Tethered (2021) Movie Script

[birds chirping]

So I don't know what to do.
The blackouts are getting worse.
I've been finding myself
in places I don't remember.

And I'm not sure
what to do next.

Maybe we're just destined.
We're just destined
to keep walking this path.

I don't know anymore.
I wanna upload this now.
Hopefully, this finds you.
Learn from our mistakes.
Hey, guys, spending the weekend
with my big sis.
Can't find her, where is she?
There she is--
Sam, get over here.
Say hi to all your fans.
You look so pretty!
No, she looks so gorgeous.
-Look at my sister!
-Jesus Christ, stop!
Hey, guys, spending the weekend
with my big sis.
I can't find her, where is she?
There she is--
Sam, get over here.
-Stop, are you serious?
-Say hi to all your fans.
-You look so pretty.
-Turn it off.
No, she looks so gorgeous.
-Look at my sister.
-Jesus Christ, stop!
[telephone ringing]
Please leave
your voicemail for...
Hi, this is Kenneth.
Hey, um...
I just wanted to check in
with you or Mom.
I'm sorry
I couldn't make it home.
I--shit, I'm sorry, it's late.
Um, I'll call you later.
You know it's been a year since
we've been seeing each other?
Is it our anniversary?
I thought maybe,
since it's been a year,
you might wanna talk about--
Well, talk about
what happened to your sister.
[distant traffic rumbles]
Sometimes retrospection is good.
I could be wrong.
I don't feel like
it's been that long,
and I also feel like
it's been forever.
Like she died last week
and she died three years ago
at the same time.
And what else, Sam?
Can you describe
that actual feeling?
And I've told you before
that you should try
to make a concerted effort
to change that.
That feeling's not
just gonna go away on its own.
Isn't that what you're here for?
Well, I think you need friends,
healthy human relationships,
and you have to choose
to want it, Sam.
-Just reminding you of that.
-Oh, look, time's up.
It's okay, Sam, it's okay.
-We can--
-No, you know,
it was helpful
for the first three months,
but we're just--
we're spinning wheels here, Doc,
-so I'm gonna--
Yeah, thanks, Doc.

[telephone ringing]

[telephone ringing]
-What's up, Sam?
-Hey, man, this lady here,
she says she's a cop,
and she just started a fight.
Which bar?

[engine whirring]

You good?
Fuck is that supposed to mean?
What, what'd I do?
Nothing, sorry.
[door beeping]
Okay, goodnight.
Goodnight, Keller.
-What's up?
-You called me, buddy.
I wanted to check up on you
because you were
pretty far gone last night.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm raring to go.
Actually there's a body
up on 49th.
Uh, dispatch says
they're short staffed
-with Vermeer and Walters out.
-We're off duty.
-Yeah, but there are just
black and whites
sitting on it right now.
All right, well, did you
get permission from Jules?
I don't have to be
excused again, do I?
Yes, I did,
so screw your hangover.
All right.
All right, give me 30.



[police radio chatter]

[police radio chatter]

[indistinct remarks]
-That's weird.
Um, hey, Sam.
Um, I didn't--I didn't realize
you two were on today.
-We're not.
-Are you keeping track
of my schedule, Ferris?
Uh, no, no, um--
not--not really.
All right, well did you
find any blood or weapon?
Uh, no, nothing like that.
So what's the probable cause?
Uh, it really just looks like
he keeled over and died.
-In fucking child's pose?
I'm just the tech here, Sam.
You know the drill,
toxicology in 48.
Thank you, Ferris.
Um, I'm gonna be
making a call to Jules.
Do you wanna talk to the first,
or are you gonna stay here?
-What the fuck does that mean,
You're just gonna stare at him?
-Okay, have fun.
[indistinct remarks]
Hey, Jules, hey, baby.
Yeah, so, uh,
today should be pretty easy.
I don't think
I'll be staying too late.
I should be back in time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, love you, too.
[indistinct remarks]
-See you at 7:00.
-Hey, Ferris.
I gotta go.
Breakfast burrito,
no egg, coffee.
Oh shit, you got the coffee
from there, too?
Yeah, why?
Nothing, thanks.
So, a clean tox,
no signs of trauma,
ME says asphyxiation.
Yeah, I read the report.
[telephone ringing]
Yep, thank you.
Yep, we'll be there in a bit.
-What's that?
-Forensics is done
with John Doe's
personal effects.
-And we gotta go down there.
"We" plural?
I mean, I don't think it takes
two of us to pick up a report.
Seriously, Sam, you're gonna
high-low this shit?
I mean, this isn't drinks,
this is our job.
All right,
well if you don't want to,
drinks are on you next time.
I paid for drinks last--
All right, fine, fine, whatever.
You know...
All right?
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
-I'll get the report.
So, winner,
what are you gonna do?
-Just gonna sit here?
-Oh no, I have evidence scans
-to go through.
-All right, have fun with those.
I will, and tell Ramirez
I haven't forgotten he owes me.
I'll tell Ferris you say hi.
[telephone ringing]
You learn anything useful?
You've been down there
-long enough.
-All right, well, not really.
You don't know
what killed this guy?
No, they don't know.
Also, they haven't figured out
who he is from any databases.
Yeah, well that's what
they pay us the big bucks for,
-I mean, what'd you suss out
from the evidence report?
Well, besides that notebook,
our John Doe had on him
the following:
a camping pass
for the Angeles Mountains
and a business card.
I mean, no wallet, no phone,
but on the backside of the card
there's a set of coordinates.
Well, where are the coordinates?
Up in the mountains
in the forest
about two hours out.
And who's the card from?
Jensen Networking Solutions.
I looked him up, he's in town.
Well, Jensen sounds good
for tomorrow, yeah.
-I'll pick you up?
-All right, sounds good.
[exhales heavily]
[engine whirring]
Uh, how much further
till we get there, Sam?
Couple minutes.
Do I just stay straight?
Yeah, stay straight, Keller.
Just making sure
we're on the same page.
What are you talking about?
Ready to work?
You wanna smell my breath, Mom?
Okay, I'll back off.
Yeah, whatever.
Take a left on the next block.
Aye, aye, captain.
-Hi, are you Michael Jensen?
I'm Detective Sam Morris,
and me and my partner would like
to ask you a couple questions
if that's all right.
Sure, come in, detectives.
Have a seat.
What can I do for you,
We're working on a John Doe.
This man died two days ago.
We're trying to get
a positive ID.
Do you mind
looking at a picture?
No, sorry, I don't know him.
Can you think of a reason
he would have your card?
I work freelance.
I have a decent amount
of clients.
Perhaps one of them
recommended me to him?
I'd give you my client list
if you like.
How long you been taking photos?
Oh, well, many, many years.
I used to shoot on film,
so that shows my age.
So, what kind
of freelance work do you do?
Network infrastructure
and storage solutions.
So, that's like, um,
servers and stuff?
Yep, you got it.
If you remember anything else,
could you give us a call,
-Mr. Jensen?
-Of course.
Have a good night, sir.
I'm gonna check out Jensen's
social pages later.
Hey, you think we can
get up in the mountains tonight?
What, now?
-I--it's dark.
Well, so--I mean, Jules wouldn't
be too thrilled about that.
I told her today
would be a quick one.
Mm, I don't think your wife
should be interfering
in police business.
Well, you could
tell her that yourself.
Would you like to
come to dinner tonight?
She would love to see you.
No, I'm good, thanks.
-You sure?
All right, Sam, tell me when.
All right.
-That's good, thanks.
-All right.
Jules, do you want some red
or do you want your white?
Oh, I'll just take a glass
of, uh, whatever Sam brought.
-Thanks for having me, Jules.
-Oh, sweetie, of course.
You're like family.
So, what should we cheers to?
-The future?
-oh, so dramatic.
How about we, uh, cheers to
the bottom of the bottle?
-That works.
-The future, Keller?
I'm with my two favorite women,
and by the way, Sam,
Jules and I are
gonna start a family soon,
so yeah, the future's
looking pretty bright.
You are so corny, babe.
Well, I'm happy
to have what I have.
All right, we get it,
your life is super and great.
So, Sam, I heard you might be
looking for a new place.
Did you find one yet?
Um, no.
I mean, I like where I am.
Well, are you sure?
Because I actually found
some spots in this area.
I like my dark and gloomy cave
just fine.
Okay, just saying.
And I'm just saying,
maybe you should
stop spending so much time
on those real estate sites.
What? I don't.
-How much time we talking?
-Like an hour in the morning
and an hour before bed.
-That's not a lot, right?
-No, um,
that's perfectly healthy.
[water streaming]
Listen, Sam.
I know that John
is your partner,
but you can talk to me, too.
What, you mean like girl talk?
I mean, you don't have
to give me a list
of everyone you ever slept with,
but yeah.
I appreciate that, but, uh,
yeah, I mean, I'm good, I, um--
Time heals and all that shit,
you know?
Yeah, but the "all that shit"
is the part I'm offering.
So, just goddamn call me.
Yes, ma'am.
[birds chirping]
You have one new voicemail
from June 27th.
Hey, sis,
it's coming up on a year,
and, well, Mom wanted us both
to come back home.
It could be
just for the weekend,
or whatever you can do.
Love you, Sam, bye.
-Hey, bud.
Got a camera?
-Right here.
-Ah, thank you.
So, what's the camera for?
For documentation.
Unless you think you can
remember every little detail
we see up there, which, uh,
judging from the past,
I'm thinking that's a hard no.
The camera will show
that I'm usually right.
Ah, the camera will
show what it shows.
You wanna drive and do your job?
All right, got it.

[labored breathing]
Ah, well,
I'm finally out of service.
Yeah, same.
[birds chirping]
Oh, God, I'm getting old.
Hey, you're not
that much older than me,
so just--
That's my excuse,
I mean, what's yours?
I mean--was I the one
huffing and puffing,
and dragging my toes?
So, uh, now that
I got you out here alone,
I mean, what's with
that pout on your face?
Did your--did your
fucking asshole ex
show up at your house again?
No, it's not that.
It's been a year.
My mom wants me
to come back home.
So, are you gonna go home?
I don't know.
I mean...
Tara's dead.
It's not gonna bring her back.
Well, maybe seeing family
would be good.
Yeah, maybe.
-All right, you ready to go?
Well, there's something else.
Oh, God, Jesus, what?
Well, it's not about that, it--
Would you hang out with Jules?
She feels like
you're dodging her,
and I--I mean, I don't wanna
give off the wrong impression.
Wrong impression?
You know,
it might look like we're--
Oh my God.
She thinks that I'm a threat?
No, no, I--it's--
Oh, sick.
You think that she thinks
that this could ever be--
You think highly of yourself.
That's some
inferential thinking.
-Some threat.
-Whatever, whatever.
Yeah, sure, we'll--
we'll hang out.
-It'll be good for all of us.
Good, that's all you had to say.
[eerie whooshing]
-How much further?
-We should be in it.
All right, let's go searching.
[eerie whooshing]


I need you to find that book.

It's hard to focus.

I need you to find that book.
We're partners,
we'll do it together.



Where is he?
[exhaling heavily]



Keller, if you hear me
fire your weapon!


This is Detective Morris.
Badge 375.
I have a 9-9-8.
My partner is missing.
Detective, we have
reviewed your report,
and the footage on your camera,
and you are cleared
-of any wrongdoing.
-Well, what about my old case?
-What about my John Doe?
-That case has been handed over
to another investigator
as per procedure.
So, you took my old case,
and you won't let me
help find my partner.
But you're cleared
for new casework.
What am I supposed
to tell his wife?
I'm sorry, I don't know.
I can't assist you with that.
Hey, Jules,
where are your glasses?
Fuck it.
Whiskey okay?

Well, the, uh, service was good.
I mean, they did a good job,
you know?
Sun shining down and all.

Goddamnit, this is shitty.

I'm sorry, Jules.

You said that already.

Guess that's all
anyone's been saying this week.

Hey, um, I feel fucked up
even asking you this.
What did you do last year
with your sister?

Well, my secret was
getting fucked up
and then fucking
anyone with a six-pack.

And you know, I was married, so,
don't recommend the second part.

All right, so just bottoms up.
[glasses clink]

You have one new voicemail
from June 27.
Hey, sis,
it's coming up on a year,
and, well,
Mom wanted us both
to come back home.
It could be
just for the weekend,
or whatever you can do.
Love you, Sam. Bye.
[birds chirping]
Why don't we take my car?
Instead of a Town Car?
Because the Town Car
looks like a Town Car.
So, this is more discreet?
[bird squawking]
Like I said in my brief.
Tell 'em we're here to go
for a handoff, copy.
Copy that.
[engine whirring]
[door slams]
[door slams]
[engine starting]
[engine puttering]
[engine rumbling]
[bird squawking]
Kate? Ma'am?
What, am I, like,
in trouble or something?
No, I--I just wanted
to have a face-to-face.
So, an evaluation?
No, I don't like
calling them that.
Can--can you sit
in the damn chair
like a normal person?
So, are you bored yet?
You former cops sometimes
have difficulty
transitioning into
the private sector.
No, ma'am, um,
I like getting paid.
How about Parsons?
Doing just fine with him.
Have you spoken to him lately?
I mean, not about me,
if that's what
you're getting at.
You know, Sam,
he's one of the good guys.
I mean, you guys are gonna
have more assignments together.
So, what, is he,
like, my new partner now?
I wouldn't go that far.
Well, I already
have a boyfriend.
Are you trying to set me up?
Since when did you
get to start questioning me?
Okay, look,
I know it's not easy.
Actually, it is just that.
The easy jobs.
You don't have to
kill yourself out there
just to get it right.
But the hard part
is staying focused,
staying sharp,
because just
one mistake out there,
things can go south real quick.
Yes, ma'am.
[switch clicks]
[bottle cap clinks]
You doing anything this weekend?
Not really.
Well, we can go out,
if you want.
Go to some bars.
Coming up on our anniversary.
-I'm sorry.
-I just keep thinking
about that week, that month,
six months before, even.
I do, too.
I'm sorry, Sam,
I don't mean to burden you
with whatever I'm feeling.
I just--I know that you did
everything you could.
Just keep thinking,
trying to remember
something different.
There is nothing
you could do differently.
I keep reading the report.
-You shouldn't do that.
-No, no, it helps
keep me centered.
Yeah, it's bullshit.
I should not read
the damn thing, right?
You want me
to hang on to it for ya?
What are you gonna do with it?
Well, first thing I'm gonna do
is keep it away from you.
Before you stow it away,
you think you could read it?
Sure thing.

It's open.
I see you didn't wait up for me.
Oh, I'm sorry, I was hungry.
Well, you know how it is.
Crime does not wait
for shift changes.
You're such a martyr, sweetie.
Don't I know it.
What is all this?
Oh, this is just, um--
just Keller and me,
the last case.
-It's, uh--
least before
they took it from me.
Uh, okay, and, uh,
why are you looking at it?
'Cause it was left unsolved.
'Cause my real job
is fucking boring.
Here, got this, your favorite.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, if I needed
the rest of the decade,
could you get it?
What, um, decade--
what do you mean?
DACs with no prior
medical condition.
Criminal records
not found in public.
I need to expand
this thing a bit.
Uh, a bit, that's--
that--that would be
in the thousands of files.
I mean, don't--don't you think
that's just a bit crazy?
Yeah, you're right.
Forget about it, all right?


Keller, if you hear me,
fire your weapon!

[brakes squealing]
[engine whirring]
[crickets chirping]
You've been stewing in this.
You smell like detective.
What's that supposed to mean?
Okay, okay, all right, um,
I don't wanna fight.
So, just...
tell me
what you need to tell me.
I just really need those files.
-Sam, we--
No, please,
I know it sounds crazy.
I just need to solve this case.
No, listen.
Something happened
in the forest.
I don't know what happened,
but it was--it was fucked up.
I just...
I feel like I let him down.
Hey, hey, hey,
you did not do that.
The state knows you didn't.
I know you didn't do that.
Please, Kevin.
I just--I need to solve it.
[door beeps]
[keys jingling]

[telephone ringing]
-Hey, Kevin.
Sorry I missed your call,
I was distracted.
Eyes up, team 1 has the client.

Sam. Samantha, what the hell?
Okay, sit in the car.
Sam, I'm taking the client
to Charlie, repeat, Charlie.
Wait, wait, wait,
it's fine, I'm fine.
Just fine, coming back.

[doors slam]

Team 1, you are clear.
The client is now
outbound to airport.

[door slams]
Hey. Hey!
What was that shit
you just pulled?
Hey, you got
nothing to say, Samantha?
-Don't call me that.
-Oh, what,
-your name too girly for you?
-I saw something,
-a possible threat.
-Well, listen,
you can't just leave me
with my dick in my hands.
So, I don't know
what kind of shit you pulled
with your old partner,
but I won't put up with it.
Talk to me, turn around.
Don't touch me.
Get the fuck off my property.
[door creaks, slams]
[text chimes]
[text chimes]
Honestly, I'm worried.
Super not what I meant.
Okay, well,
these records are pretty much
the whole state.
I mean, I had to add
more metadata,
all kinds of things like that
just to get a decent set,
by the way.
Look, Sam, I--I think
we need to talk more
about why you're doing this.
I--I mean, the risks alone.
-Like what, Ferris?
-I mean, the risks for you,
and why that matters to me,
Okay, we talked
about this last night.
I--I want
daytime Sam to tell me.
I don't wanna fight about this.
Look, you asked me what I think.
I think it's obsessive.
It scares the hell out of me
because I care about you.
I'm in control.
Trust me.
[eerie whooshing]
-I brought this red string
to--to lead me back.


[indistinct remarks]
I, uh, brought dinner.
-Have you eaten?
Yeah, I figured.
-Uh, here, let me just--
-Oh, wait--uh, don't.
Oh, okay.
Sure have been busy today.
Yeah, it's a lot to go through.
Um, I'll go get some plates.
[papers rustling]
All right.
And of course there aren't any.
[water streaming]
[water sloshing]
Can you just--can you please
stop that for one second?
I know you could let me
be here for you, that's all.
I mean, we don't have
to make a big deal out of it.
I know, I'm--
I'm sorry
I was dismissive earlier.
I wouldn't have gotten
those files without you.
Oh, that's a bit
of an exaggeration.
You probably could have.
Hey, you know what I mean.
Yeah, I do.
So, am I forgiven?
Oh, gosh, let me think.
-You have a reprieve.
[indistinct remarks]
-Now you're pushing it.
-Am I pushing it?
Am I pushing it?
[crickets chirping]

I brought this red string
to--to lead me back.




[door latches]

[breathing heavily]

Show yourself!

Hey, listen.
I just wanna talk.

Now--now, you're sure
it was him, you saw him?
What do you mean?

[liquid pouring]
Where's Jensen?
I don't know.
Nobody was in the house.
Where'd you go in the forest?
Well, it...
it's complicated.
Well, then,
you can explain it, John.
I asked the same questions
about you,
and then when I lost you
and I drove out of the forest,
I honestly thought
you were dead.
You drove what car?
-My car.
I drove your car.
I broke a window to get in.
This is gonna sound weird,
but I think we both did.
I think we've both been
searching for the other
for God knows how long,
but I found something,
something that could fix this.
I don't understand.
You're not making sense.
What do you see?

A mug on my nightstand.
We probably don't have
much time.
I found Jensen.
He went through the same thing.
He had that book.
Are you saying
that your disappearance
and the John Doe
are somehow connected?
Yes, Sam, yes,
and we're stuck.
We're stuck, but we're gonna get
ourselves out of this.
I need you to find that book.
[door closes]
Who's that?
Oh, it's--it's Ferris.
We're dating, um,
actually, I'm gonna go
prep him about this.
Wait, wait!
Hey, hey, um,
I have to tell you something.
-Yeah, uh...
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine,
it's fine, it's...
I found Keller while working
on the John Doe case.
and he's in the bedroom now.
-No, Ferris...
-Ferris, just...


He was sitting right--
he was sitting...
right here.
Sam, and you saw him
in this room?
I don't know where he would go.
-I--I was talking to him.
-Now, you're sure it was him?
You saw him?
What is going on?

Sam, I'm--I'm really confused.
I was talking to him right here.

He was sitting
right here, Ferris!
I swear to you, right here!
[overlapping dialogue]
Shit, shit.
Um, hold on, Sam.

Listen, um...
we all know that you're under
a lot of stress right now.
No, it's not that.
Guilt can manifest itself in
all these weird and crazy ways.
I mean, I mean, if I'd had
the year that you had,
I'd have all kinds of feelings
Keller's death and, um...
Technically missing.
No one blames you.
I'm gonna go lie down for a bit.

[echoing whoosh]

[echoing whoosh]

[echoing whoosh]

-Hey, babe?
-Hey, hon.
What are you thinking
for dinner, how about Chinese?
Chinese sounds great.
I might be a little late.
Oh, all right.
[engine rumbling]
[birds chirping]
It's the 20th, um,
at 3:31 p.m.
[birds chirping]
I don't know what else to say,
um, I--I brought this red string
to--to lead me back.
[water running]

[phone vibrating]
[water splashing]
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
[phone vibrating]

[deep exhale]
You have one new voicemail
from June 27.
Hey, sis.
It's coming up on a year,
and, well, Mom wanted us both
to come back home.
It could be just for the weekend
or whatever you can do.
Love you, Sam.
[pen clicks]
[pen clicks]
[birds chirping]
So how do you feel?
It seems like this month
is your best.
I feel good.
Been using a logbook.
A logbook?
Yeah, I'll show you.
I, um...
I use it to record off moments.
-I actually feel really good.
Like I'm finally
on level ground again.
Do you feel like you can trust
your memories now?
I understand them
better than I did before.
[engine rumbling]
[gear shifting]
[seatbelt clicking]
[door opens]
[door closes]
So, I talked to Kate Normann,
and she's really interested
in you.
I think you should meet
with her.
You don't think it's too soon?
Well, if you're anything like
me, you'll want something to do.
Well, when does she want
to meet?
I mean, Monday?
If you want.
-This is all up to you.
Yeah, I'll call her.
Hi, Samantha.
It's good to see you again.
Nice to see you too.
Um, please call me Sam.
Oh, sure, Sam.
Have a seat.
You know, I should've
reached out sooner,
but I figured
you probably needed
some time away from anything
even resembling law enforcement.
I'm prime for anything now.
'cause I'm prepared
to offer you the job.
Listen, if...
you feel like you have
to do something here for me
out of charity, you don't.
Let me put it this way:
I see an asset,
with training and experience.
If our department's too dumb
to see a good asset,
hey, that's my gain.
So to you,
I'm just another ex-cop.
To be blunt, yeah.
No, ma'am.
I take that as a compliment.
What's your 20?
We'll be down in ten minutes.
She's using the bathroom.
Who? The client?
Yes, Parsons,
the fucking client, Sternwood.
And please don't swear
over the comms.
Oh, shit, sure, buddy,
copy that.
[door opens]
Okay, let's go.
[phone chiming]
[phone vibrating]
Ferris, just let it go,
all right?
The fucking fire is out.
Uh, it's Jules.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, Jules.
What's up?
Yeah, I just wanted to know
if you were still coming.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Cool, see you soon.
[phone beeps]
[keys jingling]
[door closes]
I just don't wear heels,
you know, normally.
All right.
I'm fine.
Oh, there's some wine
in the fridge.
Oh, yeah, I really don't think
you need that.
Mmm, pish posh.
Yeah, I'm gonna get you
some water.
[water running]
[water stops]
All righty.
-Drink up, okay?
-Thank you.
Um, thank you for coming out
with me tonight.
Yeah, of course.
It was our--
it would've been
our five-year anniversary.
I just...really miss him, Sam.
He was a good one.
I'm gonna be very hung over

You probably don't remember me.
Me and my partner came here
about a year ago.
Yes, yeah.
Yeah, sure, I remember now.
I found the John Doe.
I found a photo.
I see.
Ah, listen, you should...
come inside.
-Sit down.
-Whoa, slow down there!
-Aren't you a cop?
-Not anymore.
What do you wanna know?
Why did you lie
about knowing the hiker?
Well, I did lie,
but I also did not know
who he was.
Let's not play fucking games.
I know there's a photo
of the two of you.
I found it online.
-Was it in the forest?
That was the last time
I saw him.
I did not know he was dead
until you told me.
I have not seen him again,
I swear.
What do you mean?
I mean that he hasn't
reappeared again.
What do you mean?
Can I get my computer?
He sent me a video not long
after that photo was taken.
[keys tapping]
This is the only way
I can communicate.
It's the only thing
that's the same,
so I'm gonna record this
and I'm gonna upload it.
Okay, so, last summer,
you and I both walked
into some kind of anomaly
in the forest,
you remember that?
And after that,
nothing's been the same.
Shit, shit.
I know this is weird, right?
But you're having, like,
dj vu, right?
But it's like the opposite
of dj vu.
You think something
was different, like,
a different color,
or I mean, like,
a different object entirely,
And you've been getting
the headaches, right?
Loss of time, dissociation.
It's because we're hitting
an apex
where the timelines
are converging.
So most of the time,
the two of us
are living in parallel,
like this,
but every now and then,
the timelines merge,
and it's happening over and over
and over and over again.

Find me.
We're looking for each other.
We just didn't know who we were.

Do you get the headaches?
I did.
But since he died, they're gone.
What about the picture?
I found that same picture
and downloaded it.
I pulled the metadata,
and it was from my camera,
but I don't remember taking it.
I don't even remember
going up there twice.
I went up there
about 18 months before.
That I do remember.
What happened
when you found him?
I didn't find him.
You did.
I mean, how was I supposed
to explain that video?
And I had no way
to find him again.
The email he used didn't work,
the phone number he left
was out of service.
So is it what he says it is?
And...I'm like...
living different realities?
This may sound insane,
but I know how he felt.
Disconnected, like having
alternate memories.
I was uncertain
of everything in my life,
but then it just passed.
I can't explain it rationally.
So you believe it was
the anomaly that caused this?
I think it's
more important to think...
are you making a new choice?
Something to break the cycle?
Yeah, I'm gonna think
about that.
-What, you're taking it?
[thudding sound]
I need you to find that book.

I think we've both been
searching for the other
for God knows how long.
[phone dialing]
-Hey, Ferris.
I need to ask you a favor.
Ferris, Ferris, come in.
-So I tracked back pretty far--
-Um, Sam?
Hey, just,
I tracked back pretty far
and there's a pattern on both.
On both of what, Sam?
[papers rustling]
Put those side-by-side.
What are these?
You don't recognize them?

What case are these from?
-Did you steal these?
-No, I didn't steal them.
This is my personal notebook,
my log of attacks.
Put them side-by-side,
like that.
-Come on, Sam, don't.
-No, put them side-by-side.
He was logging them
just like I am.
He was logging them,
and if I follow his pattern,
then I am gonna be
just like him soon.

You need to stop.
-You need to let this go.
-What, Ferris?
You need to let this,
all of this go.
Let me help you,
I'll call Doc Phillips.
-No, I stopped seeing her.
-Why would you stop seeing her?
I stopped seeing her
because I know.
-I know what's real, okay?
-Yeah, do you?
I know now,
I know that I remember.
Should I go check the bedroom?
Do you, do you really know that?
Yes, Ferris.
And if I go into the bedroom
right now...

...what am I gonna find, Sam?
What are you saying?
You know what I'm saying, Sam.
You don't believe me.
I thought you would believe me.
Okay, I trusted you.
I thought you would believe me,
and I needed those files.
You know I can't get you
those files.
Those files can prove
I'm not crazy,
which is what
you're insinuating right now!
I'm not saying that!
You're telling me I'm crazy!
Okay, okay.
Look, you don't want my help,
that's fine.
That's fine, look,
I'll call, um, Jules,
I'll call someone, anyone,
just tell me--
You are so fucking worthless.
You're so fucking worthless,
you know that?

You need to listen
to me right now, Sam.
Yeah, you need to listen
to me right now.

Listen, these two things...
Your notebook
did not exist in a vacuum.
All right, other people saw it.
You saw these papers years ago.
You are connecting yourself
to a cold case, and I--
I do not think that you are
doing this on purpose, Sam.
I don't think that,
but you are taking all
of your killer shit,
and you're mixing it up.
You're mixing it up with
whatever this horrible thing--
Ferris, Jensen is real,
Jensen is real.
That is not the point, Sam.
Please, okay?
Please hear me.
-Please hear me right now.

Your sister's death
and then the John Doe
and then Keller,
that all happened to you
in one year, okay?
-But none of those people
are connected,
they are not related.
They're just
really shitty things
that happened to you.
Sam, come on.
-You know what?
-I'm trying.
No, just--
just get out of my house.
-That's it, that's all it is.
-No, you know what?
Get the fuck out.
You should not be alone
right now.
get the fuck out, Ferris.
If you don't think
I won't make you leave
because of our relationship,
you are very wrong.

[door opens]

[door closes]


[bottle sliding]

[insects chirring]

[breathing heavily]
[branch snapping]
[echoing whoosh]

[birds chirping]
Sam! Sam!
[birds chirping]

You know, the service was nice.

Yeah, yeah.
Sun shining down and all.
God damn it.
It's just shitty.

I'm so sorry, honey.
You already said that.
I know.

Before you throw it away,
you think you could read it?

Sure thing.

Okay, listen,
I've gotta leave in ten minutes.
What's this about?
I need the rest of the decade.
What--what does that mean?
no prior medical conditions,
no criminal records
found in public.
I need to expand
this thing a bit.
I--come on, I can't--
I can't get you that.
Ferris, help me,
I need to finish this.
I want to help,
but I could lose my job, Keller.
Help me!
God damn it, you know
she'd want you to.
[car dinging]

Do you get the headaches?
[phone vibrating]
Hey, Ferris,
I need to ask you a favor.
[phone vibrating]
Meet me tonight, 11 p.m.
[phone beeps]
[door opens]
All right, is that...
Here, you gotta put these on.
You have the night,
but that's it.
That's the best I can do.
I'll have to come by tomorrow
and pick this up,
but maybe something will...
jog your memories.
-Thanks, Ferris.
I'll, um, I'll come back
I hope you find
something useful.

[traffic rumbling]
[gun clicks]
-What do you want, money?
Who are you?
Does that video
look familiar to you?
This is the only way
I can communicate.
It's the only thing
that's the same,
so I'm gonna record this
and I'm gonna upload it.
Yes, I've seen this,
he sent it to me.
You know he's dead?
I never met the guy.
I saw the picture, but I swear
I don't remember him.
And what else
don't you remember?
How can I answer that?
Click the next video.
[insects chirring]
Fuck, man, I coulda shot you.
Well, I'm glad you didn't.
I'm glad I'm not crazy.
You got whiskey?
This is the only way
I can communicate.
I got the same video.
Did you talk to Jensen too?
I did.
Between him
and that fucking video,
I don't know what to think.
Do you believe him?
I mean, since before this,
I've been making the same
mistake over and over again.
So, yeah.
Sounds pretty fucking good
to get my life back.
But we won't remember anything.
Maybe not.
But I don't think we were stuck
in an endless time loop forever.
I mean, the hiker
timed it out to 571 days.
So, tomorrow, we'll get
out of here together.
Do you think it'll work?
We're partners.
We'll do it together.
I missed you, Sam.
I really did.
Yeah, I missed you too.
[heart beating]
[echoing whoosh]
[water lapping]
What are you lookin' at?
Checking my math.
When'd you get good at math?
Figure of speech.
But yeah, today's the day
we should get outta here.
[gunshot echoing]

[birds chirping]
So I don't know what to do.
I found the photographer,
retraced her footsteps
back to the forest,
and nothing.
I don't think it worked.
The blackouts are getting worse.
I've been finding myself
in places I don't remember.
I'm not sure what to do next.
Maybe we're just destined...
we're just destined
to keep walking this path.
I don't know anymore.
I'm gonna upload this now.
Hopefully it finds you,
finds me.
Learn from our mistakes.

Did he send that to you?
Did you kill him?
I cut the tether between us.
What the fuck does that mean?
What goes into the anomaly
becomes its own constant of one,
regardless of prior
consciousness or individuality.
If you don't cut the tether,
the two are one,
unstuck in time, which is why
you don't forget anything.
It's like deviations.
They are like...
corrupt data in the mind.
From the outside looking in,
it's like a perverse simulation.
You said..."corrupt data"?
I chose to end the cycle.
Go back into the woods.
That is where
you cut the string.
Is that how you did it?
The real question is,
are you making a new choice?
Something to break the cycle?
[groaning, gasping]
Sam, if you're watching this...

If you found this...
and you found the notebook,
then you are where I was.
Do not trust Keller.
You need him, but...
don't trust him.
Just...just be more careful
next time, okay?
How shitty.

How's your head?

It's hard to focus.

Thought it was just from
a loss of blood, but...
I guess not, huh?

I'm sorry, Sam.

Fucking do it already, fuck.


[birds chirping]

Hey, if you're hearing this,
then you need to do what I say.
Don't go home.
You need to find Jensen.
If he tells you to come
back here, then do it.
Trust me, this is the only way.
Good luck, John.
[phone dialing]
Pick up, Jules.
Pick up, Jules.
Pick up, Jules.
Pick up, pick up,
pick up, Jules, pick up.
[door opens]
Hello, Jules?
Hey, John.

It's me.
Come sit down at the table.
Where's Jules?
She's alive and well.
Give me your gun.
Give me your fucking gun.

Good, Sam, good, you're back.

There's nothing that was done
that cannot be forgotten.

You wanna tell me
where you were just now?

I was out,
it gets a little fuzzy.
I was supposed to have dinner
with Jules,
and then I get back,
and you're here.
That's not true.
You're fucking lying
to me, John.
You don't want to lie
to me right now.
Yeah, then where's Jules?
Where is my wife?
You should be honest, John.
Hey, it is worth it to you.
I don't understand,
I don't fucking understand.
I'm not her.

But I found her recording.

[places phone on table]
Push play.

If you found this...
and you found the notebook,
then you are where I was.
Do not trust Keller.

I went into the anomaly
and found myself dead.
Pretty fucked up, huh?

See, when you kill somebody
in a place where time and space
are so fucked up,
why would you think
they would die in a normal way?
Fuck, I, uh...
See, that's why we found
the hiker out in the street.
But I'm past caring
about all that now.
Do you wanna know
why I did it?

I looked for you,
I didn't think you were dead,
and then we find Jensen
in this time loop,
and I didn't want to live
or die like that.
It was like fucking purgatory,
so if it was going to be anyone,
it was gonna be me.
So I made a choice,
I made a horrible choice
that I regret.
What was I supposed to do?

You know,
I've been sitting at this table
for a couple hours now.

I keep wondering
how many loops it's been.

I don't know.
Maybe we've been here before.

Maybe the roles were reversed.
Maybe I shot you
up in that forest.

But then I was asked,
"Are you making..."
A new choice.
Jensen told me that too.

So I guess I have the same
choice to make now, don't I?

Yeah, you do, Sam.