's great.
I want you to meet his dealer.
Hey, Dean. Pablo is here?
- No.
Nice haircut.
Which dealer?
His art dealer
- I write comics.
You create graphic novels, Dean.
And these are ten times better than this.
I want to stay small.
Too late.
The Speed Freak has your name
published. There is no turning back.
My God.
Stay calm...
What? Who is that?
That is his mother.
Whose mother?
- From Pablo.
That subtle?
I thought she lived in Argentina.
Pablo to be here.
Ask me to it. I want to know where
she has her shoes away.
I think Pablo nowhere.
Mr. Otten House.
I would like to introduce you...
- I can easily just 'hello' to say.
Mrs. Alesandro?
Mrs. Alesandro. It's me, Dean...
How long have you been in Los Angeles?
I think not her mother-Friendly
language, but Bitch. And they also talk Cunt.
She also speaks fluent German.
Dean. This is Marshall's dealer,
Mr. Otten House.
Did I not tell you that he is dangerous?
He just says "Cunt" in public.
That is borderline.
Pleasant introduction. Excuse me.
The last time she was in LA,
she even ate at my house.
I really like your work would like to see.
My heart is bursting.
It's okay.
Join now to return the old Dean.
Stop this nonsense.
I have my best to you
get together here.
Fucked it.
He's gone.
What are you talking about?
- Pablo. He is gone.
One night he went out cigarettes
and he has not returned.
I would love to talk with him
but I can not find it.
Mrs. Alesandro, find a nice
performance? - Leave me alone.
Excuse me.
Maybe you could help me.
I have him with me things that Pablo
has left,...
shoes, what post
my heart.
Keep everything but.
I think he does terugwil.
I think not.
- He's back where he belongs.
I saw him just another restaurant
see a doggy bag to go outside.
You do not ask doggy bag
if you're going to leave the country?
I hope you have fun.
Where is he?
- Damn.
If I pull that language from you and insert
them in your ass.
Let me go.
You're such an idiot.
He is finished with you.
Tomorrow we return to Buenos Aires...
and you will never look back.
What? Speak English.
What did she say?
Does anyone understand it?
Something happens tomorrow?
She said that tomorrow the sun comes up again, Dean.
And she had a blouse where her
big tits hanging out.
What have I told you about her?
Logical that Pablo is so fucked up.
Dean, it's Louise. I hate you.
I spent two hours...
to me by Mr. Otten to House
excuse because you've screwed up.
You have 'Hot-How-She-It-Again'
almost raped in the middle of his gallery.
So I told him that you
're retarded. And he believed me.
Please let me in between.
Thank you.
Dean, this is my proposal.
The pages you yesterday
have returned...
are a big step backwards.
I do not know what happened.
Pablo who has sucked out your heart?
Anyway, get over it
are, and do not come back sooner.
Are you the one who always stays calls?
I just want to know...
- I understand completely.
Pablo was superb.
I was completely off the map when they
told me that he is no longer working.
I've seen him once.
He staapte in his Volkswagen,
his stupid red bug.
Do you know how hard it is to
someone to suck in a beetle? - No.
I have writer's block.
- Writers Block?
Here's your writer's block.
That's a good idea.
Mrs. Alesandro, you know me?
I had the last time you want
say that I would come here...
but you did not really make much sense to have
to chat.
Pablo is here?
Not speak Spanish... I just go away.
Where is there a hotel?
You know, a Hilton or...
Or take me to a Ritz Carlton,
- Yes, Ritz.
That will be correct.
Do you speak any English?
English? No.
I am sorry
Very nice.
Very nice.
Do you know where I can find one this Forum?
- Yes.
No, that's very kind of you,
I am two weeks ago stopped smoking.
A joint, weed, shit ,...?
- I agree later.
Hey, wait.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Sorry, I thought you were somebody else.
Do you speak English?
Two words only: "We're closed."
That's three... words.
Can I help you?
I've been in the scouts.
You must know more than three words.
You said...
"I only know two words',...
what al ..
That is a whole sentence.
We're closed.
You know more than two words,
but this is it your favorite.
Okay, I already do can you tell me...
Have you seen this guy?
He seems bored.
He was tired.
We had all night
celebrated my birthday.
Well, you had to see him...
I stay at the Ritz Hotel.
On the Avenida de Mayo?
You should have seen him already.
His family lives in that house, so there.
I do not see much.
That is a political family.
Very rich, very powerful and very...
You know many words
I can not count them.
We're closed.
You are the...
Guillermo, will you help me?
Come here.
Listen. I do not understand what she says.
Not good.
Not good.
Where is that little of yesterday?
Coming with me.
Mrs. Alesandro, how are you?
I'm Sergeant Montego.
Keep this bastard away from my house.
If you would like scolding me so...
I therefore order that the nerve
in English to do.
Take him.
Hands off.
If you do not immediately leave the country,...
I make you regret that you
my son have ever met.
July 25?
I do al
Stop, please.
You know him?
I am sure that we
can solve, right?
It must be better that people are not
know who he is looking for.
You rule this problem then.
Go away.
Not to.
Are you English or American?
- American.
I said I thought that a good book.
It is sometimes difficult to read
if you do not speak Spanish.
Relax, I'm not scene.
Thanks for earlier.
That is mine.
I mean, I got it written.
So I look like I slept.
I'm not an asshole. I have
heartbreak and I need help.
I 'm signatures for you.
What's your name?
- Sofia.
... fia.
Ever done something that you hoped
that would change your life?
Nothing changes your life,
you change your life.
When this came out I thought I
it would be easier...
I finally had to show them what I could.
But the truth is that...
once I had them show...
I no longer knew myself.
I was lost.
And then I came to Pablo.
That boy who is bored in that picture.
He changed everything.
I will tell you one thing:
He does not live in that house.
I'm here every day.
He's probably in their country house.
Where are these people going
to get away from it all?
They have no home in Malibu or something?
Forget him, Dean.
Go to the Casa Rosada, the tango
dancers look and go back home, okay?
I do not know where that is.
There is not a Malibu or something.
You know each other?
Sorry, I can not help you, Dean.
You forgot this in the shop.
Want to know a secret?
I have written this.
Want to know my secret?
I've read it.
You're kidding.
- No.
I also read your other book,
That was good.
I read it late at night,...
all alone,...
in my bed.
I even colored pages.
If I am good, I then
in your next book?
Well, damn...
I can use a new muse.
I think I have a recurring
personnage your going to make.
- Is there drool on my face?
I'm just...
I'm nervous.
I thought...
You thought...
you never have such a good sex
would like Pablo Alesandro.
How did you know?
- It is written on your face.
Do you know Pablo? Do you know where he is?
He must have been mad,
he left you behind.
Maybe I left him behind.
Therefore the streets of your foam
Buenos Aires as a small dog...
Get out.
This is an evil laugh.
Have you ever noticed that Pablo never laughs?
I've long thought that my
silly jokes lay.
And then I realized that Pablo
can not laugh...
just as dumb can not speak.
Yes. As he was when we were children.
I can imagine.
Two angelic altar boys,...
two Catholic schoolboys...
walking around in the church...
and secretly under the habits of
The nuns crept...
and a murder were committed with impunity...
And who played together in the
bell after mass.
Have you fucked him?
Two and half years.
I think now it should go.
How to tell the Americans that
again? 'Chill Out'?
Have some fun with me anyway.
It's just sex, man. Relax.
Not anymore.
- Okay.
Pablo and I were faithful to each other.
Pablo Alesandro?
He loves the bath.
He was different with me.
Oh, yeah?
You know what? Pablo came back to
Argentina for me.
You were just a pleasure,
a little pleasure.
Fuck you, asshole.
Did you enjoy it, Dean?
Can I treat you in a glass?
I'm going home.
Home? Is a nice girl like you
on a Saturday night home alone?
Come on, let's go have fun.
I know a dirty gay tent...
A gay-tent?
Come on.
Why did you not fucking me
Marcos said that the former is Pablo?
I've learned to me interfering
between a boy and his...
Understand what I mean?
I understand above all that much that you know
and you tell me.
And I understand you better.
What do you mean?
You do you want to cool.
As with that gun, today.
Then you felt a real man.
I thought that was nice.
And I thought your attack on that
Brazilian mamaracha fun.
How do you rid yourself back...
like the characters in your comics.
Graphic novels.
I want to go to the country house of Pablo.
Take me to it.
I'll take you.
I'll pay for gasoline.
I think this is fun.
I could easily live here
From here and work.
There is much that you do not understand.
I learn quickly, like a sponge.
When I was little,...
my nanny took me a bath every night.
And on my 12th birthday I took for
the first time only one bath.
And my mother...
had invited her friends
a tea party in the bathroom...
like a real show could be seen.
And how shy I was
When I stepped out of the bath,...
they began to clap...
and they feleciteerden me with my first bath.
The whole country or if you just
a crazy mother?
It is the country.
We love tradition.
We cling to the past
because the present is too difficult.
And the future?
I refuse to continue my life coffees
Serve as a girl.
I must warn you,
this can sometimes get out of hand.
Pablo and I never do anything without fireworks.
Pablo is not here;
This is my house.
It is too far for tonight.
We are going tomorrow.
Welcome to La Elsa.
So you're in cahoots.
What does "in cahoots"?
It means that you offer
to have my balls.
And it is also the name of the bar
where I first kissed a guy.
And look how far it has brought me.
I knew you would not count
if I told you.
Fuck you with him?
Sorry to disappoint,
but she is my sister.
As if that something belongs to you.
You must enjoy the outdoors in style.
And this is one of the most traditional
country houses.
We were born here.
On the bench.
Just kidding.
Something to drink?
Because I do.
Hey, Marcos. Sofia wants to know if you
have enjoyed the cock of the piccolo.
Sofia ball that can not care.
Sofia goes to sleep.
I want a whiskey.
Are you sure you want to drink anything?
American whiskey?
- American whiskey.
You see, this is exactly what I mean.
This is completely ridiculous.
I want to go back to my hotel,
to Guillermo and his lips...
and my view of the Rio de la Plata.
Have you no ejector seat or something?
What is that, "an ejection seat?
You know why Pablo has returned
to this country?
He missed the heat down,...
the kindness and honesty
of the Argentines.
You're very arrogant, you know?
Maybe he's right.
Do it.
Does anyone have a toothbrush
I can borrow?
Thanks for the toothbrush.
Anything else is needed?
I can use a cigarette.
It was Pablo's 15th birthday.
It seems like you fight
to his attention.
That was a game between us.
But I was tired and so
Marcos, I win.
I know that game.
Games for children.
I thought this was my room?
Yes, that's right.
But there's a ghost in the mine.
My mother always bought her sheets...
by nuns in Belgium.
Blind nuns.
She sewed everything by hand.
Even though they were blind?
They feel good against your skin...
On our friendship.
Your mother sounds... unique.
I'd like to meet her.
She's dead.
She wanted me to become a priest.
I thought about it, but...
I think I love sex too much.
Anyway, I...
I feel guilty every time
when I cum on these sheets.
I think the nuns in Belgium,...
there are so...
all night long,
while the bells...
Can I sleep tonight?
I have a long days stalking
in prospect.
Just to sleep.
I do not want to be alone with the mind.
You get used to it.
Here I am.
And I'm going nowhere.
He seems bored.
He is finished with you.
You were just a pleasure,
a little pleasure.
Let me sleep, Jesus.
Happy birthday.
Did you just move your eyes?
Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'd love to.
Take me now to Pablo's house?
Marcos brings you after breakfast.
I want to leave now.
It is perhaps ten miles from here.
So close?
Why did not you tell me yesterday?
Marcos did murder you tonight.
He could not because he is a bit
love you.
Okay, I bring you now.
Thanks for breakfast.
You're welcome.
Marcos, do you?
It is so beautiful.
My great-grandfather, Felipe de Crespi,
bought this house.
We call it 'La Elsa.
If things do not improve,
Sofia might be selling.
Why 'La Elsa?
The official story is
that my great-grandfather...
a granddaughter named Elsa.
And the unofficial story?
His wife,...
My great-grandmother,
was very clean...
and apparently, very cold.
And Felipe found passion with another
woman named Elsa.
Elsa was the love of his life.
Unfortunately it was Elsa, which the kitchen.
They had a relationship where none
something could learn from.
Are we?
- Yes.
Elsa became pregnant.
Felipe and said she would give anything...
unless he would take care of her and her baby.
I thought it was close.
I lied.
How far yet?
An hour maybe.
Can you just stop?
Because I really need to pee urgently.
One night a loyal servant...
Felipe and told him to
that the baby was coming.
Elsa Felipe hoped would melt...
that he would protect her
and would remain with her forever.
Felipe saw it differently, however.
He saw her as a snake...
that invaded his garden.
While her baby was born,...
Felipe came into her room...
How exciting.
I would propose to you
to my publisher.
How does it end?
Once the baby was born...
Felipe grabbed his machete...
Elsas and cut head.
And, do you like my country?
Why he sent her
to a monastery or something?
She had poor nuns help
those sheets.
Because her silence would last forever.
Poison would not have been easier?
A snake is only dead if you chops off her head.
Here it is.
But now when he is here.
Or what?
Come on.
When we were still in school...
Pablo and I came here many times
may go...
to be here to stay.
This was our only chance in the same
bed to sleep.
I want to show you something.
That drives me crazy bastard.
Yes, here it is.
I knew it.
Come look closer.
See that?
Semen stains.
Not only me...
and not just him.
It was the combination that made us so strong.
Not strong enough.
You're afraid you never no man more
will find...
that takes you to those places
you just do not dare to go.
Anyone can ejaculation from a tree.
Pablo and I did it
in the house of P. Diddy.
On a bed full of coats of famous stars.
Madonna asks, still down from
where that smell comes from.
Pablo, honey?
Honey, I'm home.
You and I...
Pablo should we forget...
we erase from his past...
if he wants to continue his life here.
This is his bedroom.
Here I was always happy.
You knew that would not Pablo.
Closer than this will not help.
Damn, man.
You should absolutely see Pablo's house, huh?
You just would not give up.
Shall we call the police?
They will arrest you.
I did nothing.
- I believe you.
You're not strong enough to do that.
But the police will have a different view.
You tell them the truth just yet.
There is someone responsible for,
and we both know who that is.
Then add something or go home.
With a gun...
I will not really help you.
I am not afraid to use it.
Look at me, you, witch.
You're scared.
I can smell the stench.
A dog can.
My son does not make good choices.
You can not touch this.
Go home.
Good luck.
No movement.
Good dog...
You do know this for a
night, huh?
You know what?
I can still use you as a pillow.
I have a stressful day behind.
Who's here?
What are you doing here?
I live here.
What are you doing here?
Do not worry about the title.
I take care of it.
Stop now come with me to follow.
- I follow you not.
You hung out accidental tourist
in the graveyard, huh?
No, I've slept.
Seriously. Pablo's mother...
has driven a lot of men behind me.
And yet you did not give up, huh?
Because I have not received yet
which I have come here.
I have 15 hours in a fucking stupid
plane sat.
I'm not going home without a souvenir.
What do you do?
How could I miss?
Marcos told me the secret.
What secret?
Felipe and kitchen helper.
I have to wake up.
I have all the pieces in my head.
I can not shake my head,
if I were drowning.
Dean, dear, you should really go home.
I have no house.
You know what? I'm with that crap
Pablo over Sat
As of today, Dean Seagrave...
no crap pick Pablo Alesandro.
I'm tired after that serpent
to sit.
But this is strange, Sofia.
Not that I have not thought of....
It is a very satisfactory picture...
yet also terrifying.
A symbolic exorcism.
Handle that well?
You do not even know where he is.
- Do you see?
Sofia, all the pieces fall together.
All my fantasies fucking result
in the act itself.
Okay, maybe I had to
beach can go and do yoga.
But damn.
I can not save Pablo.
I'm not Jesus
or not a magician.
I'm just a fag with a
pistol, a chainsaw needs.
And there you have an Argentine
hardware store.
What is a chainsaw?
I'm looking for a chainsaw.
What makes that noise.
That's not useful. How can you
Now it surprise anyone?
There are no silencers for
What are you looking for?
What do you have anything of that size
by cutting?
And not electric, because I might
no socket is at hand.
Dean, let's talk outside.
Can you mach chanterelles?
Felipe de Crespi used a machete.
Felipe de Crespi?
My grandfather?
She looks very sharp.
These are quiet, huh?
Much more satisfactory,
much better for the bowels.
A chainsaw, that's cheating, huh?
It should not be too easy.
I would get a kick out of...
vent my anger...
This is a much better choice.
I'll take this.
You also have handcuffs?
What about this?
I think my new machete great.
I do not think I've long
can live without.
I will bring you to your hotel?
No, I just bought all that stuff.
I must find him.
I have something else to do tonight.
Sorry, I thought we wanted the same.
This place is all Pablo.
I use my thumb though.
You keep the machete but with you.
Please note well.
Dean, wait.
It's okay, he was not here.
Is it?
Marcos got going here once followed.
Who you talking to?
What is that?
A gift for all you
have done for me.
I am tired of stupid, small
boys to apply...
their courses if they have not
immediately get what they want.
Pablo has started.
It is very easy for you, huh?
I mean...
You grab the plane and booked a hotel...
and you use your credit card
a machete to buy...
to cut off the head of
the boy who does not love you.
But you know what?
Other people, like us,...
living in the real world
with real problems. Okay?
I can not do.
- Of course not.
Queers can not kill.
Look at Marcos.
It was easier for him to
bullet in his head to shoot...
than yours.
Even for Pablo.
Pablo knows everything from here.
That was him on the phone.
I've told him about the machete.
He is probably still
to laugh.
Sit down.
Pablo, I agree.
Tell me where the hell he is...
if I use it again and now intentional.
I'll take you with him.
Are you happy now?
With Louise.
It's Dean, Dean Seagrave.
You're in the mountains?
I hear you bad.
I am in Argentina.
Jesus, Dean.
And what are your plans today?
Do you ride your bike ride past his house?
I wanted you just call me.
Is there anyone at Jamba Juice?
I would like a berry cocktail
with many proteins. Fast.
I'm here, Dean.
Louise, I have something for you.
Something I want to show.
Your custom script?
No, no. Something new.
I am been very creative.
It does not sound like yourself.
I come home, Louise.
It starts tonight at 22h flight.
Tomorrow afternoon I'm in LA
I will shave my pussy.
Hi, do you speak English?
There is soon a man down.
His name is Pablo Alesandro.
Pablo Alesandro?
That is around the corner, in the church.
He does so here.
- In the church? - Yes.
Sir, everyone is up.
- Thanks.
You are deceiving me.
You used that anyway.
Tell him to wait on you next.
Tell him if you will.
Welcome to Argentina.
Do not be silly.
I've already called the police.
You look fantastic, Sofia.
Good that you have chosen to ecru.
And that cuts my breath away anorak.
Well shame of your hand.
Where are you going? Stop.
Sofia. Come here.
Have you seen those stupid Americans?
And where is Pablo?
He fucks one of the waiters.
Your hands...
Fuck her?
Your wife.
This marriage makes sense for us.
Sofia has my money
and I want her surname.
I want to be respected.
It is important to me.
"Fuck your hair?" I asked you.
It is a coventioneel marriage.
It's so cute when you wrong
Move that stuff aside,
as in the road.
What's in that cooler?
I wrote you a goodbye note.
Dean, my hands are tied.
Tell me about Marcos.
- Marcos?
How did it feel when you killed him?
I did not murder him.
Okay, how did it feel when you discovered that
He was dead by your fault?
I was always honest with Marcos.
But he was crazy.
He came to the gym and fell
tears to my feet...
and he begged me to come back to him.
It was grotesque,
I was ashamed of him.
You loved it.
I'm not perfect,
but I am not a murderer.
Did you miss me at all?
I understand that you are angry.
I came to South America and
You did not even talk to me.
I am not a good person, Dean.
I have many problems.
I'm addicted to sex.
Really, I go to a support group.
And since you got back down in one sentence.
It's not your fault, Dean.
It did not.
I was scared.
I have intimacy problems.
Pablo, shut up.
What do you want more, huh?
Dean, I know where you're going.
Yeah, so?
You forgot to save.
Dean, Jesus, what are you doing?
Pablo, we were not in this car
presided as you...
What? Loved you?
I know again what I wanted to ask you.
Marcos had to murder me?
Does that matter?
Yes, that's what out.
I do not like you, Dean.
And I want your boyfriend are not.
I am married, damn.
I gotta pee.
Flat on your stomach.
Shall we just do?
It's your party.
You said you would love me,
what might happen.
I lied.
I'm ready to go, Dean. Come on.
I wish we could go inside and...
could take off all our clothes
and crawl into bed and...
together in your bed too.
I would rather wish than anything.
I knew you were a coward.
A coward.
This is good touch, Dean.
By comparison it seems that the Speed Freak...
on a Christmas card for the Osmond family.
Something I have not three years
your received.
What took you so long?
Let's say I have found my voice.
You should not smoke.
I love those red spots
you've used everywhere.
It is rude and loud and...
I get a sense of to take a good puke.
Did I tell you that I have a dog?
And your friend?
Oh, that...
We are currently separated, but...
Who knows what happens there in the future?
Well... gefeleciteerd.
Thanks, sweetie.
Incidentally, there is a large parcel
before you arrived.
It stands in front. Grab it with me
if you go outside, okay? - Thanks.
I'll keep you posted.
- Okay, do that.
King, did you miss me?
No, this is not for you.
Hello, sunshine.
She liked it, King.
She was my best work ever.
I think that everything is now.