Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992) Movie Script

A Kaijyu Theatre Picture
Shinya Tsukamoto's Film
Starring Tomoroh Taguchi
Persistent, aren't you?
Why do you keep following me?
What are you playing at?
Get lost.
What's the matter?
Hey, what's the matter?
Sleepy, Minori?
Daddy had a dream...
I was in an open space
with my family.
I was a child again.
- With your foster parents?
- No.
- Did you remember?
- No.
But it was...
...a wonderful dream.
So peaceful too.
I remember being adopted at eight.
I've no memories before that.
Strange, isn't it?
Your new parents told you nothing?
There aren't even any photo's.
How old were you in your dream?
Excuse me.
There he is!
Somebody stop them.
Shall I let you go?
Please don't.
I beg you, please don't.
And him too?
Damn you.
Bye- .
I'll kill you.
You really bug me.
Coming for a swim?
You need to get strong.
Shall we go home, since you're
so worried about the plants?
He did it.
That tune...
That woman in my dream...
It must have been my mother
who sang it.
Very quietly.
How did the training go?
Go and look for Minori.
- Please leave us alone.
- He's not here.
You shouldn't leave the back door
Stay here.
Where's Minori?
I dropped him.
I'll kill you.
Now I remember...
Something's going to be
What kind of guy did you pick?
To avoid accidents...
...he's a mild specimen.
Let's start.
From inside the man's brain...
select a really calm image.
Watch as I manipulate it.
- Stop.
- Continue.
Return to the first image.
The will to kill.
That's what counts.
Sacrifice him.
We'll give him an oxide shot.
...corrode away.
This is the fruit of his cells
and my brains.
Who'll be the first to test it?
Why don't you volunteer?
You'd do.
- Let's make ourselves some money.
- I don't want money.
Destruction is all I need.
Well done.
We've been together a long time.
Give everyone a shot.
With this...
The strength of the will to kill
Killing him will be simple.
You'll be blown to pieces
like your brat.
I'm going to do the same to you
as I did to your brat.
What the hell's going on?
He was truly... a god.
The man who can make us all gods.
He's a fiend.
So it wasn't because of...
It's dangerous here.
Let's leave.
What are you?
I don't know, any more than you.
It's true. Believe me.
Please save me, Kana.
I'm scared.
Please save me.
You laughed.
You laughed then.
You'll laugh when I'm killed.
Now I'm really angry!
He doesn't seem to care much
for you.
The old fool
didn't design this gun very well.
But why...?
How is he different?
He used will-power
to transform himself.
When he was a kid...
he was strange.
Even when he was bullied...
he never fought back.
He always bowed and scraped.
But one day, someone snatched
some gladioli bulbs he treasured.
Straight away...
he beat all the other kids up.
Most of them died.
And his beloved gladioli bulbs
were crushed too.
Your husband's name is
Tomoo Taniguchi? Right?
Who are you?
Trust me to come across him.
He really is a devil.
Tell me what happened to him.
Where's Kana?
We're holding her.
Kill me and she dies.
Inject this or she dies.
She'll die.
- Where's Kana?
- You don't care if she dies?
He hasn't changed at all.
Hostages don't seem
to mean anything.
Tomoo Taniguchi.
You were always like that.
Losing what you loved.
Please, tell me.
What happened to him?
Happy birthday
to you.
Take a good look.
Take a good look.
Happy birthday
to you.
Rust and die!
I'll inject you.
Rust and die.
Take a good look.
Look what I'm going to do.
It's magic.
Now nobody can beat you.
Good. When your will and the gun's
are as one...
you'll be able to kill the dog.
You will help me, won't you?
Your father is the only one in the world
who can make the human weapon.
When they see you,
important people will believe me.
Don't let him remember.
Take a good look.
I made it.
After that, my big brother
lost his memory.
Was it sadness at losing our mother?
I don't think he felt sorry
he'd killed our parents.
He felt...
the beauty in destruction.
That scared him
and he lost his memory.
I understand that
better than anyone.
The strength of his will to kill
always beat mine.
My only weapon is my arm.
He's not scared of anything now.
You feel the beauty in destruction.
So go ahead, destroy.
Destroy the greatest thing of all.
Pick that up.
Inject my body with it.
It's so peaceful.
Tomoo Taniguchi: Tomorowo Taguchi
Yatsu: Shinya Tsukamoto
Kana: Nobu Kanaoka
Taniguchi's Father: Sujin Kim
Big Skinhead: Hideaki Tezuka
Young Skinhead: Tomoo Asada
Taniguchi's Mother: Iwata
Minori: Keinosuke Tomioka
Mad Scientist: Torauemon Utazawa
Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto