Tethers (2016) Movie Script

- David, Lynn?
(bomb exploding)
(jet zooming)
(muffled screaming)
(dramatic music)
- They send out things
that get in your head.
- Let me go.
- Things that make you not yourself.
Don't trust anyone.
- Sarah.
Sarah, Sarah it's alright it's us.
- Holy shit I can't believe
we fucking found you.
- What is it, what's wrong?
- I'm fine.
- Okay listen there's a jet that crashed
a few miles from here.
Okay we have to get to
the pilot before they do.
- You coming?
- Sarah, babe come on.
We gotta go, we can't overthink this.
We have to get moving.
- Okay fine, I'm coming.
(dramatic music)
(thunder crashing)
It's gotta be on the other side.
- No no no no, it should
have been right here.
(dramatic music)
- What, what Sarah, Sarah?
(dramatic music)
- Lynn, fuck.
(dramatic music)
(monster growling)
(dramatic music)
- There's a price to pay for
eating flesh in these woods.
You belong to the mordio now.
(dramatic music)